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    If we are in the topic of reworking maps.. There is a huge issue currently with maps on CW matches, when will u do something about it and start to block all unfair advantage places to builds that can get there, but others not, i mean hills, shelves, wagons, various holes, all unreachable places if u do not have a hovers or legs and range weapons builds. This are exploits giving advantage to specific team builds and others not. Especially hovers can reach places when no other builds can get and if u dont have a range weapon, u can't even fight with it, u just can't and a hover helios, tsunami, typhoon, scorpion, u name it, can attack u for free being 100% safe. THIS NEEDS TO BE BLOCKED. When will u start to block all those places? I will post screenshots soon and more details. EDIT more details. This are the best examples of such places giving unfair advantage to specific builds, i will post 7 of them normally and the rest in spoiler tag. All usernames and team names have been blurred for obvious reasons. Bear in mind that to get to those places u need a minimum of spider build due to how the legs works and ow easy it is for them to get there, the second builds are hovers that are the best in terms of going on those places. Also there are two kinds of those places, those that hey can go alone and those, much worse, where they need teammates help to get to i to get even higher to an absurd locations. So if u have a team without any range weapon (preferably typhoon/helioses as machine guns are not what they used to be) the enemy team with hovers/legs have a huge advantage if they go on specific maps on those places, any wheeled or just non ranged builds cant reach them and even if u do manage to do it, u will lose half of your build already in the proccess if not more, at the same time they will have like untouched 2 hover helioses and u are done, this includes harvester, lance, draco, firebug, porcupine, fortunes and most of the time shotgun builds. It is just not fair. Map: Bridge, one of the worst, have many hills to use As u can see spiders can get on the hills and then u are done, on the other side on the map, there are also couple of hills that can be used the same way, the yellow parts show places where they can also go, the left one is more on the left than on the screen, but its didn't catch on the screen. We had a team that got on ALL of those hills and were basically UNTOUCHABLE with mandrake. Map: Rock city, again one of the worts As u can see, there is a shelf only hover can get so high, making them 100% safe, u cent rally cap them, this map has also many other unreachable places, they can go on the front container close to the map cap being able to attack anyone there without a harm or close to the other side bridge exit there are at least one shelf only hover can get on and again attack being 100% safe, this is ridiculous. Map: Powerplant, another broken map, just look at this Do i need to comment it more? And it even right close to the cap on one side, how u supposed to fight with that? And thats not even all the places, on the side where the cap is on the first screen there are the end of the tracks area with wagons that hovers can also get, for such small map this is terrible. Map: Founder canyons, two sides of hills basically, so bad... If its not enough, there are also one shelf on the map center rock a hover can get. I see notoriously mandrake teams to use those hills to their advantage. Map: Broken arrow, another map with terrible unreachable places, its filled with them. Yeah, good luck to get there, as a bonus is can say there could be two of them there :-) Another nice place right? And those are not even the start, on the other side of my build on that second screen there is another easy shelf for hover to get in, they can also stay oon the spawn point on the same side and go on hills that are there, there is also a great hill on the right top side looking at the second screen, and no im not talking about that easy one anyone could get, they are at the top exit from the tunnel, basically close to cap they can sit on at least 4 places that are hardy reachable for non hover builds. If someone wants more, here it is, if the devs needs further proofs, i can even provide videos that clearly shows the issue. Thats not all unfair places on those screen i can show. More I do not consider it as a bug, i consider it as unfair map advantages for specific builds, and all of those instances should be blocked by invisible walls ASAP, also there is more issues with some maps, like Control-17 where 2 cap point are not even in geology, one side has very narrow "tunnel" like path to the back on spawn point making in very difficult to get thru there so it ends more on a luck mechanic depending on which side did u start, so u can use it for your advantage, this should not be the case and all cap/spawn point should be even an open to play. Also devs said they want to make the game more dynamic, and it is a good choice, so they changed mass/acceleration ratio to speed up the heavier builds, this was nice, but on the other hand they now do nothing with the unfair map design, and it is not dynamic if the whole team needs to wait cuz taking on a team that is already on hills is a certain death, so either u wait for them to get down or u risk a lot more than them just to try fight with it, this is so unfair, this needs to be fixed soon.
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    Dear developers... About the steel cradle nerf... You claim that it was to "easy" so you reduce the reward... Why don't you increase a bit the difficulty instead? Make a stronger levi, or put 2 or 3 in different parts of the map... And I'll add something that was previously mentioned... games are suppose to be fun, not an obligation so... could you change the logic of "invest more time" to get more rewards to "increase the difficulty" to get more rewards... Plz note than: -more time is not equal to more difficulty. -more time is equal to more boring And if you choose to persist in your logic of more time = more rewards then INCREASE the rewards of the other raids accordingly... Best regards.
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    well done...very well done https://steamcharts.com/app/386180 no surprise you're losing even more players good job...like always
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    Just one thing. I missed the change on PVE, that is actually horrible. You can raise the difficulty (which is too low, Hard chase is easy as F IMO) and the fuel requirement of the Hard raid, but when qualified players beat it, they should be rewarded. cutting down the reward and forcibly increasing the time consumption is the worst thing you can ever imagine in any PVE game or mode because this is a game, not our job. It will be extremely harmful to the player base if you make the game a kind of labor.
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    Could you implement an option to sell the 200 daily fuel? 'Cause now raids will be more lame than ever
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    The balance of Pulsar has been a point of contention in the forums recently, and I thought I would bring some numbers into the mix. People can argue about whether or not its damage output is balanced, but I want to look at its durability and mass compared to other legendaries. The light blue star will represent Pulsar. The first image shows two trends: 1: More massive weapons tend to be more durable, but mass scales faster than durability 2: Durability/Mass ratio drops as durability increases. You can see that Pulsar, a sniping weapon, shows up near Harvester, which is a melee weapon that rams into enemies. Now let's compare it to just other legendary 6-energy, ammo-dependent weapons: As you can see, Pulsar breaks both trends. Being a spike in Durability vs. Mass, it has more durability than expected given its mass, and in the second graph, it basically ignores the second trend listed earlier of durability/mass dropping as durability increases. Now let's compare it to other legendary long-range weapons: Same as last time. It is an outlier in both trends, to its favor in both instances. Conclusion: Pulsar has too much durability for its own mass compared to other legendaries.
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    Survivors! Next week, we plan to release the update 0.10.60 in Crossout. As is the tradition, we invite you to take a look at the main changes and new features that are currently being tested on a special server and may end up in the game. A continuation of the additional storyline campaign “Contagion” In the upcoming update, we will present five additional “Contagion” missions. We heard that many survivors are eager to return to the Colosseum at least once more. Well, you're going to get just that! Reworked map “Control-17” station The map's rework has affected both its appearance and the placement of environmental objects and passages, which will not only bring fresh emotions from the battles at this location but also solve some controversial balance moments in the battles between the two teams. In-Game Event “Another Year in the Wasteland” Since June is the month of Crossout, we plan to launch a small in-game event. By completing fairly simple tasks, you can get unique stickers to decorate your armoured vehicles. Also, absolutely everyone without exception who logs into the game during the event will get the unique “Anniversary” fireworks! After the test of changes in the effects of explosive damage on decor, we took into account your feedback and suggestions, and plan to present their updated version to you: The search for parts within a certain angle will no longer be conducted. The projectile's explosion will occur either after contact with a structural part located behind the decor along the projectile flight path, or if there is no structural part along the flight path, the last destroyed decor. We studied a lot of suggestions and complaints from players related to toxic behaviour in raids when one or several participants intentionally stay idle and then get rewards based on the results of the battle. We plan to revise the mechanics of scoring for completing the tasks of the raid and will soon present you with the updated version. Also, if there are no more players in a clan, its name and tag will be automatically deleted and can be used when creating a new clan. Let's move on to balance changes. Here's what's planned for the upcoming updates: “Bastion” cabin The skill “Indomitable” of the co-driver Hans will now affect the cabin “Bastion” “Photon” cabin The skill “Medium Heavyweight” of the co-driver Jade will now affect the cabin “Photon”. “Cerberus” cabin Weapon booster “Tormentor” will increase the damage dealt by the melee weapon built into the Cerberus cabin. “Steppe spider” cabin and mechanical legs The perk of the cabin “Steppe spider” will increase the maximum speed of mechanical legs by a smaller value, and the maximum speed of mechanical legs themselves will be slightly increased. Thus, the final maximum speed of the legs with the “Steppe spider” cabin will remain the same, and when using the legs with other cabins it will become slightly higher. Developer comment: According to statistics, mechanical legs are overwhelmingly used in conjunction with the “Steppe spider” cabin. Thanks to its unique features, you can significantly increase the movement speed on this suspension. We would not like to “tie” the legs to only one particular cabin, so we want to increase the maximum speed of mechanical legs and slightly reduce the bonus from the perk of “Steppe spider”. Thus, the maximum movement speed with the cabin “Steppe spider” will not change, and cars with other cabins and mechanical legs will become more efficient. Tower cannons: “Little Boy 6LB”, “ZS-34 Fat Man”, “ZS-46 Mammoth” All tower cannons can be mounted on the sides and under the bottom of the armoured car. Revolver “Corvo” The reload rate of the revolver “Corvo” will increase when using the engines “Hot red”, “Oppressor” and “Colossus”, as well as the cabin “Echo”. Developer comment: according to the latest data, the effectiveness of the revolver does not match the rest of the weapons of epic rarity, and we would like to increase it through synergy with other parts. Single-shot shotguns: “Junkbow”, “Fafnir”, “Nidhogg” The spread of single-shot shotguns will no longer be random and will be preset. Developer comment: In the current version, the spread of single-shot shotguns is quite high, and one shotgun volley can be both extremely accurate and extremely inefficient. We want to remove such random mechanics and make single-shot shotguns more predictable. Autocannons: “AC72 Whirlwind” and “Cyclone” Explosion radius of autocannon projectiles will increase Developer comment: Practice has shown that the previous change to the Rapier autocannon was successful and helped increase the effectiveness of the gun. Therefore, we decided to move in the same direction in the case of the “Whirlwind” and “Cyclone” autocannons. ‘Reaper’ minigun The minigun's durability will increase Developer comment: an analysis of the latest statistics showed that the “Reaper”, despite its good perk, simply does not have enough time to deal sufficient damage due to insufficient durability and is quickly destroyed. We plan to increase the durability of the minigun and will continue to monitor its performance in battle. Tesla emitter “Spark III” The time required for applying the maximum negative effect of the Tesla “Spark III” emitter will increase. The negative effect itself will have a lesser effect on the movement and reloading speed of enemy weapons. Developer comment: one of the main drawbacks of Spark in terms of balance is that the maximum negative effect of its perk is applied to the enemy almost instantly and leaves no chance for the opponent to respond. After making changes, the maximum effect will take longer, which will increase the chances of resisting or retreating. In addition, as a result of the tests, it turned out that the description of the emitter's perk was incorrect, and the negative effect applied to the enemy was higher, due to a number of circumstances. We plan to reduce the negative effect of Spark so that the slowing down of enemies and an increase in the reloading speed are not so strong. Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” Now the first hit with the gun will block the enemy from controlling his armoured vehicle for 1 second. A second hit on the same opponent will result in a loss of control for 0.5 sec. Subsequent accurate shots on the same vehicle will not disable control until 5.5 seconds has passed since the last shutdown. Developer comment: With a well-coordinated team of “Typhoon” owners, you have the opportunity to control one target for a long time, right until its destruction. Thanks to the edits, the weapon will retain its effectiveness in “1vs1” battles, and, at the same time, it will be impossible to “turn off” the enemy for a long time when playing “team vs team”. Pulse accelerator “Scorpion” Accuracy of the “Scorpion” pulse accelerator will increase, while the penalty for damage dealt through penetrated parts will decrease. In order to compensate for the significant boost of the weapon, the base damage dealt by the Scorpion will be reduced. Developer comment: With these changes, we would like to emphasize that the Scorpion is a “sniper” weapon capable of piercing armoured vehicles and, with a successful shot, destroying explosive modules. Therefore, when you break through the parts, the shot will not lose so much in damage, and, thanks to increased accuracy, you will be able to destroy the explosive modules of enemies. Such a boost for a weapon can seriously increase its effectiveness, so we compensate for this by lowering the base damage. The “Incinerator” catapult and the “Mandrake” howitzer Special settings will be added that allow you to adjust the sight sensitivity for the “Incinerator” catapult and the “Mandrake” howitzer along the X and Y axes. Also, the sight ope will no longer return to the standard position after each shot. Developer comment: We would like to thank all the players who shared their experience in using the updated sight mechanics. We took your wishes into account and we are adding the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the sight and, thanks to this innovation, remove the return the sight to the standard position. “Porcupine” minelayer Barrels of the “Porcupine” will no longer be destroyed by the “Spark III” emitter immediately after the shot from the minelaying machine. Fenders We plan to rework the parameters of many fenders, changing their durability, mass and PS. Developer comment: With these changes, we want to systematize the parameters of the fenders, given their faction identity, and increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of those parts that are rarely used in assemblies. We plan to add the ability to manually lock parts in storage. After this, the item will not be able to be randomly sold or used in fusion. The locked part can be unlocked back. We are planning an option to hide your own profile and select those who can view it: all players, friends and clans, only friends or nobody. We are planning additional filters to the option “Can build”, thanks to which you will be able to exclude certain categories of parts when searching for a suitable blueprint. You can add exceptions like: “Structure”, “Weapons”, “Hardware”, “Movement” and “Decor”. In addition to all of the above, we also plan to make a number of other changes and improvements, as well as fix a number of known errors. We remind you that all the new features and changes described in this news item are still in testing and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. Special test server Today, we are once again launching a special test server, where you can test new balance changes, tweaks to the effect of explosive damage on decor and optimized game loading processes, and also check out the updated Control-17 map. Test, research, share your opinions and comments in this special thread, which will open sometime after the launch of the test server! Let us remind you of the instructions for logging into the test server: If you have already participated in testing on a special server, then it will be enough to start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete. Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive. Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you get to the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again. Start the Launcher and install the game to the folder you created (for example D:\Public test\Crossout). After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and enter the game with your username and password. The whole progress of your main account will be transferred to the main server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation in factions). After logging in to the server to transfer the progress from your account, you must press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”. Please note the schedule of the test server: Friday, June 7, 2019, from 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT time) Saturday, June 8, 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT) Sunday, June 9, 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT) Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS). The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.
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    remember when raids were completed in 1 minute? and u guys nerfed them all and you guys are still greedy by nerfing steel cradle . stop forcing players to waste their time
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    Everyone is experiencing a raid as an obligation and not as something fun. If you have no idea how to make them fun the best solution that would make everyone happy could be the option to sell daily fuel rations.
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    why on earth...was this changed to prevent new tricks for raid freeloading?
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    “Steel cradle” The amount of points and resources, received for the completion of the raid has been reduced by a third. WHY? EDIT: so NONE of the moderators chose to answer this question because there is no logical explanation. This is pure stupidity
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    Would be an excellent update but... “Steel cradle” The amount of points and resources, received for the completion of the raid has been reduced by a third. That has to be hardcore trolling. It's literally the only raid that isn't completely mindnumbingly boring to play lol. Games are supposed to be fun, why do you make me grind AWFUL stuff like Frontier Defence for hours? Like really? There's one fun raid and you guys destroy its reward because you want people to not have fun and be frustrated over poorly designed stuff like Last Convoy or Frontier Defense? I literally DO NOT MOVE during frontier defence, I just stay there for like 12 mins because it's so long and boring and all I do is freelook with my mouse and shoot stuff. Who the f*ck thinks it's good game design and good for your playerbase to force people to play this kind of torture? Steel Cradle is the only raid with varied action, interesting strategies to try, a decent reward for the time invested, and some FUN TO HAVE. Games are supposed to be FUN. Just take a deep breath one second, Targem, because I can see what you're doing. No Chase, Steel Cradle destroyed, you want to frustrate players, thinking they'll buy **** to compensate for the hardcore grind. Only idiots pay to be frustrated in a game. I've played all the xxxx flash cashgrabs you can think of as a normal player who sometimes spend some bucks, I've seen them all crumble under powercreep and the devs' attempts at making everything more tedious and painful. Even the whales end up leaving. If you think you're going to make money out of this, let me clear something up for you: You're just shooting yourself in the foot. This updates definitely made the balance tip for me. I was still considering wether it was worth supporting this game or not... But the answer is clear now. i'm not going to pay to get frustrated. Let me just clarify because you guys bring "efforts" in all your answers about that. It's not about "efforts". Actually, video games aren't about "efforts". Challenge, if you want, but not "efforts". We're not working when we play your game, we're trying to have fun, and the reason why people played Steel Cradle is because it was the only bearable raid. I'll write it again: All the other raids are unfun, boring, tedious, annoying, obnoxious, offer nothing of value for the player, there's no fun there, they're just bad, like the Adventure mode side quests. Anyway, the raids rewards are absolutely worthless for the time invested anyway, I'll still play Steel Cradle because only the badges are worth it. Actually, from now on, I'll ONLY play Steel Cradle. The other raids can go rot in a corner, I'm here to have fun. Maybe if NOBODY plays atrocious stuff like Frontier Defence you'll realise where the problem is (it's not in the rewards) Oh, and ofc the "efforts" stuff doesn't explain why you didn't increase other raids' rewards to make them "attractive" instead.
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    I like a lot of the balance changes in this update but not a fan of the reduced reward from steel cradle. Very likely to be an unpopular opinion but even though it is another pack I like the Famine pack. It seems more in line with the War pack by introducing a cool cabin and new structure parts instead of like the Death pack and its grenadiers.
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    Well, i just do not know where to start. I supported this game with cca 1000 Euros by now. I am really, really sorry for that. Guys, games should be fun. Grinding is not fun. Playing PvP is fun. Why do you force us to lose our time playing damn raids for hours? Shooting damn bots is no real challenge, and it definitely is not fun. It would be logical to me to give players an option, playing fast raids for less resources, like Chase, or playing long time raids for more resources, like it was before. This is not our jobs, we have our jobs in our real lives, and only one who has enough time to play hours of grinding are kids. Kids do not spend much money on games, grown people do. And grown people do not have hours of spare time to chase god damn bots.... I REALLY do not understand why are you doing this? Constant change of rules and game mechanics are not fun. Why changing way decor works? It is practically useless now. Why should people play in events to craft them if they have no real value? Why should we put it on our vehicles now? For few more reputation? After you get last lvls needed for crafting (15 lvl) reputation is practically useless, you get what, veteran container for each prestige lvl, one blue item that you even can not reroll, or sell. Its junk. Why would anyone of any decent lvl want it ? You are changing most popular maps, which were really good, and doing nothing with ones that are just plain bad. You give us stickers for playing events. And what are we supposed to do with them? Why would we play events? It is mostly PvE events which are just plain boring. Not to say that after last change with clan wars and uranium prizes players like me, who donated a lot and bought relic weapons, lost huge amount of store worth. I lost over 100 000 coins worth, doing nothing?! I really feel stupid now, you know? Only one who got something out of this were players who did not donate a lot, because now relics are three times cheaper. What are you actually trying to do? Attract new players, who will play this game for long time, and spend money on it regularly? Or just make a newbie to spend some money, and time and then go to some other game? Because now you are doing the later. You WILL lose a lot of players, you know? I personally will not spend one more Euro on this game any more, because i really do not see any point in it Instead of becoming more fun and player friendly this game is going in opposite direction.
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    There is a quite a lot new hissing sounds (pyre, challange complete) and my cat doesn't like them at all. Was this patch even properly tested on animals?
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    Why. Why would you ruin Steel Cradle for us? At least give us chase back, then you can start nerfing other raids -_-
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    I would seriously suggest a Nerf on Pulsar, it is significantly outperforming all other legendary weapons. and Breaker’s Perk is still a pain in a**
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    Welcome to the Crossout 0.10.60 update! You will get to experience new missions of the story campaign “Contagion”, the in-game event “Another Year in the Wasteland”, the updated map “Control-17 Station”, as well as many balance changes, interface improvements and more! Additional story campaign “Contagion” With the update 0.10.60 we continue the additional story campaign and present five more new missions. The first mission becomes available after completing the side-mission Call for Help”. We remind you that the “Contagion” campaign's tasks can be replayed while in a group. For this, it is necessary that the leader of the group accepting the tasks has not completed them yet. You can also reset the progress of your own story campaign after completing the main tasks. The additional campaign automatically becomes fully available to those players who have completed the Awakening story campaign, if its has not been reset. Changes in the effect of explosive damage on decor The decor no longer absorbs the damage from the explosion of the projectile hitting it. Upon hit, the projectile destroys the decor, and the explosion and damage pass through the parts closest to this decor, following the trajectory of the projectile’s flight (the search for parts within a certain angle will no longer be conducted). The entire decor, which is mounted between the point of impact of the projectile and the part which the explosion hit, is also destroyed. The projectile's explosion occurs either after contact with a structural part, or, if there are no structural parts in the projectile's flight path, with the last destroyed decor. Weapon perks still work upon contact with decor. So the fact of hitting the armoured vehicle counts (when, for example, only the decor is in the path of the projectile's flight, and there are no other parts behind it). Exploding projectiles of the crossbow “Phoenix” still attach to the decor, if they hit it. And the same decor is now the epicentre of the explosion. Let's have a look at an example of the new mechanics. If hitting the “Inflatable Mammoth” used to destroy only the decor itself, now the explosion directly affects the “Buggy trunk” part to which the decor is attached, and destroys it. Reworked map “Control-17 station” We invite you to test the updated version of the map “Control-17 station”! We reworked its appearance, changed the arrangement of objects and the location of the roads. This will not only refresh your impressions during the battles at this map but also solve the controversial balance in the battles between the two teams. In-Game Event “Another Year in the Wasteland” June is the month of Crossout, and we invite you to celebrate one more year in the Wasteland! Take part in the in-game event and get a special themed “Anniversary” firework and unique stickers to decorate your armoured car! For winning 5 missions, raids or brawls you get a unique sticker “Steel Championship”. For winning 10 missions, raids or brawls you get a unique sticker “Battle Royale”. For winning 15 missions, raids or brawls you get a unique sticker “Nameless Tower”. For winning 20 missions, raids or brawls you get a unique sticker “Adventure”. The event will last until July 3, 2019, 20:55 GMT. Crossout — Horsemen of Apocalypse: Famine (Elite pack) Attention! The pack will be available from June 13 to July 14, 20:55 GMT. All players who buy the pack get a unique garage of The Four Horsemen as a gift! Armoured car “Famine Machine” Unique holographic decor “Carnivore” Unique epic cabin “Howl”: medium cabin PS: 1500 Max. speed: 90 km / h tonnage: 4500 kg weight limit: 10500 kg produced energy: 12 pts. durability: 250 pts. mass: 400 kg perk: “The damage of weapons and drones increases while you have enemy vehicles in a radius of 20 meters from you. The max. 25% bonus is achieved over 10 sec.” A unique portrait of Veran Wolf aka Famine 4000 in-game coins Additionally, the player gets: The unique background and logo of the rider Famine “Famine” structural parts Weapons: rare shotgun “Junkbow” (2 pcs.), melee weapon “Borer” (2 pcs.) Unique decor “Swarm” (left and right) A set of unique stickers Paint cans “Eroded Metal” and “Warg” Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55 It's hard to recognize the heart of a factory range for military equipment in a hangar sheltered by sand and burnt by the sun. They used to recreate the conditions of real battles, adjust weapons, evaluate bullet ranges, and conduct trial trips here. And now the gang of Horsemen of Apocalypse has appropriated the territory. Veran Wolf was an ordinary employee of the production department at Waderkvarn. He never had any bright ideas, nor was he particularly efficient, but he did his job on time and in good faith. Everything would have gone on as usual, had the apocalypse not happened. Poor Veran had the misfortune to be at the test site when the doors shut, forever isolating him from his past life. A group of employees who'd gone completely crazy seized the power inside. The tyrants were overthrown with great difficulty. The Horsemen lived at the test site, never got in trouble and never started any. Until one day the tyrants returned. Twice as strong and three times angrier. Rivers of blood poured in, and Veran’s nerves broke down. A beast awakened inside the quiet clerk. And inside it grew a wild, all-encompassing hunger. And it was impossible to relieve it. The attackers were defeated largely due to Famine, who did not know pity. When he was dragged out of his armoured vehicle, the beast was gone. Only the bewildered Veran remained. Over time, Wolf learned to control Famine, asked it to put on a mask, so as to protect himself from the beast. Though the other personality may scare Veran, for the Horsemen's sake he is ready to release it to the call of Death again and again. And may the Wasteland shudder upon hearing his hungry howl. Crossout — Horsemen of Apocalypse: Famine Armoured car “Famine Machine” Unique epic cabin “Howl” A unique portrait of Veran Wolf aka Famine Paint can “Eroded metal” Unique decor “Swarm” (left and right) 1500 in-game coins Additionally, the player gets: Weapons: rare shotgun “Junkbow” (2 pcs.), melee weapon “Borer” (2 pcs.) “Famine” structural parts A set of unique stickers Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55 General Helping an ally up no longer rewards you with points in battle. Raids General An improved mechanic of scoring points in raids: Points for completing the assigned objectives are now awarded only to those players who have contributed to their fulfilment. To get points for the successful completion of an objective, the player must receive at least 10 points during its execution for the destruction of raiders or turrets and interaction with objects. Changed the amount of points that are being awarded for various raid tasks. The overall possible amount of points for completing all the tasks has not changed. “Heat and run!”, “The last convoy”, “Gone in two minutes” Increased durability of trucks at all difficulty levels. Reduced the number of opponents for groups of 3-4 players. Increased damage of bruiser mobs on medium and hard difficulty. Increased the damage and durability of the ringleaders of Lunatics and Scavengers. “Steel cradle” The amount of points and resources, received for the completion of the raid has been reduced by a third. “Frontier defence” The durability of the turrets has been reduced for all difficulty levels The time between raiders' attacks has been reduced Clan battles Now if there is no player in a clan, its name and tag will be automatically deleted and can be used by other players when creating a new clan. Cabins Bastion Hans' skill “Indomitable” now affects the cabin “Bastion”. Photon Jade's skill “Medium Heavyweight” now affects the cabin “Photon”. Cerberus Weapon booster “Tormentor” increases the damage that the melee tool built into the cabin deals. Steppe spider The cabin's perk increases the maximum speed of mechanical legs by 10 km / h. Developer comment: According to statistics, in most cases, mechanical legs were used in conjunction with the Steppe spider cabin. Thanks to its perk, you can significantly increase the movement speed on this suspension. We would not like to “tie” the legs to only one specific cabin, so we are increasing the maximum speed of mechanical legs and slightly reducing the bonus from the perk of “Steppe spider”. Thus, the maximum movement speed with the cabin “Steppe spider” does not change, and cars with other cabins and mechanical legs become more efficient. Movement Mechanical legs “ML 200” The maximum speed of mechanical legs increased to 40 km / h. Weapons General All tower cannons (“Little Boy 6LB”, “ZS-34 Fat Man”, “ZS-46 Mammoth”, “Elephant”) can be mounted on the sides and under the bottom of the armoured car. Revolver “Corvo” The reloading speed of the revolver varies depending on the hardware used. At the moment, it is accelerated by the engines: “Hot Red”, “Oppressor” and “Colossus”. The perk of the “Echo” cabin also increases the speed of reloading weapons. Developer comment: According to the latest data, the effectiveness of the revolver does not match the rest of the weapons of epic rarity, and we want to improve it through synergy with other parts. Single-shot shotguns “Junkbow”, “Fafnir” and “Nidhogg” Shotgun spread mechanics changed from random to preset. Developer comment: In the previous version the spread of shotguns was quite high, and one salvo of a shotgun could be either extremely accurate or highly inefficient. We want to remove such random mechanics and make single-shot shotguns more predictable weapons. Frontal machine gun “ST-M26 Tackler” While the perk is active, the machine gun additionally gets 50% resistance to thermal damage. Autocannons “Whirlwind” and “Cyclone” Projectile explosion radius increased by 0.2 m. Developer comment: Practice has shown that the previous change of the Rapier autocannon was successful and helped to increase the effectiveness of the weapon. Therefore, we decided to move in the same direction with the Whirlwind and Cyclone autocannons. “Reaper” minigun Weapon durability increased by 18% (from 380 to 450 pts.). Developer comment: Analysis of the latest statistics showed that the “Reaper”, despite its effective perk, simply does not have enough time to deal sufficient damage due to its low durability — it's quickly destroyed. We are increasing the durability of the minigun and we will continue to monitor its performance in battle. Tesla emitter “Spark III” The time required to deal the maximum negative effect on the enemy has been increased from 1.5 to 4 s. The part's perk has been changed: “When dealing damage, reduces the power and speed of the enemy's car, as well as weapon reloading speed by 6% for 1 second. The effect stacks up to 12 times.” Now the emitter reduces the target's movement speed and weapon reloading speed to 72% (see comment below). Developer comment: From the point of view of balance, one of the main drawbacks of the Spark was that the maximum negative effect of its perk was applied to the enemy almost instantly and did not leave the opponent a chance to react. Now the maximum effect will take longer to apply, which will increase the chances of resistance or retreat. In addition, as a result of the tests, it turned out that the description of the emitter's perk was incorrect, and the negative effect applied to the enemy was higher, due to a number of circumstances. We are reducing the negative effect of the Spark, and now the slowdown of enemies and the increase in reloading speed will not be so strong. Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” The first hit with the gun will block the enemy from controlling his armoured vehicle for 1 second. A second hit on the same opponent will result in a loss of control for 0.5 sec. Subsequent accurate shots on the same vehicle will not disable control until 5.5 seconds has passed since the last shutdown. It does not matter whether all the projectiles were fired from the same cannon or from different ones. Developer comment: With a well-coordinated team of “Typhoon” owners, you have the opportunity to control one target for a long time — basically control it right until its destruction. Thanks to the changes, the weapon will retain its effectiveness in one-on-one battles, and at the same time it will be impossible to “remove” the enemy from combat for a long time when playing “team vs. team”. Pulse Accelerator “Scorpion” Increased weapon accuracy when standing still and in motion. Base damage reduced by 15%. Reduced the penalty to damage caused when penetrating parts. Now the damage is reduced by 10% for each penetrated “cube”. Previously, the damage was reduced by 20%. Developer comment: With these changes, we would like to focus on the fact that the Scorpion is a sniper weapon capable of penetrating the hulls of armoured vehicles and destroying explosive modules with a successful shot. Therefore, projectiles will no longer lose so much damage when penetrating parts. Due to the increased accuracy, you will be able to destroy explosive modules of enemies. Such a boost can seriously increase the weapon's effectiveness, which would affect the balance of power. Therefore, we are compensating for this by reducing the base damage. “Mandrake” howitzer and “Incinerator” catapult Sensitivity settings along the X and Y axes for the catapult and howitzers have been added to the “Settings — Game” menu section. This option will affect only the aiming from the “Mandrake” and “Incinerator”. After each shot, the scope will no longer return to the standard position. Developer comment: We would like to thank all the players who shared their experience in using the updated sight mechanics. We took into account your wishes and instead of returning the sight to the standard position after each shot we add the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the sight. “Porcupine” minelayer “Porcupine” barrels are no longer destroyed by the Spark III emitter immediately after the shot from the minelaying machine. Structural parts Now, with each new level of prestige in the “Dawn's Children” faction, the player will get random structural parts from the following list (until all the parts are received): “Left rib” and “Right rib” — 1 pc. (both parts are issued for one level of prestige). “Left phalanx” and “Right phalanx” — 1 pc. (both parts are issued for one level of prestige). “Rump” — 1 pc. “Skull box” — 1 pc. Thus, all structural parts can be obtained for 4 levels of prestige with Dawn's Children faction. Attention! The parts are issued for each new level of prestige obtained after the update. Prestige levels received before the update are not counted, and the parts are not given for them. If you purchased the “Horsemen of Apocalypse: Famine” pack (regular or elite version), then if you increase the level of prestige with Dawn's Children faction, no additional structural parts will be issued. Now, when you reach the 14th reputation level with the Lunatics fraction, the player is given 2 additional parts “Buggy Step Plate”. Changed bumper characteristics: “Bullbar” Durability increased from 75 to 95 pts. Mass reduced from 113 to 101 kg. PS increased from 44 to 49. Increased bumper damage in collisions. “Bumper spike” Mass reduced from 82 to 58 kg. PS reduced from 34 to 28. Increased bumper damage in collisions. “Frontal Protection System” Durability increased from 54 to 68 units. Mass reduced from 78 to 72 kg. PS increased from 32 to 35. Increased bumper damage in collisions. “Buggy bumper” Durability increased from 64 to 81 units. Mass increased from 80 to 86 kg. PS increased from 36 to 42. Increased bumper damage in collisions. Bumper “Catch” Durability reduced from 54 to 53. Mass reduced from 74 to 72 kg. PS reduced from 26 to 21. “Offroader bumper” Durability increased from 72 to 139 units. Mass increased from 109 to 192 kg. PS increased from 42 to 56. “Terribull bar” Durability increased from 86 to 161 units. Mass increased from 128 to 324 kg. PS increased from 52 to 102. “Shock absorber” Durability increased from 128 to 132 units. Mass reduced from 226 to 202 kg. PS reduced from 80 to 77. “Nibbler” Durability increased from 24 to 71 units. Mass increased from 27 to 86 kg. PS increased from 18 to 32. “Stranglehold” Durability increased from 32 to 79. Mass increased from 36 to 96 kg. PS increased from 24 to 35. Increased bumper damage in collisions. “Pipetooth” Durability increased from 18 to 32 units. Mass increased from 25 to 38 kg. PS increased from 10 to 14. “Mariposa” Durability increased from 64 to 75 units. Mass reduced from 123 to 115 kg. PS reduced from 40 to 28. “The Omen” Durability reduced from 83 to 71. Mass reduced from 115 to 86 kg. PS reduced from 50 to 32. “Bully” bumper Durability increased from 21 to 68 units. Mass increased from 41 to 72 kg. PS increased from 26 to 35. Increased bumper damage in collisions. Developer comment: With these changes, we want to systematize the parameters of the bumpers taking into account their faction affiliation and increase the attractiveness and efficiency of those parts that are rarely used in crafts. Hardware Changed the mechanics of scopes. They used to change the field of view of the player. Now their use affects the magnification. A filter by the type of parts was added for the function “Can build” at the exhibition: The filter allows you to find armoured vehicles at the exhibition, which you can assemble without certain parts (for example, without a weapon that can be replaced with your own). To open the window with the filter you need to click on the gear next to the “Can build” button. In the list that appears, you can select those types of parts that will not be taken into account when searching for suitable crafts. Added the option to manually lock a part in storage (right-click — “Lock”): You can lock parts, paint and stickers. A locked part cannot be accidentally sold or used when upgrading and producing a new part. It is also impossible to apply a CK to a locked part or remove it. A locked part is indicated in stock by a lock icon. At any time, the part can be unlocked (right click on the locked part — “Unlock”). The option “Find at the exhibition” has been added to the context menu of parts in stock. Selecting this option will automatically take you to the exhibition and start searching for machines with this part. Fixed a bug where the player's choice of marker colours for teams of allies and opponents did not affect the displayed colours of markers, indicators, etc. Since it is possible to participate in a raid with a group of fewer than 4 players, information about the number of people has been removed from the description window. Added privacy settings for your personal file. In the menu “Settings — General — Privacy” you can choose who will see your personal file: everyone, friends and clan, only friends or anyone. The option “Accept friend requests” has been moved to the “Settings — General — Privacy” menu section. Improved display of reloading and part perk effects on their indicators. The task list interface has been improved. Improved interface of the “Clan battles” screen. Now it displays the end date of the current season. Improved friends search interface. Replaced MVP icon. Improved the appearance of buttons at the exhibition. Adjusted the volume of in-game notifications in night mode. Fixed a bug with the incorrect sound of the explosion of the “Fuel Tank”, “Fuel Barrel” and generators. Corrected the sound of the repair of armoured vehicles in “Battle Royale”. The firing volume of the “M-37 Piercer” machine gun and the “MG13 Equalizer” minigun has been adjusted. The reloading sound of the “Corvo” revolver now changes in sync with the animation depending on the reload speed. Optimized the sound system. Optimized game loading processes: vehicle models, interface elements, etc. Improved the painting masks for turret and drone launch modules, as well as deco: “Give me a hug!”, “Trophy stand”. Improved background in the tab “Custom battle”. Improved the map “Sector EX”: removed a number of objects that narrow the space for travel. Added a medal: “King of the Hill” — “Win the Battle Royale 3 times”. Players who completed the same objective before the update will receive a medal within a few days after the update. Partial progress of the objective will be saved. New achievements have been added to Steam for gaining prestige levels with Dawn's Children and Steppenwolfs factions. Fixed a bug where a quick purchase/sale of parts in the blueprint window of the vehicle did not lead to updating the counter of required/missing parts. Fixed a bug where players selected to be invited to “Custom battle” were reset when scrolling through the list of friends. The bug with the asymmetric collision model of the Tesla “Spark III” emitter has been fixed. Fixed an issue where during the assembly of a Leviathan or a machine with a large number of parts, not all of them could display welding points. Fixed a bug where it was possible to place structural parts under the mechanical legs “ML 200”. Now the rate of fire of the shotgun “Nidhogg” in the characteristics window corresponds to the real value. Fixed a bug where some assemblies for building a composite armoured vehicle could “fuse” with each other. Fixed a bug where the effect of the skill “Indomitable” (Hans) was not displayed in the window of the characteristics of the assembled armoured vehicle. Fixed a bug where a truck in the raid “The war for fire” could collide with obstacles on the map “Old Town”. Fixed a bug with incorrect placement of the towers in the raids on the maps “Powerplant” and “Ship graveyard”. Fixed a number of bugs related to incorrect player spawn points in raids. Fixed a bug with the lack of the cannon “Mammoth” on the raider ringleader “Hulk”. Fixed a bug with the appearance of an invisible wall on the map “Cursed mines”. Fixed a bug related to the incorrect appearance of the ringleader in the raid “Perimeter Breach” on the “Terminal-45” map. Fixed collision patterns on the “Rock City” map. Now clicking the “Details” button in the news window does not close it. Fixed a bug where the “Fence: Expert” challenge was available by default until the completion of previous challenges. Fixed a bug with the lack of exhaust effect in motion from the decor “Twin exhaust”. Fixed a bug with the disappearance of some objects on the map “Broken Arrow” at a certain position of the camera. Fixed a bug with an incorrect model of the cliff on the map “Sandy gulf”. Fixed a bug with changing colours of the wires when exchanging them for Engineer badges. Fixed a bug with collision models of buildings on the “Nameless Tower” map. Fixed and improved a number of texts and descriptions. Fixed a bug related to the appearance of the “Buy” button when moving from the technology tree to the pack that was removed from sale. Hotfix, 14.06.2019 Improved client stability Raids General Reduced the minimum amount of points required to get the reward for a completed raid stage. Reduced the amount of points awarded for defeating raiders. Steel cradle Added bruiser opponents for all factions to the generator stage. “Hit and run!”, “The last convoy”, “Gone in two minutes” Truck durability on “Hard” difficulty reduced by 5%. Hotfix, 19.06.2019 Fixed a bug where receiving damage with a “Torero” cabin and single-shot shotguns would lead to increased shotgun accuracy. Fixed a bug with the missing animation for other players' suspension at certain camera angles. Fixed a bug where the upgrade “Reloading” for the crossbow “Phoenix” did not work with the perk of the engine “Oppressor”. Fixed a bug where the light from decor parts could be still visible even with invisibility module activated. Fixed a bug where the "Battle" button on the debriefing screen could lead the player to his garage. Fixed a bug with incorrect "Battle" button appearance on the debriefing screen.
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    The PvE change doesn't make sense to me, as the fuel consumption is still the same. If Steel Cradle really was too easy, wouldn't just increasing the difficulty (more mobs, harder-hitting missiles from the turrets, etc.) have had the same intended effect of equalizing effort and reward?
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    Do you know why a chase is fun? Because she is quick and not boring like ALL the others raids! Then what you do? Remove the Chase raids MONTHS ago and the only thing you say is that they're working on it. Really? The reason you took away the chase is because it was easy to get resources through it, this causes the prices of the items in the market to fall, which consequently causes players to buy more things with less coins, so you sell less coins. This is reinforced by the fact that you have reduced the prizes of other raids. Shameful. About other changes. The control station was a fun map and very cool, the changes was unnecessay. Instead of rework the fortress map. The buffs and nerffs are OK for me. You really do a good changes at all.
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    test server got activated: rating = dura^2 / mass / ps change total = (dura change) / (mass change) / (ps change)
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    Who wouldn't want to turn off comments after some manchild who starts arguments with everyone derailed the sht out of a post? Ur an insecure little forum warrior with nothing better to do than posts 300 times a day just to get 1500 confused faces on the childish sht u say
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    The following thread is locked due to its creator's request.
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    Pulsar's OP essence can be easily pointed out: So far, in this game, for most weapons, when their rarity raises, their improved characteristics will be counteracted by a penalty on reloading time and hitbox size. Also, in most cases, the Epic rarity weapons will have a Perk that grants them special advantage comparing to their legendary version. However, Comparing to Quasar, Pulsar gains advantage in almost every important aspects: Alpha damage(130->160) Durability(535->850) Projectile speed(140->170) Blast radius(3->3.5+) Ammo reserve(14->16) A Perk(N/A->Blast radius +) What is the cost? NOTHING! If you want to say something about the weight, remember Mammoth has 68.6% more health and 116.6% more weight comparing to Fatman, but Quasar gains 58.9% health buff with only 19.9% weight increment! And so far we haven't even talked about the hitbox stuff (which I believe plays a critical role in estimating durability)! In my opinion, at least, Pulsar's reloading time should be increased to 5.5.
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    I'm sure most have seen this but if not here it is.
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    Make a take back on steel craddle 20 plastic with Scanner is a Joke! Maybe it is time to stop supporting this game. Nö on devs and you end up with 20 player left.
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    PROMOTE??? Then make the other raids better instead of making Steel Cradle ***
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    you guys first removed chase, and now nerf the most prefered raid after chase. shame on you
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    My last 2 posts asking players to use radios were removed from the moderators, without a word to me mind you. I wish they gave me a clue why as I have been a paying player of great standing since early alpha. BOGGLES THE MIND. My point is if you do not install a radio you're not smart. The radio is the MOST IMPORTANT part on every build in PvP. Without a radio your team has no clue what your situation is. Know what happens if your team does not have situational awareness? You lose more often than not - simple. How can anyone use correct tactics and strategies maximizing their build if they have no clue what to find around the corner where your are? They cannot. Stop reading any more posts and go install a radio on every build you have and put it on the bottom or some hard to reach spot. Your win rate will go up. I guarantee it. I play mostly at the highest PS ranges and usually not one person besides me has a radio installed. It is mind boggling. I can understand newbies but players with an 80 part limit? What the bleep is wrong with you people!?!?? I do not know if this post will be removed or not. I do not know why the game creators do not want players to use radios. I cannot for the life of me come up with a valid conspiracy theory. I told all of my paying players about this post and to track it so we can all complain if it is removed. Hopefully that will help. Lastly - the game is simply more fun to play when your team has radios. It is more fun to have situational awareness. It is not fun to turn a corner where you know 2 teammates are to find them surrounded by 8 enemies. Moderator(s) Please do not remove this post. Please message me to tell me why my previous ones were removed. Thanks! I have played this game at least an hour a day since you created it. If you want players to stay you should seriously treat them better. Who moderates the moderators? Maybe that would be a good idea? Is saying that grounds to have this post removed? I hope not because I am just trying to help. -Vryce
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    This is definitely not a buff, as the max. perk debuff will be lowered and the time needed to stack the max. effect will be increased. By "stack" we mean that the max. negative effect is not applied instantly. You need some time to "spark" your opponent. The new perk description is planned to be the following: "When dealing damage, reduces the power and speed of the enemy's car, as well as weapon reloading speed by 6% for 1 second. The effect stacks up to 12 times." BUT, if the max. negative effect is already applied and one more teammate starts to "spark" the same enemy, it won't result in further debuff increase. It will remain around 72%.
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    BjKalderon (Posted Friday at 02:32 PM) Omega616, it's worth saying that such changes (as the settings that have a direct effect on the gameplay control - wise) are quite subjective and it's always better to test them in the game. It's not subjective when I test all of my Incinerator builds by backing up to the garage wall and firing to see where the projectiles drop - this way I have a reliable method of testing if a given vehicle has enough close range to use in battle. After update 0.10.25, the closest range was moved a good several meters farther, this method shows this clear as with a ruler. It's not subjective when both Incinerators are greyed out when I try aiming for the closest range, on a car built months before update 0.10.25, which performed spectacularly, and the parts that now obstruct the Incinerators did not obstruct them at all before 0.10.25 - which means that projectiles were fired higher before 0.10.25, i.e. the trajectory was more curved, and now it is flatter, making projectiles fly lower and those parts that they would go over are now in the way. An incinerator vehicle can be built based on two premises: 1) Drivability - a simple construction, easy to learn to use, but given the very special nature of the Incinerator, only good for medium to long ranges, as support. This is what I call a bad Incinerator build due to not having a full spectrum of the possible ranges, especially 1v1 in close quarters. The effect of update 0.10.25 on this type of build was negligible. 2) Close range - being able to fend off close-by opponents that would otherwise be safe under most circumstances; focusing on the weapon comes at the cost of sacrificing a little maximum range, as well a substantial portion of maneouvrability and some durability. I call this a good Incinerator build because due to its fuller spectrum of possible ranges it can perform consistently in close quarters either in 1v1 or as support. Update 0.10.25 not only forced me to rebuild a good car, but also impaired this very style of using the Incinerator, because: a) I could no longer attain the same close range as before, b) I had to build taller to get as close a range as practicably possible (retaining enough combat manoeuvrability, which was much less of an issue pre- 0.10.25). I guess as a developer you can freely access my saved blueprints - the pre-0.10.25 car is named Firestrike (after Johann Sebastian Bach's sonata in C minor by the same title), and the post-0.10.25 one is named Firebomb (after Ludvig van Beethoven's similarly titled symphony in D major). The main problem here is there are only four slots on a CW team, which forces players to use vehicles with the highest overall performance, at the same time reducing the variety of builds used in CW. Let's say there were no 'special places' where hovers can be safe from melees - then there'd be mostly spidertanks and melees. The environment creates opportunities for using specific types of vehicles and weapons: the more varied the environment is, the more varied the vehicles and weapons that can be used in that environment, and the more creative are the manoeuvers that are possible in a more varied terrain. The current CW opportunities are limited to: a) for spidertanks: pummelling the enemies with cannons b) for hovers: pummeling enemies with cannons/missiles c) for melees: omnomnom. That's it. Death by boredom. A solution would be to increase the team size to eight slots and make the terrain more varied to create opportunities for specialized vehicles, such as ones that could counter rock-climbers, e.g. with Incinerators or Mandrakes, and if the Barrier IX were to be fixed, it could shield the team trying to approach those from a lower ground. Also, if the Clarinet could be fired upwards to strike those from a long distance, they would quickly get down from there. Or, I may be wrong and we would just see 4 more of the same on each team. But that's what happens when terrain has less effect on the chance to win - the team has to invest in vehicles with the best overall performance. On the other hand, if terrain afforded opportunities to be exploited by other types of builds and weapons, there would be much more variety in CW. Some examples of such terrain and gameplay: 1) Underground tunnels - accessible only to tiny cars - so it would'nt be just hulking beasts on the battlefield; could be used by melees to attack from the rear. Or just ditches instead of tunnels, so campers couldn't just wait out battles there after destroying one enemy. 2) Water, like lakes, rivers, moats, e.g. 7-8 bricks deep, so a small, low car could hide there by submerging - combine that with a vertically fired Clarinet, and you have a completely new play style. Or an incinerator car, or any other weapon that could be fired from under the water surface. This, too, could create stupid opportunities for hiding, so maybe the water could be slightly translucent, but enemies would reveal themselves anyway by firing their weapons or movement causing ripples on the surface. 3) A few updates ago, there was a picture with skyscrapers - it was then that I commented about the possibility to climb those, either by giving the spider legs the ability to climb, or applying a chameleon paint on the undercarriage - that would introduce even more variety of gameplay. 4) I have also built a flying car, which I wanted to use for surprise attacks from the rear or airborne lancing from above. But with there being scarcely any flat terrain outside of the test area, such a contraption will not launch straight up anywhere else - not without some stabilizing module. Imagine - swooping down on enemies form the sky, like an eagle, bypassing all the space armor around the cabin! Or just just appearing out of nowhere to grind them up in seconds. 8 energy required for the boosters, 1 more for a stabilizing module, 1 for a chameleon, with not much room left for weapons, but it could work. Consider these examples of more varied terrain providing opportunities for using a greater variety of vehicles, weapons and tactics: Fig. 1 Fig. 2 This is some next-level Clan Wars! More variety, more tactical opportunities, more weapons and modules can be used because of a richer environment. Real nice. 23K+ missions, two Tank Ducks, and I can't comment. I have been having problems with my PSU powering the GPU. My deep knowledge of this subject matter should be enough.
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    I will (NOT!) fondly miss the times when I couldn't even leave the spawn because of the Typhoon chain stun:
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    Scorpion does not require a buff. It is powerful enough.
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    I know this is going to be a touchy subject so I'm not going to make suggestion such as banning people for leaving a game of wires, however, this is getting kind of annoying, probably 90% of the games I play there is atleast 2-6 people who instantly back out. I barely play pvp anymore but when I'm trying to have some fun with friends before clan wars or to try new builds, it isn't fun for all the real players to quit every single game, leaving us to fight bots. There are players who are notorious for leaving games consistently(for years) "TexasQuitter" and "rafkiller" are 2 for example who have never even been cautioned for what they do. What is everyone's opinion on this?
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    Taken out of cycle for "temporary" maintanance HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... Where have i heard that before... I mean i cant exacctly get my finger on it.... it was like what 6 months ago ? We had RANKED MATCHES that game u portrait frames and were take out for that and said they will come back in .... ohh ,.... wait.... They stopped mentioning it ? HUH !?!? ok then ... what happened to the chase ? Ahh.... welll.... U will be missed Comrade !!! I wont forget u !! Prior to update 0.10.60 it was REALLY easy to find replies that directly apply to the chase but in the new update 0.10.60 its bassically impossible to find a direct answer and most of them just go around saying stuff for the Other raids and not even a slight mention of it. Saying TEMPORARY maintenance basically means "we are taking it out of the game". And its probably done intentionally to rise the price of copper (they even nerfed other raids), and its not new since iv heard from high GMS that the devs were wanting to make the price of copper higher for commercial reasons. Thats what happened to Ranked they slowly but surely stopped talking about it and hoping that most ppl would forget about it. and it worked for almost everyone. This is gonna happen to chase and prob a LOT of other game modes , maps ,, hell maybe even parts.
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    People who hate hovers ; 1) Armless Melee players 2) 30 kmph tanks with fatmans 3) People who tried hover and failed to drive properly
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    @BjKalderon You guys did all this at once on purpose - so many great things added in to cover the controversial changes. Well played. But I have to say it is quite daft to reduce the rewards for the raid Steel Cradle, so hard. If I would have seen 5-10% or even 20, fine. But 33% cut in rewards? I am so angry at this. Not because of the rewards, but because of the mentality. You just proved to me that there is no point working towards anything here anymore. You will give us a challenge, and when we reach the apex of understanding that challenge, you will only punish us for not playing within your parameters. Don't you want us to want to play these raids? Shouldn't you see the demand there is for chase and make more fast raids that your players can enjoy? Instead you enforce grindy and meaningless experiences on us as a reaction to our efficiency. You won't increase the population in the other raids, you will only decrease the population in your playerbase if this continues. I can promise it will drop by at least one. Stop looking at the only the data, and start getting in to your own game with some of us. Then may be you will actually understand your statistics and be able to react accordingly. EDIT: World Map is ugly as hell now, too. Thanks for that.
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    This company has many times proved that destroys what most players like and have fun with. First was Chase, now it is steel cradle. Why don't you just only give that useless stickers as reward with steel cradle to completely finish it??? Another question that I have to make is : Are the dropping rates of the 4 rewards in missions equal or not???? If you answer no, I apologize, I didn't know. But if you say yes, something very devious has been implemented by the devs in order to get, say, 10 wheels in a row of victories but nothing useful, say, a cabin. I wait for an official answer on this. Are the dropping rates of the 4 rewards in missions equal or devs cheat on us with creative statistics?
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    -Its Crossout Anniversary too BTW. Very well planned way to celebrate Anniversary. (insert SARCASM) - almost all of my builds in exhib are messed up because of these mass changes. Ill just redo all 18 builds or just delete them and build a new one. -steel cradle (only decent raid, imo after you remove chase) reward's got nerf. if youre basing the reward in each raid in the efforts that are being put to finish it, then buff Perimeter's breach rewards coz it takes to much time to finish that damn raid. if youre gonna nerf steel cradles reward, then just bring back the chase already. -Why keep giving us STICKERS when we can only put 16 in a build? very good event, Id rather have "Anniversary Mayhem" that gives worthy reward. VERY DISAPPOINTING EVENT BTW. I EXPECT TOO MUCH SINCE ITS XO ANNIVERSARRY.
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    Low PS but not effective at all. You didn’t end up killing anyone with your relic... I feel like you are trying to make a case that porcs can be used to seal club because they can go to low PS, but in the first vid you kill 2 bots, and the second you don’t actually kill anything. Really don’t see how this is proving your point. Like you’ve got the “seal” but you are missing the “club” lol
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    I can't even think why some people ask for hurricanes to be nerfed They're so bad lol You can easily hide behind things and the weapon itself it's like one sneeze and it's gone xD If i'm right, they may be the least used legendaries in clan wars
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    LOL W holder complains about stuff being unbalanced. Look at ur builds first its just holding 1 key and rushing in like idiots and win. Liturally no skill needed. These spots arent even CLOSE to being broken or OP since they are a death sentence if u go on them. U can barely move on them and u are exposed from all sides and somethimes hard to get on. Tjey shpuld stay there until something is done with all the god dam no skill melee teams that are in CW rn.
  44. 9 points
    I cant believe targem REDUCED %26 SCORPION BASE DAMAGE. You killed the scorpion !!! bare cabin 250 damage. WOW WOW WOW
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    Are the stickers tradeable this time? If not, my only biffs is that and the Steel Craddle point change. Other than that, pretty solid update and I think its a much needed one on many aspects. Also, a question: have you guys considered this? This seems a neglectable thing at first, but I would really like for you to reconsider this "untradeable limited event itens" trend. It hurts the community and the game in the long run. I bet your analytics shows how many player dropped during the last Mayhem event even if it was extended. We don't want to be forced (and most don't even have the time too) to play 200 best-of-3 repetitive rounds from a copy-and-paste event just to lose inventory space until we get what we like. Thanks!
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    It's a bit of a shame how extremely easy - or hard depending on your equipped gear it is to deal with Hurricanes. If you have a cloak, Hurricanes are zero problem. I can't recall the times I hurricane player pops out, shoots at me, I take my aim and lnad a cannon shot on him and cloak, all this while misiles slowly fly towards at me. If you don't have a cloak the Hurricane players often figure that out pretty quickly and keep coming at you knowing you have much harder time dodging the missiles. Using cover is genuinely good tactic - until a hurricane player puts them vertically and shoots them upwards. Suddenly the amount of usable cover spots drops down to one or two per map, sometimes zero like in Fortress. The maps aren't really designed with vertical missiles in mind; most of the scenery is missing their collision so the missiles often straight up fly through all the supposed "cover" like here: Also another problem with the Veritcal hurricanes is sometimes you don't see where they come from. Really hard to dodge something you cannot see: The reason why i positioned myself there is because I spotted the hurricane player on my left. I do not see the hurricane so I simply guess and hope the hurricanes land on the scenery. Maybe he shot forward hurricanes, maybe vertical, I don't know. It is almost impossible to predict whether or not the vertical hurricane hits on you or on the cover because you canot see the angle they come at you.
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    *cough cough*