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    Its silly they even bother with Autocannons, no one complained, nerfs were not needed, i dont get it how they even got and idea of nerfing them, just how, this game has a lot more pressing issues now to fix ASAP than this. Cyclone nerf, double facepalm, why, so scorps, crickets, locusts, cannons anything with a range can crush them easier... nonsense
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    So finally you decide to make Tsunami better than Typhoon? where is the hover nerf?
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    @Ka1deron cricket always everywhere (and always it's put on hover) x2 frame, x1 colossus in front of x4 hover, put some strong weapon no armor hover, this craft don't need take 1 min to finish to make someone said this type craft need ... "skill" (?) it's ridiculous, If this type of hover are erased away and a player who use such hover are eliminated , this game will get twice as many new players why dev can't aware this disease it make player decrease ?
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    Hover nerf when?| Lol, no cricket nerf, almost useless locust nerf, but yeah keep nerfing legendary weapons that cost like 5 times crickets and do silly amounts of dmg. On the other hand, a hover nerf would fix all those op crickets and locust 3K+ HP icebox super fast boxes. Where is your supposedly slow and tanky heavy cabin, lol i forgot, its true only for anything that is not on hovers... Just play your game and you will see clearly what's wrong, i should test your game? And you are doing what exactly? If you paid me sure, its work like any other.
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    More Autocannon nerfs? They weren't viable before the last nerfs to Storms, and Whirlwinds. So now, you're nerfing Storms, Joules, and Whirlwinds again? Do you just not want Autocannons to be useful at all, or is it to raise the value of the new Autocannon? I was going to get the new Autocannon anyway, because it's new, and it looks cool. Please don't nerf weapons that are already under-powered deeper into the ground.
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    So who on the Dev team actually played the game and got completely humiliated by AC users? Because ACs don't need more nerfs. Jeez...
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    I agree. Its hitbox means it's already worthless against Scorpion, Assembler, and all shotguns / most machineguns. I wish it had a perk to resist incoming bullet damage rather than its current detrimental perk. It doesn't make sense for its shield to be a liability instead of an asset. I'm onboard with most of the remaining balance adjustments, except for this one: Every car already immediately glows red for getting remotely near Incinerator puddle. It looks & feels a bit silly. If Incinerator needs a buff, buff the damage of its initial explosion, not the already-effective fire puddle. If anything, I'd rather see slower heat-up, to make a visible difference between sitting in the puddle or fleeing it immediately.
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    ANY hover player can pick up a build on wheels or legs and play it EFFECTIVELY ONLY SOME wheel or leg players are able to pick up a hover build and play it EFFECTIVELY Go!
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    Wait, so you are nerfing the durability of the flutes? The missile literally detonate instantly when there is a spark near. You can easily hit yourself for 1000 dmg. I agree, the missile is stupidly good, and the damage is OP for an epic weapon. But the durability? Also, cricket has the highest amount of alpha damage outputted in the game right now of any epic and most relics/legendary. The Locust and Flute is right behind it, yet you only touch those. Please reconsider your choice of nerfs, and bring in the cricket aswell :-)
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    Hover is always balance breaker for nearly 3 years meaningless to adjust parameter of weapon Only players who using hover are flooded in test server How about playing once on a test server? there are hover everywhere...
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    It's the other way around. #BanKomunistAgain
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    Could u plz NERF THESE GOD D*MN CRICKET ? In every single team in CW there are at least one or 2 cricket hover...
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    Very nice devs but u forgot NERF CRICKETS
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    I bet you finally decide to release legendary cabins ) BTW, nerf hover
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    I understand a need to balance items in the game you guys but this is absolutely ridiculous. It seems like whenever someone gets clowned on by something they aren’t currently using, their first response is to come to these places and make unintelligent arguments for why that item should be turned into complete garbage, and their opinions get heard. I don’t understand why these behaviors are endorsed because that doesn’t help the game at all. How about instead of nerfing the items directly, we just buff the counters to it? That way everyone goes home happy, the person liking the counter had their item buffed, and the person who the counter is meant for gets to keep their item the same. Nobody wants to put money into a game to get guns that are going to get nerfed because someone had a temper tantrum. Besides, all this negativity and anger only serves to drive off the new players we so desperately need.
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    Hello everyone, thanks for taking your time to read this So basically you don't see a lot of supportive builds, or atleast I don't, and I think that's because you don't really get any points using skinners, or barriers, or anything else support related (sorry if I forgot you <3) I myself run either a 5x skinner or a 4x skinner/2x barrier build, and 90% of my games, doesn't matter if I was useful to the team or not, I do NOT, get ANY points for the hard work I'm trying to do for the team, be it protecting them from cricket fire, or from harvesters by pulling them away, 0 points, and I'd like to see some change in this so that maybe, people are more willing to play the support on a team, and get their hard-earned rewards. Now a few suggestions I have which could work was to give skinners points for something like "X amount of seconds hold" or maybe if they die within the last 3 seconds of a skinner having held them. For barriers its a little bit harder, because I do not know the extent of how much the game is able to calculate in terms of where a shield is, projectile pathing, and ally location, maybe if allies are within the shield or behind the shield, blocking projectiles that would've hit an ally otherwise, and/or the shield takes X amount of damage you get X amount of points. If you have any suggestions other than this that might help supportive builds, please let me know and I'll edit it in if its decent. Again, thanks for reading I really appreciate it ^^.
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    Good changes! Great work! Now all that is left to do is: - Nerf trucker to 7 energy, Emma the bot is using it too much. - Make wheels slower and lose what little grip they have. There are still people playing blue wheels and we can't have that. - Nerf decor ofc, we can't forget about that, and nerf rep gain. People still find ways to get some rep without the premium. - Make a false hover nerf announcement. Again. - Make all useless items take double storage room. The less room players have, the better. - Nerf rewards on raids. Raids are too much fun atm, and players are in danger of staying awake when playing them And everything will be perfect!
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    Greetings, survivors! Today we will tell you about the significant change in Crossout — the new starter garage! Which all players get for free in the 0.11.40 Crossout Birthday Update. Also, note that the new garage will replace the current one. Before we move, let's get acquainted with our new home and its terrible secrets. ATTENTION: content shown in this publication is at the development stage. The final version can differ both externally and functionally. Once upon a time, the “New Dawn” farm supplied the entire district with meat. But then it turned out that some meat products were extracted not from carcasses of animals, but… Here the versions differ therefore we won't guess happened in one of the barns after all. Since then, the farm has been empty. Until Ivy XO's scouts found it. The leader of Engineers looked for a new shelter for survivors long ago — spacious to both drive and shoot some targets. And change the scenery. Garage “New Dawn” There are no large unused areas in the new garage. We placed a shooting range in front of the gate: now you don't need to leave the garage and spend time on the road to test everything. We also made a new space for racing enthusiasts — in the old garage there was only a number of jumping ramps, and we wanted the functionality to match the needs of survivors. Finally, we built an arena where you can fight raiders. In the old garage, this function was performed by the landscape, so there were few partial shelters. The visual scenery of the abandoned farm will allow survivors to be distracted from the deadly Wasteland and breathe this oasis of tranquillity. *** Stay tuned about Crossout 0.11.40, survivors! This week we will talk about the third rookie of the Wasteland, as well as how you can get new parts.
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    It would be useful to be able to arrange the order saved blueprints are presented. So instead of having to assemble and resave, the player could just drag and drop into place.
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    Jesus theres so many threads about nerf this nerf that that counters this so nerf it jesus. Can we finally buff stuff for once ? Lets take a list of whats trash and needs buff. - bassically all the tracks (except goliaths) - get dominated by most things - trucker - its just a sad cab noone uses - stone deaf lvl15 perk - I mean REALLY its stupid noone likes trucker - most high tier mgs - low durability , bassically no dmg and only usable at like shotgun range - rupture - shoot 3 times and overheat yay - augers - How Do I dRiVE ThiS - block chain - still it feels quite weak - arothron - idk make it do more then chord dmg maybe ? its an epic idk cost like a lot more then chords. - legs - suprisingly hard to make them work in almost any situatio. Also gets wedged like a kebab off a grill - boosters - i mean their only use is in race or art builds. What happened to the vertical boosters update ? - lacerators - i really should just stop looking at rarity cuz that thing has RARE part efficency and its EPIC rarity - tackler - more like tickler - phoenix - the dmg is nice but u can jsut shoot of the projectile or get killed while waiting for the thing to explode. GOD IT TAKES LONG TIME - retchers - just sneeze on them and they fall of - fortunes - Why do they take 5 FIVEEEE energy. Well i guess igniting a fuse and a piston really takes more energy then a helios WHICH SHOOTS PLASMA - fatman - where did the projectile go ?? - adapter - I still like to call it the lama gun. It spits at its enemies with an amazing Chord dmg. - corvo - maybe if the kneches didnt try to defend themselves with those they would have seen another day - ghost - I mean do u guys see the problem here !?! - Imp - the bb pellet minigun - fidget - smaller bb gun - nidhogg - - tow - do i even need to start on just how bad it is to leave your car alone for 5 seconds in russia is ? - tormentor / power unit - Top 2 best ways to waste energy ! (Totally legit(No CLickbait)) Thats about the stuff i can think of on top of my head that i find rather trash and needing a buff or 2. I am sure i forgot a few.
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    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to use hovers. The controls are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the skill requirements will go over a typical player's head. There's also hover player's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from homoerotic fanfiction literature, for instance. The hovertarts understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of using hovers, to realise that they're not just skilled- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Hovers truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the skill it takes to hold down the S key, which itself is a cryptic reference to Sun Tzu's epic The Art of War. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as a hovertart's genius skill unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them. And yes, by the way, i DO have a Hover tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid
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    You’ve heard of the hover problem. Unless you’ve never played over 3k PS and this is the first forum post you are looking at, you know that hovers don’t fit into the game well and dominate in most situations. There are a lot of ideas for fixing them, and a lot of emotion, but a lot of the ideas seem either too complex or too over-the-top for an actual fix. The solution proposed here is certainly not the first time anyone has said it, but I want to put it into perspective and see what the effects of said solution would be. Hovers’ main advantage is their linear, near-instant acceleration. Though there are probably other advantages, I will focus on this one. Reducing hovers’ acceleration and making it a logarithmic curve (like one half of a parabola) would make them more balanced and reduce the clubbing they do currently. One of the real reasons they are able to do much damage is their ability to peek for a second, fire off a quick shot, then pull back suddenly. This makes hitting them much more difficult, and also reduces the usefulness of weapons like ACs, MGs, and other various DPS weapons. The hover vehicle is simply not in their view long enough for real damage. This reduction of acceleration, and therefore of peek shots with cannons and other reload weapons, would also reduce the meta of reload weapons themselves. Its definitely possible that this would make hovers underbalanced, and put ML200s and bigfoots at the top, but that would still be an improvement. It would make it so that multiple types of playstyle would dominate (slow spiders+fast BFs, as opposed to fast hovers) and there would be more variety. Also, hovers have been at the top for 3 years now. It’s time to change. For the people who enjoy hovers and don’t want a nerf, don’t start with the “hovertart!” and the “crybaby!” I am not crying, nor do I even use hovers. I am going for better game balance, not because I get killed by hovers in-game, but because hovers are a detriment to the game. Please leave your thoughts about this idea and your own ideas below.
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    3 years of OBT have gone by and the full release version is not even on the radar. OBT means an effort to iron out all the problems before releasing the finished version of the game - we are the testers, HOWEVER what have we now seen? 1 premium pack a month? Battle pass(WTF??? OBT BATTLE PASS???) Premium? Other monetisation options(shall I dare to count them?) Its a minitransaction galore! In OBT! It feels like full release was never the plan for the devs, what we have now is the release version of the game BUT in order to maintain interest and income the devs have come up with a brilliant idea - releasing OP guns in premium packs and then "balancing" them a few months later. Rinse - repeat. Questions for the devs @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron - Where is the road map for OBT? Where are the milestones to get to full release version? - Where is the ETA for full release version? 3 years and still no date set for the release? Seriously??? - Are you going to keep bribing youtubers instead of investing in actually finishing the game?
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    Prove it to me hoverbois. Let's see ZERO hovers for the next week and also see how you do then.
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    This must be a joke Machine guns practically got killed off when you incorporated macros into plasma emitters and now this? no thanks Autocannon nerfs i also don't like much (especially storm) fixed cannon ones are welcome i guess but really? tsunami getting a second perk? its like your beating a dead horse with those MG nerfs
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    So far the update seems pretty decent except these 2. The Cyclone is already pretty damn bad becuz of its massive hitbox and 5 energy per gun and the need of a radiator. And the thing that needs nerfing is hurricane. Its just click and hide and SUPER AIDS in low ps. otherwise good update id say. but Mgs might need more ddurability
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    To prevent half of your build getting shredded off by crickets or mandrakes before you've moved 10 centimeters
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    or remove the perk. This is so totally not in balance. EDIT: i do not agree with those hover hater extremists below.
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    Hello there, survivors! A new faction will emerge at the start of next year. You'll hear the final release date a little later, but we are ready to reveal some interesting points today. Who hasn't heard of the Engineers? Close-knit idealists willing to come to the rescue, give literally everyone a chance at survival. But are their motives that pure? Those who are not afraid of the truth know that the Engineers used to be a force that everyone had to reckon with. Once their power grew so much that it began to scare people. And, united, they overthrew the dictatorship of the Mentor. But he could not have achieved his past heights without a strong ally. When the Mentor's empire collapsed, not everyone agreed to lay down their arms and follow Ivy on the path of redemption. There were also those who did not want to play by the rules of others. And soon they will return to the Valley again. We have already mentioned that the “levelling” of a new faction will be different. Let's see how it works. Attention! The mechanics of levelling existing factions will remain the same! With the release of the update, a special in-game event will begin, which will be available to all players. We plan that it will have at least 50 levels (the exact amount may change). Reaching each level will take you one step closer to getting all factional items. Thus, all players without exception will be able to unlock: structural parts; Engineer badges that can be exchanged for additional resources or containers; faction parts crafting recipes (they can include: weapons, hardware, movement parts or cabins); new portraits. Also in the update with the new faction, the mechanics of a Battle Pass will appear for the first time. What is the difference between playing with and without it? For those who purchase a pass, the new faction will provide not only everything mentioned above, but also: ready-made parts; cosmetic items: CK, decor, paints, stickers, backgrounds and logos for the banner; in-game coins. An important point to note: the event with the new faction will be available for a limited time. This means that when it is finished, you will only have the recipes for the parts that you managed to get. To get the levels of the special event, you need to complete unique challenges for getting in-game patches. The challenges will be both daily and weekly. If you can’t enter the game and have remaining weekly challenges, they will be saved and transferred to the next week. By returning to the game and finishing them at an accelerated pace, you can catch up on some of the missing levels. Daily challenges will be updated every day. Please note that they are not carried over to the following days if you missed them. If for some reason you do not have time to get all the recipes, do not despair. You can purchase parts from other players on the market, and access to recipes for their crafting may appear again, but much later than the event itself. After some time, all players who did not have time to take part in the event will also have the opportunity to unlock the structural parts of the new faction. The way to unlock them will be announced later. That's all for today. We will share with you the details and announcements in the coming year. And finally, we would like to show how some of the parts of the new faction will work: Happy New Year to everyone and have a good rest on holidays! Crossout Team Please note that all the features described in this blog are preliminary and may still be changed before the final release on the game servers.
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    Why get rid of the current garage rather than just adding in this new one as another option for people who haven't bought any of the deluxe packs?
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    Good news, Survivors! The Garage is back. You're watching the first episode of the resumed series, with all the roar of modded engines, jets of reddish flame and smells of a workshop you'd expect from a proper Wasteland show. How to build a perfect battlecar out of trash laying around? How to TURN an enemy vehicle into a pile of trash with precision fire? What's the latest talk in the Wastes? All of that, and more, in our show... but first let's introduce the main topics of this episode. Here we go!… Counter-meta: How to deal with the tankiest of tanks? Voice Of The Wasteland: We look at your half-burned letters and choose the Craft of the Week! Workshop: Experimenting with the most explosive Revolver in our arsenal!
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    This is so bad, I expected something interesting
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    I checked the thread history and saw no comprehensive suggestion thread about Hovers. We have one with Legs, so let's have another one with Hovers. Like ML 200, Icarus hovers suffer from some fundamental issues which prevent the movement part from being balanced corectly. Some deep under-the-hood changes are necessary before some real balance can be struck with both Legs and Hovers. Unlike with legs where these issues manifest themselves as legs always being somewhat underpowered, the problem with Hovers is the opposite where the fundamental design of hovers will always make them overpowered at some powerscore. Since no one is willing or able to document accurately what is exactly the problem with hovers, fine... I did with Legs, I'll do it again with Hovers if that's what's needed. Let's start with two basic suggestions. One deals with somewhat minor thing which ought to be relatively easy to correct. The other with one of the fundamental reasons why hovers are the way they are. 1. Change the acceleration curve to take drag into account. In other words: slow the acceleration down as the hovercraft approaches speed cap. Most crafts in this game have an acceleration curve where the acceleration slows down the closer you are to your craft's max speed. This simulates drag, aka air resistance due to fact how the craft is moving at high speeds. So acceleration starts out fast but then slows down as you reach higher speeds. Due to the bumpy terrain in this game, most wheeled crafts actually never spend any significant amount of time at their speed limit, especially the faster ones. Hovers' acceleration is completely linear. Their acceleration doesn't slow down as you near the max speed. Because of this even the heaviest Typhoon Hovers with an Echo cabin will accelerate to a max speed in under 50m: This thing has 10 hovers which is is the highest amount people tend to use. 9 or 8 hovers with the corresponding weight would accelerate this craft even faster. I also took a popular shotgun wedge build from exhib for comparison: It reaches 60km/h at 50m and 90km/h at 200m. It could probably catch up the Echo hover at the 200m mark provided the hover doesn't shoot the shotgunner and stun it. Maybe that'd happen in Narnia. Cars suffer from air resistance at high speeds, hovers should be no different. 2. Remove the "high resistance to flipping" or tone it down significantly especially on front-back axis. This is one of the major reasons why hovers are the way they are, both in high PS and low PS. In high PS people can get away with equipping high-recoil weapons onto hovers due to fact it is almost impossible to flip a hover onto its roof. On low PS, people create impossibly narrow sideways builds allowing them to seal-club on an unseen level. I mean look at this: No other movement part is able to function like this, not even legs (if you make your sideways leg build too narrow it'll tip over to its side). When designing a build for any other movement type, you need to be mindful about designing the craft so that it doesn't flip over. You can't design a fast wheeled craft where the wheels are too narrow, otherwise the craft might tip over on sharp turns. When designing crafts for high-recoil weapons you need to be super mindful about how low can the center of weight to be placed. With hovercrafts all that goes out of the window since they just don't have to care about issues like high center of weight or high-recoil weapons flipping them over. If the resistance to flipping was to be removed it'd have few important effects. First of all, these tiny seal-clubbing hovers would be history as it is because no craft built like the one in the videoclip would stay upright. Sideways hovercrafts would still exist but now they'd be wider in order to provide more stability. People would be more wary about slapping Typhoons etc. on roofs of their hovercrafts since the high center of weight+recoil might throw them on their roofs. More importantly what this change would not affect are hovercrafts wielding Dawn Children weapons like Helios or Pulsar. These weapons have zero recoil so using them on hovers won't be a problem. Also front facing hovers would be largely unaffected. Due to the way Icarus is designed, even if you'd place place hovers along a 4 blocks wide frame, the overall width of the craft would end up being roughly the same as the current biggest sideways Typhoon hovers. This change would also not affect Faction and pack builds. All of the faction/pack designs (apart from Mercury XIII) have been built with stability in mind and show no signs of flipping over whatsoever.
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    Reverse mode so far only works for hovers and mech legs. Reverse mode should be extended to tracks and meatgrinders. It would allow for more variation and better functionality of builds with mixed movement parts.
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    MUH NURF CULTURE! The only "people" that would say a word about nerf culture are either wedgetables or hovertarts. Yeah it's no longer worth playing for you, get lost.
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    Melee is lower skill but wedges are the only OP close range weapon imo. If you got rid of the cheese wedge abuse people would see that close range takes actual skill to do.
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    Someone put this on XO reddit. Fairly accurate if you ask me:
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    absolute delusion.
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    Nerf the crickets not the whirlwind again.
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    The bad: Porc still 3 energy. Scorp still penetrates Aegis. Why does cyclone get nerfed? Arbiter unchanged. Annihilator stat nerf instead of not autoaiming for cabs. Disregardable flute nerf, they still strongest hitting weapon. Mammoth still do terrible damage with big AoE instead of being harder to hit with more bullet damage. (Only viable on hover since patch) No omnidirectional hover placement. Chameleon, strongest 1 energy module still King of the hill. Did incins need a buff? The good: All AC except cyclone do deserve dmg nerf. Tracks. Lets hope it also includes turning on spot with multiple tracks. Shotguns toned down.
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    Why? It costs maybe 30 coins to get 200 batteries. 10 uranium costs ~160 currently. I don't want to play in clan wars because of the fact that's it's clan wars. This would punish me for not wanting to swim in a lake of BS.
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    Welcome to the update 0.11.30, survivors! Take part in your favourite brawl “Battlefield” on a new map and get new unique rewards! The inhabitants of the Wasteland should also expect the arrival of mysterious Ravens. What awaits us with their arrival? We'll find out soon. In-game event “Spring Mayhem” Attention! The event and the brawl “Battlefield” will be active from April 23 to May 10! Updated brawl “Battlefield” Battles are held on special maps: the already familiar «Tank range» and a new map «River lighthouse». Survivors will use pre-built armoured vehicles in the format “8 vs 8”. At the beginning of each battle, you can choose the desired armoured car: A choice of 5 blueprints with different weapons and, accordingly, roles. The same blueprint can be selected at the same time by no more than 3 players. If you do not have time to choose a car in the allotted time, the blueprint is randomly selected. The mode has respawns. Before the respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 cars on which you want to continue the battle. If you do not have time to change the car in the allotted time, you will automatically be given the same armoured car as before. Your objective in the battle: fill the point scale earlier than the opposing team, or score more points before the time runs out. Points are awarded for the destruction of opponents. A team is awarded a win if it scores 50 points and outscores the opponent's team by at least 5 points. If one of the teams scores 50 points, but the gap of 5 points is not reached, the game continues until the allotted time expires, or one of the teams outscores the opponent's team by 5 points. If one of the teams scores 100 points, the battle is also over. A team is awarded a win if it outscores the opponent's team by 5 points after the game timer expires. If the gap of 5 points is not reached at the end of the timer, the teams are given an additional 3 minutes to allow one of the teams to prevail. If this does not happen, the team that scores more points wins at the end of the extra time. If both teams have equal points, a draw is declared. The number of points for each destruction increases, depending on the number of bases that your team controls: No bases: 1 point for destruction. 1 base: 2 points for destruction. 2 bases: 3 points for destruction. 3 bases: 4 points for destruction. We reviewed your feedback and suggestions after the “Winter mayhem” event and revised the scoring system. Now the rating points are awarded not for victory, but for personal contribution of the player to the battle's results: The rating points earned by the player affect his place in the leaderboard and belonging to one of the leagues. Rating points for each player are awarded as follows: For destroying the opponent, the player receives as many points as he has brought victory points to the team with this kill. For assistance in destroying the enemy, the player receives 1 point. Assistance in destruction is counted only if the enemy was destroyed within 15 seconds after you dealt damage to him last time. All players who take part in the capture of a base receive 1 point for the destruction of each opponent by any ally as long as the base is under the control of your team. Reaching each league level opens up new unique rewards (decor and paint). In addition, all participants in the battle, depending on their contribution, receive reputation points and scrap metal at the end of each battle. Now the player pays with rating points to enter the battle. The entry fee depends on the player's current league. Rust: 0 points Tin: 2 points Copper: 4 points Iron: 6 points Bronze: 6 points Silver: 8 points Gold: 8 points Palladium: 10 points Platinum: 10 points Diamond: 12 points Each ranked league is safe. This means that you will no longer be able to drop into the league below, even if you face a series of defeats. If you reach the minimum points in the current league, points for entering the battle will not be deducted and you will not go down to the previous league. Now, if you lose, you do not lose rating points, except for those that he spent on entering the battle. The list of leagues and corresponding rewards (in order of increasing the level of the league): Tin (100-199 rating points). Reward — 2 common rarity stickers “Ironhand”. Copper (200 - 399 rating points). Reward — 1 common decor “Chainmail”. Iron (400 - 599 rating points). Reward — 1 common decor “Towing cable”. Bronze (600 - 799 rating points). Reward — 1 special decor “Right halogen headlamp”. Silver (800 - 1199 rating points). Reward — 1 special decor “Left halogen headlamp”. Gold (1200 - 1499 rating points). Reward — epic paint “Flora camo”. Palladium (1500 - 1699 rating points). Reward — epic rarity decor “Toiletry bag”. Platinum (1700 - 1999 rating points). Reward — legendary rarity paint “Winter Camo”. Diamond (2000+ rating points). Reward — legendary decor “Solduck”. Special challenges Complete special challenges in the brawl «Battlefield» and get additional rewards! Complete 20 battles. Reward: 2 common stickers “Dangerous element”. Destroy 40 players in the brawl. Reward: “epic” paint “Urban camo”. Capture 60 bases in the brawl. Reward: “legendary” paint “Gun merchant”. Win 10 battles. Reward: unique banner emblem. Raven's path Attention to all survivors! Intelligence reports that unknown cars are moving towards the Valley. But no, it's not Sir Martin and his loyal knechte. It seems our worst fears are coming true. What awaits us? We'll find out very soon. Crossout — Assault Force: Tango-1 (Deluxe edition) All players who buy the pack get a garage of the Assault Force as a gift! Unique armoured car WLP: Weapons: unique epic minelayer “King” PS: 870. Ammunition: 16 pcs. Durability: 240 pts. Power consumption: 3 pts. Mass: 540 kg. Perk: “When detonated, the mine bounces, which increases the impact area and allows low-flying objects to be affected”. Epic machine gun «P-26 Tackler» (2 pcs.). Unique paint cans “Ceramic armor” and “Dark green”. Unique character portrait “Tango-1”. 4000 in-game coins. Additionally, the player gets: Unique background and logo of the Assault Force sapper. Unique decor: “Twin lamp” (2 pcs.), “Large decorative grille 1” (2 pcs.), “Large decorative grille 2”, “Decorative grille 1” (2 pcs.). WLP structural parts. A set of unique stickers. Epic cabin “Quantum”. The maximum number of parts increased to 57. Tango-1 Personal file No. 11010 Rank: Sergeant Operation call sign: Tango-1 Specialization: installation and clearance of mines, missiles, shells Due for military service in 2045. Evaluation: In addition to his main specialization, Tango-1 possesses the following skills: securing river and marshland crossings, digging up defensive structures, and establishing supply lines. Has an analytical mind, good memory and coordination. Scrupulous, executive and shows extreme loyalty to the unit. Recommended for assignment to Operation “Return”. A military base hidden in plain sight in a railway depot. Who knows what it was used for before. Maybe it was a missile depot, maybe it was an intelligence HQ. The truth is carefully guarded by Steppenwolfs. Only one thing is truly known — there has recently been movement near this place. It's no longer abandoned. Attention! The pack will be available in store till May 24! Crossout — Assault Force: Tango-1 Unique armoured car WLP: Weapons: unique epic minelayer “King”, epic machine gun “ST-M26 Tackler” (2 pcs.). Unique paint can “Dark green”. Unique character portrait “Tango-1”. 1500 in-game coins. Additionally, the player gets: WLP structural parts. A set of unique stickers. Epic cabin “Quantum”. The maximum number of parts increased to 52. Raiders Improved behaviour of the cars with drones and turrets. Improved raiders’ logic while choosing the route. Now raiders are able to strafe if their cars have the appropriate movement part. Raids Improved the behaviour of leaders in raids. They now use all the guns that are mounted on their cars. Missions Added new raider blueprints with “Founders” faction parts. Improved the matchmaking and team distribution systems. Structural parts Bumper «Defensive perimeter» Durability increased from 129 to 156. Mass reduced from 384 to 336 kg. PS reduced from 35 to 31. Bumper «Defence line» Durability increased from 97 to 134. Steppenwolfs Now with each new level of prestige with the “Steppenwolfs” faction, the player, in addition to the “War” and “Charlie-7” parts, can receive the WLP parts “Left barrier” and “Right barrier” (1 of each) and the bumper “Sentry line”. “Left barrier” and “Right barrier” are issued for one level of prestige. Attention! The parts are issued for new levels of prestige obtained after the update. Prestige levels received before the update are not counted, and the parts are not given for them. If you purchased the “Assault Force: Tango-1” pack (regular or deluxe), then if you increase the level of prestige with the “Steppenwolfs” faction, additional structural parts will not be issued. Scavengers Now for a new level of prestige with the “Scavengers” fraction, the player can get the “Bartizan” part (6 pcs.). All 6 pcs. are issued for one level of prestige. If you purchased the “Assault Force: Tango-1” pack (regular or deluxe), then if you increase the level of prestige with the “Scavengers” faction, additional structural parts will not be issued. Lunatics “Rupture” shotgun added to “Lunatic slaughterhouse” workbench. The part becomes available at reputation level 5 with the faction. Please note that new parts from the “Raven's path” events will no longer be added to the factional workbenches. Wheels Small wheel The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 5%. Wheel width reduced by 1 pin (was 4, now 3). Medium wheel The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 5%. The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Studded wheel The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 11%. The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 4, now 3). Wheel width reduced by 1 pin (was 4, now 3). Chained wheel The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Racing wheel The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 5%. The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Landing gear The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 18%. Wheel width reduced by 1 pin (was 4, now 3). Stallion The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 18%. Balloon tyre The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 9%. The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Wheel width reduced by 1 pin (was 4, now 3). Large wheel Wheel width reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Shiv The radius of the physical wheel model has been increased by 10%. The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Lunar IV The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Array The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). APC wheel The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 5%. The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Wheel width reduced by 1 pin (was 4, now 3). Twin wheel The radius of the physical wheel model has been reduced by 7%. The minimum distance between two such wheels reduced by 1 pin (was 5, now 4). Hovers Hovers ”Icarus IV” and “Icarus VII” Acceleration for vehicles with hovers when turning reduced by 25%. Hover tonnage reduced from +850 kg to +750 kg. Weapons All guns (except plasma) The +5% to explosion damage now also has +5% to hit damage. Both improvements come together. Cannon “Avenger 57mm” Projectile impact impulse increased by 20%. Damage upon projectile contact with the part increased by 15%. Projectile explosion radius increased by 5%. Cannon “Judge 76mm” Damage upon projectile contact with the part increased by 25%. Projectile explosion radius increased by 5%. Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” Shrapnel damage increased by 7%. Damage upon projectile contact with the part increased by 5%. Missile “AT Wasp” Shrapnel damage reduced by 12%. Revolver “Emily” Power consumption reduced from 5 to 4 units. Autocannon “AC50 Storm” Damage reduced by 7%. The bonus from the perk is reduced from 14 to 12%. Autocannon “AC72 Whirlwind” The bonus from the perk is reduced from 35 to 30%. Autocannon “AC64 Joule” Damage reduced by 7%. Electric gun “Assembler” Durability reduced from 480 to 400 pts. Changed the perk. Now, after a full charge, the damage begins to grow to 175 pts. (previously - 200 pts.) within 2 sec. (previously - 2.5 sec.). If you don't shoot during this time, the charge is reset, and the weapon itself heats up 100%. Now the weapon can load the shot, even if at the time of accumulation of charge firing from them is impossible because of the part blocking the flight of shells. If you have time to rotate the weapon, the shot will be fired. If you fail to do so, the charge will be discharged and the “Assembler” will overheat. “Grenadier” drone Maximum speed reduced from 80 to 70 km/h. Drone durability reduced from 140 to 130 units. Drone “Annihilator” Drone durability reduced from 100 to 75 units. Fixed a bug where the drone continued attacking an enemy that went invisible. Now the perks of the drone and “Harvester” interact correctly. “Blockchain” plasma cutter First of all, let's explain that with each shot from “Blockchain” 8 “shells” are launched in a dense group. Damage of each of the 8 shells increased by 130%. Why so much? See information about the weapon's perk below. Reloading time increased from 2 to 3.5 seconds. Changed the perk. Now the weapon partially ignores the transparency of parts and deals more damage to the parts that can be penetrated. Shotgun “Spitfire” Optimal range increased from 20 to 50 m. Shotgun “Rupture” Durability increased from 200 to 229 pts. Optimal range increased from 20 to 50 m. Shotgun “Fafnir” Durability increased from 273 to 300 pts. Nailgun “Summator” Now the weapon can load the shot, even if at the time of accumulation of charge firing from them is impossible because of the part blocking the flight of shells. If you have time to rotate the weapon, the shot will be fired. If you fail to do so, the charge will be discharged. Part upgrades The upgrade “-17% with a stationary vehicle. -17% with a moving vehicle” is replaced by more useful improvements for each type of weapon: Machine guns, autocannons, revolver “Emily”: “Increase in spread with each shot is lower by 17%”. “Porcupine” minelayer: “Max. projectile lifetime +4 sec.” Flamethrowers: “Part heating speed +7%” All the parts of the types mentioned above, that have the old upgrade, will be automatically replaced by the same parts with a new upgrade. Now in the interface settings, you can choose under what conditions in battle players' nicknames will be displayed (the “Show names” option): Always show Show on hover Do not show Now, if you have problems with your connection, you can perform an automatic check of communication with the server. To do this, in the “Settings” section (“General” tab), select “Network connection test”. After that, you can send your logs to the “Bug reports” section of the forum without the need to perform additional checks. Improved the “Banner” tab in the player profile. Now you can see all the portraits, backgrounds and logos that are/were available to players and find out where they can (or could) be obtained. Gamepad controls are divided into two tabs: in the first tab you can choose one of the preset layouts, and in the second you can configure various settings. Additional options have been added to the “Gamepad settings” tab: The option to adjust camera sensitivity in battle in X and Y axes. Camera movement Restricted camera Added the sub-menu item “Earn in battle” for resources. When you select it, the player gets to the map of the world with an open mode in which this resource is obtained. Now all in-game gifts from developers, that should be activated soon, show the time during which this gift must be collected. Reduced damage from the module explosion is now displayed in red in the parameters. A new Mouse Smoothing setting has been added to the General tab. This setting disables smoothing of mouse and camera position input in the garage and in battle. Now that you have completed a challenge, you can get acquainted with the reward parameters by simply hovering over the reward image in the notification window. The number of available spaces in the storage by default increased by 50 (200 to 250). The maximum possible number of spaces in the storage increased to 1000. The height at which the shells of the Porcupine, Mandrake and Incinerator can explode and leave a puddle of fire has been increased. Fixed a bug with a raider stuck in the raid “Hit and run!” on the map “Cursed mines”. Fixed a bug where it was impossible to target some turrets on the Lost Coast map with the Caucasus weapon in the raid “Perimeter Breach”. Fixed a bug with the lack of a reload indicator for the “Trigger” weapon. Fixed a bug where the sight of the “Mandrake” could help with finding invisible enemies. Fixed a bug with transparent elements of the cabin “Bastion”. Fixed a collision model of the “Railing” decor. Improved environmental objects on the maps “Old Town”, “Sector EX”, “Lost Coast”, “Dead Highway” and “Blood Rocks” (“Adventure” mode). Fixed a bug with overlapping music in the “Race” brawl. Fixed an issue with incorrect faction icons in windows with raid descriptions. The appearance of some environment objects in the garage of the Assault Force has been improved. Fixed a bug with a broken upgrade of the missile flight time for “Clarinet TOW”. Fixed a bug where upgrades to drones and turrets to increase the range of fire might not work. Fixed a bug where cars could not engage the “Contact 2M” modules if at least one car had the “Aegis Prime” module active. Fixed a bug with incorrect animation of recoil for “AGS-55 Impulse” and “ZS-46 Mammoth” when turning the guns. Improved painting of cabins “Trucker” and “Jawbreaker” (with a CK “Lucifer” applied). Fixed a bug where using the “Auto-assembly” function or assembling a saved blueprint led to a warning about deleting the current car, even if the slot was empty. Fixed a bug where indicators of weapons firing single projectiles did not change colour at times when it was impossible to shoot. Improved animation of “Emily” revolver. Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons. Small update, 23.04.2020 Fixed a bug with unavailable in-game store in the Steam version of the game. Fixed a number of text strings. Hotfix 24.04.2020 Fixed a number of issues related to environment objects on maps. Fixed an issues with an incorrectly working upgrade to reduce spread of the “Junkbow” shotgun. Fixed an issue where raiders with overheated “Assemblers” would not fire. Fixed an issues with the in-game chat filter not working. Fixed paint application for parts “Left rampart” and “Right rampart”. Improved icons for a number of patches and trials. Hotfix 29.04.2020 Adjusted the strength of vehicles “Scout” and “Mortarman” in the brawl “Battlefield”. Improved sound effect of “Assembler” gun. Improved location of some environment objects on the map “Naukograd”. Fixed an issues with partially inactive area of the “Test drive” button. Small update, 07.05.2020 Added a number of text strings.
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    Many modern third-person games have this feature which is apprently called fade in professional jargon. An object that's small enough not to warrant a camera collision detection should instead be made transparent in order to prevent the object from obstructing the view. This would be really helful with trees and bushes in Crossout which sometimes block the view epecially when the bush or tree is right behind the player's craft. Like here I'm having a really hard time seeing anything: What if I wanna move just a bit more forward and aim my gun at the uphill on the right side? Well here's what it looks like: Well that doesn't work at all. With things being the way they are there's no choice but to remove the bush if this was a strategic place in a map. This probably the reason why there's so few trees an bushes in the maps of Crossout. The bush in front of the car should fade to transparent so I can see my car and anything that's in front of it. The bushes which are further in the first pic should stay as they are since they are not in between the car and the camera. By having the trees and bushes fade from view when they get closer to camera than the player's craft would basically eliminate any issues with the devs needing limit tree and bush placement so that they won't get into players' way. You could vegetate the game maps much more and players could even use the bushes as cover to hide from enemy radar. The abundance of bushes however would never never accidentally block the player's own car since any trees or bushes which get in between the camera and the car would be made transparent. If you're looking for inspiration, play some Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain. That game has incredibly dense and detailed areas with all these small nooks and crannies which you can use for cover yet nothing ever seems to get in the player's way. The reason is because of the game's excellent use of transparency whenever objects get placed in between the camera and the avatar. EDIT: Yeah with trees you could just remove camera collision altogether and just let the trees fade from view. If you drive by trees the camera keeps jumping around because it doesn't want the trees between the camera and the player. This is really nauseating. EDIT: oops I cleaned my profile and deleted the pics, I'll re-add them later on Re-added images EDIT: How some other games deal with problems like this:
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    Greetings, survivors! Today we will tell you about the next newcomer to the Wasteland — the armoured giant Sigurd. And, of course, about the new parts that the gentle military giant will bring in a major update Crossout 0.11.40. Attention: parts shown in this publication are at the development stage. Final versions of parts can differ both externally and functionally. Sigurd grew up in an orphanage and was always bigger than the other kids. However, Sig's shy demeanour never let him fight back against the offenders who often bullied the guy. Besides, he realized his advantage in size and understood that he would easily win any fight. But natural kindness prevented Sigurd from hurting others. Together with two friends, Sig survived the crossout and travelled to the Wasteland until their roads parted. It is said that during solitary wandering through the radioactive deserts, Sigurd crushed some monster with his bare hands and became invulnerable. As a result, the giant joined the ranks of the Steppenwolfs to protect the weak. New parts for Steppenwolfs Sigurd's autocannon is a close-range weapon. Like everything Sigurd has, this little baby is armoured like crazy. Low turn speed and serious recoil compensate for damage and durability. The new cabin will please fans of large dimensions. Its unique perk will allow you to gain a short-term advantage in the offensive. Or defence. Depends on you. Sigurd's external manipulator is a mechanical paw, and Sig claims that he built it himself in memory of the slain radioactive monster. Carrying a bony paw everywhere appeared to be troublesome, while the mechanical one looks cool, and you can always rebuild it. Oh, those Sigurd stories. *** What other parts are there friendly hulk Sigurd? What's the name of the Wasteland's third rookie? We will talk about this in future Crossout developer blogs and stories. Stay tuned about Crossout 0.11.40!
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    Hovers are the problem, not crickets.
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    A while ago I was at target and I saw this little drone with giant wheels that were basiccally rings and I thought hey that would be an interesting addition to a movement part in this game this is the what I saw So I was thinking this would be a purple rarity teir the perk would be that damage passes through and it would be relatively durable since it is purple rarity they are wheels so their speed would also depend on the cabin they could be introduced in a knight rider event as well these wheels would be a movement part you only need 2 of as they are so large anyways I hope that people think this would be a cool addition to the game like I do and that it maybe gets implemented.
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    Races perfectly demonstrate the hovers massive advantages: -at high speed -on sand -on water -in the air -when it comes to stability -their immense resistance to pushing and massive advantages over ground builds in case of contact All of wich are highly relevant to CW
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