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  2. lol
  3. What's worse is that you won't be able to collect scrap as of when Open Beta starts on the 30th...5 days, 21 hours till scrap reset.
  4. hey i just want to say this game is realy fun , do your creations and see them shine on battle , i love this game , but recently i notice 1 thing scrap has week limit or something , i only can get 2800 per week ? are u kiding me i just create 1 epic weapon with all that and the rest ? wheels , engine, generator .. etc well i guess il figured out just selling other stuff to get scrap but come on can you guys make a limit more higher .. im new i dont know how the game was developed , but 1 thing got me back was that limit thing.. but il continue play because this game is amazing , anyways see u in battle guys !
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  6. Your craft is slowly turning into a Gargant of the Warhammer 40K universe (especially the Epic 40K scale)
  7. This was an extreme example, where everyone jumps on everyone. Normally I have a 1 second max. lag moment when there are a few explosions around, or when an AI player is destroyed an replaced by a real player. That isn't too annoying...
  8. Thank you guys, i am busy in nowadays. I am new see your comments, sorry. Yes, you can find to exhibition this car.
  9. I can confirm this happens on PS Pro as well, But not to the same extent of this.
  10. Playstation type : PS4 (regular, not PS4 Pro) Version : 1.02 Version found on the title screen : Description : When there are a lot of explosions and explosive effects on screen, this causes lag Bug Type : Lag, Performance I have noticed that when a lot of explosive shells are flying around, and explosive effects are displayed, that this causes a little lag on my regular PS4. However, on maps where you have an Encounter in the middle of the map, and everyone converges there, this results in a lot of explosions whoch causes more lag. At one moment (see attached video) there were so many explosions and cars losing parts, that the game lagged a pretty long time, resulting in me dying without being able to do anything about it. You will see at the end of the video that someone killed me (Carolus-Billius) between the moment I was in control of my car, and when I regained control. This is becoming a bit more common since I passed level 17, which results in the AI bots having way more explosive weaponry like cannons and rockets. I think that the PS4 can't handle all the particle effects, explosions, and pieces that fly off cars when too much of this happens at the same time. NOTE: the game was still running correctly in the sound department, and I think with the controls too; it was simply that the visual couldn't follow anymore.
  11. Playstation type : PS4 (regular) Version : 1.02 Version found on the title screen : Description : The End-of-Match screen only displays 7 stickers Bug Type : Cosmetic, Minor The End-of-Match screen only displays 7 stickers; if you have earned more than 7, the aren't all displayed. See the following; at the first match end I earn the Nerves of Steel sticker, but it isn't displayed on the rewards screen because I already have 7 other stickers. At the second match end the Nerves of Steel sticker is visible because I didn't earn a lot of stickers then. I guess this is something lost in translation from PC because the PC will probably have a scrollbar there.
  12. Hi, i cant open the game it keeps opening up a window that says "cant initialize renderer Direct3D invalid call" how can i fix this issue, i really want to play.
  13. Thanks KICHZY, that worked
  14. There really isn't too many "limitations". People forget this an MMO, You are supposed to spend days, weeks, months if not years perfecting the creations you make. It's the style of genre and not an actually issue with the game, You'll either like its design choices or you won't. .
  15. too many limitations
  16. Just post the URL and it will do it automatically for you Carolus.
  17. Oh, and if anyone knows the trick of how to embed YouTube videos in the forum, feel free to share
  18. Silly Mary is a bad driver, She too also tips her vehicle often. On several occasions, I've had to rescue her and she's just wondered off without a care in the world. I don't like Mary.
  19. The evolution so far.
  20. Playstation type : PS4 (regular) Version : 1.02 Version found on the title screen : Description : A certain car model used by the AI is too unstable to drive, making the AI fall over regularly Bug Type : AI car model design When you spawn with bots, there is a white car of 2809 power score that is a bit too long and high, which results in it falling over quite a lot. You can see in the video below where it is driven by Helen:
  21. I too have hit level 17 and the difficulty spike is enormous! Suddenly there are turreted cannons everywhere, they have missiles (even with lockon), and loads of explosive ammo. Sneaking around does not work that well, becausewhen I managed to get near their camp, they have a defender that will absolutely vaporize me... I've been shot by opponents who the purple 5 missile rack with the purple ammo pack, so yeah, they do not run out of ammo at all. You know which team has the heavy hitters of the AI as you see immediately "xxx killed Jeff", "xxx killed John", "xxx killed Jack". Just hope that xxx is in blue and note in red... So yeah, the difficulty spike at level 17 is a bit silly and illogical... It went from "I hope there's loads of AI on their team" to "I hope there's no AI on their team". Maybe scale difficulty to power score, not to level. Are there any other levels where we might get a similar difficulty spike?
  22. It's a good find but I hope it's fixed before launch/soon. You can really use it to your advantage by heading round to the enemy capture point or by using Homing missiles.
  23. Nice glitch, i gotta try for myself, alsoon afew of the convoy maps there are things like this, some vehicles are huge compared to others and some walls/pile of debris are actualy fake,
  24. This video was for showcasing the glitch, I was in no way cheating or trying to gain the advantage of the enemy team. Was a little curious to see how far I could get though ;)
  25. Platform: PS4 Version: 1.02 Description: You are able to escape the map on Powerplant by exiting through a wall (video below). Time of Video: 15.30 (GMT) Video/Picture:
  26. when the game goes live there will be more raids for each difficulty we just got to wait till they get added in properly.. dont forget we may have paid for access but its in closed beta until the 30th
  27. i agree with u , i know game needs grind but the way they made its just ridiculous... about missions im stuck on normal one , need to do normal raid no idea whats going on but i cant do the mission , with cannons need to destroy 50 raiders
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