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    Hovers are probably the worst thing that happened to the game in the past, ruining balance on many occasions and continues to do so in certain ways, I don't blame people for doing it, probably just hating on hovers due to past association... I miss being able to move teammates with spikes..
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    Ever since the exhibition was added to Crossout, clans have had a dilemma. One or more members would be tasked to design a build for the clan to use. The exhibition is then used to transfer the vehicle from the Builder to other Member(s). However, there is no way to send the build without the chance of another outside party to quickly grab it and use it as their own. In a way "steal" it. A commonly used method to transfer builds relatively safely is to place it on the exhibition for a very short amount of time. The recipient is told beforehand to get ready to grab it, and as soon as the vehicle is uploaded and obtained, the craft will be removed from the exhibition. Still this has proven not to be perfect. And even in this short amount of time, builds have been quickly taken by very observant users. Another method would be to make a build video and send this to other members privately. This is a safer method but far more time consuming, therefore not very popular. Now you could say that a clan cannot "Claim" a build as their own. Parts are readily available and people who use other people's builds can't be prevented from doing so. It's not against the rules. From a clans perspective however, we have builders who are very dedicated and work hard to perfect their builds. Especially after a big update it is a race against the clock to adapt to the new meta, a lot is on the line. It is therefore of high importance a build is kept private within the boundary of the clan. It brings a lot of inconveniences. Clan members will have to wait for the builder to be online at an exact moment to receive the build. It's also harder for a builder to make updates to the build, because it again will require builder x recipient to be online at the same time. And all of this still allows the chance of an outside party to take the build. Our suggestion to fix this issue is to add a sectioned off exhibition, used by your clan to safely exchange builds between members. This private exhibition, or "Clan Vault" can be monetized; requiring "Blueprint storage" consumables to unlock. There could also be an initial cost of x amount of coins to unlock the Vault. (We settled on 10k coins) Clan members would gain an additional button; "Send to Clan Vault" when inspecting a blueprint. Only clan members will have access to these builds. Please tell me what you think of this idea, if you agree or disagree. And perhaps other suggestions which could solve this issue. -Veliaf Hurtz
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    So you didn't fire the guy who came up with vehicle repairing idea
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    Imagine all the rookies who spent so much time and money to get their hands on legendary weapons thanks to this terrible, inflated, player supplied market, only to constantly run into relic spamming clan wars elites who have superior weaponry thanks to our wonderfully terrible matchmaking. These rookies then realize the only way they can get their hands on relics to have a fair fight on PvP is to be in a top 50 or so clan in the entire world in order to make uranium slowly to make these weapons, or spend the good part of a year grinding, or spend a thousand plus dollars to buy these things with coins. Not to mention the fact that you probably will never make top 30 clan position because the clan wars elites in the top 30 already have all the relics, so rookies will not be able to beat them. This is another testament to the negligence, and ineptitude of these developers and this game will continue to fail hard because of this reality. It is time for the developers to allow us to make uranium outside of clan wars. Clan wars elites should not be allowed to have a monopoly on all the power in this game, and average gamers should have a fair chance too. I like to call this relic disparity the devs have created Pro to Win. This type of weapon and power disparity does not exist in most other games for a very good reason. It is time to stop this ineptitude Targem and shorten the power gap between clan wars elites, and average gamers!
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    There is a counter to wedge. It's called "going back to garage": I say "Fine then, I'm outta here" in finnish. Unfortunately that's the best we got right now.
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    Reapers,Tacklers, Aspects, and Punishers Respectively: This is the current state of machine gun viability at high ps and cw barring the the aegis hover variants that you occasionally see. Non limited firing angle weapons are being turned into severely limited firing angle weapons all in the name of survivability, machines are severely under utilized for this one sole reason: Durability When compared to high alpha single shot weapons (scorpions, typhoon/tsunami, nidhoggs, pulsars, etc) or burst damage weapons (shotguns) machine guns just can't compete, and this is exasperated even moreso in cw, at the higher levels machine guns are almost non existent, and for multiple reasons: -Machine guns are perpetually one shot away from getting stripped, even splash damage poises a risk to the guns, they just do not have the structure needed to survive -Machine guns are sustained dps weapons, they require a much longer period of time to do the same amount of damage a cannon would be able to do in a single shot -A higher degree of accuracy is needed to do the same amount of damage in one area that cannons could do in one shot Yes there are advantages to machine guns, yes we're all aware of the hit scan, yes they have a faster turning radius, and precision, and etc, etc. But with any advantages they may have, machine guns are still one of the most underwhelming weapons used at higher power score, and this isnt even opening up the can of worms that is the entire rapid fire machine gun class of weapons, or the punishers ability, those require their own entirely new thread. Personal Suggestion: (My opinion of course, open to hearing others) -Durability buff across the board @Woodyrojo @BjKalderon @Beta_Angel
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    ...just up the PS of Legendaries and Relics and be done with it.
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    The player supplied market does not work on consoles, and needs to be replaced (especially on consoles) with a game supplied market that sells everything for a flat reasonable price. Anyone who refutes this reality is most likely a corrupt clan wars elite that wants to prevent rookie players from being able to get firepower equal to theirs, so they can stay on top. My point however is that Targem developers are either insane, lazy, or not very smart by allowing this failed player supplied market to remain on consoles, because you are only hurting yourselves by allowing this to continue. This player supplied market prevents most rookies from being able to spend money on the game, because their money will get them nowhere, because of insane inflation. If players can’t skip a nightmarish amount of grinding and get clan wars grade gear for $50 or less, they will simply quit the game. Seriously! this game would be so much more populous and make so much more money (which would help develop the game, and its updates much faster) if it had a regular flat priced game supplied market like every other free to play. I’m not sure if this level of ineptitude exists in any other game. There are not enough whales out there to keep this inflated game funded Targem, do you seriously not like money or something Targem? Do your job Targem, and fix the game, and stop listening to the same old corrupt clan wars elites that brigade the forums with self serving nonsense. They don’t even spend money on your game anymore because they own and control everything already!
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    I have been bopping around at different games and working. Came back and rebuilt one of my old favs. A hover pyre build. And I ended up with a spare energy. I wanted the durability and weight of an Apollo so I could tilt. But either we need more types of generators (maybe) or more types of low energy modules (maybe+). It's not that you have to USE all your energy. Especially at low PS. It's fine to have 4 extra energy at 5K PS. But if you're adding generators and have spare energy, it's kind of lame. Not enough for a weapon. Already have Chameleon and radar detector. A single booster is pointless. A scope doesn't help pyres. A car jack won't help hovers. I think we need to make some 1-2 energy modules. So, in the spirit of that, what are some SMALL buff modules we could add? Think more flavor as opposed to game changers. An aegis, which arguably isn't that powerful by itself, is 3 energy. Liquified Gas Container PS: 450 Durability: 350 Mass: 500 Energy: 1 Perk: Does not explode Gives 15 litres of fuel, duplicates do not stack, does not stack with fuel barrel or fuel tank. Size: Smaller than fuel barrel Details: Around the same PS/Dura/Weight as a Dopler radar. Give or take here and there. The idea is to spend energy/PS/weight to get your fuel OR spend PS/bombs/size to get your fuel. Kind of like how you can use a Hazardous Generator Ampere (2 energy, small, super bomb) or PU1 generator (2 energy, big, durable, bomb). I don't think they should stack because it would crash the fuel economy. Damage Control System PS: 350 Durability: 120 Mass: 75 Energy: 1 Perk: While this module exists, causes all explosive modules to not explode on destruction Size: very small Details: Allows players to carry ammo, generators, and have them less likely to destroy their vehicles. Needs to be light so fast vehicles can carry. Needs to be small and sorta durable or this would get destroyed too easily and not be worth it. Just a little insurance if you have the energy. Electrified Armor PS: 300 Durability: 416 Mass: 43 Energy: 1 Size: 4x4 Details: This is essentially a Train Plow. But instead of "paying" for this armor with PS/Weight, you pay with PS/energy. So it's a way to reinforce and protect your vehicle that doesn't use the standard method of faction armor or bumpers. It's not as good as an actual Train Plow because it isn't anywhere as big and doesn't have 90% melee resists. Because it's a module, it also doesn't contribute to your vehicle's overall durability (same as bumpers). You could do similar simply mounting a Dopler. But a Dopler is heavier, a different shape, and gives awesome radar. This is also a backend way to put armor on light/fast vehicles like hovers without doing decor cheese or big radar. Just give another option of armoring your vehicle by expending energy and PS. It might need to be a different shape to be viable. And it can be a whole new balancing issue to have energy-based armor. Electrified Bolt PS: 300 Durability: 300 Mass: 80 Energy: 1 Size: 1x1 Perk: Increases vehicle durability by 300 Details: (See Electrified Armor.) This is a tiny nub that actually increases your vehicle durability by quite a lot. There are pluses and minuses to that. It's so small it can't be effectively used to block stuff. You're just expending energy and PS to increase your vehicle durability. But you can also stick it in tiny spots and make them very tough. So doesn't work the same as Electrified Armor in that it isn't very good at blocking attacks. It's a lightweight way to increase your overall durability. Because it's so much health in so small an area, it is particularly helpful against explosions. Because normally 300 durability would be spread across multiple parts, which can each be independently hit by the same explosion. Much like a cabin is "good" against explosions. Lightweight Ammo PS: 300 Durability 85 Mass: 150 Energy: 1 Size: Small Details: Increases Projectile speed of all weapons by 10%. This is mostly good for all projectile (non-hitscan) weapons. Not sure if it would be good or bad for things like grenade launchers and mine layers, which might not want to be faster or they'll overshoot or bounce like crazy. But would help cannons, missiles, rockets. Stuff like autocannons, miniguns, scorpions, are already so fast it's not going to be worth it.
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    Being able to mount movement parts on every side of the frame would give the game some fresh air in terms of building options.. Which is something it really needs! ^^
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    Devs, you have to solve this goliath tracks at 4-5k with relics or reduce their dirability by 50%. Any goliath build at 4k is what i call seal club build because i know that a 4k ps cannot deal 1600dmg with dmg resistance included. Just take a look at this and examine
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    Any plans on fixing that absurdly overpowered weapon anytime soon?
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    Well hey, that's why we have the Public Test Server - to test this stuff out so we can report it doesn't work. Rather that than to have it put on the live server as-is. Nevertheless I can't help thinking this could've been avoided had the devs taken a single popular hovercraft from the live server and tested their tweak on it. Testing ANY popular sideways hover from the live server wouldn't shown this tweak ain't working as intended. Someone at Targem has been been spending over month on working on this stuff (on and off of course), yet they couldn't afford five minutes of their time to test it on a build an actual player would use. So it's up to the community to step in and say "nice work devs but this isn't working on 90% of the builds players are using in the game". I feel like I'm a preschool teacher. I can't help it, I'm gonna sound really mean now but this is a fact: You made your tweak in a vaccuum. It's shoddy craftsmanship and gives the impression you don't know what you're doing. Stuff like this is the reason why people sometimes ask "Do you even play your own game?". At least the water reflections look great.
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    I'm afraid your hover tweak doesn't work properly. I loaded up the one of most popular Cricket hover builds in test server (it uses 8 hovers), took into a custom battle and this is the first thing i did with it: After some thorough testing I figured out what the issue is and here's the explanation: TL;DR: This tweak stops working if you offset the weight towards a side. In a sideways hovercraft the weight is pretty much always offset so your tweak doesn't work on 90% of the hover builds which are used in this game. You're gonna have to fix this issue before it can be properly evaluated. The other stuff in test server is great! New map is cool (I love the burning wreckages in the field), the new modes are great too (I liked the Big Bad Flamers). I've yet to test the "Experiment mode" aminly due to this hover testing taking all my time.
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    after the new patch there is no way to gain white parts in pvp, its all builtd can we get a feature to craft multiple items at once? this will be good for people who crafts alot, 1 blue item needs 7 white items. but crafting a white item one by one takes alot of time. two ways to do this 1: add a bulk build for white items, just like you add fuel to tank "how many youd like to create at once", up to 10 items at the time 2: crafting blue items automaticly creates white items that are needed (will not use locked items if any white items are locked) this funcion doesnt work for epics and legendary anyone that can photoshop how it could look like, feel free to do so
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    Don't have to be an xxxxxxx and I asked about the quasar not pulsar and if you have enough time to come on a forum to insult people maybe you should find some friends or a job or just anything else that represents a life lol fkn looser
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    It's the opposite, Zetesh here wants to use his massive console coinage that can't buy him **** to buy items at PC prices, me think
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    Solution to what? You are just asking for an easymode for your build. I'm a long time high tier CW player. Both with and without cloak. You don't need to have all modules on every build. It's a team play.
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    Playing a 4 wheeler Harpy + Hot Red here. 113kmh max speed. My car takes ages to accel to its top speed, it basically never exceeds 100 kmh in fight, and by the time I accelerate to 75 kmh hovers are already at the horizon. Buff wheels' accel, seriously, it's ridiculous, even the lightest buggy is a snail in that game.
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    Radar detector, situation awarenes, oculus, kapkan... Cloak is fine.
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    time to roll out those resource packs that bring you pc levels of ingame items for your money.
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    This build had the mission to make you smile! Also, you will see my ballerina dance between Alyssa's canon shells! But at the end, i got that b****! have fun!
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    I can only speak of my experience and cannot speak about others motives. If I end up pushing or driving under a Hovercraft, then it is the Hovercraft's fault. It is not only Hovers, but any movement item that strafes, thus including Grinders and Legs. I am not accusing you personally of doing these things, you just get lumped in by using hovers. Look mate, we are driving out here. You want to move side to side and interfere with my ability to drive in a straight line, then you get rammed and carried. You are the one with the ability to go side to side and instant acceleration and yet somehow you just have to strafe left as I try to pass on the left. Then I cut hard right to avoid ramming you and of course you strafe right next. I have had Spiders, Hovers and Grinders all strafe into my path as I go into my attack pattern. You all need rear view mirrors. Just fly, crawl and auger in a straight flipping line! Get some space away from your wheeled allies before doing a bunch of stupid strafing while my 450 meter detector shows you the nearest enemy is still far away and you have no need for strafing yet! Like what is all the strafing for just leaving spawn? Just flipping go! Get out of spawn and get some room and do all the strafing you want! Do not strafe in a tunnel! Do not strafe in the choke point! Do not strafe entering or exiting the choke points! Just get through the tight spaces and strafe to your heart's desire. Do not strafe in tight places! Use the fudging mini map! It shows you ally markers coming up from behind you! Anyway, it is possible that players are intentionally messing with you, but anyone who cares about winning, like myself, would never threaten our chance for victory to troll an ally, even a hover ally. But, even wheeled vehicles were subjected to continual harassment from allies when crossbows still impulsed allies. So, maybe many players only want to screw around and not worry about victory. They think they are so funny. I would have temp banned them all back then. Teach them to keep their projectiles to themselves. If you end up on my roof or rammed by me, then you caused the collision. I hunt enemy hovers and you might aid me in that, so i would not mess you up intentionally. Accidents happen. If it is obvious that you are being intentionally trolled, then self destruct, report offending player, exit to garage, and queue again. But, I can only speak for myself. Peace
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    Your total vehicle durability is usually significantly higher than the displayed cabin health. Dealing damage to modules (engines, radars ect) and movement parts deals no damage to the cabin itself and as such you can deal 3000 damage to an enemies movement parts without the cabin loosing a single hitpoint. Using high health modules and movement parts can give several times your cabin health in total durability... assuming your enemies are courteous enough to shoot only those parts and not the cabin. This walker has 1249 hitpoints... dealing more than 1248 hitpoints of damage to the cabin will result in its destruction. It however has 6 very durable legs and significant frameworks not to mention some modules and weapons.... if one was to destroy all those pieces one by one.... he would have to overcome 7914 total durability of which we have 6 X 810 = 4860 HP in the six legs alone. Although I have dealt 4860 effective damage to this copy of my vehicle the cabin and vehicle body is in pristine condition. It would still take a minimum of 1249 damage to destroy.... although since it is immobile now it doubtlessly would have a lot of lead with its name on it in a real battle. Shooting weapons, modules or movement parts does on itself not destroy the vehicle. As such if destruction is the goal only structural and cabin damage does technically count. Of course... immobilizing the enemy or stopping his guns from pounding you into dust nonetheless can be a very smart tactical choice. High health or high resistance parts like legs and tracks usually make poor targets as they can withstand significant punishment without failing. For the same reason they are usually used as sacrifical armor... the most extreme example being Goliaths which can turn a 500 cabin health glass cannon into a rolling fortress that casually shrugs of enemy fire. Explosive modules may not deal cabin damage directly but are almost guranteed to take a lot of things with them when they go.... popping generators is a fun sport... assuming you are on the giving end. Yellow numbers = cabin damage or explosive module damage. You want those numbers..... they really ruin your enemies day. White numbers = any other damage..... still nice but even better if you get some yellow numbers on top. You ONLY get rewards for DESTROYED enemy parts. Badly damaging any part - even the naked cabin - does get you ZERO points. Your team will highly appreciate you depleting the health of that goliath to almost zero but even though you dealt 1500 damage to an enemy you will get zero points for it unless you DESTROY the part. This can be unfair at times.... you dealt 90 % of the damage to that goliath and a long range shot finally kills it and the sniper gets all the points. Hope that helps.
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    I did, no its cheasy easy, and I needed 0 skill. Cloak up drive tru crash in someone. No... Thank you, lazy playstyle in a vehicle shooting combat game. It's for people they can't aim or shizzle.
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    I recently purchased some Phoenix crossbows and now I can see why they're so cheap. Only 340 durability with 1000 mass, big hitbox, harsh arrow drop, the explosive can just be sparked etc. So many negatives, the only positives are decent damage when its allowed to go off. With the Corvo being buffed twice in a row, I feel it's time for the Phoenix to get a buff too, especially since overpowered Crickets are still out there doing crazy damage in the same rarity pool.
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    What the heck is crumble ?? Suppose you're playing some kind of turret game: On team A, you have one big gun. On team B, you have two half-guns. Each has half the health and damage per second. Who wins? Each team has the same total health and DPS, so you might think it's tied. However, team B will lose half its DPS partway through the fight. Thus, team A survives with a quarter of its health left at the end. The weakness which team B has is called crumble; a gradual loss of power as punishment is taken. Meanwhile, team A doesn't ever lose DPS until it's dead entirely, giving it a leg up on the competition despite the identical stat totals. This means one "half gun," has less than half the value of one whole gun. For team B to tie team A, each "half gun" actually needs 2/3rds the total HP of a whole. The math is quite simple: it spends equal amounts of time at 100 and 50% DPS, so that's 75% DPS on average throughout the fight. For a 75% DPS team, to match the damage of a 100% DPS team, it has to last 100/75 = 4/3rds as long. This means you need 4/3rds the total health of the whole gun, which divided by two, comes out to 2/3rds per half gun, for the halves to match the whole. The same goes for if you're using third-guns. For a trio of third-guns to match a whole, each individual gun actually needs a whole half of the whole-gun's HP value. In other words, what appeared to be a half on team B, was actually just a third. Furthermore, the two true-half-guns, versus the three true-third-guns, are also evenly matched, conserving the value-statistic across multiple comparisons; the only difference is that their fight will take 1/8th more time to complete, than a fight with either of them versus the whole-gun would. Effects like this can make seemingly less efficient, but larger and more concentrated pieces of equipment, actually much much better than smaller ones. Three spectres compared to four vectors, for example: Disregarding the perk, each spectre deals 8 damage per shot, whereas each vector does ~7.5 (double does 15). That's 24 damage per tap for three spectres, and 30 for four vectors, at equal energy cost and less powerscore on the vector side (hence their popularity in PvE, where bots don't target guns). However, spectres have 135 HP to each vector's mere 74: it would take four vectors 4.5 taps to break a spectre, but triple-spectres will actually break a vector in 3.08 shots, i.e. before that happens (or just 3 or less with the perk, but ignore this for now). After those 3.08 taps, at t=4, vector #1 dies, and spectre #1 is left with 15 health. After one more tap, at t=5, spectre #1 dies, and vector #2 is left with 50 health. After 3.12≈4 more taps, at t=9, vector #2 dies, and spectre #2 is left with 45 health. After exactly 3 more taps, at t=12, spectre #2 dies, leaving vector #3 with 26 health. After 3.25≈4 more taps, at t=16, vector #3 will die, leaving us with one of each gun, the spectre having... 75 HP left. That's a point more than the vector, and it does more base damage per shot. So, spectres win by a hair. And that's without the perk. Look at how frequently the spectres had their tapcount rounded up: 3.08, 3.12, 3.25 all rounded up to 4, overkilling individual vectors and thus wasting DPS. If we ONLY assume that the perk rounds the first 3.08 down to 3 shots, the comparison snowballs in favor of the spectres; At t=3, vector #1 dies and spectre #1 is left with 90 HP. Spectre #1 WOULD die in exactly 4 more taps, but it actually kills the next vector in 3.08 taps now. Even if we round the 3.08 up to 4 here, the vector and spectre kill eachother simultaneously, which leaves each side with two guns. Only, one side has two whole spectres with 135 HP each, whereas the other side only has two vectors with 74 a pop. Or, if we round 3.08 down again, you can break two vectors without losing a single spectre. So you can see how subtle differences in stat concentration actually have a huge effect in who wins a firefight. HOWEVER, vectors and spectres alike can both die in a single junkbow shot, and four vectors offer a larger number of targets to hit. By virtue of this rounding effect, it could be said that the vectors are better at damage gating, an effect which should not be ignored when looking at high alphastrike weapons. However, spectres are only a point of health away from being able to withstand a single junkbow shot, so a single pellet missing is enough to turn the tables, not to mention potential codriver differences. Plus, actually spreading four vectors out is no easy task; with your weapons just in a line, spectres will have better firing angles off the side, since your left/rightmost weapon will be an 8-damage-per-shot spectre with a perk, as opposed to a 7.5 damage vector without one. As a side note, this is also why the 3-energy miniguns are notably bad. Not only do they suffer from terrible crumble, but the crumbling can occur before you even wind the guns up, for an even more pronounced effect. If you're optimizing your DPS with an aurora, for double damage upon heating enemy parts, you'll be losing half your damage if your one and only aurora gets knocked off, and the target cools down. Because of this, Photon-aurora setups can often outperform miniguns. The same goes for gun versus cabin HP. If someone chooses to target your cabin rather than your guns, you're now effectively one big "whole" gun that won't suffer from crumble. So, to balance out your cabin and gun HP, your cabin doesn't actually have to quite match the total health of your guns. As you can deduce from the first section, if you have two guns, you only need 150% of an individual gun's health on your cabin for stripping/killing to be no more safe an option against you than the other. Or, if you have three guns, you only need the health of two of them. So with something like two ~1k typhoons/pulsars, that's around 1500 health you can put on your cabin, before people start ignoring it and degunning you instead. Or, with three guns of ~280 HP or less (the amount of damage a single scorpion round does), you actually only need around 560 health, which can obtained even with grey cabins. Armor, etc will skew this though, but I'm not going to get into HP mechanics here. There's also the fact that you can still cap and detonate without weapons and so on, but this works as a nice guiding principle. For further info on cabins, see my guide here: As a side note, "weak link" health balancing also applies while mixing and matching different weapons. If your weapons have about the same base damage, but one has much less HP, that gun will be targeted first. To balance them out, you want about the same DPS/health ratio on all your weapons. So, if you've got a rapier on the hood of your jockey cab, and a whirlwind in the back, try fusing the rapier for 10% more durability. This is largely just a side note though, as it'll only have 138 HP and still die instantly to most high alpha weapons either way. What should be learned from the previous three sections, is that: Having your stats be more condensed, onto a single piece of hardware, is better. Higher rarity guns, despite their increased energy costs, can massively outperform low rarity ones, due to their stats being more condensed. Cabins, due to being entirely condensed, require very little investment to not be a weak link compared even to high-rarity weapons. And the data supports this: sealclubs are usually running high rarity weapons on low rarity cabins, rather than the reverse. Even the developers are in on it: we have two extra rarity tiers for weaponry than we do cabins. We even have an extra generator tier; as a side note, I would say that this too makes sense. You generally want a generator of equal or greater rarity to your cabin, if at all. What the heck is collapse ?? Suppose your frames are set up like this: Seems pretty good. Both wheels have two connections, the most they could possibly have, and all the frames except the red frame are attached to the cabin, which is itself connected to two copies of itself. Lose any one frame, and both wheels will remain. Lose the red frame plus another, and you'll still have one wheel left. Lose all three, or just the back two, and everything's gone. Now look at this: This one frame has the health and powerscore of three. Lose what was originally "one frame" of health, and everything's still there. Lose what was originally "two frames" of health, and everything's still there, where originally you would have lost at least one wheel, potentially both. Only once you've lost "three frames" of health does everything collapse, this being the weakness of smaller frames. Rather than having DPS which crumbles, clusters of smaller frames actually cause entire pieces of equipment to fall off more rapidly than "whole" frames do. Not only that, but they can also potentially take thrice the net frame damage from splash, if each frame gets hit. HOWEVER, all frames will die in a single shot to scorpion rounds, due to the scorpion dealing full damage to them as opposed to letting 90% pass through. Against this weapon, the first setup can be better for its ability to gate the damage. The scorpion user likely won't care either way if you've got Hitchcock's fuel tank under your cabin though, making it once again better to weld your frames together. Furthermore, you can only connect a wheel to two frames at a time tops, so it's not hard to get the best of both worlds. This same logic applies to frames underneath guns, compounding collapse and crumble. Often I'll see framework that's set up like this (one weapon removed for visibility): Each gun has its own frame to surround with armor, etc. But for the same investment, why not do this: That's the same total frame HP, except now there's 24 frame health (effective 240) underneath each spectre, as opposed to just 16 from one buggy floor. It's also more well gated, as each gun is on two separate frames as opposed to just one, with there being three in total to shoot as opposed to just two. You could also split the buggy floor in half to produce an H-shaped seam, for three parts touching each gun, but then one of your frames wouldn't be touching the cabin, and you'd be more susceptible to splash. If you want your frames to be really really healthy though: I wouldn't recommend this for anything besides mammoths maybe, as you don't need 54 HP under each gun (effective 540), but it's notable in that the gun mount is connected to the frame below. There's also some nice 2x2x4 hardware space underneath the middle small floor, with a thin 1x1x4 slot for a van ramp running beside it under the gun mount. Alternatively, you could have replaced the middle floor with something like an engine. The hot red engine, when fused for durability, actually matches a buggy floor's effective HP. Put that underneath some fafnirs and you've got a good setup, with it both increasing their reload speed and helping keep your velocity up for their perk. Probably worth trimming some powerscore though.
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    A drop of water hit the surface of the aluminium gutter every 84 seconds. The periodic sound did not irk anyone of those present — the scientists gathered in the greenhouse under Riley's leadership have long lost their sensitivity to ordinary human stimuli. The even light of ultraviolet lamps tried in vain to awaken at least a semblance of life in thin sprouts. Neither the real sun nor the local electric one was able to turn the seeds into healthy plants that could bear fruit in the new conditions. Neither experiments with radioactive salts, nor special fertilizers, nor modifications of the genome helped at all. Lifeless Wasteland killed the shoots time after time, but the determination of Dawn's Children was impossible to shake. “This attempt also failed, colleagues, — one of the scientists said, pointing out the frail sprouts. — Continue with your work. Sooner or later, we will succeed. — Riley's shapeless voice, quietly sounding through the distortion of the microphone, inspired confidence. Nobody else needed emotional support here, and Riley had a job to do in engineering. The finger of the senior researcher already lay on the elevator call button when the transmitter woke up in his suit: — Aristaeus crossed the inner contour and approached the station. He asked for a tete-a-tete meeting immediately upon arrival, — reported the liaison officer. — Is he alone? — Yes. Should I send him to you? — Yes. — Understood, sending. The tradition of calling private sections "cabins" thrived even in large complexes. This word fits best of all — small rooms, which combined sleeping places, workrooms and warehouses, differed little from each other and looked more like cabins. Crossing the threshold of the room wrapped in gloom, Aristaeus greeted Riley with a deep nod and loudly sank into a chair. Unwashed earth dust sat in dark spots in the folds of the worn jumpsuit. — Long time no see, Riley — Aristaeus greeted her hoarsely. His hollow voice instantly filled the cabin and seemed to breathe life into it. — Indeed, Aristaeus. Your request for an immediate meeting is disturbing. What happened? Riley had no doubt that something had happened. Aristaeus would not have left his post without a serious reason — the scientist's instinct, time after time enthralling him into the Wasteland, was almost impossible to drown out. — A failure, — said Aristaeus quietly, removing his travel bag from his shoulder and carefully taking out a thick, waterproof folder. He handed it to Riley, then leaned back comfortably in his chair and sighed heavily. — What is it? — Everything that I managed to collect over the past two months. Indicators of soil changes, precipitation composition — everything. Riley's fingers in protective gloves slid along the stitched seam. Something was wrong. — The next meeting was supposed to be in two months. Why did you decide to come now? Aristaeus did not answer immediately. For a while, he simply sat with his hands clasped tightly, and Riley's jumpsuit was reflected in the mirror surface of his helmet. — Because... — Aristaeus sighed and straightened his back, then straightened his shoulders. — The next meeting is not gonna happen. To be continued…
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    This thread primarily concerns high-end PS. The magic number, when it comes to energy allotment to weapons alone, is 12. Less, and there is too little weapon redundancy. Too much, and you have too few modules. This can be seen with 6-energy (x2 Fat Man, Reaper, etc.), 4-energy (x3 Thunderbolt, Rapier, etc.), 3-energy (x4 Vector, Spitfire, etc.), and 2-energy (x6 Goblins). Mandrake, the only weapon with more than 6 energy consumption, is a weird exception I'll get into later But, 5 energy doesn't go into 12 evenly. You can have 2 weapons, and a lot of modules but little redundancy (in terms of survivability and firing density), or 3 weapons, getting more redundancy but one module at most (16 energy max). Executioners come in Triple because those weapons don't need energy-consuming modules to maximize their potential. They can get away with 1 or less spare energy and still have good damage output. Hammerfalls, a close-range weapon, needs to dump out a bunch of damage efficiently and then leave. 2+modules means lots of cooling modules, so those two guns do a lot in a short amount of time. Whirlwind also is a heat-limited gun, but because it is a long-range weapon, it can afford to spread out its damage over time. When harassing an enemy at long range, you can fire slow and methodically, not filling up your heat as much. For that reason, you see more Triple Whirlwind than Triple Hammerfall. In close range, it's screwed regardless of how many cooling modules it has. What about Impulse? It requires cooling and ammo. If you have x2 and then lots of ammo and cooling, you basically double up on weapon-boosting modules, bloating module PS while having little weapon redundancy. Hammerfalls, for comparison, don't need ammo. If you go x3, you run into problems with heat. The perk basically took the Retcher grenade-curtain tactic and shoe-horned it to a gun that throws one-quarter the ordinance. It has heat that Executioner doesn't have to deal with, lacks the range of Whirlwinds to drop cooling modules, twice the modules of Hammerfall to go double, and more energy use than Draco (another heat and ammo limited gun). That's why Impulses are so uncommon. They're in this weird spot. I see double more frequently than triple because the cooling is such a major concern. Lower the energy cost to 4? After all, Grenadier costs 4, and it's basically an Impulse with wheels. If it becomes OP, re-adjust something else. And now, the Mandrake. It is an extremely massive weapon from a "heavy" faction. It doesn't synergize well with other weapons to my knowledge (maybe porcupines to spam a protective minefield? TOW is a joke above 8k, and one long-range gun won't do much.). Yet, x2 costs 16 energy, so heavy cabins cannot carry 2. At the same time, double Mandrake is so massive that light and even some medium cabin crafts will sacrifice much of their armor just to carry the guns. That's why Steppe Spider works so well with them. It has the energy and mass to simultaneously carry 2 of them and not die from getting sneezed on. My idea: lower the energy cost to 7, and if it becomes too strong, nerf some other aspect of it.
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    It's just sad really
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    I’ve been seeing some really bad raid builds of late. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been using deuces wild, highway raider build from exhibition (really good looking build thanks deuces). It’s a bastion truck with 4 vectors up high. I’ve tweaked it a little for more structure and it sits at 5998 ps. Hard raids have never been easier and i probably only need the free repair once a week. Nearly always finish top in points by around 100-400 more than others unless someone brings another purpose built raid wagon. my point is that you should be able to and rewarded by bringing a beast of a build to pve but since the rework your punished with higher health and more damaging raiders. I’ve also noticed the bots concentrate more on the higher ps builds than me so I often finish with barely any damage. It’s wrong but a purpose build raid car with any size cabin will rule over relic toting behemoths.
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    Easy progression for free is more of an incentive than "cheaper" dlcs to get new players. Better irl $ / coin value mostly concerns established players. I don't know anyone who chose to play a game because of the value of the paid DLCs. Better Matchmaking and easier progression is what new players really need.
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    And break everything else in the process.
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    the fact everybody takes a cloak doesn't necessarily means it's op in my opinion. It just means there are no other options in lots of situation. Give us good smoke grenades and some way to get rid of locked missiles besides cloak, and maybe we'll see less of those.
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    It's not easy balancing something that works like **** when you use it the way you're supposed to (regular hovers) and is OP when you "cheat" the game (sideways). Especially for developers who refuse to aknowledge 99% of hovers are sideways and don't want to make it legit nor impossible... Once they come to realize that and decide what to do with sideways instead of pretending there is no problem with their stupid game design, maybe they'll come up with a proper solution.
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    Not in this life At least, not in the foreseen future. Chinese version of Crossout is handled by our Chinese partners and it's a standalone game that is not directly connected with the one we play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Introduction of such features will inevitably lead to numerous balance issues and they can not be introduced "as it is".
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    If there's something I learned playing online games and games undergoing frequent balance changes, it's that there's always some of these people, clinging to the FotM OP shlock and calling everybody else bad while foaming at the mouth. It's okay, dude. There'll always be something more powerful than the rest for you to use and pretend you're so much better than others. If it ain't scorp it'll be something else.
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    Hell, even corvos and spikes can beat scorp hovers. I actually have more issues against them when they're on legs, but even then not to the point of where I consider them as OP. This entire scorpion "issue" is way overblown.
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    This is generally true but there's two problems. You'd need to have no life You'd have to play the market all day instead of the actual game which is called crossout
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    Take a look on these sick paints! Some are region exclusive, some are from giveaways and tournaments I never heard of, some are prizes for purchasing other games and some are IN THE GAME STORE but invisible using the search engine (like bad cop): https://crossout.fandom.com/ru/wiki/Категория:Краски
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    I feel like a majority of our console users don’t understand that the state of pricing heavily punishes the F2P players of PC Youre prices are so low that you have to take into account the workbench for production You join a party chat (our version of discord) on console and ask them about workbench pricing being factor into their items and you’d get crickets in response.