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    To anybody who says "hovers are dead" i'd like to remind you're merely ringing the same old bell.
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    This is stupid. 35 KMH top speed for my existing cricket hover, and it takes forever to reach it. https://imgur.com/a/Qesp4kd
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    The hover changes are NOT going to fix people using sideways builds. Don't get me wrong i HATE hovers as much as the next guy but nurffing the sideways speed isn't going to hurt the sideways builds as much as it will the forward builds think about it the sideways builds will still be able to dodge in and out of cover but the normal facing builds wont therefore causing player to want to make there builds sideways even more. Also why would you even want to remove sideways hovers in the 1st place feels like you are trying to limit creativity...(hey why not just remove crafting altogether yeah thats it remove crafting and put mandatory pre-built builds in the game (i say this sarcastically).On a serious note i do think the devs need to do something about hovers but this is not a good fix to the problem.
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    Oh noes, a machine gun can actually withstand a dual Tsu shot! And it even deals damage (at melee range, and if you brought 3+ ammo boxes)! Call the nerf police now!
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    Since the day you added hovers there was always moaning about it.... hovers are OP or useless. You can't balance it, you can not make adjustments in brain tumor, you have to remove it to cure cancer.... so cure cancer of this game - remove hovers and compensate! make this game "Craft, Ride, Destroy" again; not "Buy, Fly, Dominate" Also matchmaking needs to be redesigned: its nothing to do with PS! there are still people with legendary items in 3K's, still Relic players in 8K's... I mean it can be balanced like this: If i have on car attached epic weapon, matchmaking should find players that have same weapon rarity as me. its simple. Let P2W walletboy relic players torture themselves... Why you are always make things that not necessary? I think additional rarity is useless in this game, if you are worry about how hard is to get epic item from rare, just REDUCE required resources.... You have so much important things to do: For example overhaul and remake of most ueless "talent system"- like feature called Co-Driver! more than year we are waiting for that and still nothing. Ofc no one cares about useless numbers upgraded with tons of materials spent on them. Like (+2% range............ WOW) Why you can not make unique, "non-tradable" cosmetic items (packs or single) so you can earn from that only, just like boosts and things that will not affect game balance.
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    @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron The reward for the duck should be kept at top 100, xbox currently has more than 10 times less of a playerbase to pc and top 1000 on xbox can be done by everyone and anyone who has a 5k ps build. You only need wave 35 for top 1000 as of right now and thats a round before the bots even become a challenge. The duck on xbox will be worthless and common if kept at top 1000, you need to realise the playerbase count before allowing everyone who owns a blue gun to easily get a reward that was intended as a prize only the best can get.
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    Heavy melee build can be flipped by few tires. This is ridiculous and does not make any sense. Heavy builds are not heavy. 2 times heavier mass than that of light builds is not enough. 10,000 kg vs 20,000 kg. It can't make big difference. This lightness has a major responsibility for wedge meta. Wedge can't lift actually heavy things, but it can lift every vehicle in PVP because all cars are too light. There is no heavy build in this game. Even leviathans are also too light. Mass of Chameleon, the 6x4x2 size module is only 48 kg. Mass of single 4x2x1 size Avia panel is 54 kg. Seriously? Hurricane and Cricket, both are 288 kg. Reaper is 603 kg, Cyclone is 570 kg, which maybe seems appropriate masses compared to each other. But NO. Stupid and pitiful Fatman is 1215 kg. How? Even Reaper has much bigger volume, because fat man has so much empty space. (What makes Fatman looks fat is only its thin frontal gunner shield. Except it, Fatman has only bones. But it is too heavy.) (Edit: Or Reaper and Cyclone, Hurricane and the other weapons are too light.) In other hand, Executioner 88mm is 864 kg, even though 88 has much bigger volume than Fatman. And this is why 88 is so useful and can be used on multiple light nimble builds such as cannon hovers. Everything is broken. This is causing serious and annoying problems and nonsense. Just fix this. Please?
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    Go ahead devs with this hover rework...do not retreat like chickens like in the past cause a bunch of crybabies is spamming ur forum XO will be ab etter game and more players will stick around variety is what makes this game ineteresting...and flying bricks destroyed this game completely once again...go ahead devs...do not retreat like chickens
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    I hate hovers but c'mon. That cant be the best fix you can come up with!
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    The binary code on the ravager paint 01100001 01110111 01100001 01101011 01100101 01101110 translated means "Awaken"
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    You can find out the results HERE You can stumble upon many survivors — brutal and tender, cruel and merciful, attractive and ugly, cunning and upright. And everyone wants to share a word with you, with engines humming in the background. What is it they're going to tell you, survivor? How are stars going to align above the wastes this year? Today we offer you the opportunity to experience this technique in action and to find out what is prepared for you this year!
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    The burden of proof lies on the one making the claim. Just in case you missed it, that's you.
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    But it WAS enough and then they were changed so you can build 15k hoverbattleships. I didnt ask for it, most hoverplayers didnt ask for it. So this time I suggest we go back to how it was before that and just stop having this discussion altogether.
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    I dont play 15k hoverships, not even in CW. I never used radar armour. Yet despite those two being the main complaints you have decided to push an update(nerf) that hurts those outside of that group aswell. I play hover at 6k-8k where they cant rely on radar protection and are usually small with only 4 hovers installed. Yet now it will be harder for me to avoid getting hit/crippled. More over, there is no buff being proposed for standard machineguns, the weapons that cant survive without being mounted on a hover. Neither do I see any proposed fix to the real plague at 5k-9k= drones. After telling us in the past that people werent supposed to be using them as main and only weapon you have now switched to 'everyone should be able to play what they want" and completely ignore the nonsense. Thanks for a grenadier cheaper-and-better-than-impulse drone plague and fuzes that you made more effective with blast reworks. Why cant you just go back to hovers the way they were in the past with 4 being the limit? Where is the old idea of fast and light builds vs heavy slower builds? Why is drone plague okay but hovers need yet again, a crappy 'rework'? Noone asked for 15k hovercarriers and noone asked for sideways acceleration being nerfed, noone asked for a height nerf(and I actually play(ed) Melee in CW) Getting tired of this nonsense tbh
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    Although I don't believe there are that many oportunities in the fields of Woman Studies, Social Sciences and African History besides working at Starbucks and writing for BuzzFeed.
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    Well you’re wrong. It boosts explosions by 20 percent. Not projectiles anymore. Nice try devs confirmed it affects fuze drones already. Why spread lies kid ?
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    Make the raids singleplayer already!
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    I'm tired of pack prices 65$ deluxe or 35$ normal price....WHAT THE HECK....Damn Gaijin must be rich at this point....and still nothing interesting coming out yet....
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    Lol, everyone lacks skills, then he start talking about a "Good" Seal Clubbing build.
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    Yeah, lets make it harder for low ps players to progress cause you want to play raids with your relic CW build. Quit the game xxxxxxx.
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    They got up there before, but the primary purpose of the post is why are yop clans constantly whining to devs, if they were confident enough they should be scared of a more balanced clan wars. Sorry people would be getting actual weapons. They just afraid to be shown up by anybody coming up. Is that not true? Least it made the game more player friendly, now we back to square 1. All the clans staying around 40th til Saturday then go tryhard just to keep anybody from getting uranium. I think the tier lock should stay in effect, brought me back to clans, now I kinda don't care cuz y'all got relics locking everyone out already that wants to earn uranium. I mean am I wrong?
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    I think they will still be on the lower end of epics even at 4 energy, they would be still pretty slow and massive, not to mention that if there's a minimal ammount of team awareness they bolts still would be defused before exploding As you say, 5 energy on the same category as Exe and Cricket is just too much for it I would add that GL-Impulse would still be fine if it was at 4 energy as well
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    Of course my builds have become worse and I don't agree with the decisions the devs made but yes, I'm trying to adapt to these. "Of course it's easier said than done" but its doable if I better my skills and try to work around limitations (as cheesy as they can be for absolutely no reason whatsoever).
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    One of the reasons why we always come full circle is due to backlash and the devs backing out a bit as a result. Everytime hovers get a tweak people say it's too much. In the end it always proves to be not enough. So this time I suggest we stick to this tweak and pray this'll be the last time we'll be having this discussion. Frame builds were a part of the game back when frames gave hp to crafts. Well guess what. The devs stepped in and tweaked it. Now the frame builds weren't part of the game anymore. It happens. You all hover players talk about adapting. Well time to put your money where your mouth is. First we'd need the iniative from devs to think so too. Before that happens, no point in contemplating it.
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    Lots of changes, damn. Not sure what you are hoping to achieve with that new rarity tier. Lower the cost of Epic if you want the game to be less depressingly grindy for new-ish players. Also not sure what you are trying to do with hovers. You correctly recognize that the biggest problem is side-way hovers, but the nerf you propose will mostly impact "normal-way" hovers' dodging, while the ones that are broken will keep the same absurd strafing speed & maneuverability, they will just move forward a big slower. I mean, I've never been a fan of having half of all vehicles being sci-fi stuff in a supposedly MadMax-inspired game, so any nerf to hover is welcome, but this one is just ... weird. The part upgrade was not really worth it before, not sure the new version will change that much. Most possible buffs are objectively pointless, so getting a handful of them instead of a big one that *might* matter isn't really a better system. The cabin rework is ... meh. I liked the old system where fat, slow cabins had the most energy. You had an actual choice between more firepower OR more mobility (since the "more armor" doesn't really matter with Crossout health and explosion mechanics). Tying it to rarity will only be an improvement if light cabin end up with some truly ridiculous mass limitations, otherwise it will still be a non-choice. And the best for the end : radar & explosion ... How long are you going to dance around the core issue, which how explosion are (not really) simulated and how parts still react individually to area of effects ? Doesn't matter how many band-aid and fix you apply to decor, or radar. The root problem is that explosions & part interaction are broken : this will *always* lead to the best possible protection being something broken. Adding radars to the list of exceptions will just make players switch the next things. Just bite the bullet and change how explosions work in Crossout so actual tank-looking build have tank-like sturdiness, or just accept that the game's most optimized defense will always look like garbage. Note : I know all of this might have sounded very negative / rant-ish, but I'm very appreciative that you are willing to make some big change to fix stuff. Now just don't forget that nerfing Grenadier and Goliath would be a hell lot of a better investment if you want to keep new players, than bothering with that intermediary rarity stuff.
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    so you want to fix the problem of hovers being tankier then spiders and faster then anything else by givi8ng even more advantages to heavy ones try another alt account
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    You dont even realised how you sound. So biased theres no point in even commenting. "Melee takes 10 minutes to reach max speed"? What? Melee has THE fastest speed cap in the game and reach it quickly. Hovers have a speed cap and can move in all directions, a fair trade off. I am not saying hovers dont need a change, but outright removing them is ridiculous and the fact you agree with it just sums you up. Blaming hovers for all inbalance in the game? What are you even on about, there is a reason you cant typically run 4 hovers and a reason why so many clans only run melee, they have the easiest gameplay style, the fastest games, and the simplest wins but the only thing that counters them should be practically removed from the game. You are not even worth replying to.
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    Well, I've found that updates always sound worse than they are, and once you get used to it, it makes sense.
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    It is not good idea to make more restrictions.
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    I don't know but maybe you should learn to read. Understanding is a whole different thing though. As a developer in the biomechanical field, I know, among other things, that recoil is measured in force. Imagine, I even know the difference between pressure and force. And yes, recoil force is measured in force, so pounds or newton. 70,000 pounds is equal to 311,375 newtons. But in your enlightenment you will certainly now enlighten us elsewhere. I will simply state the following (if you want to continue living your error, do so without bothering me): If it were possible to fire a 120mm cannon (i.e. Tsunami) or a 140mm cannon (i.e. Typhoon) from a helicopter or hovercraft, there would certainly be prototypes in the real world. But this point regarding the recoil is only one point. You seem to be deliberately ignoring the rest of my arguments. 'Bullßit' is not an argument - you may not think it possible, but a hover can easily dodge typhoon shots, let's say from 600-800 meters. It is often always the same: The trained hover-exploiter avoids my typhoon shots at 600-800 meters, and then quickly responds with his faggoty scorpions, which I can't avoid on small tracks of course, no vehicle can. I don't know in which classes you came with your n'oobian 435 battles, but you can't really have experienced 15k+ battles yet. Do you have 80 pieces together or Lunatics or Steppenwolf on 15? Seriously, what do you want to tell me about the game? You don't know anything about it yet.
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    That something I agree with. They should add all the CKs back to the game so you can purchase them with real cash or crowns for Xbox. Xbox kinda got that we can buy crowns from Xbox store and then there are multiple CK packs in the in-game store but not all the CKs are there just the old ones. But there are some new CKs people want but they don't want to spend like £50 for a CK skin which is fair
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    But I think he is banned or quit forums
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    Also the suspension could be reworked so that the track will always conform to the surfaces no matter how rough it gets (kinda like real track would). This way you'd always have even traction on whatever ground you're standing on. Crushing damage along with weight being applied to to other crafts properly would go a long way at making these parts competetive, even with the slower turning speeds and so. Tracks would become anti-wedge: they deliberately attempt to drive over other vehicles in order to deal damage unto them. Maybe even make a trial and a banner for that. "Kill or assist 30 players by crushing them under your tracks". As it's been said here I honestly think the traction is broken. The moment you try even slightly more unconventional movement setup these things become like ice skates. The most offensive combo is putting small or armored tracks in front and big wheels in the back. The thing simply doesn't stay in control but keeps sliding all around. It's almost as if the tracks cannot "break" properly when the craft is rotating and the track is the last movement part to hold the sliding back. The classic halftrack setup works but it's because the wheels in the front make sure the craft won't slide around. If wheels were able to reverse at full speed you could probably make these halftracks slide around when reversing. Another thing that's weird is the fact mny tracked builds slide more when reverse with them. It doesn't make any sense; how the hell can a build drive forwards at certain speed and certain rotation angle and have a certain traction value but if you reverse at the same speed and with same rotation angle you get a completely different traction? Error, does not compute. I can't fathom how anyone could play with these things and not lose their mind:
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    Yeah, because it's a competition for uranium, not relics, if that makes sense.. Of course they're scared of competition, imagine if their opponents were able to face them with the same advantages, crazy.. Crossout competive play is a joke and always has been
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    No, you made dozens of posts over several pages reinforcing your point of view and belittling any opposing opinions as they were generated. But I have to thank you, because I can now completely ignore your opinions from now on; as you have demonstrated the kind of edge-lord scum you actually are. Not that I care much for the opinions of the console peasantry, anyway. As for the topic at hand though; I didn't say anything about the structure part in question. I only wrote here because I couldn't simply pass by your glaring hypocrisy without calling it out.
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    I play hovers, and they're OP. I don't need a crutch to delude myself into thinking I'm good. Actually, I don't give a xxxx about being good in an obscure online russian game; I just want a balanced game where I can bring something else than a hover or a melee wheeled build to CW without getting pulverized in 30s by enemy hovers. Hovers are OP. Stop that nonsense. Git gud without a crutch. Next (yeah, that was free, just to show you how convincing and well though-out your argument is)
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    Try augers, then talk about challenging to use. Hovers have a lot in common with legs and the only real challenge is getting acustomed to the strafing mechanic. Plus hovers are even more forgiving than legs when hitting obstacles and even less affected from terrain. Now try to strafe a little faster with augers on a bad surface or calculate wrong an environment extention that touches the edges of your augers while you accelerate sideways, OOOOOPS you fliped!
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    ...every "ClanWarsElite" and I have to send my lever into a drydock
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    I'm happy with where Reapers at in the game currently. For the longest time they were a joke of a Legendary weapon but now they are actually viable.
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    Waiting legendary drones
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    9.6k is low? Just like the 15k opponents I face are low PS? Kek, special child It's funny how much you need to try and belittle with lies, you're worth less than dirt