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    I'd really like to see more choices for engines, and more stuff added to the Firestarters/DC/Steppenwolves workbenches, so I thought about a couple new epic engines for the two factions that currently don't have one. Electric motor (Dawn's Children) Dimensions: 4*3*3 Tonnage +750 kg Mass limit +750 kg Max. cabin speed +10% Power +10% Durability 145 pts. Energy drain 1 pt Mass 120 kg Perk: Does not count towards engine limitation. Only one can be equipped. This one is, by itself, pretty bad. It's worse than a Dun Horse or a Hardcore by a fair margin. However, the perk allows engine combination wich IMO offers some new interesting possibilities. Cheetah, or electric motor + Hot Red? Cheetah + electric motor at the cost of a lance? Colossus + electric motor to beef up a light cab into viability, at the cost of 2 energy points? All in all none of this seems broken, just more interesting building options and possibilities. Plus who doesn't want to drive a hybrid? (^: Its stats are quite poor to avoid making the free engine + electric motor combos too powerful compared to a single other 1 energy engine. Radial engine (Steppenwolves) Dimensions: 2*6*6 Mass limit +1750 kg Max. cabin speed +7% Power +30% Durability 320 pts. Mass 400 kg Perk: Cooling speed increased at high speed. Maximum bonus: 30% at 40 km/h. This one fills two roles: It's a heavy duty engine that costs no energy, and it's an engine for overheating weapons' users. Now thematically I can hear that it's obviously an airplane engine, and that what it's been designed for indeed; but radial engines were actually extensively used by the US army in their WWII tanks. They particularity is that they're much easier to cool than inline engines. So there it is, a military/tank engine that doesn't overlap with Colossus or Golden Eagle thematically and has a perk that makes sense with its actual IRL characteristics. Another interesting thing obviously is the shape of the engine. It's big (same volume than Apollo, Colossus or Golden Eagle) but shaped more like the Apollo than the other epic engines. One last suggestion regarding epic engines: The Golden Eagle is worse than other epic engines in pretty much every way, having poor base stats, a less interesting perk, and being hard to use fully because of how movement parts' speed limit and cabins' max speed interact. Tracks are also not in a good spot, and there's a pack wth Golden Eagle and lots of them going for nothing on the market rn, so I feel it'd be a good idea for variety, balance, and the game's economy to buff this subpar engine. My first suggestion would be to change its perk to "Increases maximum speed and turning speed for augers and tracks by 20%". This effectively increases the speed of Goliaths, armored tracks, augers, hardened tracks and small tracks by 9,10,12,14 and 18 km/h respectively instead of a flat 10; coincidentally, this gives small track a max speed of 108 km/h, wich is exactly the max speed of a 100 km/h cab with Golden Eagle. The turning speed bonus is something tracks in general need, so might as well start here. That's it. Tell me what you think of it!
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    When we're looking at horns (in the market, in storage, whenever), appearance is certainly a nice thing to see, but isn't it kinda more important to Hear it? Could we get a sound preview when viewing horns?
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    Still with the idea to fill up the workbenches of the factions with little stuff, I found some interesting IRL turreted mortar that would make a pretty sweet epic variant of the Mandrake, and lay down the basis for a steppenwolves artillery weapon line. Here's the thing: Dual 120mm mortar turret So the basic idea here is that it shots in volleys of 2, and is able of both direct and indirect fire. Suggested stats: Durability ~520 pts. Energy drain 7 pts. Mass ~1400 kg Damage 90*2 Radius 4 m Knockback 5000 Recoil 15000 Reloading time 7 s Max. ammo 12 volleys Perk: The further the target - the higher the damage. For every 100 m to current target, damage increases by 20% and radius by 50% Projectile speed and rate of fire are similar to Mandrake, the range is slightly lower, but the accuracy superior to compensate for smaller radius and less shells. So the idea is to have a more polyvalent artillery than the Mandrake, wich is less lethal but fires more often, can equip a Colossus, an defend at mid range, doesn't have massive recoil, etc. Durability/mass ratio is somewhere between turreted cannons and Mandrake, DPS is below turreted cannons at close range, and below Mandrake at long range. In direct fire role it gets outclassed by dedicated weapons, same for indirect fire. Kind of a jack-of-all-trades artillery that would fit alongside Mandrake, a complementary role instead of a concurrent/downgrade.
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    I am moving this to a larger suggestion that includes this. "More items for the Engineers "Secret Workshop"" The idea is this: a "movement part" that grants a lot of tonnage for little engine power draw and with excellent tonnage/mass ratio, but cannot move on its own. The hardware part would be an inflatable air-cushion that mounts to frame. It has very far-spanning "suspension" (the skirt's shape meets the ground when used with any other movement part), and it just drags along the ground with little to no resistance. On its own, it cannot move, and it doesn't assist in movement. These things are actually amphibious; water, hard ground, sand, snow, etc. The controlling factor is size: it's very large, taking up lots of frame space. Note: in-game, and given the current system, they would need to take the form of side-mounted components, either circular or elongated. Covering the vehicle's entire front with one coherent part would likely be too difficult and/or restricting. The propellers seen in the pictures are not part of this suggestion.
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    Survivors! This thread is designed to collect questions from players and post responses from developers. A selection of answers to the most interesting and relevant questions will be published as soon as it is ready (the nearest one is expected around the 30th of January). We read all the questions, but we cannot promise that we will answer everything. Most questions can be answered by searching. Please do not ignore this option and before asking a question, be sure to check what was written on the forum about this. Perhaps a whole developer blog was devoted to your question. It is extremely likely that within the framework of this format we will not announce the content of future updates or discuss previously raised topics. All plans are announced in developer blogs. Even if you did not see your question in the list of answers, it does not mean that it was ignored. Each question is taken into account and discussed by the developers. Otherwise: clearly formulate the thought and try to ask substantial questions: If your question is not a question, but a suggestion, please post it in the appropriate section. Bug reports are posted in a special section. The question should be asked a respectful, correct and understandable English language. Economic issues are not commented. Question spam (both within one post or several) is prohibited. Do not forget that you can also ask questions you are interested in on Twitter, by putting @Crossout_Eng before the question. Good luck!
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    I just read this.. Question: Hello, developers! Thanks for reworking the part upgrades. Everything looks more or less good for new players and for those upgrading parts for the first time, BUT what about those with existing upgraded parts and lots of spent resources? Don’t you think that a small bonus to the current upgrade is not enough? I think many players would like to hear the answers. Answer: Greetings! We have studied the feedback from the latest upgrades testing and concluded that transferring the already-upgraded parts to the new system will be handled differently (not by adding an additional % bonus to the current upgrade). We are working on a new mechanic right now, so we’ll share the details very soon. So I spend like 40k coins in last days fusing things for ZERO extra bonus now... o well... I'm not going to blame any one else for this coz no one force me to do it... ...yet... I really hope the new mechanic be something good... I mean the tremendous amount of money to get a desirable bonus... and... now they are going to change it... and we don't have "saying" in the matter? ? ? It doesn't feel correct... If I fuse it over an over again an item to ended like I wanted seems only fair than I GET TO CHOOSE what New perks I want from the new system ----> just LIKE whit CK change ---> they could CHOOSE what they want when developers change things....
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    HOT RED POTATO Pass the bomb while you can before it explode. bomb has random timer and can explode anytime. its a last man standing game, youre eliminated if you fail to pass the bomb to other players. everyone have same build, 4 bigfoots, any cab and a spark.
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    the mechanical claw is a melee weapon the is manually operated. by pressing the button that the claw is bound to, it will spring forward, dealing massive damage. lower level claws have limited firing angles, but the higher-level have a 360 degrees firing angle. here are some rough stats damage: 9/10 damage type: melee range: 5/10 health: 1000 cooling time: 5 seconds energy: 5