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    Hello survivors! Spoilers: Electronics was very cheap before! /// Brawls would give you up to 125 Scrap per win! /// Raids were 4 times shorter! /// Plastic almost doubled your time spent on raids! /// Seasons were much easier! Now, for those of you, who can spend 5 minutes reading without getting a headache, more about what I just said above... How many times did you think "what a f**k am I doing here" while playing a raid? How many times did you do something really boring and hard just to get the season done? How many times did you have a feeling something is going wrong here? Now I am going to adress those issues, but not by a simple rhetoric. I will try to focus purelly on facts and hope to share with you the real picture of which direction the game is going. Here are the updates we will go through: Update 0.8.0 Transfer of electronics to raids. Did you know electronics were not as hard to get as they are now? There was a separate room for electronics in normal PVP missions. They removed it. Update 0.8.20 The rewards of brawls were significantly lowered (by a factor of 3 on average). Before the update you were getting 100+ Scrap for a win in most of the Brawls. It was much easier to get scrap. Update 0.8.30 (and many other) "Increased task difficulty in hard seasons." - you get the point. Update 0.9.40. Introduction of new raids. The time needed to finish "The War for Fire", "Data Heist", "Perimeter Breach" and other raids exept "Chase" varies between 12 and 15 Minutes. For newcomers, who do not know first what and how to do, this can last up to 30 Minutes in worst cases. Before that most of the raids had a time limit of 5 minutes. Update 0.9.70 Added new ressources and reworked the recipes. The best of all - Plastic. With this update the amount of PVP battles needed for crafting did not change, but the amount of PVE battles for epic and legendary parts almost doubled. For me it is quite obvisous, that the game is moving now more towards "Player versus Environment" (or "Raids") and towards "Harder grind" (more time investment needed to get something). But let's look at the facts. I'll focus mainly on crafting of Legendary items for the simplisity reasons and because they are kind of a goal of every new player in the game. Before Update 0.8.0 you needed: 14850 of scrap (devided by 12 it is 1238 battles) 2700 of copper (devided 60 in the best case it is 45 raids) 4500 of wires (devided by 10 it is 450 battles) 1000 of electronics (devided by 5 it is 200 battles) In sum you had to play 1888 battles and 45 raids. for a battle you needed 2.5 minutes of time (maximum was 3 minutes back than) and for a raid from 2 to 5 minutes. We get 79 hours of PVP (player vs player) and about 3 hours of PVE (raids). Together a number of 82 hours. After the update 0.8.0 : Electronics was moved to PVE, where you got up to 6 of it per battle. This results into 200 less PVP battles and 167 more sucessfull PVE raids. (This is 5 TIMES more raids than before!) We get 71 hours of PVP and about 14 hours of PVE. Together a number of 85 hours. (3 hours more) 466% more of raids More PVE? A big CHECK Higher grind? CHECK After the update 0.9.40 The raids went from 4 minutes on average to 14 minutes long. There was an exeption before: "Heist" raid. (On hovers you could finish it in under 2 minutes). The only exeption now is Chase (which I hope will not be removed after my post ). But even Chase is accesible only to expirienced players, who know which guns to take and what to focus on. At under 7000 PowerScore it is normally a loss for the players. Besides, when you have only evenings to play you can't just simply wait until chase appears. Let's take 12 minutes long just for the sake of not overestimating and count as new rewards: 9 Electronics and 80 copper per raid. (sometimes you get a bit more, but sometimes you lose as well) 14850 of scrap and 4500 of wires are 1688 battles. 2700 of copper is 34 raids. 1000 of electronics is 111 raids. 1 raid = 12 Minutes, 1 mission in PVP = 2.5 Minutes. We get 71 hours of PVP as before and 29 hours of PVE. Together a number of 100 hours (18 hours more) 967% more of raids (207% of what was before) More PVE? A big CHECK More Grind? A huge CHECK And finally after the Update 0.9.70 Now instead of 750 wires for an epic part we need 500 wires and 250 plastic, instead of 1000 electronics and 750 wires for a legendary, we need 750 of electronics and 750 Batteries. Regarding Copper nothing changed proportinally, exept you need slightly less of it for a legendary item, which is a matter of 2 raids (but exectly this allowed them to say " the requirements (...) have become more profitable for players" as if those 2 raids change anything ) Here are the numbers: 14850 of scrap as before = 1238 battles. 7500 of copper = 31 raids. (if you play hard raids sucessfully and get 240 of copper on average.) 2500 of wires = 250 battles 750 of electronics = 84 raids 750 of batteries = 150 battles (5 per battle) 1250 of plastic = 125 raids. (10 per battle) 1 raid = 12 Minutes, 1 mission in PVP = 2.5 Minutes. We get 68 hours of PVP and 48 hours of PVE. Together a number of 116 hours. (34 hours more) 1600% more of raids (165% of what was before) More PVE? Huge CHECK More Grind? Enormous CHECK. And this is the absolutelly lowest estimate just to show you the picture! If you count the fact, that you could get up to 150 Scrap for a brawl, taking as an average of 100 scrap would lower the amount of hours needed for PVP missions by a factor of 10! You would need to play a 100 instead of a 1000, KARL! If you count the fact, that the maximum time for a mission in PVP was changed from 3 to 5 minutes and take 4 minutes as an average, it would be 110 instead of 68 hours of PVP. If you count the fact, that the seasons strongly depend on raids, not only the raids became longer with the update 0.9.40, but also the seasons became twice as hard to do! If you count the fact, that my nephew while starting crossout with my help managed to finish Easy Data Theft in 25 minutes, the needed grind doubles! I mean... 25 minutes of struggling, KARL! If you count the absolutelly laughable rewards for easy raids, it goes insane! Just think about it. It went from about 80 hours in missions and 3 hours in raids, to about 100 hours in missions and 48 hours in raids in under a year! (and this with the most cost effective raids) I just feel bad for anyone who starts this game now and hope the developers will hear our voices, higher the rewards of raids for plastic, lower the duration of raids and add new, much shorter raids. This would make the game much better and will secure a bright future. P.S. I am not saying 80 to 3 hours of PVE was a good proportion. But I strongly believe it must be much lower than it is today. Besides, I would agree if they would lower the amount of PVP battles needed for crafting by adding hours for PVE, but they made PVP grinding also harder... P.P.S. I made lots of suggestions and tried to create lots of topics regarding this problem. But Of course, non of the topics was approved, none of the comments answered... That's why this title.
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    About 8-9 months ago when i entered crossout, i was amazed by the mad max feeling the game had, the options it gave you and how good combat felt. That was until i discovered hovers existed in the game. My initial thought was "Wait, THAT exists in a post apocalyptic mad max theme game?" It immediately felt unbalanced and off-putting, and it didnt take long to realize that you get the same feeling from the combat aswell. After around 400 hours in the game these are the reasons why the title of this thread or the thread itself exists. 1) Like stated before, they are pretty much alien to the game theme. 2) Unaffected by terrain. I cant even begin to describe the advantages of having that edge in combat. As game designers you cant make a game about armored vehicles and then divide them to "plebs" who touch the ground and the "demigods" that hover above everything that bothers a vehicle. It is game breaking. 3) They dont flip. Even the best drivers sometimes make the mistake of not calculating their movement right hense, they flip. Imagine if you could build a "vehicle" that removes that aspect from the equasion, how convenient! Even 3 hovered is not enough. 4) Speed, strafing. A mid-skill player with hovers can speed tank everything except precise projectile shots (or lucky missiles), and can get out of most situations they are at a dissadvantage with ease. One of the most important thing/ability/skill a player must master in all pvp games, is that of reseting the fight. Hover maneuverability gives them that huge advantage almost by default. 5) Unaffected by melee. Do i need to explain why almost excluding an entire weapon category as a threat to someone is unbalanced? Yes ofcourse there are few situations that melee can get them usually by specific building but i cant take seldom exceptions into account. Did i mention TOW? Yes, forget about that too. 6)Permanent almost cost-free High Ground. Generally, building high is a double edged sword because it makes you a bigger thus slower, easier target, but on the other hand you get to have better viewing and hitbox for your weapons so you can maximise damage-kill-degunning potential. That said, when you have huge maneuverability potential and practically around 20% of the distance between the ground and the peak of your build is empty so nothing there for the enemy to hit, (since you are hovering) plus the fact that you dont really have to build long to build high (thus, heavy), how much do you sacrifice with hovers to get that important high ground after all? Finally, the game also has another non-wheel movement category, the spider legs. Can you make any of the above points about them? No, because when you get spider legs you sacrifice mobility for structure and ground mobility is key in a game about vehicles! These and more are the unbalances of the hovers. I did not even mention about technicalities like tonnages, structure numbers and similar inequalities, i mostly want to focus on the pure battle aspects so that it is clear that it is not a balance issue, it is a broken concept as a whole and unfit for this game, even thematicaly. Please remove this dissapoinment so we can enjoy a better game.
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    As of this writing, there hasn't been a new thread in Game Suggestions in over a month. I think the forums could use a protocol change. Suggestions/Bugs should be free-to-post. That's the case on every game forum I've ever seen. I think a lot of players get frustrated that their posts sit in limbo and it feels like no one is listening or is concerned with their opinions. I've heard that on reddit and these forums and in game chat. I suggest having them free-to-post and simply ignoring every thread without a lot of replies. Let bad ideas die. Have guidelines where people must use descriptive titles instead of, "i can't believe this," or "This is what's wrong." The forums aren't just for communicating with devs. Realistically, 1 in 1000 threads are going to make it to devs. But the community advertises the game. If players come and see dead forums, that bodes poorly for the game. Yes, forums can get out of hand. But I think most ideas die on their own. Right now, we've started seeing players posting suggestions in subthreads (like I'm doing right now) just to communicate with other players and get feedback. That's frustration with the current system. I know it's a small game and such, but I think it would help to open up the forums a bit. Thanks.
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    Please, just give them more acceleration power, and buff the top speeds of everything... I am trying very hard to enjoy myself here, but this speed and engine power thing is greatly bothering me. I mean you can't put a supercharged v8 on a small car build and have it move only slightly faster... there are TWO engines in there, since one is from cabin too. Come on man, who thought putting in such limits would be a good idea? Why did you remove the supercharger sound from Cheeta too? Sigh... Also no wheel spinning allowed, boo.
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    Hello, in 4000PS we can't play anymore because the hovers are spam with glassgun. Players are using machine guns (vectors, defender, cricket, ...) and we can't kills their guns because of that they are too faster than the whells BTW the reverse speed it's hilarious they reverse faster than you advance. That a joke. So now i write in he chat when i see a hover : "Hover cancer" , because no nerf of their glassgun and their speed.
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    It should only hook one target at a time.
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    Doea anyone have tips in how to avoid that crap. I am getting really annoyed by those 1 shot fuks. If can we get them nerfed ffs they arent balanced at all. If there is one behind you in cloak you cant see him on the radar... Like wtf.... And when he uncloacks its already too late since if you play a heavy build you cant escape it. If you try shoot it it will lose some lances but still 1 shot you or leave you onlyas cab. Its frustrating. And they are in all ps so i cant escape them either.
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    It was a beautiful weapon, and then it got nerfed and nefred and nerfed and again a few more times, all thanks to those crying suckers who didnt have it.
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    Yes please, the game used to be so much faster and more fun! It used to be fun to drive, now it just feels slow and clunky, even with vehicles with a maxed speed bar.
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    Again no basic rewards for the brawl. People would much prefer a bit of scrap or wires instead of some stickers. Yes, it is fun but we need a better incentive to play it. And would be nice if we could fight with premade teams.
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    Hello Everyone! We got some issues with seal clubbing in low PS, and now I describe the important details and suggestions about that: Story 2 day ago one of my friend started to play Crossout, and he asked us to help him shows details and some informations about gameplay. We said: "Well, lets do than if you want". 3 of us start to build about 2000-2200 PS vehicles to make similar PS builds as our newbie friend's build has. Only weapons what we welded on car: Piercer, Vector, Lupara and Chord. Not any other. Click "Battle" and the match started. A lot of enemy had Epic weapons and thanks for bad matcmaking one of them hot a simple Harvester on a simple car. Horrible.... One of the most liked Seal Clubber weapon is the Spike (Crossbow). Not only one at least 3 player had crossbows on a their build and the arrows not simply caused serious damages on us, more than that its fipped and pushed us aways (thanks for the perk, we know that) Question I don't understad....why you Devs still allow the players to take advantage of Higher tier weapons in lower PS, and do nothing to solve this? Dont you think it is fair for new player who bored the game when they killed buy an Epic or legendary in that PS score? What is you statistics said, how much complains coming into with that problem? a few or much? Why is this problem still not solved still OBT started? Suggestion to solution Look at new players: You want to make those palyers to like Crossout and play and enjoy the game, right? than give tham more chanse to enjoy that and dont let Veteran players to scr*wing with them in low PS. Check this out and listen: Do not allow the Epic type weapons below 4000 PS, and about Legendary do not allow them before 6000 PS. If the car at least has 1 legendary or epic weapons, the restrictions immediately consider to them. For example: You have a simple car with starter wheels Huntsman cabin and radiators. You want to take Epic Spectre 1 machine gun on that. but your power score not reach the 4000. Not allowed to battle until weld more part on your car to reach the minimum limit. X You have about 4200 PS vehicle with no weapons, but you wanna place on that a legendary Tsunami. (1950 PS ) 4200 + 1920 = 6150. Now you can enter the Battle with that PS! V You See? Kind of that solution could help to keep those players, and make all of the players to feel better and confortable on low or medium PS. Thank you fo read my idea, and thnaks for your respond!
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    "i was amazed by the mad max feeling" This line alone invalidates your whole post about hovers, without the need to even read it, but let me guess, it's a copy paste post from the other threads from people who don't want to accept help, am I right?
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    There are plenty with higher k/d like that. It means nothing. If I feel it will help the team win, I'll self destruct on people. Think that helps my k/d? Nope. I experiment with crazy builds or just fun builds like the Caterpillar link build that aren't really that effective. Think that helps my k/d? Nope. Sometimes I'll go out of my way to help a friend with seasons and give them easy kills. Helpful to k/d? Nope. Million reasons why k/d is meaningless. Good players know who good players are. They certainly don't use that.
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    This is just a random thought, but I (personally) think it is a good idea. What do I want: Replace all hovers (IV,VII) in this game with something similar to this, retain its current operation mechanism: In short: Hover no longer hovers. Why? Because Hover is the most troublesome balance threat, whether you admit it or not, hover is always one of the most extreme and unstable factors in this game. Being different from issues on OP or stupid weapon, Hover is the thing that completely divides the game into two parts, weapon balancing, module function and even the map itself is totally different in the eye of hover players and non-hover players. What will be changed? 1. Hover no longer ignore the terrain resistance and most obstacles. Everyone will truly play on the same map again. hover player will need to consider the problem caused by desert or shallow water. And yes, careless driving will result in flipping. 2. Hover no longer be a standard that divides all the vehicles into two groups. When hover turns into the spherical wheel, they get back to the ground, no longer completely(not really, but most of the time) nullify some of the weapon and special designs (like gun draggers). you can still dodge them with high mobility and your high driving skill, but no more "I'm born to fly, so your design stands no chance facing my build" 3. Hover gain more survivability against structural damage. Since they will be on the ground, losing 1 or 2 spherical wheels will not result in completely lose of control, fewer players will rage quit just because losing hover in the early game. 4. slight stats change. As compensation, after getting back to the ground, the "hover" - spherical wheels may receive stats change, like buffing HP a little bit, more power and so on. And surely, it will get little cabin-power punishment, just like other movements. 5. (Maybe) No more forcibly mounting number restriction. If you want to design a spherical wheel centipede with 18 wheels like everyone did in 0.8.0, go ahead, but be aware of power consumption. What will not be changed? 1.Hover's size and current blueprints. Surely, none wants to rework all the blueprints after an update, luckily, the spherical wheel shown above looks just like the current hovers upside down (exclude the supporting structure), so only little modification will be done (the structures under the frame shall be modified) after the replacement. 2. Hover's operating mechanism. Everything stays the same - except they no longer fly, you can still go shift around in direction you like, do quick snap around the corner, drag some mammoth tank... etc. Thoughts?
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    If anything, kapkan needs nerf. The strongest P2W item since the scorpion nerf. No lifetime, don't disapper on module/vehicle destuction, high ammo capacity, short CD, no management requirement one dropped and multi targeting. Skinner at PS and energy equivalent is miserable.
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    I think the crossout needs more defense pieces, like metal shields, light, medium and heavy. While there are some as "bumpers", "snowplow". They are defenses designed for the front, and aesthetically it is boring to equip them on the sides or back. So you can see better what I mean I leave some photos. Thanks so much for reading. (Google translator)
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    this device was invented thinking of the players with little skill? Did someone need a device that immobilized an opponent to win a battle? will we have to use tesla in all the constructions? It feels totally disloyal to eliminate an opponent trapped in the traps. I respect my rivals, I will not use traps! It's like tying the opposing goalkeeper and then scoring a goal.
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    Kapkan, spark, harvester and cloak... Their is no counter to that absolute cancer. It's worse than hurri hovers. Change the harvesters perk it's f****** ridiculous
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    Crossout used to be fun when everyone was progressing at the same speed. Now, people are buying mega machines with weapons that are way out of reach of the normal gamer and it isn't even a fair war. I'm sick of 5 or six harvesters tearing me apart before I get a shot off. I think I will need to play another game from now on. Anyone else feel this frustration?
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    Step 1: don't waste 8 power on boosters Step 2: don't make a one-dimensional vehicle Step 3: you have teammates for a reason If your REAL question is "How do I dominate hovers solo with a melee-only build?", sorry, I don't have a good answer. Build a vehicle with massive limitations and your success will be limited.
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    Stupid list and everyone has already pointed out how wrong you are. 'hovers can easily disarm'. Go into the update topic where they lowered hovers because they supposedly had a 'height advantage' that allowed them to disarm enemies easily and read up on how I ranted against that. I instantly made a shotgun car(wheeled car ofc) and disarmed one after the other enemy. If you have trouble with that, its you, not hovers, that is the problem. And then there is the always returning 'can fly over acid'. There is one puddle of acid on one map, flying over it gives you absolutely NO tactical advantage. It doesnt give you any cover either. But everytime there is a topic about hovers someone has to bring it up as if the argument is worth a dime. I regret to inform you that the value of this argument is about as high as the value of a zimbabwean dollar. I especially laughed when I read the 3 hover thing. I see droneboats with 10-12 wheels race around the map, can you mount 10 hovers and do that? Its always easy to play out the building/driving advantage of a module while conveniently ignoring the drawbacks or advantages that other modules have.
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    I only want to be able to play a game without hovers in it. No hover players and definitely not Hover bots EDIT to Answer! Hello BjKalderon , obviously I'm talking about PvP modes and use my own real good looking builds. Many players would like some more love towards PvP mode. Nobody wants to take toys away from any kind of player, but since 21 of Sept. 2017, I didn't find any match totally without hover builds..... Not one! It would be nice to be able to have a game mode for pure ground vehicles