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    These are the features I like: -Radar armour fix – finally … that was necessary (over 1 year of waiting is enough) -New Stuff (weapons/cabins/eg) nice as always ;) These are the Features im unsure of: -new rarity: well nice idea - but not really needed -new upgrade-mechanic: it smells like P2W more than ever before! These are the features I dont like and why: -new cabin/energy concept: i dont really have an opinion an that change BUT last time you did that cabin/Energy change, we lost many Players in the XO Community... sure u want to risk this once again? -hover-nerf: have u ever played Hover? I totally agree with the Radar Fix, but why the hell do you want to knock Hovers out? The only reason to Play Hover is because of agility. Now they are agile like a rock! Conclusion: Welcome to the new (old) Doggie/Melee Meta XD Back to the beginning XD Think about it!
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    The hover changes are NOT going to fix people using sideways builds. Don't get me wrong i HATE hovers as much as the next guy but nurffing the sideways speed isn't going to hurt the sideways builds as much as it will the forward builds think about it the sideways builds will still be able to dodge in and out of cover but the normal facing builds wont therefore causing player to want to make there builds sideways even more. Also why would you even want to remove sideways hovers in the 1st place feels like you are trying to limit creativity...(hey why not just remove crafting altogether yeah thats it remove crafting and put mandatory pre-built builds in the game (i say this sarcastically).On a serious note i do think the devs need to do something about hovers but this is not a good fix to the problem.
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    To anybody who says "hovers are dead" i'd like to remind you're merely ringing the same old bell.
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    This is stupid. 35 KMH top speed for my existing cricket hover, and it takes forever to reach it. https://imgur.com/a/Qesp4kd
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    I really don’t think this new legendary drone is a good idea, epic drones are annoying enough especially with grenadiers, and those new drones will be next to unkillable due to their high durability and the fact that they hover so high, and their damage is insane plus they spark you, which overall is just going to make an overpowered, annoying drone
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    I like the most: New Rarity: seems ok but might rise the price of purples and legendaries and maybe also relics. New Day and Night cycle: I found it kinda randomly but i like that now you can have night and day on different maps and its random I don't like: Big nerf for hovers: The easiest and best solution to hover problem is limiting them so you can use only 4 of them like in old days where they were nerfed because of low PS (which could be fixed by adding ps like its now) that way there would be balance because if you wanna play tank just take spider and if you wanna play smart and dodge shots but die in few shots then take hovers now hovers are indeed broken because they can tank more then ground build which is stupid and thats another reson why nerfing their speed is not a good idea because hovers should be agile but fragile also in my opinion as a person who have already fused hovers its better to have at least 4 of them for use then having all my hovers laying in garage not useable at all. Cabins: The energy change for purple cabins isnt that bad but still would like to keep it as its now and dont change it again. Some of the cabins got changes which are fine but aslo there are some which are really bad such as blight and harpy cabin mass limit change... those are light cabins and their mass limit definitley should stay the same and not higher it. Iam unsure about: Fusion update: I didnt really test it too mutch since i had other things to test (hovers) but from what i saw it seems like bad idea you should really keep things as they are now or make it so you can choose which one fusion you want and not add two fusion perks on one item. Conclusion: I think that the new rarity should get on live servers but other things shouldnt get in. I suggest that devs should really pay attention to the firedogs in game and that they wont let that kind of approach to balancing of hovers get in live servers since its killing its own purpouse (hover should be agile but fragile)
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    Since the day you added hovers there was always moaning about it.... hovers are OP or useless. You can't balance it, you can not make adjustments in brain tumor, you have to remove it to cure cancer.... so cure cancer of this game - remove hovers and compensate! make this game "Craft, Ride, Destroy" again; not "Buy, Fly, Dominate" Also matchmaking needs to be redesigned: its nothing to do with PS! there are still people with legendary items in 3K's, still Relic players in 8K's... I mean it can be balanced like this: If i have on car attached epic weapon, matchmaking should find players that have same weapon rarity as me. its simple. Let P2W walletboy relic players torture themselves... Why you are always make things that not necessary? I think additional rarity is useless in this game, if you are worry about how hard is to get epic item from rare, just REDUCE required resources.... You have so much important things to do: For example overhaul and remake of most ueless "talent system"- like feature called Co-Driver! more than year we are waiting for that and still nothing. Ofc no one cares about useless numbers upgraded with tons of materials spent on them. Like (+2% range............ WOW) Why you can not make unique, "non-tradable" cosmetic items (packs or single) so you can earn from that only, just like boosts and things that will not affect game balance.
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    Omfg.... How fkn stupid you droners are..... PvP Not Bots v Bots nor Drones v Drones. Player vs Player
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    I like how The Call is buffed by Drones instead of the other way round. I'd like a Machinegun Cabin. Drones don't need another buff.
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    no! Scorpion is total op and there is no counter especially when scorpion is on legs
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    The Founders' Sanctuary is a well-protected and high-tech base. The only ones who could compare to them are Dawn's children, but is that a surprise? They say that even Riley hasn't been human for a long time, but melancholy chthonic biomass. These Children don't have a Mother of their own. Her azure eye is in every corner of the Founders' base. Indicators, sensors, feel like her own neurons. When she connects to the System, sensing thin needles penetrating her spine, she stands guard. One of the cameras sees the Daughter. The Mother observes her, keeping a record of her medication. Sensor manipulators slide on the shelves, moving the boxes while the Daughter deals with the youth who had occupied an empty warehouse. The Mother is proud of her girl, she became a leader. One of the manipulators is failing, and Mother has to strain her mind to put the two boxes aside. These drugs will not be taken into account by the general registry. And here comes the second child, the Son. The uneven light of the tiny lab is refracted by his suit-lined vertebrae. The Mother knows that look. A passionate scientist who's lost touch with reality. The Daughter is particularly hard on him. The Mother glimpses the Son's group of requests and studies the purpose of his work. “Flexible support”, “increased resistance for armour plates”. Even the most vulnerable child serves the war. The Mother is attached to her children, and attachment blinds. To be continued…
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    Heavy melee build can be flipped by few tires. This is ridiculous and does not make any sense. Heavy builds are not heavy. 2 times heavier mass than that of light builds is not enough. 10,000 kg vs 20,000 kg. It can't make big difference. This lightness has a major responsibility for wedge meta. Wedge can't lift actually heavy things, but it can lift every vehicle in PVP because all cars are too light. There is no heavy build in this game. Even leviathans are also too light. Mass of Chameleon, the 6x4x2 size module is only 48 kg. Mass of single 4x2x1 size Avia panel is 54 kg. Seriously? Hurricane and Cricket, both are 288 kg. Reaper is 603 kg, Cyclone is 570 kg, which maybe seems appropriate masses compared to each other. But NO. Stupid and pitiful Fatman is 1215 kg. How? Even Reaper has much bigger volume, because fat man has so much empty space. (What makes Fatman looks fat is only its thin frontal gunner shield. Except it, Fatman has only bones. But it is too heavy.) (Edit: Or Reaper and Cyclone, Hurricane and the other weapons are too light.) In other hand, Executioner 88mm is 864 kg, even though 88 has much bigger volume than Fatman. And this is why 88 is so useful and can be used on multiple light nimble builds such as cannon hovers. Everything is broken. This is causing serious and annoying problems and nonsense. Just fix this. Please?
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    The binary code on the ravager paint 01100001 01110111 01100001 01101011 01100101 01101110 translated means "Awaken"
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    Except even if hovers were nerfed Everything that sucks will still continue to suck No ones going to hop on tracks/meat grinders for high end cw for serious play just because hovers arent as good, they’ll just go to Bigfoots, the next best movement piece And this isn’t focused on you or anything but about the “this is the quickest and easiest right” Theyre game developers, this is they’re job, they shouldn’t be going the easiest route, they should be going the route that’s most beneficial to the game, especially if it takes more work The fact that only 2 out of the 7 purple movement pieces are viable is alarming
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    what i like: hovers have been deleted what i like the most: being able to play with something that's not an hover bad things: the usual p2w changes but i'am used to this already so LEZGO
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    Agree. How to lose your players in a glimbse
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    Same, more no skill cancer with higher dps than most legendarys but automated, how stupid can the devs be
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    Machine guns and Cannons in real life are loud and sharp POPs or thunderous CRACKS. The difference in round or ammunition size determines the difference in sound which is usually how loud it is and they pretty much all sound the same right? I understand energy weapons sounding different or weird, but why do devs have to keep making guns and cannons sound like airsoft and paintball guns? So why do we have weapons that sound like someone punching a wet towel, or kicking a plastic bucket over and over again? It seriously dampens the immersion, and which is one of the things I like about the battlefield series with its immersive weapon and explosion sound effects. Maybe Gaijin should try to arrange a weapons demonstration recording from the Russian army or something?
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    Oh no, they know why they are OP, their mistake is try to balance them prioritizing the options of people that doesn't like/use certain items, which is pretty dumb , as dumb as denying that most of the other movement parts are underpowered. Can you tell me just one single reason of why this: Should struggle at reaching over 120 km/h on a straight line?
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    I hate hovers but c'mon. That cant be the best fix you can come up with!
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    wth no hover speed nerf.... i can´t understand why there is no speed nerf it´s insane hovers sideway speed is op they dominating nearly every game.
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    The problem with adding an extra % to existing rolls is you will get legacy modules which cant be obtained later anymore. Would mean all the legacy modules are better than the new ones. Elite Dangerous did the same around 1.5 years ago and it made balance a joke, to this day there are people who have spaceships which have 10%-20% higher stats as the same build with the new modules. So i can understand why they want to change it. I wouldnt say no if all my modules are better than what can be achieved after the patch but in terms of balance its going to be horror!
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    Overlooking everything in this thread. Keep in mind that part of the reason for the fusion system is to be an item sink to get parts/materials out of the market. As much as I would like to choose the exact fusion perks, its a system that keeps a demand on parts. I would personally rather see all garbage perks removed and have every part with exactly 4 possible outcomes that are decent to good Also please add white item fusion... It would be a very good way to introduce how it works to new players and players on tighter budgets.
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    Dog player talking about skill? Now that’s a whole new level of autism. What skill? What does your playstyle require to be called skilled? Please describe
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    Yeah.. Fireworks take like 5 times more time to reload than cannons... And they are not necesarily equaly dangerous..
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    It doesn't occur to you that they'd just switch to other cabins, which are getting buffs, like Photon again?
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    Yeah of course let’s nerf the only nearly viable MGs in this current meta. Just think about it man. Also it’s not a Reaper problem, it’s a shield spam problem which devs just don’t realise it hurts the game
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    I want my money back, Gaijin. This is a game for dogs and stupids piromans-melee.
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    I don't care what those wheel legs do, I use hovers because, excluding porcupines, nobody can stand their ground against the ever-popular "crash into you" style builds. So if I must flee while shooting at a guy that just needs to follow me holding fire, no way in hell I'm gonna do it in something that can be wedged or flipped or snagged on a pile of rusted cars. Why should I have to? Ironically the weakest players in Crossout are the same ones claiming hover players are using exploits to win..not the guy that's invisible half the match with 2-3 second kill on contact. Not the wedge guy Yes it's HOVERS, the only platform skilled range players can avoid being one-shot, melted, or wedged by much weaker players. Players who can only really drive forward and crash into enemies. With cloak of course.
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    One of the reasons why we always come full circle is due to backlash and the devs backing out a bit as a result. Everytime hovers get a tweak people say it's too much. In the end it always proves to be not enough. So this time I suggest we stick to this tweak and pray this'll be the last time we'll be having this discussion. Frame builds were a part of the game back when frames gave hp to crafts. Well guess what. The devs stepped in and tweaked it. Now the frame builds weren't part of the game anymore. It happens. You all hover players talk about adapting. Well time to put your money where your mouth is. First we'd need the iniative from devs to think so too. Before that happens, no point in contemplating it.
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    You can find out the results HERE You can stumble upon many survivors — brutal and tender, cruel and merciful, attractive and ugly, cunning and upright. And everyone wants to share a word with you, with engines humming in the background. What is it they're going to tell you, survivor? How are stars going to align above the wastes this year? Today we offer you the opportunity to experience this technique in action and to find out what is prepared for you this year!
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    Please dont tell me it actually works like a spark, legendary spark drone sounds like an april fools joke wtf
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    Anybody else getting "Error 6: Prometheus" trying to connect to the server? A bunch of us can't log on this morning?
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    If that's what you want then the game is as good as dead. This isn't real life where it's not fair, I expect it to be balanced and exploits like wedges removed.
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    Screen shot before the inevitable "Clan War Elite Found a New Meta that I can't Compete Against!!!"
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    Why are hovers getting Nerfed if everyone is using contact builds? I would assume that most if not all of them are on BF wheels. Geeze I just put some bids up for Typhoons before I logged off for cheap, now I'm hoping nobody sells them to me before I log back in.
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    Goliath porc sandwhiches are super annoying, but they are manageable and content should not be balanced around low ps matches unless they're low tier weapons. Porcupines do however, demonstrate how flawed this Rarity x Energy=PS system is though. They actually are fine at their low energy cost due to their drawbacks, but their powerscore needs to be raised.
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    I dislike that their first target was pubicpie but all publicity is good publicity. We can't rely on new packs and weirdo factions to keep things rolling. "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."
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    Well, I've found that updates always sound worse than they are, and once you get used to it, it makes sense.
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    Although I don't believe there are that many oportunities in the fields of Woman Studies, Social Sciences and African History besides working at Starbucks and writing for BuzzFeed.
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    Make the raids singleplayer already!
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    I'm tired of pack prices 65$ deluxe or 35$ normal price....WHAT THE HECK....Damn Gaijin must be rich at this point....and still nothing interesting coming out yet....