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    Are you serious? Paying for cosmetic items only is the best F2P model possible. That's way better than packs with exclusive weapons or cabins. You should be glad that devs have finally approached the monetization problem in a proper way that doesn't hurt anybody. I don't understand why some people on this forum are so whiny.
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    Don't take it too seriously but....
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    looks like you simply made a lot of bad choices...
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    Long story short: I T S U C K S ! It basically is a wanderers crate you get with every special faction prestige level but you can neither sell the crate and parts nor use the parts for crafting. Only if you want to fuse some random rare part you might need those rare parts. However this doesn't mean that the crate itself must be bad. It could be a potential reward for Engineer prestige levels since you only get Scavenger, Nomad or Lunatic parts. Something like a "loyalists crate" could take its place. This new crate would also reward rare Steppenwolf, Dawn Children or Firestarter parts. Btw. not for sale parts should be able to replace their sellable counterparts when you want to craft something... Any thoughts?
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    Would you rather have new P2W 500Euro weapon? This is an incredible update with paid skins. I would gladly have a skin for every item in the real money shop. Best way to support a free to play game.
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    Welcome to the Crossout update 0.9.130! From now on: feel free to customize the look of your favorite rare cabins, find the vehicle you need on the exhibition as fast as possible, earn more resources with the improved Scanner and earn scrap and reputation in 'Big black scorpions' and 'Battle royale' brawls!
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    The designer clearly knows which weapons work best with the Icebox perk...
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    people who ask for buffs and nerfs, people who complain about hovers, shotguns, harvester, lances etc people who want to change everything about Crossout so that it fits better with their game style. people who talk about legitimate game mechanics as if they were cheats and exploits Whining about P2W. What's going wrong? The nice thing about Crossout is precisely to deal with challenges in a creative way. You have a lot of freedom to build a vehicle and apply all kinds of different playing styles. People who do not see this may play wrong game?
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    Hammerfalls are a little to OP right now, its ruining the clan wars for people who dont wanna play hammerfalls, nearly every top 10 clan on ps4 Got 3 or 4 hammerfall builds ( usually the same ), i miss some mixed builds on the teams instead of copy paste meta builds
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    I don't. I'm starting to detest this game simply because it is so boring and I find myself counting down the daily challenges so I can log off. That is insane for a game that used to be so much fun. It used to be a fair and fun battle, now you constantly meet teams of hover players wrecking the other team. It's a strange business model, keep 25% of your players happy while upsetting the other 75% and most simply leave. This game has hemorrhaged players for a year; it was actually a much better game a year ago. There was balance, e.g. among many other factors, you now have Purple Chameleon at 1 energy (down from 2 Energy), the introduction of Hovers and with the Junkbow range of weapons you no longer have long-range builds when they simply get stripped of weapons in one drive by. Long-range weapons are now the cheapest in the game for good reason. They have managed to break the very basics of a Shooter game-play. The Staff should have been paid to stay at home for a year and this game would have been more successful for everyone concerned: 1. The players i.e. more of them because they are having fun. If you are enjoying yourself then the grind takes care of itself. 2. The Devs and Publishers - they would have twice as many regular players = more income. I haven't spent a penny on this game in over 9 months - I would love to support the game like I did in the past but, on principle, my wallet has stayed shut. P.S. Don't bother with the "git gud" comments from the Hover fanbois. I am "gud" and any honest Hover player will tell you, they'd much rather not see me on the enemy team.
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    Things like hovers are eliminating creative play styles instead of creating new ones.
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    Replace them Caucasus with some real weapons and actually shoot stuff, u see them points coming xD
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    How to deal with Dual Executioner Hovers? At 5-6k PS I see them in about every second game. From what I've observed so far, a single hover with Executioners can destroy up to 4 wheeled vehicles. Alone. What am I supposed to do against them? Let's see: MGs - only if the hover has several other targets to focus on, and doesn't switch to you, which is unlikely. Due to MG inaccuracy with distance, a hover can sustain like 30 seconds of fire from 4 MGs and not go down... meanwhile one shot from Executioners and most of my weapons are gone. I've tried time and time again, since these hovers are almost in every match - 4 Defenders don't do **** against them. Corvo - slightly better, but similar to MGs, one shot - weapons gone. Shotguns, melee - self-explanatory. Energy weapons - projectiles are slow enough that hovers can evade most of them. Again, weapons can be destroyed with 1 shot Cannons - if the hover focuses on you he can evade your cannon shots for days, while wheeled vehicle is much more predictable and has like 3-4 times slower acceleration, so much easier to hit Unguided rockets - yeah those will never hit, I've never seen a hover hit by wasps Auto-cannons - not enough damage. Cyclones might be good but they are expensive so i can't try them. Rapier+Whirlwind don't do much, plus at distance is becomes nearly impossible to hit a hover that changes direction/speed. Pyre - might work, but stacking Pyres is again extremely expensive since 1 of them is very weak by itself. Hurricane - again, might work, or a hover can just hide behind some hill. So do I understand correctly that there are no chap weapon options to deal with such hovers?
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    Hovers have the advantage that they can fight in any directions. Forward, sideways and backwards. And even then, at the same speed. Why not even the field a little bit and reduce their speed in any directions but forward. They can still maneuver in any directions but not as fast.
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    Cabin based on the Humvee model used by North American army that after the post-apocalyptic world was put to the test by its resistance and practicaly in diverse lands. Status: Max speed: 5 Power: 6 Tonnage: 7000 kg Mass limit: 13000 kg Energy: 12 Durability: 350 pts Mass: 2300 kg Special ability: Reduces weapon heating rate by 20%
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    If you read the backstory it says aliens cored out the earth and reduced it to moon levels of gravity. Everyone has wheels coated in glue. This is why once you lose contact you weigh nothing. It explains why a go kart can push around mech legs. Think about it.
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    Another thread about hovers omg!!! Why are so many people complaining about a balanced item? I don't get it You forgot to tell hovers are flying tanks thx to the sideway cabins, are harder to disarm because of the height so you hit the cab trying to shoot their guns, can escape a rush by flying above any bump/obstacle while other movement parts will be slow down, are harder to hit with their ennemies unable to predict their movement as they are randomly bumping in every directions
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    Hello to everyone in the topic! As I've said it earlier, the Harvester's effectiveness rate is not that high according to the overall recent statistics. We believe, that some possible issues may hide into its presence in low and mid-PS battles. That's the issue we're going to consider and for which we plan to implement some additional in-game mechanics in the future. Thank you for everyone, who participated in the discussion and provided feedback!
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    No one likes drones right?
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    Understand that we are in a time of sinking market prices right now.... this means that your inventory value basically decreases with every passing hour. That is not an issue however... as item prices are in sync with the general market trend. You are not getting technically poorer. Example: Your inventory value: 4000 Coins Price for an epic item: 400 Coins You can afford 10 epic items. Your inventory value: 3000 Coins Price for an epic item: 300 coins You can afford 10 epic items Beyond that.... be aware that the game has several coin destroying mechanics. Never use quick sell or quick buy.... you only make other people richer. Fusion is ludicrous expensive.... you should use it sparingly. Instead you seem have most stuff fusioned.... RIP coins. I am counting *gasp* 73 fusioned blue items. A blue item averages at arround 40 coins.... and you need 3 for every fusion. A blue item fusion as such costs 120 coins. 73 fusioned blue items X 120 coins = 8.760 Coins. You could have buyed not shy of 3 legendaries with that amount of money. 16 blue items: 640 Coins. 9 fusioned purple items: A purple items averages at 400 coins... and you need 3 for every fusion. A fusioned purple item as such costs 1.200 coins. 9 X 1200 = 10.800 Coins. 1 purple item: 400 Coins. 2 legendary items: 5000 Coins. TOTAL ITEM AND FUSIONED ITEM COST: 25.600 COINS! In general... be smart about the market. Dont buy when things are overpriced. Dont sell when items are dirt cheap. Think longterm. Rest assured that the devs love you though.... so much real life money burned into ash. The problem is not the market.... the PROBLEM IS YOU!
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    Greetings, residents of the Wasteland! The release of update 0.9.130 is coming very soon, and this means that it's time to have a look at the upcoming changes and new features!
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    I was browsing old images of Crossout and found this concept about Traffic lights being used as braking lights: I want it, I SO WANT IT! It could be a legendary brake light (as there are ambulance lights and exhausts in legendary quality already). Maybe it could stay Green when accelerating, Yellow when iddle and Red when you actually hits the break, like a actual warning (I'm going - I'm just going with the flow - I'm actually stopped). What do you guys think?