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    Despite the fact that the OP has enough battles to possibly know the answer, there's still no call for you responding to their post in this way. You might want to seek professional help for your anger issues.
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    I've seen you play. You're the type of person who runs head first into any opponent you come across, giving no moment to use any strategy or to think at all. So "git gud" very much does apply here. You don't seem to understand that agile movement is a hover's entire point, but frankly if you're not able to rush them down with a wheeled build (when it's an appropriate time to do so), then you're doing something wrong.
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    Let's see. I was running 4 sinus, so I was pretty much degunning. I was also pretty much doing the main part of the killing. All the while they are running around in circles as the PS adjusted enemies got the crate down to under 10% before I could salvage the mess. The simple talking point remains, why force me into a match where I am going to have to face boosted bots that can shred objectives like newspaper? I've brought this up before, as have others, and it goes ignored.
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    As per title, it's pretty simple, all that I have learnt and worked towards as far as crafting goes is a waste of time due to Crossout being one game below level 30 engineers and a completely different game above level 30. Please have a warning in game that you're in the "baby pool" not the "adult pool". If I hadn't read on the forums somewhere about the change at level 30 I would just quit the game straight away as the contrast is so huge, what builds and tactics I had learnt were complete **** now, literally from level 29 at 99% to level 30 is two different games. And to be honest I'm 50/50 to carry on playing or quitting because all the bad points of the game that didn't seem relevant below engineers 30 are now all too real and in your face.
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    If that is the build you normally use... That explains a lot of why you have so much trouble with so many things..
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    Hover is the most serious balance threat no matter what.
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    Can we just sit back and appreciate that in Winter Mayhem one of the vehicles was designed to essentially be a fast-firing vehicle. AND INSTEAD OF MACHINE GUNS IT USES JOULES. Devs, fix MG's please. You've literally just admitted that machine guns are less useful than one of the worst autocannons in the game.
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    You have no idea what balance is
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    I dont support your rage, but i can understand it perfectly. And yap - this game makes you have no life anymore. So you can cross out your RL.
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    So fun fact: AI gears that have supreme mobility also have the highest durability, while those stay still or trace the operator (therefore easier to aim) have lower durability. Drone (50-56-84-100) Turret (56-56-84) Wheel Drone (129-168/112) IMO turret should have its health literally swapped with wheeled drones
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    drones are cancer imo. i put drone users below lance builds on the Crossout ladder. it was bad watching one play. i felt dirty. when everyone else has to aim and fire, drone users just drive around while their firepower is split into multiple moving targets, all controlled by a computer. i never cry to remove or nerf things i'm not even dong it now, but i am sick to f cking death of drones. i resent getting killed in that way. i have watched some of the best players in the game getting killed by a computer.
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    I have started making a series of 3d printable crossout vehicles that can be taken apart and put back together just like in the game. It uses a simple peg system similar to lego pegs. This is my first one which is just a basic set of pieces. I will have post a second one soon. The next one will be the starter car for the engineers. I made this one a while ago but it didn't have its own page on the forum so I put it here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3937871
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    // I'm sorry if my english is bad // In crossout we have american (icebox) or russian (humpback) truck cabs and I find that european trucks deserve their places in the game // the Supremacy cabin // - Obtained: knight riders - Rarity: epic (heavy) - Mass: 4100 - Energy: 11 - Power: 9.5 / 10 - Mass speed: 55 km / h - Tonnage: 8,500 - Mass limit: 19,500 - Durability: 480 - Perk: 180 ° rotating integrated telescopic sight, enemy detection radius increased to 350 m. (perfect with two cannons) - Description: Since the disaster, it's common for lost lands barons and warlords to drive real wheeling thrones from large cab over trucks to impress their minions, but warriors also use them to impress (or destroy) their enemies.
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    Yeah! Give wheels no-exponential lightning fast acceleration too! And flip resistance! And stuck resistance! Hell! Lets turn this game in a total garbage and play it like if its a game from a 1970 computer!
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    Hello! I've got a simple proposition for today. There have been some complaints about the "activate all" button not only firing all weapons, but also turning on the cloak, the hologram, flares, doing some fireworks, throwing out the kapkan, turning on the dishwasher and opening or closing the garage door. Now it would be possible to just reduce the button to only work with weapons, but I've got a better idea: In the controls settings, allow us to assign one key or button to multiple weapon groups at once. You can already have two different keys assigned to the same action, but now for example, you have the default weapon group 1 on the left mouse button and the group 2 on right mouse button. Now you could assign the middle mouse button to both groups at once instead of using the activate all button. So for example, you could have the left side cannon on the left mouse button and the right cannon on the right button - and when pressing the middle mouse button, you would fire both cannons at once without activating every remaining gadget on the vehicle.
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    More comments on the Mayhem mode: with these unstable servers, people are dropping out of matches and losing points. Make this system less of a grind like everyone is asking. So many negatives to the point system in a mode like this. FIX THE POINT SYSTEM ON MAYHEM LIKE EVERYONE ASKS DEVS.
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    Leave photon alone! ! ! I'll spit on the face of the first person who ask such insanity like a photon nerf Photon it's finally viable and not just barely viable So stop crying and gid gud
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    Pretty much. Mindlessly attacking everyone you see is beyond stupid when you be "friendly", get rid of the major threats who would otherwise pick off everyone separately with your "friends", and then stab them in the back when the storm is at the point it's hitting everyone.
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    The only weapons that have problems with annihilators are the same weapons that have problems with all other drones. Cannons and other weapons like them. High PS meta is almost exclusively those weapon types, so yeah, alot of builds at that PS will have problems fighting this weapons and there will be alot of "advanced" players bitching about it because all they play is high PS metas with cannons/porcs/scorps/pulsar/etc. All I can really say is adapt to it. I hope it stays the way it is. Its no worse than any other drone, and as a legendary it should perform better than lower rarity drones.
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    Learn to drive, then. If you can't drive wheels without getting stuck, then either learn to avoid getting stuck, or buy Hovers (And a Colossus) and learn to run into walls all over again.
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    ...To something more fitting like game of tanks with wheels, cannonapocalypse, cannon game or similar? if not, you should really consider it since on every match the cannon count goes around 70-80% because the enormous imbalance of this overpowered weapon, pair it with hovers and voila, game ruined, so, to prevent raising false expectations about balance or fun in this game, you should really consider renaming the game or at least put some kind of disclaimer that says that 9 of 10 times you die will be of a single overpowered cannon volley so, use cannons or a xxxx ton of armor (or just make a tank) because otherwise a single cannon shoot will ruin your entire build or insta kill you PS: in b4 you salty, learn to play/build and other similar **** i heard thousand times
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    These event rating system for reward is penalizing time sump....out of the three years I've played this game these events have been scored this way...you can push have five great wins go up just to get five terrible games....either to just having bad game to things that are completely out of your control...1) random paired players not following event objective 2) random players disconnected from server 3) just quitting....or players, like my father, who plays crossout that has out right bad eye sight....older player...who enjoy the game...when these scenarios happen you penalize the players to only award the few and basically say the wins they managed to get do not count...i mean this isnt clan war where a system like this should be in place and where it makes sense....these are decor items that cant be sold they hold no real value other than if the player who is award them like it PERIOD....these should be awarded on win count so people who would enjoy them can actually earn them and not want to beat their head against a wall, not some jacked rating system with a game that has poor execution flaws....take for instance the last tank event that had the Goddess of Victory decor angel was great looking..i tried my like hell to get it only for it to be out of reach due to the things mentioned above and to this day i have yet to see anyone put it on their builds and anyone running around with...so for the few to say they have it but never use it....these should just be based on a win count accumulation a defeat should just be that a defeat not a slap to the face too
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. This type of creative game is impossible to perfectly balance, especially with the rotation of new content. This is one of the most customizable games I've ever played. Every other game that even comes close had always had balance issues, as one meta trades for another. You can't have both this level of choice in pvp with perfect balance. If Ur a balance junky log off forever. This isn't the game type for you. Go play something like DnD online. Which oddly enough should be higher up on the customization scale. Except they didn't use an actual DnD Charactor creation system. Just some trash super limited choice boring bonanza.
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    Do the bots sell hacks on their websites, and then call people n*****s on livestreams?
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    That's closed minded. Especially since battle pass gives four fused Bigrams... That's twelve Bigrams in value fused for perfect buffs which would tbh take a few fusions extra to get all the Same...so let's say add six more for a value of 18 Bigrams. And u get far more than just that. Coinpacks are trash In comparison for coin value, but are a quick upgrade. Battle pass and coin packs aren't comparable. They are of very different functions prices and reward systems.
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    yea the math is in another post, but here it is again EDIT: @fftunes4real pointed out i incorrectly stated some numbers. Numbers below are believed to be accurate now, please let me know if i missed something else. Dailies - 300+400+500+600+700=2,500/day Weekly - 7000x4 = 28,000 Hard Weekly - 3000x2 = 6000 Total p/wk - (2500x7)+28,000+6000 = 51,500/week 75 levels @ 5000/lvl = 375,000 required 10 weeks x 51,500/week = 515,000 pts available 515,000-375,000 = 140,000(pts can be missed and still complete) / 2500(daily) = 56 days can be missed if you do all other challenges To verify math, lets add the points up to make sure we get total pts required. 10 weeks x 7 days = 70 days 70 days - 56 days (missed) = 14 days 14 x 2500pts/day = 35000 pts 10 weeks x 28000(weekly) = 280000 pts 10 weeks x 6000(hard weekly) = 60000 pts 35000 + 280,000 + 60000 = 375,000 pts
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    Yeah this goes out to all hover users
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    Mandrake is absolutely excellent at decloaking people with its massive blast radius and fire puddles... The problem with horizontal mandrakes is the fire puddles. 46 dmg/part on your whole build for 4 seconds is just ludicrous. No single structure part can take that punishment. APC panels fall before 3 seconds of that crap. Speaking about that... Fire puddles should NOT stack. That'd fix horizontal madrakes and porcupines at the same time. Then the devs could work on improving Incinerators and mandrakes.
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    Ohh really? Which ones please? The reality is that hover vehicles have NEVER been fragile...... they should have been as it is fitting for an agile hit and run unit but they NEVER were. Stop talking crap! While is it true that ground movement physics could use significant improvements, the cold reality is also that NO amount of buffing them or making them better will be enough to stand against hovers in their current state. You simple cant do it. Not without taking away several of hovers unjustified physics advantages. You are also unrealistic. Please consider the physic improvements (or to be more precise, the lack of them) since open beta. Do you REALLY believe that those devs can buff other movement parts physics and nerf hover physics in a time frame that will save the game? If yes... what factual base do you have for your lucid dream? There are in fact TWO realistic options available to them: Keep hovers how they are.... assure that all other movement options remain uncompetive and rename the game Hoverout once and for all. Loose all the players that would favour using ground movement... just like Robocraft did and died because of it. FINALLY give them a proper stat nerf that grants the game sufficient survival time to properly address physics. I mean, if they find time between all the packs and paid events. The reality is, the hover problem can be fixed in an afternoon..... the only issue is the devs not finding - or daring - the god damm hammer. #NERF HOVERS NOW!
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    Hovers dont have to care about bad suspension, bad physics and bad map design like **** valley. Never saw a hover circle around a bump in terrain. Devs needed to iron some things out or not introduce hovers.
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    I love how the best weaps got the biggest buffs for no reason lol. 88mm totally needed +18% damage.
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    Survivors! This year we have completely reworked the brawl according to your wishes. Participate, win and get unique rewards! In-game event “Winter Mayhem” Attention! The event and the brawl “Battlefield” will be active from February 20 to March 7! Battles take part on a special map “Tank range”. Survivors use pre-built armoured vehicles in the format “8 vs 8”. At the beginning of each battle, you can choose the desired armoured car: A choice of 5 blueprints with different weapons and, accordingly, roles. The same blueprint can be selected at the same time by no more than 3 players. If you do not have time to choose a car in the allotted time, the blueprint is randomly selected. The mode has respawns. Before the respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 cars on which you want to continue the battle. If you do not have time to change the car in the allotted time, you will automatically be given the same armoured car as before. Your objective in the battle: fill the point scale earlier than the opposing team, or score more points before the time runs out. Points are awarded for the destruction of opponents. The number of points for each destruction increases, depending on the number of bases that your team controls: No bases: 1 point for destruction. 1 base: 2 points for destruction. 2 bases: 3 points for destruction. 3 bases: 4 points for destruction. A victory earns the player rating points, the number of which depends on his place in the rating table and belonging to one of the leagues. A defeat leads to the loss of a certain number of rating points. Reaching each league level opens up new unique rewards (decor and paint). In addition, all participants in the battle, depending on their contribution, receive reputation points and scrap metal at the end of each battle. The list of leagues and corresponding rewards (in order of increasing the level of the league): Tin (100-199 rating points). Reward — 2 rare stickers “64th Brigade”. Copper (200 - 399 rating points). Reward — 1 rare decor “Digger”. Iron (400 - 599 rating points). Reward — 1 decor of special rarity “Surface-decor”. Bronze (600 - 799 rating points). Reward — 1 epic decor “Tactical birch”. Silver (800 - 1199 rating points). Reward — a horn of epic rarity “Siren”. Gold (1200 - 1499 rating points). Reward — paint of epic rarity “Quagmire”. Palladium (1500 - 1699 rating points). Reward — hubcap of legendary rarity “Second set”. Platinum (1700 - 1999 rating points). Reward — paint of legendary rarity “Camo Gloss”. Diamond (2000+ rating points). Reward — hubcap of legendary rarity “Russian Roulette”. Special challenges Complete special challenges in the brawl “Battlefield” and get new stickers! Capture the base in the “Battlefield” 9 times. Reward: 2 “Scout” stickers. Destroy or help destroy 30 enemies in the “Battlefield” brawl. Reward: 2 stickers “Mortarman”. Win the brawl “Battlefield” 5 times. Reward: 2 stickers “Tankman”. Play 10 battles in the “Battlefield” brawl. Reward: 2 stickers “Sniper”. Shoot 500 of any parts in the “Battlefield” brawl (when the machine is destroyed, all the parts that were on it are counted). Reward: 2 stickers “Cannoneer”. Crossout — Battle Pass Level This bundle includes: Raising your current season level by 1. Purchasing a level will not open you additional rewards of the season if you have not purchased a “Battle Pass”. Raids Increased durability of the container for protection in the hard “Perimeter Breach” raid. Now the appearance of raiders is randomly generated. Drone “Annihilator” Damage reduced by 7%. Number of launches increased from 4 to 8. The drone's target is no longer reset if the enemy is out of the host's line of sight. The interface of rewards in the event “Return of the Founders” has been improved. The interface of the “Factions” tab has been improved. Adjusted weld spots for the chain saw “Lacerator”. Adjusted weld spot for the part “Wide slope”. Added new cover on the “Broken Arrow” map. The appearance of some colours on the gun “Prosecutor 76 mm” has been improved. The appearance of the “Borer” melee weapon has been updated. Improved effects of fire from environmental objects on the map “Control-17 station”. Improved raider aim with “Mandrake” and “Incinerator”. A number of environment objects on the “Sector EX” map have been improved. You can no longer get stuck in them. The painting of the “Mace”, “Sinus-0” and “Prosecutor 76 mm” guns has been improved. The reasons for the appearance of error 212 “Asterion” for a number of players have been fixed. Fixed a bug where the sun on the “Ashen ring” map could shine through the environment. Fixed a bug where the “Omnibox” cabin increased gun rotation speed. In the “Shotguns: Legend" trial, the “Knife in the Back” patch was replaced with “Backstab”. Fixed a bug with the unavailability of the “Custom battle” settings window after using chat. A bug has been fixed where the “Shiv” wheels didn’t count towards the “Melee Weapon Mastery 3” patch. Fixed a bug where raiders could get stuck in objects of the environment on the “Wrath of Khan” map in the “War for Fire” raid. Fixed a bug where opponents could appear before the timer expired in the “Data Heist” raid on the “Wrath of Khan” map. Fixed icon of CK “Loader”. Improved a number of texts and descriptions. Hotfix 21.02.2020 Fixed graphical errors with shadow display on lower-end configurations. Added sounds effects for vehicle selection in the brawl “Battlefield”. Improved a number of text strings and descriptions. Hotfix 27.02.2020 Clan battles Limits on ore production for winning different leagues have been changed: Bronze: 30 units. Silver: 40 units. Gold: 60 units. Diamond: 100 units. Fixed a bug with cinematic at the start of a battle. Miscellaneous Fixed incorrect display of shadows on some graphics cards. Fixed errors that caused the game to freeze for a short time during the battle. Fixed errors with absence of some sound effects. Fixed the bug with the incorrect point of appearance of raiders on the map "Powerplant".
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    Dunno what you mean. But im serious. Remove CW. This will never work well, costs a lot of time and money that could used elsewhere, and as soon {something} gets updated then all the sh17 starts over again. Just remove CW and add "Get the uranium". ALL required methods are already there. Level limit, resource limit, ... . No clans needed anymore (reduces the amount of players at CW anyway), anybody can join even as a single player too and plays with randoms (Lost match? Who the f* cares? Next time then), no more "accidentally" self destructing (wouldnt make sense anymore), ... there will be more "pros" to find but im to lazy now. So... you want to get it done, then you need to let it go. EDIT: getting even better - this way all players would be in the same queue! Same matches (8vs8) so same queue. If you dont know: if you play for scrap you may play with and against players who play for wires or batteries. EDIT2: ofc you wont get any uranium on loose. But perhaps fuel, so ... .
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    This shows how easy devs can change things and morons don't even notice
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    Being honest now mate... Have you ever considered the possibiity that this game is simply not for you? There is nothing wrong with that, it just happens sometimes
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    The game would already be gone. That model simply no longer exists. And it certainly doesn't exist for games with ongoing development. If it is a fixed price, they put it out and keep the servers powered on. That's about it. But usually, they're single player. Maybe you'll get a patch after a year.
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    I can see one whiner care to make more than 1 topic and number of posts!!
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    Worse part...broken players!! I guess when you want something, you want it now!! There are many new items added, it will take sometime to work out all the balance!!
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    This can't qualify as a rant, hero didn't even make a post. Just another whiner's whiney thread title with no real point...just to whine some more.
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    True.....and the events are fun just award system is terrible
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    So long a they are 3 energy they will be played at a much lower PS than every other relic in the game, you must balance with this in mind, you cannot ignore it
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    People have suggested this idea before as well as maybe even increasing energy by adding a zero behind all the current numbers and balance from there. A 12 energy cabin would now be 120 energy, and a weapon that uses 6 energy would become 60 energy. It then allows you to greatly adjust the energy something has with much more precision. Both ways of going about it would be better than the current system
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    Hover limitations; - No Heavy Cabins - No Engine - No Cannons All other makes no sense. Hover have only bonuses no penalitys.
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    Which is odd because it doesn't have a time limit and purchasing it twice gives zero plusses. The new pack though. Wtf is that. It's just the old horseman pack with different paint. That's too lazy. May as well not release a pack if that's what we were given. All the new content is nice, but if they gonna add different paint to something and sell it off as a new thing... That's just foolish. They should just remove the pack and put the paint up for sale... Lol.
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    You know perfectly which ones I'm talking about, and you know perfectly that is not one of them XD
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    Hovers as a vehicle have never been fragile. Hover as the movement part maybe... but hovers as a vehicle have been been fragile. The sideway meta is just the latest way of hover abusers finding ways arround an should be weakness.