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    I'm not joking, the pure-lance build is spoiling this game. In order to farm XP quickly (since early-quitting won't affect gaining XP), more and more players turn to suicide builds with dozens of lances and one Chameleon. For each match, they repeat: stabbing one with lances, self-destruct, quit and start a new game. Why this is not acceptable: 1.Making vehicle engineering not important. For those who stabbed by more than 10 lances, the vehicle design cannot save them, no matter you get a good build or a bad one, you mostly die. For those pure-lance builds, the vehicle design is also not that important, even the worst design can ensure 1 average kill. 2.Too rewarding Since the stupid XP cap of 1200 is there, the XP gaining is similar no matter you spending 5 mins killed 6 with nice skill or just stabbed 2 poor dudes with a shabby pure lance build in 30 secs and quit. This is unfair, in fact, a pure-lance build is almost the only option for quick XP-farming. there should not be such privilege for one special kind of vehicle. 3.Making game boring There is almost no really effective way of countering pure-lance builds, in fact, if a build with Chameleon, radar-detector and more than 10 lances want to kill someone on the ground, he always succeeds. dealing with a lot of builds that cannot be countered by regular ways is not fun at all. then more and more players will turn into such builds, and worsen the problem. Suggestion: Setting a limitation of the number of lances a vehicle can bring, 4 is good, 6 is also acceptable, in this way, melee players need to consider more about how to make a valid close-range build with melee weapons, shotguns or other stuff instead of just getting 12 lances, and brainlessly stab everyone he see.
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    Survivors! Pyromaniacs and those who want more insanity! The advance detachment of Firestarters had already arrived in the Wasteland, and, on this occasion, Psycho Pete himself gave them his best hangar. What does this mean? Quite right! Soon the Firestarters will start calling on survivors to join their ranks. In the meantime, join the ‘Pyromania’ and prepare for this unforgettable meeting! New parts and a unique armored car are waiting for everyone. The leader of Firestarters Odegon made sure there's enough parts for everyone!
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    Devs, Forget Nerfs Forget Buffs Forget New weapons Forget New Packs $$$ Forget Minor tweaks Forget Spelling errors Forget The World Map Forget Making your Interface prettier FIX THE GOSH DARN MATCHMAKING!!!!
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    € 65,- isn't really a bargain. basically buying Auger and cabin Coins were in discount twice already... (50% christmas time , 25% extra just last weekend) Worse for me is I don't have the storage space anymore... and will not extend it in this system. buying package but having to sell the parts is just a dumb move... especiallyy with this new faction on at the door... that will push the limits for many players storage .... If a package whould grant you a free blueprint slot and the extra storage space for the parts, sells might hit the roof.
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    To all survivors! Preparations for the arrival of Firestarters are in full swing in the Wasteland. Faction leaders, of course, are not enthusiastic about the idea that they will have to make room, but the Survivors already anticipate this long-awaited event. Meanwhile, ‘Pyromania’ is gaining momentum, and more and more residents of the Wasteland are flocking to the Firestarters Altar, which has become accessible to all. The cult's adept sare ready to exchange lighters and resources for special faction parts and faction stickers. Hurry, the Altar's active time is limited!
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    welp, the hover nerf did it for me guys... Not going to redo every single one of my builds for the 4th time, not happening . My Tie fighter, My X wing, My Bird of Prey, my Bug, my A10 warthog .... all worthless now . No way that wheels should ever be able to chase down my hovers, never ever ... keep up with my hovers, sure, be faster than my hovers .... no damn way . Every build of mine was flawless, countless hours spent after the 8.20 update designing them to the lowest weights for maximum speed and manuverability and now this BS . All you guys are doing is catering to the broke **** FTP players who will NEVER spend a dime with your company and nerfing EVERYTHING so these leaches can compete with players who SPEND money !!! FTP players are the scum of the gaming universe and you guys are re-designing your game to suit THEM !! ffs ... You got $70 out of me for the inventors pack, but now ... Im done . No more MONEY from me, PROMOTIONS from me, YOUTUBE VIDS promoting this game from me ... nothing ... DONE !! I am taking down all of my Crossout vids from youtube as well . Have fun destroying this game ... was fun while it lasted . ... out
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    Survivors! Pyromaniacs and those who want more insanity! Firestarters came to the Wastelands!
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    The whole point is that Barbed_Wire83 is lying. He was playing with TOW and Caucasus at 3200PS literally for months. Whoever was going down to that PS sometimes to goof around could easily meet him any day. He and other clowns with their cancer builds which includes slapping dual Caucasus onto Huntsman cabin or playing with Duster and drones are THE MAIN reason why so many newcomers were quitting the game because they were getting aimbotted left and right to death EVERY SINGLE DAY. His fairy tales of 6000PS matches are hilarious because he surely won't admit that he was playing at 3200PS and trying to seal club desperately. FORTUNATELY, the game is over for them and devs are FINALLY pulling out RIGHT MOVES and ending the whole aimbotting circus. It was about time. Seeing here all those tears of drones, turrets and Caucasus abusers who were sitting at <3500 PS and aimbotting people for MONTHS FEELS AWESOME. Good job devs, thank you!
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    This doesn't seem justified to me. Aegis Prime is supposed to be a defensive, supportive weapon. People are using it way too aggressively by installing 2+ shield which makes them deemly invincible. In my perspective, it would be nicer if the maximum amount of shield you can put in your craft is 1, while the old stat remained still.
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    Dear Crossout, It's hard for me to say this, and I'm sure it's hard for you to hear it. But, I need to get some things off my chest. I'll just come right out then. You've gained some weight recently... It's not very attractive. Before you say anything.. Well, it's not just that.. You've slowed down a considerable amount. I just feel like it takes you twice as long to do things. And that's only because you wait around till the last minute. Things just aren't as rewarding as they used to be for me. And I feel like I'm being incentivized to leave early every night. You used to be so spontaneous and fun. What happened to you? What happened to us? Love, @MalAd3pt PS, I've been seeing other games.
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    In matches above 8K PS, nearly 20% of the vehicles are Hover Hurricane, you can hear the beep of Missile alert throughout the whole match, and the gaming experience is ruined. Hover Hurricane have following huge advantages: 1. Extremely hard to fight back Hurricane can Instant Lockon and Fire-and-forget. this becomes horrible combining with Hover's flexibility. in most situation, since Hurricane has no aiming time, the hover hurricanes can just show up for few seconds (or even behind the cover), launch 8 missiles and move back to cover instantly, combining with Chameleon, hitting such hover with regular weapons is very hard. although there are methods to defend the missiles, you can hardly damage the launcher hover itself. 2. Huge damage output Dual Hurricane deals 680 damage every 13 secs (launching timer include), which seems to have a long reloading time, but please note, Cheetah engine works best on hover with weapons having a long reloading time (since it reduce the 20% overall reloading time). Since Missile doesn't need to stop and aim, the hovers can always keep moving and refreshing the Cheetah, spam missiles at an extremely high frequency. Dealing with one volley of missiles won't be that hard, but endlessly missile swarm striking from any angle they want is another story. most heavy builds cannot even stand a chance under that kind of firepower. 3. Easy to operate, High rewarding Frankly speaking, if we make a list of "brainless" weapons, the AI gears must be on the top, but the following one must be the missile launchers, being different from other games where missile launcher always have a locking time, in Crossout, you just need to install a radar, and then spam missiles whenever you see someone seems to be out of cover. After launching the missile, you can retreat immediately, but the enemy will be in great trouble. In some degree, the hurricane is even more easy to operate comparing to the Turrets, since in order to spam turret, you at least need to drive around the enemy, but for missile spamming, you can fire it at safe distance thanks to the range of Hurricane. Solutions: 1. Rework the lock-on mechanism of Hurricane, introducing the "locking time", in order to fire a volley of missiles, you need to keep pressing the assigned key for a short amount of time, and then you can fire the missile. Also, starting locking will cancel the Chameleon effect and give a warning message to the targeted player. 2. Simply Nerf its DPS. Thank you!
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    Another Hover+ Cheetah+Stealth cancer user,crying cuz OP item is now balanced.Git Gud
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    Well, removing comments raging on the shield nerf is certainly a typically russian move. Dont know why I am surprised at that, actually. Lets sum it up: -Active time is 4-5 Seconds now. -Gets deactivated by pretty much any incoming damage immediately. -is big enough to cover one, very large...gun? -costs 975 PS and 3 energy I mean, this HAS to be a joke. I really had to laugh when I first went to the test track and activated the new shield. Like, really hard. Its objectively funny...no, hilarious. And while i was just starting to laugh, the shield IMMEDIATELY deactivated again, and i had to laugh so much harder. You know, like when you try to play hide and seek, and your stupid kid tries to hide behind the curtains, while his legs are still pointing out? Thats how you look now, using a shield. I mean, its not like it was easy to use in builds, with those crappy attachment points. You could barely stuff a medium sized build enough to keep it in that bubble. You needed a ton of workarounds to do that. As of now, i will just stop using it till the inevitable buff hits...probably in a month or two. Most likely it is even a good idea to buy shields now on the market, as their value is rock bottom right now, and will most likely increase again when the devs fix this overnerf.
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    Good time to show us your love and give us some storage/Blueprint slots / max Building pieces for Prestige levels.
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    Well if part of "balance" is based on how many people are ruining the game with something broken.. as opposed to allowing broken things to exist.. that's very telling Top end clan wars is a closed circuit of people farming uranium with scorpions. They do grant an unfair advantage even if very few own them.. but those who do are all gathered together for a permanent circle jerk. Meaning the barrier for entry for competitive play is too steep for anyone who does not wish to pay ACTUAL CASH for Scorpions. Because you cannot earn them realistically.
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    Hello Developers, Im Carlos and im 38 year old and i have been playing Crossout for months now, and i really love the concept of building your own vehicle and using it in battles etc , this is a very cool concept that is only unique to crossout which i love. Another good concept wish i really love about crossout which is the variety of options and weapons that you can use in your strategies to battle, you can use cannons machine guns drones melee weapons many options which keeps the gameplay interesting an fun for a big number of population of players, My type of play (which is personal to me that keeps me interested) is automatic weapons, after all the grinding and shooting i did at first now I focus on strategic builds and tactical play and driving and let the automatic weapons like Caucasus, drones turrets do the shooting, as I am not such a fan of aiming and shooting, if i were i wouldn't be choosing crossout because the building and strategic part was most interesting to me than shooting. that my type of gameplay and that what keeps me interested in crossout. I never thought of quitting the game ever, for me crossout was really my most interesting game until the point where" the needs to use mouse to point and click on Caucasus" was introduced which disrupted all my gameplay, and the strategies I use which are centered on the automatic weapons are not functional anymore. I am not talking about meta or a complain about a nerf here i am talking about the functionality of my type of gameplay which is not possible anymore. this is my first time that i have posted on your forums and because i loved the game I thought it was important for me to explain why i am taking the decision to quit the game and move into something else. I dont think this post will change anything as the decision was already made, but for what its worth I wanna say Good luck to you guys. (if the automatic feature is back again in future ," meaning no need for the point and click using the mouse on targets, or being ablel to select between options automatic or point and click) I will be very interested in coming back as i really loved the game )
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    Aegis is over-Nerfed, it is ok to nerf its active time, but nerfing its radius in this way is just too much! ========================== Harpoon ‘Skinner’ Harpoon can stick to opponents, allies, terrain, drones, turrets. The harpoon will not stick to the bottom under water or acid. In mother Russia, fish doesn't live in the water. ========================== The Lockon Mechanism of Caucasus is very good, how about also adding it to the Pyre and Hurricane?
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    Please add hydraulic height adjustment to mechanical legs There are no excuses now
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    I think they should be bigger than the large wheel maybe by one block in total. That wouldn't be much but noticable and should jusitfy the 'Monster' label. They are epic so they should look epic.
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    might need to rethink the auto build feature see screen shot.
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    The numbers on the season step requirements are way too high. I felt lucky to complete two seasons last time you hiked it, but 17 wins is insane. Kill 78 raiders with a cannon? You guys must hate fun. This is the official high water mark where I decide to play something else until seasons are easier to complete and the match maker can find fair fights. Getting opponents TWICE my powerscore is not fun! Nor is being asked to grind this hard for marginal rewards. You nerfed the rewards from seasons a few times already, you made matches take longer by making the match timer longer, which means it takes even longer to win/lose, but I am very likely to lose when several opponents are TWICE my power score! Guys, when is enough finally enough and you bring back the rewards for f2p players? This is why this game is constantly being called out as a Pay 2 Win game on Steam. The f2p rewards are terrible. Actually, they are beyond terrible.
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    FLY ARE TOO OVERPOWERED!!!!! All they do is run around in scorpions and crossbows sheilds, it's simply not fair. obviously another hover nerf is NECESSARY so we can put an end to this BS and not be stomped on in clan wars.
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    Current ressource values: 1000 units scrap: 55,80 Coins 100 units copper: 6,15 Coins Current repair kit price: 450 Scrap = 25,11 Coins 50 Copper: 3,08 Coins Most efficient work bench: 4,50 Coins: Total cost: 32,69 Coins for 10 repair kits. 3,269 repair kit price Future repair kit price: 300 Scrap = 16,74 Coins 30 Copper: 1,85 Coins Most efficient work bench: Free Total cost: 18,59 Coins for 5 repair kits. 3,718 repair kit price Nice 14 % price increase developers. Instead of fixing the issue that nobody capable of basic math uses repair kits because they ARE more expensive than the MAXIMUM reward of any raid you amplify it. There is no economic justification for ever using a repair kit. It is a waste of money unless you absolutly need that last raid win because season resets in 3 minutes. And only then. No 13 energy cabin: Well, this is actually a somewhat hopeful sign from the developers that they might have begun to understand that energy is too important as a balancing parameter overall right now and that ANY 13 point energy cabin would be THE ONLY cabin worth using as a result. Although I am not quite sure about why the make excuses about it. Maybe because otherwise they would have to admit what everbody playing the game already knows.... THE CABIN ENERGY REBALANCE WAS A TOTAL FAILURE!
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    Similarly to how we can test drive vehicles, I would like the option to "test" items before I craft them, or even after I begin crafting them. I would like to click the item and see how it fits on my vehicle. I've had a couple instances where I crafted a new item, and it didn't fit how or where I thought it would. I had no way of knowing until I actually made the item, and I had to completely revamp my car. It would be nice to see this before I build it, so I can either pre-plan to make room for it, or pass on it and make something else.
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    I don't know what happened to them, but I hope the devs decided not to introduce any more auto-aim weapons.
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    Before I start, a little background of mine. I have been a Dota player for 15 years. In those 15 years I have read every single patch note and I have participated in every single discussion about said patches. I deeply understand the thing I am about to discuss here. Why am I starting this discussion? Because after the latest patch I have become convinced that the devs of this game simply do not understand the implications and the power of one of the items they have put into the game. The devs have attacked every single item in the game BUT this one. And what item is that you're asking yourself? Stealth is the most overpowered thing in ANY multiplayer game. And what you guys have in this game is a 12 second stealth with like 15 second cooldown using it in combination with Cheetah. This combo allows Hurricane hover spam. This item allows turret players to do a deep strike behind your lines. This item allowed the wedge builds to sneak up on you and flip you over. This item allowed Retchers out of nowhere that take you out withing seconds. This item ALONE is responsible for every single OP build that has ever graced this game. Remove stealth from those builds and what do you have left? If those builds didn't have stealth of this strength they would not even register on the annoyance radar of people. They would be more then manageable. 12 seconds in a game with high speed vehicles to line up your shot. 12 seconds to get where ever you need to be. 12 seconds to sneak behind enemy lines smack them with cannons and run away for 10 seconds for it to refresh with cheetah. 12 seconds to ignore any and all positioning the enemy has. 12 seconds to get the first shot at any place on the enemy vehicle. Do you have any idea how strong a 12 second stealth with no way to detect other than blind spray is? That ALONE is enough for it to be OP. But you also have Cheetah engine combo that refreshes it way to much. And I am saying this as someone who has been using stealth the moment I saw that it is in the game. People who don't use stealth imo as suckers they are a tier below any other vehicle in the game that has it. The recent hover nerf proves this. Every single hover build BUT the Hurricane build has been pretty much removed from the game. But the Hurricanes are still here still as strong and still as annoying because of the STEALTH and cheetah not the speed and mobility of hovers. How to fix this? Tweaks. Make it instead of 6s/12s stealth into 5s/10s or even as far as 4s/8s. Give Chameleon an exemption from being affected by cheetah. It is OP as hell as is the cheetah just made it stand out even more. Give more visual or audio ques that can help in detecting stealth. I would LOVE to hear everyone's opinion on this because after this patch I firmly believe that I am on the money with this suggestion. Gaijin does not understand the power of stealth. Just look at every other game with stealth in it. Heck even SINGLE PLAYER games have OP builds that have stealth, Look at Skyrim ffs what is the most OP build? Stealth archer. What was the most annoying PVP build in WoW? Rogue. What heroes are the most annoying in Dota? Put stealth in any game and it becomes OP if not balanced. And atm it is not balanced and the Gaijin cant see it (not sure if pun was intended).
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    Lets get a list going for "small issues" that aren't necessarily discussion-inducing: Salvaging, we need the option to salvage a certain amount, rather than just 1 or all. Most of the time, I want to salvage several, but always want to keep at least 1. Why doesn't the large fender work with the large tire? When joining a raid and you have no fuel, it asks if you want to use fuel from storage, and gives 2 pop-up windows. Please default it to the amount we need for the raid, and don't automatically pop up the window unless we want to change the amount. Same thing happens when you save over a blueprint - it automatically pops up a 2nd window to change its name. Most of the time, we don't want to change the name. When you are in your garage and click on an object, why does it immediately move? It shouldn't move until I try to move it.
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    Here is my entry for the contest! Name is "Amor Angel of the Wasteland". In game name: DUROV196616
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    It's surprising that devs are able to gather data concerning invasion and balance it in one week. But when it comes to more serious pvp modes they will tell you they are still gathering data. Sidekicks required 1 month to be nerfed. Right now cannons and scorpions obliterate everything in clan wars and 10k missions making it boring. People camp on their caps for whole 5 minutes because attacking puts you in worse position. Aegis is nerfed to the ground, I wonder if they already have it in data or not. Many other weapons are just a joke, like quasar or caucassus. Seriusly Gajin, give management stuffs back to Targem and go back to War Thunder.
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    @Robocraftman may want to lookup "selfish" on a dictionary... beware... could find a picture of yourself though
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    Survivors! Pyromaniacs and those who want more insanity! Firestarters came to the Wastelands! New faction ‘Firestarters’ Joining the ‘Firestarters’ faction becomes possible after reaching level 10 with the ‘Lunatics’ faction. When Khan began to unite the numerous gangs, he faced the problem of ideological unity among the half-crazed raiders. He had to find something that everyone would fear more than death. Instead of inventing something new, he turned to witches, sorcerers and other psychics already existing in the mass consciousness (and newly appeared in wastelands after the disaster). He personally met with several of them and made an offer to everyone, which was impossible to refuse. Thus began to form a caste, responsible for ideological work with the masses. For several years the quantity and quality of the Firestarters has increased. Now each unit has at least one mobile tent, or a mortar, or a cauldron, or at least a crystal ball, through which they contact the beyond. And control raiders. And to ensure security in the material world, each such car has an elite guard unit. Co-drivers New co-driver — Misty Before joining the Firestarters, she spent several years with the Lunatics, where she learned to shoot and fight well. But she achieved real mastery in dealing with fire. Skills and abilities: ‘Hard Steel 1’: melee weapon durability increased by 1%. ‘Oneshot 1’: ‘Junkbow’ shotgun damage increased by 1%. ‘Strong position’: ‘Shiv’ wheel structure increased by 3%. ‘Sticky’: the speed of harpoon reloading is increased by 3% ‘Lighter’: the radius of the fiery puddle from the ‘Incinerator’ is increased by 2%. ‘Hard steel 2: melee weapon durability increased by 2%. ‘Second chance’: durability of the drone remaining after the destruction of the cabin ‘Werewolf’ is increased by 25%. ‘Quickdraw’: reloading speed of the crossbow ‘Phoenix’ is increased by 3%. ‘Experienced’: the amount of reputation gained is increased by 2%. ‘Arsonist’: Fire damage dealt increased by 5%. ‘Hard steel 3’: melee weapon durability increased by 2%. ‘Oneshot 2’: ‘Junkbow’ shotgun damage increased by 2%. ‘Forehanded’: the number of shells of the mine-layer ‘Fortune’ is increased by 1. ‘Oneshot 3’: ‘Junkbow’ shotgun damage increased by 2% ‘Unstoppable’: maximum speed of all movement parts is increased by 3%. Cabins Cabin ‘Bat’ One of those cabins that the Firemen use to rush through the Wasteland carried by the night. Medium cabin Rarity: rare. Power score: 750. Amount of energy: 10 pts. Tonnage: 5000 kg. Weight limit: 8500 kg. Durability: 330 pts. Weight: 1050 kg. ‘Werewolf’ cabin With a cabin like this, a defeat can turn into a victory! And it does not fear silver bullets. Rarity: epic. Power score: 1800 Energy: 12 pts. Tonnage: 4000 kg. Weight limit: 8000 kg. Durability: 250 pts. Weight: 600 kg. Unique feature: When destroyed, leaves behind a controlled drone that can be detonated within 10 seconds. Movement Wheels ‘Shiv’ and ‘Shiv ST’ Pay attention to the original design of the wheels. Underlines the acuity of sensations when driving. The faster you go, the harder it hits with the spikes on the wheels! Rarity: rare. Power score: 90 Tonnage: +900 kg (ST: +500 kg.) Weight: 100 kg. Durability: 130 pts. Wheels ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Bigfoot ST’ It survived from the time of the competitions of giant trucks and was improved by Firestarters to more effectively crush the enemies. Rarity: epic. Power score: 225 Carrying capacity: +2250 kg. (ST: +1250 kg.) Weight: 280 kg. Durability : 445 pts. Unique feature: The distance traveled by this wheel is considered to be 50% higher for weapons and modules that take this into account. Please note that the maximum bonus of 50% is achieved only provided that all movement modules on the armored car are the wheels Bigfoot and Bigfoot ST. ‘Meat Grinder’ Auger An original means of transportation using the tech from some Archimedes guy. Each installed auger reduces the capacity of the cabin, but allows you to move freely sideways. Rarity: epic. Power score: 360. Tonnage: +2800 kg. Weight: 800 kg. Durability: 820 pts. Unique feature: ‘Can move sideways and deal damage to enemy vehicles’. Weapons Shotgun ‘Junkbow’ Together with the old world, mass production of ammunition has sunk to oblivion. It doesn't matter, because you can load ‘Junkbow’ with all sorts of junk right from the wasteland! Rarity: rare. Power score: 740 Durability: 182 pts. Power consumption: 4 pts. Weight: 189 kg. Harpoon ‘Skinner’ Harpoon an iron fish! This cannon launches a spear with a cable attached to it. Upon contact, it is fixed to the surface. Rarity: epic. Power score: 705. Durability: 307 pts. Power consumption — 3 units. Weight: 378 kg. Unique feature: Clings to surfaces and vehicle parts. Allies can unhook the cable. Crossbow ‘Phoenix’ For Firestarter engineers, a simple crossbow was not enough, so they screwed some explosives to it. Rarity: epic. Power score: 1175 Durability: 341 pts. Power consumption: 5 pts. Weight: 1012 kg. Ammunition: 18 volleys The bolt is attached to surfaces and vehicle parts and detonates after a short interval. The attached bolt can be shot. Upon hitting the water, the wick of the explosive is extinguished, and the bolt does not explode and does not deal damage. Catapult ‘Ashbringer’ Launches an incendiary projectile, its explosion leaves a burning area. After firing this weapon, Firestarters scream something about the fiery hyena. Apparently, they do not know that they are not found in the Wasteland. Rarity: epic. Power score: 1410 Durability: 423 pts. Power consumption: 6 pts. Weight: 540 kg. Ammunition: 10 volleys Leaves a pool of ignited combustible mixture at the explosion site, which damages all targets. ‘Fortune’ minelayer Launches three wheels, which roll happily and explode when they collide with an enemy or receive damage. They are stuffed with unstable explosives, so they detonate after 8 sec. Rarity: legendary Power score: 1625 Durability: 288 pts. Power consumption: 5 pts. Weight: 360 kg. Ammunition: 12 volleys Unique feature: Shells do not detonate when colliding with surfaces. ‘Draco’ flamethrower This used to be an agricultural flamethrower for destruction of weeds and pests. A rare case, when the essence has not changed over time. Rarity: legendary Power score: 1300. Durability: 283 pts. Power consumption: 4 pts. Weight: 270 kg. Ammunition: 120 charges. Unique feature: Heats the parts it hits. They receive up to 100% more damage depending on the heating. Hardware Engine ‘Oppressor’ An armored car with an engine like this will blow away everything in its path: small obstacles, sleepy raiders, a roof... Rarity: epic. Power score: 310 Tonnage: +3000 kg. Weight limit: +1000 kg. Max. speed: + 17% Power: + 30% Strength: 400 pts. Power consumption — 1 unit. Weight: 500 kg. Unique feature: Vehicle speed increases the speed of reloading of guns and missiles. Maximum effect: 30% at 80 km/h. Weapon booster ‘Tormentor’ With this hardware, all melee weapons start to spin like crazy and hurt everyone even more for 5 sec. But it overheats and becomes more vulnerable to damage. Rarity: epic. Power score: 470 Durability: 144 pts. Power consumption: 2 pts. Weight: 128 kg. Structural elements New factional parts are also available and can be obtained for achieving reputation levels with the ‘Firestarters’ faction. These parts can not be bought or sold on the market. Portraits Now, after reaching the third level of the faction, the player gets a new portrait ‘Sangay’ Came from the south a few years after the disaster. Firestarters did not ask him what he had been doing all this time, and they deserved the trust of Sangay. he silent warrior, obediently carrying out the strictest orders, quickly fit into the gang and won the favour of their leader, Odeon, and rose to the honorary post of the standard-bearer (and sometimes the assassin).But these days such unconditional devotion to anything is hard to believe. Most likely, Sangay experienced something so terrifying during the disaster that all he's left with is following someone else's orders. Now, after reaching the seventh level of the faction, the player gets a new portrait ‘Etna’ You won't confuse Etna with any other girl from the Wasteland — her height and bright red hair really make her stand out. She was born among Firestarters after the disaster and was named in honour of the active volcano. She always follows their ritual chariots and one day wants to get behind the wheel of one of them. The only one who does not fear the rage of the raging Vesuvius and can calm him down.Has an affectionate nickname ‘kind volcano’. Now, after reaching the 15th level of the faction, the player receives a new portrait ‘Vesuvius’ One of the most dangerous Firestarters. Hates the whole world and hid from people after a catastrophe, when only ashes remain from his native city. Known for his patient nature. Rarely loses his temper, but when he does, it's better to stay away. Ruthless, uses an open flame as a battle flag. Achievements New achievements are available: Pyromancer Reach the 1st, 5th and 15th reputation levels with the ‘Firestarters’ faction. Out of the frying pan into the fire Get the 1st, 10th, 50th and 100th prestige level with the ‘Firestarters’ faction. Changes in structural parts With this update, the PS parameters will decrease for structural parts. Please, pay attention that these balance tweaks doesn’t apply to bumpers, frames and passive melee weapons. A logical question might follow: ‘Why?’ We will try to explain. Analyzing the collected statistics, we came to the conclusion that the PS of structural parts contributed too much to the overall PS index of the armored car. At equal PS values armored cars with a large number of parts often lost to opponents with fewer structural parts, but more guns. In order to make the necessary changes to the in-game balance, we slightly reduced the role of structural parts. Thus, we adjust the PS armored vehicles and automatically transfer these theoretical players to different queues. The change will allow the system to more accurately select players, based on the power of their weapons. As for the change in the durability and mass parameters, we have modified them in such a way that the appearance of the part more closely matches the declared characteristics, and both light and heavy parts can be equally appealing for building an armored vehicle. In general, durability of light parts will decrease and increase for heavy parts. Also, adjustments were made to mass. We would like to mention the parts of the faction ‘Scavengers’. In general, they became lighter, which corresponds to our idea of the parts of this faction compared to the parts of Steppenwolfs. Balance changes to structural parts will allow them to more effectively perform the function that was originally conceived for each of them. On average, durability of the parts was changed as follows: General parts (ex. ‘Grilles’) — reduced by 25%. Lunatics — reduced by 15%. Engineers — increased by 14%. Nomads — increased by 8%. Dawn's Children — increased by 2%. We would like to highlight the factions ‘Scavengers’ and ‘Steppenwolfs’. Their parts will change not only in durability, but also in mass. Scavengers Durability increased by 2%. Mass decreased by 25%. Steppenwolfs Durability increased by 20%. Mass reduced by 5%. Also pay attention to the fact that the names have changed in some structural parts (the former ‘Grilles’). Experience points in combat Points are now awarded for the destruction of absolutely all parts installed on enemy armored cars. If earlier they were awarded only for the destruction of cabins, guns, hardware and movement modules, now experience will also be awarded for the destruction of decor, frames and structural parts. Changes in the mechanics of repair kit production In this update, we made changes to the mechanics of repair kit production. The process of creating them has become easier for all players. Survivors no longer have to pay for renting the Engineers workbench to craft the next set of repair kits. Now the repair kits are created on the Engineers Workbench, whose rent is free for everyone, and access to their creation is opened from the 4th level of the Engineers faction. The amount of resources required for crafting is reduced to 300 units of scrap metal and 30 units of copper. The number of received repair kits is also reduced to 5 pieces. Auto-assembly Now players have an opportunity to quickly assemble an armored car. The system automatically selects a random variant of a suitable car from pre-loaded blueprints collected during the ‘New fractional craft’ competition, from the parts that you have in stock. The auto-assembly button is located to the right of the Leviathan slot The car will be painted in a random paint from the ones available in your warehouse The blueprint is saved in the player's slot, instead of the current one. We recommend that you save the blueprint of your armored car before you start auto-assembly. With the help of auto-assembly it is impossible to assemble a Leviathan. Tutorial Rookie players will now receive a special chain of tasks that will help them get used to the Wasteland and get acquainted with the basic principles of the game. For completion of the tasks, players will receive portraits and paints of the ‘Engineers’ faction, as well as resources. Please note that the portraits and paints of the ‘Engineers’ faction are no longer in the gear received for level-ups. For those experienced players who have not yet reached level 30 in the Engineers faction, all the missing paints and portraits will be issued separately. Daily challenges and daily login rewards are now available from level 5. Game Modes General Added new leaders for raiders of the factions ‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’ and ‘Scavengers’. Seasons Tasks for the use of melee weapons now have an additional condition, which makes it possible to use explosive spears. Clan battles Only armored cars with 6000 PS are higher are allowed to participate in clan battles. When a player leaves a clan, the current tournament becomes unavailable for him. Brawls Big black scorpions The map ‘Fortress’ is added to the rotation. Missions Minimum requirement for PS for access to the mission ‘Get the wires!’ increased to 4000 PS. Raids The minimum PS requirements for access to raids have been changed: Medium difficulty — 4000 PS. Hard difficulty — 5000 PS. ‘Invasion’ — 4000 PS. Now enemy difficulty in all raids is further adjusted depending on the total PS of your group. Assault On all difficulties the starting time allocated for the destruction of the first tower is increased by 5 seconds. Cargo race On all difficulties the starting time allocated for picking up the first cargo is increased by 10 seconds. Invasion The amount of copper obtained in the ‘Invasion’ mode is increased by 20%. Parts Weapons Automatic weapon ‘Caucasus’ A manual targeting system was introduced. Now the machine gun does not start shooting until the player manually indicates the target for it. Target indication is carried out by pressing and holding the key set for the ‘Caucasus’. After locking the target (the white frame changes to red with a distinctive sound), you can release the key. The enemy can escape the target status by hiding behind an obstacles or moving far enough. After 2 seconds, the target state will be reset. In this case, it will be necessary to again indicate the target for the ‘Caucasus’. ‘In our opinion, the automatic machine gun Caucasus is a good weapon, but in its current form has several significant drawbacks, including a complete lack of control over the weapon. Also, Caucasus partially competes with the drones ‘AD-12 Falcon’, occupying an adjacent niche. Therefore, we decided to introduce a system of manual targeting, this will allow us to control the behaviour of our weapons, although it will make it slightly more demanding for the player's skills, and also distances it from other AI weapons’. Shotgun ‘Junkbow’ Optimal range increased by 50%. Spread is reduced by 17%. Now the gun mostly has horizontal spread. ‘We like the mechanics of ‘Junkbow’ and the gameplay that it offers. For effective combat, the player must approach the enemy to destroy half of the car with the first volley or demolish all the enemy guns (sometimes the second volley may no longer be needed). But this gameplay requires great skill and does not forgive misses, and only experienced and patient players can achieve high scores. We decided to make ‘Junkbow’ more friendly to beginners slightly increasing its accuracy and optimal range of fire. With these changes, ‘Junkbow’ will remain a weapon focused exclusively on close combat, but it will be easier to deal potential damage to the enemy’. Machine gun ‘ST-M26 Tackler’ Damage reduced by 15%. The impulse reduced by 14% ‘Due to low presence in the game Tackler is not so common in combat, so it took us more time to gather informative data on its use in combat. In the end, we came to the conclusion that the efficiency of the machine gun was substantially higher relative to the other purple weapons and decided to slightly weaken its damage.’ Crossbow ‘Spike-1’ Reloading time increased by 25%. ‘Crossbow Spike is a unique event weapon, with a limited amount in the game that you can not get anywhere except to buy on the market. It has a high damage per second and accuracy and stands out strongly against the background of the rest of the purple weapons. Therefore, we came to a decision to slightly weaken the Spike by increasing the time of its reloading. With these corrections, Spike will remain one of the most effective epic weapons, but will cease to be a universal solution in battle.’ Drone ‘AD-12 Falcon’ Active drone time increased by 50%. Damage reduced by 30%. Drone durability reduced by 50%. ‘We received a lot of positive feedback from the players after changing the Cobra in the update 0.8.50. We also like the updated turret, which has ceased to be an ultimate and universal weapon, but remains sufficiently effective and in demand among the players. Therefore, we decided to apply such changes, with increased active time and reduced damage, to the Falcon quadcopter, which has recently taken the place of the turret. Turret DT Anaconda Active time increased by 50%. Rate of fire increased by 25%. Damage reduced by 53%. Durability reduced by 63%. Now the turret attacks with homing missiles. Drone ‘MD-3 Owl’ Active time increased by 20%. Damage reduced by 25%. Drone durability increased by 50%. Now the drone attacks with homing missiles. Epic turrets and quadcopters used to be ineffective and not popular with players, but we decided not to touch this weapon until all the necessary corrections for their rare counterparts were made. We believe that we have found the correct formula for the work of AI weapons, so in this update, Owl and Anaconda receive a significant improvement in the form of homing missiles. In addition, we subject them to the same changes that have occurred with the Cobra turret in the past patch, and adjust the time of their work, damage and durability. Turret ‘Barrier IX’ Reloading time reduced by 60%. Shield durability reduced by 60%. ‘In the current game state, the protective turret is not very effective. The essential protection that the Barrier gives is almost completely leveled by a long reloading, and is ineffective in fast and dynamic battles. We decided to weaken the shield, but to reduce the reloading time of the turret, this should make the Barrier turret more suitable for high-speed battles in Crossout.’ Flamethrower ‘Firebug’ Now, when destroyed, the flamethrower does not explode or damage the armored car. ‘We decided to remove the Firebug's explosion on destruction. The loss of weapons in itself is a negative event and punishing the player with additional damage seems excessive. Flamethrower ‘Firebug’, mine-layer ‘Porcupine’, howitzer ‘mandrake’, mines in ‘Raid’ mode Now fire damage from these weapons heats up parts and increases the damage dealt to them. ‘We decided to add a heating effect to all the weapons that deal fire damage in our game. We think this is logical from the point of view of mechanics, and the logic of the world. The heating effect of these weapons is not as significant as that of the Aurora, and it takes much more time to heat the part to maximum.’ Movement ‘Meat Grinder’ auger Now augers are equally accelerated along a straight and diagonal trajectory. Cabins Humpback A new unique feature of the cabin: Receiving damage temporarily increases the damage dealt. The maximum effect is 25% at 1000 pts. of damage.’ Note that the damage done to any part of the armored car is taken into account. New welding points have been added. ‘We believe that the previous unique feature of the cabin was too situational and relevant only for some assemblies. We want the heavy-cabin assemblies to play the role of heavyweight tanks, that can absorb a lot of damage while in the thick of the battle. The new unique feature of the ‘Humpback’ will allow it to do it with profit, increasing its own damage. In light of this change, we suggest that you take a fresh look at assemblies using the Humpback and the tracks / mechanical legs’. Hardware ‘Aegis Prime’ protective field Reloading time reduced by 44%. Active time is reduced by 60%. Shield radius reduced by 38%. ‘Cheetah’ engine The unique feature of the engine has been changed. Now every 100 meters passed reduce the remaining time of cooldowns for modules, turrets and drones by 20%. The engine no longer affects the recharge time of guns. Boosters and Invisibility modules Now the activation of accelerators while invisible leads to the early termination of the invisibility. Interface Added a new string ‘Not for fusion’ to the description of all paints and decor, which can not be used in mixing and fusion. Bug fixes Improved the ‘Wing’ model. Modified model of the gun ‘Tsunami’. Fixed the bug of the ‘Travel Bag’ animation. The error in determining the current window mode is fixed. Fixed an error with displaying the ammunition marker in some raids. Fixed a bug where the use of the Cerberus cockpit was not counted as the use of melee weapons in seasons. Fixed self-destruct indicator of the cabin ‘Icebox’. Fixed a bug with displaying resources in the ‘Track’ function. Fixed a bug with no welding points on the gun ‘Judge 76mm’. Fixed a bug with displaying the added time in the raid ‘Cargo chase’. Fixed a flip bug with the enemy team. Fixed a bug of suspension for the ‘Shiv’ wheels. Fixed a bug with welding points in the ‘Ammo pack’ item. Fixed a bug when entering test drive with an open chat window. Fixed a bug that allowed to create a Leviathan with insufficient reputation. Neutrino sight was fixed in the absence of direct visibility of the target. Fixed a bug with welding points for the ‘Mandrake’ part. Fixed some elements of the interface. Fixed a situation in which the Auger ‘Meat grinder’ could not deal damage. Fixed the direction of the tread in ‘Wheels with chains’. Fixed a number of errors in texts Fixed several map bugs. Improved the function ‘Whisper’ in combat chat. Improved camera behaviour when assembling the car. The display of a number of parameters in the parts descriptions has been improved. Discuss it here!
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    1st you NERF turrets that I used so went to Hover build then that NERFED so I bought some Cauccasses and now there NERFED just nerf the whole damn game into the ground why don't ya I will not spend another dime on here oh ya and the Humpback got Nerfed also after buying that
  34. 11 points
    And now hovers are basically dead... They only lived at all because of aegis.. And now it is nerfed so bad. And now with small aegis radius, scorpions will penetrate through the whole shield and can even oneshot the aegis itself through the shield. Cannon meta was bad even before the patch, now there is nothing stopping it. And humpback mammoths get even more dmg with the new perk. Why don't you ever do gradual nerfing? There is no way to ever reach balance if nerfs are always 50 % off, 100 % more etc...
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    Survivors! Pyromaniacs and those who want more insanity! The advance detachment of Firestarters had already arrived in the Wasteland, and, on this occasion, Psycho Pete himself gave them his best hangar. What does this mean? Quite right! Soon the Firestarters will start calling on survivors to join their ranks. In the meantime, join the ‘Pyromania’ and prepare for this unforgettable meeting! New parts and a unique armored car are waiting for everyone. The leader of Firestarters Odegon made sure there's enough parts for everyone! In-game event ‘Pyromania’ To make sure every survivor could assess and test the upcoming innovations as early as possible, we are preparing an in-game event ‘Pyromania’. The event will last till the ‘Firestarters’ faction release. While it's active, Survivors will have access to a special mission called ‘Hot Spot’, where they can get a unique temporary resource: lighters.Remember that this resource can only be earned through a special mission! New temporary resource: ‘Lighters’ Lighters can be obtained only in the special mission ‘Hot Spot’. Lighters can not be sold or purchased on the market. After the end of the in-game event, all unused lighters will be withdrawn without exchange for any resources. At last the day came when the altar of Firestarters became accessible to everyone. The cult's adepts are ready to exchange lighters and resources for special faction parts and faction stickers. We advise you to take a closer look at their offer, because the exchange is extremely open and honest, despite the frightening appearance of the adepts themselves. You provide them with valuable resources for continuing experiments, they will give you the desired parts or sticker from the assortment, among which: Wheel ‘Shiv’ Rarity: rare. Tonnage: +900 kg. Weight: 100 kg. Structure: 130 pts. Resistant to melee damage. When in contact with an enemy, the blades inflict damage.The higher the speed, the higher the damage done. Manufacturing requires: 650 units of scrap metal; 50 units of copper; 150 lighters; ‘Small wheel’ — 3 pcs.; ‘Medium wheel’ — 2 pcs.; ‘Radio’ — 2 pcs. Shiv ST (steering) Rarity: rare. Tonnage: +500 kg. Weight: 100 kg. Structure: 130 pts. Resistant to melee damage. When in contact with an enemy, the blades inflict damage.The higher the speed, the higher the damage done. Manufacturing requires: 650 units of scrap metal; 50 units of copper; 150 lighters; ‘Small Wheel ST’ — 3 pcs.; ‘Medium Wheel ST’ — 2 pcs.; ‘Radar’ — 2 pcs. Cabin ‘Bat’ Medium cabin. Rarity: rare. Amount of energy: 10 pts. Tonnage: 5000 kg. Weight limit: 8500 kg. Structure: 330 pts. Weight: 1050 kg. Manufacturing requires: 650 units of scrap metal; 50 units of copper; 150 lighters; Cabin ‘Huntsman’ — 3 pcs.; ‘Avia Booster’ — 2 pcs.; ‘Weapon Radiator’ — 2 pcs. Shotgun ‘Junkbow’ Rarity: rare. Structure: 182 pts. Power consumption: 4 pts. Weight: 189 kg. Manufacturing requires: 650 units of scrap metal; 50 units of copper; 150 lighters; Shotgun ‘Lupara’ — 3 pcs.; ‘Car Jack’ — 2 pcs.; Cabin ‘Docker’ — 2 pcs. Harpoon ‘Skinner’ Rarity: epic. Structure: 307 pts. Power consumption — 3 units. Weight: 378 kg. Manufacturing requires: 650 units of scrap metal; 200 units of copper; 800 units of wires; 300 lighters; Shotgun ‘Sledgehammer’ — 2 pcs.; ‘Rocket Booster’ — 2 pcs.; Engine ‘Razorback’ — 2 pcs. Features: Harpoon can stick to opponents, allies, terrain, drones, turrets. The harpoon will not stick to the bottom under water or acid. If the length of the cable is enough to hit the target, you will see a corresponding change in crosshairs: an additional round frame will light up around it. When the distance between the connected cars changes, the length of the cable will change accordingly. The cable can break from excessive load Cables can stick to allies and enemies The owner of the cable can unhook it at any time An ally can unhook the cable at any time. In addition, in the settings you can prevent allies from hooking your vehicle with the harpoon (by default, the option is disabled). The enemy can not unhook the cable Firestarter stickers The advance detachment of Firestarters brought the first faction stickers to the Valley. Asmodeus Rarity: epic. Belial Rarity: epic. Flauros Rarity: epic. Producing the stickers requires: 650 units of scrap metal; 50 units of copper; 50 lighters New pack ‘Arsonist’ Unique armored car Wild Fire on augers; Weapons: two rare Junkbow shotguns; A unique cabin Cerberus of epic rarity The Cerberus cabin is a survivor's best friend. It understands everything, but just can't say it. Guts enemies in melee, as if it has three mouths. Light cabin Amount of free energy: 12 pts.Additional 1 unit of energy is used by the built-in melee weapon by default. Structure: 285 pts. Tonnage: 4000 kg. Weight limit: 8500 kg. Weight: 850 kg. Unique feature: ‘Fast cabin with a built-in melee weapon’. Auger walker ‘Meat Grinder’ Durable all-terrain chassis Rarity: epic Tonnage: +2800 kg Structure: 820 pts. Weight: 800 kg. Unique feature: ‘Can move sideways and deal damage to enemy vehicles’. Early access to structural parts of the ‘Firestarters’ faction. Unique portrait of the hero: Red Hot; A unique paint can: Fire Salamander of legendary rarity; Increases the maximum number of parts used to 60; Unique sticker Capricorn; 3800 in-game coins. Once upon a time, Red Hot had a name that was not so terrible, he performed in a fire show and was the most enthusiastic artist in his group. But the all-consuming passion for fire and carelessness cost him his career, and his partner's life. After this incident, he vowed never to handle fire again. But after the disaster everything started spinning like poi at a show. The ability to deftly and effectively manage the fire element gained Red Hot respect among Lunatics. And soon he was promoted to a Firestarter. He changed his name and image to Red Hot, put on frightening war paint and sat behind the wheel of an insane craft, which he found on the set of some B-movie. Now he loves to saw and burn all those who are disliked by Firestarters, and he tries not try to remember the broken oath and the old friend. What an upstanding guy! Game Modes Missions Practice The mode is renamed to ‘Patrol’. Earned reputation in ‘Patrol’ mode is increased from 30% to 50%. General For players with rank 10 with the ‘Engineers’ faction and higher, the maximum battle time is increased to 5 minutes. For players with rank 10 with the ‘Engineers’ faction and higher, the time required to capture the base is multiplied by 1.5. For all players the maximum time of the battle in “Clan battle” increased to 5 minutes. The time required to capture the base, is also multiplied by 1.5 times For all players the maximum battle time in ‘Patrol’ mode is increased to 5 minutes.The time required to capture the base is also multiplied by 1.5. If the player who left a battle before completing it met the minimum requirements to receive the reward, he will receive the following reward: In the missions ‘Get the machine gun!’, ‘Get the shotgun!’, ‘Get the cabin !’, ‘Get the gun!’and ‘Get the wheels!: earned reputation points + 3 units of scrap metal. In the mission ‘Patrol’: earned reputation points + 1 unit of scrap metal. In the mission ‘Get the wires!’: Earned reputation points + 2 units of wires. In the special mission ‘Hot spot’: Earned reputation points + 2 units of event resource. Raids Chase Truck speed is reduced by 17%. Truck weapon damage is reduced by 10%. Difficulty level: Medium and Hard Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Nomads’, ‘Lunatics’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are reduced by 20%. Escort Now, during the raid on difficulty levels ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’ Survivors have to fight with the leaders who are trying to destroy the truck. Believe me, they won't let you through easily. Prepare all your weapons and fight back against the leaders! Difficulty level: Medium Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Nomads’ faction are reduced by 20%. Difficulty level: Hard Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Nomads’ faction are reduced by 20%. Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are increased by 20%. Frontier Defence Now, after capturing the tower, players are shown a wave count of enemies. Difficulty level: Medium Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Nomads’ faction are reduced by 20%. Difficulty level: Hard Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Nomads’ faction are reduced by 20%. Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’ faction are reduced by 10%. Defence Difficulty level: Hard Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are increased by 20%. Heist Difficulty level: Hard Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Scavengers’ faction are increased by 20%. Cargo race Difficulty level: Hard Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are increased by 20%. Siege Difficulty level: Hard Damage and structure of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are increased by 20%. Parts Movement Hover ‘Icarus IV’ and ‘Icarus VII’ Now the hovers have identical acceleration along a straight and diagonal trajectory. Hovers now have a speed limit. PS value for hovers is increased from 150 to 225. The introduction of hovers into the game made battles more dynamic and interesting, but it also affected many things, including game balance. We believe that hovers, as parts of epic rarity, should have an advantage over rare parts, but in the current situation this advantage seems too big. Unmatched maneuverability and high speed of hovers allow them to dodge cannon projectiles and escape machine-gun fire, thus eliminating their main drawback — low structure. Therefore, we decided to compensate for their extreme efficiency by introducing a maximum speed limit. We also decided to increase their Power Score to limit their number in battles at low PS, where hovers have an unconditional advantage over common wheels. Weapons Shotgun ‘Sledgehammer’ Structure is increased by 10% (from 87 to 96). ‘Spitfire’ shotgun Structure is increased by 5% (from 163 to 171). ‘Spectre-2’ machine gun. Structure is increased by 10% (from 123 to 135). Cannon ‘Avenger 57mm’ Damage reduced by 10% Cannon ‘Judge 76mm’ Damage reduced by 10% Cannon ‘Executioner 88mm’ Damage reduced by 10% GL-55 Impulse grenade launcher Damage reduced by 10% In this update we keep correcting explosive damage after changes of the new explosions system. In the last balance update we’ve corrected the most unbalanced weapons. This update is devoted to other weapons, that still need some changes. Bearing in mind the fact, that now it’s easier to shoot off light weapons with weapons that deal explosive damage, we’ve increased their structure parameters. It should increase their survivability in battles. Turret ‘Barrier IX’ The turret now activates 2 seconds after the moment it's deployed. DT Cobra turret Turret damage reduced by 50%. Turret active time increased by 100%. Initially, the short active time of the Cobra turrets was compensated for by their high damage. Unfortunately, in situations where the player did not have time to destroy them before activation, he had little chance of survival. We decided to double their active time and reduce the damage proportionally. This change will keep the total damage during a turret's operation level, as well as give players who did not immediately notice the placed turrets, a chance to escape from the firing zone or destroy them. ‘Fuze’ drone and ‘Mandrake’ howitzer Reduced the minimum angle of fragment scattering after the explosion. After analyzing statistics and conducting tests, we found that if the car was far enough from the epicenter of the explosion, most of its parts were at an angle smaller than the minimum fragment scattering angle. Because of this, damage from the explosion decreased. This situation is typical for explosions with a large radius, and specifically only for the ‘Fuze’ drone and ‘Mandrake’. We have reduced the minimum scattering angle of the fragments, which should increase the effectiveness of these guns. Explosives Spears now pass through energy shields without detonation. Auger Now called ‘Borer’. Miscellaneous If the raider machine is replaced by a player machine, a special message is now displayed. Improved several visual effects. Improved the ‘Thunderbolt’ shotgun effect. The sound of burning is improved. The map of the world has been improved. The appearance of descriptions for missions, raids, and brawls has been improved. Added new raiders as opponents in the ‘Raid’ mode. Added descriptions of portraits. Improved vehicle stability. Now the players who left the fight are listed as dead. Bug fixes Improved game client stability Fixed a bug with blacklisted player's status. Fixed a number game client freezes. Improved the GPU selection algorithm. Fixed a bug with ATGM missiles passing through cars. Fixed a bug with the ATGM camera detaching from the missiles. Fixed a bug with wheel tracks when using HBAO+. Fixed a bug with patch display in debriefing. Fixed a bug with part silhouettes during car assembly. Fixed a bug with minimizing / maximizing the game window. Fixed a bug with the player name covered by animated frames. Fixed hover bugs over certain sections of the map. Improved the behaviour of raiders and drones on a number of maps. Improved the paint for ‘Steppe spider’ cabin. Fixed several map bugs. Fixed a bug with player list sorting in ‘Big Black Scorpions’. Fixed a bug in the description of the brawl ‘Big Black Scorpions’. Modified models for a number of parts. Fixed a bug with the ‘Perfect Defence’ patch. Fixed a bug with the timer for car jack usage on a car equipped with ATGM. Fixed a bug with invisible mines. Fixed a bug with drones unable to lift from behind an energy shield. Fixed a bug with picking up cargo if you stand next to it before activating it. Improved a number of texts and descriptions. Fixed a rare bug in the animation of the ‘Falcon’ drones. Fixed a bug with vehicle behaviour from the faction blueprint ‘Nimble’. Fixed a bug with counting likes at the Exhibition. Fixed a bug with rendering ‘Reaper’ minigun tracers. Fixed a bug where pressing the ‘Manufacture’ button could send you into battle. Fixed a bug with mouce devices with more than three buttons. Discuss it here!
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    Regarding repair kits: Before you got 10 for 450 scrap, 50 copper and a workbench rental. On XBox, that's very roughly 14 coin per repair kit. Now you'll get 5 for 300 scrap and 30 copper with a free workbench. On XBox, again, that's very roughly 20 coin per repair kit. That's not "easier" to obtain as you claim, that's harder.
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    Pls not. I like fighting 5 mins very much .
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    1. Tormentor Very weak Boosting melee dmg 30% for 5 sec, not bad. But in the current patch, when the melee cuts up any explosive module, it will get destroyed quickly, and Tormentor's self-heating only worthen the problem. In another word, Tormentor makes your melee weapon almost disposable, but if we really want to do some kamikaze attack, the spears are always better than a Harvester-Tormentor combo isn't it? Also, 2 energy seems to be a lot considering its function, Even OP thing like Chameleon only costs 1 energy, Come on! Suggestion: Reduce energy cost to 1. or Cancel the side-effect of self-heating. 2. Werewolf Weak Frankly speaking, this cabin has nearly no advantage in comparison to Quantum, It has less carrying capability, less cabin power, higher PS, but what it gets in return is ignorable speed advantage (10). Its Perk is nothing but useless, a Fuze drone with 100 HP and low explosion damage? Even it makes its way to an enemy, its explosion is not strong enough even for taking away one single wheel. Suggestion: If you cannot give us 13 energy cabin anyway, just make its Perk more useful, More HP and higher damage for the special drone, please. 3. Incinerator Weak One of the most adorable weapons in the new faction, but sadly, only adorable. This weapon has Horrible projectile speed and firing angle, incredibly slow reloading rate, making it one of the weapons that are hardest to aim in this game. If the difficulty on aiming can be compensated with destructive power, then it is OK, but sadly, Incinerator's power is low: In order to somehow damage the enemy, the enemy needs to sit in the fire for a considerable amount of time without any movement, in a real battle, even mech leg dudes can safely walk out of the flaming area before get gas-generator ignited. In most cases, a direct hit of dual Incenerator can only burn away enemy's rubber ducks. Also, its alpha damage is ignorable, which means you cannot harm hover no matter how hard you try. Suggestion: Reduce its energy cost to 5. or Reduce the reloading time to 6 4.Fortune Weak The major problem of this weapon is the Cricket can be the perfect replacement of Fortune. Just think of it: Fortune has lower DPS than Cricket's even we ignore Cricket's Perk. Fortune has much less range than Cricket. Fortune's HP is higher than Cricket, but its profile is tripled. Fortune's wheel can be easily shot down by bullets, while Cricket's cannot. Fortune can hardly aim at enemy's weapon while Cricket can. There is hardly existing a situation that Fortune's performance can beat Cricket. Suggestion: Buff Fortune's Alpha damage. Give the wheel higher projectile speed upon launching, so they can reach further targets. 5. Porcupine Need tweak Porcupine's most serious problem is always there and didn't be changed: Its barrel always gets triggered due to any kinds of damage, resulting in failure on damaging the target or directly suicide. When you attack a foe for one time, there forms a flaming puddle, and your second hit can never hit its target because it will be triggered by the puddle. When you try to use Porcupine in front of an MG enemy, it is impossible, because the barrels will explode upon launched and kill yourself. When you have a Teammate who owns a Tesla gun, if you use Porcupine near him, your barrel will be triggered by his Tesla and kill yourself hilariously. Suggestion: Just give the barrel a little bit HP will be very helpful, even 50 HP can help the situation a lot. Thanks for reading!
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    You devs really seem bent on running off as many players as you can from this game. You have yet again completely ruined an item in the game, this time the Aegis Shield. Just like you did with the Tow and the FUZE drone you nerfed it to the point of being totally useless, no point in even having it in the game. The protective field is so small now (it was already tiny enough) and it lasts such a short period that it can't be made use of for anything really No wonder so many of us are tired of this game and so many are quitting it, the rules change EVERY few weeks and things you worked hard for become garbage. Sorta like this game is quickly becoming.
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    I know, question is a bit weird. But, I hardly see players play with it. Even, I bought x4 ML 200 yesterday. I played over 40 matches I believe. And couple of raids. I tested with Quantum, Growl and Wyvern cabins. - ML 200 has nice and faster mechanism to turn around where you stand. Even, it's hard to stop it in right position. - Enemy easy to dive down your frame parts and kill you. Even, they carry you all over the map. Those legs should be heavier to carry but! - It's hard to survive between 7-10k matches with those. However it's more reliable at 5k matches. 'cause of high resistance is helping to survival. - It's for sort of fantasy builds I believe. 'cause those are too slow to catch others even with faster cabins. If you stay last, there will be troll setups waiting for you. (like invisible drone carriers and melee/shotgun vehicle which hide under your frame parts. lol) - Can add Train plow which prevent enemy. But, this adds a lot mass and PS. In high PS allready trouble for them. You know, they slow plus hard to escape from enemy. - I guess, high PS (225) which also hold players at background for them. My suggestions are a bit simple expectation to be done. + Add some kind of jump mechanism to prevent those enemy come to get under of your vehicle. Give them a nasty damage to make them regret. This damage gonna plus more for each legs. But, doin' slow reload timer too. + Add a bit better start speed. Not like hovers but make them usuable for many facts like in raids. Need to catch points before time out. + Add them taekwondo ability to hit enemy with leg attacks at close combat.. OK that was joke! Anyway, If the DEVs aren't planning to improve those ML 200s, they will be unlogical to use. Or, what do you suggest for them to use? Something I miss about?!
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    Can we possibly get a version of the Armored Tracks that's fast? With obviously much less armor and tonnage. The problem with Small tracks is that they lack the bogey suspension of Armored Tracks as well as having an incredibly short length which makes them only suitable if you have multiple in a line for an aesthetically displeasing design or use them for a fast half-track design. After all who wouldn't want to kick up sand with this sexy vehicle.
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    Don't use real world logic to argue game world logic. Game world is fiction, just like Peter Pan and houses made of candy in the forest. Try to fight a tank with a shotgun and chainsaw on a car in real life...
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    Good day people, with the following suggestions i hope to provide solutions for the devs for the somewhat unfinished Steppenwolfs faction and provide a solution against pure lance builds. I have been thinking a lot before actually writing something down to post here and i'm thinking these idea's can fill up the empty spaces in this particular faction. The suggestions i made are to greatly improve teamplay. Since the Steppenwolfs faction is based on a military group, communication should be right up thier alley. Communication is what the Steppenwolfs should stand out in. Some of the parts i described below i read about in Jimlock's topic about the Steppenwolfs. I took the time to work it all out to see how they would look and preform stat wise. Here is what i came up with: A new scope with with a built in radar detector. I'm not sure about which special ability it should get but i think it should be just one of the 2 options i described in the stats. About its shape and size im not sure yet, but it should be rather bulky and definetly heavy. The AH-64 MTADS has a laser designator which could be used by the player to target enemies for teamates with guided missiles or artillery. It would add an extra dimension to team play. For the laser lock on, i suggest to use the same system that is used by the Caucasus, with extended range. If this would make the part overpowered, leave it out. And to differ from the Neutrino, it should not have an explosive detector. STATS: Rarity: Epic Argus Visor/Radar Allows zooming in on targets, giving the pilot good oversight on the battlefield with its built-in radar detector and target lead system. The laser designator allows teamates with guided missiles to fire at your target. Line of sight must be maintained at all time during the attack, or the missiles will miss thier target. The sensors were scavenged from a almost prestine AH-64 sitting in Hangar 18 at the military base. -Thermal vision -Enemy detection radius: 400 m -Detects enemies in cover: 350 m -Location/target info transmission radius: 400 m -POWER SCORE 650 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 680 pts. -Energy drain: 2 -Mass 760 kg ______________________________________________ (option 1) *Built in target lead prediction (option 2) * Built in rangefinder For its shape i want to suggest to take elements From: -Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor System (M-TADS/PNVS) from the AH 64. -Fire Control Radar (FCR) also form the AH 64 A heavy tank engine. STATS: Rarity: Legendary Terminator Engine Stripped from a ditched M1A1 by the side of the road. A titanic engine for titanic vehicles. Only one engine can be mounted on a vehicle. -POWER SCORE 800 ______________________________________________ -Tonnage: +2500 kg. -Mass Limit: +4000 kg. -Max. Speed: +15% -Power: +100% ______________________________________________ -Durability: 650 pts. -Energy drain: 1 -Mass: 960 kg ______________________________________________ *weapon and missile reload speed increased by 25%. For the engines model i want to suggest to take elements from the: Honeywell AGT1500. Its the perfect engine for Crossout because it can run on 4 different types of fuel. A new ammo pack I've had the idea for a while to make it possible for tanks to switch between types of shells. Airburst or proximity shells allows you to hit enemies in cover with reduced damage compared to direct hits This would also be an excellent addition for bot of the autocannons ingame. The abillity to have rounds explode right above player's heads or behind the building the are hiding is likely to have a very disorienting effect on the enemy, even when the damage is relativly low. This will also be a good countermeasure against drone. STATS: Rarity: Epic Versatile Ammo Pack Ammunition Increases ammo and missile reserves by 75% When destroyed, explodes and deals 200 dmg in a 2 m radius -POWER SCORE: 300 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 350 pts. -Mass: 300 kg. ______________________________________________ *Allows switching between Airburst and HEAT shells for cannons and auto cannons. For the model i would suggest to take elements from a regular tank ammo rack. Guided missile countermeasures. On my tank i'm using the small chameleon mostly to shake off guided missiles, but a military faction like the Steppenwolves should have thier own means of dealing with guided missiles. What i want to suggest here is a smoke grenade and chaff discharger as there aren't any heatseakers in the game, flares won't be necessary. With the recent addition of the Firestarters faction, i saw that thier pyro weapons came with great smoke effects. These smoke clouds seemed to be quite effective in hiding whats behind them. The ability to throw up a smoke curtain will be very beneficial for teamplay in case an open area needs to be crossed or in tactical play in general. Thermal viewers like the Neutrino and my suggested Argus sensor array will be able to see right trough the smoke screen. Players with equipment like this can fire free without taking much damage from behind the smoke screen. Also a new way to shake off guided missiles will come as a relief to players who may find it hard to cram a chameleon into thier build. STATS: Rarety Epic Smoke/Chaff Discharger Stealth Produces a 30 meter smokescreen when cover is needed. 2nd function discharges chaff to mislead guided missiles. -POWER SCORE: 390 ______________________________________________ -Smokescreen duration: Slowly fades after 15 seconds. -Smokescreen recharge: 30 seconds. -Chaff duration 8 seconds. -Chaff recharge 25 seconds. ______________________________________________ -Durability: 350 pts. -Energy drain: 1 -Mass: 150 kg. ______________________________________________ *Thermal scopes can see trough smoke. For the model i want to suggest to use the following: Some idea's for Steppenwolf structural parts: Slat armor or explosive lance countermeasures. In-game i have had plenty of encounters with pure spear builds. One time i got struck 3 times in twenty minutes by the same guy, even though i switched to a new match several times. Looking around on the forums, i found out i'm not the only one with this problem. The general complaint is, that the is no real counterplay against explosive lance builds. To counteract this problem, i want to suggest to create models of the slat armor used on the M1126 Stryker for example. The idea is that one fence piece of 1*4*8 can take 2 or 3 epic lances before it breaks. Bullets should pass right trough and damage underlying structure. The big advantage for users is, that it would be a lightweight solution for the problem for heavy tanks and light buggys. Players running these suicide builds would have to think twice before ramming someone, which may cause thier cloak to run out and give thier enemies time to react. Personally i am against limiting the usage of lances on a vehicle. The parts i'm describing below, will have a huge durability stat, so i'm suggesting to apply the same mechanics to these parts as used by the bumper and frame parts in the game. A drawback to this kind of armor would be that it is easily damaged when someone rams into it with anything else than contact mines. STATS Part 1: APC slat armor piece APC armor Size in blocks: 1*4*8 Player can unlock 2 in Steppenwolf faction. Not Tradable A lightweight metal mesh designed to prematurely set off or preventing optimal detonation from occurring from incoming cannon shells and contact mines. Bullets mostly pass trough. Increases vehicle durability by 500 -POWER SCORE: 120 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 500 pts. -Mass: 110 kg. STATS Part 2: APC slat armor piece APC armor Size in blocks: 1*4*4 Player can unlock 4 in Steppenwolf faction. Not Tradable A lightweight metal mesh designed to prematurely set off or preventing optimal detonation from occurring from incoming cannon shells and contact mines. Bullets mostly pass trough. Increases vehicle durability by 250 -POWER SCORE: 60 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 250 pts. -Mass: 55 kg. STATS Part 3: APC slat armor piece APC armor Size in blocks: 1*4*2 Player can unlock 6 in Steppenwolf faction. A lightweight metal mesh designed to prematurely set off or preventing optimal detonation from occurring from incoming cannon shells and contact mines. Bullets mostly pass trough. Increases vehicle durability by 125 -POWER SCORE: 30 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 125 pts. -Mass: 28 kg. For the part models, i suggest the devs to make something like this: Another idea for structural parts i got is ERA. Explosive reactive armor. This idea i want to suggest as an even more punishing countermeasure towards explosive lance builds. When a lance makes contact with the ERA panel, the ERA panel explodes and does 500 damage in a 5 m radius, 180 degrees on the panel and protecting everything behind it. The ERA panels should have some sort of shock effect for the carrier when they go off. For example, throwing someone's aim of, or just some kind of knockback/recoil. ERA panels are a one time use per match and can only be set off with cannon shells, missiles and contact mines. The ERA panel nullifies the penetrating effect the Executioner cannons have. This piece of armor is designed for use one heavy vehicles, as the panels are heavy too, STATS Part 1: APC Explosive Reactive Armor piece Apc Armor Size in blocks: 1*4*8 Player can unlock 2 in Steppenwolf faction. A heavy panel with explosives mounted on to it. Specialy designed for those difficult conversations. Increases Vehicle durability by 120 -POWER SCORE: 120 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 120 pts. -Mass: 360 kg. STATS Part 2: APC Explosive Reactive Armor piece Apc Armor Size in blocks: 1*4*4 Player can unlock 4 in Steppenwolf faction. A heavy panel with explosives mounted on to it. Specialy designed for those difficult conversations. Increases Vehicle durability by 60 -POWER SCORE: 60 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 60 pts. -Mass: 180 kg. STATS Part 3: APC Explosive Reactive Armor piece Apc Armor Size in blocks: 1*4*2 Player can unlock 6 in Steppenwolf faction. A heavy panel with explosives mounted on to it. Specialy designed for those difficult conversations. Increases Vehicle durability by 120 -POWER SCORE: 30 ______________________________________________ -Durability: 30 pts. -Mass: 90 kg. Some inspiration for the models: I hope any of this will help out the devs in making the Steppenwolfs more complete. Constructive criticism is welcome, good idea's also! #Makelegsgreatagain!
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    Hello again Crossout fans! I believe I have a solution to a problem I'm seeing. This problem is the Steppenwolf faction's lack of popularity. I've recently joined the Steppenwolves (probably insane now, I know) but I see no real problem with them as such. They have cool armour parts and some cool weapons/equipment. The MAJOR problem I see is their lack of diversity. Allow me to explain...... Even if we take into consideration the fact that drones (in this case sidekicks) are now weapons and no longer equipment, the Steppenwolves still lack one equipment item in their rare (blue) category when compared to the Children of the Dawn. They Lack a weapon AND scope/other item of equipment in their Epic (purple) category. AND one more item in their Legendary (Yellow/gold) category. This means more players are likely to join the Children and now this new faction, over the Steppenwolves. To rectify this I have, I believe, a solution. A VERY simple one.... Give the Steppenwolves more gear!!!! They don't need an increase in cab energy, I'm over that now (although I think I speak for many players when I say the cabins need an increase to their mass and weight capacities). I have ideas, If I may be so bold.... Their rare (blue) workshop should have a scope - The 'Rangefinder' An advanced scope which has a variable range when you hold down the activate button... Releasing the button keeps it at that range, re-clicking the button de-activates it. Their epic (purple) should have a weapon - I'm thinking a cannon which is mounted similar to the Defender and Spitfire. It only uses 5 Energy has the range of a Littleboy but does slightly more damage. Call it the 'Broadsider' Equipment wise I'm thinking they could have a Generator, similar to the C.O.T.D - Maybe a Bio fuel one.... BF Generator MK I????? (3 energy, same size as the large generator but less explosive damage [due to efficiency]). And finally, their Legendary (yellow/gold) item could be an engine. Maybe an old tank one. Can haul an INSANE amount of weight and mass, but does little in the way of improving acceleration/top speed... OR 'repair drones' - When activated, these little buggers hover around your vehicle, repairing damage (replacing parts etc). They don't last long and can only repair your vehicle. Just like other drones, they can be shot down/destroyed..... I'm interested in any feedback anyone may have on this subject. C'MON GUYS! Let's make the Steppenwolves great worthy again!!! Thank you for your time.
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    I feel the bigfoot tires should be abit larger than large wheels
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    Dear devs, please stop putting "Use turrets" "Use drones" As season task requirements, its really frustrating to play PvP when its brimming with ai "weapons" @BjKalderon @Woodyrojo
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    Waahhhhh my broken items got nerfed.
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    I wish there was a way for us to see our leviathans fight other players. Gaijin allows players to watch/save reviews of all their normal matches. think they could do it for us and the leves?
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    STOP NERFFING EVERYTHING !SERIOUSLY , All that will be left is A SPOON a FORK and a butter knife , and those round scissors we had at pre school .. All that need to be SMurffed is YOU !
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    A "mirror placement" option while building would be nice. For symmetrical builds, with this option ticked, a mirrored piece appears on the exact opposite side in the same configuration.