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    I taught this update also would contain the ability to create multiple common parts instead of 1 on Engineer faction. But not........
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    Well one thing's for sure. Hovers killed this game. Up until hovers were introduced this game had a growing playerbase. With update 0.8.0 the playerbase plateaued because any new people who joined probably got their asses handed to them. Those who stayed probably bought the newly introduced 70€ hover pack. And finally 1/5 of those people left once the hovers were nerfed. The playerbase has steadily been going down over the following two years. Really the best thing that could've happened to this game was if hovers were never put into crossout. Alas as the finns would say, the sh*t's in the pants already. All we have left is to enjoy this game that's one part mess and one part pure mediocrity. Even the most "unique" part about this game: the ability to fully craft your own vehicles was ripped from another game as it is. The devs started off on this game as a post-apocalyptic take on robocraft until they had to go and f*ck it up because someone at their company likes Star Wars just a bit too much. (for the record I like star wars a lot but not so much I'd wanna put some of that into my post-apocalyptic game).
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    Pages and pages of arguing, yet no sound arguments whatsoever. The whole topic has already been discussed too many times before. There is not even a point to be made, its in the game because the devs put it there. They did so because they wanted to and they could. Thats why hovers belong in crossout. Besides all that its unfathomably stupid to put a label on something and then criticize said thing for not comforming to the label you put on it. This ramses guy is full of sh.it, dont argue too much with him and fill pages with garbage.
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    Hello, For the sake of good order! Please include in your next Update or if it can be added ASAP the ability to craft multiple common parts in the Engineer section instead of 1 each time, its very annoying My person and others have been requesting this many times! what is the purpose of this page if you guys don't listen to our comments and queries ? If it would not be applicable just let us know! Thanks and best Regards, Dacosta83
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    We never got the 50% off Scanner sale PC received, and still only have 1 Scanner option in the store, so hopefully we actually get this and don't get left out of another good discount. We play the same game as PC, just with a controller, so give us the same stuff please. Thanks.
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    It seems the thread has been totally derailed on the topic of hover's performance. So far nobody has been able to explain hovers aren't overpowered directly. The only people who've come close defer to what would happen after a hypothetical hover removal or they point to a lack of other viable movement parts. And yes @Komun1sT I do use hovers in Clan Wars. I got no choice because a tsunami spider with an unfused spider cab is no competitior to a tsunami hover at all, and meatgrinders are broken. Hover removal: I think that would remove a lot of stress on the game. I tried lower powerscores at about 4-6k and I saw an absolute **** ton of side hovers. At high powerscore the game is totally dominated by hovers. In fact, most of my Clan uses hovers because they were forced to in order to remain competitive and they want them nerfed or removed. I would be very ecstatic if these things were done: Removal of hovers + refund of 330c per hover Meatgrinder fix + tweak to make them different from legs and superior to legs in their purpose Track buff Crushing and stomping damage Physics improvements Addition of spherical maglev wheels as a fragile high mobility strafing part Addition of legendary Cabins and movement parts Increasing cab engine power across the board and changing engines to provide a fixed amount of power, not a percentage based on the cab's power. Addition of a setting to invert steering controls while in reverse that applies universally. The most annoying thing for hover players would probably be having to re learn how to steer while reversing. If the developers decide to do any of these things, namely fixing the meatgrinders, removing hovers(again), wedging, and improving the reverse steering controls setting, it would be a much softer blow to player who have grown used to hovers.
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    For the folks struggling to understand what this guy is trying to say: Hes buying every pack no matter what but he doesnt enjoy the bitter taste in his face when a pack doesnt contain op new toys. Hed like to make all pack stuff op, retroactively, so that he doesnt feel as stupid buying old packs as he should. When he says ripoff he means that he paid and didnt even get op stuff in return.
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    Ah... there really isn't no place like home... Me too, his hits are so 2016 and too industrial to my taste. I fancy some USSR Anthem myself.
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    Porcupine vs hovers (broken?) What you think this. Do we need tweaking hovers to fly shorter distance to land. Today hover flyiers can be totally immune against porcupine/s. Hover flyer taking only damage to porcupines when hover flyer is already took damage and somehting corners scrathing to land.
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    Hallo all. First , i had to tranlate it from the german version of the PS4 game ... and my english ... well ... Maybe not so good. A samurai sit, ( * ) he couldt be outside and fight, but he has no car. Mission: Build a amored car for a samurai and use the shortcut "SMR“ in blueprints Name. * sit in his dojo , temple or where ever. My question is , how couldt so many builds win something , even they dont do to the task of the contest. ? The first place , really look a like samurai , but how do you fight with this car in XO ? The second place . also a nice samurai, but couldt move anyway , its more a statue than a car. Only the third could move and fight. Sadly i couldt switch to see the places 4–100 , doesnt work on in my game , idk. my car didnt won anything , so i would see the others too . I ve seen so much regular cars in the voting that are not a car for the honor of a samurai . like the regular ones or with drones or automatik weapons . But hey , hopefully what the next *fight of engeneers* theme is. See this in patchnotes . Now, at the voting stage, any player can report a blueprint, which in his opinion does not correspond to the task/theme of the contest or violates the rules of the game. so long , congratulatipn all winners. greetings , and come out where ever you are ... X4xx0N
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    and now back to crossout related news. i am now back in a clan. ive been in it since about one o clock. we did a session of clan wars, it went well. i am lacking a a little at the moment. its a significant change of pace. but as things went on i was beginning to grow into it a bit. mind is a bit blown to be honest. if i stand still long enough, a big cheesy grin appears on my face my feet are still planted though. so, i am now in N3XT. i will give them my best. i do not know how long i will be there... i hope quite a while its all an unknown thats unusual for me. it is in the lap of the gods. but its by far the best place TO be. and as N3XT are currently number one there is nowhere above where i am. this thread has perhaps the best ending that it could possible have. ive already received messages, including one nice one!. not bothered though. i get to play with the best players in the game. it dont get no better than that. huge thanks to ll ReganMack ll for a diamond opportunity. and thank you to everyone who has continued to read this thread. but yeah. i can put that last little dot in, after this next word cheers.
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    AMEN. I agree with you at 200%
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    it means what i wrote and nothing more, I'm glad the devs barely listen to the player base, so many selfish pricks who refuse to acknowledge what needs to be, instead caring about their own gain
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    Random Raid Players, please stop using light cabs on hard raids! Do not listen to the dumb Clan Wars Elites! They do not play raids, because they are spoiled, entitled, brats that get rich off of uranium. Light cabs are not good for hard raids, unless you like dying and running out of repair KITS HALFWAY THROUGH the raids! I suggest you all start using Bastion cabs for raids, because they have 50% damage reduction, which allows you to survive raids with less armor. Also use Scavenger/Steppenwolf armor which gives you the most armor for the lowest powerscore ratio. Speed and that extra point of energy are not worth it. You cannot outrun bullets from bots with autoaim. Also keep your powerscore below 7499 PS so that the difficulty will not be too high to beat the raids. 1. Last but not least, please use MG's on raids. They are best for stripping bots fast to stop them from blowing up the objective. 2. Cannons are a no-go, they are too slow, unwieldy, and if you miss, you are doing nothing. 3. Shotguns, melee, and fire are not good either, because it takes extra time to get close and neutralize them, therefore it is faster to strip bots and move on with MGs. 4. It pains me to say this, but Autocannons are not good for raids either, unless you pair them with an MG. Their turn speed is too slow to track zippy fast bots, and slower projectile velocity makes the turning problem even worse. There you go, follow these tips if you want to win raids. But here we go! Here come the dumb, crappy clan wars elites who will say: "HARUMPH I SAY!" "I DONT PLAY RAIDS BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO BORING, BUT KEEP USING LIGHT CABS, KEEP USING CANNONS, KEEP USING PVP BASED CHEESE BUILDS." "THEY TOTALLY WORK JUST FINE ON RAIDS." "WHO CARES IF YOU FAIL RAIDS AND WASTE FUEL!" "IM A ROYAL, GRAND CLAN WARS ELITE THAT IS TOO BUSY GETTING RICH OFF OF RELIC DISPARITIES ON PVP AND CLAN WARS." "GOOD DAY PEASANT."
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    Is mayonnaise an instrument? How about horseradish?
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    The treaded 2.8.0 update, PS rework, Harvester and Hover changes, Knight Riders coming 2 times per year, the introduction of Bigfoots, Thrusters rework, complex raids, changes in the assit mechanics, challenges rework, badge exchange, CK rework and many MANY other changes. Just where the F have you been hiding in the last 2 years, mate?
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    Reduce their capability too throw enemies with their shots. Wrecks and ultra light builds getting thrown a lot is ok but over 6500kg should be enough too not be spun around by a cannon shot. 6000kg is the weight of 4 cars. My other suggestion is reduce their damage too weapons or reduce their durability. Cannons being able too degun but being immune too degunning when they arent all ready sparking feels xxxx.
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    You sound like a loser out of touch Clan Wars Elite! Raids are how us average Joe's make coins when we get tired of the drone/relic infested hell of PvP, and need a break. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF YOU ENTITLED, SLIMY, PRIVELEDGED, LOSER, CLAN WARS ELITE!!!
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    I'm playing at 10k you cretin
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    It would, but it ensures a smooth transition, which is what the devs would want either way PC are not part of our discussion, of many reasons.
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    https://gamerdvr.com/ Find your gamertag there and it shows videos and screenshots that you've published. There are a few other sites that do the same thing. But I don't remember them.
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    My submission on PC: Mostly because I had a good pun (^:
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    Consider getting rid of the "retrieve" step wich doesn't make sense now that the crafting is instant. Currently retrieving those white items and going back to the crafting page take 4 clicks when the item could be sent directly in the user's inventory when he confirms his crafting.
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    YEAH! Renamed is right Babylon! You are just a spoiled, out of touch Clan Wars Elite, who won't accept reality!
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    I hate the current state of Reaper, and wish it was made more like the other miniguns. The way it uses ammo and doesnt overheat also means that mixed builds with a reaper and smaller miniguns become incredibly inefficient. If you want mixed guns it doesnt benefit from your radiators, and it needs a ton of ammo crates to not run out of ammo. It also doesnt feel very fun to use. Its a giant rotary gun, and it fires so slooooooow. It doesnt even sound threatening. It really needs its fire rate ramped up, and to be given a proper sound for a gun that big. A player letting loose with a reaper should be a huge threat, but it just isnt. I like the idea of the Reaper having the Cyclones perk though. Its way more fitting, and matches up with the ability the smaller miniguns already have.
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    People who don't complain about cloak
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    I'm sure all the girls love you for that.
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    The build isn't mine. It's been copied from pc months ago Actually rayzzxr was the first person to copy it over to Xbox (I didn't know he did this when I copied it) So ether change the post or take it off cause I'm not the original builder and good luck trying to find the guy on pc.
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    scorp hover... and i have had typhoon hover. And i have played close to everysingle legendary weapon in the game so jeah... That is why am saying this...
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    Also there are nine 4x2 light frames in the pack. Normally, player only can get 8 of them (not nine) by increasing lunatic faction level. Is it intended?
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    Where's the Knight Rider's event?
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    that's a bullsht constest
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    you just did not understand my statement. I joined CROSSOUT, after WORLD OF TANK, because the trailer and some gameplay videos showed me enought of an MAD MAX universe video game with a touch of ROBOCRAFT crafting thingy. NEVER I saw any FLYING JET, AEGIS, HELIOS, QUASARD, PULSAR, KAPKAN, or any others stupid HIGH-TECH gadgets that was closer to STAR WARS than MAD MAX universe > RUSTY RIDES, and RUSTY BIG GUNS. I know that it is hard to admit the truth for you, star wars fan boys xxxx, but you have to realise somehow, that 99,99% of the players who JOINED this game JOINED IT, not because it is a rip off of STAR WARS, ANTHEM, DESTINY, WARFRAME, or any others SPACE OPERA game, BUT, because it is a rip off of MAD MAX ich game. I repeat > RUSTY ambiant, Big CARS...............AND NOT FLYING JETS. Big GUNS...........and not LASER FUTURISTICs GADGETS. Just face your own contradictions , star wars fan boys xxxx, you don't belong here.....we do. And no matter how many attempts to defend HOVERS and the concept of HIGH-TECH on a POST-APOCALYPTICAL video game such as CROSSOUT........it is clear that above 10k Tier, PVP or CLAN WARS, even RAIDS, it's all about HOVERS, and nothing else, WHICH IS WHY..........I say that HOVERS not only killed the old classic META, but also ruined the very concept of CROSSOUT MAD MAX style > NO MORE WHEELS, NO MORE TANK TRACKS, JUST HIGH-TECH ""HOVERS"" to dodge 99% of CROSSOUT mecanics. DUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH ! So, one more time , let me sum up this topic/problem for you :
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    You do realize that introducing new and efficient counters to something is the same as nerfing that same thing without adding any new content? If you had good arguments against nerfing hovers we could have a discussion, but it's all ad hominem and generalities that can be said for literally everything. That's in substance what Zetesh was writing about Pulsars 2 weeks before they got nerfed, lol ("adapt instead of whining my weapon is totally balanced and requires skills you're all just big noobzblablabla"). If people asking for some kind of balance hurt your sensibility, I'd suggest avoiding video game forums tbh.
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    Lets say the do remove hovers. Will everything be all good and balanced? No. The whiners will just shift into 2 groups. 1. Wedges are OP. And 2. Spiders are OP. So if they nerf those then there will be "treads are OP this is XO not WoT" Basically if we appease whiners it will keep going until there is only prefabricated builds left. So what can be done about hovers without nerfing them anymore (because lets face it. If 6 nerfs/rebalances didnt stop the tears another nerf wont either) 1. Introduce epic lightweight wheels that consume a small portion of power in comparison to bigfoots 2. Double the weight of radars so its not as effective as it currently is 3. Introduce new weaponry thats better suited for pursuit against hovers If the devs and whiners arent willing to try theses things then I will always stand aginst yet another nerf.
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    Whatever you say big guy... looks to me like you're lacking in a lot of departments. I ask you to support your claims and you respond by throwing feces... first you say I'm just not reading, then you just can't be bothered even though you've spent more effort evading it. Good work troll
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    Build that counters my builds are unfair. The Crossout story. Written by PC whiners. Soon to be a major motion bitchfit
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    Oh so people ran out of things to complain about so this is coming back as a trend? A bit old fashioned already :/ Why not come back to the lances or chameleon trendy stuff? Or just wait a bit until the knight riders event comes again, sure there is plenty of new fancy stuff to hate on! But joking aside... It's really noticeable that this kind of threads are just that.. Fashion trends: complain about X for a while > move the complaints towards Y > Wait for Z to be released but it's not as trendy as people thought it would be > go back to complain about X even it has not changed, this patron has been followed as long as the game has existed, and yes, it's saturated, it's tiring, and it's hard as xxxx to even care anymore about the complaints Most of the problems related to hovers are not because of the hovers themselves, but because most of the other movement parts being almost useless (and as always, the lack of content and the negative to add new movement parts also plays a role), when you only have one movement part that relies on mobility, while at the same time focusing on making the game slower update after update, there is only one possible result TL:DR: xxxx off with the nerfs and less content mentality, start with the buffs and adding stuff
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    6 games in a row lost to goliaths, last enemy standing takes out team, game deleted, bye
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    Greatly.. i still sometimes think to myself that legendary weapons are 12k.. then remember its not like that anymore
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    Nobodys inventory will go away. The relative value to market is the same. 1 purple in is 1 purple out. 200k total value or 150k total value means nothing without context. Coin hoarders will become slightly richer, on both platforms, as the prices go down. Your coin pack will have added value, in practical terms. Market will become more healthy, with a more constant stream of items. Soft introduction is best, but even a crash introduction is better than keeping it separated.