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    Error report Describe problem and what you saw Huge FPS drops that seem to occur randomly during PVP and PVE. What you expected to see Smooth gameplay with no FPS drops Conditions in which error reproduce Happens almost every match. Can be reproduced anytime. Problem details No matter which graphics settings I alter and reduce to their lowest settings, I will still get huge FPS drops during gameplay. Sometimes it will only last for a moment, and other times it will last 3-5+ seconds making the game unplayable during that time. The ingame FPS counter will still say the game is getting at least 30-70FPS during these FPS drops, but I can tell its going far below 30. More like less than 10 FPS and even into the negative where the screen freezes up till it goes back to normal. Many other players seem to suffer from this problem, so I am not alone with this issue. Frequency of reproduction always Time of bug game.log