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    This is xo-MissMel-ox 's clan leader. First off I want to thank everyone for their support and memorial of our fallen comrade. Seeing all the player instigated memorial events, I think this stands a chance. I want to immortalize her, as she's made such an impact with everyone in crossout, not just my clan. Is there ANY way we can make make a breaker bot with MissMel, or even just Mel as its name? I think everyone or most everyone will agree. Mel was committed to crossout and it seems only fitting that she continues to be a part of this since she is no longer with us.
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    All this old dedicated players earning prestige levels on Engeneers and got nothing out of it Devs could just give Veteran Containers, or even give LESS of them. Say 1 container for 2 levels, so I am prestige 32 so i would get 16 conteiners or even 1 for 3 or even CAP it so noone can get more that 10 or 20 or hell even 5. But no, devs said it themself they will not give us anything, you are prestige 150 or 10 you get nothing
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    Oh wow so the the long time players with 150+ prestige level wont get any compensation for all the levels they already have? Are you sure you want to spit on your most loyal customers?
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    Hello fellow Crossout enthusiasts ,may I have your ear for a moment. My name is Jonathan ,.. im a crossout player with 6k hours of game play on the steam pc version. 3 months ago i lost the use of my right arm. I still play but now instead of Keyboard and mouse ,I am currently only able to use a keyboard , because obviously I no longer have a mouse hand. I've saved up and had a custom 3d printed 1 handed ps4 controller made for me by Ben Heck and want very much to resume fully playing the game. This is where you fellow players could help me out,... At launch of the Ps4 version they allowed a transfer of account to that platform including items,.. they no longer do that. So while iI can restart on PS4 and have the adaptive accessibility,.. i could never afford to replace my gear with over a thousand invested in the pc version If you would comment on this post ,..and give it a bump perhaps they would allow me to transfer my account from pc to ps4 so i could use what I've worked so hard to get. I don't care about the 206 levels of prestige or my stats,..I'm just hoping to use my stuff Frankly speaking ,.. On a disabled vets income i will never be able to re-buy all my stuff especially with the added costs of wheelchairs meds and of course my decrease of income.. So any comment or re posting will help a LOT. Thank you very much for your time to read this ,.. have fun and good hunting! p.s. I already tried using the custom controller with steam big picture for the pc version ,.. but it has compatibility issues that i do not have using the controller native in ps4
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    Great update all in all. Do you plan to "compensate" players who already has a bunch of prestige levels? People out there with 200 prestige levels basically miss out on 200 crates. I do know it's a lot of stuff to "hand out", but i feel like the vets deserves it just as much. Also, it's fine that you are testing the leviathans in clan wars. But why not just bring back the previous best of 3, 4v4 gamemode and take leviathans into it? I don't remember the name of the brawl but it was clan wars but just in a brawl..
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    I find it very frustrating and annoying how devs have absolutely NO respect for loyal and long-term players. So FINALLY they changed the engineer prestige, so that you get crappy blue item container for it ... but WHERE ARE ALL OF MY PREVIOUS CONTAINERS?? I have 222 prestige with engineers, why don't I get 222 containers? This is pathetic how loyal players constantly get screwed by devs. devs are just so greedy that they won't ever reward loyal players ... all they care about is foolish new players who poor money into the game and then leave after couple months, because they get annoyed with the grind and no long-term rewards. this is also why higher power scores are dead. regardless of the region settings and time of day, I have to wait 3 - 10 mins for a match when playing with 16000+ PS and even then I end up in a match with 4 bots in each team (8 total) and 90% of the time it's mixed power scores, where some other players are like 12000 - 15000 ... IDEAS for devs to consider if you don't wanna lose all of your loyal players: 1. Give us the veteran containers that you OWE us! each prestige = 1 container! In my case, I need 222 of them! 2. If player has played at least 5 matches EVERY DAY for entire month (30 days), then reward them with special item container! 3. If player has playet at least 5 matches EVERY DAY for 90 days, give them epic item container! 4. and if someone (like me) is crazy enough to play DAILY for 6 months, give them legendary item container! I see lot of other MMO games that reward loyal players for just even logging in on daily basis, but Crossout? NOOOO ... you can't possibly give player something for logging in! that's WAY TOO MUCH ... devs must ask money. I'm surprised it's even free to play .. .bah now that I said it, maybe in future they will make it 10 dollars per month to play LOL (game would die for sure). At least premium / scanner has some sort of benefits for playing daily, but cmon ... this is why people quit this game so fast, they see that they are not being rewarded for being loyal, isn't it every business' first rule to try and keep customers for as long as possible and do everything in your power to keep those customers happy? ... I guess Crossout devs don't think so ...
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    https://youtu.be/dUVwOALHzHo Lmao, someone got onto crossout show for using the 2 year old hover catcher.... and they act like its original Plus the guy says "hitting a hover with a melee weapon, is not an easy task" Just proves how clueless and disconnected from their own game devs are.... its almost like every proper cqc build has a hover catcher Im not even gonna start about the person who copied the 6 month old slam dunk and got treated like its original, or the 3k ps dual fafnir sealclubber who got rewarded for getting a few kills, or the droner who got rewarded for capping a base and running away Play your game please
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    Currently there is basically no reason to use boosters in pvp unless youre using a tusk ram, because boosters simply do not give enough thrust unless you have 10 of them You should be able to see a noticeable difference with only 2 boosters A build that goes 120 should go at least 150 with 2 boosters but no it goes 121
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    "Attention! The parts are issued for each new level of prestige obtained after the update. Prestige levels received before the update are not counted, and the parts are not given for them." You are literally spitting in the face to OG players and players that play the game the most... Shame.
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    Please no one asked for Levi CW, stop force it on us. Also veteran container for engineer prestige is good incentive, but why only for new prestige levels? What about your long time players who are 150+ prestige that takes 2+ years to achieve has to grind another 150 levels lol where the logic in that(wasn't the whole idea around this to reward your long term players who played throughout the years? This is like a slap in the face.) Again, stop force Levi CW on us please.
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    The grind isnt enjoyed by most, with enjoyment being the main motivator for playing a game. Not all games require a grind, and they are still immensely popular. The grind deters new players. I started around Halloween of 19' with another friend. We both avged 20-25hrs of playing a week. He eventually burned out after 3 months. I have approached numerous others about playing. Everyone likes idea of a free game but only 1 has decided to play. The idea that it will take them 6+ months of serious grinding or hundreds of dollars to play competitively with me makes it not worth the cost. I understand everyone up til now has grinded. I understand the grind used to be worse. So what. The game would be better for all if the grind was optional. Some enjoy raids and daily objectives. Many abhor them. Make the game new player friendly. Make it MUCH easier to get into playing CW in a semi competitive manner. Make it where Crossout is a game that people want to play, both old and new alike
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    Hello there, survivors! Next week we will see the start of the “Steel Championship”. But we're not just here to talk about football! In this update, you will also find: a new PvP map, new raiders of Dawn's Children faction, modified perks of several relic weapons and the return of the Leviathans to clan battles! But first things first. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. You can study all the planned changes in detail on the special test server! Steel Championship The closer summer was, the more questions and wishes for football to return we received. For this update, we took into account your wishes and improved the football arena to get rid of cases when the car could get caught in the ramps installed around the entire perimeter. The changes also affected lighting. You've got to admit, it is always interesting to look at the familiar location in different conditions! For the start of the championship, we also reworked the rewards system. Now, when moving from league to league, you will receive a certain number of Steel Championship badges. You can exchange the received badges and resources for the rewards that you need. It is planned that the range will include both rewards from past football events and new ones. We plan to make all new rewards from the event workbench tradeable. Was anyone expecting new paint colours? Now is your time! As a bonus, those survivors who can reach the platinum and diamond leagues will get additional rewards in the form of a unique horn and “Fan Duck”. New PvP map “Ravagers foothold” The territory is adjacent to Naukograd and the Ashen ring, and their gloomy outlines can be seen from afar. It is safe to say that once upon a time the Ravagers were here. The area is covered with traces of their presence. The landscape is cut by three bottomless pits of unknown purpose. Whoever built them didn't care much for safety. Many survivors got careless and fell in. For those in the know, the pits look like a giant cooling system that might be needed in an underground Ashen ring laboratory. But how far from the truth this idea is, no one can tell yet. New raiders Already dealt with the Firestarters and expecting new challenges? Dawn's Children raiders are on their way! And we are sure that the Steppenwolf raiders will come soon enough. Punisher and Breaker A lot of questions, a lot of suggestions and here's the result — new perks for relic machine guns and shotguns are almost ready! Let's start with the Punisher. Now, “Successfully landing 40 shots increases damage by 100% for 5 seconds and reduces spread to a minimum. A miss resets the successful hit counter”. To balance the machine gun with the new perk, we reduce the damage it deals by 15% as a test. Let us turn to the Breaker. You can say that the shotgun has had a “second start”! In the new version of the perk, the hit, which was supposed to destroy the shotgun, leaves it with 1 unit of durability and makes the shotgun invulnerable to any damage for the next 1.5 seconds. The ability can trigger once every 40 seconds. In addition, we also increased the shotgun's damage by 5%. Please note that all the exact values given in the new weapon perks are temporary and may still change before the release of the update. Leviathans in clan battles Finally, here's something that many often asked for in clan battles. Leviathans return to clan battles! As a test within a few weeks, we plan to replace usual battles with leviathan battles. If such a format proves to be a good addition to the mode, then we will consider options for its inclusion in the schedule. The rules remain the same: the leader of the group enters the battle on a leviathan, all other players use their regular slot vehicles. But there are also innovations: now each leviathan will have unique abilities that allow it to temporarily accelerate or boost the reloading of all weapons. And the attack targets will be chosen depending on the opponent that the owner of the iron monster is aiming at. Mass testing Today we offer you to test: New map “Ravagers foothold”. New perks of the “Breaker” shotgun and “Punisher” machine gun. Previously announced changes to ”wedges”. Please note that wedge edits, as well as related visual and sound effects, are not yet final and may not be included in the upcoming update. Today we share a test version with you and, based on the test results, we are expecting your feedback and comments in a special thread. The main points of current changes to “wedges”: Now, when raising an enemy vehicle, its mass is taken into account as part of the mass of your vehicle. If the total mass of two cars exceeds the tonnage of the “wedge”, its acceleration is greatly reduced. If the total mass of two vehicles exceeds the weight limit of the “wedge”, the damage is dealt to its running gear. The weight that is added to the weight of the “wedge” depends on whether the enemy has contact with the ground. What kind of movement parts will receive damage depends on the location of the raised car. The farther the movement parts get from the raised car, the less damage they receive. In the case of hover cars, additional weight is added only when the “wedge” moves, and the hovercraft flies over it. In the case of cars with mechanical legs, additional weight is added only when the “wedge” contacts the frame of such a car. We are currently working to ensure that the total weight is taken into account when contacting the legs themselves. How to get to the test server? If you have ever participated in testing features on a special server, then just start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete. Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive. Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you are logged into the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again. Start the Launcher and install the game into the folder you created (for example D:\Public test\Crossout). After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and log into the game with your username and password. The progress of your main account will be transferred to the test server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation with factions). After logging into the server, to transfer progress from your account, press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”. Please note the schedule of the test server: Friday, June 26, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Saturday, June 27, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Sunday, June 28, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS). After testing the changes, we invite you to leave your constructive feedback on the planned rework in THIS THREAD (it will open a bit later after the launch of the test server). You can report all issues found on the test server here. The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.
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    Hello, this problem is beeing discussed almoust everywhere and its really anoying that its still not fixed. The problem iam talking about is this kind of build (there are a lot of variations of it) As you can see you can get a lot of HP and beeing still very manuverable at the same time making it really great tank but that is not the problem the problem is how you can shoot with it... As you can see you can shoot far and behind walls just as you would with normal mandrake and that is good because mandrakes are balanced about the idea that you are shooting long range as an artillery BUT... This is where the problem is... you can shoot very close to yourself horizontally... And since its balanced around the fact that you can shoot only like artillery it deals massive dmg and leave enemy wrecked on ground or even just insta dead. The problem isnt really visible in pvp since there are a lot of ppl so 1 shotting someone isnt that big of a deal BUT when you enter cw with this you are in huge advantage... the point of this is that 1) you cant hide or play long range aginst it (mandrakes can shoot behind walls so they push you to play agressive which is totally fine but then point 2 kicks in) 2) you cant fight it on close range (enemy mandrake can just stand behind corner and you are stucked because if you peek only for few seconds he will shoot and insta kill you as i showed b4) So what is my idea on how to fix this? I actually have 2 ideas and in my opinion both of them are valid solutions so 1) Make mandrake dmg and splash radius scale with distance the projectyle must travel. This way the normal mandrake will stay fine since it is meant to fight on long range anyway but the tilted mandrake will deal almoust nothing on close range making it possible to deal with 2) Change totally how mandrake works. you will normally aim with mandrake like you are used to BUT the mandrake will automatically shoot upwards into sky where the projectyles disappear and then they will appear in sky 90 degrees above the place you aimed at and fall down. This way again the normal mandrakes are totally fine just they firing becomes a little different but aiming will also stay the same and also this will make it look more like artillery So i really hope you will do something about this because the cw nowdays is only dogs or mandrakes and playing anything else gives you huge disadvantage over enemy.
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    We already had a resources rework, engines rework, badges rework, explosions rework, PS rework, energy rework, chat rework, decor rework and are about to get a "physics" rework (a.k.a. wedge nerf). The only things left are an armor rework and... welp... CO-DRIVER REWORK (Who is with me?)
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    I support this as well. Mel was one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of playing with, and against. She was always a good sport, and whether she won or lost, she always had fun. If we can't rename a bot, I'd love to see a small mural in game as well. A simple Rest in peace Miss Mel on a wall somewhere would be a beautiful way to remember her, and to celebrate all the great times she had in the wasteland.
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    Topic says it all. This was not a good idea two years ago and it is not one now.
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    They even had skula answer "not a bug" when he doesn’t even understand the language on the screenshots...
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    "hello! At the moment the prestige levels received before the update are not counted for receiving parts. It shouldn't be expected in the nearest future, but we will consider the following case for the possible future changes." Devs.!!1 you're talking to your free game testers, long time promotors etc. have some pumpjackkin' respect! It's not like we're asking for much: Containers - single most worthless resource in game after foodstamps (coupons.) If you also treat potential investors with this indignant and respectless tone, then i'm affraid your game is doomed
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    I think that wedges being nerfed is a fair change. Finally, at low ps a group of wedges won't destroy the whole team. Also, the wheels get crushed which means they will become a sitting duck. Basically they have made wedges unusable and useless.
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    i got into 3 raids so far with AT LEAST 1 porc user, 2 raids containing 2 porc users running 3 porcs each, what the hell is with the increase of porc users? this is ridiculous. (and if your here just to say "stop whining" the you can leave and not comment cause im getting tired of this crap.)
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    I absolutely like the leviathan clan wars, one of the best decisions that devs have ever made in this game. FINALLY something that benefits loyal long-term players. I suggest in future keep both open at same times, mix the leaderboards, but obviously only levi vs levi and then you'd simply get more uranium from leviathan clan wars (per win + higher weekly cap limits). It needs bit fixing tho, for example i'm unable to re-map the boost and reload perks, they're on the worst buttons for me. Sure I could re-map the buttons in options, but that's just annoying to change them each time i wanna play with leviathan. Leviathan should not aim for kapkans and mines. Also this instant auto-fire is annoying, it should only shoot when you're holding down the fire button. Auto-fire only helps cheaters, already saw 2 players who used crickets + wasps and they had a cheat so that levi had manual fire. I saw them pre-fire corners by shooting weapons at different times and also not shooting while they were cloaked and pointing their weapons towards enemy player. I know AI (levi and bots) can see through certain objects and will try to hit you through that object (like those containers and trains in spawn of some maps, like ship graveyard), but that wasn't the case, my levi did not shoot through that wall, but he was able to pre-fire the corners. You already changed helios so that script-kiddies wouldn't have advantage, why not change auto-fire on leviathans too? Not only auto-fire is rather useless, the first shots with turreted weapons always miss, AI always shoots way before it can hit the target, it's like AI thinks that turreted weapon turns a lot faster, you can see this behavior on bots in PvP, same thing on levi. It just wastes the first shots. Also by removing auto-fire, it would give some tactical advantage to leviathans, for example you could use cloak properly. Secondary fire should keep your weapons only pointing towards your crosshair. For example when enemy I focus goes behind a pillar for a second, then my guns already start aiming at other targets, which makes leviathan useless vs that target! Enemy can just peek and shoot and my leviathan guns are turning left and right trying to hit other players while primary target's cabin is behind some small cover and as result levi never hits the one in front. So in that situation i'd like to keep my weapons pointing forward and levi should only make very small adjustments when the secondary fire is being held down, it should only aim just little bit around the crosshair and not turn guns backwards or sideways trying to hit other targets (and don't say to put only limited turn angle weapons, because that would be dumb, you often need them against some melees that try to wedge you, already happend few times and turreted weapons worked great in that situation). anyway here's my first session with my levi, it worked great!
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    When I buildt my cw leviathan, I actually wanted to give Meat grinders a try. That was a pure waste of time. With 60 km/h top speed, it's not suited for tiny fast cars, but when you go big... omg, what is turning radius? And no, the Goliaths are not in contact with the ground.
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    We have the soccer game, what about some other “sports”? high jump, long jump, wrestling (melee only), weight lifting, luge racing, 100 meter dash, marathon running (aka long rally race). Probably dumb, but the idea made me picture some funny events. We may have started cooking our pandemic weed cookies again.
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    You team are incompetent You have no shame as developer ? 1st pic, craft parameter, 2,test drive on garage 50km/h 3, when use it online 13km/h
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    Will you ever balance this game actually? Game is broken when you enter battle with full epic build and oponents are hovers mostly equipped with relic weapons... It's annoying and game-breaking! ALMOST every weapon is OP on hovers: Scorpion, Porcupine, Typhoon..... and legendaries too. Game will be much better without cancer hovers!!!!!!! UNDERSTAND THAT! Scorpion is one of the Unbalanced weapons in this game, it can minimum disarm you with one single blast from ENEMY BASE, or maximum blast your half craft and leave you with only wheels and cabin.... BUT its not that lethal when its not equipped on GOD DAMNED HOVERS! Porcupine - what a JOKE? lowest possible cooldown, lowest energy required, HUGE DAMAGE......... are you kidding me? Porc+Kapkan and match is won with minimum 5 kills. This is your balance? Kapkan - lowest cooldown, activates too fast, capture time is too long.....costs 3K - BRAVO OK if you are not going to balance weapons itself, can you at least balance matches with weapon rarity? I mean OVERHAUL whole matchmaking system and make players vs enemies with SAME RARITY of WEAPONS (not other equipment), for example: If you have epic weapons - you should match vs players with maximum epic weapons (they may have lower weapons too) If you have legendary weapons - you should fight players with legendary weapons and lower I mean you can also have lower rarity weapon too, but matchmaking will match you with your highest weapon rarity. Balance with PS only is NOT WORKING as you see... More balance - less premium packs - positive reviews - more players - more you earn - game will be successful This game has so much potential. Please stop ruining it
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    Playing first raid today - 2 x players with porc ... Playing 2nd raid today - 2 x players with porc ... Playing 4th raid today - 2 x players with porc ... Playing 1st match today - porcs Playing 2nd match today - porcs Playing 3rd match today - porcs ... _porcs everywhere meme_ sick of that crap. @devs _fyou meme_
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    This has been going on for months with no fix. Really important fix. Sort out your priorities.
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    This made my day: I pride myself on the fact that good, meta players take one look at my builds, and don't understand them. TBPH, that's my crime, here on the forum: Heresy. My builds are my builds, and what confuses these top teir leet clanwars players, the reason they don't trust me is my "Advice" is not to follow their predictable copypaste design strategy. There's a counter for that. All of that, but when I encounter them in game, they take 1 look at my build (if they get the chance) and they don't know how to deal with it. That's why you shouldn't trust me.
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    Inb4 this person here is like my little sister, she is having 6 garage slots, all with the same car model, but, with different color XD.
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    Leviathan clan wars is the most interesting game mode I have ever seen in Crossout, why do you dull creatures always want to ruin the real FUN? dull players laugh when they xxxx in their pants, but when there's something that is actually FUN, then they just roll their eyes ... I've always thought that clan wars should be something UNIQUE, PvP is basically same as clan wars, 90% of the time when you're in group of 4 and one player is 16000+ PS, then you end up in matches with 4 bots in each team, which is basically like clan wars. so pointless. Leviathan clan wars is how it should have been from the start. people are just so dull and boring, they play same mode and build over and over and over. variation is what makes games interesting. and i want to see ALL maps in clan wars, even some raid maps, such as wrath of khan. Just like in most other games, people just get stuck playing the same map over and over and over ... I don't see how that's interesting.
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    I don't join any clan so I'm just gonna sit here watching these people complaining about the Clan Wars thing
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    GSB clan and many others are already wearing pink as a small tribute to miss Mel . Such a kind soul and liked by many xox i love this idea
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    I am one of the thousands of PS4 crossout players to support this. She influenced lot of us and we heavily miss her. She loved to play crossout and had a great time with all of us. A simple mural to remember her presence is a small price to ask for such a kind and heartwarming person.
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    Dear devs, I beg you .. Bring us the new relics. We want new endgame content. Too many of my Crossout friends simply gave up waiting and moved on to other games .
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    ...or cycle weekly between modes. I don't think this new mode should completely replace the regular CW in the future (as many think it will do but devs said it won't) but I also think it should not be forgotten like it was in the past. We desperately need that breath of fresh air, give the Relic-less clans a chance to earn Uranium and also make things less stale. (we also need clomplex raids that awards us Uranium but that is a discussion for another day) I think that 2 will always be better than 1, the more the merrier afterall. What do you think?
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    People say high skill cap. , fragile, blah blah bah. Flutes over perform for their rarity, and ill explain why using a comparison the entire forum community will understand. By comparing them to HOVERS Flutes are intended to be glass canons. I get that. Big hit with tiny structure just looking at parameters , anyone can see its true. However, this is where its fundamentally flawed. The design. Nobody complains about regular hovers. Only sideways. This is where flutes and hovers, are the same, except 1 is designed this way on purpose. Hovers are only strong sideways because cab, and frame block shots that normally would rip hover off. Flute is the same, they can be buried on the frame behind the cab, and the guided laser passes through your own build and every friendly that might be in the way. This is not indended to be a cry thread, but there is no question flutes, over perform with extreme base damage, and total hideability, they are the only weapon in the game that can be hidden this well, they could have 5 hp, and perform the same Make is so laser cannot pass through parts, and weapon must be partially exposed, and it would perform as intended.
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    So its a "let's keep CW to people that can buy their Leviathan's weight in Porcs" kinda problem? I'm asking because I don't see any legitimate reason to complain about a single Levi carrying their entire team with purples in a mode separated for them that you are in no shape or form required/obligated to participate in...
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    10 builds? what were you building, only wedges?
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    …… Why, exactly, are items automatically set to lowest buy offer when selling things now and why isn't this mentioned in patch notes? Fortunately for me I only found out while selling scrap and found it unusual that it sold instantly, so I checked and sure enough...automatically set to lowest offer. I swear that it seems you guys makes some of these changes based on cards drawn from a hat.
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    Why we are not getting Veteran Conteiners for past Engeneers prestige? This is big middle finger to whole dedicated community! Even give 1 conteiners for 2 or 3 old prestige levels, (so someone with prestige 15 would get only 5 or 7 containers). Old players who play for years and have 80 prestige just feel cheated! This container WOULDN'T EVEN AFFECT MARKET! All parts are untradable! What the actual..... Devs spit in players faces and we are ok with that?!?!
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    levi cw is a bad idea levi cw is a bad idea levi cw is a bad idea also can we have veteran containers for engi levels we already got pls? i kinda wanna do a crate opening for the memes.
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    artbuilds made by snowflakes with childhood dreams of the military but the bodily limitations on any gamer, is what's ruining matchmaking most games
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    As they are with quite a lot of things this game need to change. The question is when and how they are going to do it. About the drivers: one thing that definely needs to be implemented is the option to save the dude along with the car's blueprint.