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    I can feel the Relic machinegun is coming, but there is something that I have to say: Relic weapon should never be a direct upgrade of any other weapon The reason is simple: 1. Upon 9000 PS, the PS is basically just a number, bringing 3 Aspects and bringing 3 Punishers will be thrown into the same room without question. Therefore, if Punisher still costs 4 energy and perform as a stronger Aspect, it will grant the Punisher user a straight advantage, which can be called as P2W, and should be avoided. 2. Currently, all the Relic weapons are special, and have their unique advantage/disadvantage, like Firebug has higher DPS than Draco, but it has a hopelessly large module which is 10 times harder to hide, Porcupine works great against ground targets, but can be easily triggered by Tesla and other full auto weapons. Scorpion is called a sniping weapon but has Mammoth's moving accuracy..... All of those make the gaming with Relic weapon unique and interesting if Punisher stays in one type along with other machine guns, it will actually shift the point of getting a Relic weapon from "getting a unique play style" to "getting a stronger existing weapon", this will do incredible damage to the game balance and overall design. What do I want: Making the Punisher, or the upcoming Machinegun to be a unique machinegun, like costing 5 energy, having a totally different reloading features, cooling system, or fire-rate... Whatever you do, DO NOT make it a straight upgraded Aspect. Thank you!
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    We don't wanna litter the ui with your actual score or a speedometer. Take this useless grindy wall of banners instead! Bravo targem, bravoh
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    am i the only who hates the actual visual "pollution" when you open the map during matches? Just look at the difference, you cant see anything at all, imagine the fast vehicles without radar constantly opening the map, and before anyone say "you can use transparent banner" like im already doing, how about the bots? the other players that will use the banners? Not to mention the Avenger missions, "Destroy 20 enemies with a common cannon in missions" , doesnt matter if you kill (assist doesnt count) one or 6, it will only count as 1 kill to the task, so basically you need to complete SIXTY matches with white cannons where you kill at least 1 enemy. I was going to grind for the fatman banner but screw that, i aint going to be forced to play with white cannons at least SIXTY matches
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    Give me the option of disabling banners. They interfere when looking at the map.
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    The person who put this sticker in the trail should be fired immediately for encouraging AFK in PVP. Jesus! what have you done??
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    Managed to get to tier 3 of the fence trial, and now I have to buy 5,000 scrap 8 TIMES, and 15 epic items, 8 TIMES. This is a little ridiculous that all the buying and selling I have done in the past does not count toward any of this. Over 2 years I've bought and sold thousands of items, and it's stupid that nothing in the past counts towards this progress. Not even going to bother looking at the combat related trials, I imagine everyone is double screwed there. Also really glad for the random delays on the market now, really makes working toward those banners a fun time when I have to wait 3 hours to sell some blue items.
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    Link to suggestion topic: Your thoughts?
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    @BjKalderon (Posted 21 minutes ago) We are trying to improve the graphics gradually. This way, the players who don't have a very powerful PC can enjoy the game too. By the way, the new lighting system has been implemented just an update ago. Its 2019 ffs. Improve the game for newer PCs. Even at my dads place they use better computers whit 64bit cpus. Do start improving the game and also the updates that you do. The banners are mess af and stupidly annoying to get. And being an old player aparently doesnt mean **** to you so everyone has to farm them all OVER AGAIN.
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    Yeah I think there's room for improvement for the Trials. First of all I don't mind we "lose" our badges, that's all fine everyone will begins from the same spot. I also understand many of these banners are supposed to be earned in the long run. Some of the numbers are pretty high but you're not suppose to unlock all of these in a single evening. I don't even mind the fact assists don't count as kills. My main issue stems from the fact you can't use a higher tier weapon to unlock a lower tier banner and the fact in order to begin a trial for a higher tier you need to have the lower tier unlocked. This means me, a guy with a pair of Tsunamies AND Mammoths (both which I enjoy to use) is in a situation where he has use Avengers to begin unlocking banners. I mean "cannons of rarity Common and higher" worked well with the old seasons and now you guys even have the tech tree (which I think is great btw, it nicely shows the upgrade path of weapons and it's well constructed with all the shortcuts) to show how weapons group together in a single chart. For someone who has lots of endgame gear having no option around the lower tier gear feels really artificial. At the end of the day Crossout is a loot shooter. You shoot stuff and get/craft/buy some loot so it's all about getting better gear. Having no option to use higher tier gear for lower tier missions feels really backwards. Players: If you're hell bent of getting those early missions done in a hasty matter, just go Patrol, the kills there count as Trials. Remember, you need need actual kills, assists don't count so killsteal to your hearts content.
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    Yeah, stop trying to force us to do easy raids, they are a net loss! Why you Always find ways to make us hate the things you do?
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    I have been playing Crossout for one full year now and i still login in every day. Thank you everyone for making this game. I salute you!
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    the ammount of buttons you press to kill someone with lances or melee is more than most cannon or mg. builds use in order to get a kill: The argument that you're using more skill because you stand still on the range and press left mousebutton with some cannon build to mabe get a lucky hit, is not an argument that holds in this game. Most cannon builds have so much ammo to waste it doesn't matter what they're doing all battle as long as they're facing the enemy. You can not do damage with lances or melee without risking losing your weapons or ending up outnumbered, so you have to only attack in a place where you have some strategical advantage and you have to predict that moment because most your dammage relys on a module that has to be activated before attacking and can be countered by a chord... While the tanks attack starts when he presses the firing button, melee and lances have to cloak, go to enemy, attack AND get out/ back to the team alive. How is this less skill than most of the highest hp. builds we see on the map usually hiding behind hills and waiting for the enemy (preferably all battle.)
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    Most of the times, if you play raids alone, the other players are useless cannon guys and they do nothing. It will be useful if they implement an option to play alone, at reduced difficulty, 'cause it's not fair that some dumbasses to screw up your fuel. Right?
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    This new trials thing is pretty idiotic for old players. The starting tasts require using common grade weapons thus forcing seal clubbing. All tasks should be made such that they can be made with higher grade weapons as well. The is no fun whatsoever for me to make a build with common machine guns and go kill 20 people in missions. For new players that can be just fine since that is what they have... But that just doesn't work as system introduced at this point as most players have played this game for a long time. Also tasks like buy 50 common items and sell 75 common items are just useless. What good does it do? Just spam buy and spam sell and it is there for absolutely no good other than losing some coins doing it. Sure new players can do that to get used to market and even make few coins doing that slowly. But for old players it just isn't worth the effort to slow buy and sell 125 items of common level for gaining few coins for a lot of work.
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    So you are forcing people to go do easy raids and play with common weapons if they want to get any banner stuff at all, are you kidding me? You could've atleast made it possible to complete harder tasks before the beginner stuff. Well I guess I be driving with a starter banner forever.
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    Melee is way too strong for how much input it requires. Trying to outplay harvesters with spark and or skinner is extremely hard, considering, all they have to do is press W and occasionally use favourite cabins perk to reset Spark's heat so spark never stops shooting. I'm not sure how this should be approached, maybe Spark needs a rework, because once it's onto you, you can barely move, your gun's rotation is absolutelly crippled and it takes ages for guns to reload. Also Spark being a small ''weapon'' it can be well hidden between harvesters and once it's on you, you have no chance stripping it off. Also the fack that a 10 Ton car can push a 22 Ton tank like a feather doesn't help. Kapkans are useless and sparks just vapourise them, long range weapons don't help, as all sparkvesters are fast moving cars with chamelion, no exeptions. Here are the most recent stats after the 0.10.20 update, as you can clearly see, Top 3 out of 4 weapons require no skill to use, just ram the enemy and you have yourself a win. There is no outplaying, just hoping you can get a lucky shot when they haven't rammed you. Here we most recent stats after 0.10.20 patch from PVP matches, ranging from 1000 Powerscore to 16000 Powerscore. Surprise, surprise, Harvester is the most used weapon in the game. And Spark is not much further away. Maybe it's a problem that should be addressed? Also this is one of clan battles from yesterday. For refference all stats come from: http://crossoutstats.info/ If you don't speak russian, just use Google's Auto Translate page. @BjKalderon, @Woodyrojo
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    Trials and banners With update 0.10.25 we are reworking the old system of patches. A detailed announcement of the changes can be found in this blog. Please note that during the rework and implementation of the trials system, a number of patches were replaced with new ones, and in some of the other patches, the conditions changed. “Trials” tab Added a “Trials” tab to player's profile. It contains all the trials that can be completed by the player. Trials are divided into categories, depending on the way they are completed / the mode in which they can be completed: “Missions”, “Raids”, “Brawls” and “Trade”. As your level of reputation grows with the “Engineers” faction and the trials are completed, you will discover their more complex variants with new rewards. Completion of each trial, depending on its difficulty, requires obtaining a certain number of specific patches specified in the trial's description. Previously received patches do not count towards the progress of new trials. Completing each trial unlocks unique backgrounds and logos for the player that are used to personalize the player's banner. “Banner” tab In the “Banner” tab the player can choose a portrait for himself, as well as a background and a logo that will decorate his personal banner. By default, all players have one background and one logo. To unlock new ones, you need to complete trials from the corresponding profile tab. The banner will be displayed in player lists, on the spectator screen in battle and in the player’s personal file. We took into account the concerns of some players about the patches they had already received and transferred them completely to a separate “Archive” tab. Please note that they will not affect the new backgrounds and logos. To unlock each banner element, you will need to get a certain number of patches again, regardless of how many of them you had before the update. Technology tree A new tab “Technology tree” has been added to the “Factions” section. This section contains all the cabins, weapons, equipment and movement parts that are in the game. For your convenience, all these parts are divided into 4 categories: Frame Weapons Hardware Movement Each category is subdivided into additional subcategories, which you can use to quickly find the desired part by its type (for example: “light cabins”, “generators”, “engines”, “light wheels”, etc.). All parts displayed in the “Tree” are arranged according to rarity, which makes it easy to find the icon for the desired part. Clicking on the icon of a craftable part opens a menu that allows you to quick buy/sell the part, check its characteristics and go to its card on the market. Parts of different rarities, which, according to the idea, belong to the same technological line, are interconnected by white lines. In-game event “Breath of Spring” Bonnie believes that survivors care too little about their loved ones, and on the anniversary of the death of her beloved, she organizes the Breath of Spring festival in the Wasteland. The last two weeks of winter are especially cold, and it is much better to spend them shoulder to shoulder with those who are dear to you. Those who travel in the company of friends and loved ones will get their rewards! From February 12 to 21: Win 1 battle (missions or raids), playing in a group with your friend, and get a unique “Purple fireworks”. The item is temporary! The countdown will begin when it's first installed on the vehicle. Win 5 battles (missions or raids), playing in a group with your friend, and get a unique sticker “Tough love”. Win 10 battles (missions or raids), playing in a group with your friend, and get a unique sticker “XOXOXO”. Appearance New packs have been added to the in-game store “Appearance” tab: “Give me a hug!” (available for a limited time). The pack includes: Unique legendary horn “Give me a hug!”. Unique epic decor “Heart of steel”. Unique relic paint “Romantic front”. Quicken the Heart” (available for a limited time). The pack contains the following unique stickers: Heart failure Sweet bun Torn heart Love pyre Bite me! Cardio A pack of stickers that Bonnie collected while traveling outside the Valley. She was looking for everything that somehow reminded her of tenderness and love in the harsh world of Crossout. And the teddy bear, according to her, is a gift from a secret admirer, whose identity has not yet been revealed. Please note that both offers will be available from February 12 to February 27! “Prancing Pony” is back in the Wasteland! Time goes by unnoticed when you're in love. And a whole year has passed since Bonnie, on the Prancing Pony, arrived in the Valley and lit it with candy rays of love, added speed and colour to the yellow days. Our heroine is a girl with irrepressible energy. She couldn’t sit aside for a long time, she missed the terrible faces of the local survivors and returned again on the eve of her favourite holiday. Hold your heart and look for love in the Wasteland with Bonnie and her Valentine's Day pack! We remind you that the pack includes: Unique armoured car: “Prancing pony”; Weapons: autocannon “AC43 Rapier” and machine gun “MM5-4 Vector”; Unique “rare” cabin: “Jockey” Special wheels: “Stallion” and “Stallion (ST)” A unique character portrait: “Bonnie”; Spray can with unique relic paint: “Lollipop” and spray can “Material: Aluminum”; Maximum number of parts increased to 55. Unique sticker: “Quick and the Dead”. 1000 roses in-game coins. The pack will be available for sale for a limited time from February 12 to February 27. Parts production Now the production of relic rarity parts no longer requires relic fragments. All fragments stored by the players will be automatically redeemed within a few days after the update. You can find the prices at which the purchase will be made HERE. Miscellaneous A number of improvements in the new lighting system: The overall contrast of the surroundings has been reduced. Reduced fog intensity on various maps. Improved light sources on the map “Power plant”. Improved fire effects. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where the use of the “Neutrino” scope did not uncover the enemies. Fixed a bug with insufficient visibility of the “Mandrake” howitzer's scope. Fixed a bug with the lack of fire effects in the decor “Corno Destro” and “Corno Sinistro”. Fixed the turret placement sound in the raid “Frontier defence‘. Small update, 13.02.2019 Fixed a number of minor interface bugs Small update 15.02.19 Now, if there are no drivers installed for the stable perfomance of the game, a warning message will be displayed during the launch of Crossout. Small update 19.02.19 Improved client stability
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    Ive been playing this game for more than 2 freaking years and now when you introduce this joke of a system feels a bit like spit in face, okay it doesnt matter if i have background or no, just playing game like i used to a year ago will never happen again and so as gaining some of the or most of the backgrounds, i already did my trading and grinding and by forcing players to trade 50 common items or play low power score pvp yet again for no freaking other purpose than backgrounds is lame.
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    I just bought 20000 copper, and the tip of receiving new patch start to endlessly spawn up, causing mental damage.
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    Error report Describe problem and what you saw Using common machine gun doesn't count towards machine gun banner requirements What you expected to see My effort being rewarded Conditions in which error reproduce I dunno I think I might just quit over this garbage Problem details Is chord not a "common" machine gun? AM I not allowed to use anything else with the common machine gun? Frequency of reproduction always Time of bug Yeah this is seriously heinous. @DEVS this is a bad change. Justify it with your copy/paste excuse all you want. This is something you hyped to the playerbase as something cool, and it is a garbage set of requirements to get the banners. And I have played several missions without anything counting so far so it seems broken right now too. Shame on this update. BAD BAD BAD!
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    Actually, I think it is a horrifying stupid idea to force players to use a weapon of a certain rarity to get something. "Use a rare energy weapon to blahblahblha" sounds like I have a choice besides using Synthesis to do some low PS match? Please change it from "using an epic weapon" to "using a weapon with epic or higher rarity", thanks!
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    Worst Tech tree ever seen =========== The trail system is such a disaster, I don't mean it doesn't count old patches, but why it locks high tier missions behind the low tier missions which force you to do low PS PVP or easy raid? Is that so fun to force players waste time doing boring and duplicate tasks like the new PVE raids? Shame! Shame!
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    I’m getting anxious..
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    Someone fussed at a survivor in a PvP battle about wasting time killing bots....I must disagree. Bots have killed me dozens, probably 100 times or more, in PvP, especially those three "executioner" bots on tracks - one good hit from a triple broadside has blown up many lighter builds - up to about 7000PS or so, and if they shoot at me I will shoot at them. When I see RED I shoot, player or bot, I'm firing. Some may think killing bots is a wussy way to get kills, but if ya can't cap the point and win ya gotta kill all the enemy, bots included. Just my two-cents. Do other's agree or am I alone in this?
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    rpek32 is right... Some part of world, cost of a newer PC is very high as to their cost of living. I know people in Asia and Eastern Europe do use older systems. I know a friend in South Africa told me the cost to pay premium in WOT for 30 days is as much as a whole month of food cost. To buy a tier 8 tank cost as much as rent money. After all, the game has highest player base in Eastern Europe. If they don't look after that side of the market, they are doing a very bad job. PS...I am sorry.... to all this about "forcing us to do...."?? First, players do NOT need to do them, many do not want the banners anyways. Second, we can play the game as normal. They are there, do NOT mean players need to unlock them, NOW!!