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    Nests are ridiculous way to much damage, super easy to armour and way too hard to avoid. Add this to the fact cloak now only temporarily disables a lockon and you have a broken weapon which is just no fun to play against. Constant lock ons and missiles from the sky, weapons you don't aim should be no match for the ones you do. And it will only get worse as more people get them. I hope they get a heavy nerf soon but we all know they won't as the devs respond at a snails pace to everything.
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    @Ka1deron @Woodyrojo There is currently a serious problem that was introduced into the game with the raven's path update that has dormant issue on xbox until August: This was the update that introduced the alterations to aim assist settings on console "Additional options have been added to the “Gamepad settings” tab: The option to adjust camera sensitivity in battle in X and Y axes. Camera movement Restricted camera" The first case of this being reported as a problem on console was literally mentioned the next day by a ps4 user(xxmrskeletonxx), but went largely unnoticed until sometime august on xbox, when users here began noticing just how game changing the modifications to aim assist were I honestly only recalled aim assist from it's legacy settings where it dragged heavily towards the cabin, I honestly didn't think the issue wasn't as serious as people were claiming, it wasn't until a console user (gunkl1p) sent me the settings for it, and got to experience it in custom battles that I realized just how absurd the current state of aim assist is: By changing the aim assist mode to: -New mode(friction) -Setting the deacceleration distance to 0.1 -Clicking the checkmark for player movement friction -Setting the assistance intensity to 1.0 Once you have set up these settings, the game, in no uncertain terms, will track targets for you, at ANY range, I tried it for a few games, and it was eye opening to see how much more consistent shot placement was, when all I have to do is account for leading All of the below was taken while holding my controller like this: https://streamable.com/foxbqo Here is it's ability to snap accurately to fast targets: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/vilecrib3/gif/lineargrimgreatwhiteshark it's cross map tracking with no scope https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/vilecrib3/gif/bigadmiredbull it's general tracking with scope: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/vilecrib3/gif/unevendirtybee On top of this all, the reticule will heavily attempt to maintain line of sight on the specific point you're targeting as well, be it a weapon, module, hover, etc (I failed to record this, but will be more than glad to provide this if necessary) This is insane, this isn't aim assist all, it's quite the opposite; I'm the one taking the backseat in the gameplay now, as the game plays for me, while I occasionally press buttons to shoot and drive; not only on top of that, the setting provides a level of tracking consistency that is miles above the majority of the players in the game, and makes high level players even more consistent, with their shot placement; it reduces the skill ceiling for hitscan weapons such as machine guns, and near hitscan weapons such as the scorpion, and makes otherwise average or underperforming players much more effective than normal, and makes more skilled players, lethally more effective. Specifically regarding machine guns, it increases your shot consistency to the point that you are at a heavy disadvantage when going against another mg user with these settings. Devs, this can't be what you intended when wanting to make the game more accessible to your playerbase. I don't think anyone disagrees that some form of aim assist is acceptable, I'ved talked to and played with older and disabled players in the game, I am in no way suggesting that these players be ignored, they deserve to enjoy the game to the fullest as much as any other player but this is not the solution These settings annihilate any incentive to improve, there's no point in getting better, if there's an ingame mechanic that will automatically make a player more effective, this will also skew heavily, the performance of weapons(the punishers for example) that otherwise would not notice such an increase of effectiveness. I've talked to a number of users, and have heard from a number of others that are actually distancing themselves from game as a result of aim assist and it's current state. This is honestly less of a suggestion and more of a hard request from your console community, but aim assist cannot stay stay in its current state ****The customization options for aim assist needs to be 100% REMOVED, and needs to revert to legacy mode as the only option***
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    Where do I even begin. I would usually continue the discussion with some witty, snarky discussion counterpoints, but I am all out of snark for this weapon. This means that unlike before, bullets are now just organizational points. Sorry. I just don't have the patience for this weapon. The Nest is an absolute mess. This essay is almost 3000 words long. There will be no summary. There will be no TL:DR. If you don't want to read it in its entirety, don't bother to respond. There's plenty of other Nest threads out there. Problematic Features Before we start looking at the meta-level gameplay issues that the Nest creates, let's first look at the issues the Nest already has, with how it operates. The missile volley has extreme tracking. This makes the Nest a homing missile with no minimum range, separating it from the other guided missiles in its function. This also means that once you've been locked on, unless you have one of the “hard counter” options, you're going to be taking that damage. The speed and angle of the Nest volley is far too pinpoint and efficient at what it does. Since most builds have their weapons mounted on the top of their vehicle, on top of the cabin to boot, this makes the damage delivered by the Nest significantly more efficient in comparison to other missiles, nay, other weapons. The Nest missiles being removable once attached to a vehicle is, at best, a binary “counter”. Teammates can attempt to shoot them off of you, but that requires teammates to be even aware of your predicament, for them to actually spot and target the attached missiles, and to actually have a weapon that can remove them. In a Clan setting, this level of counterplay is probably okay, but certainly not feasible in pub matches. The missile volley has effectively no warning. Since the actual lock-on process is silent, once you've heard the “Missile Lock” warning, it's already too late. As mentioned before, if you don't have a “hard counter” option, you’re going to get tagged with free damage. This is in stark contrast to other missiles, where you usually have the chance (if slim) to move into cover. The volley itself, being 6 missiles, greatly improves the overall granularity and crumple resistance of the weapon. Unlike the previous missiles that are easily shot down with one or two well placed shots, the Nest requires a constant string of good hits to intercept, if the Nest user makes the mistake of launching them at long range. Because of this, there is little reason left to use the Pyre or Hurricane; the Nest is simply better in all aspects, especially when it comes to countering its own supposed weaknesses. Due to the forced orientation and size of the Nest, it is extremely easy to armor and protect, more so than other weapons. This creates a weapon that is extremely annoying to counter, while being simultaneously hard to remove. While there are other weapons that can be snugly secured within the inside of your vehicle, none of them are as effective, or easy to use as the Nest is. Currently, the Nest pierces armor. It's stated that this is a bug, and not a feature. Otherwise, I have a whole other essay prepared just for this feature. I'm watching you. The lock-on system is extremely forgiving and easy to use. Unlike conventional missiles that will launch a volley whether something is locked on or not (thus requiring a modicum of attention and patience from the user), the Nest will simply refuse to launch without a proper lock. This helps greatly with ammo efficiency, maximizing the damage efficiency and up-time for every unit of ammunition available. Imagine having an automated cannon that you could rapidly click until it shoots, but refuses to shoot if you didn't lead your target properly. Sounds ridiculous? But this is how the Nest functions. Putting all of these features together, and you have a guaranteed-damage weapon that is easy to use, hard to counteract, and hard to remove, while naturally countering the most common building style in the game. Congratulations, you've created the spitting image of the dreaded Ace tube. Issues in Counterplay Before the release of the Nest, all but a few weapons had options for universal counterplay. That is, regardless of what your build was, where you were on the map, how fast or slow you were, there were always actions you could take to reduce the efficacy of your opponents' weapon. For example: If your opponent was a drone user, you can either destroy the drones, or back up out of the “tethering” range of the drones. If your opponent was a shotgun user, you can backpedal away from them, or retreat into the team to shake them off. If your opponent was a cannon user, you can engage right after they've fired, or find a way to close the distance to their position. You are always given an opportunity to counteract your opponent, regardless of what you currently have equipped. More importantly, your choice never completely counters them, but only reduces their effectiveness. Now, consider the Nest. Most of the discourse around the Nest has gone back and forth on “how easy it is to counter it” with certain combinations of items. What most fail to see is that this, in itself, is the problem. This goes against the fundamental accessibility aspect of the game, the “always available” option that players should have in a match. Due to the functionality of the Nest, in the majority of situations, there is no fundamentally accessible option for counterplay against it. This is further compounded by the fact that the remaining situational options are effectively random and map dependent. If your build is out of roof cover, you're going to get tagged by the Nest. This is problematic, as some maps have absolutely no cover (Crater, Founder's Canyon), or inaccessible cover (Refinery, Factory). Since you can't veto or select maps for general play, you're very much at the mercy of the matchmaker when a Nest user is playing in your PS range. Similarly, if you can't find cover to break line of sight, you're going to get tagged by the Nest. This option in itself is effectively useless, and there is no way to tell that a Nest user is targeting you at all, until the missiles are already in midair. If your build doesn't have a weapon that has both a decent rate of fire, and high aiming angle, you're going to get tagged by the Nest. This is problematic, as most weapons don't have those properties, leaving them extremely vulnerable to the Nest volley. The speed of your build doesn't help you avoid the Nest. Whether you're fast or slow, the high speed and ridiculous turn rate of the Nest missiles will ensure that you'll get tagged. Just not on the top of your vehicle. If you're in range, the Nest will do its damned best to rack up free damage on your vehicle. The lack of a fundamentally accessible option is compounded by both the Nest's auto-aiming feature and its operating discreteness. Whereas other hard-to-counteract weapons require experience in aiming, positioning, and/or timing, the Nest is a fast fire-and-forget weapon, needing minimal input and effort from the user. As stated before, this creates a high-reward, low effort option for players that everyone has been gravitating towards. So, let's move on to how the Nest can be countered, and how this is also problematic. The currently most suggested options are: Spark / Flash Argus Aegis / Barrier Cloak / Griffon Side / Undermount / Roofing However, the existence of these options forces a hard decision that hampers the creativity and flexibility of the game, which can be summed up as: bring these items, or constantly take Nest damage. Similarly, this also means that, as a Nest user, your options for counterplay, become extremely limited and polarized, at the whim of the matchmaker. A match could go from an easy point farm to a sheer loss of 3 minutes, depending on who or what is currently in the queue. These solutions in themselves are also problematic. The Spark and Flash are Legendary and Relic items, out of reach of most players. However, by themselves, with no supporting gear, these weapons can easily suppress 3-4 Nests by themselves. From personal experience, I have been able to single-handedly shut down a coordinated team of Nest users for the entirety of a match, given that my teammates don't run out of my range. A fun and totally not frustrating experience when I become one of the few surviving players near the end of the match, I’m sure. The Argus is a timed, event item. Like the Spark and Flash, this makes it an unreliable answer if you don't have one. In addition, the Argus' targeting AI seems to have difficulty removing Nest missiles already on vehicles, occasionally prioritizing them over missiles that are currently in flight. This means that the Argus is still best used as a preventative measure, instead of a reactionary measure. Making things worse, the Argus needs air clearance, leaving it especially vulnerable to taking a Nest volley if it was recently used (which Nest users should be paying attention to, but quite haven't picked up on). The Aegis and Barrier are also somewhat difficult to get. While the Aegis can start up fast enough to be used on reaction, the Barrier must be deployed ahead of time, similar to the Argus. Both shields also have the potential to be popped by incoming fire, and have lengthy recharge times, giving you at best, protection against 2-3 volleys per match. Cloaking and radar disruption would be effective, if it were not for missiles being able to re-acquire target locks after losing them. Smart Nest players can also run Verifier to counteract cloaking as well, completely countering your counter. And like the previous options, the Griffon is a Legendary cabin, making it an inaccessible option for most players. One could build around the Nest by placing weapons and other critical items further away from the cabin (making it more susceptible to detachment), on the side of the cabin (which makes them more susceptible to everything else), underneath the cabin (which is only possible for small weapons and certain movement types), or by adding roofing (drastically weakening top-mounted parts against other sources of splash damage). However, this would mean that conventional vehicle design, as we know it, would have to shift because of a singular item. So yes. Countering Nests is entirely possible, but generally inaccessible and usually detrimental otherwise. At which point, you stop playing Crossout, and start playing CounterNest. Rock - Paper - Scissors The black-and-whiteness of the current counterplay options, combined with how effective the Nest currently is, will shift the game into a more defined RPS meta. This being: Nests builds counter normal builds. Anti-Nest builds counter Nest builds. Normal builds counter Anti-Nest builds. On paper, the existence of a RPS meta may seem desirable. After all, there are many other competitive games out there that draw upon such distinct interactions. However, for Crossout, this is extremely problematic, as it heavily restricts the creativity and competitive options within the game. By pushing the game towards an RPS meta, the Nest will single-handedly weaken the premise and strength of the game: the flexibility in how you want to play. The game features a plethora of weapons, cabins, and items. But with the introduction of the Nest, those weapons are being shoveled into smaller, discrete options, due to how effective the Nest is. If the Nest sees no changes, the choices and preferences of the Players will drift towards the following: Build a conventional vehicle, but lose to Nest users. (Do I want to build anything I want, but have my efforts and collected items made moot because of how effective the Nest is?) Build a Nest vehicle, but lose to Anti-Nest builds. (Do I want to win against almost every build out there effortlessly, ignoring everything else in Crossout, but completely lose to players set on countering me?) Build an Anti-Nest vehicle, but lose to conventional builds. (Do I want to counter the strongest thing out there, but lose to everything else?) If we look at other competitive games, there have been outliers that have pushed the meta into a stale position. All it takes is one or two singular, strong options that end up dictating the response from the rest of the game. The response usually has been... well, to find ways to remove the offending content from the game. Obviously, that won't happen here, but it's something to learn from, at least. Right? Potential Fixes Enough criticism. Let's try to improve things. Each of these suggestions tries to address previously mentioned issues, while focusing on the most important aspect of versus games (and by extension, Crossout): ensuring that both parties, the attacker and the defender, have interesting options and choices to make. Add a targeting laser during the initial lock-on process. This gives the defender the opportunity, the chance to react to the Nest. In addition, this also identifies the attacking vehicle, giving the defender information they need to divert their attention. Upon losing target lock during the initial process, the Nest blindly fires or goes on cooldown, as if it has fired. This requires more involvement from the Nest user, requiring them to pay better attention to the defender's capabilities, lest they be left vulnerable if the defender successfully breaks from the initial process. Have the Nest require lateral clearance in addition to vertical clearance. This forces the Nest to be more exposed, giving the defender the opportunity to target the weapon if they choose to do so. Change the fundamental functionality. Sometimes content is just a dud (see: Arothon), and just needs to be reworked from the ground up. For the Nest, this could be forcing it into lateral position instead of horizontal, reducing the number of missiles launched, changing its firing interval, or a whole other slew of potential options. But something fundamental about how this weapon works needs to be changed, and should be changed. New Player Experience / Bottom Line The Nest is the worst thing that has happened for the new player experience. The lack of resources and knowledge makes them easy prey for Nest users, as they lack any of the tools and know-how to counteract the nest (of what little they could do, anyway). All the aforementioned counters are difficult, end-game items to get, something that no new player would have access to. I try not to accuse developers of under-sight, as game development is a complex and layered process. But this time, I can't see any other way. Targem, in designing the Nest, you've failed to consider the bottom line, and how it will affect new players. Due to the creative nature of the game, there will always be seal clubbers, those who try to exploit new players. In designing the Nest, you failed to consider how easily this weapon will handily crush both new players and low power score matches. Please. Targem. Do tell me how a fresh, new player is supposed to play against a Nest-wielding sealclubber. What can they do? How are they supposed to drive and fight around it? What do they even have access to that could teach them how to counter such an efficient weapon? And no, being a credit card warrior is not an acceptable answer. New players are the lifeblood of the game. You've handed them to the sealclubbers on a silver platter, with that platter being the Nest. Fix this. Fix this now, before anything else, or you’re going to bleed the game dry. Closing Thoughts I've been with Crossout for a long time. I've played through the Grenadier Dronepocalypse, the Harvester/Sparkvester meta, King-rammers, Hot-Remedy-dogs and other flavors of oppressive metas. I've commented on the reign of hovers, the close second that was the Photon-Trigger phenomena, and other flavor-of-the-month builds. I’ve seen my fair share of design mishaps in many different games and made my own mistakes as well. But this update, with the addition of the Nest... This has been the first time where I've been so frustrated with the game, to the point where my drive to play the game is simply gone. Even after figuring out, building, and using the “hard counter” build, after chasing Nest users until they quit the queue... there’s nothing left but misery in these matches. Nothing else I’ve encountered in all of Crossout’s updates has been this... simply put... revolting. You can tell that this last segment is pure opinion. I try to steer away from opinions and subjectivity, and focus on objectivity and facts when it comes to discussion. But at this point, I won’t withhold my opinion any longer: the Nest is a frustrating, uninvolved, lazy, polarizing weapon to play against. It does little to improve the game in the short term or in the long term, evident from how it functions. Mistakes have been made. Make changes. I’ll be watching. We’ll all be watching.
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    Why did you even add that? We have the arbibter - the famous market bot, he's enough to protect a lot of people and the market. DELETE PRICE CORRIDORS! It affected a loooooooooooot of legitimate players and traders. No one asked for that, NO ONE. You are killing the market this way! People can't make money on trading anymore which was totaly normal, because this ishow it suposed to work, this is how open market is working. I can clearly see that devs want to force players to grind even more. WE HAVE ENOUGH GRIND! Find the other way to protect market from scammers and hackers, the way which doesn't affect legitimate players and traders, who just want to make money ina way which doesn't affect anyone, because it's legit. We have to join our forces people to show our disagreement to this change! #FreeMarketFreePlayers! #PriceCorridorsAreKillingTheMarket! Note: i'm not against protecting the market from scammers, but i definitely am against price corridors, since it also affects normal players!
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    no matter what wheel build i make... even no armor cheeta 4 wheels... hover still out runs me because turning does not effect power of the hover craft, can we do something about this ? everything so far you have just buffed hover players... if it was not directly to the hover movement part, it was something else that gave them more advantage................... tired of it man
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    I see you deleted the thread "this is Fkd up!" you did not address of the issue of how the market changes screw the crafters because you can't reserve prices and instead have to wait by the computer 24/7 to try and catch a price window where you can place your sell/buy order. This basically says "We don't care, Screw you, Complain all you like, we just delete the complaints to look good to any new players." New players - if you're reading this - this is not a good time to come into crossout. Go play some Minecraft and check back in a month or two.
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    Now that the race mode is broken beyond repair, there's no real reason not to fiddle with the thrust and fuel of boosters until they're combat viable. +10% thrust +10% dura on boosters when?
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    can just delete the hover movement part.. would not bother me at all... we can have a real vehicle combat game
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    Hello, survivors! Today we are launching a test server so that you can evaluate the balance changes that are planned for the next Crossout 0.12.5 update. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not be implemented into the game at all. You can study all the planned changes in detail on the special test server! Special rarity Nailgun “Summator” Damage reduced by 12%. Rapid-fire machine gun “M-37 Piercer” Damage increased by 5%. Epic rarity “Nest” homing missiles Rockets will no longer pass through enemy’s vehicle parts (increased rocket model). Time between rockets attachment and detonation increased from 2,4 to 3 s. Time needed to lock on a target increased from 2 to 2,5 s. Weapon reload speed increased from 6 to 7 s. Increased each rocket’s turning radius. Unguided rocket “Locust” Explosive damage reduced by 7% Chainsaw “Lacerator” Damage increased by 7%. Crossbow “Phoenix” Durability increased from 380 to 418 pts. Shotgun “Arothron” Damage increased by 10%. Shotgun “Fafnir” Damage reduced by 5%. Automatic weapon “Caucasus” Weapon turn speed reduced by 14%. “Lancelot” explosives Explosion radius reduced by 10%. Armored track Tonnage bonus increased from +3800 to +4000 kg. Added 25% Explosive damage resistance. PS increased from 550 to 625. Turning radius reduced. Now cars with 4 armored tracks will be more maneuverable. Cabin “Humpback” Perk damage bonus increased from 25% to 30%. Legendary rarity Flamethrower “Draco” Damage increased by 5%. Relic rarity Machine gun “Punisher” Now the weapon’s perk doesn’t minimize the spread. Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” Perk’s effect duration increased from 3 to 4 s. Projectile impact impulse reduced by 30%. Turret cannon “ZS-52 Mastodon” Now the double shot charges 17% faster. The delay between shots when fully charged has been reduced by 33%. The first shot of a fully charged cannon now heats up parts by 17% more. Miscellaneous Homing rockets will no longer automatically continue pursuing an enemy that has hidden from them in invisibility mode and then turned it off. How to get to the test server? If you have ever participated in testing features on a special server, then just start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete. Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive. Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you are logged into the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again. Start the Launcher and install the game into the folder you created (for example D:\Public test\Crossout). After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and log into the game with your username and password. The progress of your main account will be transferred to the test server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation with factions). After logging into the server, to transfer progress from your account, press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”. Please note the schedule of the test server: Friday, October 9, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Saturday, October 10, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Sunday, October 11, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS). After testing the changes, we invite you to leave your constructive feedback on the planned rework in THIS THREAD (it will open a bit later after the launch of the test server). You can report all issues found on the test server here. The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.
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    serious of course, it takes a very long straight away to out run a hover with wheels, even cheeta / griffon 4 wheels, go play the game first, than u can see
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    Hover defenders will never accept the fact that Hovers are the most overpowered movement type in the game. Playing a hover is like playing a with quick responsive FPS style controls that have multiple built in safeguards, while everyone else has to play with slow clunky "tank" type console controls where a simple mistake can lose you the match. Theres no comparison between hovers and everything else. Its why when you start getting past around 10,000PS you start seeing tons of dogs and hovers. Hovers are the best movement type to use, and dogs are one of the best counters to hovers. But a hover can still style all over a dog most times.
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    seem better not play game this week
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    i dont play hover stuff.... its just getting to the point where i can only actually attack them if i use long range, or sneak attack, but to catch them ;///////////////////////////
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    First the details: - Use lunatics co-driver for the growl tonnage buff (it ABSOLUTELY gives you more speed.) - Map the booster key (shift) to a mousebutton you're not using (not left.) as this will give you a small advantage (keeping your "D"'key-, and "A"'key-fingers free for turning.) This will also make this next step easier ... - only tap the booster key when driving and your boosters will be more effective and not overheat to fast... (SO basically treat your boosters as you would mg's) trust me it's more effective in the long run. Now for the driving part: -There's no way you're gonna out-dragrace the opposition despite your instincts telling you this: Small fast and erratic turns around the pits and other obstacles will give you way more time with the baloons. Also don't forget to keep an eye on the mini-map when deciding which direction to go.. Usually it's beneficial to aim for the utility objects on the map, but this strategy can also easily cost you the baloons when you take the focus away from the opposition... -When intercepting the baloons the minimap is once again your guide for the fastest shortcut incase the one with the baloons is trying out the drag-race (go straight go fast) strategy. Here it can also be beneficial to take a detour to "go fishing" for a scorp or anything else that might help you regain the bloons ... Careful though without any "enemies" around you could be unlucky and pick up a bomb instead. Now for a piece of bonus information that the devs should probably be made aware of: - If you have the baloons and drive into a pit, but activate the invulnerability item before hitting the bottom, then you will magically respawn, in the spawn spot, WITH the baloons, AND still invulnerable and usually far away from any other players, who's still waiting in line by the pit, or jumping in Anyways happy witchhuntin' fellow wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww driverzzzzzzzzzzz!!1 Hope you could use this short guide to succes Lancaaar aouuut!!1 '
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    A new 3 energy, epic generator that's not as volatile as the current one. Make it bigger and heavier to cover the lack of boom.
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    WOW! New cabin for 'Homing missiles only'? The cabins designed only for specific weapon or specific build are not that good in the 'build whatever you want' type of games. And you guys already made so many mistakes. The Call - Drone only Blight - Flamethrower only (Incinerator also works too but not as effective as Flamethrower.) They are very effective with specific weapons but not useful to use with the other weapons. They are too extreme. Before Griffin was added, Flamethrower build without Blight had been pointless and stupid idea. Nowadays every flamethrower build uses only Blight or Griffin. Drones builds use only The Call. These cabins limit the diversity of specific weapon builds. Because it is obvious that specific weapon + cabin combination is superior to others. There are no pros or cons, but only superiority. Ghost - Chameleon is essential. (Ghost is not competitive and unpopular.) Cockpit - Booster is essential. (So is Cockpit.) Photon - Energy weapon which can heat up the enemy is essential. (Using energy weapon with Incinerator or Flamethrower is stupid idea.) These cabins don't limit diversity of the weapon builds, but their usage is limited and they have too low efficiency. Now you guys want to add missile cap? Then what's next? Crossbow cab? Howitzer cab? Minelayer cab? Grenade launcher cab? What a perfect plan, dev. @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron, Developers. This is really disgusting game design i have ever seen. Can you stop adding 'This weapon only' or 'This build only' cabins, please? Current game design is not better than telling people "Oh, so you want to use that weapon? Then you must buy this cabin, or you will be loser!' There is no actually difference between them. When everyone knows some parts are obviously better for specific build, and people should pay cash to get these parts, This is what we call P2W. PS. Was there any misconception between design & modeling team and balancing & programming team? Who thought giving this cabin perk for homing missile is smart idea?
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    Arguments against this modification: 1) auto aim; The strongest vehicle has potentially strongest "perk" with massive dmg outcome; 2) unpredictable firing behavior making some weapon types ineffective; Typically fixed canons fire without aiming at an enemy; 3) unsolved balance problems making some weapons unusually effective; e.g. cricket weapon types are absurdly effective; 4) leviatan control makes it unbalanced; Leviatan operator cannot force leviatan aim and fire as he wants; This makes another branching of weapons usability; Leviatan algorithm do meaningless things and the operator cannot do something effective with it; 5) economy problems, which open the scissors between community members; It takes a huge amount of resources even there are cheaper variants; 6) maps; Current CW maps are not suitable for such battles in a balanced way. Solutions for some problems: ad 1) remove auto aim, let operator control levi as normal build; ad 2) solved by ad 1); ad 3) not sure about this, fully balancing levi weapons in parallel with normal use will be probably impossible; ad 4) solved by ad 1); ad 5) unsolvable unless we are allowed to build with parts that we do not have; ad 6) dedicated Levi maps.
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    I produced it and immediately sold it. In modern war games, I generally prefer to play in the artillery-tank class. However, this weapon is against the principles of the game world. The Mastodon is a really good weapon to damage. But the procedure to fire it is problematic. The mastodon is a dual function weapon. 1. Rapid shot: Pressing the fire button once fires only one shot with a similar strength to the Little Boy. This click works instantly. 2. Heavy shot: You have to hold the fire button for about 1 second. (You have to wait 1 second for your heavy shot.) In this 1 second: - Your targeted vehicle may no longer be there. - It's dead. - It ran away. - It's under you. - It dropped the mastodon. - There have been 5 vehicles. Mastodon is not useful at the moment. It would be more logical to start the first shot at the trigger moment, and in the case of holding the finger, the second shot to start. It is impossible to develop skills with this weapon. Because Mastodon is fires based on luck. The turret's rotation speed is much slower than moving vehicles. Because this weapon is ideal for medium range, not long range. I was shot with a real tank in the army. When you use the trigger, the process is completed immediately, not after 1 second. I guess there is no such weapon in the real world. PVP is ok but this weapon is not for CWs. I waited a long time for this weapon and returned to the game for this weapon, but it did not meet my expectations.
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    Hey, I know fusions topic has been discussed many times, we all know that many people want to choose the fusions we want to get but we also agreed that the fusing parts s high risk low reward system. Buuut... In my opinion we should be able to sync fusions. For example if I fused Pulsar for reloading and projectile speed and if I want to get second Pulsar with reloading and projectile speed to not mess my shooting then I have to try to fuse the second Pulsar many many times to receive the same upgrades. Therefore I think we should have an option to sync the part we are currently fusing with the fused part we already have. Once again, we all know that fusing parts is high risk low reward system but syncing fusions.... is just too much. I know people who tried to sync fusions, wasted for example 10k coins and didnt succeed. What do you think?
  21. 10 points
    They do detract from the game experience due to the inconsistencies. One day you'll get this: Other days you'll get this: But the worst is when you get this:
  22. 10 points
    Khajiit would like some train cabins. khajiit see many of them throughout wastelands but he would like to obtain one. Nice, big, thicc, chonky train cabins! Be honest, you want these. khajiit knows you do! don't lie!
  23. 10 points
    The problem with hovers is almost instant acceleration and maneuverability, those combined just make that part a huge advantage
  24. 10 points
    NO LEVI CW wtf devs we said this before dont do stupid stuff
  25. 10 points
    Are you talking seriously or is this some kind of joke?
  26. 10 points
    If I'm not rushing I'm not touching Lost Coast and Terminal 45. Why do it in 15 mins when it can be done in 5-6?
  27. 9 points
    I'll start: Reward system. I don't give a single xxxx if you want to accept it or not, how strong a weapon is 99% of the times has 0 to do with it being used in lower PS to seal club, their overall power by the weapon itself more often than not is pretty fine, the problem relies in that they are just the better option for the exact same result That's entirely a result of not doing the basic pvp game method of the higher you are and the better you do, the more stuff you get You win with a Vector build at 3000 PS? Congrats, here's your around 30-40 scrap and some XP You win with a Fortune build at 13000 PS? Congrats, here's your around 30-40 scrap and some XP You win with a Porcupine build at 4000 PS? Congrats, here's your around 30-40 scrap and some XP IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER Do you understand where the potential problem is? No matter the ammount of nerfs that goes by, until this changes, it's all going to remain the same, the only difference is that nerf after nerf after nerf after nerf high tier weaponry would simply become useless outside of low PS so they will be there even more
  28. 9 points
    Crossout has had its ups and downs since CBT and ive never had my jimmies rustled so bad ive had to post anything on the forums about it. But it seems the devs have decided to give me a good rustling with the new price corridors, this alone has made most of the market a ghost town for the paints, stickers and the rarer items. The devs deciding on how paints, stickers and items are priced is borderline scamming the playerbase since our "player driven market" has become a secret police style company store where the prices are set based on company opinion and not supply/demand. A great example are the two new paints in the 2020 halloween event, where the two paints have the exact same crafting price in which i will explain below. (as of oct. 24 2020) the Kaleidoscope paints corridors are 1399.98-1905.20 (currently there are 165 paints for sale at the bottom of the corridor since players cannot sell for less) the Pink Panther paints corridors are 471.43-635.41 And many other corridors that have made the part/paint/sticker extinct on the market These two paints have the EXACT same crafting cost yet have extremely different corridors based on solely looks and "coolness" assigned by the devs and not the players "coolness" feeling nor supply/demand. What the devs are doing by assigning their own prices to parts is destroying one of crossouts biggest assets, its free player driven market. This same predatory practice is even instilled on freshly introduced parts and packs, making these items not given its cost by S/D or "coolness" but is assigned by the devs on how it preforms in their testing and how "OP" they decide it is. Sure some corridors are wide enough for the prices to fall inbetween them, and sure the devs may say the Kaleido prices are a bug, and sure the popular parts are not effected. But as a whole this new "anti hacking measure" is more of a "anti playerbase measure" and it must stop, we are already bleeding players over the years and we cannot have this be another hammer to the nail of crossouts coffin (hopefully wont be for a long time). we absolutely cannot have the whole playerbase pay for the actions of a few that can be easily detected and banned for their actions. And if the Kaleido is a bug please dont lock this thread and just throw it to the crows, this thread is bigger then just a single bugged paint. If Kaleido is fixed i will edit the thread stating so
  29. 9 points
    Does your profile make any sense? You expose yourself fluently even though I haven't said anything what you want to show, your stupid ? thanks
  30. 9 points
    By the way, I saw your clan battle, but all the players are using hover. Full typhoon hover and porcupine hover? ... Such a team organization hasn't changed for more than a year but typhoon was nerfed and porcupine was nerfed, how did you react to the developers? You said "when porcupine rework? I like old" "buff hover buff hover " "many Russian guy negative to typhoon nerf" How about a little away from the hover? A player called hozz who is stuck to this forum basically uses only typhoon hover What you are doing is self-defense For that reason, you just lie without hesitation, exaggerate the opinions of a small number of players, and keep hover, which is cancer for new players. unsaved garbage
  31. 9 points
    agreed, it's ridiculous. bring back the player-driven market!!
  32. 9 points
    Okay, I've talked about it somewhere else, but I thought it might as well get its own thread. Who knows, devs might end up actually doing something to augers. So, the idea is to shave off some of their collision box on the bottom to make them "sink" slightly into the ground, as they should. For reference, this is how grinders look rn: Surely you can all see that the screws aren't sinking into the ground at all. While this makes sense on roads, hard surfaces are actually much rarer in the game than dirt and mud... and augers on roads don't make sense anyway. But, what would be the advantages of shaving some of that collision box off? (not a lot, 0.1 or 0.2 blocs.) -The first, and most obvious one, is the lower profile. -This also means lower CoM wich will improve stability -More room in the damage box below the augers to hit enemies who wedge you (striped red area on the diagram below) -The most forward point (point A in the little diagram below) touching the ground moves forward, leading to more front stability -Less ground clearance between ground and axle of the auger (BC in the diagram below), leading to a harder to wedge build. http://sketchtoy.com/69371935 You probably see why I believe it'd be a good start for augers, wich are IMO designed to be a mid-short range brawling movement part, currently plagued with terrible stability and handling. Opinions?
  33. 9 points
    hover speed can always be maintained around 75km / h, wheel craft slows down considerably on slopes or when turning yourself in generally you need c&p dog craft when fight against hover its really boring but other craft and unique craft has no make sense to your team when fight against hover at least hundred or more my friend quit game because of hover Many players are complaining about this ( There are no enough player so I don't think this English forum has no role to the development to the game process , but please dont worry,As well in Ru forum many guy complain to the hover * many guy = dogs) *my clan member always using hover in around silver league ~ gold league and they win against melee team most time , conversely they lose against hover team sometimes
  34. 9 points
    I told u n00bs many times on this forum that because you fail and suk so hard performing in this game that you run to the forum to complain with utter lies. I will post a video for you so you can see for yourself how bad you perform. Maybe start performing ingame and stop acting like a btch on the forum. Hover tanks that bump into things is the biggest annoyance for a hover as its far from a stable platform. Without a brain amd skill a hover will be even harder to control and when a hover turns it DOES lose speed. Play hovers first and coMplain after you have EXPERIENCED them for REAL. If you lie about them not losing speed when turning its obvious you dont know a f about them. I will show you how to kill hovers, and I would like it to be a tiny bit more of a challenge even!!!!! Cant you guys just be fair and honest instead of such lame pusses? Clebardman is a good example, the guy is prestige lvl 70 and hardly owns legendaries; a big n00b who battles dragonfly hovers, has no time for clanwars he says; but has all the time to complain about hovers he doesnt even fight... How about some filthy bias!!! Look how he jumps on a topic like this, so awkward and the way of the losing man. All that proves much trash, but all of you dont like to hear that ofcourse. Here enjoy how its supposed to be done, I will set the benchmark here how to slap hovers for days. 2EASY! I dont even run a team with only good tryhard players, but I can turn fights into our advantage using my brain/awareness. Apparently a lot of you lack things in certain areas. Big kiss and some of you be lucky I dont come to show you as a younger player in this game how easy it is to beat most top players with a bit of a brain. Dont shoot the messenger, this is fkn obvious.
  35. 9 points
    @fredbobber you need to pressw to catch hovers... maybe you are doing it wrong
  36. 9 points
    Dude I play the game!, even yesterday I spent some time in bedlam chasing hover players with my 6 wheels blight firebug, I had no problem killing them. And you can't get anyone with ur 4 wheels griffon? Or you must be really bad
  37. 9 points
    yea, I'm pretty much done with the game, at least for now. I was happy buying the season passes and doing the daily challenges, while supplimenting my coin income by trading and speculating on the market. The market was kind of a huge timesink for me, and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it actually. I don't know if I'll get the next season pass. Whatever, it's only $10.00 right? That's the cost of a simple takeout dinner for myself and my fiancee. But this has permanent, long-term and negative effects on the game's future if it's not addressed. Even if you don't play the market and only use it to sell scrap, wire and plastic, this is going to be very impactful to how the game is played. It's going to be much more difficult for newcomers of the game to make coins without spending real money, even more than it had been; so that means new players will leave the game even faster than before. This means less newcomers to sealclub using the latest overpowered weapons bought by whales with real money. Soon it'll just be briney whale-on-whale action and the whales aren't going to enjoy getting sealclubbed with the same builds that they're using, so then they start leaving. That's when plankton really hits the fan. Spongebob and Patrick set up shop in the wasteland, and when David Hasslehoff shows up complaining that his plankton burger has been mutated by ravagers, it all goes underwater from there.
  38. 9 points
    1) Market prices of items fluctuate, very often they change when you are not in game (can't be here 24/7). Before the update, players could set selling price ahead of the next price spike and wait for the item to be sold. Now you can only set price in a corridor related to current price (+/- % of current price), so in order to sell anything at higher price, you would have to log in to the game every hour, every day and night, hour after hour, to see if the price increased yet, and then place the sell order before price drop again. This is undoable in reality. This was one of the abilities to make money on market, and its gone now. 2) Some items, had high difference in buying and selling order price. Let's say, buy order was at 500, and sell orders where at 1000. Trying to purchase one at 500,01 and then sell it at 999,99 was another way to make money and it's gone now, since corridors will narrow the gap between sell and buy price, another 10% is tax cut, so this will not be profitable anymore. 3) Corridors react to supply vs demand, so very rich players who want to exploit the market, got the christmas gift with this update. Let's say an Epic weapon have sell market price in between 300 and 350 and there is 178 of it available to purchase. If someone rich decide to buy them all, algorithm in charge of corridors will detect huge "demand increase" and set the new corridor range at 750-850. Now that person can sell those 178 with huge benefit and if other players will try to save the market by undercutting price to previous levels, you can't because the new corridor range won't let you. The new minimum price will be 750, no matter what, so the corridors just legitimise the speculations process. With this market update "rich" players, capable of purchasing entire stocks of items, got new speculation tool, and "poor" players profiting from single items just lost that ability. So now it's either buying premium and game packs with irl $ or slow grind, playing market is not an option.
  39. 8 points
    I didn't think you were stupid enough to talk with alt account, but you did ,I'm bored Thursday at 11:29 PM , Please don't show stupid yourself like trump
  40. 8 points
    Okay, I'm not one of those 24/7 Nest players, but I've got two cheap at the panic sale when the preview of the changes was posted, I've driven somewhat around 40 matches with them. Pre Patch those things could kill my own 1,9k HP dual Nest Harpy build with 2-3 volleys, in matches a single volley could often kill me due to glitching. But now Post Patch? Uff, it needs 5 volleys to kill itself. By no means do I want the hit registration glitch fest Nest back, but it seems like a very high TTK. Let's break it down while ignoring the glitching. Pre-Patch: 2-3 Volleys aka ~2.5 6 Reload + 2 Lockon = 8 per Volley So that was a TTK of 20 Seconds or a DPS of ~47.5 per Nest aka ~9.5 DPS per 1 Energy. Post-Patch: 5 Volleys 7 Reload + 2.5 Lockon = 9.5 per Volley So now it's a TTK of 47.5 Seconds or a DPS of ~20 per Nest aka ~4 DPS per 1 Energy. EDIT: Did some more tests with 1 Nest, removed all volatiles from the car, but this time i took screenshots from every hit. Funny thing, the yellow numbers only add up to 1620, so without volatiles I don't get it, maybe the numbers work different than I was told. (CMIIW yellow = Cab/HPPool damage, white = parts damage?) Overall 162 per volley, which would put it down to 17 DPS per Nest or 3,4 DPS per 1 Energy. Thou now I'm not sure as the yellow numbers don't add up to 1902 HP... Now for comparison, if I fit the same car with Pyres, it kills itself in 3 volleys aka 30 Seconds TTK, 12.6 DPS per Pyre, or 6.3 DPS per 1 Energy. Yeah, I guess that glitch had a larger impact on the overall DPS than most imagined, not even counting the time they just glitched thru a cabin and destroyed volatile parts below the target. OFC all this is based on tests in the garage and does not reflect overkill, id have to do some more tests with only one weapon each on a neutral cabin, but overall this still shows that they are now seriously underpowered, only viable as a support weapon for stripping roof-mounted weapons IMHO.
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    Is there a translate button I can push to understand your post?
  42. 8 points
    No I just set up a bot wich plays a fuze boat for me to grind ressources. I like wasting my time.
  43. 8 points
    For christmass they will do this with metallic effect
  44. 8 points
    This. When I get wrecked and watch a hover play in my team, all I see is him driving backwards and smashing into stuff, bouncing safely to the side and keep kiting the wheel build. Every turn the wheel looses speed, and hover keeps accelerating at full. If a hover would get stuck on every bit like wheels do, then he would have to pay attention to where he would fly when he kites wheels. Now he just focuses 100% on shooting, and his turning on the go allows him to do that without a brake. However I see this as a low PS problem. High PS hovers are slower and more sluggish. You can catch them and shoot them in a fair fight. Raise PS of hovers so seal clubbing don't happen. They shouldn't be at 4K.
  45. 8 points
    levi in cw cricket/locust/wasp hover spam
  46. 8 points
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    Newest OP epic weapon Nest will surely suffer the fate of every newly added epic weapon that performs too well. However this one deserves it being another auto lock spam trash weapon. Same people who use to run drones now have a new favorite toy. Can we nerf this garbage to a reasonable level please?
  48. 8 points
    RIP game. Video full of trash. Tips and tricks are worth nothing (play your own game ***). And copy paste event again. Ok, map looks different. But thats nothing. We dont even get a new horn. @devs Start playing your own game for longer and not in 5k PS and not in custom fun matches. Play it at higher PS for more than one hour for more that one day. You will leave your own game.
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    I love my new wallpaper Thx devs