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    I checked the thread history and saw no comprehensive suggestion thread about Hovers. We have one with Legs, so let's have another one with Hovers. Like ML 200, Icarus hovers suffer from some fundamental issues which prevent the movement part from being balanced corectly. Some deep under-the-hood changes are necessary before some real balance can be struck with both Legs and Hovers. Unlike with legs where these issues manifest themselves as legs always being somewhat underpowered, the problem with Hovers is the opposite where the fundamental design of hovers will always make them overpowered at some powerscore. Since no one is willing or able to document accurately what is exactly the problem with hovers, fine... I did with Legs, I'll do it again with Hovers if that's what's needed. Let's start with two basic suggestions. One deals with somewhat minor thing which ought to be relatively easy to correct. The other with one of the fundamental reasons why hovers are the way they are. 1. Change the acceleration curve to take drag into account. In other words: slow the acceleration down as the hovercraft approaches speed cap. Most crafts in this game have an acceleration curve where the acceleration slows down the closer you are to your craft's max speed. This simulates drag, aka air resistance due to fact how the craft is moving at high speeds. So acceleration starts out fast but then slows down as you reach higher speeds. Due to the bumpy terrain in this game, most wheeled crafts actually never spend any significant amount of time at their speed limit, especially the faster ones. Hovers' acceleration is completely linear. Their acceleration doesn't slow down as you near the max speed. Because of this even the heaviest Typhoon Hovers with an Echo cabin will accelerate to a max speed in under 50m: This thing has 10 hovers which is is the highest amount people tend to use. 9 or 8 hovers with the corresponding weight would accelerate this craft even faster. I also took a popular shotgun wedge build from exhib for comparison: It reaches 60km/h at 50m and 90km/h at 200m. It could probably catch up the Echo hover at the 200m mark provided the hover doesn't shoot the shotgunner and stun it. Maybe that'd happen in Narnia. Cars suffer from air resistance at high speeds, hovers should be no different. 2. Remove the "high resistance to flipping" or tone it down significantly especially on front-back axis. This is one of the major reasons why hovers are the way they are, both in high PS and low PS. In high PS people can get away with equipping high-recoil weapons onto hovers due to fact it is almost impossible to flip a hover onto its roof. On low PS, people create impossibly narrow sideways builds allowing them to seal-club on an unseen level. I mean look at this: No other movement part is able to function like this, not even legs (if you make your sideways leg build too narrow it'll tip over to its side). When designing a build for any other movement type, you need to be mindful about designing the craft so that it doesn't flip over. You can't design a fast wheeled craft where the wheels are too narrow, otherwise the craft might tip over on sharp turns. When designing crafts for high-recoil weapons you need to be super mindful about how low can the center of weight to be placed. With hovercrafts all that goes out of the window since they just don't have to care about issues like high center of weight or high-recoil weapons flipping them over. If the resistance to flipping was to be removed it'd have few important effects. First of all, these tiny seal-clubbing hovers would be history as it is because no craft built like the one in the videoclip would stay upright. Sideways hovercrafts would still exist but now they'd be wider in order to provide more stability. People would be more wary about slapping Typhoons etc. on roofs of their hovercrafts since the high center of weight+recoil might throw them on their roofs. More importantly what this change would not affect are hovercrafts wielding Dawn Children weapons like Helios or Pulsar. These weapons have zero recoil so using them on hovers won't be a problem. Also front facing hovers would be largely unaffected. Due to the way Icarus is designed, even if you'd place place hovers along a 4 blocks wide frame, the overall width of the craft would end up being roughly the same as the current biggest sideways Typhoon hovers. This change would also not affect Faction and pack builds. All of the faction/pack designs (apart from Mercury XIII) have been built with stability in mind and show no signs of flipping over whatsoever.