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  2. Even the heaviest craft can stop on the side of a dime when you hit the regular brakes + the handbrake. Damn near fall **** over head if I've cooked up a full head of steam on a shorter build with some beef behind it.
  3. Rotating guns should also be able to clip through the flag pole
  4. Latest patch is the best, by far! I run shotguns all day. The nerf makes battles more interesting than charging in and taking @SCHMiD32's Reapers in one pass (maybe two if I fark it up). Sure, they do less damage, but I really don't mind. You won't find me crying over it. I love the brighter colors and dye improvements on parts! SO glad the blue ring is gone. That was really ruining my day running with the clan. Crossout is based around an endless grind, so that won't ever change. It's not a great game for the casual player unless he sinks his weight in gold coins, but that's just good business tactics. This game is "free to play/tempted to pay," not "pay to win" like most free games. I'll take an endless grind to up my skill ANY DAY over paying my way with gold coins and over-building my skill. Crossout nails that. What else? Oh! Drones never bothered me much since I know how to aim, but the Hurricanes coming from way high (because someone mounted them firing backwards on their build) is a pain in the arse since the camera hides under the craft when you aim toward to sky to try and shoot a couple down. Brilliant on behalf of the person with the Hurricane, but little to no way to counter without chameleon, and I refuse to put a 2 energy part on my craft for that one guy who may or may not show up in a battle. That's all for me. Thanks for continuously improving the game, devs!
  5. Maybe not at a 10k PS but stick 2 x Thunderbolt or 4 x Spitfire on a wedge build and play at 6k. Pretty much invincible.
  6. I couldn't have said it better, myself! Race layout users take less of a hit in this regard. Before, handbrake was X for Race layout, now it simply moved to circle so I always had to take my thumb off the right stick to use it. I've been using that layout since I discovered it, and I've adjusted already. Those using default or relative to camera layouts are probably having a harder time, for sure. ADDENDUM: Before, with horn on circle, I couldn't tap "HI" in morse code with my horn. Now it has become far more responsive, so I'm pretty stoked about that! Also, race layout now has the ability to spawn bots in Test Drive, whereas before they couldn't. I complained pretty hard at first when I couldn't figure out my new buttons, but I'm getting used to it now. Again, this is all from a race layout prospective. The other layouts got botched far worse.
  7. do pyr hurricane radar detektor pomaga namierzac zasiegu nie zwieksza
  8. Shotguns are the new Liberals?! Dammit! Seriously though, I have been running shotguns since I was getting free Luparas in battle as a wee starter car. I definitely notice the nerf in damage, and it has forced me to be more tactical than I was before instead of charging into a 4v1 to go on a gun-shaving rampage. The nerf is definitely noticeable from an avid shotgun runner's perspective. Are they still effective in close-quarters? Yes! Is that what shotguns are made to do? Why, yes! I didn't choose shotguns because they are the be-all-end-all weapon in the game; they simply fit my play style and I discovered that early on. I still get wrecked from time to time if I make a terrible mistake, like charging at someone with a Reaper that is good at aiming, or finding myself on the wrong end of a dual Mammoth build. Shotguns do not make me invincible.
  9. There's an explanation for this (I think) - I saw it happening in game, so I think this is why: When a match starts, sometimes players forget to leave after the end of the previous match. So, at the beginning of the next match, they quit. When they quit, you see "[ Player Name ] destroyed" just like the bots, but a few seconds later, a new player will join the match to take their place. During matchmaking, it might be throwing you into matches because someone simply quit another match and you took their place (to try and maintain balanced teams).
  10. Zdravím všechny cz/sk hráče. Nový klan ROPA nabírá hráče do svých řad. Pokud máš chuť jezdit čety, klanové akce a ještě si i přitom pokecat tak přijď k nám. Požadujeme - teamspeak pokaždé když jsi ve hře - komunikativní a přátelskou povahu - věk pokud možno 18+ Pokud máš zájem kontaktuj hráče Morbifer .
  11. Are you willing to compensate our efforts ? Some gamers pay, some of them stay SOOOOO long connected to your game just to get fuel. Don't turn us mad.
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  13. What a painful font. I refuse to read this.
  14. They could just remove the timer on the mammoth perk. The reload is so long u only have like 5secs to rack off another shot and get a hit to gain the perk upgrade
  15. hello I'm currently looking for a clan. GT: GENERAL G 69 Region: UK P.S Range: 1850 "Racing" - 10600 "Everything else"
  16. Where did you get that information from??? No weapon in game adds additional HP to the cabin (=chassis health pool).
  17. If this isn't a troll you have incredibly bad ideas.
  18. Czy radar pomaga Pyrom w namierzaniu? Czy zwiększa ich zasięg? Z góry dzięki za pomoc
  19. It would seem many players use the market. I certainly had no desire to craft as a new player, neither did my buddy who got me into the game, and it's always been recommended to me to not bother with crafting. There's little profit to it until you get up to purples, and even then, it's still more expedient to just farm mats and sell them straight up. I'd rather play the game and sell the crap I get than mess around with a very flawed and irritating crafting system, for sure. Selling scrap, gas, copper, wires and the craptastic crates has subsidized a lot of stuff off the market for me, personally.
  20. [video]

    THIS. all the videos so far has had some mistake as for game mechanics/equipment one way or another. also, still with the accent? just let the guy do the video with hsi own accent. even BORIS would sound better than this
  21. Stuff like workbench fees, market tax and fusion are there to syphon out credits from the market to prevent inflation, not to bother new or free to play players. Furthermore, i agree with the fact that weapons should be rebalanced. A possible solution is to have weapon PS increase exponentially when increasing in rarity. It would require a total revamp, but it would look similair to this: 1pts of energy rare: 200PS 1pts of energy epic: 2000PS 1pts of energy legendary: 20000PS 1pits of energy relic: 25000PS Like this the various rarities will almost never meet, without having to implement a possibly abusable tier system. It is just a raw suggestion ofcourse.
  22. All I want is that sawblade gun. Anyways, awesome ideas!
  23. +Over 9000! I'm also loving these ideas.
  24. I agree with Tommy, the weapons would be balanced if this game was as slow as WoT, but matched only last 3 minutes tops and all your targets are fast moving, high damaging players. Having to fire both blindly and randomly is too much to be considered balanced.
  25. Oh hey. round 2 has begun. totally flew under my radar. JOINING!
  26. >puny honda incoming my Fit is my number one squeeze. fuel efficient. fun without being too dangerous. also, it fits so much cargo, it's almost a pickup. Here's what I used to drive. a subaru Wrx and yes, my plate number was funny
  27. Please send me a ingame invite or reply to this topic. Tnx
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