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    Hover users are starting to cry.. This patch might be good after all
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    Oh wow... When you brought the children i was impressed and glad because it seemed like a good direction after all the butchering to previously loved play styles, i decided to support the game, spent about 400$, bought them slick hovers, fused my quantum, after many attempts, to support my brand new tsunamis and sparks, things were looking good, and now it's all useless.. money well spent. It makes me sad that i can't look at this game right now. I hope this didn't kill it for me but i just can't play it like this. I'm shocked. Are you deliberately trying to repulse people away? Because it's working great See you in some time. I hope...
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    I admire dev's ability to ruin the game.
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    Survivors! We are closely watching all the feedback on the updates in Crossout. We would like to note that the balance changes to the game are necessary and essential to its development. In the future we will be preparing the players more carefully for the introduction of important changes in the game, and we strive to conduct gradual and less radical changes. We want to make all the details in the game to be equally effective. Any weapon, cabin or movement module will be balanced within the frames of its rarity. And now we offer you to spend a weekend in Crossout with improved productivity! In the storage you will be able to find the flag of the Engineers faction, which will increase your earned experience in battles for 3 days. Also, during this weekend special, we are launching a special mission: win 15 battles and get 20 in-game coins! The event will be available from 0:00 GMT on November 18 to 0:00 GMT on November 20.
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    Hovers were overnerfed, They are sitting ducks now. EDIT: Yeah 4 Icaruses have fine acceleration but how are we supposed to fill that 6k tonnage gap for quantum with only 4 or six Icaruses? I think that optimum number of Icaruses should be 10 and this amount of them should give your hover sligthly lower acceleration than 10 Icaruses before the patch. What's more if you lose one of 4 hovers you are grounded and probably can't even shoot your guns (and structure of Icarus was decreased).
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    We did it guys. Congratulations to all of us, but more importantly, congratulation to the devs!
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    The majority of the player base was totally against the cabin change and you didn't listen to us the players even after 30+ pages on this subject. Who gives a crap about player feedback right One small ray of light consoles will be 0.8.20 free for a little while longer
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    How about STFU? You've been posting the same drivel over and over for past few days while others at least attempt some sort of discussion. People are not asking for return of frame builds or 16 hover builds or for wheels to be "useless" or whatever crap you think people are asking for. People are asking for reasonable, incremental balance changes. What this "update" did was turn everything upside down. It literally broke the game for a lot of people. That is what you fail to understand.
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    It's funny what so many players claim as unwanted changes, that the majority of players will not like it. Simple fact is that the dev's have the raw stats - they saw that, for example, an overwhelmingly large percentage of players used heavy cab builds in the game, which logically means that the medium and light cabs were simply not interesting or competitive enough. So that's why the change was made. What you kids need to aware of is that "the majority of gamers" never even visit the forums or talk in in-game chat. The majority of gamers in Crossout probably don't even speak English. You guys are simply victims of the false consensus effect. Check your hubris guys. This patch seems to completely destroy the established meta, and everyone who was in a slightly OP position is clearly upset. Calm down and re-evaluate the update for what it is - an attempt at balance and variety. This means more players, and that's good. Anyway, as a fan of alpha damage builds myself, I am a big fan of this update so far. I hope higher PS matches will no longer be boring turtle games.
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    great now the f2p have a chance to play and enjoy the game also.
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    lol seeing the hovers players cry has really made my day, Thanks Gayjini for this patch
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    I demand a refund on the inventors pack. you made me pay for things that where op that are now completely useless. if youre going to advertise something, don't put it to the trash once everyone has it. this is a total ripoff
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    LOL ..... epic fail !! What you guys just did to the cabin power score completely ruined this game !!!! My Growl drone builds, can NOW hold 3 sidekicks AND a chameleon !!!! THIS IS HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!! Its going to be Drone fest 2.0 !!!!! and ... AND ... My Trucker cab is USELESS !!!!! Before I could use a little boy, a Rapier, and have 2 augers for defense ... now .. I'm helpless in CQC ... Slow, under powered, and now completely CQC defenseless !!!! this is HORRIBLE !!!! welp ... super fast Growl Drones FTW !!!!!
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    Sorry @BjKalderon, but the new World Map is a terrible user interface. The old text screen was simple, clear and concise. It conveyed a lot of information very quickly. The World Map is just a mess - there's no way to quickly scan the available data. Please don't let the graphics designers near any of the other interface screens or it will be a design-over-function mess..
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    Hovers were overnerfed, The punishment on stacking hover is toooooo large, they should at least have similar mobility to medium-size wheeled vehicles. Edit 1: Just tested, even a 6-hover build cannot move around, and my builds generally have 16 of them, WOW. Edit 2: 4 hover indeed have speed, but with 4 hovers the craft drift a lot, cannot be controlled well XD Edit 3: due to unknown reason, My weapon cannot rotate after joining battle XD Edit 4: actually small track is pretty good, gonna enjoy it.
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    Hovers are way to slow, just too much Hover leviathan literally cannot move this is a disaster, i've bought every pack and multiple instances of coins, but this is the first change to the game that has made me consider finding another f2p/p2w game. those who think :"use 4 hovers" with their current health ,you get looked at funny and you lose a hover. 1 hover out of 4 gone and you're as good as dead, yet wheels can be stacked and you have to shoot off multiple wheels to be in that same state. anything above 6 hovers and you wont be able to make it to the battle before its over. There is no "Use them effectively" here
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    ...In europe you have something called Commercial Law.... If they sell something they can't modify like this the stuff! They're in total illegality and can be judged for this... just in case they didn't think about that. And sorry but when you sell in mmo... you're not anymore in beta zone!
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    Now i cant build ANYTHING. I have played my humpback since i started this game. WTF. This game deserves one place THE TRASH
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    Nice build, bud. You're over tonnage and have a single exposed cannon. You will last about 5 seconds in a fight.
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    Dear @BjKalderon, Congratulations to the destruction of your own game. Never thought a game could be completely destroyed in one patch but you successfully proved me wrong. Hovers are a epic part of movement which means they should be better than blue parts of the same class. And since epic weapons outrange blue weapons in every aspect by far, then the same should work for epic movement parts. In my eyes this has never been the case in Crossout since weels were always better than tracks. But with Hovers you introduced something completely strange to the game: epics beeing better than blues. OMFG and everybody was crying cause they were better than blue parts. Would you then please nerv the hell out of every epic and Legendary weapon cause they are better than blue weapons? If you now want to argue that tracks are still very good and outrange weels by far then maybe you consider, that nobody was using tracks cause they slowed you down and nobody likes a car that moves like a turtle. and this is also the reason why nobody will play tracks now after they got a 'significant buff'. In Crossout players want much energy for many weapons and drive faster than their enemy. Do you really think that anyone will put Tracks on a quantum cabin? Tracks slow you down so they have no interest for players. Hovers are **** now, so lets go back to wheels. Oooh wait you destroyed them as well. Sliding around the whole time on desert valley is great fun yea - cool and good. I always hated this map the most cause of the stupid sand and absolutely no grip if i played on wheels. And now i dont even have to play on desert valley to get this feeling, isn't this amazing? Sliding around in every turn is so much fun now. You made 40% of the existing wheels unuseable cause you cant control them anymore. If i want a game that is realistic and has physics in it i'd play a stupid race game. So lets summ up: hovers are dead, tracks will stay dead, many wheels are unuseable. Congrats, i have 3-5 wheels that i can choose for epic diversity of my builds. If you want to make epic movement parts better than blues like it should be in a game like crossout then make tracks faster and delete all changes to hovers. If you want to nerv hovers there are many ways to do so. Reducing the hp is one way, !slightly! reducing the acceleration another way. But reducing their mobility when used in high numbers is just absolutely against every physical and non-physical logic. More engines do not make jets slower or am i wrong? BTW why dont you have the same mechanic for tracks or legs? guess they would be **** then.. oooh wait they are already ****. If you now play a hover build the most important thing is to protect the hovers. The Tutorial of Crossout teaches us that our cabin is the most important thing on our car and we have to protect it at all costs. Do you see the mistake here? Now lets talk about Cannons. Nice nerv here. When i bought my executioners i was buying them to find somebody with weak armor on one side and just penetrate it and kill him in 2 shots. Now they are absolutely useless if you are not shooting packed armor parts. Best defense against canons? No defense at all. Just let the enemy shoot at your raw cabin cause that is the point where he can deal the lowest damage. Nice logic there. Remember the 'Protect your cabin' thingy? One example: 2 Tsunamis - 740 dmg ; 2Avengers shooting the same target at the same spot - 560 damage. Avengers-Common; Tsunamis-Legendary. This looks so familiar to me. Oh right cause its the same with movement parts: blues are better than Purples. But Thank god its not the case with weaponry: Damage difference between Common and Legendary parts is 200 damage - omfg amazing. Did i miss anything? hmm no dont think so. You still dont believe me you destroyed your game? Fine: How many players have you lost in the last days? Just look at the ranked gamemode: Time to wait till you find a battle has doubled/trippled since the patch. I like those comments who say: finally f2p players have a chance to compete now. I guess this patch does not really bother a player who is level 20 on engineers cause he will hardly have access to many different epic parts(especially tracks or Hovers). But you should also consider where the majority of your players sit in the game. They are definitely not lvl 20. Retchers used to be the the least used legendary in the game cause it was one of the worst compared to others. Now it is the best legendary weapon in the game. That is how bad you F****ed up this game. PS: Nobody really likes the world map Sincerely A Random Player who is not lvl 20 Edit: I just realized that 'fixing a bug with explosive spears' means to decrease their damage by 70%. If you were trying to make another weapon useless, well... couldn't have done it better myself.
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    I'm done. I just can't play this game after what they did with this update. I feel truly ripped off by this game and wish I had never played it. There is no logic to the changes they made other than possibly hoping to get more money out of us? If so then that was a miscalculation. I'm pretty sure this will cost them a lot of revenue... I hope it ends up destroying the game. I'll never play another game by this company. BTW... I freaking loved hovers and had 14 of them. (oh what a sinner, I know). Hovers were hard to control but fun as hell. It's not right to let people have new things, encourage them to build/buy/use those things and then after a few months, take them away. Hovers are dead. Everything is slow and boring now in the game. I frigging hate this company and this game so much now.
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    Okay, I went into game and tried a few things ebfore actually coming here. Lets start with the good; sidekicks getting nerfed seriously. Really that kind of nerf should have happened from the very beginning and there would have been a lot less complaining(including my whining). Its the one thing that was done well in this update. But thats just about where it ends. I never really considered framebuilds to be much of a problem, considering that all their weapons and muduls are exposed. But at low PS they were a problem, so okay, thats a change that helped new players. I'm fine with it. Lets now get to the bad stuff: Hovers. I never hid my use of hovers and I quite liked them. I actually bought that founders pack with the four red hovers. Thing is that the anouncer in the crossout vids tells us its not a very good vehicle. And one doesnt have to look far to see why. I got an additional 4 red hovers and built a small quantum based vehicle with 8 hovers. Quite a viable build and not OP at all. Sorry but 700hp isnt OP in higher PS ranges. I never relied on armour to survive, I prefer light but fast. So today I go into the game thinking I would lose some speed(I admit that hovers are very fast) or acceleration. But considering that I had a rather small build and even put in an improved engine(red hot its called now?) I expected it would be reasonable. I'm good enough to adapt to a small decrease in acceleration or so. I went into test drive... Push forward and see a flying brick slowly leave the hangar. It takes until I'm past my copy vehicle to reach top speed. Completely useless in PvP now. Okay, some buggers tell me to adapt; remove two hoverengines and add V8(yeah, I have all engines) and its still a slow flying brick. I actually have to go back to four hovers now in order to be fast? Considering that hovers fly off when you get hit by a cannon and even get blasted off in collision with enemies. Out of every 5 games that I play, 2 end with me selfdestructing or Yolo-ing into the enemy team because the loss of hovers makes the craft uncontrollable, In fact, I lose hovers in 4 out of 5 games(without yolo tactics, really takes only one hit to lose a hover). I rebuilt my vehicle and made the front light with only a small plow as armour, so that if the front hovers got shot off I'd retain some control. Now I either become a sitting duck or limit myself to 4 hoverengines in which case the loss of one means game over. Now remember that hovers stick out and are much harder to protect than wheels and you know that this is a crappy change. hovers are for the most part dead. Wondering why you even added them in the first place? (rhetorical question) Yeah, I'll say it again, the hoverstuff got out of hand with people mounting a dozen on each side. But really, a small craft with 8 had to get butchered aswell? Really wish you had been this harsh with sidekicks from the very beginning, we wouldnt have had a gazillion flying droneboats ruining it for everyone. Okay, I'll adapt and just jump into a small fast wheeled build. Because I do have and use those aswell. Trying to drive out of hangar is a pain, the car is slow AF. despite the fact that it barely has any armour and the weapons are entirely exposed. It has a light engine but its still slow. I considered fitting the v8 for a second, but then I'd have to extend the build and it gets ruined even more. RIP wheeled build. I have tracks and actually always liked those, but tanky builds arent really doin well either. I'd make one for raids, but raids arent made for tankbuilds. Apart from defence, all raids require fast vehicles. I had a hoverbuild that works really well in PvE(never heard anyone compalin about hovers in raids, quite the contrary, especially liked when its chase) and I dont have any fast builds anymore. Based on what I know and read in the topic; RIP tanks. Instead of spending time changing cabins and ruining hovers you could have focussed on stuff like maps. A rework of Rock city so its an actual encounter map, instead of glorified TDM(even the bots just turn and go straight for the enemy team). Rework Fortress so its actually about the objective from now on instead of a chaotic TDM mess. You could have poured some love into weapons that are crap right now by giving them a small buff. Instead a weapon like the equalizer got nerfed... why? I have had these for a long time and they were fine. Well, the aurora made them good but their slow spin up made them underperform before. And they got nerfed because the spectre is crap. Lets nerf everything into oblivion... way to go... I too am a paying customer, I own all packs. And eventhough I own lots of stuff(I have all cabins) and could make a viable build right now, I wont. I dont mind having to adapt to changes, but to be forced to start almost from scratch goes a bit too far. I'm going to take a break for a week. If I dont see things change back to how they were(especially hovers, thats a nerf too far), then I'm done and you lost a paying customer. Yeayea, Beta excuse, I'm still a paying customer and expect my opnion to be heard, which it clearly wasnt.
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    you had 39 pages of people telling you what to do and not to do,especially the cabin changes and yet you still changed them, you've already got a dwindling player count...better make sure to upset the rest, great ideas guys.
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    this is my first ever post on Crossout forums and what made me come here, is that i think developers really had a magic drink when making this update. You might aswell remove the hovers completely, because they are worse than legs now lol. I tested a lot and even with 6 hovers mixed with wheels, you can't really move and 6 hovers are still basically useless. you CAN move with 4, but it's nearly useless as hovers fall off as soon as they get touched by even 1 bullet from a starter machine gun. I do agree that hovers were too powerful, some people had like 14 hovers and drones and it was nearly impossible to shoot them down as hovers took the damage and you couldn't even get thru to their cabin, but now ... that's just ridiculous! I mean what kind of sense does it make that more hovers = less speed? that's not what would happen in a real world with real physics, more hovers = more lift = more thrust. i'm not saying make them as they were, but as many already stated, they were OVERnerfed .. just like TOW which became 100% useless after that MEGA nerf that made it into a little harmless toy gun, it's like in matrix how you just stand and look in slow motion how bullets come and then you put minimum effort towards dodging and get away from it. I do understand the idea of what devs were trying to do, but they FAILED miserably. I think they tried making it so that you can have small hover builds with massive firepower, but nearly no armor, while super heavy and massive builds can have insane armor and can just tank through stuff, while they can't have too much firepower, however this came out totally wrong. I mean hovers are literally useless now... on the test drive map, i can't even get over the small bumps lol What devs should do instead, is to make hover specific "boosters" or "engines" that will give boost to hovers, for example you can have 10 hovers, but you need a hover engine for them to work properly and hover engine should be like 600kg or so and it should take 1-2 energy, depending on which one it is. there could be different engines, those that give more lift, makes you hover higher off the ground (so that fuzes won't hit you) or those that give you boost, making hovers move faster (close to what they were before), but also makes them hover lower, so you can't hover over most builds. BALANCE is about features, not about nerfing or puffing until people just get frustrated. Game should not be pay 2 win, but if someone has put 800+ hours in the game and is STILL on same level as the rookies who just started playing .. now that's just disaster. and that WILL cause lot of players to stop playing. including me. I will still be making videos, but i doubt i'll be playing much of Crossout anymore. at least for as long as they fix things properly. Developers should play the game themselves on daily basis OR listen to pro players who have at least 500 hours of game time. that's the only way to make game as close to perfect as possible, but instead they listen to those who cry every single day on forums and in general chat, only because they can't win with their tiny toy cars. That's how it should be, you should NOT be able to win with a badly built vehicle. I've played with one GM a lot in the past and he was complaining about legs and said that he has given feedback to developers several times that legs need to be fixed. .. yet nothing has been done about it. Legs should have best grip ever. You shouldn't be able to move a legged build at all, maybe nudge it only a bit if you drive into it with a heavy vehicle at high speed, but instead ... you can push leg builds around with some tiny build lol. And secondly legged builds get wedges by ANY build so easily, makes it nearly useless. that's why there are nearly no leg builds in the game, now that hovers were made 100% useless, i think we are back to the stone ages. My entire point of this post, is that what is the point of having legs and hovers (or any other part in that matter) that doesn't work at all? If parts are SO BAD that nobody ever uses them, then why have them in game at all? If you add something in the game, then it better work up to a point where it can be used. NOTE - this is feedback only, i won't be checking back for replies as i don't use forums, that update just made me wanna come here and post my opinions, so there's no point replying to my post. I just wanted to put my opinion out here.
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    This patch sure has some huge problems.. Even before this patch Quantum was the cabin of use.. Basically everyone in clanwars and high end PVP was using Quantum... Because Humpback was just too slow. And now with even lower tonnage and more mass for cabin itself, Humpback is even worse than before. Not to mention losing one energy and Quantum gaining one. Essentially Quantum is the use cabin for anyone without any exceptions ever. And for hovers, sure they were very good before and could be spammed a lot. But this nerf just totally overdone it. Many people have invested a *lot* into 12+ hovers. That is approx 400 coins per hover for give or take 5000 coins. And now they are totally worthless. 4 hover builds are only ok for sub 3000 PS battles. Anything higher than that is suicidal. 150 hp on hover and you lose one and are fully immobile. They are nerfed even more than any existing nerf has been (I think TOW nerf was the worst). Oh and the acceleration bar for car doesn't work with hovers since it shows good acceleration with many hovers while they barely move at all. Wouldn't similar system that wheels use work with hovers? You do know that before hovers CW and high PS battles were full of 8-12 wheel builds. Just so you can actually move after taking some damage. You really feel it is necessary to implement various purple movement parts only to make them always inferior to blue wheels? And how are people who invested in hovers supposed to get their coins back? These kinds of changes are sure way to get people to quit the game for good meaning no money for published and developer.
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    now clan wars may be lots more fun.
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    Because we are angry. Some of us put a lot of time in this game and feel betrayed.
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    They sell you a picture, "see how our game is played" with new expensive items, people adjust to that, grind and pay money, and then they make it all obsolete..Well that would be bearable if they gave compensation for the resources spent, for some it's just a few weeks of grinding, for some it's hundreds of dollars spent. How about "Trade your hovers for any other movement parts of epic rarity" or "Trade your hovers for the exact number of coins you paid for them" or "Trade your hovers for the exact number of resources it takes to make them"? nope. People got used to a certain meta, invested time and money, and now they are stuck with multiples of the same nearly useless, now twice as cheap movement part that they can't apply more than 4 of and when it's 4 it's horrible anyway. What's stopping the developers / publisher from implying the same strategy over and over again? 1) Introduce something viable and fun 2) Give players time to get used to it and spend money on it 3) Nerf it so it's nearly useless and it's value drops 4) Watch how players spend time and money to fit in to the new, soon to be obsolete meta 5) Repeat Serious question, what is actually stopping them from doing that? "No one is forcing you to play this game" "No one is forcing you to spend money on this game" "No one is forcing you to buy certain things in game with the money you spent" ^ This is stating the obvious, and yet, this is not a court case, this is a video game with a player base, which for some reason is treated like a side in a court case, and even then, at least someone listens and responds to the folks on the bench. The majority of people actively complaining about hovers are people who won't invest as much time and money in this game as you might think, and trolls. They will ruin this game, play for a couple of weeks and move on to ruin another game. Hovers had their disadvantages already, a 12 hover craft versus a 16 hover craft seemed to be balanced, why nerf it so much? Why make it obsolete? I'm really shaken after this patch, i can't force myself to play the game, to rebuild, To accept the loss of approximately 300$ worth of coins invested to fit in to a now dead meta so soon after its release. I'm desperate to get some kind of positive treatment for people like myself who fell victim to this "It's a beta, you can't blame us" scenario, but i kind of have a feeling that no one would bother to do right by us. I could have bought 5-6 AAA games with the 392.5$ i chose to invest in this game, and now i'm stuck with a game that i literally can't play. Well played Gaijin / TarGem.
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    And the changes to cabins is horrendous, lighter cabins had speed to dodge hits but couldnt fit all the weapon builds and slower heavy armour builds could at least carry more guns. Now its back to front, light builds can dodge and carry all the guns. What do heavy cabins get? I cant carry more guns, I cant even fit the same armour I had before. All my heavy armour track builds cant use their heavy armour parts and move, nor can they fit the heavy weapons. This update is bull. My caparace cant move with heavy armour... what is the point of heavy cabins now? Look at all the exhibition heavy builds, they cant move its so dumb. They dont act like the update said they should. The only cabins that will be used are Quantum and Growl and maybe middle of the road epic wolves cabins, the rest are now trash. ALL THE SALT EVERYWHERE lol. I've never seen an update turn an entire game worth of mechanics on its head in such a way, this would of been expected in closed beta not open.
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    Every single nerf update since i started to play has affected all my builds... Seems like you gaijin plebs just punishing those who contribute to this game but now you won't get another cent from me and most definitely will be telling others in our gaming community to avoid this game or any other Gaijin crap. Who ever came up with these nerfs need sacking and slapping.. You are going to lose so many paying players cos of dumb nerfing to please little brats who openly say they don't spend on this game
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    Unfortunately the game seems like a lost cause. Gaijin knows exactly what situation their game is. That's why they brought forth this lousy excuse of an event. The sad part about it; it's going to work. With this "event" people will be compelled to get their free 20 coins and since it's only wins that count that could potentially take up to an hour or two. This will inflate the player number enough to justify their "improvements". They are going to be silent for the time being, after the event, they are probably going to come forth with a similar statement about the update as in their video ( You know, the whole "transition was smooth" thing ) and release a new P2W pack to keep the players who were content with their bribe of an event. I mean, they stayed because of coins, surely a new pack will help, right guys? The only way I see to even mildly affect this if they LOST players despite the "event". I know a lot of you guys already said this but I think we might be able to get their attention by simply not playing. I don't know how many of you guys that are clearly not happy with some stuff about the new update will actually do this but I think it's worth a try; Don't play the game this weekend. And it's not because "Oh you had to rebuild your crafts, cry me a river" or whatever it is all the trolls go around saying. According to the amount of negative feedback, the majority of players either dislike or neutral about the game right now and they shouldn't get away with that by giving us 20 gold coins. In the end I will for sure spend my weekend not playing Crossout. I know 1 player won't matter, but If I can trust you guys to do the same thing, that might just open their greedy eyes to the situation. So yeah 2 days without Crossout, worst case scenario nothing changes, I miss out on 20 coins that I wasn't going to use anyway. Best case scenario; we are going to be heard and they might to some adjustments. I don't see them doing a rollback of the cabin stuff even then.
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    Agreed... To the current devs of Crossout, a message: Quit while you're behind. Seriously, just admit you screwed up and let a new dev team take over... they couldn't possibly do worse than you have with 0.8.20. To put it simply: You done goofed.
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    1600 hours in good game, 1000 hours video content on my channel for this game. Please all post review. Positive or negative, doesnt metter, but maybe you save someone lot of time... Do this on steam. There is no cenzure... I hope i will see in short time a new pack with l-200 legs and new Heavy cabin around 80e with bufff legs and awasome movements, everything will be buing, and crafting them, and after 7 weeks they nerf them to useless... Who buy this pack is enormous brainless... I hate this behavior of developers so much! I bring lot of people to play this game, and now i am the bad man for them, and i understand that! Sorry my subscribers and followers i do this to you. What will be next? after you offer 20 coins for playing? You will pay 10 coins for good reviews on steam? GAME IS NOW SLOW? WITHOUT PLAYERS AND UNPLAYABLE - WHERE is FUN? you mooving to point with 8 wheels around the minute and half. Growl take one shot and is down, lot of games end with 4 lives on both sides, OMG you ruin this game. And if you want to play you must wait around 1 minute in EU!!!! Start thinking how dare you offer 20 coins to people who play game... NICE TRY really... MOST clans on top tier ends play! WHY?! Its not about changes, i love changes, but we see your behavior devs. And we dont like it. We have brain! You lost most top players! You ruins clan wars, and slap all to the face in one update! I love changes, but i want to play with people! Who play now on 9k+ PS?! You lost your build designers and testers, you lost youtubers and streamers.
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    Absolutely bad, terrible update, nerfs, nerfs and nerfs, they should call it THE NERF UPDATE Nerfed everything, nerfed scrap in brawls, nerfed tank builds, nerfed acceleration and speed, nerfed cabin power, this is pathetic... the game is less and less fun... Cabin power was balanced as it was, but no, they nerfed like 80% builds now using 11 energy cabin. Heavy builds was supposed to be buffed?, lol its the opposite now, heavy builds are trash now, even medium one, you get MAX 10 energy cabin, quantum is 12 BUT, BIG BUT it has terrible tonnage and mass, light is the new king, dont build anything heavy, medium at max now. Do the devs dont get it that it wont matter how armored you are, if you are STRIPPED from weapons in 5 seconds and cant move/turn faster then it is OVER, you can even have a 40 TON monster, it doesn't matter if you have 0 DMG output, a child can understand this. And of top of that the world map is terrible, non readable, unintelligible, you watch it and have ZERO plain and simple text information as before. Dont get me wrong, there are SOME GOOD changes in the update, but the downsides are not worth it, just not, they destroying the game by making it less and less fun. Yeah sure, the moment you published it it was set in stone, YOU DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS. I did not believe when someone said that the devs probably dont play their own game, but now i think it is sadly true. I have a quick fix for the biggest issue, cabin power, just increase every cabin power by 1 energy, but keep quantum at 12. People want variety, diversity, fun, 10e is not enough, it nerfs majority of players builds, we should have more 11e cabins, that can be used for more armored/heavy build, right now you practically nerfed everything above 5000 kg mass, this is so bad, so terrible. You want to make more money, this is about all the nerfs and slow progression? ok, i can tell you that if you discourage players to play the game to a certain point, before the moment they actually will really want to buy something and be happy to do so, then you will get nothing as they will leave and the game will be dead, and as i love the core game, it is very sad for me what is happening now.
  38. 14 points
    Maybe you should of paid more attention to the big "BETA" and "SUBJECT TO CHANGE" notices before spending money on it, least of all the OP stuff...
  39. 14 points
    You know what? You can all go xxxx yourselves with your update. Nobody wants your pathetic auto-aim crap. All are here to play PVP, you morons. You think before you put hovers in game without speed restrictions. You ignore the forum for months just to torment tens of thousands of players who trusted you. You lie people in your videos with PVP gameplay and you encourage staying hidden and playing cheating overpowered game breaking sidekicks, fuze drones and 4 turret builds. Put your pathetic auto-aim spam in the game presentation videos. Everybody expects you to fix the damn existent bugs, not to change the basics of the game. Fix the hover limit and speed with damn 3 tons cannons on hovers, with hovers shot down and vehicle balance not affected, with all wheels and tracks restricted and hovers with none. Fix the damn Quantum cabin that has it`s place in the game with 12 energy fast and LIGHT near the Humpback not fast and heavy. Flying vehicles are by definition LIGHT. Fix the auto-aim spam with 1 or max 2 / vehicle. If i want to play vs pc i get myself a single player game! Fix the damn cannon aim that bounces by itself targeting whatever it wants on a car making impossible to aim at a certain point. Fix the pathetic tracks increasing their speed and turn speed. Fix the damn mechanical legs increasing their speed. With both tracks and mechanical legs you have created a snail race in a PVP game that should be fast and fluent. Fix the damn small weapons structure that fall off instantly. You have created a no weapon Carmageddon like gameplay. Fix the damn contact between cars. If a car comes on one side and sticks to your wheels you cannot move or turn even with higher power cabin. Fix the damn small radar to show players where the team and opponents are. You allow discord teams and clans vs public players that don`t see an enemy near them because of your minimap. Fix the damn small radar to be as big as your radar detector range. I want to play the game, not staying with tab map open. Fix the damn Harvester that falls off after 3 contacts with another car. It`s a fkn Legendary and should be contact resistant weapon! Fix the damn Armored tracks that cannot turn. Remove the scope and car jack energy requirement. Nobody wastes 1 energy for a car jack and that makes the item useless and the game flow bad staying upside down. It`s enough the scope falls down like it`s made out of paper. There are bigger issues to fix as you can see than changing the damn energy points with useless weapons. That`s why people play 2 or 3 cannons, because they are crap. If you put lower energy nobody with play those either. Look at the market prices and just from there you will see how bad the weapon balance is. Temporary items are crap. Take out the sign pieces that nobody uses. Instead of giving a temporary crate you should create a crate with decorations that are permanent. Low prob white item, medium blue item, and so on. I am sure people will be glad getting one of those instead of a temporary item that does not fit in a build and does not deserve a build since it will be gone! I wonder what the graphic dep. people have to say with you screwing up their work and making a unbalanced garbage auto-aim crap game out of it. I hope this Robocraft copy ends up in the garbage. Maybe then you will realize what you have done.
  40. 13 points
    To say this first: As it has been pointed out before, this thread is critical subject to confirmation bias and false consensus effect. Please do NOT make it so that you can take more than four hovers again, without penalty. Right now, FOUR seems to be the perfect number! If you consider making it six, they will need ANOTHER HP NERF, or the same imabalanced **** will start over. I notice many people wanting the changes reversed. If you see a problem when you have to rebuild, and you do not see this as an opportunity to get ahead in building skills, then there probably are better games for you out there indeed. Building is just an essential part, and with this patch, there are more and better ways to make use of all movement types than ever. And hovers seem to be balanced. You can still use them to great effectiveness. You just not a superhero anymore. High level play, by the way, is happening in Clan and Ranked battles, and not on "Get the Wires!". If you actually played Clan Wars you would quickly realize that one of the most popular builds nowadays is - on hovers - two Retchers. Other builds are back, the traditional Humpback double Reaper, diverse cannon builds, like double Mammoth, or triple 88s have returned. New builds enter the field, like medium cannon builds (two Tsunami, Quantum on wheels, or on hovers), Grenade Launchers, Equalizer with and without Aurora on wheels and on hovers. Artillery is being played again. Many teams are running combinations with zero to four hover builds. You simply can see more diverse combinations of vehicles and weaponry than ever before. Despite many likes on "RIP Humpback" in exhibition, people are ACTUALLY USING IT AGAIN IN CLAN BATTLES. Please tell me, if RIP Humpback, why am I seeing it again in Clan Battles? Is it RIP or not?! I am not saying it is perfect alreay, but me and my Clan, we pretty much all agree, that this was by far the best patch for the longterm health of this game so far. One guy has two Mammoths, and now he CAN ACTUALLY USE THEM AGAIN in competitive play. He kind of likes the patch. I am more than happy about getting my 14 hovers nerfed, because I realized it would be for the better. Please do NOT unnerf the hovers. Revise values on cabins, tune the engines. The Aegis seems slightly OP right now. You shouldn't be able to carry two anyways. Nerf the f***ing Scorpion, at least slow its turn speed by a lot. But the foundation for healthy balance is there right now, more than ever since the Drone patch. Peace.
  41. 13 points
    I made the mistake of spending money on this game. With this last patch, which came just as I was almost done two viable fast, hover builds. I spent enough real dollars to get the 12 hovers, sold enough in game for a spark and hammerfall and then this patch. You essentially robbed me. I log on and my quick builds can’t move! How does my build go from quick and nimble to a brick overnight? All hover prices are in the toilet so selling them at 1000 coin loss is a terrible option. Then obviously I’m going to have to buy wheels again and the prices have about doubled! So I should lose at both ends of the deal because you don’t know how to properly patch a game? The choice of time to launch the patch was brilliant as well. How did this meeting where you made these decisions develop? During an intense bong session? A few developers getting stoned and completely changing the physics of a game. Launch a patch mid season? Brain xxxx much? Can you answer me these questions: More thrusters should equal more thrust. There should be no ground resistance with a hover. How do more hovers make a build slower? I actually don’t understand how this could be. Is there anyone over there that is remotely concerned with customer service? Wjy are you stealing from your paying (rapidly diminishing) customer base? Dazed and Confused ConkyUnchained
  42. 13 points
    How much are they paying you to defend this patch? I've read most of your comments and you're way out there. This patch is a game killer. Don't believe me? Sit back and watch what happens.
  43. 13 points
    I have loved this game since day 1 but I feel compelled to voice my extreme disappointement in the prospects of this update. This update is unbelievably ill-conceived. This should be common knowledge in the gaming industry by now: Most beneficial and highly praised updates make gradual changes, limited in scope. They emphasize buffs to weak and/or underutilized abilities/items over nerfs to potentially op and popular ones. Why? Because it's extremely difficult to predict how the meta will shift with huge sweeping changes. There are just too many gears turning at once. And it's much more preferable to be told you can keep your favorite toys, but here are some new toys that are just as viable; if you're interested. As opposed to: your favorite toys are no longer viable. Go play something else. I predict that many gamers will feel extremely discouraged with this update; to the point of leaving the player base. They have invested considerable amounts of time or money or both into this game and the developer has pulled the rug from under their feet. In gaming, as in life, when you dedicate yourself to achieving something and you grind it into reality, you become emotionally attached. Now the devs, with a seemingly air of indifference, say: Everything's fundamentally changing. Your prized builds are no more. Start from scratch. Trust us, this is for your own good. It's the calm casualness with which you ask this that irks me most. Not far behind are the self-righteous fools who advocate for such massive alterations to what has been earned and paid for. The ineffectual 'why do you care?' crew. 'Stop whining. It's just a game. Be content with what our Masters grant us'. And the 'nerf everything' self-entitleds who feel effort should only be graded and rewarded on a one point scale. Looking at those who didn't grind for weeks for four hovers, then six, then eight, building and rebuilding to reach a point of style, viability and enjoyment. Who don't know first-hand how miserably hovers can and do fail. But your so adamant that hovers are op, because some people have 16. And now you laugh at all my effort. If what you're looking for is a small community of small-minded, indifferent and ineffectual sheep, keep supporting garbage updates like this one and you might just get your wish.
  44. 13 points
    This patch, as I understood, was intended to have more balance between slow, very robust and energy-efficient vehicles, and fast, manoeuvrable, elusive light vehicles with energy points in some cases the same and in some cases inferior. We all know how important it is to have a fast and handy vehicle (hoover does not suggest anything to you). It was much more important to be fast and elusive than lenses and robust. There are things in this patch that leave me very doubtful. I think there have been mistakes of judgment, and now I try to explain what. 1) The frame no longer adds Structure to the cab. The purpose of this change is obvious and urgent as well as very right, but I believe that it is achieved by following a different path. Now all vehicles have a smaller structure. This means weapons will have even greater importance than the structure points. Less structure means less time is needed to destroy a vehicle, meaning weapons and speed are even more important than before in design. They already had a priority, but now they are more than fundamental. Not only. It will be harder than before to destroy lightweight frames, which are the basis of fast vehicles. Which still means the advantages of fast and light vehicles. 2) Tonnage. Cabins for heavy vehicles have decreased tonnage. Which means you can add less armor. Then combined with point 1) ... even less structure points. If you wanted to create balance between fast vehicles and heavy vehicles, you had to go in reverse. Maybe increasing the tonnage of the cabs for the tanks, and even making a bonus of some pieces of structure beyond the maximum (for example, heavyweight cabs add 4/6 extra pieces reaching 84 or 86 as a limit, and with an adequate tonnage allow the tanks to have an adequate number structure points. 3) Energy The fast cabs have increased energy (more weapons and more modules) and heavy ones decreased. Sorry, I'm thrown away. Tanks cabs with a lower tonnage and no heavy frame structure added have less structure points than before, and even less energy, to have less weapons and less modules. Frankly, I can not understand the logic of these things. 4) tracks Do we want to make two mats? A pair of armored tracks vs. 4 big wheels st + 2 large wheels (in total more or less a vehicle of the same size is created) AT - PS = 720 - Weight 2880 - Tonnage 7200 - Frame 2600 LW - PS = 540 - Weight 1800 - Tonnage 6900 - Structure 1440 The only advantage seems to be the structure, but be careful ... with 920 kg "free" you can add 920 kg of armor. And add where you need it! Also losing a wheel with that configuration (but also two, but also three) does not compromise on the vehicle, while losing a track ... is the end. They also reduce speed and maneuverability. So why should we use the tracks? Why should we make heavy vehicles?
  45. 13 points
    Maybe stop using only the overpowered stuff?
  46. 13 points
    " We’ve studied the balance long and hard to remake and improve it. And finally we’re ready to share the results of our work. " Lol'd
  47. 13 points
    RIP crossout it's been fun, RIP cabins except growl and quantum less options in that regards now. RIP Hovers you could have been great and also viably balanced but instead you're just dead. Nice to let us know for the billionth time that you have absolutely no idea how to balance this game devs, I'll take the hint this time around and see myself out. Adios amigos.
  48. 13 points
    Energy changes of cabins are always bad, it seemed balanced already and now everybody needs to rebuild their crafts Half the builds in exhibition won't work. That always sucks... Everybody will be using quick cabins, now more energy and higher speed I expect drone spamming
  49. 13 points
    I could not take all the losses anymore. I could not bare the humiliating defeats. I went Pay2Win....
  50. 13 points
    CptBOBCAT here! lords of the crossout.... i found this old jem in a abandon underground settlement next to the acid lake, nice to see there is still some semblance of culture in the wastes. good luck everyone!