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    WHY!? Are you F**#%&* kidding me? I am going to be forced to play PVE 80% of the time now, making a custom group every single time and run the risk of loosing money for nearly no profits whatsoever just like copper? I don't want scrap from normal PVP as i hit the scrap limit in just a few brawls games and i certainly don't want the useless common items that doesn't even go for half a credit. First time i have seriously considered quitting for good. This is all around just a terrible change. Edit: great... wire prices more than doubled. MORE GRIND FOR EVERYONE! Edit2: Wires are saved! But seeing electronics still going keeps me nervous...
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    wait what? what about i reach scrap cap in 3 hours of brawls . Its useless playing PVP missions then? all PVP will be only scrap rewarded? and other important resources in PVE? AT LEAST remove scrap cap. Because with this change i just spend 3 hours in game and log off for 5 days (cap reset) and i think many players do the same.
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    Fuel is now associated with Wires price. This is going to be terrible, I hope the reward will be increased, if not, im not sure if i will resist even more grind in this game.
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    The change to resources "Wires" and "Electronics" sounds very bad. Currently wires being accessed through PvP gives me strong reason to play PvP as i am capable of getting all the scrap i need in about 1 session of brawls (4 hours), i can enjoy PvE but making Wires and Electronics only available through PvE brraws will draw many people out of PvP games as currently both Wires and Electronics are some of the best things you get out of PvP Please dont make CrossOut a PvE focused game, i like PvE but what is being proposed here will either get people to quit in the short term because they perceive it as a "Pay2Win" change (not saying it is, but this is how people are perceiving it), or in the long term i worry it makes playing PvP, the core game-mode of CrossOut, completely unprofitable and thus less people will play it, essentially strangling the active playerbase. Do not de-value PvP!, at its core that is the best this game has got! Similarly i would ask please do not make this game more grindy, it is already very grindy for the type of lightheated game its supposed to be.
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    Some good changes i.e. Caucasus, drone, sidekicks and fuze nerfs - but i dont see anything addressing the rampant usage of frame builds. Maybe with the Caucasus getting nerfed it might reduce it a bit, but frames need to be taken out of vehicle structure.
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    Yesterday I died to a guy driving an ELEPHANT, with attack drones. I insta melted while he clown honked me. So yeah ... All there is to say about balance in this game.
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    "Let me get this strait, with hard raids epic gear is needed. How are new players going to have access to the resources to craft the gear the needed to even do hard raids?" How? This is the goal...
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    I don't understand the reducing in the range of the attack drone with the justification that it "should force players to move closer to the enemy for an attack". You should've done this to sidekicks. Those are the ones dropping drones and run. People with attack drones already need to stay in the fight, that's why we hardly see 4 attack drones in one build. And that's why we see build with 4 or 5 sidekicks, because they don't need to stay in the fight, they carry almost no risk. You didn't reduced their range, you didn't reduce their speed, you "fixed" a bug (???) of possible (???) damage. Check your logs in raids, pvp, ranked, brawls and see how many people is playing sidekicks compared to other builds. How many kills they get per match and specially (this one i really love) their assists. It's funny to see someone with 16 assists in a match against 8 people. Another thing, caucasus is not the problem with frame builds (that you keep allowing after this patch), even yesterday i saw a frame build with spitfires bellow the frames making it almost impossible to kill. Reduced the damage on spitfire???? So.... now you have a shotgun that as no use because it has limited firing angle with the same damage of shotguns with no firing limit. And if you did it to spitfires why not the same for defenders??? It's the same principle. And i thought Devs were paying attention to what players were saying.... guess not.
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    LOL you compare legendary vs rare? YOU ARE SERIOUS? Vectors must be better then reapers? Why bother with legendary stuff anyway? Good luck with one reaper without ammo boxes and coolers and without a lot of weight vehicle. You see only what you want to see, high PS vehicles with two reapers full of ammo boxes. Its obvious you lose with vectors. Anyway i suggest the exact opposite! Legendary weapons need buff! I must re-post mine post again: You havent them, im 100% sure. Then dont write how OP they are. They are not even that good as you think. Try to craft/buy them and except to by disappointed. Few points to you: - they are big - cant hide them very well - you must have two of them - have limited ammo - 380hp is too low for that big hit-box - recoil of two reapers can easy pushing your vehicle you must have a lot of tons - turn speed feels like cannon - bullets spread is nightmare, useful only in close combat or medium range - combination of two reapers, ammo boxes, coolers, a lot of tons structure put you in top PS matches etc etc. Reapers are used not because they are OP, but because other legendary are worse.
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    To better visualize the state of balance that drones currently have in the game, I decided to compare the dps of Attack Drones, Turrets, and Sidekicks with that of the Vector Machine Gun, Sledgehammer Shotgun, Defender Machine Gun, and Spitfire Shotgun using these test builds below: Also, for the sake of these tests, I used Stone Deaf (level 8) as my co-driver, since he doesn't get any bonuses to any of the weapons that I've used in these tests (though for the Turrets, I used Bulldog instead). Moreover, I was doing my tests at close range (where shotguns come into play), and I wasn't using any pieces of equipment (such as radiators or coolers), since I doubt that such pieces of equipment would be in common use at the lower power score ranges (below 4000). Here are my rough estimates: Vector Machine Gun: Takes about 12-13 seconds to destroy the cabin. Sledgehammer Shotgun: Takes about 11-12 seconds to destroy the cabin. Defender Machine Gun: Takes about 9-10 seconds to destroy the cabin. Spitfire Shotgun: Takes about 10-11 seconds to destroy the cabin. Attack Drone: Takes about 8-9 seconds to destroy the cabin. Sidekick Drone: Took as little as about 4 seconds to destroy the cabin. Deployable Turret: Takes about 4-5 seconds to destroy the cabin. These results are both surprising and concerning for me, since even though I'm opposed to the belief that drones are a cancerous scourge that should not just be nerfed, but be removed outright (and let's face it, as much as people seem to whine and beg for their removal, I doubt that the devs are willing to remove them either), I believe that, as weapons that require less skill to use effectively than not only the wall-mounted machine guns and shotguns, but also the ordinary turreted machine guns and shotguns, they should ideally have lower dps than that of any of those machine guns or shotguns. However, given these results, even a drone defender like myself has to admit that these attack drones, sidekicks, and turrets are in desperate need of some pretty significant dps nerfs of at least 25%, 66.67%, and 40% respectively, so that they wouldn't overshadow the very weapons that are supposed to not only compete with them, but counter them as well. Sure, the drones would only be able to stick around for a limited amount of time, and have a long cooldown period, but in practice, most viable drone builds that I've seen are built for speed, not only to take advantage of the auto-aiming features that drones have, but also so that they could quickly retreat from builds that could theoretically counter them (which tend to be slower and more heavily-armored), and safely wait for their cooldown period to finish. (That said, the reason why I suggested a less harsh nerf for the turrets compared to the sidekicks is because they're stationary, and thus easier to deal with.) Although these heavy dps nerfs would probably make drones more balanced for their skill requirements compared to the wall-mounted Defenders and Spitfires, they'd still probably be too OP compared to the turreted Vectors and Sledgehammers, which is why I'd also like to request buffing these turreted weapons' dps to be closer to that of their wall-mounted counterparts, or alternatively, having their wall-mounted counterparts' dps nerfed (since I heard that the Spitfires are performing almost as well as, if not better than, the epic-tier Thunderbolts and legendary-tier Hammerfalls), along with even more nerfs to the drones' dps. Although these wall-mounted weapons have more restricted firing arcs than their turreted counterparts, in practice, this really doesn't affect them that much when used skillfully, especially if fighting at mid-range with the Defenders. (I figured that the increased durability would've been enough of an advantage for these wall-mounted weapons.) Edit: I'm surprised that, up until now, nobody's put forth some form of statistical evidence that shows how OP the drones are compared to the Vectors. Such evidence would've been enough to sway me to take the side of these drone haters (though I still wouldn't want them removed or limited to just 1 per vehicle). Hopefully, the devs will take these test results into serious consideration compared to all those other requests that I've seen. Edit #2: I'm well aware that nerfing these drones' dps would have the side-effect of negatively impacting their performance in high power score matches (like what recently happened to the Clarinet TOW, god bless its former balancedness and fun-factor), where they aren't as prevalent, which is why I recently made a suggestion to add new pieces of equipment that would boost drones' performance (like with Radiators and Coolers). In the past, I've also suggested adding in additional kinds of drones, especially epic and legendary-tiered drones. Edit #3: Also, for those who are accusing me of performing these tests within too short of a time period, take a look at my test build's hp of 417, and think about how long it took for a single drone, turret, or sidekick to kill it. Now think about how much damage 2, 3, or 4 of them could do, as well as how much hp player-driven vehicles tend to have between the 2000-5000 power score ranges, where these rare-tier drones are most prominent. (For the record, my 7371 power score shotgun tank has 2432 hp, meaning that, if I'm not careful, 4 turrets or sidekicks that are targeting it could take it down within about 6-8 seconds.) Proposed alternative solutions: Why not impose hard limits on how many drones or Caucasus can be mounted on any given vehicle at a time? The reason why I oppose these kinds of draconian ideas is because, aside from making it impossible to field drone/Caucasus builds that are built around their use (outside of the very low power score ranges), it won't stop the trend of MVPs tending towards using as many of them as they can if drones still have the best dps-per-power-score than any other weapon in the game. (For example, if attack drones had the best dps-per-power-score of any weapon in the game, but were limited to just 1 per vehicle, while Spitfire Shotguns had the best dps-per-power-score of any weapon that didn't have any limits per vehicle, then guess what? I'd expect the vehicles with the best dps-per-power-score to be loaded with Spitfire Shotguns, plus a single attack drone.)
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    Another co-pilot with skills that directly buff drones and turrets. Fuzes are now craftable. Genesis allows you to produce even more drones per match or raid. 33% XP nerf? Does ANYONE in Gaijin want this game to succeed? How on earth do you think this will make the game more appealing? The fact you're blatantly angling towards the lowest common denominator in terms of skill and coupled with that, a colossal cash grab? You're idiots. I don't care if it's Targem, or Gaikin........whichever imbeciles are responsible for these utter stillborn abortions that masquerade as "progress" or "Updates" need to be sacked.....and possibly shot in the face.
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    Addition to the Developer Blog. Survivors! First of all, we would like to remind you that the Developer Blog tells players about the preliminary project development plans, and the final version may differ from the changes described in the blog. Thus, the information regarding the new system of earning resources has undergone some changes that we are happy to share. We want the award for completing the hard raids to be highly valuable. Because of this, at this stage we decided to move the electronics into a category of PvE resources. Players always have an opportunity to earn resources in PvP battles such as: fuel, scrap and wires, and sell them on the in-game market, and use the coins to buy all the missing resources for crafting. In the future, we would like the world of the wasteland to change dynamically and set new goals and objectives for players. We want our players to take part in various activities and, among other things, trade resources. All changes in full will be shown on the global map, which in the future will visually unite all missions and raids into a single world. The amount of fuel needed to participate in difficult raids is planned to be reduced. The number of raids available at the same time will be increased. As an initial (test) phase, we assume the introduction of a fixed number of certain resources for difficulty levels. So: The resources that can be earned in PvP battles will be: fuel, scrap and wires. In PvE "Raids" mode it would be copper, coupons and electronics. The amount of fuel needed to participate in hard raids is planned to be reduced. Attention! The process of copper production does not change. Copper can still be obtained in individual raids of any difficulty
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    - missions = reward scrap - brawls = reward scrap - clan battle = reward scrap scrap limit 2800 -raid = everything else but require s**t loads of fuel for playing basically without remove cap limit or at least triple it, they make very grindy game for less hardcore players. Free to play?
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    WTH, that wires and electronics move to PvE is a BAD move, and the methods we have now to get em are already BAD ... for several reasons! a) In general I find it repulsive that a game pressures me into gamemodes I do not like or might not be in the mood for (or might not even have the needed equipment for), and it doesnt matter if its done by randomized selection of mode/maps or if its just needed that i can advance in unrelated things like crafting or skills. The best Online games for me are the games which give the player full control over what maps and modes are played, and it should be best for developers too as that would easily root out unliked content in need of fixing or removing. With the way crossout is now players are needlesly forced into countless modes and maps they dont like and devs have no clue if that content is played for fun or with frustration, FYI: fun gets you costumers to spend money and introduce more costumers to the game, frustration pushes costumers away from the wallet or even the game itself eventually. b) I smell another increase of brainfree overall grind in the process, as raids need fuel. I already found myself being sick of the game because I had to grind PvP battles just to enter the PvE content I really needed to play in order to craft or unlock something specific. c) All this forcing into playing specific modes with very specific prerequisites and the limits on possible rewards make it much harder to play together with friends. Someone allways has either no need for the specific ressources, has not a fitting ride/ fitting equipment or is already over the limit on it. It is an utter waste of everyones time to come to a compromise on what to play next so that every gets something out of it, very often someone comes out empty handed. If the devs had any sense for an enjoyable game, they would disconnect the basic ressource rewards from specific gamemodes. Let the Player decide what basic ressource he is "scavenging" with the battles he loves, make it optional in what he is rewarded with and ease grouping by freeing the group from a compromise on rewards! In return devs get rewarded with a clear answer on what people like to play and what they would avoid if they can avoid it ... an answer needed for making the game better without wasting effort on changes noone wanted or asked for!
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    Vectors require humans to aim and also have less than 100 structure. They get shot off so easily.
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    Survivors! Our servers have received an update with the new faction ‘Dawn's Children’. The update also presents new types of weapons, modules and hovers that allow the machine to soar above the surface. We have also added new maps and a new mode ‘Chase’. New faction ‘Dawn's Children’ After the disaster, some people have acquired genius-level inventiveness. This gift quickly changed people. The so-called gadgeteers lost their intelligence faster than the others, fled to the wasteland, leaving behind unfinished ingenious inventions, which often exploded and could rarely be copied. But not everyone went crazy or fell victim to their own experiments. A group of scientists led by Riley found a way to significantly delay the arrival of the gadgeteer madness, as well as resist the deadly effects of Crossout virus. The faction ‘Dawn's Children’ is available to players who have reached reputation level 10 with the Nomads. Together with the faction, we have added new parts and a new co-driver.
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    Not sure if the game engine can handle this but I would love to see a change in how the paints and materials are put on vehicles. Basically I would like to see materials as one item you put on vehicle and then spray as another one. For example the snake material. If you just put that on a vehicle you get a look of what you have now, a golden like snake skin. But then you can take any other paint or pattern and spray it on top of the material and it becomes that color snake material. So say you have the a red paint. It now becomes a shiny red snake skin. Use green and its a shiny green snake skin. Use the checkered paint and it because a shiny checkered snake skin. I can just imagine what the snake material + scorched earth pattern would look like. Materials would be treated as 1 layer and the paint/patterns would be treated as a second layer on top of that. This would help quite a bit with being able to make even more unique looking vehicles. Imagine a chrome material, and you spray the Graffiti Dusk over top of it. Or you get the carbon fiber material and spray lightning pattern on top of it. You could just just put the paint or pattern or material on by itself, but mixing and matching would be even more interesting.
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    Survivors! With the start of OBT in Crossout, we warned about strict measures which will be applied to players using cheats in the game. Thanks to the care and support of honest players reporting suspicious cases, our algorithm for recognizing modifications, based on the methods of machine learning, allowed us to identify players who used banned modifications. Each suspicious player was checked by our employees after detection by the program. Today, 200 accounts were blocked for using third-party modifications (which is a violation of the User Agreement). Successful battles to you! We will continue to improve our reports system and make sure that you are comfortable playing Crossout. The new countermeasures against forbidden modifications should be expected in the near future.
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    Everythings fine: New Game mode, the new map, faction details...etc. But...Wire and Electornic from raids? Why that was necessary to move it to Raid section? It's hurts some players feelings, or just simply someone cry for that on forum? I don't really understand bros. About the new map layout: You know, there's would be a solution to Capture and Win issue. If you really want to the players enjoy much better the Missions, increase the Captureing time with 35%, or totally remove it. It's not neccesary in Missions...or move it to another game mode (Capture the Flag or kind of that) Think about it devs. Thank you for the other developments
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    Hahaha brilliant! People are complaining about Caucasus HP nerf and they can't hide it? Good that's the drawback of being lazy. It's balanced now! Good riddance to those 4 spitfires spam builds as well. Now get rid of frame cancer builds and reduce the drone spam more. I mean nerf them more! To the whinners: Your tears are delicious.
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    @BjKalderon (Posted 3 minutes ago) MALKAV1337, we tried to apply these restrictions in the early development of Crossout. As the game progressed, we decided to get rid of them entirely, as the number limitations is the last thing we want to do. The balance fixes are always going to be in online games, it's just the way it works and we'll keep working on making Crossout feel more comfortable and fun;) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you very much for your answer. I appreciate it. But, to be honest, your whole game is a big limitation. Limitations are everywhere: on XP, on resources, even on possible playtimes of brawls. But there, where they were really needed....on weapons, they are missing. So you tested on Alpha and CBT? Good to know. But maybe you can discuss internally if this kind of limitation would help more instead of make violet weapons useless in higher tiers? As now, in Open Beta you got much more players, you got also much more different Ideas and situations and much more builds (like framebuilds, which you don`t got on CBT). So the parameters change and are more diferent to earlier parameters like from CBT, so it could be time to discutt this parameters. And what we (player) can see is simple: as long as we got no PS limitations in weapons, we will get seal clubbing. And with it, we will see much more nerv on higher weapons in the name of lower PS. And this in contra productive for the whole game. So please think about it...speak about it internally.
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    Greetings everyone I see weapons have some limitations, some with ammo and some with heat. What are the chances of creating a map/environment which affects weapons that have heat problems. For example the map has a higher ambient temperature so weapons will overheat faster, or an area that is cooler allowing x-percentage additional total heat capacity. this could potentially be worked into pvp random maps? OR if you stand in water you will cooldown faster compared to when you are on dry surface or in Desert maps. water areas could then be placed strategically on a map since it can boost the effectiveness of a weapon that operates with heat? Maybe someone else has some ideas that can stack on this. Kind regards
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    Survivors! Preparation for the release of the new faction ‘Dawn Children’ is in full swing, and soon you will be able to try out ingenious inventions from ‘gadgeteers’ of the wasteland in combat. Today we offer you a small preparatory update, which carries some changes to the balance of weapons and modules. In addition, we are pleased to announce that all players receive a unique paint ‘Army of viewers ’ as a gift in honour of the fact that the number of subscribers to our official Russian-language channel on Youtube has reached 50,000 people!
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    #################################################################################### Developers! Time for feedback. #################################################################################### + Quantum epic cabin Direct upgrade to the Wyvern. Nice for mobile medium pve tanks, i will get this one. Aegis Prime protective field I appreciate the low weight. Finally some damage reduction for pve. This will be the first legendary part i am willing to bind some of my coins up in. (If it is permanent. If it is just a short duration module, with cooldown, then it is useless) * The new faction level up armor parts Visually nice, but no special damage reduction or hp values. Electronics hard raid not showing up yet Sh*t happens on update day i guess. Please fix it asap. Raids ammo Ammunition reload time reduced to 1 minute. Good, but still useless, if your weapon has to be completely out of ammo first, to benefit from this.. Hard raid fuel cost reduced to 60 Better accessibility for pve is nice. Not sure, what this change will do the the fuel and copper market value though. Definitely more newbies in hard raids now. Please raise the min PS to 6k. - New font and shadow for team and enemy player lists My eyes hurt. Who did this? The Dev, that came up with the "opening the minimap stops all movement" thing in the past, that you had to roll back? Please roll this back asap. The system of counting points in combat has been revised Right, this is a 33% xp nerf across the board, for all players, all ps ranges and all builds !!! Pretty blunt way, to dial up the grind even more. Steam reviews are mixed overall and recent and Crossout is down to a 5/10 rating. Are you sure, that you want to keep heading into this direction? ####################################################################################
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    Porcupines and fuze drones in an EASY raid ? seriously??? are the people that make decisions here just out to make fun of players or something? do they even xxxx test ANYTHING they put out or modify ? i think not. a 7k ps shotgun car couldnt survive over a minute behind narrow corredors trying to kill the trucks in Chase. this is beyond ridiculous. Every passing patch they do worse and worse.
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    Best YouTube videos. “The Dawn’s Children” Made by ppl which have access to all parts and items without any effort. Don't get me wrong ... i like entak and draegast ... Its just ... Looks like they gave players much more information then devs of this game ... not even garage was more informative
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    Survivors! With the start of OBT in Crossout, we warned about strict measures which will be applied to players using cheats in the game. Thanks to the care and support of honest players reporting suspicious cases, our algorithm for recognizing modifications, based on the methods of machine learning, allowed us to identify players who used banned modifications. Each suspicious player was checked by our employees after detection by the program. Today, 200 accounts were blocked for using third-party modifications (which is a violation of the User Agreement). Successful battles to you! We will continue to improve our reports system and make sure that you are comfortable playing Crossout. The new countermeasures against forbidden modifications should be expected in the near future. Discuss it here!
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    YOU JUST DESTROYED YOUR OWN GAME ECONOMY. xxxx idiot developers, where do you even get ideas that xxxx? "Hey let's limit people to playing our game 3 hours a week max and force them to play our buggy AI in the most boring pve ever designed" This just means every console player will switch to path of exile.
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    when we reach scrap limit noone is gonna waste time on useless common junk /...
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    Yeah, if you move wires and electronics to raids, you're gonna want to remove the scrap cap. All of your hardcore players hit the scrap cap in 2 days or less...
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    Hahaha what a god damn joke. Why not just take all the legendaries and make them all blue tiered weapons then? All these people complaining about Reapers have never used it and suffered the shock what crap it is after grinding your life away to make one. Comparing it to making let's say, I don't know 4 vectors? The issue is people are using these things at lower PS then intended. Not the weapons fault but the Devs for not implementing a fix quick enough for this. But it will come soon. But then these same whiners will come and complain how a spectre has that bonus damage when their vector doesn't and cry OP once again. Seriously get good. A reaper user only does well when he has a direct line of sight to unload his junk on you. You can flank him and his reaper can't up. I've degunned many myself and I have reapers myself. If you can't out maneuver or get away before your demise, too bad. As Obi Wan said: And this is how you're reacting:
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    i do run a single reaper setup at around 5k, let me show u some of its features its super easy to strip, having just one gun, with that size and structure, is a big downside. i am using one purple ammo box and even with that i run out of ammo pretty often. the turn rate is so slow that its hard to use against fast cars. the recoil is so insane that, losing just a few armor parts, it pushes my car around like crazy. the spread gets pretty big pretty fast and tapfiring lowers your DPS by a ton. so why do i even use them you might ask. well i have played 100s of hours with vectors and spectres, so just for some variety im now using reaper. why bring them to "low" PS you might ask. you know, high powerscore matches are too slow and boring to even bother, not to mention the queue times and powerscore inbalance. the madness at 4-5k is why i love this game.
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    Yeah, I have no words. It's pretty clear the devs don't understand how their own game works... They see the 'data', but they lack the insight to actually make effective balance changes. I invested in Steppenwolves fairly early, and ran the Caucasus in 4k and higher games to deal with drones mostly as a SECONDARY support weapon to allow me to focus on using my primary armament (b/c I want to play something FPS-like and not a 'drone shooting minigame'). The TOW was a staple in all my builds before it was nerfed... So, now the TOW is useless and the Caucasus can be removed via 1 Fat Man shot or two wasp hits and will probably have problems hitting drones due to the turn rate. The Mandrake has always been useless, mostly because the mechanics for aiming the thing are poorly implemented (**** programmers). It's pretty obvious where the devs wanted it to be difficult, the rest are characteristics like you having to fire once you depress the mouse button to aim and the fact that when you move the mouse it's moving the gun instead of moving the crosshair and the gun tracking like with every other weapon. Every time I have to respec I lose money in the market doing so b/c your worth is tied to your equipment. If they were valid adjustments then it would be fine, but these guys just don't understand where to draw the line to keep a weapon viable. It feels like I'm being 'taxed' with every update... I've put money into the game, but that only got me over the starting hump. All of the changes recently feel like direct attacks on my free time... To stay competitive and to stay INTERESTED. That's all I want. Now you've kinda pissed me off, Devs. I've never been a seal clubber, but you've pissed me off. I'm now going to go make a frame build and use every trick I've learned to A**xxxx** low PS players every time I pvp. Apparently you need to be shown what you're doing wrong. I hope I can do my part to destroy the playerbase that you respect so little. PS - If you want to fix frames, decrease their effectiveness 'slightly' and increase the damage mitgation of other structure pieces... You have to give the player a reason to choose a structure part over a frame part... Goddamit, this isn't rocket science.
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    YOU !!! You ... You are a team of trolls! So damn hig balls you have... anouncing a pacth with weapon balances WITH A TOW in the anouncemet screen, and don't touch the TOW
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    How about increasing PS requirements for medium and hard raids. So many hard raids have been lost due to a team member having a low ps.
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    Right now self destructing takes a long time, making it hard to time. If outnumbered greatly you die before it goes off. Because of the lore of the lunatics, I would suggest that when using their cabins self destruct is instant once holding down backspace long enough. or perhaps make a 1 energy use part that adds self destruct damage and makes it instant
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    took my time time to get thru all and overall the update is bad. Most of its flaws reinforce the impression that devs here just do a contract job rather then working on an original game they always wanted to do as a fellow gamer. As usual barely anything feels properly tested or at least being an improvement over what we had, balance of the new content, matchmaking, map design or ai in new PvE ... everything is a incoherent mess worst then before. a) new maps: far too primitive in design, bottlenecks and narrow linear paths to force teams into fighting over always the same pixels, barely any variation possible. balance of sides is more then questionable ... and of course still with the outdated white circle for a base, how little imagination do these designer have?! b) new faction items: no sign of balancing efforts and old problems even get worst. Drone and autoaiming weapons dominance increased in general, Melee and most manual aiming weapons in great disadvantage especially against hover builds. quasar with its precision and damage is in no way balanced with its cannon competition. c) new faction design: while I noticed they took the advise to get rid of the factory fresh looks anf the structural parts are not that bad, they still failed to make the design of weapons and hovers immersive with the rest of the game, most effects look like taken from an asian fantasy MMO made for children, as if the funny sparkle we already had on thunderbolts for example werent ridiculous enough. sound effects of new weapons are annoying for the most parts. the physics of hovers are ridiculous as well, barely any believable reaction to contact or being hit by heavy fire. d) raid changes: the chase while being a good general idea, is poorly implemented, the speed of the mission targets is ridiculous for the short way, the map is far too primitive barely giving space to evade allies and enemies, if armored to survive the mess the ride is far too slow to be of use. reward changes are as expected just an increase in grind, and on top focring people further into gamemodes they might not even like but have to get over with to advance in reasonable time. e) GUI still is a lazy mess and changes are minimal, mission goal icons still overlay the things I need to see, minimap still is a tiny post stamp in the corner with high resoultions ... practicly no option to adjust GUI, thats unacceptable these days while the majority of much older games offer control over it. ... overall the game became an even more incoherent mess in balance and design, and there is no visible effort by devs to work on actual problems in gameplay and matchmaking. Only positive i could find is the changes to market (faster, better usability)... Otherwise new stuff to grind is simply thrown upon the mess in hope that novelty overshadows the ignored flaws .. as if that worked well with the other gaijin games. My wallet was closed and stays closed. the game isnt bad for being free, but offers nothing justifying money in it.
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    greetings fellow travelers, i have recently come to realise how broken reapers are, i will compare them to vectors to explain how broken it is. Reaper: http://prntscr.com/gllhms 1 Reaper have 380 structure, costs 6 energy, weigh 603, every 10th shot penetrates 2 meters of armor ? Vector: https://prnt.sc/glli2m 4 Vector's have 296 structure combined, costs 12 energy, weigh 684, does not have the armor penetrating thingy. it seems that 1 reaper deals slightly less or same ammount of damage as 4 vectors, all this is fine i suppose, but what dosent make any sense to me is that 4 vectors are 2220 powerscore, while 1 reaper is 1950 powerscore. to get 4 vectors you must use the humpback cabin wich is 1500 powerscore, or a different cabin + generator my 4 vector build is a growl cabin (750 PS) and a gas generator (460 PS) and i have no power left over to get coolers / radiators or additional weapons there is something very wrong with the balance here, you can have a reaper build and stack coolers / radiators and still be lower powerscore than the 4 vector build and you dont even need to have a generator that blows up in your face, not to mention that making a build where 4 vectors can effectively shoot is alot more difficult than putting a gun ontop of your cabin. the reaper is better and lower powerscore, and the global chat is full of people crying about reapers being over powered, something needs to be changed, if balance is to be obtained.
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    i mean really? u goin to force us even more playing pve with that whire and electronic update, im allready playing enough raids doin the season, now i will get only scrap in pvp and those useles white parts i never was going for since i did all the scrap i needed in brawls. so i guess no reason to do brawls anymore, or doin them and then making missions with earning litteraly nothing from. doin raid after raid just for grinding purpuses is already freakin borin and is too much already. in the moment i read this my excitment for this update has gone in one second. WHY?!? why would u do that since u should know most of the players enjoy the pvp over all in this game, like me, im not playing this game to protect this slow **** moving truck for 15 minutes or catch stupid boxes. im very angry right now. this is everything, but not in the players favor! why would u take the choice away from the player for what hes grinding for, u could have just give the possibility to chose it in raids aswell, like it was in missions, but instead u take again away some freedom from the player to choose by his own. give the players in some way the possibility to grind for what they want i say, so they can play what they have fun with. ecxept u actually dont want the players to enjoy the game and just wanna force them to do some stupid tasks for no reason. im ok with some level of grinding sure, but at one point it really will be too much to support! and then there u praising urself with a new game mode. what? that not a new game mode, thats just another lame raid that will get boring after 5 times playing since its just linear, and every 2nd time id like to ragequit cause im gettin throwne into a group with rediculous low ps. teamdeathmatch would be a NEW GAME MODE, how bout that, or anything without a cap. i want more pvp stuff, and not the opposite. all in one, ecxited for the new faction and map, the rest sounds pretty like a step in the wrong direction!!!!!!!!
  42. 8 points
    Hey, so, about that scrap limit. I didn't hear any mention of raising that scrap limit. Don't got any scrap limit "tweaks" do you?
  43. 8 points
    @devs, moving wires and electronics to Raids will almost make PvP barren. People reach scrap limit by playing clan battles, ranked and brawls. why would anyone want to farm pvps now? fuel? personally, I'd only like to know what you wanted to get from these changes other than make grinding harder for players who don't constantly put money in this game. I've bought all but one packs in this game. I support it don't get me wrong. but are you purposely making it harder for new players to love?
  44. 8 points
    I find it slightly funny and ironic, the post being about this guy, but YOUR name is @DiKHed.
  45. 8 points
    Survivors! Thank you for your support and for subscribing to our official YouTube channel! The PS4 and XBOX One players will receive the complimentary paint right with the next update! Thank your for your patience!
  46. 8 points
    Great job on the balancing, but this nightmare will not be over until the frame issue is handled. How about removing the HP boost off of frames and instead bumping up all the cabins hp up?
  47. 8 points
    There is not more important things to improve actually ? ... drones, caucasus, framebuilds, Matchmaking balance ??
  48. 7 points
    Since the Tsunami is now craftable, its value dropped from 8000 to the usual legendary price of 2000 and up. Would a person who bought a tsunami before 0.80 be refunded for the price change? Or do those people get their wallets expunged.
  49. 7 points
    You played yourselves, the only reason to play after you hit your wire limit is to grind for electronics. You are going to see tons of people drop off each week to play other games after they max out on wires now. If you wanted to make hard raids more lucrative you should have just added 3-5 cents to the existing prize. edit: Don't get me wrong I appreciate the content, but it just seems like you are looking for new ways to gouge us. Getting rid of the electronics grind also takes away any incentive to play over 3200. You also left frame builds the main thing we have been asking you to patch for over a month.
  50. 7 points
    correction: "All of your hardcore players hit the scrap cap in 3 hours or less."