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    Hey devs! Can we get any love for our sexy mechanical legs? Seems like a bad Leg - acy for Ml-200s to be left rusting in the garage. They are Hip, even Leg-endarily fun to play! However, their use in combat knee- ds some work; they perform so shoddily it shouldn't be Leg-al! Thigh Fighters, Unite! I'll break those leg puns now, I calf to go now
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    I have been a part of the community and played crossout since closed beta and nearly been daily logged in since the game got into open beta, But now of recent times i don't feel the urge anymore for doing so and have eventually decided to quit. As of update 0.9.50 i have destroyed all my blueprints, left my clan, sold everything, destroyed what i couldn't and uninstalled the game, just to make it harder for myself to return. Because i know i wan't to return in the future, there haven't been many games like crossout which is why it pains me to leave. Why i am leaving (TL;DR) The short version of it is simply there is nothing for me to do in the game anymore and i don't see anything appearing in the nearest future with the current dev team in charge. I didn't mind too much that there wasn't a end-game as i still enjoyed PVP and that's what i was staying for to begin with. But with the lack of new maps, continuous nerfing of weapons and nothing to progress towards i don't find it fun or engaging anymore to play. We have been asking for new maps for quite some time, but instead we get new game modes and the PVE rework which isn't very interesting too me. With the 0.9.50 update we where promised a balance update which made it sound like they finely where going to buff underpowered weapons and movement parts, just to prove to us they haven't learned anything by further nerfing weapons which are already mediocre or plain bad from before. Not to mention the "stealth" nerfs to player income (resources). I don't believe crossout is going to improve, they are already focused on selling expensive packages which are borderline P2W and refuse to give any quality of life updates everyone could benefit from. Also the FUN = NO REWARD mentality just made me loose all hope for crossouts future. Shady business practice The game is also run with a very questionable marketing model which i don't wan't to participate in either. charging players a weeks worth of grind in exchange for a single blueprint slot is ludicrous to begin with, but when you need several of them for 1 expansion is when it's just become a cruel joke. Crossout is the only game i know charging such outrageous prices for a literal save slot for your vehicles. The other thing which have proven to be a long lasting problem is the economy kneeling every time people don't purchases packs, which then the dev's explains it's the players fault since: "it's a player driven economy, we don't control it". It's quite clearly a lie since they are the ones directly making the demand and the supply, saying they have no control over it is only to deceive players into thinking there is nothing they can do about it. Over and over again the prices of items drop too extreme lows and a lot of the time it's dipped so far low that it's not even worth to grind for said resources and instead just buy it off the market (copper and electronics for instance). Why do they allow this to happen you might wonder then, well the answer is simple. They make lots of money from butchering the game economy, by making the playerbase overall poor and making grinding extremely tedious and netting low profits, you will be more than likely to cave in and buy one of their overpriced packages. Seeing their current pricing on the packages i would say they are doing rather good and this business practice have come too stay. Lack of communication and understanding As a very active player providing feedback and suggestions i feel very left out, not only am i not provided with any information about the upcoming patches until they already are at the doorstep, but we have absolutely no idea what the future holds for us. What features will be added? What will be changed? What is top priority? It's all guesswork on the player side. This just makes it even harder to be confident about spending my time in your game since i don't know what your goal are for this game, especially since this is considered open beta. The lackluster item balance and gameplay flow What is the most common sight on nearly every patchnotes involving balance changes? If you guessed nerfs you are correct, and what do you think happens after some time that nearly every single weapon have been "balanced"? Weapons become less efficient, less efficient weapons means longer matches which then again affect the flow of the gameplay. I liked crossout for the fast phased gameplay with quick matches, but of recent times the cabin rework and the continuous nerfing of weapon have started to make a noticeable impact on the gameplay in a negative way. Slower KT for everyone means slower matches which makes for a less fun experience in my opinion. If dev where focusing more on bringing underpowered weapons up in the meta, i think we would have a much more fun experience in general... but that isn't going to happen as long they only balance weapons by nerfiing and giving minor structure buffs to certain weapons. Which then brings me to the high tier weapons in the game, speaking of legendaries. They have been from day 1 somewhat lackluster and none of them could be considered a straight up upgrade from epic tier. the scaling between the different rarities in the game are very underwhelming, where the only consistent benefit is higher structure (but who wan't weapons with only extra structure?). So if you which for fast phased battles, climbing the PS rating will do the complete opposite. This just destroys the fun of using legendaries all together. I don't climb up the PS to experience slower more drawn out battles, i wan't faster rounds and better weaponry which can shred my opponents even faster than at lower PS. But that's not the case and doesn't seem to change anytime soon. I had more points to talk about, but i think i have covered the most frustrating ones at the moment (and i dont feel like writing more). And for those who are curious if i actually did delete everything on my account or not, here you go:
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    I've seen some very interesting builds that use a "sideways" design, making good use of space with the hydraulic leg and hover engine pieces. Their controls are obviously pretty wonky. It bugs me how we're not able to attach legs and hovers to the front and back ends of frame pieces. They're obviously not wheels, so it doesn't make sense to limit them to the sides of a vehicle. This would also open up more potential for centered wheel parts, but that's probably best left for another discussion.
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    how many players will have to post about how insanely difficult Raids have become before the devs do something about it? first, new raids with longer completion times were added. then mobs were stealth buffed in the last update - anyone who farmed Chase knows this. and now on top of that towers buffed and turrets added? I actually used to like raiding, when I needed a break from PVP. if I'm complaining, imagine what people who raided just because they were forced to do it for Seasons are doing. HINT: they are quitting the game because you made a CHORE even more of a UNREWARDING, FAILURE-RIDDEN GRIND. suggestions for improvement: remove or minimize mob scaling with player Power Scores. this mechanic punishes players who have spent time / money grinding their way to bigger weapons and armor. they should feel more powerful, relative to raid mobs. increase the number of free repair kits provided. you significantly increased the time required for raids and the number / power of the raid mobs. players cannot just add more defense to their rides (see above re: Power Score scaling) as a counter. crafting / purchasing repair kits should be for emergency use, not a requirement for every single raid. reduce the number of waves / mobs per wave. aside from the Spark, which is limited to mostly a utility role, every other weapon is single target. adding more targets, and then vastly increasing their defense and offensive capabilities is too punishing. if you are reading this and agree, please UPVOTE. I don't think the devs are registering just how much their changes to raids are driving players away from this game.
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    When about 4 months ago I entered the crossout I fell in love with this game, then day after day I discovered that those who can afford to buy packages will always have a big advantage over others, I could accept that , the development team must somehow earn. Then after hours lost to get me a project comes an update on my weapons ... big nerf ..., I had to change project ... after another month another update ... yet another project to change. Despite all this I have not lost courage, rather I wanted to help the development of the game and although I am against spending money for one game for my first time i bought one package. After I bought the pack another update: new RAID, which need more time to complete them, more difficult and with the same rewards .Even here I did not get discouraged and I went ahead.Today comes out this update, I see the new package and I think I could give further help to developers buying this package (even if I do not have large economic availability) but looking at all the update I find these things: knights event ... lol how many resources and time to build a single legendary? I can also wait, I can not sell all my things to buy the necessary resources (at very high prices).Ok..i accept this also..need just time (the rich have still won ) and then i can craft when the weapons will be added to the various factions.ok ok i accept this also. Then final surprise, the cherry on the cake: the raids are even more difficult .... but they were already worse before, with more time needed to complete them, with more difficulty 'and with the same rewards and now what developers do ? Make the raids even more difficult and.. listen listen...the half of the reward compared to the last update if i lose the raid....whatttttttttttttttt? I think more than 3/4 of the players are normal people like me who can spend some money on the game but can not run after your greed.We poor players had only one chance to compete with the other lucky rich players: the hard season for the purple container ... now they are impossible even because the raids are very difficult (only today I lost 7 raids in a row for their difficulty '). Would there be other things to improve and you modified those things that were fine before? I'm sorry but I will not buy this new package, I changed my mind because I can also make some ""economic sacrifices "" for a game to help you in development, but everything has to be a limit. I can also contribute in the development (with my economic possibilities), buying packages, I would do it willingly, but if you must make me "poor" and if you continue your greed and make things more difficult I will not I accept this. If you want only rich people to play this game ... good luck PS: I'll give you one advice:this game is becoming like a job ... it should be fun and not a job or people will leave. We already have our work in real life... thanks
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    Dear Developers, I'm a new player that is trying to bring new players into your game. However they all end up quitting because the grind is just immense, it is simply monumental. And now you nerf raids again, AND engineer flags. Raids take an eternity to complete, and the rewards are laughable and non-scaling (but the time it takes to complete is, as the enemies inside are). Its very sad that you have such a great title, that could earn you a lot of money in the long run and effectively become a classic, but you chose the "fast buck", with packs selling, money-only weapons, and massive grind that effectively are pay-walls to content. Nothing of this is well taken in 2018 which sort of explains the reviews you're getting. "Good game, good idea, bad management". You can keep giving full accounts to youtubers so they don't realize how steep the grind is and give you good publicity, but that sort of stopped working. Good luck.
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    Hard Raids are a joke now. Players are excited about the new event and you still manage to ruin it with your greed by making raids almost impossible. You always manage to take more than you give. More rushed, poorly tested and badly implemented changes. GG Targem
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    Please, for the love of god, get the "overwrite blueprint" button back. Now I have to 1. delete the current blueprint 2. save and retype(!) the vehicle name. Every time I make a minor change. That's just annoying. Also: Raids got even more annoying.
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    Can i get a reply what do you say to us scorpion users sorry ain't good enough. honestly im getting a new game today, good job devs pushed another p2w player away you all be bankrupt soon, ive invested to much time and MONEY in this game yes its BETA so what doesnt protect you against customers consumers act im not accepting this update and contacting my solicitor.
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    they are just simply way too strong and get alot of weapons to be nerfed cause everything you put on hover ill always be OP , they ignore all terrain are way too agile and way too fast they just doesnt belong in this game nerf their speed incrase their power score alot aswell because they ruin every low ps match too ,there arent any weapons that could just effectively counter them in lower ps matches or just simply remove them
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    Looking at the trend I suggest your dev team comes up with more original bot names that look like real players, you're probably going to need a whole lot of them in the near future. Do bots buy packages?
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    Much of those games have an early access or a kickstarter model. They don't sell you non comestic stuff for real money while hidding behind a so called BETA state, which is by the way considered a fraud by a few european countries. Plus if a huge change happens that make people loose real money they do some compensation. You know the good ol' "we nerfed that but we aknowledge that you lost money so we give you that" But you won't need to do this if you actually play tested your game. You seem to totally miss the purpose of a BETA, seems that you still think you're in some kind of alpha phase. You don't apply non tested changes that screw over most of the players just because you can change it again in the future in a monetized game. This is wrong in so many levels. You keep asking for players feedback while litteraly doing the exact opposite of what we tell you each patch. Hard raids now are the proof that you don't test your game. Anyone can tell you how impossible they became and how much timeconsuming. I also feel that the PvE part is hated by most players and every ressources should be farmed in PvP. If you want to keep PvE make it less a pain not the contrary. Melee change is again handled badly. Random numbers, no test, just waiting for players to do YOUR job. Doubling PS and energy cost but +30%...even by reading it you already know this is wrong. And you based half of you hard season on melee...guess what It weakens any hard raid build and it's an inneficient weapon for PvE.
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    Devs You've now seen overwhelming negative responses, nearly all negative so far about the changes that were made, especially with the new weapons. You've countered with your own explanation but those explanations do not work with what we're trying to tell you. You seem resistant to the feedback we're giving you. This is something I've seen from day one in being a part of Crossout as a playing member as well as a paying member to support your effort. We, the people who play this game day in and day out, see the issues you've created and instead of taking our feedback and using it to better this game, it's going in the opposite direction. I'm continually seeing my 20 member faction fade away to nothing but members who haven't been on in days and weeks. I can see the trend. As each day goes by, another member just stops playing. I remove any stagnant members after 20 days and recruit to fill those spaces and yet still, my numbers fall and it's getting harder to fill those spots because those that used to be readily available to join a clan are becoming less and less. The amount of farming it takes to craft these new weapons are insane. The casual players have no hopes to obtain unless they outright buy it from YOU. The daily players still see the problem since we don't have a chance of farming what is needed in the time it requires to do it. I am one of those daily players who spends a few hours in game per day and I just don't see it happening. I challenge you to play a few hours a day in your own game in this time and see what numbers you come out with (with no padding of course). All of this seems like a ploy to make us spend $$ for in game resources. The delay for market sales is a joke. I don't even know what twink account is. I don't understand how someone can abuse the market by selling items. If someone underbids, it's called a haggling market. It's not unlike the real world. It's what people do. It's how the people who buy items get the chance to purchase something that they may only barely afford, letting them keep their pennys for other misc resources they may need, like repairs in RAIDS, since obviously hard raids are all but impossible. For melee, you don't raise the cost by double if only half of them work. That's no logic at all. That's like saying, I'll charge you double because you cant eat more than half the food on your plate. If you charge double for melee, you should double the damage the weapon does... it's that simple and that easy. It fixes the fact that only half work but that's ONLY for people who build with melee side by side. It doesn't stop half from working if you place your melee around your build like many of us do. They're not just for frontal assaults. They are also used against those who ram from behind. Man... I don't see much good out of these changes and additions. All I see are negative responses and I agree with them. Why don't you accept that from the people who are actually playing the game every day? Even I can see that your player base is fading based on what I see in game. American servers are taking a harder hit because of the server issues we're constantly encountering. Wait times to fill up a match are getting longer and longer. Instead of fixing the issues that are causing this you seem to be adamant about making it worse. I seriously don't understand you guys logic in all of this. It makes no sense at all. It sucks because this is a really cool game and I don't want to see a really cool game go bust because the DEVs aren't listening to their players. Listen to your players!
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    Do you even test these raids before you mess with them? Are you even gamers full stop?? I've just done perimeter breach on hard...absolute insanity. You really have no idea how to make a game fun and rewarding do you? The amount of resources needed to craft the new weapons are a joke. The prices of EVERYTHING needed to craft anything have double/tripled in price. The weapons don't even seem to be that effective either. You have a new pack which is basically just tracks and a cool paintjob. All the other stuff is worthless. 60 Euros?? You're out of your minds. Some people have lives to live you know...this game is more work now than fun. Also, you keep making idiotic changes to things that NOBODY has even suggested is a problem while ignoring the requests THE MAJORITY of players want. For example, WHY would you change it so you have to now delete a blueprint rather than overwrite the existing one? It makes no sense to make something less efficient? No new maps, matchmaking still broken, raids even worse than they were... It beggars belief how you have gradually destroyed this game over time. I despair with every new update.
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    New weapon looks awesome, hope they will not be op as previous Knight riders event, that would suck so hard for 3 months till u do balance them. I would love to see Leg balancing event, that would be nice thing to do, right?
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    Oh yeah that's right, I've seen pictures of WWII tanks covered in balloons, inflateable cannons and neon santa signs too. Apparently, not only were they good at absorbing enemy tank shells, they were useful for distracting enemy radar. An early version of a modern cloaking device. Weren't they clever. It doesn't alter the fact that spamming decor items as armour is currently an exploit in this game that the devs are aware of. Can't help wondering if the people in this thread who don't see this as an issue are the ones who have sunk credits into abusing said exploit. Are you worried that your neon santa signs, balloons and inflateable mammoths are going to plummet in value once the devs do something about it?
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    How about you make mech legs worth using?
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    they should have to do them in the faction prebuilt rides.
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    Its really becoming a problem. People can coat their vehicles in decor parts, to create large walls of spaced armor all the way around. Because of the way damage works in the game, a decor part with 5 structure can completely nullify a hit from cannons or other explosive weapons, because it prevents the shots from exploding against the actual vehicle. Im fine with spaced armor. The problem is that if you do spaced armor with actual armor parts in the game you run out light parts very quickly, and to completely encase yourself in spaced armor you end up adding extra weight to your vehicle. But Decor is different. Not only is it super light, you can buy as many decor parts as you want, so you arent limited by the building parts you unlock. Its getting to be pretty ridiculous when coating your car in neon signs/spoilers/christmas trees/mammoth balloons/snow tyres and other large/wide decor parts is a viable tactic equivalent to having an Aegis shield that will totally block attacks from doing damage to you for a few seconds. If anything its better than the aegis shield because it barely raises your PS at all and doesnt use any energy. To fix it, Id say that decor parts need to allow explosives to pass right through them like they arent even there.
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    Hovers have 0 place in this game, flat and simple. In a world where men kill each other over a gallon of gas, and men risk there lives daily to get good metal for building machines, we have hovers, which use not only a crap load of electrical parts (reality wise), but they burn gallons of fuel every second
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    They are way to long.. everyone i know is giving up on doing seasons cuz of these lame new raids.. waste of time when you cant even pass easy raids half the time let alone try an do hard raids...
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    Now victory in hard raids has it's price. Exactly 4.52 Coins. It looks like nobody in developer team tried this new insane hard raids before release of this update. Unbelievable....
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    Huge thanks for legs, hope this will do them good.
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    BjKalderon (Posted just now) bleedisTheKing, I'm pretty sure the next update has something interesting for you;) wow, that actually made me really excited
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    Farewell survivor . The choices Targem has made since OBT launched have driven thousands of players away from this game. It's tragic seeing an idea with so much potential crash and burn slowly to the ground.
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    Small update 20.04.18 Raids "Hard" and "Medium" difficulty levels The difficulty of AI - controlled raiders and turrets has been decreased Improved a number of in-game texts.
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    I'm proud to announce that I've kept on trying. Chase is not doable anymore (turrets are added on certain places) Data Theft MIGHT be doable but you can squeeze in 4 an hour, which means you would have to take the entire season looking for it. Perimeter breach is just impossible, we fought over 30 turrets + raiders + 2 minibosses + mines + an endboss with 4 guys, you for real? Well every lunatic raid is a no no Because whenever we complain we get the "that's just complaining, no feedback" remark. Here's feedback on all the hard raids in this game: Just kill them, you've been steadily trying to balance them and what not, every update had a "+10% raiders, -10% raiders". Please, just understand: NOBODY likes doing raids, nobody, we like the rewards. So either make it like this: Seasons can be completed completely in PVP (More PVP fun, more diverse builds, bigger qeue, less waiting times, more players) Or just make the raids a "possible grind" (Takes more developing resources, raids are boring, nobody wants to play raids, no stable prices, complaining every patch) How about the fuel, copper, electronics you might ask? Just let us exchange fuel (to a in-game trader) for either of those resources, might even include a LITTLE mission where we need to drive to the trader and pick it up ourselves (alone, few bots, nothing too shabby) Just give us a break, we are players, but customers as well. Thanks for forwarding it @BjKalderon
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    Ofc it is a HUGE nerf to melee, it is 100% more energy, but a lot less buff, 30% is nothing after 2x energy increase, also PS a lot higher. I mean what the hell, didn't they said they want to make it better, doesn't look like so, i just knew they will again make it bad, and there it is, in devs dictionary "make it better" is just mindless nerf update in reality And they just needed to make them slightly stronger, better durability, more dmg, better hit box, more explosion resistance, but keep the 1 energy, at least blue ones, this is crucial for melee.
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    Please stop ignoring my questions about hovers. What will you do to buff them now to bring them to balance? Now anybody can run into a hover and bust of its hovers with out melee. They need more durability now that there is more weapons that can damage them.
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    They do not play their own game because it's too expensive for them
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    I like every part of the update except the change to the perimeter breach raid. Most people dislike raids. You know this. You hear it from us consistently and I know you see it in your data. The majority of raids are done on the quickest, easiest and least tiresome raid. We only do them because we have to. Why do you insist on making them longer and more tedious at every turn? Perimeter breach was the best one for the majority of the players that very much dislike doing your raids. Please stop making raids longer and even more of a chore than they already are. It just makes the players angry.
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    This. Where is our speedometer devs? And real time reputation display? And THANK YOU for ONCE HAVING AN EVENT WITHOUT STUPID LOOT CRATES!
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    U better fix that HUGE raids rewards NERF ASAP, they take A LOT LONGER NOW, but u get the same as before, it is 4 TIMES LONGER or even more, u could do SIEGE IN 60 seconds, now it is gone...No one will make them that long to get pathetic 8 copper... they all have a cap so it isn't more if u play longer... what kind of system is that? Other than that new raids are pathetic, boring, not fun... Also don't u dare keep that win 8 in hard and win 6 in normal raids as it takes NOW MUCH LONGER and is not adjusted to the new raids length. PLAYERS ARE FORCED TO PLAY LONGER BUT DON'T GET MORE = HUGE REWARD NERF per time invested. So it is your turn, new seasons are in 35 hours from now, plenty of time to change some numbers, show everyone u true face, fix it or... no changes at all we also show your true face to anyone, nerfing rewards on purpose to make the grind even longer, if u deny it, remember ppl are not dumb.
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    go play cw agaist 4 flying crickets then talk
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    Just fix the legs, it is a simple fix, make them turn with normal speed especially when moving and reduce that inertia, i'm not english native speaker but i do believe this is how it is called, it accumulates force when turning, when u push the button too long and release it, it will still turn, it also creates some input lag movement thing. They don't really need more speed, well maybe a little, but he MAIN LEG ISSUE is turning especially when moving forward and that "input something delay" inertia. They are not agile, but they should, it is unacceptable that it takes a lot time to make them move properly, that's it. But no... ppl waiting for months, still a simple fix not there, now we will have melee changes in queue, i couldn't care less. Also that harpoon changes were bad, another proof u don't really play your game and decisions have zero logic but there are simple fixes to everything, harpoon should DO DAMAGE on impact, have penetrating characteristics so it will actually hook to the part below if it destroys the part it hits, there shouldn't be also RELOAD TIME if u didn't hit anything or didn't make any dmg, makes sense right? I mean it is not a shooting weapon, it should work differently.
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    Mmmmm.....no. A player who looses his weapons too often is more likely to delete Crossout forever and the whole project will suffer. A player looses his weapons, but is still able to vent his anger in a self-destruct, thus less pressure to end his/hers participation in any sort of battle in Crossout. Only broken weapons allow you to win 3 on 1. A player, beaten by broken weapons, is more likely to delete Crossout forever.
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    Scavenger boss and his guards cannon + mandrake spawned in a position that took them 5 second to destroy the %50 hp tower. i couldnt even reach them. They cannot be serious with all these stupid non-tested ultra buffed raids
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    i don't post, would rather play... but this is ridiculous. Balance and raid issues aside, WTF were you thinking getting rid of the "overwrite blueprint" button? Clean UI? Cmon, clean doesn't mean empty. Changes coming? Then wait until they're ready to roll out. What on earth... You killed melee, it's now worse for both the user and the one fighting it. Defender nerf but not tacklers? Hover height nerf? Hatchets on the roof worked fine for close-range builds, TOWs would've been an easy fix. APC wheels gutted, shivs buffed? APC's were junk (just compare stats to racing) except for the ride height and explosive resist, shivs were already too good. Raids i decided not to touch a week ago, not surprised you killed perimeter because it wasn't as unpleasant as the others. Just make 10 flavors of chase and do more with leviathans, problem solved. I really enjoy your game, I'd like to spend money to support the project, but ever since i started playing you've been busy convincing me not to.
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    Hard raids are impossible to complete now. Turret with 1000 hp and 300-400 damage per missile? Raiders with 1k hp are not enough? Turrets on cliffs unreachable to shotguns you've put in hard season? What did you expect? People should buy 3-5 repair kits for 4 coins in order to get 5 coins from succeeding the raid? WTF
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    Bye, Bye, player base. Its a pay a lot to win and the progression is so slow that most people who can't afford the game just quit. The little money you can make is in season. Instead of making them easier, they made the only raid winnable (perimeter breach) insane. The ps requirement for hard raid is 5000 and its impossible to win with people in that ps lol. Hey but they put in new weapons! Guess what, you have 2 weeks to get 1200 electronics in raid you cant win( 1200/4 electronic is 400 raids). I have 4 friends who put 100$ and more on that game, i put 50$ and guess what, they dont play anymore. I pretty much done with this game, nice game, bad DEV. Good luck getting rammed by melee weapons all the time in a week or two.
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    How about changes to the decor? Scorpion hovers still rule the battlefield and you can't drop them with 6 mammoth shots if they are using decor armor (spoilers, neon santas, etc.).
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    Not sure if the melee’s survivbility will be really better after Tormentor get actived. Dev once said to make the hover’s power depending on cabin’s power, when will it get implemented? Any plan to lower Retcher and Cricket’s efficiency at mid-long distance? It seems they get a bit too strong. Lockon timer for Hurricane and Pyre please? how about preventing ally Tesla targeting by porcupine barrels?
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    Thank you for revising the legs. unfortunately you can still be pushed or driven under. 2 energy points for blue melee weapons are ridiculous. Where is the difference to the purple Druzhbar? Why should I use blue melee weapons if the lilans need only 2 energy points? Unfortunately, you have not thought over your revision once again. Too bad.
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    Welcome to all survivors in the Wasteland! Knight Riders are back and once again they bring us a lot of interesting things. As always, earning parts and respect of the Knechte will not be easy — you have to prove your valor and courage. Prove that you are worthy of contacting them and doing business with them. To do this, you need to complete faction tasks — a real test of any survivor's skill.
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    BjKalderon (Posted 6 minutes ago) Rockstar12345, the next update will contain the changes for the Scorpion. However they will only concern the Big Black Scorpions brawl. Lmaooo this has got to be the best troll answer. Gave me a good laugh Poor scorpion hover users, maybe next time yeah. Maybe not.
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    I wish I could find the video link. There was a youtube video (pre-nerf) that showed a humpback cabin assembled with all of the highest durability parts behind the cabin up to the 80/80 parts limit. The lances one shot the vehicle from the cabin side, and also from the structure side. This would lead me to believe, even after the nerf, that these ****sticks still are capable of doing what they did before. That was on a vehicle made entirely of structure, no wheels, no weapons, no modules. Literally 80/80 just health parts and a humpback. That calls for a nerf.
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    @dukerustfield sorry but why is that video about equalizers and not tacklers? I'm Pretty sure if you ask anyone knowledgeable about this game they will tell you 5 tacklers will overwhelmingly win against 2 reapers.. its tacklers that are taken into CW's not equalizers. However anyone will tell you that equalizers are better for raids then reapers. Between equalizers and tacklers there is no reason to even own a reaper anymore. PVP for tacklers PVE for equalizers, reapers are backseat uselessness 2nd in that video you conveniently line up an un realistic amount of armor in a line and showcase the reaper piercing perk (which might i add looks pretty lame that you kill it 1 second faster?) in a real fight real world situation no one is going to have 9 (or whatever you have there) large pieces of armor stacked in a row and sit still for you to blast them. The reaper still kills the cabin and or MORE importantly WEAPONS slower because its lack of sheer DPS. the in accuracy, slow rotation and lack of dps all make the reaper far less usefull then a tackler build and someone using rapid fire auto clicker so the tacklers still basically fire auto fire but have 100% accuracy like a lazer. Don't forget in your haste to prove the reaper is still somehow worth its legendary status that this game is basically about who can destroy weapons faster than the other guy, not who can tare through a unrealistic amount of armor on a stationary target. Based on your own findings even in an unrealistic ideal situation that would never happen in the field you are saying we can all spend 4800 coins on legendary guns that would kill the enemy 1 second faster if that enemy were to sit still and if that enemy were to have a stupid amount of large plating stacked infront of his cab? no thanks ill pass on that waste of investment in my testing of your video i got reapers 5.2 seconds, 4 mini guns 6.2-.3 seconds, 5 mini guns 5.322 seconds so basically the 5 mini guns the exact same thing as 2 reapers that are unrealistically benefiting from perk. made new video with no armor in the way to test sheer dps... test 1 equalizers x4 = 6.589 seconds reapers x2 = 6.356 seconds test 2 equalizers x4 = 6.574 reapers x2 = 6.293 as you can see just damage wise the difference is so small reapers shouldn't even be legendary. And as your video before has shown even with a huge amount of armor stacked and ideal circumstances the perk reapers have does little. yes they have more health but is that alone enough to make them 2400 credits and legendary? They are just useless end of story here is video of exactly why the tacklers are so much better in pvp.... here you can see clearly how the tacklers strip weapons much faster also my damage to cabin kill times are reapers 5.611 4 tacklers 5.051 tacklers actually do more damage then reapers and they are far more accurate..... we have established the piercing perk is complete garbage and tacklers have good health and are easy to hide. also tacklers are not legendary and you can have 5 of them..... is there really any debate anymore?
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    Good job, Devs, less Pay2Win, more success for Crossout!
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    Greetings to all Survivors! For a long time we did not approach the topic of melee weapons. Thought we forgot about them? Not at all! It's time to sharpen the saws and check the efficiency of all their mechanisms! Soon we plan to make changes that are intended to be a serious step forward to increasing the attractiveness and effectiveness of melee weapons! Why would we rework melee weapons? Many experienced Survivors already know that melee weapons in their current state are more of an auxiliary weapon and do not even try to be the main one. Often we may think about mounting a saw or two if we have free energy and nothing to occupy it with. This is confirmed on the battlefield: players with melee weapons are gradually vanishing and the number of installed saws rarely exceeds 1-2. It is noteworthy that, despite the fairly good parameters of the weapons relative to their energy consumption, their efficiency leaves much to be desired. Why is it so? Let's figure it out: Limited installation options First you'd think — most melee weapons consume only 1 unit of energy! You can install so many saws that the enemy will crumble in a few seconds! It is not that simple. Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to effectively place more than 4-6 melee weapons on an armored car (in the case of the Harvester, not more than 2). The armored car simply does not have enough room for this buzzing hotbed of pain. Thus, to create a fairly effective melee craft, you need to have extraordinary design skills. Difficulty dealing damage But, suppose the player coped with the task and was able to effectively place a sufficient number of saws on his craft. Is he ready? Not really. During contact, you can often notice that the enemy is hit by, at best, only half the arsenal. The remaining weapons will not be able to taste fresh metal because of the saws next to them. Vulnerability to explosive damage Now let's move to the problem that's the most worrying for our players, not indifferent to everything that is sawing and milling the metal. We think that you are familiar with the situation when the enemy is securely fixed and can not escape, and a few seconds are left until its destruction. But ‘BAM!’, his generator explodes. Any more or less experienced Survivor will immediately tell us what it can mean. That's right, the explosion of the enemy generator either destroyed your melee weapons, or left you with one saw, which then falls off from the slightest sneeze in its direction. We would like to note in advance that, above, we have not indicated all the problems that can arise with the use of melee weapons, but we consider these to be the most critical and plan to correct them in the first place. What changes are expected? First, we plan to give all melee weapons a certain resistance to explosive damage, in order to reduce the likelihood of its destruction from exploding generators and ammunition. In addition, we want to change the collision models of all melee weapons in order to reduce the likelihood that your weapon will slip over the enemy during a ramming move. This should improve the efficiency of each individual component and make the construction of a melee-oriented armored car more simple and convenient. We also plan to improve the characteristics of melee weapons, including damage and durability of the parts themselves. And to effectively balance the updated parts, we will increase their energy consumption. I do not like melee weapons, and you are going to improve it. How can I confront all this? Do not forget that quite a few parts in the game have resistance to melee damage. Brilliant examples of such parts are bumpers, slopes or passive melee weapons (cleavers and blades). All these parts will help you ‘armor’ your craft and survive the attack. And what about the ‘main’ parts? Of course, here we can’t but mention such cabins as the ‘Cerberus’ and the ‘Tusk’. They are not only oriented on dealing melee damage, but also are pretty well protected against it. Remember also that such movement parts as mechanical legs, tracks, augers and ‘Shiv’ wheels also have resistance to melee damage, and your rivals with saws will have to sweat to gnaw their way to your cabin. That's it? We understand that these changes will not solve absolutely all the problems that players may face, but this is the first and serious step aimed at correcting the current situation. After the changes take effect, we will be happy to receive your feedback and it is with your help that we will continue to refine melee weapons. The blog was written with the consent of Psycho Pete. All changes are approved personally by the Warlord. We remind you that the Developer Blog series tells the players about preliminary plans for the development of the project. The final version may differ from the changes described above. All the exact changes and updated parameters will become known after the update. Discuss it here!
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    This is what hovers should have been, not this