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    Tried making a thread about this in suggestions.. still waiting on approval after 2 weeks. Wanted to know what the community thought of the idea in the meantime, since it's not exactly a crazy one to consider.. The primary context of the thread is as follows: "Basically, what are the chances of this happening? For me, I feel like race offers that much of a unique experience to the rest of the game, and is already such simple and rewarding fun on it's own.. that perhaps it should be made into it's own, always there, game mode. Even if this means having to remove the "brawl" aspect and rewards for it. Or instead adding different modes for race itself, including "death race", among others, where (minimized if necessary) damage/destruction can be dealt, which are then alternated as well. But hey, there's been so many suggestions in other threads, for fixes, items, and new features which could make races more indepth and fun.. enough people seem to enjoy it and want it improved that I feel like this could be a real gold mine for this game. And breath new life into it if Race is a really fun and fully fleshed out alternative to the normal game style. After all, you already have an opportunity to BUILD AWESOME CARS in a game like this, why not take absolute full advantage of it? If race was a major mode, with a variety of it's own modes and fun features.. especially ones that reward good building - I'd play it a ton personally, and I know my friends would as well." Discuss.
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    Longer matches with respawn on bigger maps and with more people would be sooooo good of an upgrade for this game, it will fit it perfectly (obviously with rewards scaling accordingly)
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    That's exactly what it is. Calling anything a "Crutch" is by definition Virtue Signaling. I prefer calling it Power Assertive, because if you know what those 2 words mean, then you can pretty much figure out the phrase, even if you don't know the full profile.
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    So im writing this down just to not get it forgotten ... Originally posted here. I dont wanna write a book that nobody wants to read so ... this goes strait forward. What we got: - very short 5 min matches - small maps - no respawn - bad reward system - weird MatchMaker - 8 vs 8 What we should get - longer matches - bigger maps - respawn - better reward system - _no MatchMaker?_ - {more} vs {more} (like at least 16 vs 16) We once got experimental mode - same like normal PVP but with repair mode. Seems to be on hold, but actually worked. And it was a good test for questions like "how to deal with spears, ammo, booster, ...", those are the same problems you get with respawn. Then we got the new battlefield mode, which works with larger maps and pre-build-respawn. Works good, is fun, but rewards are too low. Actual problems to get this working: - (build-) selection on respawn - static or dynamic PS of the actual current match - join into running match -> reward system (limits)? - MatchMaker "skill sort" - fuel? - game not "{more} vs {more}" -ready? Respawn: KIS - Keep It Simple: using the current system as it is we should be able to select from our saved builds from the save slots and exhibition. MatchMaker then checks live if this can be choosen (by PS and w/e is related). (This cannot take long, otherwise we wouldnt be able to join a match in sec.) Example: You got saved (i.e. just) 4 builds: 7k PS 4k PS 11k PS 16k PS You join with your 11k PS build. You got destroyed and want to respawn. You get the build-selection screen and MatchMaker shows you all your builds: 7k PS 4k PS 11k PS 16k PS (greyed out, unable to select) Static or dynamic Match-PS? (Imagine this is the first respawn match ever) You click on join match with a 11K PS build. You get merged into a match with players from 11 to 13k PS. Question: is this server now locked on 11-13k PS? Or does it acts dynamically on players that join? MatchMaker should allow you to select a lower build, like 7k PS. What if (over time) all did select a ~7k PS build on the current match? Does the server keep the original 11-13K PS as (max) range, or does it dynamically change the range? This must be thought through and then tested a while. Join running matches (rewards|limits). You should be able to join running matches. It does not matter if you join and all the sudden the match is over. This happen ... in many (all?) games. Zero reward. Well, bad luck. You join and the match is running since 15 min. You shoot, hit, destroy, ... end of match. You receive now as much you destroyed ... well, as it currently is implemented - ez. But you should not be _punished_ if you leave the match ealier (as it currently is). And you should not be limited for the current match: Lets say you played 30 min. Thats like 6 matches currently, and like 120 {resources}. You would receive 120, but you reached your weekly resource limit and get just 20. That is bad. Nobody want that happen. You should get the full reward. After this match you should see that you do not get any more of this resource (already implemented). If you now still join|continue then its your fault. MatchMaker "skill sort" This should be removed. Random is random. But sorted random is bad. You should be added to the match and to the side that fits. You even should be able to switch sides, if there is f.e. less players. Those problems are all handled already by every multi player game. Fuel? This is special. You currently get max 15 fuel per ~5 min match, if you stay alive. 15 fuel per 30 min match would be sad. And all players will be dead in 30 min once. This would need to be changed. But this cannot be that hard to invent and implement. F.e. add a match for "Get the fuel" and forget about fuel tanks at all? Game not "{more} vs {more}" -ready? I read somewhere in forum that devs said we cannot have "{more} vs {more}" because the game could not handle it yet. Well ... this needs more ínfo to be discussed. You cannot solve a problem you dont know. --- End.
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    STOP. JUST STOP FOR A MOMENT. 0: This thread was meant to be a caricature. It has devolved into a parody of said caricature. 1: The name-calling, gatekeeping, and "trolling" needs to stop. Everyone who accelerated the downward spiral needs to step back and re-examine themselves. You know who you are. 2: If any of you actually wanted to get your point across, you'd do more than just spout the tired talking-points that we've heard for years. Try expressing yourself in a civilized manner, and try reading something you disagree with. 2.1: Having a thought-out thread is theoretically possible. In the summer of 2019, I posted a thread criticizing the durability/mass of Pulsar. In this thread, I showed the math (and some moderation got involved... because Crossout Forums are more brutal than the game itself, and I, regrettably, fed the flames). Pulsar, in recent updates, has gotten durability nerfs. This is what happens when a coherent argument is presented, some supporting material is provided, and a reasonable solution is proposed. Try a strategy that actually worked (in the long run). Because the numerous hover nerfs in recent history don't seem to have provided the results anyone wanted. Obviously, hover is a bit more complicated than Pulsar, but I am seeing a distinctive lack of effort from a lot of people in this thread. 3: Here's my latest attempt at screaming into the void: Hover stat ratios are all over the place, both to their detriment and benefit. I have already looked at the numbers on more than one occasion: I have said this before, and I will say it again: Hovers, in their current state, are not "light" movement parts. They have the stats of a "light" part, the top speed of a "medium" part, and the ratios of a "heavy" part. Maybe they should be rebalanced to actually fit the trends that already exist. We'd at least have some baseline to work with. In conclusion: Please stop screeching "Make it worse", "git gud", or whatever other unoriginal copypastas your vocabularies are limited to. It gets nothing done, as we have already seen. Post Script: Hovers are in a decent state now, compared to the past. Criticism is okay, but cheap whining is not worth taking seriously. Addendum: Some of the linked content has outdated material. The point still stands, for the most part.
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    Now you're getting more into what I was talking about with additional race features and modes, but couldn't come up with any good examples myself.. some pretty good ones here to consider already imo. they certainly have the capabilites for a mario kart style mode already, using mechanics from battle royal/rat king mode. might be a bit far fetched at first glance/consideration, but i doubt it would really be all that difficult to implement. but in fairness.. the best start would still simply be making it always active. which i dont think is a whole lot to ask. racing is just something that imo should always be available for access, far above any other non-standard mode. for the simple fact that it's already such a popular game genre on it's own.. whereas the other game modes are just off-sets of normal pvp, and actual 'brawls'.
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    Just base the rewards on damage. Longer you stay and play well, the more you gain.
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    I would love longer matches, bigger maps, bigger teams. I’m willing to give up matchmaking for that, even if it means we’re facing 15kps builds with our 6kps builds. Well, as long as we can respawn or repair after getting clobbered by a whale. I also don’t think this should replace the current PvP and clan wars system. Maybe just turn the adventure map and system into this mode?
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    Lmao do you think he would truthfully answer that, he just ignores it and brushes it off again. There's a reason we have only 5 hover nazis here complaining. The rest are Aces and people not experienced enough yet. Know how you know? The Aces who complain disappear after a while because they learn to deal with them and move on, simple as that.
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    Heres my question why do I see plenty of non hover users having 0 issues with hovers and defeating them easily and then see people crying about hovers all day on the forums?
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    Aha I see why you whine about hovers all the time This, its literally the original point of this post but as usual that's what it degraded to
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    Try different wheels than Big foot wheels I suggest for acceleration, studded wheels or landing gear. of all wheels these are the ones that reduces less the cabin power . (about 10%) the others go between 12% and upwards. I can tell you that you will notice the difference in the same build. At the races studded wheels are not very reliable because they are small and it's easy to the frame of a build hit the ground or a rock and explodes at speeds over 230 kph. But for your test, it will do. Plus, one studded wheel weighs 35 kg, they are the lightest of all the wheels. Strip down your build to the bare minimum and try different engines. At least it is what I would do.
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    i dont care enough to be mad at you. nice try though
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    Spectre has the best damage perk in game...if you have good aim it takes less than 2sec to achieve 50% bonus damage, from 8.4 to 12.6 bullet damage, only slightly lower than punisher (13). The only reason ppl use aspect over spectre at high ps is totally becuz of weapon durability. Aspect is easier to armor, has a smaller hitbox, and higher hp. But if you're good at hit and run and have good aim, spectre can easily outdamge aspect by over 10%. It's true that spectre is easy to lose perk, but it also only takes 2sec to reach max perk, while aspect takes forever to reach 40%. Aspect also have very bad synergy with modules, if you take rad it will take even longer to accumulate heat, if you take cooler your heat increase per bullet will remain the same thus forcing you to tap fire at a slower rate than if you had taken rad. In short aspect's perk will force you to tap fire in a way that's very ineffiicient in terms of damage output.
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    I can't agree with the notion a 150€ controller is the solution. However I can see the paddles make it much much easier to strafe. My keyboard cost me 10€ (literally, I'd actually need to upgrade this as it's about to wear out) and it already does better than one of the most expensive controllers money can buy when it comes to handling hovers or spiders. That's pretty good for a controller. Still you can see the slowness of reaction to some of the maneuvers. If that's representative of how people handle movement parts with strafing on consoles, I can understand where the idea of hovers not being OP at those platforms comes from.
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    1. Acceleration is one of the strong points of hovers, always has been and would have been fine as long as the four hover limit was kept, sadly when we had that people wanted them to be viable at high PS and the devs gave us that and now they are a 'problem' there. Not strange they hardly listen. 2. Nonsense, this would mean that a weapons tower would be advantageous. Noone apart from hurricanes make tower builds. This is a commonly repeated argument that makes little sense. The higher position btw, also means that my shotguncar can hide behind a container while the hover sticks out(no "peekaboo" possible). 3. Noone uses frames as armour(apart from some mid ps spiders that is and the old caucasusbuilds in 2017) decor armour and radar armour have been fixed, spaced armour is used by spiders aswell. I've even seen it used by dogs but as they rely on cover and (true)speed its just not necessary. 4. The flip thing is not as good an argument as you think. Played dog for a year in cw and I can count the number of times I flipped on one hand, but then when I watch people like Bertox who thinks he is evel knievel and plays like an acrobat in a circus(ingame) it suddenly makes sense why he complains about that one. That stupid little parts of the map can get you snagged or make you bump up is a problem with the maps and more importantly; games physics they should fix. Not nerf hovers and pretend it doesnt exist. Locations that hovers cant reach have mostly been blocked, old argument. 5. everyone has 'instant acceleration'. and other moevement parts should be made better, I have covered this part plenty when I bring up; BUFF AUGERS! But instead of actually coming up with good proposals as to how we make other movement parts actually be enjoyable, every discussion is about hovers. Augers dont get better because we nerf hovers. Augers get better because we buff them so they become useful, viable in CW and a rival to hovers. Depends on how you buff them ofc. Same is true to lesser extent about other parts. more in a later point 6. Only at long range. Close up hovers do badly as melee/wegde teams show time and time again. All parts have their strong suit(like goliaths being concrete walls) and weaknesses. If a part like augers doesnt have any advantages, then we should do something about augers(same for other parts) 7. power drain on other movement parts needs to be lower, especially higher PS ones. Though that will make dogs even better. So I need to be careful as someone might whine that I just want my build to be superior. I've said it a thousand times by now and I know crossfaith shares this opinion; the game needs to be made faster again. Playing battlefield with a scout was a joy that is non existent in the rest of the game. Not a hover issue. 8. 4 hover cannon/rocket, lose the ones at the back and you are staring at the sky. So, no, this isnt true. Maybe a machinegun allows you to still shoot at a target in that case but MGs are trash, gets worse the higher PS you go. Only a scorpion would still be useful at that point, but then we are in relic territory and those should always be strong as people grind like mad to get them. Note that you said 'most', a build that loses 3 of 4 hovers isnt going anywhere. This is talk about specific well built examples with specific weapons, same is true for other wellbuild ground vehicles. 9. One weapon that has trouble hitting hovers isnt all that great an argument. In fact, porcs are so strong that the mere existence of hovers keeps them in check. Nerfing them into the ground will make porcs an OPed weapon and they are already extremely popular(and a good defense against dogs). 10. I was in EU in a distant past, a race clan. Race is a flawed brawl, I have said that in the past. It was flawed even before hovers existed. 11. if you start with 'The buggy collision system' then you need to complain about that, not hovers. 12. Apart from a very limited few types of longrange weapons that are often stupidly expensive(typhoons and scorpions) you cant put anything on a hover and expect it too work, no wonder the few people who want play hover go for a cricket build, the rest is hard to get or just very expensive. See how I just did what you did? hyperbole is okay until its overused or used to 'prove' a point. 13. Strangely enough, people in the topic that blew up about them said rocket launchers dont perform well on ground builds. Weird how you then claim that this weapon already overperformed. But as you said it, they overperform. That means there is an issue with this weapon and the weapon needs a fix. Other weapons like plasma cannons work on spiders aswell and you seem them in CW. They are actually balanced. That a few weapons perform well on hovers(like plasma weapons from the same faction) is okay and no different from a harvester working well on a dog. But in the case of the dog, the weapons gets nerfed whereas in the case of a cricket, everyone looks at the hover. I have already covered that last element in the relevant topic. 14. Dogs dont overperform. They perform well unless faced with porcs, spiders with kapkans etc. Then they suddenly become "underperformers". I always keep seeing people saying that dogs are weak vs hovers because they have to rely on stealth to take them down. You are now saying they overperform. You people need to make up your minds. 15. sorry, opinion. If you think goliath bricks and wedges wouldnt exist without hovers you are wrong. Shotguns were a poison in this game 3 years ago and everyone ran them during the summer of 2017, before hovers were introduced. 16. they have been nerfed a dozen times, taken out of high PS and put back in because people always keep whining about them. Then again, some people dont like hovers in their 'mad max' game and just want them gone. Removed or made useless so they can get back to their preffered image of what the game should be. Thats an opinion, not an argument. Every time people talk about something that isnt hovers, the hoverhate club joins in and derails the topic, hijacks it to whine about hovers, example is the cricket topic. I come on these forums and out the first dozen topics I open, ten are about hovers, either started as one such topic or derailed and hijacked by hoverhate. And if you try to talk about something else, you get accused of being a 'hovertart' or a 'hover crutch liar' or other abuse, even people who do not use hovers or not often are thrown into the same group; "If You are not with us, you are against us" is the most awful mindset ever but sadly prevalent here(the toxicity of hoverhaters is the biggest issue here). I actually do want to talk about other things, like... you guessed it; augers! But I cant because this is a hoverhate subforum. Any attempts to talk about something get drowned by complaints about hovers. Yea, I am really getting tired of how these forums work nowadays, which is why this is the biggest point. I hope people take note, but its a fools hope. 17. a nerf effects everyone equally. If that weapon becomes trash, you cant use it or sell it(without losing money), I have machineguns, I know this well enough. I also have harvesters, which were nerfed because they were "overly effective" on wheeled builds. Not an argument.
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    It's not just you moving. It's not "Enough" hits, with Spector, either. If you miss 1 single shot, you lose your perk damage, and have to start over. Every single time you "Miss," whether it's because you're moving, and hit a bump, they're dodging, an ally drove between you, you shot a bush, or you just shot something off with the last bullet, so the next bullet just hits empty air. Resetting the perk to 0. It's funny, how you can just imagine the problem is that the other player just doesn't know how to shoot, on the move, without missing, ever. With Machineguns. In this game. You have played with machineguns, in this game before, right? "Just don't miss." Right. For my next trick, I'll just never get hit ever again, because it's just that easy. Just win, never lose. Simple.
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    Oh yes, the upside down Train Plow is the most effective wedging tool you will ever see in your short and fruitless life.
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    I can see why you've seen it as passive aggressive. But it was a genuine inquiry - I dismissed their contents for a valid reason - you have called me variations of a n00b several times in several spaced out posts and made it sound like you're a much better player than me. Naturally, I expected some clips that would be really impressive but got quite a regular gameplay. One of the most often used "arguments" used by hover apologists is, that we want hovers nerfed, because we're scrubs that can't kill hovers. This just isn't the case with me, I just wish my favourite game to be better balanced so that it is more enjoyable for as many players as possible, not a small minority that "plays dirty because others play dirty too".
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    Representative of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Hoverhaterpartei here. What points has he really made? Or you? Saying that hovers are balanced just so is not a valid point. Tell us how why they are balanced and what drawbacks balance out their strengths maybe. You can use my copypasted list a few pages back and respond to every point. You're just on repeat alternate between "You have no arguments, you're just a hater, you're a Ace, you just copypaste arguments" And whatever else. It's always the same - somebody presents a solid argument - then you derail the discussion with falacies - and then after some time you proclaim yourself right, because all hover discussions are pointless.
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    I see high PS whirlwind bricks all the time. They also almost always die while doing very little. Usually have goliath tracks with the whirlwinds kind of buried in behind a big cabin, trying to camp on a hill till they get easily overrun by anything faster.
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    I tried being in a clan last year, there were some really fun players but the leader sucked the life out of the game for me so I stopped playing for eight months after that. I don't understand how some people come across all chilled and friendly at first only to turn out to be pure monsters. I play to have fun, it is the whole point of playing games isn't it? I've met you only a few times Mr santonik , yes your builds are different from what I've seen but that's a good thing as long as you are having fun in what you want to build. Keep up being a individual its way better than been a copy paste user/meta chaser.
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    Hello Nothing everything in the game is fine, so why not upgrade the most ZERO important things, riiight. What do i mean...
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    To prevent half of your build getting shredded off by crickets or mandrakes before you've moved 10 centimeters
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    No, we had repair mode and everyone was complaining
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    Don't mad at me bro (or are you woman?) because i said your play is not as good as play of PC hover players. I really hoped that you show me best hover play in console, which will prove console can do as much as PC and be helpful data for next balance suggestion. Spedemix also admitted your reaction is quite slow but we can't make conclusions it is resulted from differences of controller. At least, you brought data so you are better than others who don't care about topic at all.
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    Besides, this imaginary 5ton car has a lot more excess engine power than the 20ton build, so it should be in a good position to push other cars around.
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    Not really. I mean, it sounds similar, but my argument wasn't that they're "garbage," so much that they're impossible to Optimise for, except for ideal conditions, that basically depend on the other Player being trash. (or Bots. They work Okay for PvE.) Yeah, if they have a huge slow build, that's exposed, and they don't shoot your guns off first. Sure, you can get, and sustain the maximum damage potential out of Specters. However, if They are good, or aren't driving a Brick around, out in the open. At least as good as you are with Machineguns in general, they're going to easily beat you with something that isn't a paper machegun with a clunky awkward damage perk.
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    @VisceraCleaner do tell me more...
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    tbh I skipped your meticulous essay I watched the video - and he played well.
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    That's called mental victory or rationalization.
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    it wasnt stuck to a wall the whole time though face it that hover went down quicker than a dutch working girl. just like the one in your vid with the helios meltybox build and those that use hovers have said that there are counters but those that dont like hovers say they are OP then post vids of them easily destroying hover builds not buying it sorry. i'm starting to think its a range thing both you and lemmywinks could be destroyed at range with a hover scorp at range it would be almost impossible to get a shot on target there you could say its acceleration was OP or its ability to change direction... but at close range, you could easily destroy a hover. that would also explain why you dont like hovers sitting back at spawn shooting from across the map because you cant easily get to them and the weapons you use, at that range can be avoided. most of the gripes people have with hovers occur at long range
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    oh I see now lemmings "balance" = ALL builds in the game can kill hovers as easily as a dual breaker wedge. got it. case closed.
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    why don't we do 1 v 1, you take your 4x sinus build and i take 3x spectres, let's see how you lose your guns in less than a second and then cry xD
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    Next time I make a hover nerf thread, I will be so eager to see how many hidden posts there are from hoverrats that I've ignored because they make faillacious attempts at every counter argument.