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    I would like to see movement parts have multiple stages to their destruction instead of poofing when their HP reaches zero. (other parts could benefit from this idea too, but for now let's only talk about movement parts) - Wheels with tires could go flat and become just tireless rims that scrape on the ground with less traction than their undamaged version. - Tracks could lose their tread belt when damaged which would leave the main structure intact making it function somewhat like a dead wheel with no breaks. - Hovers could get all smokey and lose some of their acceleration and altitude before being destroyed completely. - Legs could lose break off "from the knee down" but still function like a peg-leg
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    I think that the small amount of energy in this game makes it so many weapons can not get true balance. We do not have any Half steps between items. The energy of all items should be doubled, including cabins, generators, weapons and so on. At first everything would be the same balance as it is now, but this would make room for more fine tune balance by adding a point between what our current system has. So if you added one point to a weapons energy it would just be a half step up or if you reduced a point it would only be a half step back. As it is right now I think the energy pool is to close in the rarity of items and this would give a lot more options for true balance.
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    There is just no way that they perform this good at 6k PS, at that PS bracket we already see epics and even some legendaries, and I'm not talking about sealclubbers, but properly put together builds, a COMMON item should be nowhere near close of being viable when we have higher tier weapons on battle, this is just one of the 3 Mvp's I got with this build.. So nerf them, or limit them to 2 in the storage, like the Hornets.
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    Why don’t hovers belong in this post-apocalyptic wasteland game (I also see people complaining about lasers and spark)? Mechanics have cobbled together all sorts of cool weapons out of scraps. You’re telling me that a group of super cool scientists couldn’t get together in this fantasy scenario and make cool weapons out of computers and electricity?? I'm sure most of us have played Fallout and ate that s*** up. Get over it. edit: #1 forum thread!
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    what about the co drivers rework?! please, we need it, and that was promissed long time ago
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    I 100% agree with Roacher requesting the removal of the arbitrary speed limit that instantly kills you, this limit is far too low which makes boosters way more dangerous to use than they should be, you already are sacrificing energy points and adding powerscore by using boosters, these builds suffer enough without the awkward speed limit deleting them off the map. There is no speedometer in the game so the only way to know you're going too fast is exploding. If flat out removing the limit is "too much" then consider raising the limit or reworking it so that you take damage instead of instantly exploding, and maybe create some visual effect to act as a warning that shows how close you are to this speed limit because again, the only way to know you're going too fast is exploding.
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    Exactly this. Wheel traction is an important part of choosing what wheels to have and making them all identical in this aspect not only completely removes a part of the gameplay, but is also unrealistic- I doubt a Racing Tire would have the same traction as a Big Wheel from a physical point of view. I'm honestly mildly pissed off about the removal of this feature. You might as well just make everything function the same( guns, engines, etc.) because you never know what the other players might be playing with and thus "making our expecience suffer".
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    Hi, the Reaper need unlimited Ammo like the Cyclone too. It is not right to punish the Reaper with Ammo you need and the Cyclone can fire 24/7 (cost 5 Energy each). Cyclone = 5 Energy x2 = 10 + 6 Cooler = 16 Energy with low PS and umlimited Ammo. Reaper = 6 Energy x2 = 12 + heavy Engine + 2-3 epic Ammo-Boxes + 3 Cooler = 16 Energy and you need a heavy Engine to carry the heavy ammo boxes... The Ammo Boxes are a additional penality of explosiv spots!
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    So I'll admit that I like the variety of weapons available to the game, but there could always be more, so this thread is basically just place for me to put down some of the ideas I've come up with to see if anybody likes them, and more will be added as I think of them. Note that MOST of my ideas will likely already fit into a pre-existing category that we already see in the game, though some may be a bit different. I'll separate my various weapon ideas into various categories below for the sake of organization. Machine Guns "Hail": Based on the German MG 3, this would be the "Epic" rarity equivalent of the Piercer, with a ridiculous fire rate but also being prone to overheating quickly. Unlike the Specter, which benefits the most from controlled bursts to take advantage of its ability, this thing would be the epitome of 'spray and pray' for people who'd rather not sit around waiting for an Equalizer to spin up when they've got a Harvester build right in their face. As such, its main ability, to encourage using it at point-blank range, would be to have its overheating slow down as long as you're hitting the target. Autocannons "Fusilade": Basically, this would be the rear dual NR-23 autocannon turret taken off the tail of a Russian bomber like a Tu-95, and would likely be a legendary weapon available to the Nomads as an alternative to something like the Reaper for people who prefer their weapons to start shooting immediately instead of after a couple of seconds. The way I see it, this would be an autocannon equivalent to the Tackler in being a fixed-field of fire weapon with high damage output and relatively low power cost for what it is when compared to the Cyclone, allowing one to mount more of them on a given vehicle. As for its unique attribute...well, I guess one could LITERALLY make it an autocannon Tackler (perhaps with damage output comparable to what the Tackler did prior to being nerfed, which should be fine when coupled with a high fire rate, but with an autocannon's energy cost). Shotguns "Tangler": Conceptually, this weapon is similar to the Junkbow in being a single-shot, reload-based shotgun rather than magazine-fed. However, as opposed to the raw damage output of the Junkbow, this weapon fires lengths of chain that, if they hit a movement part, temporarily debuff the target's movement speed and steering (except for hovers, which don't suffer a speed debuff but have an even more pronounced steering handicap), the idea being that the chain gets spooled up around an axle or something like that and starts to jam the wheel. Neither effect stacks with multiple hits (though hitting them again will reset the timer on the debuffs), so all having multiple Tanglers does is giving you more chances to hit a movement part to activate its effect and for keeping an enemy 'stunlocked', but a Spark will still be more efficient at doing this by comparison. Cannons "Thin Man 45 mm": In a nutshell, this would be a 45 mm M1932 19-K anti-tank gun from the Second World War mounted in a makeshift turret (for those of you who know your tanks, the T-26 used a variant of this gun), acting as the common equivalent of something like the Little Boy or Fat Man, to give new players a taste of having a turret-mounted cannon on their builds until they can scrape together the scrap and parts required to make their first Little Boy 6-lber. Damage would be on the low end for a cannon, probably the lowest in its class, but it'd have a fairly quick reload rate to compensate for it, which would also make it more forgiving for newer players, both for the user and the target. "Kuzma's Mother": This would be a relic-tier weapon, and its name is fitting considering its raw destructive power. For people who find the Tsunami a bit lacking, there's this monster: a 203 mm artillery piece salvaged from a 2S7 Pion. The only unique attribute this weapon would have would be its ruinous damage output on a direct hit, enough to put the Scorpion to shame, along with a massive splash radius to ensure some damage even with a near miss...but at a heavy cost. For one, it'd be HUGE, but it'd also have a high energy cost (I'm thinking 10, so that NO build barring a leviathan will be able to mount more than one) and a fire rate of no higher than 3 rpm, and lastly, a low base ammo count. Sure, you might do 1500-2000 damage in a single blast, if not more, but you won't be able to do it often, and unless your vehicle's pretty much made of ammo boxes, not much at all. Furthermore, its sheer mass would also limit how much armor one can put on their vehicle, turning anything that mounts this thing into a high power score glass cannon by default. Oh, and to anybody wondering about the name, it's an obscure alternative nickname for the Tsar Bomba. Unguided Rockets "UG Aphid": Another common equivalent of a 'rare' weapon, in this case the AT Wasp, and could be something like an M72 LAW or RPG-7 in a makeshift limited-traverse mount. The weapon would naturally be single-shot as opposed to two-shot like the Wasp and would have a low base ammo capacity, but it could still be useful in low power score 'glass cannon' builds. "Mantis 2N": This would be the 'legendary' of the unguided rocket launchers, and would be based on a 122 mm variant of the 9A52-4 Tornado, a lightweight MRLS that entered service with the Russian armed forces a few years ago. Able to rotate 360 degrees unlike their predecessors and firing a salvo of six shots, its sheer burst damage and greater utility thanks to it not having a limited firing arc would be offset by a fairly slow reload speed and, of course, its sheer size. "Hedgehog": Loosely inspired by an idea posted by somebody else, this is basically a makeshift version of the anti-submarine spigot mortar of the same name adapted for land-based use. The mortar fires a volley of heavy steel darts with explosives strapped to them into the air that rain down over an area, sticking to any vehicle they hit before detonating after a short delay. Like the Mandrake and Incinerator, their firing arc is limited in such a way that they have a minimum range, unless one has a specific build that points the Hedgehog forward. As for who this weapon would be associated with...well, that's an interesting question - honestly, I think a nautical-themed faction could be an interesting addition myself. "M2040 Devastator": A single-shot 105 mm Recoilless Rifle manufactured by the Steppenwolfs faction that is basically a copy of the American M40 recoilless rifle from the Korean and Vietnam Wars. While capable of 360 degree traverse, it's only single shot, but as an Epic rarity weapon makes up for it by having a similar armor-piercing effect to the Executioner (though isn't as powerful as the aforementioned cannon, of course) due to firing a HEAT round. For people who want powerful, accurate, long-range firepower in a light-weight package, accept no substitutes. Grenade Launchers "Immobilizer": This would be an epic or legendary-tier grenade launcher with a special effect of dealing bonus damage to movement parts and possibly engines, intended to slow or completely stop enemies in their tracks if you have decent aim with it. Appearance-wise I'm thinking this would reuse the old Impulse model. Aerial Drones "DD-44 Kamikaze": Think of this as a flying version of a Fuze, able to bypass obstacles more easily to reach their targets. Befitting this ability, they'd be a legendary weapon, likely for the Nomads considering their affinity for flying drones. Would this make it too similar to a guided missile? Maybe, but the target doesn't get a warning that they're being targetted in exchange for it being easier to shoot down than a missile (being a larger target). Wheeled Drones "Piranha": A small, quick, and fragile wheeled drone fitted with a Borer that makes a beeline for the nearest enemy and tries to drill into them, best used to swarm an enemy in numbers. They wouldn't be all that capable of taking hits from...well...anything, but if you ignore them long enough to get too close for your ranged weapons to engage then effectively, and there's enough of them...well, let's just say its name isn't just for show. That said, certain kinds of builds would likely shrug these off easily, making them a bit situational, so having some Fuzes or Sidekicks to back them up could be a good idea. Turrets "DL Borealis": In effect, this is a deployable turret version of the Aurora gatling laser available to the Dawn's Children faction. Rather than the direct damage of the existing turrets or the immobilizing utility of the Kapkan, the damage put out by this weapon, like the Aurora, would be negligible (it'd likely fire slower than the vehicle-mounted Aurora), but the heating effect would make affected parts on the target more vulnerable to damage from other sources, requiring the user to take a more active role in combat than your typical turret builds unless it's paired up with other kinds of turrets or one's running a purely supportive build. Explosives "Claymore": This is basically an anti-vehicle version of the anti-personnel mine of the same name, being a point-blank, single-use weapon that can be triggered on command, the main use being as a close-in deterrent to melee builds. To offset their single-use nature, their sheer damage output would be immense, possibly enough to break a Harvester in a single blast, if one's willing to put up with the energy cost of mounting one. Sidenote: since some people seemed confused by this, allow me to clarify that this is mounted to the VEHICLE, it is NOT a deployable mine. Think of it as a manually-detonated version of explosive reactive armor. Melee "Crab Claw": This is a mine flail, consisting of a set of chains with heavy steel balls at the end rotating at high speed, intended to be a mine clearing device of course, the name of this weapon being a reference to a variant of the M4 Sherman tank used for this purpose during the Second World War. I imagine this being an 'epic' rarity weapon and in keeping with its roots would not only have a built in resistance to explosives, but would instantly destroy any drones, mines, turrets, or kapkans that come into contact with it, and in the case of Fuzes or the drone deployed by a Werewolf cab, will detonate them harmlessly. I could see this being a Steppenwolfs or Scavengers weapon primarily. Other Weapons "Anarchy": This would be a rare weapon functioning as a poor man's Incinerator, and would likely be craftable after joining the Firestarters. Rather than throwing fuel canisters, this is a mortar modified to fire molotov cocktails. The result is a weapon with similar capabilities to the Incinerator, but firing in a higher arc, dealing less damage, having a smaller AoE, and shorter range, while being significantly easier to acquire. Hardware ECM Jammer: I guess this might be counted as "hardware" rather than a weapon, but its main purpose is specifically to counter drones, turrets, and missiles within its area of effect (perhaps 20-30 meters or so) for a limited time (maybe ten seconds or so). Wheeled drones would stop moving and firing, turrets would be taken offline, flying drones would crash into the ground, fire-and-forget missiles would lose lock, and stuff like TOWs and Fuzes would self-destruct. Something like this existing in the game might encourage some people to try less...'passive' play styles. Water Cooler: This is a module that would reduce the cooldown on anything from cloaks to turret dispensers passively. I imagine that we might see at least two different tiers of this type of item, one reducing cooldown by 10% and with an energy cost of 1, and a second one that's bulkier and has an energy cost of 2 but reduces that cooldown by 25%. Definitely useful for people who'd rather use something besides Cheetahs and Bigfoots. If this proves to be too overpowered, then it could be made so that using multiple Water Coolers grants diminishing returns, or even making it so that they don't stack for multiple units (you could still get a 35% recharge rate buff this way by combining one of each part, but you'd be spending 3 energy to do so, quite an investment that could be going into other things like weapons) "Rejuvenator": Cosmetically, this would look like an industrial robot arm of the type one often finds in factories today with an arc welder on the end. Their whole purpose is to repair friendly vehicles, specifically any parts still attached to them (so if a part's been completely broken off, that's not going to get reattached, also, you can't use them on yourself). Each one would require you to basically be within 'melee' range of a friendly unit to use and each one would take 2-3 energy to mount, but each one mounted accelerates the repair process, allowing one to create 'medic' builds for team support if they feel so inclined. It might also be possible to implement these as 'epic' rarity weapons with low damage output to enemy units in addition to their repair function in order to make them a little more versatile and builds using them a bit less vulnerable. Smoke Grenade Launcher: A piece of hardware with a cooldown on it that lets one deploy a smokescreen similar to how one can in ground forces in War Thunder. The smoke prevents enemies from visually detecting allies either inside of or on the other side of the smoke (stuff like radar detectors aren't affected, however), and prevents guided missiles, turrets, and drones from getting a lock on allies on the other side of or within the smokescreen. Cabs "Sturmovik": The name of this cab should give one an idea of what this thing is: a cab that used to be the cockpit and gunner's seat of an Il-10 ground attack plane, likely an Epic rarity cab available for the Nomads. True to the real thing, it'd be quite durable yet light thanks to its 'titanium bathtub' construction, but what would make it unique is that while it'd have a lower energy than other medium cabs of its rarity (likely 10 instead of 12), it'd make up for it by having a free gun built into the rear of the cab (manned by your co-driver, of course). Depending on the model of Il-10, this could be either a machine gun or an autocannon, likely equivalent to a Vector or Rapier, and like the Caucasus turret would automatically engage enemies within its firing arc (up to 180 degrees horizontally, a max elevation of around 80 degrees and a max depression of around 15 degrees) and range. If one gets a bit creative with their builds (and perhaps rebinding their controls to be able to drive "backwards"), having a free gun that can only be destroyed by taking out the entire vehicle can be quite handy...or at least it'd give you something to watch your six with. "Niva": The name alone should be a giveaway of what I have in mind here, and frankly, I'm shocked that a game published by a Russian company doesn't have a Lada cab! This would be an "epic" cab...in a sense. It'd have identical stats to the Huntsman in terms of durability, tonnage, max weight, power etc. One might think "why would you make a Huntsman reskin an Epic?" Well, for starters it'd have a lower power score than any other 'Epic' in the game (probably on part with most 'Rare' cabs), but its unique attribute is something I'm pretty sure quite a few people would appreciate: increased traction for all wheels and less loss of speed while climbing slopes, reflecting the real car the cab's taken from's off-road capabilities. This makes it well suited for light, low to medium power score wheeled builds, though how useful it'd be will depend on how the upcoming wheel rework turns out.. Movement ML 100: These would be 'chicken walker' style mechanical legs functioning as a rare counterpart to the ML 200 (think of their design being like the legs on the AT-ST in Star Wars). While theoretically feasible to create two-legged walkers with these, the result may be lacking in stability, and while the high profile granted by these does make it easier to mount underslung weapons, it also makes one an easier target to hit. They would also grant faster movement than the ML 200, but at the cost of being less durable, along with lacking things like the ML 200's built-in recoil reduction mechanic.
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    As the owner of 40+ Engineer flags, I would like to put them to some use. Also as I am 38 prestige for Engineers, I do not see a reason to ever trade out a part on a build to actually use them in that way either. So please devs, please allow us to recycle flags for even minimal resources or sell on the market for a few coins to someone that would actually like to use them. I've thought about simply deleting them but that seems like such a waste. I'd gladly trade a flag for 25 scrap or 0.10 coins a piece which is essentially nothing but better than them setting. Plus, this would make winning a flag out of a container in the future not seem like a total waste of a crate.
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    The point of random surfaces for the different areas of the different maps is being thrown away and the explanation for the rationale is poor, in my opinion. Now the player will know how their tires will behave no matter what map is randomly selected. Why even have random maps and random surfaces then? The whole point of the different wheels is their differing grip preferences, your example of balloon tires as an all around tire for the differing surfaces but lower Durability then other Rare Wheels. So, you want higher Durability Tires, like Twin Wheels or Large Wheels, you sacrifice grip on Sand or gain better grip on Dirt. Otherwise, all players would choose Balloon Tires for all around grip, which your data shows that most do not do this. If players have been choosing to use these other wheels while knowing they get poor traction on one surface versus the other two, then why make this change? In my opinion, this idea is very poor, but, as always, I will test out the changes and report back on my thoughts and will reserve judgement until then. In my opinion, this is making Movement items more Vanilla and taking away the most important difference. Anything that levels items in a game of choices is bad, to me. I hope for the best, loving the game, appreciating everyone's efforts to improve the game, and realize we are still in development and changes will be made. Best wishes, James
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    If power penalty is different for each wheel, will it be a displayed stat?
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    Not keen on this change. The grip parameters could be evened out, but the difference in performance over different surfaces was all part of build optimisation and compromise. Better use of surfaces on maps would be a preferable change. Some of the sand-based maps can be problematical with some wheel sets, but if harder surface paths were provided on these types of map that would give the tactical option of taking that predictable route (and potentially being ambushed) or taking a chance on the soft sand. Whilst tracks and legs have their problems, at least they were predictably accommodating of most surfaces encountered. . My opinion is that wheel grip should be left unchanged (in terms of ground surface) and instead more effort put into developing improved maps that make better use of the available variation in surface. Bridge has been long overdue a revamp, it's a map concept that barely scratches 20% of the potential it demonstrates. Throw some effort into Bridge II and other new maps rather than messing about with grip/surface parameters. There have been plenty of suggestions made in the past about how the existing maps could be improved or used as the basis for improved maps.
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    Me and many other players have had at least one encounter with someone who has "lancer cancer" ; Has Quantum, gas generator, Chameleon and 14 lancelots... I think these should be nerfed because the people with 14 lancelots can destroy a tank in under one second; a tank with 1500+ hp, a cannon, 2 armored tracks and no generators or fuel barrels. I do not want them to be nerfed directly (reduce their damage). I have a few suggestions to balance it. 1. - Add a limit to how many you can put on a car - 1 or 2, maybe up to 4, but definitely not 14. 2. - Make them use more energy - 2 energy for 1 explosive spear/lancelot will make a big difference - 7 lancelots might not be able to take down a tank 3. - Last resort - actually nerf their damage - 75-100 for each lancelot and 50-75 for each explosive spear. I know that people with big wallets, 14 Lancelots, a Quantum, a Gas generator and Chameleon will be upset that they didn't get their money's worth but at least give us, the people who can't spend money for a game, a chance to have fun in this game without getting killed by lancelots every 3 seconds. This will probably not be approved or considered but it's worth a try.
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    All wheels from a single rarity tier behaving identically on a given surface means the structure of their contact surfaces will be ignored. The tread characteristics, the tyre width and diameter (e.g. Large wheels should have great grip in hard terrain exactly due to the tread and diameter designed specifically for such applications) would be there just for the looks. Changing the differences between wheels from sort-of-realistic to "resistance to a certain type of damage, effect on the power of the installed cabin" is Crossout veering off into a territory of magic and dragons. People will be thinking in terms of not what wheels to get for better driving performance (that's what wheels are for), but of getting certain buffs. Also, as far as I can tell, the "effect on the power of the installed cabin" is not the role of the wheels but the drive train, i.e. the cabin and an optional engine. What about the Gun-mount wheels? They used to have 150 durability up to some 9 months ago, when it was lowered to 75. It's just logical that a mass of welded/forged steel should be extremely durable, maybe even more that 150, and/or very resistant to all kinds fo damage. Steel is a completely different material than the hardest rubber. Though I don't mind them having very poor traction, which would also be logical, taking into account the structure of their contact surfaces. I hope something will finally be done about Small Tracks skidding randomly, making my vehicles take wild turns all over the place with either all 4 or just 2 left.
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    I'm more interested in when wheels won't dominate as the best possible option. The hardcap on speed has rendered tracks and legs(unless using the cab) so slow that their durability is completely negated by their inability to turn. Heavy movement parts already have the overly punishing softcap of engine power limiting their use, they don't need two. Remove the arbitrary top speed, it has no justification.
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    recently i ve started playing with heavy cabins and i ve realized 1 thing they are just way too heavy for their tonnage almost all of the cabins mass is half of their tonnage which in my opinion is just too much, heavy cabins mass should be around 1-1,5~ tones or other way around just buff their tonnage by 2-3k~
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    Just in case anyone was still/currently curious on the state of Reapers, and whether or not there a viable option at higher tiers... NOPE! They still suck. TESTING PROTOCOL: I used my usual build as a base, and only swapped weapons. I use MG's/miniguns & Goliaths primarily, and I'm using a Torero cabin at the moment. The build has 2 purple radiators and 1 purple cooler. Control group was my 4x Equal build (9480 PS). For the Test group, I replaced those with 2x Reapers, and ran 2 Rare & 1 Epic ammo boxes (10747 PS, 988 rounds). Co-driver is Perseus (Nomads) at Level 15 (max). PROS: 1) The damage is good. 2) The durability is decent. CONS: 1) The main problem, as I see it, is the rotation speed is far too slow. This is especially apparent against fast builds, moderate to fast builds in close range moving around you, and against hovers that strafe/change direction quickly at long range. 2) Chews through ammo very quickly, and requires 3-4 Epic ammo boxes to ensure you don't run black on ammo before the end of a skirmish. RESULTS: The 4x Equal build consistently out-scored and out-killed enemies, compared to the 2x Reaper build. Despite the added durability, the Reapers were stripped just as often - if not more so - than the Equal's. The Equals seem to have tighter groupings (more accuracy) at long range compared to the Reapers despite the "bar rating" for accuracy showing the same between them, which means a couple things. First, you land more shots at range with the Equals. Second, you can stay further away with the Equals in an effort to keep your weapons from being blown off. The quicker rotation speed allows Equals to track targets you simply can't track with the Reapers, even turning at the same time. Fast shotgun wedges at point blank range can be de-gunned half the time with Equals, but not nearly as often with the Reapers. Also of note, I have no issues de-gunning Reapers when I come across them in other builds. VERDICT: Reapers are still fun to play if you don't mind your KDR falling a little. But if you like to win more often than not, I'd pass the Reapers by. Until they get a small buff to rotation speed, or some other fix, I don't think they're all that competitive.
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    Hello everyone, iam used to play on the selected server only from other games. If i dont wanna play on other regional servers i do have my reasons. Why does this game try to match me up every second game into a Ru server. I dont even understand the language there, have a higher ping, playstyle is different, many voice chat abuser and and and. My solution to the problem is to quit everytime i get matched into a ru server. I wonder why we cant choose 1 server only or is there actually a work around to play only on 1 server with firewall settings? Wonder if iam the only one who gets annoyed by it.
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    For some reason these dont have grip AT ALL. And i have a theorys why. 1 - That hey arent what they seem 2 - gaijin doesnt know how a f***ing wheel works xD Still. wtf doesnt it have grip ? this is not how it works irl. and yes i am bored and confused af and made a post
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    What about other current issues with wheels other than just grip? Beyond suspension concerns other users have already pointed out in this thread, there are quite a few other issues with wheels, especially when trying to push them to their limits. Visual steering wheel turn angles also don't match their physical ones. This is most noticeable with large wheels and lunar wheels. Vehicles pitching too much can cause wheels to lose contact with the ground despite them still visually having contact with the ground. In addition, wheels don't seem to share their tread speed(and angular momentum) with the road, which leads to boosters not affecting them properly. Boost from a standstill, and they keep themselves locked, although this can be explained away with handbrake mechanics. Give them a small amount of throttle to get them rolling(but still keep them under booster power), and regular braking results in virtually instant wheel lock when compared to the same car at the same speed but also using cabin power to accelerate. You can coast for extended periods under booster power, but doing this without blipping acceleration ever so often results in them eventually locking up entirely without warning, regardless of the speed you're at(possibly because the game thinks the wheels have stopped completely despite that not being the case at all). Another issue with them is in how steering response is the same regardless of the conditions a vehicle is in. Essentially, attempting to turn while going fast enough results in understeer because the sudden steering causes the wheels to try to apply too much sideforce, leading to skidding and loss of traction on steering wheels. Although i commend you because not many games take this effect into account(which can be countered by easing on steering controls once you find yourself in this situation), the nature of button-based controls causes this to happen way too often, and this is one of the reasons wheeled vehicles tend underperform in races. A relatively simple mitigation can be done here by slowing steering wheel turn rate as the vehicle gets faster and/or side forces get stronger.
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    Don't know if it will better than current mechanic, but I know for sure that you MUST ADD ANY stats in tooltips for building parts, because we must have those to compare between each other and know how they differ, and be able to build crafts we want. I think less than 1% of players knew that wheels are different in that way. For the same reason we need numerical values for everything, to have meaningful data. Those gauges are meaningless..
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    Aww... I really like their differing grips. I'm not sure if their other stats are enough to keep them unique. But the handbrake change sounds great. Could the handbrake for Tracks be improved, too? (When turning, the handbrake should only brake one side's tracks, to help steer.)
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    Starting from the earliest versions of Crossout, the operation of the handbrake depended on the type of wheels installed on your armored car. If the armored car only has wheels of a single type (only steering / only non-steering ones), pressing the handbrake results in the complete blocking of every single wheel on the craft. If the vehicle is fitted with both steering and non-steering wheels, holding the handbrake key locks only the non-steering wheels, and the steering wheels continue to spin. Thanks to this mechanic, players have the opportunity to launch a controlled drift with a smaller loss of speed, which is especially important for light and fast crafts. We'd also like to mention that the handbrake is automatically enabled when the craft stops completely and turns off when a movement key is pressed. Because of this, the player can stand still on an inclined surface without having to hold the hand brake key. There were never any changes to this mechanic, and they are not planned in the near future. However, we are going to look into another handbrake operation feature. Currently, if you release the accelerator button and briefly press the handbrake button, the armored car will completely stop. In one of the next updates we plan to make changes to this mechanic. The duration of the craft's braking when the accelerator key is not pressed will depend on the duration of pressing the handbrake key. To stop it completely, you will have to hold the handbrake key.
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    Survivors! It's been a year since we launched the weekly contest ‘Rebuild in Crossout’ and started adding the best Survivor-built armored vehicles to Scar AB's collection. We couldn't leave such a remarkable date unnoticed and decided to celebrate it with the appropriate fanfare. We invite you to participate in a special, anniversary edition of our contest! So, first of all — here's the task. During this special edition we want you to show us the best of your design skills and rebuild this car: Contest Procedures: Entries are accepted from 19.07.2018 to 02.08.2018, 23:59 GMT. The results will be announced within a week after the end of the contest. Build a car as close to the original vehicle as possible within the given timeframe. We remind you that finding a similar cabin and adding some structural parts is not enough. Priority will be given to those entries where the player tried to manually recreate every detail of the car. You can post your entry to the exhibition under any name. The entry must remain at the exhibition until the results are announced. Post screenshots of your craft in this thread, include the name of the craft at the exhibition, your platform and your in-game nickname. Each participant can only present one entry. If a participant posts his entry in more than one post, this leads to his disqualification. One of the screenshots has to capture the angle used in the photo; The entry can be built in the car slot or the leviathan slot. The entry cannot contain offensive and Nazi symbols, references to prohibited groups and societies, as well as elements of erotic content. The entry must not contradict the Rules of the Game and the legislation of the Russian Federation; Players who publish someone else's work will be excluded from participation. By participating in the contest you agree to let us use your work at our discretion. The winner will be chosen by the jury. All messages in this thread are pre-moderated. The contest is held for all platforms (PC, XBOX One, PS4). Prizes Let's move on to the best part In honour of the contest's anniversary, the number of prize places is significantly increased. The winners will receive: Places 1-3: 3000 in-game coins. Places 4-10: 600 in-game coins. Places 11-15: packs with legendary decor (‘Legendary decor’ and ‘Legendary decor 2’). Places 16-20: packs with road signs (‘Signs’ and ‘Signs 2’). Places 21-25: ‘Slippery Slope’ sign and a pack ‘Firestarter stickers’. We will also randomly select 5 winners of the remaining participants who will receive 150 coins each. Some notable entries that do not quite reach the winners list can also be rewarded at the discretion of the jury. The contest was organized in cooperation with our player makarov22rus.