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    seriously should i make a compilation video how many of them uses it? even people from top clans like R1P, SIDE, H4TE uses them. sad. I know it's not "cheating" in the traditional sense that they don't manipulate game files, but this should be regarded as an exploit of existing bugs. in most games people get banned for it. if someone doesn't know what is the exploit(every helios player uses them anyway already): there is a button in control settings called "Activate everything" if you bind it to for example Right click, keep holding it, and spam press left click (your weapon) then your helioses automatically shoot without stop. sometimes all 3 in a different pattern. it's impossible to shoot all 3 in a different rhythm without this exploit. with this it's easier to focus fire things like weapons. seriously i faced like 20 helios players on Saturday, i think only 2 of them were legit not using macro/autoclicker/"activate everything". what's the fking point of this button anyway? it activates chameleon and aegis/barrier too. no sane person would use this if not for the huge advantage with helioses. and it's not easy to check back replay and see if enemy used aegis+chameleon too so now he is using the activate everything or just straight up autoclicker/macro. but o well if activate everything is not gonna be removed and these exploit abusers are not gonna get banned, i have other suggestions. -let's just put in an "activate auto-aim" button too. you can bind it and it activates for 3 seconds every time you press it, so now autoclicker program users have advantage too. very good suggestion, it's perfect for the route gaijin is taking with these. - let's put in a "wallhack" button, you can call it "activate nothing (walls)" and you can see through terrain. -let's put in "activate superspeed" speedhack too. nice it's gonna be the first game where cheaters are not banned, but actually encouraged by the core game mechanics! very good ideas. pls consider them and hire me as dev. i have plenty of more suggestions like banning everyone who doesn't use any exploit or abuse. very clever. much genius.
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    The answer is: more than six apparently. It's gonna be even more if the hovercraft uses an Aegis shield. Take a look yourself: What I find most ridiculous about this is how my build is suppose to counter these things. Apparently these Spider Tsunamies are suppose to eat hovercrafts for breakfast. This is the reality of going 1v1 against a hovercraft. If I take six shots at a wheeled build, his build integrity has been compromised at least in some way, either he's lost some guns or wheels. This guy here is not only alive, but he has all of his hovers and guns intact. I guess from here on out if someone comes and says hovers are fragile I'll just show them this video. EDIT: Hey, let's have some more since we're at it! This guy ups the last one by tanking not six but seven shells and survives with full combat capability. Most importantly I'm not destroying merely decor since I'm doing 200-400dmg per shots. This is actual armor I'm destroying:
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    @Woodyrojo @BjKalderon Theres a bit of a problem concerning acquiring relics on xbox and for simplicity, I'll just post some pictures to give you an idea, these are various screencaps from the 27th to now: \ AS OF 1:45PM EASTERN TIME ZONE 11/30/2018: DEVS, this is a longtime coming but you need to get on this ASAP: Relics are now unaffordable across all levels of wealth in this game, plain and simple. They've become so exorbitant in price that even selling them is a loss, you will actually LOSE money if you sell a relic after crafting it, you are heavily incentivized to not.sell.at.all. once crafted because of this. And the worst part about it, is it's expensive for all the wrong reasons, and here's a simple screencap to showcase this: Uranium is worthless, you can right now go out there and buy it by the fistful like scrap or wire. Because of our population uranium means nothing and frags mean everything. But because the drop rate is adjusted for pc there just isn't enough frags being earned at the rate of pc to make the number of relics being crafted even remotely proportional. We were told on the the July 9th blog post that you'd look at our console version independently than PC, I mean you literally said it yourselves: "Since the start of development for console versions of the game, we have seen them[console] as independent games that can and, most likely, will differ from their counterparts on PC. It is understandable: the quirks of controlling an armored car with the help of a gamepad, the differences in the technical capabilities of consoles and PCs, as well as many other various features force a different approach to the development process for consoles of the current generation. In the future, we plan to give even more attention to the various game features on consoles." This is a perfect design philosophy, PC and console environments will inherently differ based on multiple factors Yet...it's not being implemented: -Why did we receive the synthesizer nerf when we don't have macros? -Why did we receive the aspect and spectre nerfs when our gamepads are not as precise as a m/kb? (aspects were *RARELY* seen during the event) -Why have you done nothing to adjust our markets after not one but two duplication glitches to combat the rampant inflation? Because of the coin inflation: a. The purchasing power of coin packs and vehicle packs (but especially coin packs) on console has been devalued b. The cost benefit in participating in any community event (be it the weekly crossout show, forum contests, or youtube comment challenge, or anything else) is *significantly* less than PC and to a lesser extent PS4, console isn't avoiding these moments of community interaction because they don't care, they avoid it because the reward just isn't there ***Why was the coin reward portion of the scanner not adjusted for console inflation after months of it being PC only? It's getting tiresome, and I mean real tiresome seeing the blatant disregard given to console. We're all well aware of PC priority for x reasons (ease of patches, lack of having to pass certs like those on console, etc etc). The changes don't even have to be drastic: -Up up the coin amount in console coin/vehicle packs ( rather than base them all for PC) -Reduce relic fragment requirements (hell up the resource reqs if need be, a relic shouldn't cost over 99k to craft, that signifies a problem) And finally: -Look into console statistics before passing PC updates, our environment is not the same as PC, what is effective on PC may not be effective on console which should be kept in mind regarding nerfs, particularly regarding hitscan weapons, or weapons who's performance can be increased through hotkeys and specific keybindings(ie fire all button, free aim lock button, etc) Please make an effort to keep us in mind is all, a show of good faith shows appreciation after all.
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    I like many others realize that when the developers added hovers, the game went downhill from there. I remember how fun it was when they added them. I was on the Xbox clan 1HIT running an Apollo, Quantum, dual Spectre, Whirlwind, on 10 hovers. Along with a 14 hover triple Whirlwind humpback build.(Before humpback lost energy, and coolers were more efficient.) Then the developers nerfed the hovers in the most recklessly unmeasured way possible. Limiting only four hovers or they won't work at all. If you have to enact such a drastically silly nerf in order to balance hovers, then they probably shouldn't be in the game after all. Every attempt the devs have made to balance hovers have failed, because there is no way to balance hovers without making them useless. And they are useless with any weapon other than crickets, or hurricanes. Hover Hurricanes, and Crickets continue to terrorize conventional armored vehicles because of their agility that makes them nearly invulnerable. Hovers are such a technological advancement that in order to fight them, you have to use them yourself or lose which is why we all had to use them when they first came out. Remove the hovers, and reimburse each hover owner 500 coins per hover in their inventory, or more. This has gone on long enough! Stop listening to the hover shills who win by being pathetic cowards, launching rockets and missiles, then run away. This game has been on a downward spiral ever since the hovers were added, and we lost a lot of players after the hover nerf of 17'. Time to correct this mistake you made devs and remove hovers, with reimbursment!
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    You know nothing about my building, i do all sorts of varied builds from 3k to 13k. What you protect here is only 5k being optimal and everything else putting you at disadvantage. You are the one promoting lack of variety in builds for PVE. High PS is not only about using durability as advantage, sure there are tanky builds, but there are also faster builds (shotguns, melee, hovers) at high PS that rely on speed and stealth. Mid PS can similarily have high structure and maneuverable builds, you can do 6k-7K PS build 2k+ structure, just as you can do nimble hover with minimal structure. You call me closed minded and not creative, just because i want more options in PS range for PVE, instead of only 5k being optimal and others just bad in comparison, who is the closed minded here again?
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    Winch set Special module Reduces flipped time to 5 seconds. Slower than a car jack, but much faster than fetching cables from inside the cabin. Size: 1x2x4 120 PS Energy: 0 pts. Durability: 84 pts. Mass: 120 kg Real example: Rotzler HZ090 double https://www.hommeles.com/winches/hydraulic-winches/rotzler-hz090-double/ Discussion: Compared to Car Jack: More expensive (rare vs. common). Longer delay (+5 seconds). No energy consumption. 50% volume. Same height & length. 140% power score. 75% mass. 75% durability. Role in Crossout: This part's feature is currently provided to all vehicles in Race brawl (flip delay is only 5 seconds, not 30 seconds). With Adventure mode coming, there are 100 more places to flip yourself, and it is less likely for a teammate to be close. Using 1 energy is costly for most builds, but waiting 30 seconds with nothing else nearby is boring. 5 seconds is a compromise. When a car often flips, it needs to install a Car Jack. When a car sometimes flips, it may install a Winch set.
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    About 8-9 months ago when i entered crossout, i was amazed by the mad max feeling the game had, the options it gave you and how good combat felt. That was until i discovered hovers existed in the game. My initial thought was "Wait, THAT exists in a post apocalyptic mad max theme game?" It immediately felt unbalanced and off-putting, and it didnt take long to realize that you get the same feeling from the combat aswell. After around 400 hours in the game these are the reasons why the title of this thread or the thread itself exists. 1) Like stated before, they are pretty much alien to the game theme. 2) Unaffected by terrain. I cant even begin to describe the advantages of having that edge in combat. As game designers you cant make a game about armored vehicles and then divide them to "plebs" who touch the ground and the "demigods" that hover above everything that bothers a vehicle. It is game breaking. 3) They dont flip. Even the best drivers sometimes make the mistake of not calculating their movement right hense, they flip. Imagine if you could build a "vehicle" that removes that aspect from the equasion, how convenient! Even 3 hovered is not enough. 4) Speed, strafing. A mid-skill player with hovers can speed tank everything except precise projectile shots (or lucky missiles), and can get out of most situations they are at a dissadvantage with ease. One of the most important thing/ability/skill a player must master in all pvp games, is that of reseting the fight. Hover maneuverability gives them that huge advantage almost by default. 5) Unaffected by melee. Do i need to explain why almost excluding an entire weapon category as a threat to someone is unbalanced? Yes ofcourse there are few situations that melee can get them usually by specific building but i cant take seldom exceptions into account. Did i mention TOW? Yes, forget about that too. 6)Permanent almost cost-free High Ground. Generally, building high is a double edged sword because it makes you a bigger thus slower, easier target, but on the other hand you get to have better viewing and hitbox for your weapons so you can maximise damage-kill-degunning potential. That said, when you have huge maneuverability potential and practically around 20% of the distance between the ground and the peak of your build is empty so nothing there for the enemy to hit, (since you are hovering) plus the fact that you dont really have to build long to build high (thus, heavy), how much do you sacrifice with hovers to get that important high ground after all? Finally, the game also has another non-wheel movement category, the spider legs. Can you make any of the above points about them? No, because when you get spider legs you sacrifice mobility for structure and ground mobility is key in a game about vehicles! These and more are the unbalances of the hovers. I did not even mention about technicalities like tonnages, structure numbers and similar inequalities, i mostly want to focus on the pure battle aspects so that it is clear that it is not a balance issue, it is a broken concept as a whole and unfit for this game, even thematicaly. Please remove this dissapoinment so we can enjoy a better game.
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    Locking down thread due to extreme amount of trolling and toxicity. Next time there will be warn points.
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    Same car, same ps, same condition (victory) 2000 points of difference.... This just feels wrong, I know, "rewards can't be changed because they would affect the market blah blah" but punishing players for being good is not a solution either, we need SOMETHING for doing well in matches, either it's a second common part, a chance to get a dye or decor, an extra of the other resources etc.. This imho is currently the biggest problem in the game right now, there is literally 0 reason to even try, Low ps, high ps, a lot of points, minimum points for the battle to count.. Doesn't matter, reward is basically the same For those who wonder why some people in raids just don't do anything, it's also because of this..
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    I am sure it had been talked about before, if so, I am sorry, but something someone said about a radioactive turret, doing damage over time gives an idea (nothing new though). The only real damage over time we have now is when someone is standing in a burning patch on the ground. (Flamethrowers you activly use so it's not 'dot it and leave it') What about a wapon that could do damage over time to a target, while the target is NOT standing in a patch of fire? Something that would not be a flamethrower. Something with more of a 'dot it up and leave it' mehcanic. Let's say a gun, shooting an acid filled container, hiting a target, where it does a small spherical area of effect to a group of parts it hits (meaning it penetrates a bit), that slowly eats through these parts. Or burns through a part, then spreads to other parts in contact with the one it burned through, untill it runs out. Not a high damage, but you could do 2-3 shots before the first dose dissaperas off the target. So in a way, something like a phoenix crossbow that attaches an explosive to a target then explodes after a few moments. But instead, we would be doing damage over time instead of an explosion. With a resonable cooldown, you could 'dot up' a target and turn your attention away, while the acid slowly burns through the victim.
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    Whats the point of this message for the leviathan ? Its just pointless . After ur levi gets 1 lose it STOPS being queened for the invasion so the only logical thing to do it to just click yes and resend it. Its just... stupid.. If u click no that basically means that ur levi wont do **** until u resend it. Id rather see this message say "resend" or "no" . Idk about other ppl but this kinda bothers me.
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    Bedlam used to be a place for people to socialize and fool around for hours. Heck outside of Clanwars Bedlam was a place I was going for when i logged into this game. I can't even begin to tell how angry it made me to see bedlam being dead. Right now You cannot join a full lobby of ppl, so for some of us there's no point of playing this game anymore. You can't bring Your cranes and other silly builds to show to Your friends, anymore. GJ DEVS GJ
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    Hi everybody I've was told to try this game. I'm a old school beta testerfor Sony and ea. On the gamer advisiory panel. This game has good graphs nice platform but needs a lot of work. Bots over powered, and little things like you can buy a unit that can take control of the whole game play. Gamming is gamming but skill so be more rewarding then buy a unit. Leveling up on this platform just doesn't do anything really for you. I'm new to it but from what I see you can catch more bees if you didn't allow money take skill set away. So my review isn't going to be to good and it is a money game like all the rest. So keep feeding money into it but remember someone always has more money to buy the bigger unit. If you want a game that is going to cost you more and more and not have skill set to play, this is your game. Graphic: 4.8 out of 5 Game play: 4.7 out of 5 In game building: 3.8 out of 5 Skill set: 2.8 out of 5 Thanks for reading. Hope to have your comments. Thanks Dave
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    Again triple Crickets should not continue to do as much damage as Mandrake direct hits. It is not fair to all of us who have suffered through this dysfunctional player driven market to acquire our legendaries, just to have them blown off easily by cheapo losers who know it's cost effective to use crickets instead. And no Crickets are Not "Glass Canons". Triple Crickets have a combined health equal and greater than Hammerfals, and Wretchers, and that's if you can even strip them because of their low profile. Crickets also overly make up for their lower individual health by doing as much damage as a direct hit from double Mandrake. They are also unfairly easier to use, and are not helpless at point blank either. The way to properly balance Crickets is to raise the energy consumption to 6, scale up it's size by 30%, then increase its structure to 200 durability. That or you can just take the lazy route and knock off their ridiculous 20% damage buff. In addition you can add legendary rockets. My idea for a rocket legendary follows. 360 degree swiveling rocket pods: -6 energy -250 durability -450 weight -Legendary Perk: Each consecutive hit causes rockets to home on to cab with increasing efficiency.
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    Its sadly true. Apart from the odd one shot, endgame hovers tend to not only dodge most shots but also tanks some more while 4k structure slow tanks cannot dodge any and will only survive 3 or 4 voleys. This needs to change as hovers cannot also have agility to dodge structure to tank and damage to demolish any build.
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    xCrossFaith: "People who dislike hovers are bad players xDDDD" also xCrossFaith: "lol, I just leave at the start of half of my battles because I dislike the gamemode xD" Stunning and brave.
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    spamming rockets all the way across the map with that ridiculous buff. imo is not right, too much damage.
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    Ah yes, using reapers doing that is really easy, it's not a cheat
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    I think it's bad form to use Early Access to Adventure Mode as an incentive to buy the new pack. it's a closed beta test. it looks like you're asking people to pay for the privilege of testing for you.
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    Joining active bedlams is the best, I really hope this is just a temporary issue and not an intended "feature". please fix
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    don't think this is a good idea..
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