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    Hi, Please can you put the trade option back on right click, this is the only way me and my wife have accessed the market to buy and sell things and at first thought you had removed trading all together.
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    Nope, but im about to order UNINSTALLING KIT.
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    If we can mount hovers on all sides can we also do that with legs and augers ?
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    Too bad we are literally already having a dronepocalypse in Crossout right now.
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    This is ugly!!! This is more difficult to see when your teamates are ready, and this is ugly!!! The previous was way better! Is this an intern who did that new ugly design? (i took the old one from a yt video) Go back to the old design!!!
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    Remotion of trade button - very effective way how to make players angry and shade good parts of this update - event if for first time really funny, but I quitted game pissed! Shame!
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    Wheeled drones should not be able to pass through users own vehicle.
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    The fact that you remove the trade button prove your incompetence. Everyone know that the less you have to clic, the better is the user experience. With this change we have to clic at least one more time. Even my grand mother know that it's a bad decision. If you can't run this game just sell it to a real firm that will run it good.
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    Its not even fkn funny anymore. Scrubs
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    GJ on the cannon tweak, I'm digging it so far. But there's one thing that is still completely untouched, and probably the most pressing balance matter rn in the game: Machineguns are garbage. And when I say garbage I mean they're completely outclassed, absolutely useless. A Spectre or Aspect is barely able to defend against a good rare weapon lol. Especially the rarer ones have laughable durability and laughable damage. The class' DPS barely increase once you reach Sinus, and the durability ain't much better. -Not enough durability -Not enough range for lategame -Zero DPS to justify their drawbacks. There's absolutely no reason to play crap like Piercer, or Spectre, or Aspect. They're bottom of the barrel useless crap that would look bad even if they were switched one tier below.
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    Are you kidding me? Is your goal to p*ss off all your community? The annihilator is overpowered cause people can buy it via battlepass so you dont want to nerf it? Can you be serious for one moment please? Can you please stop thinking of the money first and how you can extort money from the players ? Focus on balancing your "game" this is the most important right now. You increase the hitbox but how much? 10% more, that's it? And now you release your "drone aprils fools event" this is provocation!!! (the event is funny tho but cmon guys you can't spit on your players like this!!! The annihilator have a real balance issue) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I played this game 2K hours in order to get my first relic and now it aint worth nothing anymore!!! You just ruin my 2k hours of playing thank you gaijin thats how you reward your players??? Okay typhoon was overpowered it needed a nerf for sure... But now it's just tsunami with more HP! This is disrespectful to us ! You're not game maker you're a bad joke!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And can you tell me why did you remove the TRADE button? How can you think thats could be a good idea??? This just make the thing more annoying that's all! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this update, you just put horrible things beside good things and you expect us forget about all the trash... But it failed! we still see the trash! Stop thinking about money first and make a good game!!!
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    For once the game is rewarding skill.... are you mad because you cannot use them because you cannot aim ? If they are so broken why dont you just pick some up and use them ? They arent expensive at all. Weapons that require skill should always be better than AI mindless weapons that you dont have to aim.
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    No but when my teammate running Breakers tells me these things out-DPS him at shotgun range, you know something is wrong. Yes, any variation of above would work. Also when you "press the trigger" and order your drones to attack, that should break your cloak. When I "press the trigger" with any other weapon in this game, my cloak breaks immediately. One of the problems with these drones are you get attacked by them and often have no clue whatsoever where the carrier is. With limited angle weapons you may not be able to shoot the drones but at least you could deal some damage to the carrier.
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    ^ This. So much This ^ New event looks like a hoot though, honestly thought it was gonna turn out to be an April Fools joke for all the Drone Detractors...
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    Hey! You guys used my tank on the shrapnel demo video! Im so proud of my child! Glad you guys liked it! Cheers!
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    Dear developers, I was kind of away from the game for some days, and when I came back u toke things away from me? ! ! ! Give me back my exhibition slots plz I already pay for those. Those are not cheap for the insanity of only one slot more and now you take it away from me, and no compensation? Not cool. Neither fair. Give those back plz. thank you.
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    1. The servers are down for maintenance. 2. I thought this new Bumper was intentionally adding Vehicle Durability to make it a new and different Bumper. Sad Face!
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    Flight time isn't infinite, I tested it yesterday, but it is further than pyre. Do you know how hard it is to hit a moving target at distance with Flute? I suggest you try testing.
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    Where is the trade Button??? I miss it....now it is very annoying - and holy sh...ist not an improvement
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    Again, 2 movement parts under different physics rules, will NEVER be fair play. Let's not say hovers need a nerf, but to get all movement parts to play at the same level, let's just say that wheels, tracks and legs need: - Free instant carjacks - Faster, much much faster acceleration, since it's that much more important than speed, - Bobbing over objects and opponents instead of getting stuck, - 360 movement so they can run and shoot at the target at all times. Then everyone is at the same level. Well, either give all that to wheels, tracks and legs, or take it away from hovers... Otherwise, there can not be balance, no matter how much hovers get nerfed. They will either be better than wheels, or have to be nerfed so far that they become worse (Though I doubt that happens)
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    Yeah its April fools but not funny at all, hovecrutchys have been behaving like that since beginning of Hovalypse. So... Btw:
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    Yeah it’s some stupid ****. It’s a combat game and this is just garbage. Should stay above the car like every other air drone. At least they have to expose themselves.
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    Absolutely killing the game. Trash gameplay, very few counters. Get this **** out of here.
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    As im repeating like from several months ago: they will NEVER nerf crutch hovers. They need these kind of abusers on this game filling their pockets with money. Yesterday i was joking about that, and guess what happened.. yes, GOT REAL. https://forum.crossout.net/index.php?/topic/311362-upcoming-ts-expectedsuspected-changes/ So now sidecrutchs went OFFICIAL. Thats their "fix", their "nerf"... a buff. https://youtu.be/z74wPXQoUIA How pathetic this game company can be? Always getting better on it, theyre like on master level of patheticness now. EDIT: flash dancing acceleration still the same. And to avoid flipping just need to widening the base a little, as showing here: So after this new patch we are entering to the HOVALYPSE 2.0 age. (another supposed nerf but really a buff, like some known countries governments when do wars 'in the name of peace')
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    I'll quoting various people and answering their points: Working out pretty darn well for Warframe if you ask me. Cosmetics are the only way to monetize a f2p game without making players feel like they're being scammed. Luckily Targem is slowly moving towards that direction. The reasoning is this: Allow hovers to be mounted on all will equalize the designs on console vs PC (where it's rudimental to remap controls). The change in terrain affection solves directly the root issue of hovers: Building incredibly narrow yet functional designs which is impossible for any other type of build. Now you can put the hovers in any way you wish but if you make your build too narrow, you'll tip over. Your solution is the same as it'd be with sideways spiders: You have to build a wider base or risk tipping over. The reasoning behind reducing the tonnage is it affects the ten hover designs the most which seemingly outtank many other "heavier" ground builds. Not the most elegant solution but it does reign them back a bit. And you'll be looking at that time and time again until the devs finally get them to a place where some aspects of the hovers aren't way too OP. Some aspects of the current designs actually tackle the fundamental issues of hovers which means there's higher chance this'll be the final hover tweak we'll ever soo. Mind you that chance is still fairly low but it's certainly higher than it used to be. Sadly many people don't seem to have any concrete sugegestions about this. It's just "make other parts better" without saying how. If you got nothing, you can't get anything. I don't think I've met you in pvp matches before so I don't know what PS range you play at. If you take a decked out Relic build into pvp lobby this is what you'll get in those few matches that are almost completely filled with players: ^^The funniest part about this picture is the enemy team had even more hovercrafts than our because I was the lone player not using hovers myself in that match. If the hovers really were such bad place I don't they'd be favored over any other movement part by a clear margin in high PS ranges (and also the upper end of CW which is made mostly of hovers and melees, the primary counter of hovers).
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    Everyone is home I want to play crossout but if I am maxed I will play something else and potentially never return FYI devs Remove limits or more people will find something more interesting to play
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    Btw i have seen some leaks where we can see an epic minelayer like the kapkan... This type of weapon shouldnt be pack exclusiv, this is pay to win ! The kapkan is a great weapon very usefull... just look at the price : 2200 coins for an epic weapon ? that mean it's a very famous weapon and the fact it's pack exclusiv make it pay 2 win. You'll tell me : "You can purchase it via the market" Yes i can (and i did) but the price is flipin expenssiv ! it's more than 5 times than a regular epic weapon !!! This is pay to win and this is not a good way to go with this game or any other game.
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    Can you fix the hovers crafting recipe? 1 hover takes the same amount of parts to craft as 2 bigfoots. Thats just unreasonable
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    Looks like a very flimsy craft for its power score. I'm not frightened.
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    This was promised 2 weeks ago. When is it happening?
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    Oh, that's nothing new, Crossout's universe vehicles work with salt and not with fuel :P
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    They are 47 structure, a stray bullet can strip them. A weapon cannot be OP if it gets stripped off by a almost anything. As for damage they do decent damage but I feel like it is a fair amount especially when you consider it has very low ammo reserves (on of my clanmates made a ride with a fused extended ammo pack and the harpy and still only had something like 18-20 shots). You can build a ride to build a ride to diminish the downside of any weapons, but all that is part of the game. People are making posts to make sure they are not nerfed because so many people in thos game and on this forum complain about parts that they don't like or can't deal with (myself included unfortunately when it comes to kapkans, hate to admit it but it's true). The problem with that is the squeaky wheel gets the grease right? So even parts that are well balanced that people do not like are often nerfed, while other parts that actually are a problem are remained untouched.
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    I know as i write this, unfortunately we have among us, players that believe drones shouldnt exist in this game. If you fall into this group, DO NOT RESPOND in this thread, or derail it with topics/discussions that are off the topic of the actual nerf parameters in this update. If you can have an honest, non-emotional discussion regarding these stats, then I would be interested in your comments. Grenadier Nerf: I previously commented on the update and the change it made to the DPS of grenadiers on the test server. previously it was 36 DPS and with the nerf I anticipated ( as i dont have grenadiers on my PC/Steam account) that the DPS would be lowered to about 19 DPS, or roughly a 46.4% nerf. I have been able to verify its actually a bit worse than this, making it about 16 DPS. (testing with these are difficult, and requires a larger dataset to set the median, thus why i say "about"). Thus making it about a 55% nerf. Now despite your feelings about drones in general, in comparison the Sidekick has a 14 DPS. Which means that the grenadier is no longer viable for the powerscore it requires. While i am sure this makes some happy, and again this isnt about your feelings on drones, this does make the grenadier unusable, and shoudl affect over the next few weeks (if not sooner) the number of players using them. However, unless the intent was to "nerf them" to the point of no longer being viable, then this nerf was to much. Obviously depending on the devs intent, would dictate if this should be fixed or not. Annihilator Nerf: Based on actual usage (dont need tests as this has already been shown in depth in many vids) both against and with, it does seem to be more balanced to me, but then again i didnt have an issue dealing with them anyway. While i dont think they are as viable, i do appreciate how much easier it is to hit them. For those complaining about hitbox, not sure what you are looking for other than a drone at legendary level that performs worse than the falcon, even with perk. If you are in the camp that it should be used as a support weapon, it does seem to support this effort to some extent but it seems to me to not be worth the energy for the limited power decrease it causes in the enemy build, but again depending on what its supporting (cannon/shotgun) and/or playing style that benefits from this and to what extent.... would obviously warrant if this nerf makes the viable in any situation. But as it stands, to me this also feels like its not a legendary weapon. Fuze Bug: this has now been fixed, and based on preliminary testing it would appear that the explosion radius got buffed. Again, this is a discussion for the the drone parameters, not if drones should be nerfed/buffed more, removed or any other nonsense that has been debated/discussed ad nauseam in other posts. Please be respectful and not make this into another drone hate thread.
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    Listen guys, If you really want to extort money from your players, make a freenium mobile game like candycrush. Crossout is a really good concept and it has an huge potential for being a incredible game. But the person who take decision for this game ruin everything!!! They just want to scam people with this P2W game. Just sell the crossout licence to good game maker and with the money go for a frenium mobile game i swear you will gain more money ! Do it before crossout die and aint worth nothing anymore.
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    Please revert this back. It was fine how it was.
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    I wanted more prudent and deliberate balance overhaul, but well, there are so many good changes. For example, It is best change for the newbies. All the other interface changes are so good too. Well done! Keep your good work!
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    salt mining is a very lucrative business in this game ;)
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    Why'd you think I suggested going back to test. 27k battles cheers. I'm out, you cry about everything.
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    I even started making an illustration in Paint for how "spread vs hit rate" and "AoE damage in Crossout" work, especially since the former is a crucial difference present in every goddamn game with some form of aiming ... but then I realized I don't really care so I gave up finishing it. It's much more hilarious to watch you stay angry and wrong anyway. Thanks for this thread.
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    When will the tonnage bug be addressed? I would like to use my vehicles max weight & tonnage without it being mystically overweight.
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    The annihilator is the worst thing that happened to the game since the DC release for sure. It needs a brutal nerf and it needs it fast. But hey, I found one thing that can counter the pesky buggers: