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    I dont care if ranged weapons overpowerform on hovers and need adjustments. After nerf how these weapons will perform on other platforms? POOR. If they perform on hovers that well then let me give you genius idea: NERF THEM ON HOVER SPECIFICALLY. Instead targem just ruins life for all other people(yeah not all people play on hovers !surprise!) by reducing weapons hp. JUST SO YOU KNO, HOVERS HAVE EVEN EASIER TIME STRIPPING WEAPONS. Hey i want to use ranged weapons on other platforms too, but aside from very few they have durability of wet paper. Waste of energy as soon as some stray missile or shell hits you. Extreme examples: vector So yeah just spread hover aiming reticle every time they move or turn. Maybe that will force them to push with their team instead of camping on their base near thousands of kapkans. And thats it. There will be balance in crossout again. Want accuracy - go on the ground, Want movement - fly up in the air. No more one sided slaughter by deleting guns across the map. Hovers should be able to hit silhouette of vehicle from midrange somewhere if aiming reticle is dead center on it and have a chance to miss if fired across biggest maps.
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    The intention of this post is to unite the community and inform you of the current situation, I appreciate if you put your opinions below. Yes, my dear friends, when we check the number of active players, using the number of players in the past events as a comparison, we have a very sad result. I will try to do everything in chronological order, but forgive me if there is any mistake. To check this data, just go to the world map, click on leaderboards, select the event and scroll to the last participant. At the last Christmas event, remembering the fact that the pandemic had not yet spread across the globe, we had 72,000 players logged into the game at some point (yes, I remember this number) We had the battlefield event, I don't remember if we were already in a pandemic, a total of 149000 players were at some point logged in during the event. In the stell championship event, we had 134,000 players were at some point logged in during the event. In the survival league event, we had 34,000 players logged in at some point in the game. And currently, at the Christmas event, we have 33,000 players who have logged into the game at some point. The question that remains in the air is: why the game lost 3/4 of its players in such a short time, since most countries are still in some kind of quarantine? Perhaps, if we remember the past, we can verify the first indications of what is happening. 1) Battle pass and its illustrious and wonderful, Drone Annihilator. No weapon in the game has made as many players quit the game as this one, poorly designed, with bugs and it took months of consecutive nerfs to adjust the same. 2) Battle pass and the wonderful and magnificent, griffon cabin. Despite the price of the battle pass being worth it compared to normal packs, making high power score cabins available to novice players meant that they were sent to power scores that they were not prepared for. resulting in more players revolting against hovers and relics, resulting in rage quit. 3) Oh no, battle pass again and the majestic nest. For a moment, it was just what was seen, some brave players still used other weapons, but it is difficult to resist the temptation, some players sold everything they had to acquire this weapon, today they have less than yesterday, generating rage quit. 4) Problems connecting to the servers. This is probably the biggest cause of the exudus we have in the game, this problem makes clan wars impossible for some, for others it wastes fuel in the raids, for everyone it is frustrating. Honorable mention: The wedge builds. unfortunately, with the change of maps to flatter surfaces, wedge builds emerged. With this, every player new to the game has learned that using the ramp is an advantage against enemies, in low PS, using cannons becomes more challenging, tank tracks and spider legs lose quality and become the perfect prey for wedge builds. It is clear that there is much more behind each of the above topics, for those who know it ;) if you dont know it, meditate about it, I thank all who leave their opinions and forgive me if I am incorrect. Great end of the game to everyone, kisses. Maqui
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    no reason they should have max acceleration while going side ways they shouldn't just go from 0-120 in under a second meat grinders dont even go that fast sideways and reversing should be capped to 30 just like wheels. keep the game balanced currently its impossible to catch up to or escape from a hover while on wheels, completely unbalanced
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    Hello, survivors! The New Year has not yet arrived, but we are already starting to share plans for the changes that await us in future updates with you. First of all, we would like to draw attention to your suggestions. Many of them have been reviewed and included in the plan for the next year. We are already working on some of them and we hope that soon we will share the results with you. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. Urban PvP Map During this year, we have received and continue to receive many suggestions to add new maps, located in the territories of small towns and cities. And we are happy to announce that with the coming new season we plan to add not only a new faction to the game, but also a new PvP location in the setting of a post-apocalyptic city. You will be able to see how the disaster affected a previously prosperous city with your own eyes, and you will be able to take part in the battles for what is left of the bygone civilization. Choosing an armoured vehicle before the battle Another extremely popular suggestion. We agree that the same armoured vehicle can’t be equally useful in battle in all locations, and maximum team efficiency and balance is extremely important, especially in competitive modes. In order to give you more room for tactical decisions, we are planning to implement the function of choosing a vehicle for battle. The closest analogue, on which you can navigate, is the “Battlefield” brawl: you enter the mode, evaluate the location and armoured vehicles of allies nearby and select one of several armoured vehicles that are saved in your blueprints. We would also like to note that at the moment we plan to test this possibility in clan battles. The addition of the same functionality to regular PvP battles (Missions) is still under discussion. Reworking enemies in raids We are glad that you did not remain indifferent to the updated raiders of the “Lunatics” faction, and therefore we continue to work on updating the opponents of other factions in the raids. The next raiders up for reworking are the Nomads. We will try to take the factional features and your suggestions into account, and we hope that you will also like the new raiders. Saving co-drivers with a blueprint It can be frustrating at times — building a new armoured car, taking all the features into account, parts upgrades and bonuses from a particular co-driver, then go into battle and realize that something is wrong. The lack of the required co-driver bonus can seriously affect the armoured vehicle and its effectiveness, whether it is the Master Jack’s tonnage bonus, additional ammunition from Stone - deaf or the increased weapon accuracy from Jade. Thanks to the following change, you will be able to save a specific co-driver together with a specific blueprint. Later, when loading a blueprint from the list of saved ones, the co-driver will be activated automatically. We would also like to note that all of the above changes are planned for the next updates (update with the new season and the next one after it). We still have a lot of interesting suggestions from you, which we plan to implement over the next year, but we will talk about them in future blogs. See you in the new year, survivors!
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    EDIT: THIS IS ABOUT HIGH END 15K+ END GAME PLAY. (if you do not play in this range, then this topic is not for you) First off I own 10 fused blue hovers, and have for over a year. I have made many war machines on this very powerful mode of transportation. I do not play hovers only, but I would have to say that 70% of my cars are on hovers. Now, this topic is not about if hovers are OP or not. This topic is about the borefest this game has become. we have been relying on this single movement part for so long that the game is stuck and I do not think it can move forward without a major change to hovers. do I love my hovers? Hell yeah I do. But I really want to be able to make a car on other movement parts and feel like it is the best option. I know that we can build on whatever we want, but when hovers are the best choice in many cases this makes all the other options pointless. The nerf to hovers would be a large lose to me personally and I am not going to lie that I’m going to be a little pissed for awhile. BUT at the end of the day it would be exciting to move into a new era of Crossout and embrace change. fear not my brothers, the end of hovers would not be the end of the world. It would be the savior we are looking for to bring a spark of life back to the wastelands.
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    I'm tired of losing because I have two useless hurricane hovers dealing no damage and chilling 500 meters behind the fights. Or winning because the enemy team has those.
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    Spiders need to move faster to be viable. This movement part should not be dependent on one cabin for speed. I think that ML legs and bigrams should have there base speed increased by 10 - 20. then with the speed boost we could rework the spider cabin and remove the speed perk. Maybe the new perk could give a 20% increase to leg durability or up to +20% power depending on your % of movement parts that are legs?? I think that we need to do something to make more cabins work on legs, this will help promote this movement parts use.
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    I have been having a little more fun than I first had antecipated with the present truck thingy, however, being forced to play with randoms made me realise something: The average XO player don't know what they are doing... like, AT ALL! Why do I say that? Well, I'm a big boy: This usually mean that I can hug and entire garage door on my own and I can usually hold my ground pretty well, being able to tank even 5 waves without any problem. Any attentive player would notice that. Any attentive player would also notice that I can get boosters alone and without dying, most of the times surviving long enough to go back into regular fighting with no problem. I mean, we only got to wave 25 together so its not like we hadn't spent the last half an hour together, right? I can usually get the behavior of other team mates sorted out by the 5th wave, so I expected attentive players at the very least... But 80% of time this is what I get: While I'm blocking one garage door I notice the truck is taking damage only to turn around and see 2~3 players sticking by my side and shooting at the same 2 bots I already degunned. People chasing degunned bots with flaming cabins while melee bots are mowing down the truck... you know... THE ONE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO PROTECT AT ALL COSTS. People staying behind the truck while it moves, letting it be lanced and flanked by starter car bots. People leaving the truck unprotected to go get boosters, only to die by the spooders' cannons at long range... REPEATELY (usually in the middle of a wave). People leaving the truck to help me deal with spooders (only to arrive there after I have killed it), leaving 1~2 players to preotect it. People shooting the Bastion's blade while it cannons the hell out of our truck (how about de-gun it instead? But what do I know right?). still on that last one -> People not trying to degun bots AT ALL. And the worst offenders ever: People showing up for the raid with Hurricanes/Pyres/Cannons, usually just sitting back across the arena and letting the rest of us do all the hard work, missing 90% of the shots or they hit the empty space the bot were after we already destroyed it. I get there are new people on these all the time, but how long can you do the same thing over and over and over again untill you realise it just. Don't. FRICKING. WORK! I get you want to help out xXx_BallBuster95_xXx, but why on Earth are you dying for the 7th time to a triple Exec spooder (without even touching it mind you) on the last 20 minutes? You brough Grenadiers to the raid, stick to the fricking garage door at very least! I know you think you are a mighty warrior, Mr./Mrs. Illuminaughty2097, but can you not chase a degunned bot halfway trough the map while there is a triple Joule bot shooting our objctive nonstop? I know you want to tag along 鼻子選擇器, but frankly, I don't want the company of your Borers while there are Miniguns shooting the truck... you are a partial melee build in a raid ffs, at least go some ram stuff. The best builds are the Minigun/Aurora mix. Oh how I love finding people that can use these with efficiency! However, they usually leave the raid after the tenth wave... even when the truck is still at 100% health... so there is also that...
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    Im not making a bug report. As you may have guessed with my 6 month absence i hardly give a crap if they fix it but ill bring it up cuz its BS. Kapkans grabbing you puts you overweight, similar to the genius mass fix, you know 2 cars touch and neither can move, Anyways, i got kapcaned, full build cant reverse. Lost armor , got kapcaned, can move in reverse. Tested it a few times , confirmed it. Its trash.
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    "In order to solve the problem touch everything but the problem itself" Do you guys realise why there is 0 progress when it comes to the game balance and it just swaps from one end to another without actually solving anything?
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    Hello, survivors! We continue to share unique offers for in-game coins with you. Only for two weeks, starting today (from 11:00 GMT), in the “Customization” tab of the in-game store, you can find: “Pure lunacy” pack 2 “Mayhem outline” stickers 2 “Lunatic bubble” stickers 2 “Wildstyle 2027” stickers 2 “Firestarters wildstyle” stickers 2 “Luncatics wildstyle” stickers “Territory division” pack 2 “Engi-Bubble” stickers 2 “Scavenger Tag” stickers 2 “Nomad-Bubble” stickers 2 “Wolf tag” stickers 2 “Dawn’s Children Wildstyle” stickers “The Art of the Wasteland” pack 2 “Sharkiti” stickers 2 “Who iz here?” stickers 2 “Shooting stars” stickers 2 “Brainz” stickers 2 “Dime” stickers All of the above packs can be purchased an unlimited number of times. The offer is valid for all platforms and will last until February 3, 23:59 UTC. On Xbox stickers packs can be purchased with crosscrowns.
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    Right now the hability to Farm uranium is restricted to a few clans/players in the game. The player base is not big and we almost always see the same players on the top of the leaderboards. There is a long road before you can even think in progress after you acquire your legendaries The game is hard on new players but if you manage to surpass the "Special" rarity tier you end up in a limbo between epics/legendaries and relics. Giving Uranium to high skilled/geared players does absolutly no good to the community at all since the more wealthy will always be more wealthy making unfair for those who are trying to reach the top tiers The reward system right now is like "Meh we are good WITH THIS PLAYERS right here, if you wanna fight them BUY PACKS" Right now there is absolutly no reason for new players to join clan wars since the reward is awful, there is no balance at all. my propose is: Right now if you manage to win 5 battles you get 450 badges right? make it 450 badges plus 10 Uranium. 10 uranium per week won't damage the economy at all. Clan Wars matches in Rust League could follow the same PS matchmaking rules of regular games. Last week my clan "around 14k PS" was put against a 9k clan. (we gave the victory to the new clan)
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    The upgrade System is BS. I used 5 epic items to get almost the same result. I have upgraded the item 2x and get the worst possibility when it comes to function. personally for me there are two logical explanations, broken or scam !!! The focus of an upgrade should be the mode of operation of the module and not the durability !! Therefore, I ask to change the complete upgrade system.
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    @SIGMA920 Well almost everyone i know used to use the Bat. It had good characteristics. I used it almost exclusively for wheeled builds. I haven't used it since the rarity change BECAUSE IT NOW SUCKS in comparison, & neither have my friends. It was a good cab to build around. Similarly if you think 300m is close range, well you live in a parallel universe where the laws of physics (& common sense) are different.
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    I am really getting fed up with the most toxic piece of equipment in the game deciding most of the matches I play. If the devs can't fix it, then they should disable the item from being allowed to be used until they can fix it. The pack that contains this toxic crutch has been released ages ago and the devs already cashed in on it, so I don't see how that could do any harm at this point. For those that don't know, since the latest update, the Kapkan not only catches you, but often completely disables your wheels, most often preventing you from getting into a position where you can shoot it or drive over it and you can't try to dodge enemy fire since you can't move at all. Doesn't matter what vehicle you drive, happens to a light build just as much as to a 25 ton Mastodon build.
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    I'm tired of it. It's not a free market. It's not a good market. It's not a cool feature. It's so heavily manipulated that it's near completely dysfunctional. Just replace it with a restaurant style menu. The parameters for buying and selling are so unnatural and broken I don't know what the point of having this feature is. It's not like these items even exist, so if you're going to manipulate the market "for us," just Disney this crap and make it all up. There is no reason these items need to be treated like actual commodities. Not enough misery and suicide generated from actual markets? These are virtual commodities, already being magically manipulated, and the market is clearly and purposely fraudulent. Why don't they just create a magic fraudulent menu that works? Hand the feature over to AI completely. Make it 100% fiction, or fix it? ya.. I'd like to sell some things so I can build something, but I can't. Why? IDK. Magic reasons. The result is I'm not playing. I'm doing something else (817CH1N6) while the market pretends to rationalize my request for magic reasons. Numerous items can't be bought or sold at all. Why? Magic. That's why. I have to wait a half an hour to sell an item? why? Same reason. Magic reasons. So...I just wait for a half hour? I catch a movie while I wait for the market unicorn to OK my transaction? It seems like a lot of trouble for a "game." Just spoof it already.
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    I have 2 full sets of fused hovers, I absolutly agree with op that they need some balancing changes. The wheels giving tonnage to hover build thing being fixed will be a start, but its not going to change anything really. Hovers are just far too durable for how mobile they are (I exclusively play hovers at max ps, I'm not calling them op because they kill me) Whats the benefit to using a spider when hovers are similarly durable? (weapons have same hp, and the mobility is easily worth the 500-1k less cabin dura) there just isn't one as far as I can tell. My opinion is that they need to re introduce the scaling power draw that they used to have. Basically put a soft cap on the number of hovers that you can run, maybe 5 or 6 max, before losing huge amounts of mobility. This pushes hovers back into the light harassment/scout type of playstyle, and limits them to lighter sustained damage type weapons like machineguns and helios. Typhoons/mastodons (any heavy cannon) do not belong on hovers, its impossible to balance and heavily limits what weapons can be seen as viable. As a hover typhoon player I can tell you that I consider my build to be totally obscene. 9 hover beholder typhoon with almost 2k hp, rediculous agility and immense damage output with minimal risk to myself. IT SHOULDNT EXIST. Large cannons belong on tanks/spiders. Nothing else.
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    yes it would make hover counters valueless and who cares. The fact that all other builds need to be counters to hovers show that this game is stuck and cant move forward. EVERY "good" build at high PS is made to be a hover or to kill a hover, period. This is not even up for discussion, its a fact.
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    This is true... we either run hovers, run the counter to hovers, or run a counter to the hover counter to protect our hovers. Everything revolves around hovers. Anyone worth their salt understands this. And I like using hovers as much as anyone... but I like the idea of the game growing and becoming more dynamic. So yeah, I believe hovers can take a hit to help the game.
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    Knowing that you really do like hovers, much respect for saying something like this
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    Mine are Fair upgrade system also for existing items Blueprints and storage places for lesser Ressources good revision of the co-driver Which do you have?
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    One of the things that makes hovers incredibly good is they ignore other exploits in the game that ground builds are prone to. Hovers cannot really be wedged in any meaningful way, they just bounce over Hovers ignore the god-awful terrain smoothing in places whereas ground builds sometimes yeet themselves off a cliff. Hovers can entirely ignore terrain flaws that flat out stop a ground build dead in its tracks (thank god Oldtown is gone) Hovers still have full traction over any surface, wheels slide in mud and water Hovers have impulse when tilted or flipped over, wheel builds can't effectively drive once the build is angled so much Hovers have zero accuracy penalties for going full speed, whereas any wheeled build gets massive gun spread Combine this with: Hovers have some of the best turn speed in the game. Hovers have the best acceleration in the game. An end game hover build can easily have 2k to 3k dura (or more) and a full relic kit Hovers don't leave tire tracks when cloaked If you lose half of your 8 hovers, you're still quite functional. If a wheel build loses half of its wheels, it's pretty hobbled It is zero fudgin' wonder to me why the vast majority of top teams run hover comps (on PC at least). Also: railguns do in fact create incredible recoil in real life, perhaps scorps should have recoil?
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    @h0zz It is not about game skill. It is about UI design. Haven't you ever played other games? Nowadays, Interface is designed to put the important information on center with big icons rather than bottom with small icons. Gauge at next to center. Ultimate gauge is also placed at middle bottom with big icon. Remaining shield is displayed above the center, not bottom. There are tons of examples. And after reading the suggestion of moving indicator to the center, your reaction was Did you read same thing that i read, right? Designing UI close to the character controlled by the player or at least to the center is really important. Why do you believe suggestion about interface improvement is related with game skill? Maybe it is related with game skill of Crossout developers, but anyway, the general design level of Crossout interface is really awful. PS. How much do you really suck at reading? From 1 to 10.
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    My proposal is that for every 50 prestige lvl of engineers we get one additional space in the garage and 25 in the storage. Fusing system rework is realy needed.
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    They could introduce gates that would take you to other places on the world map (just like with the original Hard Truck/ Ex Machina or basically any other massive MMORPG with an open world). Implementing "dungeons" (basically open world "raids" that you can engage with friends or whoever is near on the current map at the moment) and make their reward worth the while and challenge (maybe those said "complex raids" *wink wink* ). Expand the story and put more interesting side missions and side quests. Make daily events and maybe even a "hauling" mode (like any truck simulator out there). Let players meet around the map, just like a bigger and more dynamic version of Badlam, basically an online Ex Machina. Then the mode will become interesting for people that already finished the story and collected thousands of engraved casings that they will never end up using. Gaming design 101: when you want players to experience/see something, you put objectives around it, make them backtrack sometimes to refresh their memories. If Adventure remains a "one time only" deal, why even bother putting it ingame in the first place? Just to introduce newbies to the game mechanics and have some portrait characters make cameos here and there? Let's make it a thing for everyone to use regulary instead.
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    Genius. I highlight the best part, here again in case u miss it Want accuracy - go on the ground, Want movement - fly up in the air.
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    I would like to add that developers should stop making things (parts/maps/perks/upgrades/features) so that it adds an advantage to hovers and disadvantage to ground builds. There is big list of that. Long time. The most screaming example of it are porcupines lying/rolling under hover. Even friendly ground build is punsihed when (friendly) porcupine is nearby.
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    You have absolutely no idea about game balance and you're throwing **** in every directions hoping something sticks somewhere. This post alone proves that you simply do not understand what balance is on a fundamental level, or what other people are talking about when they discuss balance. Something like "Bat isn't bad, it's just overshadowed by rares and epics" is probably the most nonsensical thing anyone ever wrote about game balance in the history of game design. Balance isn't an absolute truth. Bat can't be "decent" or "good" in a vacuum, simply by itself. If it's bad compared to other rares and epics, then it's just bad in the context of the game's balance, not whatever "rationalization" you come up with to feel special and more intelligent than others. It's not "good if you ignore the rest of the game" or whatever irrational thing you use to justify your stance. Bat is bad because other cabs exist and your stances are bad because reality exists, SIGMA. Bat is bad because for half the PS and a smaller profile you have Growl, something anyone who can maths understands. And trashing others for saying "stupid and fundamentally flawed things" when you're the one so clearly in need of getting a grasp is obviously not going to get you more than backlash.
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    Wake up samurai, we have a game to update.
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    You can't sell, you can't use in craft. Right now players with prestige in faction are awarded with Veteran Container. A reward that is absolutly useless for someone that achieved "PRESTIGE LEVEL". Not only in Engineers but ALL FACTIONS PRESTIGE BOX IS THE SAME??? There is 3 different ways that this issue could be fixed. 1. The Easiest way: Make the Veteran Container content be craftable (you can use it to craft another parts.) 2. The Laziest way: Replace the veteran with Miner's Container. 3. The Right way: Make unique Containers for "Each Faction" just like the Miner's but with Parts from that specific faction, just copy and past the % chance from Miner's (I.e Veteran Steppenwolfs Container's: Contains white and blue engineers parts with high chance, rare and epic steppenwolf parts with little chance, rare and epic non-tradable)
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    and then crossout 's bad servers kick you for randomly no reason, making you loose the 100 fuel you used to entern in it
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    That would be cool, but at the same time with the option to disable/ enable such stuff. Atm, you can only deactivate the whole HUD Look at the screenshot below. Terrible Anyways, expecting too much from this game
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    From what's seen in the forum, it seems like PC and console versions are entirely different when it comes to handling certain things, that's why sometimes it can get confusing Which also makes me wonder why console players don't use the console sections of the forum btw.
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    1. The friends list, why must it be super infuriating trying to select a name and jumping around like crazy? Make it in alphabetical order, and whether someone is in game, in queue or in battle should not shift the order of the list. Should someone go offline, the name should be removed, not reorder the entire list. I mean seriously, wtf guys lol? 2. Bots in PVP. If bots MUST exist in PVP for whatever reason you see feasible, then each team should have the same bots per match. Its not exactly balanced when one team has 2 Mammoth bots and 2 Retcher bots, whilst the other gets landed with 2 triple Harvester bots (which actually have no idea how to use their build and will actually purposely avoid players rather than try ram them) and another 2 double Spark bots, which are equally as useless. My team ended up with 5 quad Spike bots one game and safe to say the enemy team was dead in the first 2 minutes haha. Ridiculous. 3. Match Making, why are people being dragged into matches fighting against guys anything from 2000-6000 above their current powerscore? Ive seen matches where even the bots are 5000 PS above my whole team. It really needs sorted probably more than anything in the game, its absolutely horrendous. To me it should be physically impossible for players to match with anyone else outside 1000 PS of their own, if that means waiting slightly longer for a match then so be it, no one wants to fight unfair matches over and over again. Agree, Disagree?
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    First off; weld points. They need: Weld points on the front, back, sides (remove the handrail or allow it to clip into parts) along with on the front/back 3 tiles on top. These just are not workable enough. Acceleration bug fixed, when coming out of a perpendicular strafe, sometimes you cannot reverse or go forwards until you roll to a complete stop or handbrake. The front drums to have more responsibility in steering the vehicle. If your center of gravity is not at the back of the spindle connecting the front and rear drum, you will have a 15-20m turning radius, if your COG is above the front drum it drops to 3-10m. Auger vehicle turning radius is extremely sensitive to where your center of gravity is. Their stability was 'improved" I guess because augers center of gravity is now 2 tiles below the ground, but any large heavy cab will still throw that COG right up to the frames and you will flip and spinout very easily. A new perk that isn't something dumb and obvious like doing damage when other movement parts have magic perks. Maybe they have more pushing power when going forwards or backwards, and half as much of that buff when going diagonally. Maybe they have more acceleration forwards and backwards and half the bonus if moving diagonally. Colin Furze sponsorship We also need more meatgrinder variants. Leave the current ones alone in terms of tonnage, ps, stats etc, fix their bugs/QoL issues, and release future augers as a single drum with the same thread direction. Meatgrinders cannot be lined up front to back and still handle properly because they rely on the drums spinning as 4 separate quadrants in the same direction with the same thread direction. Release future augers as counterclockwise and clockwise so players can control this on large builds.
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    For some reason these dudes think if hovers become unplayable their results will be different than what it is now.
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    Tell me a single pvp game where the meta term doesn't exist And the fact that some players kick yo **** is not only determined by meta
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    Kapkan - must have item to deal with wedges and dogs. Especially in high PS and CW pvp Yet its sold in Top 5 most expensive packs in game! and only one per pack! This is disguisting and needs to stop. Price on market always been around 3000C At least brind it down to 700C FFS!!! Solutions: Add 2 more kapkans to that pack Make pack less expensive by removing extra coins that come with it Introduce completely new very cheap pack like "Insomnia" that comes only with kapkan and some rare parts
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    While I agree with the topic I'd like to point out he's predominantly a dog player.
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    I have a feeling that some people still don't understand what kind of developers are in this game. These developers only care about money and the game is how they want it to be and it is 100% unbalanced and with exorbitant prices, a solution would be to stop buying anything in this game for a while, I will not put more money until it improves as they have totally lost my confidence. surely this way things will improve much and faster than what is happening now.
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    100% This Most vets will not come out and say things like this because they are trying to protect the gear they own and to protect the advantages they have in the game. If I was being all about myself I would never say things like this.
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    Did I say spiders are worthy of top10 on PC? Did you get the idea that because one spider gets top10 sporadically (amongs all the melees and hovers) that they are worthy? Because if you did, you gotta work on that reading comprehension boy.
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    How **** must console players be to let you just drive up to them without positioning in a way where they can shoot you, or simply kiting back to cover (or their team). Do you know how to play the game? How bad are console players if they do such positioning mistakes? I guess that 4 monkeys against 4 apes doesn't amount to much. Edit: Going to just say Xbox players instead of console from now on. The ps4 guys actually seemed to have a clue. Putting them in the same basket as you clowns is just an insult to ps4 players honestly .
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    It's simply moronic to think this way. Let's start off with factors that will prevent a Punisher from closing the gap between them and a hostile Typhoon: -The Typhoon. -Verifier -Acceptable Cover -Icebox -"Peek & Shoot Meta" If you think, it's easy to imagine a Punisher build being shot by multiple volleys before they ever make it within optimal range for an engagement. Often, the Punisher has lost weapons by this time, crippling their effectiveness in the ensuing engagement. But in case you don't understand this, I'll break each down one-by-one. The Typhoon Impact: The Typhoon is one of the best weapons in the game. A strong meta weapon that is effective at any range. The Typhoon itself has theoretically infinite maximum effective range, while the Punisher does not. A Typhoon will simply dominate a Punisher anywhere outside of a close-range engagement (which, coincidentally, many CW maps allow, through long lanes of approach, which a Punisher will have to traverse before an engagement). Result: Punisher is damaged, even crippled, before close engagement begins. Punisher has possibly lost weapons/modules at this time. Typhoon has health upper-hand when engagement begins. Verifier Impact: Verifier effectively makes cloak-pushes a moot point. With an almost identical recharge time, a Typhoon build with a verifier can nullify any attempt at a cloaked push to an acceptable engagement distance by the Punisher, while also continuing to put damage onto target from range. In effect, the Punisher would have to make a fully revealed push to acceptable engagement distance against a weapon far more proficient in medium-long range engagements. Obviously, this is not ideal, because the uncloaked Punisher will be taking damage from the Typhoon during this movement out of cover. Result: Punisher takes damage during uncloaked push. Punisher has taken more damage than Typhoon has when ideal engagement begins. Typhoon has upper-hand when engagement begins. Cover Impact: Cover in this game inherently favors long range builds. Close-quarters areas are few and far between, and are supplemented with long alleyways, and areas of no cover that often make up a "no-man's land" in the center of maps. Favoring these long-range engagements hurts the effectiveness of Punishers, because of damage falloff associated with shooting at range. They cannot do enough damage in these areas to "out-trade" a Typhoon. Result: Typhoon sets up watching a long angle. Punisher tries to challenge and/or push this angle. Punisher takes massive alpha damage in this engagement, while doing very little with sustained DPS in return. Punisher loses trade, cannot compete for better cover when locked down by threat of taking massive alpha damage if exposed. Punisher loses trade. Icebox Impact: The Icebox counters one of the best assets a Punisher has: the Nova. Icebox allows one Typhoon shell to go past an activated Nova shield, and impact the Punisher build. Effectively, even of a Punisher shields properly, they still take massive alpha damage. Result: Upon pushing, Punisher activates shield, and still takes damage. Punisher possibly loses important weapons or modules before reaching proper engagement distance. Punisher loses trade. Typhoon has upper-hand when Punisher reaches ideal engagement distance. Peek & Shoot Impact: The meta controlled by Typhoons, peek & shoot, effectively means Typhoon players will be in cover, "peek" out, fire, then duck back into cover. This prevents taking large amounts of damage from sustained, DPS-based weapons, like Punishers. Effectively, the Typhoon can deal massive alpha damage, while remaining relatively unscathed, until a Punisher can threaten their piece of cover. Result: Punisher is damaged before ideal engagement begins. Punisher loses trade. Typhoon has upper-hand. Is this enough for you? Or do I have to literally draw it out for you to understand?
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    I just found something quite disturbing... Took a random harvester build on the exhibition, requiring a co-driver perk for mass limit but I did not use it for the test so I was capped to 21km/h with very slow acceleration : Look as what happens with a train plow pointing upwards : I reach 76km/h ! And no I did not lose parts, and my cap speed falls back to 21km/h as soon as I stop doing damage with the harvester. But if I turn the train plow of the target so it points down I dont gain speed : What do you think ???
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    Oh yeah, that was the first time I logged in over a month. I logged in to fuse Echo and to my dismay realized I had to play few pvp matches to earn the crackers. Well there's still the sideways movement and hovering above the ground which allows you to get over smaller obstacles. But I honestly don't know what the right solution is anymore (and am not sure if I even care anymore).
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    So you want hover to be slow also ? I think your brain is lazy...
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    Is there any reason, according to balance, why the water heats up only ground builds? It tends to be worse than acid lake on the Factory map. Fortunately the Factory is not in the CW rotation. Edit: Sorry i found now the older topic about it.
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    Pve is part of the game as well as pvp and clan wars. About %95 of the raids have at least 1 retcher build, %50 of the raids have 2 retcher builds. In any online competitive game if only some op weapons are used in nearly every match , this means only one thing: Bad Game Design. 4x porcs owners please don't write here thanks.