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    They are still just as abnormally fast in 'strafe' when using a sideways build. The height adjustment actually makes it seem harder to hook them now with hover catchers. Add that to the additional stealth nerf with the new radar and the nerf to blight, it means I get to drive around trying to flame a target that can go backwards almost as fast as I go forwards while eating me alive with it's weapons. They can also still carry a ton of armor and heavy weapons with no real disability. It's sad. We got our hopes up with the test server changes and then you chickened out again. Guess I have to go back to spark/harv/lances to have a decent shot against hovers as a melee or maybe use my breaker build so I can at least hit them while driving in circles. Hovers were never meant to be sideways and they were never meant to carry 7+ hovers without becoming horribly slow. At least implement that, major slow downs in any craft using more than 4 hovers. That way they couldn't carry typhoons and other super heavy weapons.
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    It has an extremely fast reload, high durability, deals high explosive damage, leaves damaging flame pools everywhere, launches barrels so fast moving you cant outrun them, tanks peoples frame rates with explosions and fire everywhere, AND to top it all off it only costs 3 energy and is 1800PS. Just 2 porcupines is extremely deadly. 3-4 is like instant death for anybody hit by them. It could use some serious toning down on EVERYTHING if its going to stay at only 3 energy. It needs some serious balancing work done on it. At the very least it needs to be bumped up to 4 energy, and deal more damage to its owner so they cant be used at point blank range like a melee weapons. Maybe bring back Sparks ability to instantly detonate porc barrels. At least then it had some kind of counter.
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    PSA: If you're sad that no one loves you on Valentine's day, just remember. No one loves you on any other day of the year either.
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    I think it’s fair to say the verifier is too powerful. It’s a really cool idea and I don’t think it should be removed, but people are just spamming them, and they don’t have to worry about being aware of their surroundings. Instead, we need to have the verifier so that players will have to know when and where should they activate it. I think a great solution for this is to give it 4 pieces of ammo just like every other drone deployer. Use genesis to get more drones.
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    If any of this looks like your build, you're right to say hovers are op are revoked Especially this one: Anyone with a build like this will just get murked by the superior structure, superior mobility, and superior firing angle of cannon spider builds just the same as hovers, so their opinions that are solely on the topic of hovers are invalidated as well.
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    As a long-time Typhoon user I do have to agree: I think the whole endgame would benefit from deleting the current perk and replacing it with a completely different one.
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    No joke. Bots, turrets and drones are absolutely killing this game. Zero skill involved and they are everywhere. Do the developers actually play the game?
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    VileCrib even admiteed in another thread that he only likes and uses "strong" weapons and movement parts... If that doesn't mean "I need a crutch but I'm in denial" I don't knw what to tell you guys.
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    Fire and forget AI weapon is just too toxic, at ~10000 PS on RU server, there are like 4-5 triple fuze or triple grenadier per match. Mostly ridiculous, the grenadier can take a direct hit from Fatman or Quasar and survive, while dealing tremendous amount of damage. Surely, AI weapons boost diversity, but drone spammer everywhere just make this game no longer as fun as before Please implement the change you did to annihilator on wheels drones and save this game, thank you.
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    You want to the freedom to play how you want? Fine by all means, make the most haphazard dumpster fire of a build that you can dream of But you sure as sht aren't going to have the freedom to win how you want, that's not how winning works lmfao. Fix tracks and legs, then you can complain about hovers after (And I'm not talking physics, you don't need to alter the physics engine to increase the acceleration and turning values of tracks for a start)
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    Playerbase: Grenadiers have too much hp. Devs: Let's increase grenadiers' hp to 168.
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    What exactly is the point of asking for a "civilized discussion" and "presenting logical arguments" when you dismiss every argument as "copypasted nonsense" and "whining" or say "that's how it's supposed to be" without actually addressing any of the points made? This is a genuine question by the way. All the things you're calling "copypasted nonsense" is showing how and why are hovers clearly overperforming at most levels of play. Maybe all the players that are complaining (and rightfully so!) aren't presenting a "constructive solution," because they haven't come up with one yet. Who are you to blame them for that? You haven't come up with with one either. Heck, the ENTIRE DEVELOPER TEAM hasn't come up with one in two and a half years! A lot of these "hover whiners" (notice how you're using the term when asking for a "civil discussion"), including myself, have spent many years with this game and are trying to make their favourite game better, often regardless of their personal interests and inventory investments, the same can hardly be said about most of the hover apologists.
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    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to use hovers. The controls are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the skill requirements will go over a typical player's head. There's also hover player's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from homoerotic fanfiction literature, for instance. The hovertarts understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of using hovers, to realise that they're not just skilled- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Hovers truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the skill it takes to hold down the S key, which itself is a cryptic reference to Sun Tzu's epic The Art of War. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as a hovertart's genius skill unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them. And yes, by the way, i DO have a Hover tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid
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    That and they can carry they heavy weapons that should not be able to be carried by a hover craft. I expect a 4 hover vehicle to be shifty and fast, not a battleship version.
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    Nowadays, every mandrake user uses mandrake like this. Because normal straight mandrakes are definitely inefficient. Super low accuracy, randomness, limited angle, difficulty of aiming target behind cover (It is howitzer and it is bad at its purpose as a howitzer!) and so on. The biggest weakness is ceiling. Yea, it depends on the map too much. But these abnormal Mandrakes have no these defects. Abnormal Mandrakes can attack even enemies which get close to right in front of them. Their damage is more reliable. And they still can attack enemies behind the cover. This does not make any sense. I think new Mandrake should shoot single shell instead of a volley, and it should consume only 7 energy. Elevation is from 85° to -5° degree. This will make tilting design pointless and normal Mandrake vehicles will be competitive. Basically it has two modes. In default, it works like cannons. In cannon mode, it has high damage (170) and small blast radius (4). By holding key for 1.2 sec, mode can be changed to artillery mode. In artillery mode, it has lower damage (125) and large blast radius (16). White aiming circle always appears when Mandrake is reloaded and ready to fire. Circle disappears when Mandrake launches shell and grows up again from dot while Mandrake is reloading. (Like loading circle.) Reload takes only 4.5 (or 3) seconds. Basic ammunition is 14 shells. Perk; "In Artillery mode, explosion leaves a flammable liquid puddle dealing damage to all target." Also, how about special and epic Artillery? 6 energy special: It has only artillery mode. Plenty of ammunition. (16) Perk "Projectile which flies more than 2 sec deals more damage by 30%." (High angle shot is always better!) 7 energy epic: It has two modes. 14 shells. Perk; "The longer the flight time of projectile, the larger blast radius. For every 1 sec of flight time, blast radius increases by 10%." 7 energy epic: It has two modes too. 14 shells. Perk; "In Artillery mode, projectile explodes after 2.6 secs, spreading 48 submunitions." (2.5 sec is too early and 2.7 is too late.) 6 energy legendary: Only artillery mode. Perk; "Projectile detects enemies within 150 m. The blast spreads wider to side by 25% than to front." 7 energy relic: Perk; "Projectile unfolds gliding wing in 2 seconds and automatically chases detected enemy closest to target area." PS. Visual gap between Oculus VI and Verifier is too big. Oculus VI is too rubbish. I think Oculus should have new model. Current model will be appropriate for rare radar. I also believe there should be rare Stealth module.
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    Porcumpine OP! But you can shoot the barrels with mgs. But I use *insert any other weapon besides mgs*. Well, you can rely on your team to help you. If you need to team is because item OP! That's a logical falac- ALSO HOVERS! Ok, you can kill hovers if you follow these easy ste- NERF HOVERS! HOVERS OP! Dude, I'm trying to hel- F-off I don't need your opinion or get better! *inserts regular comments about the game being P2W and Russian* I NEED NERFS! WHERE IS MY NERFS! *logs off*
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    Despite the fact that the OP has enough battles to possibly know the answer, there's still no call for you responding to their post in this way. You might want to seek professional help for your anger issues.
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    How about neither? Maybe you should stop being arrogant and accept that this game has some serious balance issues.
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    Let's see. I was running 4 sinus, so I was pretty much degunning. I was also pretty much doing the main part of the killing. All the while they are running around in circles as the PS adjusted enemies got the crate down to under 10% before I could salvage the mess. The simple talking point remains, why force me into a match where I am going to have to face boosted bots that can shred objectives like newspaper? I've brought this up before, as have others, and it goes ignored.
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    A lot of hover-screeching relies on unquantifiable and subjective talking-points ("Too much firepower!"..."Flimsy!"..."Overly maneuverable!"). I will be comparing Hovers to other Epic movement parts. A lot of these parts have different speed limits, so stat comparison can only go so far. That being said... Durability/Mass ratio: How durable something is, given how massive it is. High is good. Generally, "Light" movement parts have a higher ratio, as well as lower base durability. For Hovers, their D/M ratios are both less than 0.5, while Meat Grinder, Small and Hardened tracks, and Bigfoot are greater than 1.0. Conclusion: Hovers are abnormally flimsy, looking at their base stats. Tonnage/Mass ratio: How much usable mass a part gives, compared to how much maximum mass it costs. High is good. "Heavy" movement parts tend to have a worse ratio, but higher base tonnage. For Hovers, their T/M is ~2.6. Meanwhile, Small tracks have 4.5, and Armored tracks have 2.5. Meat Grinder has 3.5 and Bigfoot (average of ST and non-ST) has 6.25. Conclusion: Hovers have abnormally poor tonnage when compared to their mass. Net Tonnage / Power Drain: How much usable mass a part grants, compared to how severely the acceleration is penalized. High is good. There's no clear trend among Epics, but among Rare wheels, "Heavy" parts tend to have a higher ratio (Special is close, but has outliers). Icarus VII has 105, the highest in the game. Icarus IV, meanwhile, has ~65.6. Armored track has 43.2, Small track has 43.3, Meat Grinder has 57.14, ML200 has 67.5, Bigfoot (averaged between ST and non-ST) has 73.5. Conclusion: Icarus VII has abnormally little power drain when compared to how much tonnage it grants. The general consensus on this forum seems that hover vehicles should be flimsy and agile. The way they are, the part itself is flimsy, but that is more than compensated for by its high NT/PD that allows spamming of hovers to load up on armor while having little acceleration penalty. Icarus VII x12 grants 6300 net tonnage (10,200 base tonnage) yet has less power drain than one pair of Meat Grinders (4000 net tonnage, 5600 base tonnage). This ratio is why flying battleships can get away with their size. Icarus VII has the power drain of a "Light" option, the speed and tonnage of a "Medium" option, and the ratios of a "Heavy" option. Which results in a part that scales up and down as much as its user wants, with less impact on mobility than what other parts deal with. This scaling is why they are so popular: they can fit a lot of sizes and roles. If fast yet flimsy is desired, then increasing D/M and T/M would bring them more in line with light parts, while decreasing NT/PD would make heavy and light hovers more distinct from each other. Nerfing durability makes no sense because it's already too flimsy given its mass. Nerfing tonnage makes no sense because one ratio is abnormally low and one is abnormally high. Boosting Power Drain for Icarus VII makes no sense because it would result in Icarus IV becoming basically an upgrade. Boosting power drain for both makes no sense because Icarus IV is already well-balanced. I've used some math to try and calculate hypothetical stats that would fit the following ratios (and power drain): Icarus VII: D/M: 2 ... T/M: 10 ... NT/PD: 75 ... Power drain: 8% ... Top speed: 80 km/h Tonnage: 667 kg ... Mass: 67 kg ... Durability: 133 Icarus IV: D/M: 2 ... T/M: 9 ... NT/PD: 75 ... Power drain: 11% ... Top speed: 80 km/h Tonnage: 928 kg ... Mass: 103 kg ... Durability: 206 Top speed, D/M, and T/M are all buffed, NT/PD is better than every epic option except Bigfoot non-ST, and Power Drain is adjusted to fit. For top speed, I think that these (and all movement parts, for that matter) should be somewhat influenced (partially or fully) by chassis speed (cabin and engine). But, 80 km/h seems fine while working within the current system. Still slower than Small tracks, which I think is ok. Please stop with the rant posts and name-calling. I will finish with this: Hovers still behave different from everything else (only part that flies), so this number analysis isn't even close to perfect. I just want people to think. Give good perks to future epic wheels, and buff other epic movement parts to have their own unique behaviors.
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    Thank devs for making more choice for fusion, now we can also add some power to engines and lower power need of wheels and that. I was always believing that you plan something great job. Also new faction parts look crazy good, can’t wait to ride new cabin and legwheels!!!!
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    I find hover a lot more fun to fight, cause I have the ability to fight back and I’m not being pushed around helplessly
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    Still better than "the team with more hover wins"
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    People saying their builds require skill have probably never driven forwards while looking backwards, while dodging multiple melee, while watching the map for the typhoon shot coming in, while firing their guns accurately at a spark, while catching cannon rounds mid air with an aegis, while dodging a pile of cars in old Town that you can't see because you have to look backwards at the melee chasing you, while fighting a drift caused by oversteer because you're on a 5° slope, while keeping an eye on the heat gauge of a favorite cab while coordinating verbally with the rest of the team as the QB calling plays on the fly. Any one thing goes wrong and you die. But by all means, drive forward and hold a key down that all 3 of your guns and cab's perk are all bound to. Or hover behind your brawlers pulling off a cloak shot that ends someone's life, even though you're batting 33% accuracy for the match, as you bounce off of obstacles with impunity. People betching about OP this and OP that should just give it a rest and try to work half as hard as I do. I don't usually betch about what I gotta do to make my ride work. Hearing all these people pess and moan about nerf this or that because what they are doing is the only true measure of skill is getting old, though. They nerfed my two modules (aegis and Cham {Cham b.c. of the new brainless Verifier}) that keep my 170 durability guns on, but do I take to the forums starting a war? No. I just keep playing. Wish this vocal minority could do the same...sheesh
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    You have no idea what balance is
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    I dont support your rage, but i can understand it perfectly. And yap - this game makes you have no life anymore. So you can cross out your RL.
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    So fun fact: AI gears that have supreme mobility also have the highest durability, while those stay still or trace the operator (therefore easier to aim) have lower durability. Drone (50-56-84-100) Turret (56-56-84) Wheel Drone (129-168/112) IMO turret should have its health literally swapped with wheeled drones
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    @Waughan27131 Try responding to the actual arguments. It's clear what your agenda is. You just care about the price of uranium without regard to actual game play or player base. I do not agree that the price of a relic would be 6000 in two more months. But even if it was...who cares? If relics were 6k and there were 10x as many players and a huge population of clan wars players...then why does it matter if the price of a relic is 6k? Just a hypothetical question but of course you wont answer. You do not give a **** about this game. You do not care about the population or that the matchmaker works better with more people and more clans. You dont care if more people can participate and are having fun...you simply only care that the price of your horded uranium or relic dropped a little. I hope the devs listen very carefully to you and realize what bad advice you offer.
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    I loved the fact that the snowflake hubcap can be mounted on spare tires and I would love to see wheel CKs also being able to be used on spare tires. My reasoning is that we are getting more and more CKs for our beloved wheels, so its only fair that we get matching spares... and talking about matching: we are still missing the stallion, gun mount, the new Array special wheel, all small wheels and the bigfoot spares (maybe even a Bigram wheel too). Considering the inflatable mammoth is fricking huge, I don't see a reason why we can't have a Bigfoot spare tire specially because we already have the large wheel one. How about it devs? This one is not that hard since half of the work (ingame models) is already done.
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    it is ignorant and lazy that the old special weapons didn't get some sort of perk, just because they are the first of their weapon type. Then why change their rarity at all? And if they are going to change it at least give them a simple perk like the other specials.
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    drones are cancer imo. i put drone users below lance builds on the Crossout ladder. it was bad watching one play. i felt dirty. when everyone else has to aim and fire, drone users just drive around while their firepower is split into multiple moving targets, all controlled by a computer. i never cry to remove or nerf things i'm not even dong it now, but i am sick to f cking death of drones. i resent getting killed in that way. i have watched some of the best players in the game getting killed by a computer.
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    ^^That's nice honey but how about the rest us report this bot for spamming? Edit: It's gone now
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    The Blockchain Plasma Cutter Damage: 44 Damage on heated parts: 220 (5 times higher) Damage on heated parts with Photon: 285 Damage on heated parts with Photon and Jade: 299 (calculated, not tested) Reload time: 2 seconds Range: 150 m (estimated) Accuracy: Very high but weapon naturally distributes its damage output over a large area. Technical observations: The weapon is basically a plasma cannon with magnetic guidance plates. The single beam is split up and creates a thin but very wide plasma beam that cuts a wide swath into the target. The weapon seems to create a total of 8 individual beams: The weapon has a cutting width of 4 blocks: Damage in this area is distributed. If there are 4 different targets in the area the 44 regular damage will be distributed to 4 X 11 damage on 4 parts. This makes Blockchain relative poor against strong 1 block wide structure parts as each of them only takes a quarter of the damage output. (Possible even 1/8 even though I dont know if you can manage to have such poor beam focus.... maybe at almost maximum range at a step angle?) Once the 4 middle structure pieces have been destroyed, you deal full cabin damage while the green structure pieces remain unharmed. Weapon Advantages: Very accurate Basically hitscan Exploits holes in the enemies armor. If there is a way to the enemies gasgen.. it will find it. Basically a ranged shotgun, dealing wide spread destruction onto the enemy. You can literally cut them apart with this. Brutal damage output against heated targets Relative durable Does not require cooling or ammunition 150 m range and instant hitscan fire means that you can peek a boo with a lot of builds without much fear of return fire Weapon Disadvantages: Regular damage output isnt very impressive 150 m range puts you uncomfortable close to short range and melee units who gladly will blow you to smithereens given the chance. Helpless against long range Probably does a rather poor job at missile defense Expensive in PS. Works best in conjunction with somebody heating the enemy. If you want to do it yourself you will either waste even more energy on cooling or have a relative ineffective aurora that overheats quickly. Complex controls when heating up enemies yourself with Aurora. Build box is relative difficult to protect What do you think about it?
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    I it annoying being placed with 10k -13k builds. Those people might enjoy getting punished, but I don't. 13k builds make it so much harder for everyone.
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    Was getting ready to buy the Valentines pack, but no you went and slapped a new paint on a Horsemen pack and put 30$ on it and called it Valentines Special. Do me a favor, after the pack sale ends look at how many bought the old pack and how many bought the rehash pack, and then feel ashamed at your own failure
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    Due new Special items (craft time 2h per 1) crafting time of Epic is double then before. To make 1 Epic one needs to wait 12+ hours instead of 6 hours. How does that make "getting epics easier" ???
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    I'll just add some general Data about Hovers in CW that might be useful to come up with ideas and to proceed with an actual discussion: This data was taken from www.crossoutstats.info and I choosed the top 30 used weapons in CW and roughly put the used movement type next to them for comparison (Data was collected during the last 3 weeks). I put the stuff into Excel to calculate the % of the different movement parts (I always calculated it with 100% of the users of that certain weapon that have the said movement part icon next to them): A little side note: I'm not sure how well known this site is so I expect that rather top clans are using this tool and less new clans or clans of lower leagues but as I mentioned - this is just an assumption. Now have fun discussing and creating some ideas and compromisses of the different movement types - in my personal opinion this list shows pretty well (for CW only) that not Hovers are the main issue but other movement parts are totally abandoned (tracks, augers) which should have their place in Top Tier Gameplay as well.
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    Can we just appreciate how cool some of the maps look during the different times of day? I really like the sunset time at Broken Arrow, the rain for some maps, and the night time at Naukograd. Those were some nice touches Devs.
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    First things first, i really appreciate the effort and desire to have an open discussion. So thanks, for doing that. However, and (EDIT: NOT) trying to throw you under the bus, just pointing something out from an external view. you did the same thing you didnt want others do, which is resulted to insults yourself. Just a friendly reminder.... By degrading those of dissenting opinion as less intelligent, you by default start the discussion in a negative trending direction. Not the best way to go about a "civilized conversation".
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    How about people that have some actual integrity and can admit that hovers are OP even though they use hovers themselves? The few eternal hover users that have been in the game before hovers were introduced were with 99% certainty using wedges back then. A crutch is a crutch.
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    killed nothing, drop 14% made nothing,devs played nothing
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    Since the devs did not list changes to epic weapons, this thread will be for people listing the changes and/or new fusions they've noticed or know about. • Spike: Damage increased from 162 to ~180. Hp, mass and velocity seems the same. +20% Impulse perk has been added to fusion. • Phoenix: Base damage increased from 160 to 178. Hp, mass, velocity and splash seems the same. +15% whick burn speed and +10% explosion radius perks has been added to fusion. • Fatman: Base damage increased from 120 to ~140. Hp might have also been raised. I believe it was around ~692 before, it's ~790 now. • Tow: Base damage increased to ~198. • Corvos: No noticeable change. +9% reload has been added to fusion. • Whirlwind: MIGHT have gotten another splash buff. Was able to consistently detonate fuel barrel mounted beneath a Torero cabin by just hitting the cabin, which seems strange to me. (Wasn't aiming at bottom) This was with harpy but still surprised me. Will need further testing. * Impulse: Hp buffed from 113 to 126. Unsure of any other changes. * Grenadiers: Hp buffed from 150 to 168. Unsure of any other changes. ( Now you know devs didn't add epic changes to patch notes)
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    I like how the grenadier drone has more health than the impulse too. I also like how it somehow uses 1 less energy. Impulse: 5 Energy Impulse mounted on RC car: 4 Energy Whisky Tango Foxtrot
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    The games top speed should be increased to accommodate this engine buff, otherwise there is now point in even allowing this buff to happen. If the top speed is not increased, then there needs to be a big warning somewhere saying "VEHICLES TOP SPEED CANNOT EXCEED 120KMH".