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    Hey random survivor. Welcome to my little crying post. Spoilers: dogs are unbalanced in my opinion. Please like, comment and share with friend this topic if you agree. First, lets look at the stats. Harvester is the most popular weapon in pvp. (info from http://crossoutstats.info/global.php) Harvester is the most used weapon in clan wars. (here people play for win, not just for fun btw) Well, you can argue, that while being the most used weapon, the average damage is low. Well... Firstly, it adds up with Damage from spark and half of the time lances (harvester is only 4 energy and is always used in combination with something). Second, harvester deals full damage to frames and when it comes to killing hovers, most of the time they just destroy the frames by dealing 500-1000 to the build, but the actual damage a hover can take is way more than that. and effective damage they do is way higher. So, for me there is no question about the fact that harvester combinations are overpowered. I mentioned it 2 months ago in my post. What was done since then? Harvester got a buff. Now, it gets a full (FULL!) damage bonus ( 120% more!) if the enemy has ANY negative effects applied to it. So, basically since every dog was carrying a spark anyway, they all get the full damage bonus. In the past, they had to keep dealing damage for about 5 seconds to get to the same bonus. Why is it a buff? Well, very simple, because They just rush into you (cloaked or not) and from the very first second deal the highest damage. Spark is usually hidden, its very hard to destroy it even if the harvester-dog is far away. New builds right now use Spark under cabin, which is impossible to strip. If they have lances, no bumper can safe you from it because lances destroy it. Im even scared to mention how this counters hovers, because sometimes only 1 ram is enough to destroy the whole build. There is basically no "punishment" for the harvester user for not being careful. He has the highest speed, no one can run from him, he has the highest dps, full damage to frames, very useful perk of spark to counter anything with cannons, very low energy so very easy to combine with other weapons (spark, skinner, lances, draco etc) Why am I posting it again? Im just not having the same fun from the game as before. I think the skill should be rewarded and melee weapons right now require no skill from the person using it and very high skill from the person trying to survive. So, please, if you agree with me, don't ignore this post. Like and comment, share with your friends and clan mates. Our voices must be heard!
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    when are you gonna do something about afk farmers in raids? Im seeing this more and more often they blow themselves up at the start of the raid then they go afk or Alt+Tab out of the game wait for the other players to do the raid for them and then they respawn just as the raid is about to end and get free resources I had enough of this I dont understand why if I afk for less than a minute to asnwer the phone I get kicked out for idling yet these cocksuckers dont get booted out just because they blow themselves up you should make it that if you die/suicide you have a limited amount of time to choose to respawn and if you dont do that you get kicked out for idling the same way as everyone else
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    Survivors! Starting today, we would like to change the format of the news items that you remember as “Preliminary changelogs”. With the help of the new format, we will inform you about what is being worked on at the time of the publication, and what changes may be coming in the next updates. We would like to emphasize that the described changes and features are in testing. There is no guarantee that they will reach the game servers or will not change during the testing process. Please keep this in mind. Additional story campaign “Contagion” We are working on expanding the story component of the Crossout world so that you have the opportunity to get to know the characters you met during the Awakening main story campaign. We are currently working on 3 new tasks that will be available soon. In the future, we plan to develop this campaign and add new tasks. New PvP-map “Sandy gulf” The container ship, split in two, has been rusting in the sun for more than two decades. The paint on it almost peeled off, and you can't see its name at all. Not far from it, ravaged by every wind, the roving city of Nomads found its last refuge. Two miracles of technology with a sad fate. The map is an open area, with its main advantage being good visibility from any point, which will allow players to quickly get the required tactical information. There is a number of sniper positions for ranged combat, and the perimeter of the map is made so that fast vehicles can efficiently break into the enemy’s flank. Balance changes “Harvester” The latest balance changes of the Harvester partially solved the problem with its excessive efficiency at low PS values, however, this is not enough to achieve the goal. We also take into account the need to preserve the effectiveness of weapons at high PS, so we compensate for the reduction in base damage by increasing the damage from the perk. Currently on the test server: Reduced base damage of the “Harvester”. Reduced ram damage dealt by the Harvester. Increased bonus damage from the part's perk. Shotgun “Junkbow” After evaluating the current statistics and your feedback, we came to the conclusion that, despite its high spread, “Junkbow” can still be used for precise shots aimed at weapons and it can disarm the enemy too quickly. This clashes with our vision of single-shot improvised shotguns, and therefore on the test server we increase the spread of “Junkbow”. Autocannon “AC43 Rapier” The current effectiveness of the “Rapier” is slightly lower than that of the other rare weapons, especially at medium PS. Therefore, we are increasing the autocannon's shell explosion radius. “Mandrake” howitzer and “Incinerator” catapult To improve the weapon's usability, we changed the mechanics of aiming with the howitzer and the catapult. The changes touch upon both the sensitivity of the scope and the camera's behaviour when the aiming mode is toggled. Matchmaking system In addition, we are actively testing a number of new features for the player matchmaking: The first feature will allow you to counteract unsporting behaviour in “Clan battles”. We remind you that this is a competitive mode with a rating system and leagues which means it is unacceptable to intentionally quit the battlefield at the very beginning or to self-destruct due to the fact that you are not satisfied with the enemy. We are currently testing the mechanism of temporary bans for such actions in the mode. The second feature will allow the player to choose the region to which he will connect. This feature will be useful if you have problems with the connection when connecting to other regions (option “Auto”). This will reduce ping and potential packet loss, but the waiting time in the queue may increase. If the result does not satisfy you, you can always return to the “Auto” mode. We remind you that all the new features and changes described in this news item are still in testing and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.
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    The April brawl shows that this is a possibility and it looks great, specifically GREEN FIRE. And the recolored Aurora beams. Currently the Centipede CK has a very slight green tint to it but it is definitely not good enough. I would love to see new or existing fire cosmetics add different colored fire. Opposing opinion may be that it doesn't fit into the game, but I beg to differ. It visually looks stunning and it reminds me of toxic and poison which is already in the game like the acid lake. It wouldn't be a hard change to add to the Centipede cosmetic and it would add a lot of value to the people that own it. And for future Aurora cosmetics, colored lasers, please.
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    In my opinion you shouldn't be forced to join a clan... There should be an opportunity for the solo players to earn uranium. My idea is something like this: 1. Make free for All a tracked event like clan battles. 2. Have free for all sessions that take place opposite clan war days and times. 3. Use the tier system like clan wars. 4. Once you reach a certain tier each win rewards you with 1 uranium. 5. At the end of the week the top 40 players get 10 uranium and the top 10 get 15-20. Not everyone wants to be in a clan and solo players shouldn't be restricted to "work the market" to earn relics. I'm sure this or a similar solution can be reached to help those not in clans.
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    I'm just gonna leave this here: In the first clip you can see how a light vehicle has no trouble juggling a heavier one (it's a Quantum wedging an Echo). The reason is vehicles weight zero kilograms once their wheels are lifted up in the air. I lift the enemy up in the air without repercussions and calmly wait for my guns to reload while he cannot shoot back. In the second clip you can see how it's near impossible to drive off a wedge, especially if you have to reverse since the wedger likely drives forwards faster than you reverse. Even if you have some of your wheels touching the ground they will have no traction under oblique angles. Add this to the laundry list of things which need some kind of long-term solution. Improved physics, crushing damage, you name it.
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    I still strongly disagree on forcibly binding a combo between any two weapon.
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    In my opinion a penalty should be given when a clan gets no points by the end of the game...this way, people are forced to atleast take a few shots and people can reach the minimum amount of points for reward. The clan that is backed out against should also be given uranium for the win @Woodyrojo @BjKalderon
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    How about this. After the Wanderer's Crate, but before any Legendary Crate that may or may not come, a Uranium Crate. Wanderer's costs 600 for a rare. Pathfinder is 3000 for an epic. A 5x increase. So Legendary, if they ever add it, would be 15,000! I think Uranium should be 10,000. And you roll a number that is orders of 10. Like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and maybe one 1000. This would give non clan wars people an ability to get Uranium, though it would take a long while. Or you could sell it.
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    1st op thing is the spark . its perk is too much . on firebug build and every melee build 2nd op thing is the combo of (cheetah + bigfoot + chameleon) with that the dog can stay in clock more then visible 3rd op thing is the harvester dps+resistant + perk it is not funny when x2 harvester can just ram my spider build and destroy 2 legs and the cannon in the side . all that just the ram dmg idk what the devs smoking but i have to stay away from that Sit
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    Just fix the damn chase raids already. Its the only bearable raid.
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    Honestly, I'm greatly dissapointed in the fact you have been ignoring the imbalance of close range weapons such as harvester with sparks for almost a year now. There is a reason why its most used weapon in clan wars. When you look at the average damage per battle of harvester, do you calculate for the fact it usually destroys the enemy without dealing even full cabin damage? when it comes to hovers, it just penetrates through the frames and the whole build falls apart after taking at most 1000 damage. Many of my friends are quitting the game because they are tired of the ignorance of the problem.
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    As stated in my titles im here to answer any questions, i lost 5k coins because i apparently put in a small price for my items. The safeguard once in place for the market that would have sold my items to the highest bidder is not there anymore so instead of me getting actual items worth i gained 237c per item Im open to any questions since support said there is nothing they can do about this, the only guys who cared were forum moderatos and GM's but they can't do anything, props to those guys fighting for us small people, not winning much tho, still.. thanks guys I am currently contemplating to quit the game alltogether, ive been here since open beta started and have invested alot of my time and money into the game since i loved it since it came out and i still do, but all of this feels like a knife in the back over a mistake i clearly did accidently. The fact the safeguard for the market is no longer in place without us knowing about it says enough on it own. let the drama begin Proof
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    the fact that a legendary weapon can't use it's perk if not coupled with something else is really a bad decision. so now you are making it even worse, gg
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    Ok, you guys released new pack, new cabin, and new drone. Very nice. But is this real? Epic wheel drone launcher 'Grenadier' is 2 blocks high! When Sidekick is 4 blocks high! Size of both drones is not different at all. Just they swapped weapon on them. Then how can Grenadier be 2 blocks high? Make me guess why. Yea, you guys did it, just only to make new epic drone launcher fit in with new cabin! 2 blocks high drone launcher will fit perfectly, behind the cabin making uniform height. But 4 blocks high drone launcher won't. You guys just designed and decided size of new part for pack blueprint, not for whole game balance! This is really shameful. So what's the next? Chord size plasma gun or cannon? I really hope that you guys fix this and make next new parts considering whole system and game, not just considering only packs, and money.
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    So heres the thing. They changed the perk of the golden eagle to increase track and auger speed, yet every engine increase wheel speed and no engines affect hovers or legs. Is this not unbalanced? all engines should increase the speed of all movement parts OR each movement part should have a specific engine. Its ridiculous how wheel builds are given so much over the others. They already go faster with any cabin than another build with differwnt movement parts. Wheels can be light, medium, or heavy builds and can be faster. I think its time to look at the unbalanced favoring of wheel builds. They should be a jack of all trades. Not a master of all trades.
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    This suggestion is pretty straight forward add a Cannon at rare or epic rarity level. This weapon would act just as the fortune does but launchers a large cannon ball instead of three flaming wheels Ancient Cannon Ancient Cannon Powerscore. 1150 Powerscore. 1420 Damage. 6.5 Damage. 9.0 Fire Rate. 1.5 Fire Rate. 2.0 Range. 5.5 Range. 6.5 Accuracy. 5.0 Accuracy. 5.0 Durability. 420 Durability. 620 Energy. 5 Energy. 6 Mass. 650 Mass. 850 Opening to gather user feedback
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    @S1zzlingH0t Well said. I think the OP is feeling out-strafed. I, personally, like the shooter mechanics that come with the ability to strafe and peek/fake from cover. As S1zzlingH0t pointed out, each movement type has it's strengths and weaknesses. And I sure wouldn't want to see less variety in this game...
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    I'm starting to think that you use heavy cabins and weapons exclusively XD Anyway.. that's what makes them.. well.. Medium, having a couple of both, lighter and heavier things in between, the problem is not on the medium ones, but on the other two Light cabins are too slow (some of the differences between light and medium is an unnoticeable 10km/h Heavy cabins can't carry that much more than mediums which paired with how irrelevant armor can be makes them pretty "meh"
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    Lets get this party started We all know it needs a nerf. Those who disagree own it or haven't fought it yet.
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    One and only thing that I can compare to current Pulsar-hover f#ckfest, was double Executioners hover at 4,5 - 5,5k PS, we used to have. It kind of get under control with hovers rework, but this new weapon bring it all back at monstrous proportion. I played both of that weapons for a long time, so I have a solid ground to make a comparison: The reason I favored Exec-hover in the past as my main farming build, was that even when your team didn't do much, you could make it right by yourself and still ensure victory. The thing is, that despite common opinion of people that never played exec-hover themselves, it was actually hard work and by that I mean, it required high level of uninterrupted concentration. On top of that it was tricky to aim properly while moving, since light hover was susceptible to high recoil of cannons and you had to lead your target. So in summary it was high reward build, but tricky to use, with good but not OP damage output and in that way it was balanced. Pulsar however is completely different. Double pulsar hover does feels like an easy mode, no exaggeration, and I say that as user of them. No recoil, faster reload, enough hp that you can use them as front shield if you wish and last but not least: godlike damage. I did see high number of damage done before, but those numbers was always yellow, while with Pulsar you get 800-1000 white damage, out of nowhere. Situations where you also hit something explosive are very common. So with introduction of Pulsars, devs bring back hover cannons to full glory with increased damage and reduced skill ceilings. Is this really what Crossout need?
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    Hello everyone, thanks for taking your time to read this So basically you don't see a lot of supportive builds, or atleast I don't, and I think that's because you don't really get any points using skinners, or barriers, or anything else support related (sorry if I forgot you <3) I myself run either a 5x skinner or a 4x skinner/2x barrier build, and 90% of my games, doesn't matter if I was useful to the team or not, I do NOT, get ANY points for the hard work I'm trying to do for the team, be it protecting them from cricket fire, or from harvesters by pulling them away, 0 points, and I'd like to see some change in this so that maybe, people are more willing to play the support on a team, and get their hard-earned rewards. Now a few suggestions I have which could work was to give skinners points for something like "X amount of seconds hold" or maybe if they die within the last 3 seconds of a skinner having held them. For barriers its a little bit harder, because I do not know the extent of how much the game is able to calculate in terms of where a shield is, projectile pathing, and ally location, maybe if allies are within the shield or behind the shield, blocking projectiles that would've hit an ally otherwise, and/or the shield takes X amount of damage you get X amount of points. If you have any suggestions other than this that might help supportive builds, please let me know and I'll edit it in if its decent. Again, thanks for reading I really appreciate it ^^.
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    So far, for us console users it was possible to get everything in this game without investing a single cent of real money (explanation to pc users: on console we can buy ck's, sticker packs etc in the ingame shop for ingame coins). This changed with the release of the deluxe echo pack which contains the new garage / testdrive map - it's the 1st time on console that there is a real paywall. And that wall is pretty high - deluxe echo pack costs more than a whole regular AAA title. Also it's very unlikely to go on sale, ever, because it is a time limited offer. I know that a lot of people agree with the idea of cosmetics for real money only - but i don't. Every other f2p title goes that route, crossout didn't until the last pack, and i loved it for that - every player had the chance to get everything! You may say that the new garage does not give you any advantage (the same way cosmetics in other games don't give you an advantage) - and you're right, it does not. Yet it's a first step of dividing players into 2 classes - those who pay, and those who don't. And i'm not saying i didn't put in money in the past. Point is, i really really would like to have the new garage, but i'm definitely not buying the coin pack attached to it - way too expensive, even if it can be considered a "coin pack on sale". I would love if we could get the new garage via ingame store, for ingame coins. Real money? I'd pay maybe 5-10 bucks for the garage alone. But so far woody or bj said there are no plans yet to make the new garage available in any other ways. TL;DR: premium content? A little love and respect lost.
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    @BjKalderon @Woodyrojo @Beta_Angel Here is what first place is like on xbox everybody. Marvel at how pathetic some of the top 10 clans are on our platform. Purposely wasting people's time to deprive them of uranium because they are butt hurt they cant win. Me and other clan members get off work come home for CW games and this is what happens all night.
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    Im talking about Hovers, Spiderlegs, and even Meat Grinders despite them not working properly. The way that these movement parts can quickly spin in place, strafe and travel in all directions at full speed I feel ruins the feel of this game in general. I was sold on the idea of this being a car combat game. People using wheels and tank tracks to build post cool apocalyptic vehicles. People had to drive their vehicles like a car. Forwards, backwards, and steering left and right to perform various maneuvers. But now we have several movement types that completely outclass the idea of wheels and tracks. If you are in a car and chase down one of these mutli-directional types, you are often at a complete disadvantage. They can simply spin around and move backwards at full speed while keeping their weapons facing you. They can zig zag left and right while you slip and slide in the dirt trying to keep up. No longer do you have to commit to an attack on wheels/tracks by moving forward. You can use these movement parts to quickly strafe left and right in and out of cover. It might as well be a first person shooter. People tell me that spiders and hovers are balanced because they go "slow" and that wheels go faster so that makes it okay, but even fast wheeled vehicles cannot really outrun spiders and hovers. They can only go around 100kmh, which is only just barely faster than the top speed of hovers at 75kmh. A hover chasing you at 75kmh while you are ahead of him at 110kmh means he will still be directly behind you the entire time. I see that lots of players also want omnidirectional wheel types as well, so that they can use wheels and strafe around and move in any direction. Something like that would make wheels obsolete. If I was placed in charge of fixing this issue I would completely remove spider legs from the game. Id change hovers into actual hovercrafts that skate along the ground with rubber skirts on cushions of air, with a very high forward top speed and the ability to power slide. No strafing, and overly sensitive handling. Id remove Meat Grinders ability to side strafe, and make them drive like another type of tank tracks. I dont know. Im just ranting, but I hate the way that the game has become now with these movement types.
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    See?? Even BOTS are fed up with your Sparkvester Rushes!!
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    The fact that the pulsars went to arbiter and not to an actual player really should be able to be reverted. Also that players don't seem to be able to undercut buy offers anymore make it seem like the safeguard is back in place. @PewPewPewPeeeww I really hope that you are able to get something done to help. Definitely have been some market issues lately
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    They are back! Thanks to them, the iron monsters of the Wasteland regularly get new destructive weapons. It is they who are ready to reward only the most devoted and dedicated. Thanks to them, the appearance of many armoured vehicles will change beyond recognition. And their name is Knechte! Knight riders Attention! The event “Knight Riders” will last from April 4 to April 17! New Knechte festival “Knights of the Wasteland”! The mission counts towards the progress of daily challenges. For taking part in the mission, the player receives a special temporary resource: talers. Talers can only be earned in this mission. Talers cannot be sold or purchased through the in-game market. “New scanner” increases the number of talers received after each battle. After the end of the “Knight riders” event, all unused talers will be withdrawn from the option to exchange them for any other resources. Talers, as well as a certain amount of resources and parts, can be exchanged for goods from a special temporary workbench, “Martin's Tent”. Temporary workbench “Martin's Tent” Cabins Light cabin “Harpy” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 1800. Max. speed: 100 km / h. Tonnage: 4500 kg. Weight limit: 8500 kg. Produced energy: 12 units. Durability: 295 pts. Mass: 1000 kg. Perk: “Increases the number of additional charges from modules of “Ammunition” and “Microfactory” types by 50%. Extends the radius of projectile explosions by 20%.” Resources and parts required for production: 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 cabins “Bat” 2 engines “Dun horse” 2 “Twin wheels” Launch your “Harpy” from the hangar even on a stormy day to make the enemies fear you and the allies respect you. Fit for regular raids. A fast and light cabin that boosts your ammunition reserves and explosion damage. Medium cabin “Photon” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 1500. Max. speed: 80 km / h. Tonnage: 5000 kg. Weight limit: 13000 kg. Produced energy: 12 units. Durability: 335 pts. Mass: 2000 kg. Perk: “All energy weapons do 130% damage to heated parts. The more heated the part is, the higher the damage. ” Resources and parts required for production: 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 cabins “Pilgrim” 2 generators “Big G” 2 coolers “CS Taymyr” This cabin was removed from a cargo planetary rover, which successfully worked on the surface of another celestial body. When it returned, it became a model for teaching the younger generation of engineers, and after the disaster, it also attracted Dawn's Children attention. It has a relatively high weight limit and durability for the cabins of this type. Heavy cabin “Bastion” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 1500 Max. speed: 60 km / h. Tonnage: 9000 kg. Weight limit: 20000 kg. Gives energy: 11 units. Durability: 495 pts. Mass: 4500 kg. Unique feature: “The blade in the front of the cabin has increased resistance to all types of damage, except for energy damage”. Resources and parts required for production: 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 cabins “Trucker” 2 wheels “Lunar IV” 2 shotguns “Sledgehammer” A modified cabin of a tracked bulldozer which is a perfect fit for the heavy machinery meant to clear blockades and form pathways through the city ruins for the Brotherhood's primary forces. Incredible power and tonnage are offset by low speed. New weapons and hardware Frontal machine gun “P-29 Protector” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 705. Durability: 185 pts. Energy consumption: 3 pts. Mass: 170 kg. Unique feature: “Each hit on the enemy increases damage resistance of the Protector by 2%. The effect lasts for 1 sec and stacks up to 10 times”. Resources and parts required for production: 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 machine guns “P-23 Defender” 2 microfactories “Genesis” 2 “Chained wheel (ST)” An excellent density of fire. Increased damage resistance. Limited firing angles. Lightweight minigun “MG14 Arbiter” Rarity: legendary. PS: 975. Durability: 170 pts. Energy consumption: 3 pts. Mass: 260 kg. Unique feature: “The longer the gun shoots, the higher the damage. In 10 sec of continuous shooting, damage increases by 150%.” Resources and parts required for production: 1350 units of scrap metal 800 units of electronics 1350 units of copper 500 talers 800 units of batteries 2 miniguns “MG13 Equalizer” 2 weapon boosters “Tormentor” 1 plasma emitter “Prometheus V” Three-barrelled minigun. Designed for dense firing with medium accuracy. It takes time to spool up the barrels. Plasma gun “Pulsar” Characteristics: Rarity: legendary. PS: 1950. Ammunition: 16 pcs. Durability: 850 pts. Energy consumption: 6 pts. Mass: 950 kg. Perk: “For every 100 m passed by the projectile, the radius of its explosion increases by 0.25 m.” Resources and parts required for production: 1350 units of scrap metal 800 units of electronics 1350 units of copper 500 talers 800 units of batteries 2 plasma guns “Quasar” 2 wheel drones “Fuse” 1 drone “MD-3 Owl” Tireless inventors from Dawn's Children continue to develop their series of plasma guns. “Pulsar” is a logical continuation of “Quasar”, working at the maximum range with maximum accuracy. New module — “Rift 2M” Specifications: Rarity: rare. PS: 185. Durability: 15 units. Mass: 35 kg. Resources and parts required for production: 600 units of scrap metal 300 units of copper 150 talers 3 boosters “B-1 Aviator” 2 cabins “WWT1” 2 Shotguns “Lupara” It seems that even the hardened knechte appreciate good jokes. Otherwise, how do you explain the creation of this unit? When activated, the squibs located in the module detonate, and all parts attached to the device are disengaged from the car. Does not deal damage. In addition to new parts, the knechte have not forgotten about those that have already become their calling card: Crossbow “Spike-1” Resources and parts required for production: 1000 units of scrap metal 1250 units of wires 1500 units of copper 300 talers 700 units of plastic 4 radars “Oculus VI” 4 drones “Sidekick” 4 boosters “Blastoff” Revolver “Corvo” Resources and parts required for production: 650 units of scrap metal 500 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 shotguns “BG2 Goblin” 2 engines “Hardcore” 2 melee weapons “Circular saw” Attention! During the event “Knight Riders”, you can craft 1 piece of “Spike-1” and “Corvo”. Coupling module “Contact 2M” Resources and parts required for production: 600 units of scrap metal 300 units of copper 150 talers 3 cabins “Docker” 2 cabins “Huntsman” 2 cannons “Avenger 57mm” At the workbench “Martin's Tent” you can also craft: Gun-mount wheel (normal and ST). Decor: “Bludgeon”, “Armoured skull” and “Huntsman's horn”. Paints: “Teutonic Cross”, “Teutonic Stripes”, “Teutonic Eagle”, “Fleur-de-lis” and “Material: Plate Steel”. Stickers: “Drain Knight”, “Lance knight shield”, “Iron Lily”, “Lion Rampant”, “Jouster” and “Knight Riders”. Knechte portraits During the ‘Knight Riders’ event, you can also complete special tasks and obtain unique Knechte portraits: For 10 wins in missions or raids, the player receives a portrait of August Donner For 30 wins in missions or raids, the player receives a portrait of Ulrich Attention! The tasks will be unavailable if you have already obtained these portraits during the previous events! New pack “Lord of War” Attention! The pack will be available for purchase from April 4 to April 17! The pack includes: Unique character portrait “Wasteland Baron”. Decor of epic rarity “Ammo belts”. Decor of epic rarity “Bandolier”. Decor of legendary rarity “Baron's banner”. Paint of relic rarity “Shattered”. The knechte first met the Baron at dawn. He stepped onto the road from the direction of the rising sun, and the air trembled with a haze over the hot sands behind him. His face was covered in fresh wounds, and his chest was crossed out with a half-empty bandolier. Ammo belts wriggled around his left hand like metal snakes, and his right hand gripped a bullet-torn banner. They almost filled the stranger with lead when he approached their leader, but Martin stopped them with a gesture and looked intently into the eyes of the strange soldier. Nobody knows what he saw there, but the Wasteland Baron, called so because of the invariable iron crown on his head, was immediately appointed an officer and marched to the leader's right. Needless to say, in subsequent battles, Martin never regretted his decision. Faction workbenches Shotgun “Nidhogg” Now the part can be made on the workbench “Underground treasury” of the “Firestarters” faction. Plasma emitter “Helios” Now the part can be crafted on the workbench “Laboratory 51” of the “Dawn's Children” faction. Radar “Oculus VI” Now the part can be crafted on the workbench “Scavenger outpost” of the “Scavengers” faction. Interface The window with the description of the Memory missions in the “Adventure” mode is improved. Tweaked the position of machine guns in the “Technology Tree”. The “Rewards” button has been added to the “Clans” tab, which contains comprehensive information about rewards and the conditions for receiving them. Bug fixes/Miscellaneous Fixed a bug with raiders getting stuck on the “Wrath of Khan” map. Fixed a bug in the login interface through Steam. Improved a number of texts and descriptions. Improved the matchmaking system. This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.
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    Problem are not the shotguns, it is more the physic abusing wedge builds.
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    I don't like the idea of backing out of a clan battle. I've done it once as the person leading the battle instructed me to. I won't do it again. That having been said playing against Riot is a waste of my time, I'm not going to get a damn thing out of it. Would you purposely walk up to a guy ten times larger than you and ask him to smash you in the skull with a sword? I don't think so. If you like playing the game so much then get out of clan battles and go seal club some more with those relics you own. I want you to stop thinking about your witty retort and consider why the rest of us don't want to waste our time playing against you. Why should I waste my time and energy and the points that I do have playing against you? Think about it. You are wasting my time in game. There is nothing to learn while loosing to you!!!! What is it that you don't understand? Why do you think the vast majority of us leave? We don't want to bother. It is a waste of our time. I want to play against people that are the same skill level that I am to prove something to them and myself. I want to play against people that are a little more powerful than I am so that I can earn their respect, puff out my chest and yell aaough aaough with the rest of my clan that I am running with WHEN I WIN!!!! If the Riot clan stays together that is of course their right and they are choosing to continue the stupidity that they endure. The only people that they hurt are themselves. If I have the bad experience of having them as the opposing team I guess I have no choice but to run at them with guns blazing and detonate on them because the Developers haven't dealt with this garbage yet. This is a fun game to play when playing against others that are at the same skill level that I am at. This is a fun game to play when running with my friends in Raids. It is a xxxx game experience when I get my build nuked from across the map or getting hit by invisible spears or ground into dust repeatedly by a clan that dominates the scoreboards for 12 months in a row. Go ahead and honk your horn, you didn't prove a damn thing other than to tell me that I was right, I should have backed out of that match just like all the smart people in the videos did. And you are a dumb **** for not seeing what you are doing. To summarize my post: Stop whining about people quitting on you and do something to make the game more of a challenge for you. Stop creating posts about why we (all the other clans in the damn game) should bow to you. Do something yourself to make the game better for all of us. I think the rest of the (non RIOT)people that read my post may have a few other points to add but I covered most of the important ones. KISS MY BUGGY BUMPER
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    Taxes go nowhere. All coins in the entire game are nothing more than an entry in a database. Tax is needed to avoid inflation. Ressources and items are generated out of thin air and as such coins have to disappear into thin air regularly to avoid inflation killing the market.
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    Error report Describe problem and what you saw Devs not answering questions on console platforms. Also, not letting people from console post anywhere but in the console section. What you expected to see A little more effort on the devs part or the moderators to engage with their playing console base. Conditions in which error reproduce Started with spam bots but now its every update and even when devs names are tagged they don't reply even when you see them on the PC side replying to others. Problem details https://forum.crossout.net/index.php?/topic/301563-update-xbox-crossout-1042/ https://forum.crossout.net/index.php?/topic/299302-still-cant-post-outside-of-console/ https://forum.crossout.net/index.php?/topic/299693-cannot-get-in-on-dev-blog-discussions-and-such-as-an-xbox-player/ https://forum.crossout.net/index.php?/topic/296503-vocal-minority/ Pretty sure the Forum community is "BUGGED" Frequency of reproduction always Time of bug EVERYTIME
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    For the sake of science I spent a few hours to figure out hows explosive damage calculated on multi-layer armors, there're still much to do to improve the test method but I'm getting relatively accurate results with the current one. Anyway feel free to provide alternative armor layout if you find any exceptions, error of 2-3 is normal since I'm not too sure how they round up the numbers. Also try to stick to rectangular armor pieces since sloped surface will mess up the thickness. Hope it helps. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of all, the correlation between explosive damage on parts directly exposed to the explosion (no objects in between the epicenter and the part taking blast damage) and the distance between the epicenter and the part is linear defined by two data points: at 0% blast radius (aka. direct hit) the part takes 100% and at 100% blast radius (e.g. 6 blocks or 2m for tsunami) the part takes 0% damage. Next I will explain several concepts used in the damage calculation with a simple example: 120hp single layer armor attached to a humpback. Test layout 1: The damage dealt to the cabin, denoted x_out, is calculated by the formula: x_out = ( x_in - hp ) * ( r_b - th )/ r_b; where x_in is the nominal damage of the incoming shell, hp the part durability, r_b the residual blast radius calculated from the epicenter, and th the thickness of the destroyed armor part. Since I'm using 3charge tsunami (no cannon codriver perk) here, x_in = 212 * 1.6 ~= 339; hp = 120; part thickness = 1/block; r_b = 6/block (or 2m for tsunami); x_out = (339-120)*(6-1)/6~=182; Test result 1: 120 structure damage (armor destroyed) + 182 cabin damage. Now let's look at a slightly more complicated example: multi-layer armor consist of identical armor piece: Test 2 layout: 3 * 45hp armor with thickness of 1 block. Use the aforementioned equation 3 times to calculate cabin damage: First calculate the x_out after the first layer is destroyed : x_out_1 = (339-45)*(6-1)/6~=245; this is the explosive damage leaving the backside of the first panel into the second panel; Since the explosive damage has traveled one block depth from the epicenter, residual blast radius reduces to 5 block at the surface of the second panel, thus x_out_2 is calculated using the new r_b. x_out_2 = (245-45)*(5-1)/5~=160; Then repeating the procedure on the 3rd panel gives x_out_3 = (160-45) * (4-1)/4 ~=86, this is the damage dealt to the cabin after destroying three identical 45hp armor parts. Test result 2: 135 structure damage ( 3 * 45hp destroyed) and 86 cabin damage. Now let's add some advanced spaced armor with various armor thickness: Test 3 layout: Use the procedure from test 2. For spaced armor add its thickness to the armor part in front of it. In this case, treat the second piece of 120hp armor as if it's 2 block thick. Test 3 result: 205 structure damage (23 + 120+ 62 destroyed, no damage dealt to the buggy part since it fell off along with the 62hp armor part) and 7 cabin damage.
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    Commentary on preliminary info Not so sure about the harvester change, however i like the rest of things I'm seeing. EDIT 2: Increase harvester melee and explosive resistance and decrease it HP pool so it remains equally resistant to explosions and collisions but more vulnerable to bullets, that way we can find a counter to hervesters in mg builds. This way cannon users make better synergy with mg/shotgun users and conver each others weaknesses. BTW the ravanger antimaterial carabin make it 5e so i can use 3 + scope, otherwise i'd have to either use either 4 with no scope or 3 + scope at a lower PS. Just a suggestion. Will the new Adventure missions be accompanied with new craftable stuffs? Commentary on lacking, or obvious perks Also Hurricane, Pyre, Draco, Fortune, Quasar, Aurora, Kapkan, Incinerator, Phoenix (this one is the worst, since the perk just describes a feature that makes it worse), Skinner, Caucasus, Clarinet, and all fo epic drones don't have a perk. Their "perk" is the explicit expaination of an implicit feature. In example: Caucasus: it's in the "Automatic weapon" category, while it's perk sais: "Autimatically shoots the selected target in range". Of course it does, it's an automatic weapon, but what's the perk? Or Phoenix: "The projectile sticks to surfaces and car parts and detonates after a short interval" It's perk actually makes the weapon worse than it should be, it's a anti-perk so to say. (The weapon is good as it is, but i don't think it's a correct use of a perk). Or Hovers: "Hovers above the ground" No s**t? EDIT 3:[ Cyclones: It'sperk is just counter productive on autocannon (which has the same problem as the Hogg, where it's base firing rate is reduces to later be compensated by the perk) autocannons are made for selective/precision firing, while cyclones encourage exactly the opposite. So either another autocannon or a rework of Cyclone would be appreciated.] Also another reminder to check on corvo. Commentary on reduced weapon effectivness to justify perks Some weapons (Fafnir and Nidhogg are the first examples that came to my head). Their perk is good, but the weapon had to be downgraded below how it would perform had it not had its perk. As i explained myself poorly i'll just put the examples: Nidhogg: It's perk is that the faster you go the faster it reloads (up to 20%). On paper it sound as if it should be able to reload 20% faster. But instead you increased the base reload speed by 20% (compared to JB and Faf) and the perk makes the reload 20% faster, which is still slower that JB and Faf. Fafnir: Its perk is reduced spread tied to vehicle speed. On paper it sounds like it should have same spread as JB and Hogg at 0km/h and less spread that the other two at 60km/h. But it's not like that, at 0km/h Fafs have more spread than JB and Hoggs. Those perks have been inflated at the cost of reducing efficient of the weapon's base effectiveness, why not just reduce the perk, and make the base stats similar to the rest of the kind (or with a linear progression) and make the perks actually do their jobs instead of compensating what you took from them? EDIT: REMOVE SPEED CAP ON SMALL TRACKS
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    I don't know about you but if a spark + harvester attacks me I die. And from my experience everyone else just dies. There is no fight, no run away, no nothing. We used to damage melee builds with drones but sparks kill that. People complain about different OP weapons but I haven't seen this particular one. Spark + Harvester that is a cheap op tactic like the bunch of lances. The difference is that lances are destroyed in the first hit while harvester and spark are some of the toughest weapons ingame. It's very hard to introduce new players into the game when they constantly run into harvesters even at a low PS score, also it makes pointless to purchase new packs because nothing seems to effectively counter that built. BTW if you know any tactic/build that can counter a spark + harvester in one on one please share. Because yeah I know that if 3 people are shooting the same car it can be destroyed. Thank you.
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    After discussing this with the community manager I have information about it for you all. The deployers on the death machine are the new model. The other deployers that are larger will be being resized to match these in future updates.
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    We Want Chase Back. We're not going to just forget about it. Don't hold out on us. Give us the good raids.
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    I was asked to post this here to get broader discussion. How about this. After the Wanderer's Crate, but before any Legendary Crate that may or may not come, a Uranium Crate. Wanderer's costs 600 for a rare. Pathfinder is 3000 for an epic. A 5x increase. So Legendary, if they ever add it, would be 15,000! I think Uranium should be 10,000. And you roll a number that is orders of 10. Like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and maybe one 1000. This would give non clan wars people an ability to get Uranium, though it would take a long while. Or you could sell it.
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    Thank you for your patience, guys!
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    there i said it. Someone has to times have changed, all the invisible walls added to hills preventing legs and tracks from climbing, sparks just do too much a big wheel build can already catch a hover a spark prevents them from getting away no matter what weapon its paired with sparks cripple legs and destroy kapkans instantly porcupines and missiles get eaten, cannons cant reload the list goes on take 1 thing away , when the top 4 clans are only running spark double firebug, how can it not be seen as a problem "numbers dont lie"
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    I think you have mistaken ramp builds and stanced vehicles with the wedges we are talking about. THE wedges are builds made specifically to get under player's cars and carry them away while mowing them down with bullets. It exploits the fact that the game engines don't take into account weight and traction of a player vehicle after it leaves the ground, which means that once you are "caught" by one of those you can't shoot back or drive off from atop of it. An expirenced wedger can pin you to walls and props in a way that its impossible for you to scape its "grip". I'm all for creative ways to kill oponents, including flipping them, but for me this is nothing but an exploit of an oversight done by the devs when programing this engine 2years+ ago.
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    I had to dust it off but I'm ready!
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    This would have been the sensible “rework” for sparkvesters. Make them 5 or 6 energy do you can’t run a dual harvester spark skinner engine cloak setup. But noooo, devs just had to buff them.
  45. 8 points
    The hover part is somewhat relatable, but if you cant outrun a spider in a wheel build it's most likely your problem.
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    Name: Crusher (you can change it) Rarity:epic Max speed:6 Engine speed:5 Power:9 Tonnage:9000 kg Mass limit:22500 kg Structure:1180 Super heavy Mass:5250 Super heavy Adds energy:11 or 12 Depend balance Description a cabin. It desing is against wedge damage. Bottom is heavy guarded and gargo get extra defence in those Wings. Perks: It is passive perk. If enemy bumper/blade hit yours cabin. Enemy bumber/blade get destroyed instantly. (Red) Shield and (green) Wings is cabin. Cabin perk dont Work against TUSK/Cerberus cabin. Not work melee weapons what using energy.
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    Here I have a chance. And my name is not nobody.
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    The problem with the Sparkvester is very similar to the problem we had with hovers in the past: A Sparkvester can comfortably take on multiple types of builds while you need to engineer a very specific type of build to comfortably take on the Sparkvester. This creates a problem in CW scenarios where a full melee team has a high chance of winning any type of mixed team relying on flexibility and player talent. When I play a build that's good against melee the matches tend to go like this: Each of the Sparkvesters take on each of my teammembers so it's basically four instances of 1v1. I might manage to kill my adversary but once that's done, all my teammates (who didn't run a specific melee counter build) are dead so I'm alone against three Sparkvesters. A counter to Sparkvester cannot really kill a Sparkvester faster than a Sparkvester kills a build which doesn't counter Sparkvester. The math is impossible. It's so jaded: you need four Aspect/Reaper Spiders to have a high chance of success against full melee team. But you need only one Hover Cricket to have a high chance of success against a four-man Aspect Spider squad. And that's what sort of tips the Sparkvester towards the OP. As a spider player I find it crazy how my Mechnical Legs have a 50% damage resistance against Melee. Yet it's the melee that chews off my Legs the quickest. Not the machinegun fire, not the cannon blasts but the very thing these legs actually resist against. Everytime a Sparkvester kills my Cannon spider in time it takes to reload my guns, I can't help thinking about the fact had I run Bigfoots, I would've died twice as fast. Literally. In public PvP matches I can sort of understand Sparkvesters doing well. After all they are a build type akin to Shotguns which thrive amidst the confusion of public matches. But unlike Shotties, these Sparkvesters ae also strong enough to overcome a well-coordinated defence in a highly competetive gamemode.
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    if all teams leave when it is riot, the only common point between all these teams is riot, so the problem is riot, in the sense that riot are very good players equipped with extra. it will be more noble of you to dissolve riot and make 4 new clans to balance the game, because if the No. 2 ranking leaves it is normal that the majority of other clans also leave, otherwise you are asking an update just for riot ..... you want to penalize all the clans that leave against riot because riot are the only team that has this problem, if you are really good players you have to dissolve riot and you split into 4 different clans
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    Here we go again, players thinking this game is Mad Max or it's a Mad Max world. This game has nothing to do with Mad Max. No affiliation. It is however, whatever the DEVS make it. It's their world, you only play in it.