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    So today after finally convincing my brother to play this game,we encountered people from ohno,2sec,hoax,and boom some grouped.He is level 14 with one blue weapon and a power score under 2000 as they were running the try hard .99 power score crap I really had to look twice as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. You who take the easy way and farm new players are the lowest scum.It became glaringly obvious why we have a shrinking population and you scum who do that crap are to blame really you are trash if you must farm n.o.o.b.s.
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    Greetings to all survivors! Today we would like to share some information about what is currently being worked on and what to expect in the foreseeable future. Of course, we can't list all the planned changes and features within a single blog entry. Therefore, we chose what you most often asked us about and what was most often suggested by players around the world. New map “Naukograd” And we will start with what many already know. In the next update, we plan to add a new PvP map to the game, which will be the first in the map cycle with a new setting, unusual for many Crossout players. The players' suggestions for adding aggressive surroundings to new maps different from the acid lake at the “Factory”, seemed promising to us. And we are almost ready to present the first map of this kind. The map is a city abandoned after a flood. The main objects on it are partially destroyed panel houses, forming local arenas for battles. The memorable element is the geysers in the middle of the map. It is thanks to them that the geothermal station, also located in the middle, works. Geysers can fundamentally change the course of the battle. They block the view for the enemy, they can destroy drones and missiles flying through them during the discharge of water. And, of course, small and medium-sized armoured vehicles can be thrown and turned over. Crafting parts If we talk about crafting, one of the most popular suggestions comes to mind — crafting several parts of common rarity at a time. And we are happy to announce that in one of the next updates, such an opportunity will appear. You can choose the required number of identical parts of common rarity, start crafting them and immediately get them all at once. In addition, to make it more convenient, the animation of receiving any manufactured items from workbenches will be shown only if you crafted this item for the first time. Subsequent crafting of the same part will not play the animation. Clan battles We will also touch on the topic of clan battles. We agree with the majority of players in this mode that “jumping” from more prestigious leagues to less prestigious for easy earning of uranium ore is not how the competitive mode should work. Now we are considering several possible solutions at once. As soon as the changes in the current mechanics are ready, we will include them in the next update. “Snowstorm” in Crossout New Year is close, which means the villain Gronch again seeks to spoil everyone's holiday. But the survivors are ready for anything, so even the new conditions of the battle will not become a serious problem for them! Changes will also happen to the familiar workbench “Lost and found explosives”. To the already familiar assortment, we will add new unique rewards that will be regularly updated. Every day throughout the “Snowstorm” event, a new limited offer will be active for the “Lost and found explosives”. You can craft decor, paint or other unique items. The offer will be updated every day, so we advise you to regularly check the “Lost and found explosives” bench so as not to miss anything! Want to get some new paint? A police light or other unique decor? A CK for wheels? Then the upcoming event is definitely for you! Beginning of 2020 As you know, at the beginning of 2020 we plan to release a major update. Today we would like to make an early announcement and inform you that we are working on a new game faction. Details are yet to be disclosed. In the meantime, we can say that player progress within this fraction will occur differently than in existing ones. And, of course, you will see new structural parts, weapons and equipment. In addition to the above, we still have many plans both for new content and for the improvement/rework of existing mechanics. We will share information with you as it becomes available. And finally: can you guess the style of the new faction from the silhouettes of some new parts? We won't be able to confirm your guesses very soon, but it would be interesting to read your assumptions Please note that all the features described in this blog are preliminary and may still be changed before the final release on the game servers.
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    So one of the current issues right now is hovers. And specifically the 10+ hover boats with radars that literally take more damage than spiders You might go like “Oh radars are the whole problem”, however radars are only part of it, and hover boats will still be a problem after the radar nerf Why is this? It’s because you can mount over 10 hovers on a heavy cabin while still having decent speed and acceleration, and then add a bunch of armor and still have good speed and acceleration. Hovers have advantages over every movement part exactly because of this. You can just put on 10 hovers with a bunch of armor and accelerate to top speed faster than any movement part while also going faster than any movement part except wheels, as well as taking more damage than most other types of builds can. My point is that radars are only part of the problem with hovers. The solution I propose is that hovers get a more drastic speed and acceleration decline as you get over 6 hovers, returning hovers to how they are before, generally fast with quick acceleration but fragile, which is what hovers were supposed to be, not giant boats tanking all your shots
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    Greetings to all survivors! Today we are launching a test server where you will be among the first to try the new Naukograd map! Map “Naukograd” The map is a city abandoned after old flooding. The main objects on it are partially destroyed panel houses, forming local arenas for battles. The memorable element is the geysers in the centre of the map. It is thanks to them that the geothermal station, also located in the centre, works. Geysers can fundamentally change the course of the battle. They block the view for the enemy, they can destroy drones and missiles flying through them during the discharge of water. And, of course, toss and rollover light armoured vehicles. In the centre of the map is a Geothermal plant, with an abundance of cover, water and geysers inside the complex and along the outer perimeter. The zone will often serve as a place for local collisions of manoeuvrable vehicles, as it’s easy to go anywhere on the map, and this is the shortest way to the enemy base. If you do not want to go through the middle, then there are always options for detours along the perimeter of the map: through housing complexes or along the monorail. Along the way, you will encounter a sufficient number of sniper positions and sites for viewing and orientation on the ground. Please, pay attention that the map is not in its final state yet and we also plan to improve visual effects of geysers. Apart from the new map, you will also get the opportunity to test the new vertical booster mounting. Also: try adding each other as friends on the test server, start test-drive and see what happens. How to get to the test server? If you have already participated in testing on a special server, then it will be enough to start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete. Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive. Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you get to the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again. Start the Launcher and install the game to the folder you created (for example D:\Public test\Crossout). After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and enter the game with your username and password. The whole progress of your main account will be transferred to the main server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation in factions). After logging in to the server to transfer the progress from your account, you must press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”. Please note the schedule of the test server: Friday, November 22, 2019: from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT time) Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT) Sunday, November 24, 2019 from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT) Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS). After testing the changes, we invite you to leave your constructive feedback on the planned rework in THIS THREAD (it will open a bit later after the launch of the test server). You can report all issues found on the test server here. The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.
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    Make up your mind Devs. You ever so slightly nerf Hovers and cannons, then you pile on against the builds that were specifically designed to counter them. Only since the last hover/cannon 'nerf' has it felt like a semi-level playing field and now you are about to completely unbalance it back in the favor of hovers/cannons, while making it even more difficult to kill spider builds that were made by someone smarter than a 5th grader. Not to mention dogs have almost no effectiveness against Porc Wagons as it is, they are now even more worthless against those builds. Can't you do maybe one change at a time versus slapping a direct 20% damage nerf AND a stealth nerf to a CW build? You have the wackiest balance sense I have ever seen, it is literally like you just pick up a bunch of magnets with either buffs/nerfs written on them and then you throw them at a metal surface to see which sticks.
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    What a trashy game @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron You proud?
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    As said above, the current state of hovers is what those who complained about them when they were in a good spot wanted, this proves 2 points: 1- It's not a matter of balance or not anymore, it's a matter of complaining for the sake of it (hate trends, some stuff may be on the spotlight for months, then, even that has not changed, the trend will move to another thing because it got old fashined and people don't care about complaints anymore) 2- Most complainers don't have the most minimal clue of what the xxxx they want Now to the main point, and for the same reason as most of other stuff, the lack of content strikes again, as you say back when the hovers had a "limit" of 4, they were fasters, yes, they were more agile, yes, and they could be almost insta-crippled by any decent player with high explosive weapons, yes as well, what we needed was not them to be slower, but leave them as the fast option, and add an hover track or something like that More than them needing a power drain increase, we need wheels and small tracks (and hopefully the upcoming wheeled mech legs) to have a lower one, this the only thing that could happen when you try to make the game slower every time, but there is only one part focused on mobility it's just logical that it's going to ouperform the others
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    Made you look. Although Hovers are the best mobility options, I don't think continuous nerfs are the answer. The really smart hover players always find ways to work around the nerf. Nerfing them to the ground will just cause a lot of people to quit the game. I think the best option to solving the hover issue is Improving other epic mobility options. Some of the epic mobility options are under performing and need some serious improvements to be made more viable. Some of the parts suffer from terrible physics and glitches as well. Small tracks- Suffer from various glitches: Prone to catching on terrain and flipping over. Sometimes they will perform a wheelie and then spin around like a top. Please fix this. Meat grinders - Only useful with two meatgrinders, 4 meatgrinders have terrible turning. Tracks- hardened and armored tracks that suffer from poor turning and power drain. We should also add new mobility parts. A lot of people would like to see an light epic wheel that allows for much greater acceleration.
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    "Nothing to see here" "Perfectly balanced" "Working as intended" "Maybe you should use it yourself" "Git gud" Ad infinitum.
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    There, I said it. You want the explanation of how I arrived at that number? Small Tracks, you can outrun a turbojet, on Tracks. Hardened Tracks with the Golden Eagle. (Both Nomad parts you can get before unlocking Dawn's Children!) I'm going to burn this strawman right here, it doesn't make any damned sense that ANY tracks are faster than flying. Period. Now, in order to balance this out, they're going to have to go back to what they were: Fragile, weak (In terms of lifting capacity) and inefficient power-hogs. I'm talking about 25% Cabin/Engine Power. Each. You can lift a Colossus, but it'll cost you. You can almost, but not quite catch up to a Luntic sandrail, but not with any more armor than that Lunatic sandrail. Hovers used to be cool. They used to look cool, before they were hidden behind a sideways Quantum, and solar panels. They used to be fast, and skidded around like something with no Traction. Now, they're free engines, that don't use Charge. They don't help your reload either, but that's another WTF discussion. They once were faster than anything on land, except for the lightest wheels. Now, they're floating space-stations that take cannon rounds better than Tanks, and slower than Tracks. Fix it.
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    I read about it. Was using them before my break of crossout. This weekend i tried: - equalizer x 3 + auora - fidget x 4 And my conclusion: MGs are useless AF. Cannon, cannon, ... everything with explosions everywhere. And for MGs i need COOLERS. I mean what the actual f - this is ridiculous. And with the next patch we get even more cannon(s?). Not to mention the "spawn, dead (cricked over the hole map ... STILL possible!), "spawn, drive, dead (lanced)". The only thing you can do is doing the same. Or use fire. I choose fire. *sadface*
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    Since you're increasing Goliath durability by 12.5% and tonnage by 33.33%, can you please do the same for the other tracks? As a Christmas gift?
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    Nice hover buffs, gg dogs, meta hovers dont need to see u clearly at all, they just need to see your silhouette and u are done, the earlier they see u the faster u are dead, especially when they sit on containers and devs doing nothing with it, completely bs change cuz the devs dont play their game or just watch out for their precious op hovers, it has zero sense knowing an contact build needs to make a contact to do anything and hover don't, sneaking up on hover is the only way to close the distance and attack without harm, and now they and only them will have free shot cuz they see u, complete pathetic change. BONUS!!! "Skilled" hovers sitting on map exploit containers, cuz they are so good...
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    Survivors! Just to make things clear in advance: this new coupler is a test part just for the New Year brawl truck. Atm we plan to test this mechanic with an AI vehicle on live servers.
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    Re Cloak visibility, if we want more warning, we get an oculus. Cloak is currently fairly well balanced and in my opinion doesn't need changing.
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    If I remember correctly you called the game P2W but gave reason why it was. Then you proceeded to say that you can't progress as a free player because you can't get coins without spending money on the game. Another player, Ecele, randomly called me a clown and that thread was similarly deleted (I can only assume he's been blocked from posting for a while because of it too.).
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    so you mean: "We would also like to inform you in advance that changes to radar armor have been ignored and with months and months and months of complaints we still plan to do nothing because we need months and months more to do a simple fix that would take one of our coders two seconds to change." Got it, thank!
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    Obviously the clue is in the title and I wanted to ask everyone if things have gotten better (highly unlikely) stayed the same..... or gotten worse... On Ps4 things have taken a turn for the worse if it makes any of you feel any better... All are welcome to state their opinions... I doubt PC players will have much reason to though since their playerbase is apparently far better than what console users have to tolerate...
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    Do you think you guys might ever take a break from placating the complainers and give us a way to test our leviathans like using them in custom matches or bedlam?
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    radar 300kg 100 durability no need complicated fix
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    This is a guide intended for people having problems winning medium and hard raids or constantly getting low scores (less than 900). This is written at the start of December 2019. Things might have changed from then. Too lazy for reading? Skip through the fat prints and car description. 1. Basics Raids get harder, the higher the player's PS is! The enemy gets stronger weapons and has more hitpoints. Stay below 6000 PS. The only exception being Invasion, which is not covered by this guide. Here your PS defines how much reward you will get for a win. BUT(!) be very sure about what you are doing. Those very high PS leviathans are not easy targets! The higher your PS, the more likely it is you will be grouped with very high PS teammates as well. Those are usually inexperienced players who believe a 10000+ PS car will make raids easy and later complain about losing. With good teams the score is distributed evenly. Less than four players in raids make the bots a lot weaker and easier to kill. You usually also get more score. Watch out for players coming in late though. It will suddenly make the bots regain their original strength. Being added late into a raid stinks and gives you a lot less score and reward, even if you by far outclass all other players. It is a bad game design flaw, but make the best of it. Leaving will be an even greater loss for you. Use a dedicated car for each task. A P(layer)V(ersus)P(player) car has different requirements than a P(layer)V(versus)E(enemy) one. Bots do not aim at your weapons and there is no use for fuel tanks in raids. When firing stand still, use short bursts. Never just hold that mouse button. If you want to know why, get a scope and a machine gun and fire around in test drive in your garage. Watch the bullet's spread pattern with the scope active. Also note how it changes while you move and turn. Having the strongest superweapons will not help you when 95% of your bullets hit the landscape instead of the enemy. You might be surprised by how much of a difference this can make in your efficiency. Don't make it hard for your team. Driving around chaotically will make it tough for your team to hit the enemy. They also can't shoot through you. This is a constant issue with shotgun, hover or spider builds. They just block everyone and almost always stand in the way and obscure the view. Also, try to avoid tower builds with 4 guns side by side. They are so wide and tall, your team will permanently be busy driving around you to hit the enemy. Keep it slim. Don't hide behind your team. This is something hover players do very often, since they are more or less glass cannons with very few hitpoints, using other players as their shield. When the situation gets dire you want to share taking hits and be able to shield the target you need to protect. Disarm, kill later. You will get the full kill score when you disarm an enemy, even if someone else kills it later (When you are bored, watch how the bots will self destruct after some time without weapons or ammo). Clean up the now harmless enemies when there is no more threat left. Some enemies can be turned harmless faster by removing their tires. Especially focus on disarming bosses and minibosses as soon as possible. In hard raids a Reaper, Retcher or crossbows/Incinerator can very quickly turn your team and the protection target into scrap metal otherwise. When playing against Lunatics (the guys with shotguns), don't bother disarming the little guys though, just kill. The guns are too hard to hit. Bots will always aim at the very centre of your car's cabin (that is true for PVP and all drones/Kaukasus as well). Use that to direct the enemy's fire and keep explosive parts and guns out of harm's way. There is no need to heavily shield the cabin. (Almost) all armour you have on your car will give it hitpoints and losing them this way is a lot safer than having armour parts shot off and have your car become unstable with one side being heavier than the other. It also reduces the effect of splash damage from cannons, rockets and the like. Just protect your tires and frame a little. Learn to play raids in easy and medium ones before moving to the hard version. Memorize the enemy's spawn positions and get used to the various bots. You might even find out how to quickly make heavy armour ones go boom. The developers were nice enough to build in methods to very quickly dispose of bosses. Find them. (Example: The heavy Scavenger bosses have explosive ammo packs/generators on their back) Bots will keep firing at the first target they encounter and follow it, if anyhow possible (same goes for PVP) and only look for a new target when the old one is destroyed or cloaked (Don't cloak in raids, it makes the bots behave very unpredictable for your team and wastes valuable PS and can even lead to all of them suddenly firing at the tower, killing it). Draw fire from your heavily damaged target or teammates with that knowledge or make them follow you away from risky places. Take cover behind turrets and let bots fire on those. Bots placing turrets or firing homing missiles will come back to you when they run out of ammo or you destroy their missile/turrets. No need to run after them across the whole map. Don't use repair kits. They cost more than what you get out of the whole raid. One respawn is free and should be sufficient, if needed at all. If you still want to use them just to get done with weekly tasks, buy them in advance on the market, not during a raid. You get 5 instead of 1 for an even lower price. Don't try to be a hero. Either you are one or not. You will waste your team's time and just get destroyed. Raids are a team game, with the exception of easy ones, where you can just run through like a madman with pretty much any weapon ;-) Watch your radar! Don't get surprised from behind. 2. Your car Weapons: Minimum: 3 x Vector/Tackler/Defender/Spectre Optimum: 4 x Upgraded Vector (which upgrade depends on your taste), choose the right co-pilot as well Reasons: - Vectors have the single best DPS per PS rate of any guns strong enough to beat hard raids - They can fire close to medium range without spin up time and have almost instant rotation with pretty high accuracy - Their PowerScore allows you to stay at a reasonable range No, don't !!!: no lasers, no fast MGs, no autocannons, no rockets, no drones and definitely no heavy cannons or shotguns and if I catch you with a TOW in raids I will personally make it hit your... behind. There are a few different possible builds for raids, but learn first, experiment later and don't mess up other people's raids, just because you feel like a superhero. If you want to try a new setup, play a custom battle hard raid all alone. If you can beat it easily, go for it. If not, it stinks. End of the story. If you are really really incapable of aiming, replace the Vectors with Kaukasus. Just know that they are very inefficient in comparison and you can never disarm anyone, being at the mercy of your teammates. Try a scope first and set it to your right mouse button. Modules: Minimum: 1 X Radiator Optimum: 1 x Upgraded R2-Chill or upgraded Seal (one upgraded R2-Chill is absolutely sufficient and keeps PS low. Note that it also has more hitpoints than Seals and can function as emergency armour). If you need more weapon cooling, you are doing something wrong. Fire in shorter bursts. 1 x Doppler/Maxwell or Scope/Radar (Add a radio when using a scope/radar. It will let your team know where you spotted enemies at almost no PS cost) 1 x Generator (which one depends on how much energy you need to maintain your build) Cabin: Minimum: Pretty much anything. Try not to be too slow to reach your target in time. Light cabins often require you to add more tires to sustain the weight, which cancels out the speed advantage. Optimum: Torrero. The accuracy bonus, energy supply, speed and tonnage are unbeatable in raids. However, it can only be bought for a pretty high price. Until then Growl, Wyvern or Quantum are good choices. Tires: Minimum: 4-6 x Medium wheel Optimum: 4 x APC wheel (Scavengers). It comes with a good compromise between durability, speed, tonnage and PS Note: Spider legs and hovers have no place in raids, unless you have a lot of experience and skill and know what you are doing. Tracks are also a bad choice. They increase PS too much and turn you into a slow moving turtle. If you are really so scared of the bots hitting you or losing tires, use Goliaths and take hits for your team when you already slowly crouch behind them to make up for being a less useful team member. Armor: Minimum: 500 HP, when being new you hardly have much choice in what to use Optimum: 1200-1500 HP, Scavenger tire protection, Spikes/Knives in front and back. Disarmed bots like to ram, especially from behind. Spiked bumpers keep doing 100-200 damage to them easily when they do that, often destroying them while you can focus on the dangerous bots with weapons. Note: - Scavenger Armor will give you the best armour per weight ratio, Steppenwolfs' the best armour per PS. - Doppler/Maxwell has a lot of hitpoints and losing them does not hurt that much. Use it as armour. - Use heavy armour on the bottom, lighter one on top. You don't want your car falling over. Test drive and press N to see your weight distribution. To test a car's stability, drive around in Awakening for a bit and do a side quest or two. It simulates raid landscapes pretty well, your garage does not. Raid cars are perfect for Adventure mode anyways. - Place valuable and explosive parts in safe places; under your car or on top of a turret is sufficient. Just don't drive over mines with a generator below your car :-) Decoration: - You can get a max 25% extra reputation from decoration additionally to any flags, events or the daily bonus. Just make sure you don't go over your PS or weight target. - Paint your car in ugly or bright colours. The easier it is for your team to distinguish friend from foe the better. 3. Raid sample This is a sample to guide you through a border defence raid on the bridge map. I will not go through all raids and spoil them all for you ;-) Move from the start to take out the turrets at A, continue to fire at the enemies waiting at B. If they have heavy weapons, stay out of range and disarm them from A. Quickly take out the two turrets at C afterwards. You should have enough material to place one turret at C now. Finally kill the last harmless enemies and the first attack wave will spawn. The bots will randomly take any of the four paths to attack in multiple waves before one of three bosses shows up. With a Doppler/Maxwell you will see them in advance and can comfortably wait for them at positions 1 (behind turrets you should keep upgrading/building), 2 (shield the target with your own car) or 3 (blast them when they come down the slope and around the corner. When your team lines up in those spots, all you have to do is have everyone point at the enemy and hit the fire button. The three bosses will also be easy cake with a team like that. For Nomads, destroy their drones. Against Lunatics, blow up that crossbow as fast as possible and close in to kill before it can do any damage. One of the Lunatics' bosses has a few MGs and Autocannons. Remove those FAST. Against Scavengers, ignore their big guns, get behind the boss, take out the one rear shotgun and dig through to the ammo pack/generator with your guns and after some nice big explosion you will almost feel sorry for it being gone so quickly. There is one Scavenger boss with triple cannons on the back. Get behind it and fire at the centre one. It holds the other two, so when it falls off, the others do as well. Raid done in about 6 Minutes, score around 950-1050. Should you have a teammate that is good at heating up bots, don't bother disarming or using the bosses' weak points. Full brute force at the cabin and it's over. Sadly, you aren't always lucky with your team and have a lot of inexperienced and just um... not so talented(?) players in raids. One example in this raid is players who place turrets at A. It will cause the bots to attack those first, which might sound good. Just, afterwards they can attack you and the tower in a straight line while coming from all directions. But I am sure you can make up for it now by just staying calm in your defensive spots ;-) Don't run back and forth between turrets trying to adjust. Stay and secure the area. Extra time requirement: about 2 minutes. Risk increase: Medium Note: Lunatics will completely ignore turrets at A and take the usual path, except for the purple ones, which will attack those turrets. This splits their wave up. Another frequent thing happening is shotgunners and new players trying to run after the bots. It will lead to something like seen below. The yellow path being a weasel-on-ecstacy-player running around trying to kill the enemy (yellow path), usually not doing any real harm to them and making all the bots run around in a similar fashion (blue path), making it hard for the rest of the team to even hit them. It mostly ends in that player just dying and insulting everyone else for being stupid or feeling as the victim of a too hard game conspiracy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Stay in your spot, fire from a distance and win the raid, hoping that there is only one of those. Medium raids can usually be won alone with three of those players on the team. In hard ones it gets really tough. Extra time requirement: 5-10 minutes. Risk increase: High to very high! 4. Final notes When you have a team with high PS players, you can be almost certain that they are inexperienced, useless and will mess things up, while at the same time increasing the bot's power considerably. Feel free to let them take the hits and carefully try to save the raid by disarming bots. Sadly you will not gain any bonus for babysitting. Keep an eye on the defense target's hitpoints. When yours are low, you can use it as shield. When it gets hit too much, shield it no matter the cost. When it gets destroyed you lose anyways. When escorting trucks, there are two approaches. With good players, stay in front of the truck and just toast whatever the game throws at you. With not so good players, get behind the truck. The bots will drive past it and turn around to attack it. The moment they turn they almost stand still and make the perfect target. Just make sure to get in front of the truck once its hitpoints are low. Pick your time to play raids. Directly after school/work you will have a lot of tired kids/adults playing. Those are the most risky times to play raids. The same goes for weekends and holidays. Expect having to save a lot more raids and meet more frustrating players. Avoid the Steel Cradle and Border Breach raids. They give you 1/3 less resources. To predict how many resources you will get for raids, do an integer division(round down) of your score. By 30/12/4 for the copper raids, by 45 for plastic, by 70 for electronics. The most average scores are gained in truck escorts, the highest ones in War For Fire (at the highest risk). Data Breach is the fastest raid (4 minutes with a good team) at slightly(1-3%) less resources and Border Defense the easiest to save from bad players if you have a Doppler and good for afternoon/evening/weekends, at the cost of higher time requirement. You can also reach scores of nearly 1200 in Border Defense, when your team is really really bad and you do all the work. On the other hand, it can be very fast with great gunners. Do not play any more easy or medium copper raids than you need to fulfil the weekly task. In easy raids you would make more copper by selling the fuel and buying copper for it. In medium ones it is about break even, depending on the current costs for materials. The most profitable raids tend to be hard copper and Invasion with a 16000+ PS car, only beaten by clan wars in the highest league and metal PVP missions with both barrels. Plastic and electronics give about the same value, so when you are aiming to sell the resources, you might as well play the easier one.
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    Every game has 4-8 or so pure Drone builds, game feels cheap as f*ck.. They don't even fight, they just run to bases and do donuts, feels like a game for handicapped children
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    They'll nerf Grenadiers after the pack sales come down.
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    The purpose of this thread is exactly what the title is. Net tonnage and base durability are useful, but aren't good metrics to compare between parts. This is because different parts are larger or smaller than each other. There may be some rounding. Durability / Mass: This is a measure of how durable the part is, proportional to its mass. High is good. For these purposes, we will be ignoring resistances. Bigfoot (The only epic wheel): 445/280=1.59 Small Track: 300/185=1.62 Hardened Track: 600/500=1.2 Armored Track: 0.90 Goliath: 1600/1800=0.89 (planned update: 1800/1800=1.0) Icarus VII: 135/325=0.415 Icarus IV: 160/325=0.49 ML-200: 810/900=0.9 Meat Grinder: 820/800=1.025 Conclusions: Among tracks, heavier and more durable tracks tend to become less mass-efficient. The planned Goliath change would break the trend, though. Hovers are very flimsy, even accounting for their mass. Tonnage / Mass: How much useable mass the part gives compared to how much max mass it costs. High is good. For Net Tonnage / Mass, just subtract 1 from the decimal result. Bigfoot, (ST) (The only epic wheel): 2250/280=8.04, (1250/280=4.46) Small Track: 835/185=4.51 Hardened Track: 1750/500=3.5 Armored Track: 3600/1440=2.5 Goliath: 4500/1800=2.5 (planned update: 6000/1800=3.33) Icarus VII: 850/325=2.615 Icarus IV: 850/325=2.615 ML-200: 2250/900=2.5 Meat Grinder: 2800/800=3.5 Conclusions: Tracks tend to become less efficient the heavier they become. The planned Goliath change would break that trend. Hovers' T/M is comparable to Armored Tracks and Mechanical Legs. There's a reason "Brick-foot" vehicles exist. Net Tonnage / Power Drain: How much useable mass is gained compared to how much vehicle power it costs. High is good. Bigfoot, ST (The only epic wheel): (2250-280)/20= 98.5, (1250-280)/20=48.5 Small Track: (835-185)/15=43.33 Hardened Track: (1750-500)/25=50 Armored Track: 43.2 Goliath: (4500-1800)/70=38.57 (planned change: (6000-1800)/70=60) Icarus VII: (850-325)/5=105 Icarus IV: (850-325)/8=65.625 ML-200: (2250-900)/20=67.5 Meat Grinder: (2800-800)/35=57.14 Conclusions: Tracks tend to be rather consistent, but the change would take Goliath from an outlier [to its detriment] to an outlier [to its benefit]. Mechanical Legs and Augers give more net tonnage, when accounting for their power draw, than any track. Icarus VII has the highest number there by far, rivaled only by not-steering Bigfoot. Bigfoot ST is needed to make Bigfoot vehicles function well, so that number, in practicality, is an average of the two. This is why heavy cabins on hovers can spam so many (10, sometimes 12) blue hovers and still retain great maneuverability. It costs hardly any maneuverability to add more net tonnage. Abnormally high tonnage granted per % engine draw, combined with mediocre mass-efficiency, allows for the surprisingly-nimble floating fortresses that are seen at high PS. Last notes: If new light epic wheels are added, they will need high Net Tonnage / Power Drain (considering both normal and ST) as well as low base power drain in order to effectively chase, and keep in check, hovers. Otherwise, they will just be "Bigfoot, but smaller". Please stop yelling "NeRf HoVeR" when the problem is from the lack of serious competitors.
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    Do yoy mean steel cradle? If he wants to bait the levi over the lake and waste time who cares. Sigma is not wrong about the grind its way easier today then 2 years ago
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    Someone call the police! It is either a subtle cry for help becuase he cant call them or Targem have him at gunpoint!
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    Didn't you know dumpbump doesn't have a profile picture, it's a mirror...
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    I don't run Goliaths, and I absolutely hate them... but from a gameplay standpoint, they're a necessary evil. They should not be nerfed in this way. Primarily, the nerf they need is powerscore, not mobility. First off... they're TRACKS. Tracks should have zero turning circle. They should also turn in place with fairly good speed... not the snail's rate which you have them set to now. Either raise the powerscore, or change the power requirements so the lack of acceleration would become virtually useless on a duster or pickup cabin. Problem solved.
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    Please note that later we plan to add “Bastion”, “Photon” and “Harpy” cabins to faction workbenches, as well as “Pulsar” and “MG14 Arbiter” guns. This is from the KR patch notes, so they told it right away. And KR items from the previous visit, except a selected few, has a habit of being assigned to factions later. Nobody should be surprised.
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    DW................Dear Wife? OMG! (づ。❤‿ ‿ ❤。)づ Am I your waifu Xbox-chan? ❤ (。●´ω`●。)
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    At this point, nothing beats the raw power of Hornets, specially if you use them on wheels, specially if you mix them to make your build with a more irregular angle, like some blue big wheels on one side and 3 starter/small wheels on the other, also make sure none of them are ST so you get the max benefit of that tonnage! Grab an umbrella tho, the ammount of salt you are going to recieve with that build is going to be huge
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    You had some valid points, the rest was just you ranting and throwing a tantrum. No, it hasn't.
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    More parts for exe/judge/scorp/rocket hovers to wreck from 300m. If they squint they might actually notice. Check. Gren droners are too busy jacking off with their free hand to notice. Check. Goliath Goblin might notice during the 1/2 sec before he turns them into swiss cheese. M-kay.
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    You seem to be unfamiliar with our very special little friend here. You see, he hates clans and anyone who has friends and plays in clan wars. This topic and these suggestions are his idea of super clever sarcasm.
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    I don't know why are you saying stuff like that to Dumpbump? Your picture has more s.h.i.t. on it than his.
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    We hate you because you are like the King Midas of human waste: everything you touch turns into poo.
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    That's why dating yall's sistur is thay way ta go. Y'all ken't trust nawone but kinfolk these days! *spits*
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    Oh, you are back? I was worried.. Skipped school today?.. yeah, being bullied by 5th graders does that... Sure you have a wife. Is she by chance a character form a Final Fantasy game? I am sure you speak 5 languages! Your knowledge of the English language (the most used one in the world) shows your linguistic skills! I salute you! XD Are all 5 of them your own made up fantasy languages? And ofc that is not your picture.. We all keep a random douche kid as our avatars. Just stop..... You are making this too easy. Off you go to Google translate now.
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    That defeats the entire point of hovers, and just makes the entire game slower. Harvester perk re-work 2: Todesklinge Boogaloo. "Penalize them twice! Because I say so! For I am... Todesklinge, the Bane of Hovers!" Hmmm.... Subjective. Ask for new epic light wheels, then. Tethering an entire mobility class to a module because it happens to be different is not a good idea for any reason I can find. "Tracks are too tanky! All tracks need a special engine for them to be able to move more than 5 km/h!"..."Augers have too much tonnage/mass ratio! They should need a special module that allows them to strafe!". It's really easy to come up with any number of game-altering ideas that are inconsistent, arbitrary, unfair, and downright ridiculous. You're not impressing anyone with your latest installment of "burn everything to the ground". And by "everything", I mean hovers
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    You got me out of the grave just to tell you, DONT FUSE JUDGES, it cost too much to get Reload 10% or Ex. Radius 10%
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    Combating a cancer with another cancer. Good idea man.!!
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    Dude, stop wasting ya time.... There are humans out there they just don't get it. He is like the guys who wants round shaped squares for tetris.
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    Chase, Heist, Cargo Race and Siege...