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Reporting game rule abuse

Only for users of Xbox One!

Attention! This section is only for users of Xbox One
To report a player, click the ‘Map’ button (by default  ‘Menu button’ on Xbox One), select the player who broke the rules, then press the ‘Handbrake’ (the default is ‘A’ on Xbox One) and select the ‘Report Abuse’ option

- This section is only for reporting violations of Rules of Conduct in the game. You can also send your complaint via private messages to Woodyrojo or BjKalderon.
- Your messages are visible only to you and the administration.
- You can create only one appeal for the same complaint. You can not repeatedly open appeals on the same issue. 
- In case of the section's abuse (bribery, sending repeated, shallow appeals, inconsistent with the rules), the user's account may be blocked.

When opening an appeal, please follow the form and recommendations, be restrained, formulate thoughts accurately and briefly. This will significantly shorten the response time of the administration and simplify the analysis of a possible problem.

The appeal should contain:
1. Data about the offender: nickname.
2. Circumstances: describe what happened and what item of rules in your opinion the player violated in as much detail as possible
3. Arguments and Evidence. If possible, present evidence in the form of screenshots or video.

To create an appeal, click ‘New thread’ 
(Your messages are visible only to you and the administration)

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