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    Something strange is that the best armor is often a mess full of holes with plates linked to the build by a single little piece. This is obvioulsy to fight cannons: the less dense your armor is, the less parts will be hit. That lead to builds that are both horrible looking and totally unrealistic. Granted having the game take the strain put on pieces and risks of structural failure into account may be a bit too realistic and may require too much work. I found an alternative solution that may be more elegant: Welding strength. The idea is that any piece of structure, weapon, or other part have a welding strength: This is a value given in HP (should probably be around 5 give or take depending on the part, maybe higher for weapons so their supports are robust) that is extra HP given to pieces around it for all welding point they share. For instance a cannon placed on a surface using a full 4*4 grid will give the surface 16 times it's welding score in HP and the structure will do the same (the weapon will probably have a higher welding score making the structure that support it fairly hard to remove). An exception : For balance reason, pass through parts recieve only a part of the HP (same as the damage they recieve so a 90% pass through part will only recieve 10% of welding HP). And last: If a part is destroyed, same as the cabin lose the extra hit point from structure destroyed, all parts welded to the part lose the extra HPs it gives. The result will be that for instance the supports of weapons will be a bit stronger preventing them to be too easy to disarm. Core structure parts would be harder to destroy due to the high number of parts linked to them. And parts left hanging will be easier to destroy which makes sense and avoid aberrations. Also hiting somewhere you already did damages will be more efficient because the missing parts will mean that the parts around them that should be connected will already have lost the bit of HP thay gained due to welding. Parts should of course have less HP to compensate if it's implemented. The idea is that a part with a reasonable number of it's welding points used should have around the same HP as right now. I know that would require to rebalance many things, but I think it would both make builds more realistic looking and allow player to choose which parts of their build they really want to protect which can be very interesting; Placing parts with higher welding values around the structural parts or modules they want to protect for instance.
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    If any of this looks like your build, you're right to say hovers are op are revoked Especially this one: Anyone with a build like this will just get murked by the superior structure, superior mobility, and superior firing angle of cannon spider builds just the same as hovers, so their opinions that are solely on the topic of hovers are invalidated as well.
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    How long will you spew hover nerfs in name only like "-17% hover flying height"? Untill all players quit? Stop catering to 5% elitists and listen to what us, normal players telling you to do. Nerf hover acceleration to the ground so its on par with other movement parts like wheels. Right now its impossible to accurately fire projectile weapons at hovers without guessing and getting lucky. You can uncap their speed, give them back height, durability we dont care. As long as hovers can change its movement vector on a whim it will be overpowered. Their movement is erratic and unpredictable. Give us a break, we are not bots. We just humans with average ~250ms reaction time. What role should hover occupy if it gets nerfed? Like i said give them fly height and speed so hover cannot be melee'd anymore. To begin with we jumped on hovers because dogs, wedges, lancers drove us to insanity. Edit: Its a very scummy way to fight hovers got here. Peek that corner just to shoot without receiving damage back and run behind your teammates when another dog tries to rush and kill you. Be alive longer than everyone else(until all your meatshield teammates die) and deal most damage. Even if you lose you can always blame it on n00b team that did no damage. Edit2: I want both hovers and dogs suffer. Hovers from not being able to peek corners for free damage and dogs not being able to melee hovers. Casual builds should be comfortable to play without having to get owned by meta train jumping tryhards. Its not fun, leaves no room for creativity or experiments.
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    I see a strange phenomena in Crossout players where they just haphazardly rush taking the most direct route into fights, ignoring everything going on not in front of them, ignoring the kill feed as well. It shows itself every time 3 of my teammates get vaporized by a porc player within 15 seconds of the battle start. They didn't see them or the Porc player, but they didn't bother to check what is going on in the battle because the gameplay flow has been devolved to the point where a kill feed is useless clutter on the screen. It's become more and more obvious that all the mindless metas that take little effort to do well with have left every other gameplay style woefully unsatisfying and less usable. There just isn't playing the way I want anymore, I just have to repeat the same damn round over and over again. These metas decide the fate of every battle with the same tactics and the same nonchalant amount of skill and effort. The mindless rush meta Targem let runaway is killing the game, there isn't any reason to hop into another battle where I already know the outcome and the order of events, and when there isn't much I can do about it because I'm not playing that meta. I don't see autocannons, leg builds, non-wedge mg builds, or many cannon builds anymore except for the damned bots. Clan Wars is the same way.
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    Just laugh Better to go other game Amazing to reduce the player so much even though the number of people is small everything crap devs fault crap game
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    For goodness sake, I've put a suggestion out in the past about how this problem would be fairly well addressed if ALL MOVEMENT PARTS DID DAMAGE DIRECTLY BELOW THEM. That's it, make an AoE for damage directly beneath the movement part contact area and base the damage on mass divided amongst movement parts. Wheels would do the least amount of damage, tracks and legs would pulverize in comparison. You have the code for augers, just modify that.
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    Hovers are one of the most underpowerred movement parts in the game, they are only viable in 1 kind of very specific setup (sideways + colossus + spaced armor + etc), a front facing hover is just a free kill, yet devs are still nerfing all types of hovers into the ground as if they dont play their own game and dont understand whats going on wait
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    + I like the tweak in general, the idea that the weight of cars get added on top of one another. I like how the cars lose speed slower when they're near max weight. This means you don't immediately lose speed if you clip enemy car a bit. I like how this tweak now works properly with ML 200 and Bigrams. I like how vehicles on top are able to drive off of the cars wedging them - I don't like that there is no dmg being applied to cars underneath. Then again you mention you'll work on this and add it later. I hope "later" doesn't mean year 2022. Summary: It's definitely better than the last test we had.
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    There are soooooo unbelievably many dog players (thats what we call them in CW) its ridiculous. They just made it mega easy for them to just WWW into then enemy and win if they got 4 of them in a team. They released the pre nerfed spark which was broken AF, nerfed porcs which were the only RELIABLE dog counter for no reason, gave them argus to completely render any kapkans useless for 1 energy... REALLY ? Their wedges make even the heavies spiders or tank build USELESS since for some reason ye a stupid little 10 ton build can wedge and push around a mechanical legged 20 ton spider or a full heavy track build. The DPS that the blight gives to firebugs is stupid to say the least. Since it takes like 4 seconds to kill a 4k HP spider like for real how is this balanced while porcs took like 10 seconds pre nerf or somethimes more to kill the big spiders ? Breakers can somethimes counter them but most of the time it becomes a who can wedge the other guy faster type of ****, since the breakers got their dmg reduced unless you are on the dogs side you wont be able to do much without taking a lot of dmg or not surviving at all. The blight might not have much mass but its enough for them to spam insane amount of bumpers on top of the builds wich makes them aids to kill whenever you start facing them. Hybrid builds meanwhile can 1 shot hovers a lot of times and they are harder to decloak since they have griffon, but they are high risk since their lances can be shot off easily when they screw up and they can be tanked by most of the spider builds or tracked builds, unlike firebugs. They can still wedge stuff which is still stupid since well the build weighs like 9 tons after u use up the lances and detach your generator so it doesnt blow up. It almost feels to how the game was back then when everyone was spamming the same build and get easy wins. Well i guess i know what i am buying after cw today.
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    Hello there! Now, I know that the devs have said quite recently that at the moment they don't have a plan to expand the Adventure mode. But I think we could give them a little nudge and perhaps help them change their minds, or at the very least give them some ideas if they change their minds some day later. I played Star Conflict for a very long time and I loved most of it. I absolutely loved the Open Space mode that was in the game, and I think Crossout could feature basically the exact same thing through the Adventure mode. In Star Conflict's Open Space mode you can travel through many different locations that you otherwise access in PvP and PvE missions. And travel between them using gates at each location that take you to the other locations. Some locations are suitable for lower levels, but as you travel farther from the factions' base (Every faction had it's own space station in different sector), the difficulty increased, some locations, especially at higher levels, have PvP enabled. And also every corporation (Clan) had it's own space dock. This would be a great addition to Crossout as well and I think most maps would require only minor adjustments to have their exits and entrances edited to let players pass through them and load up at another location. Some maps are also already larger, but with some areas blocked off. For example the Nameless Tower map could be greatly expanded and turned into a much bigger map for the Adventure mode, other maps could certainly be expanded as well - think of it like turning the old Control-17 map into the raid version (I think it's called Eastern Array, but I'm not sure). The Firestarters; Colosseum could also get it's own extra map with the Coloseum being a part of it and players could fight inside of it - there are plenty of suggestions about that already. There is already plenty of Mission and Raid (and Battlefield brawl) maps in the game and there is already a world map made by the devs of the world of Crossout so they wouldn't have to think twice about where to place the different locations since all PvP and PvE maps already have their places on the map set. And as new maps get added, more places would also be added to the Adventure mode as well. Like the Corporation Shipyard in SC - there could also be some kind of Clan Stronghold in Crossout - something between a regular map and the personal player garage - where players from a clan could meet up, kinda like in the bedlam mode. That area could also be expanded upon with buidings that would affect the players in a positive way - but would have to be defended regularly from raiders - I'll expand upon this in another suggestion thread. Also, there are no factions' base stations from where the players could start their journey - But every player garage would have the point from where the players first appear in a different location. For example when using the Four Horsemen garage, the Player would start at the Founder's Canyon, the starter garage could be near Refinery (anyone remember that map? ) and the Elite Force garage could be connected to Powerplant. On your travels through the sectors in Star Conflict, you would fight pirates and aliens and could even raid "friendlies" for loot, but get negative karma (reputation) and have everyone hostile toward you. If you killed a player that didn't attack you first, you would be branded a criminal and everyone could hunt you down. There were also daily missions available that had more valuable rewards. - All of these would also be featured in Crossout, there would be friendly caravans and maybe even settlements that players could protect from raiders and visit. But the player could also raid them and steal their resources, but the caravan or residents would then become hostile to the player for some time. These caravans and settlements could belong to one of Crossout's factions and by helping them the player would be getting positive reputation for the faction and perhaps even earn extra gifts from them. Or by raiding them, the player would be in low standing with them and all roaming vehicles, caravans and settlements belonging to that faction would be hostile to the player instead. There was an interesting thread about "Bounty Hunters" in the suggestions a while ago. This could work just as well - a player would get a bounty to destroy an enemy located at a certain location and the player would have to destroy that enemy to get a reward. There could also be a special contract to capture an enemy alive and the player would have to destroy the weapons and wheels of the target but leave the cabin alive. But at the other hand, if a player was in a negative standing with a faction, they could send powerful bounty hunters after the player instead! Instead of aliens and biomorphs like in Star Conflict - the players could also meet the Ravagers randomly on some of the maps. Sometimes, there could also be a mini event triggered, where an area on the map becomes "besieged" by the Ravagers and players would have to fight multiple waves of them to clear the area again. In Open Space, you could pick up loot and minerals in the open space, this loot would consist of base crafting resources, advanced crafting resources (that could be compared to uranium), special collectibles and valuables that could be sold for credits. (Later it was changed and the devs reduced the amount of loot but added the option to find also weapons and modules but I didn't play much since then) There are already scrap piles in Crossout, they would only need to be expanded upon a little - add more resources to the pool of those and maybe introduce new items that could be found like this. Also, same with SC, to travel between locations, players would need to use fuel that would have to be replenished - either find it at a location, or get it as a drop from a raider - players would also be able to carry some extra in the cargo storage. And to make the cargo truly yours in Star Conflict, you either have to haul it back to the station or find a cargo drone in certain sectors that would carry it for you and you could go back to mining and looting. Other players could kill you for your cargo in PvP sectors of course, if the enemies got you, you have to come back to pick up your cargo back. This should also be a feature in Crossout - the current scrap piles only contain about 1-3 units of scrap or copper - this should be increased, but you would have to either take the cargo back to your garage, or find another way to drop it off somewhere - perhaps at a friendly outpost or a similar area. (More effort - more payout) There would be individual slots in the cargo bay, every special item would take up one slot and base resources would stack, lets say into stacks of 10 units (up to 10 scrap in one slot, if you pick up more, another slot needs to be filled, copper uses a different slot etc.) Now, to make the time invested into making this idea an actual feature in the game, it would probably be a good idea to find a way how to monetize the gamemode at least a little bit. In Star Conflict, the catch was that your ship had limited cargo capacity, small and fast ships had the lowest and the limit increased with the ship size. There were also special premium modules first one was called iirc "Expanded Hull" that you put on your ship for increased cargo capacity, it could only be bought for premium currency. Premium ships all also had extra two slots for cargo. The other one was a scanner that led you to special treasure that could contain really good stuff. You needed repair kits to respawn in your current sector (some ships had 1 free respawn like you have in raids - especially all of the premium ships). There aren't really any premium ships in Crossout, but perhaps pack cabins could have two extra slots. Light, Medium and Heavy cabins should however have different base cargo capacity. But for the extra cargo capacity - there could be a special hardware module, let's call it "cargo box" that players would be able to buy in the store and place it on their vehicle to carry some extra cargo, there could even be multiple versions by size and cost. There should however be a limit to how many of those you can carry on a vehicle at once for balance and economy reasons though. As for the Scanner - with that name it could be confused with the premium, so let's call it "Excavation Kit" - it would be a piece of equipment sold in the game's store that players would be able to mount on their vehicle and it could lead the player to hidden treasure on the map that would be hidden to players without the kit. (It could function like a radar and show a dot on the minimap where the treasure is located or could work like the Scanner in Star Conflict and show a circle around the vehicle that marks the special treasure in blue, trash piles in green, enemies in red and Ravagers in purple) It would allow the players to dig deeper and find more rare treasures - let's say a pile of Electronics, a broken version of a weapon that players would repair with resources instead of crafting it anew, some decor items, or even a small piece of uranium. It would also be another opportunity to introduce the repair mechanic that has been developed already - players could repair their vehicles while traveling, but if they got completely exploded - they would either have to go back to the garage or use up a Repair Kit to respawn at their current location. All in all, I would absolutely LOVE if the devs made this in Crossout! And since it's the same studio, I presume that at least some of the developers have an experience in making such a thing in one game, so they should be able to do it in another one quite easily I hope
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    The grind isnt enjoyed by most, with enjoyment being the main motivator for playing a game. Not all games require a grind, and they are still immensely popular. The grind deters new players. I started around Halloween of 19' with another friend. We both avged 20-25hrs of playing a week. He eventually burned out after 3 months. I have approached numerous others about playing. Everyone likes idea of a free game but only 1 has decided to play. The idea that it will take them 6+ months of serious grinding or hundreds of dollars to play competitively with me makes it not worth the cost. I understand everyone up til now has grinded. I understand the grind used to be worse. So what. The game would be better for all if the grind was optional. Some enjoy raids and daily objectives. Many abhor them. Make the game new player friendly. Make it MUCH easier to get into playing CW in a semi competitive manner. Make it where Crossout is a game that people want to play, both old and new alike
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    Hello there, Wasteland survivors! As we noted earlier, in parallel with other tasks, we continue to make changes to “wedges”. Today it is time to test their updated version, which took into account a number of your wishes and suggestions. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. You can study all the planned changes in detail on the special test server! Let's note the basic principles of the updated mechanics and important changes: Now, when raising an enemy vehicle, its mass is taken into account as part of the mass of your vehicle. If the total mass of two cars exceeds the tonnage of the “wedge”, its acceleration is greatly reduced. BUT, unlike the first test, the acceleration of vehicles whose weight limit was close to the maximum will decrease gradually. Previously, the acceleration of such vehicles fell sharply even from the lightest hit car. The weight that is added to the weight of the “wedge” depends on whether the enemy has contact with the ground. Now the influence of cars with hovers on “wedges” will depend on the share of hovers among all chassis mounted on the car. For example: if a car has 4 hovers and 1 wheel, then only 1/5 of the weight will affect the “wedge”. If only hovers are installed on the car, the weight of such craft will not affect the “wedge” in any way. Now, compared to the first test, additional weight is added when the “wedge” contacts the enemy's mechanical legs (previously, only the contact with the frame of the car on legs was taken into account). Now the sound of the engine changes under the influence of additional load. We would like to note that we do not abandon the mechanics of dealing damage to the chassis. But it requires additional improvements related to build mode features. It is planned that it will be implemented and added later. How to get to the test server? If you have ever participated in testing features on a special server, then just start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete. Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive. Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you are logged into the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again. Start the Launcher and install the game into the folder you created (for example D:\Public test\Crossout). After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and log into the game with your username and password. The progress of your main account will be transferred to the test server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation with factions). After logging into the server, to transfer progress from your account, press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”. Please note the schedule of the test server: Friday, September 11, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS). After testing the changes, we invite you to leave your constructive feedback on the planned rework in THIS THREAD (it will open a bit later after the launch of the test server). You can report all issues found on the test server here. The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.
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    Currently the devs have decided to take the approach to make it so movement parts take damage when a craft is over max weight. Additionally, when one craft contacts and lifts another the weight of both crafts is to be totaled and the craft underneath must contend with the crushing weight. Theoretically this will work for craft that are almost at their max weight limit. This system doesn't really do much noticeable to crafts that have a fair margin before being overweight, and as a match goes on and you lose more and more mass, and this system is makes very little impact. Instead, I propose: Cause All movement parts to deal damage directly beneath them. To be clear, when a car drives over another car, the weight crushes whatever is under the point of contact. As changing the physics system in the game is difficult, the better work around is to make going under another craft devastating in its own way. The above attempts by the devs just plainly don't do a good job of this (and really only stop people from wedging leviathans). If being under a movement part, in the damage area, causes damage to your craft of terrifying proportion, the problem would be fairly addressed. A good player can still 'pin' a craft by ramming it strategically, but if they slip up even just a little bit they will be taking MASSIVE DAMAGE. It also makes getting run over by tank builds SCARY. The potential area below a movement part can be fine tuned. Obviously tracks should have the largest area of effect, and perhaps things like hovers should heat parts below them as appose to dealing direct damage. It would be fun to give the damage legs do penetration to mimic the stomping force. The damage done by movement parts should be modified by the mass of your craft divided amongst your movement parts based on tonnage. Thank you.
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    Because ramming into someone and magically lifting them when their build isn't even quick enough to escape is called outsmarting ? Or maybe you are telling me that you never got wedged in your life and that all non-wedge builds are incompetent ? What I call outsmarting is when the horizontal drake manages to hit your 100 km/h car and you are incompetent enough to take the hit without even dodging it. Why should they be punished because of your incompetence huh ?
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    If you are gonna nerf drake then also nerf melee. Since you already nerfed porc that was the only good melee counter now drakes get nerfed too and if the leaks are correct the new wheel will have more durability then big foots so you cant even get their wheels off with a scorp anymore ? This balance thing is stupid it just makes dogs more then OP and the skill needed to play them lower. Its just like how it was 2 years ago and its not fun. Players are obviously leaving because of the constant ridiculous buffs and nerfs that ruin the fun for everyone just so the devs can milk the players out of every last cent they can get. Just look at relic spark. Its a xxxx pre nerf spark just for 10x the cost. You cant get more obvious then that
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    I'm very tired of this game and how the devs decide to put some mechanics that are directly cutting off players from CW. Just started to play with the Mandrakes and you made them useless.... toatally useless. now I'm trying to sell them the fastest way I can, cause everybodody is quiting on them. Isn't the update suppose to be encouriging?? You are only making players quit..shame And the biggest problem that you have is to TOTALLY NERF mandrakes?! How a build that is bearly moving with 50km/h, shooting once in a lifetime, killed by scorps just with one hit or from mele just by saying hi face to face (I dont take into consideration any brainless play styles of meles going directly infront of the mandrakes). What is your problems guys? The mandrake is making 500-3k an average of 1500dmg, from a eventual lucky or skilled hit or in most cases both things combined to make a good shot. What were these replies that a horizon mandrake have 100% accuracy?!. Banning horizontal mandrake will make them just another useless thing in the game. The Devs STRIKES AGAIN!
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    The bars on items in Crossout are complete BS. When you hover over a bar on an item it should show the number. (Damage, rate of fire and so on)
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    That's what happen when Devs don't play their game's main mode Balance is done via automated number-collecting and not actual testing Bug/Abuse take literally years to get just a partial fix Overall economy & balance is absolutely godawful for new players If Crossout wasn't the only "build your vehicle" game around, the drop in player would be much, much worse.
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    I flip over with a spider. An enemy Harpy Pulsar build then proceeds to kill himself with the blast radius of his own weapons while shooting at me.
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    Yesterday I was attacked by 4 players at once. 1 of them was on enemy team.
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    Hello there, survivors! Update 0.12.00 “Amusement Park” is scheduled for next week, September 24! This means that it's time to briefly talk about the main changes and new features that await us. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are implemented into the game or may not make it into the game at all. New season "Amusement Park" A new season starts along with the update. In this season you can get objects for building your own range right in the test drive zone as you level up! All those who dreamed and asked us about the opportunity to build their own obstacle course, create a funny structure or add special devices that will allow you to measure the DPS of a certain weapon and the collision force when your vehicle collides with the enemy's - that's all for you! And we are sure that you will find many more different applications for this innovation. For example, we can't wait to see what our best Wasteland engineers are capable of. One of the interesting innovations is that now, with a battle pass, levelling up above the maximum level during the event is more practical. For each subsequent level obtained, you will receive a special container from which you can get 3 objects for construction on your range. More completed tasks -> more experience -> more containers and, accordingly, more objects for construction! > > In addition, as part of the event, you will be able to unlock recipes for a new legendary cabin, a new homing missile and new wheel of epic rarity. New Brawls With the release of the update, the “Storm Warning” and “Free for all” brawls will be temporarily removed from rotation and replaced with new brawl “Head - On!” and "Cannon Fodder". We would like to draw your attention to the fact that “Storm warning” and “Free for all” are removed from rotation TEMPORARILY. They will be returned when we finalize the rules of participation and make the necessary changes to the gameplay. Right now, we are not satisfied with the trend towards inaction in modes and teaming up players against those who want to fight in these brawls. Patches and rewards associated with these modes will also become temporarily unavailable. If you are in the process of completing related tasks, we advise you to hurry up and complete them before the update! In the “Head-On” brawl, only contact weapons and saws can be used as weapons (remember that spears are not “Contact weapons”, but “Explosives”, and vehicles with them will not be able to participate in this mode). Only vehicles with course, turret or plasma cannons will be allowed into the "Cannon Fodder" brawl. In both brawls, the survivors will take part in their armored vehicles. There will be no preinstalled armored vehicles in these modes. In the future, these brawls can be replaced by new ones, which will have their own rules and restrictions. This way, all players will be on an equal footing, and victory will depend on the skills and ability to assemble an armoured vehicle. This mode change is planned to occur in major updates, or perhaps more frequently. Brawl “Race” In the update, the “Race” mode will also be divided into races for cars with wheels only and only with hovers. During one time window in the brawl schedule, only one type of race will be held on one of the available maps. The new brawl schedule will also be published with the release of the update. Maps In the "Amusement Park" update, destructible objects will appear on all PvP maps available in rotation. Now the battles will become even more lively and filled with different events! And those who like to stealthily get close to the enemy should be especially careful, because environmental objects scattered in all directions can instantly give out your location on the map! We draw your attention to the fact that 3 maps will be TEMPORARILY removed from rotation with the update: Ship graveyard: the map will be redesigned for the new realities of battles with destructible objects. Old Town: A complete redesign of the map is planned. Fortress: we are also planning to rework the visual appearance of the map. Balance changes Plasma gun “Quasar” The durability is planned to be reduced from 597 to 535 pts. New perk: "Every 100 m distance to hitting the target reduce the reload time by 17%." The reload time is planned to be increased from 4.5 to 5.5 s. Grenade launcher “AGS-55 Impulse” Explosive damage is planned to be reduced by 17% New Perk: “After 5 successful hits, damage of the next projectile will be increased by 50%. Each miss cancels one successful hit. ” “Mandrake” Howitzer Now, if the tilt angle of the Mandrake's barrel is too small relative to the horizon, a warning sound effect will be played play. In this position, the howitzer will fire only 1 shot (instead of a barrage of 5 consecutive shots). Changes for “wedge” vehicles Compared to the last test, one change is planned: Now the effect of cars with hovers on the “wedges” will depend on the proportion of other chassis installed on the vehicle and touching the ground. For example: if the vehicle has 4 hovers and 1 wheel that does not touch the ground, then such a vehicle will not affect the “wedge”. If the non-hover chassis touch the ground, then only part of the car's mass from above will affect the craft from below, depending on the share of “non-hovers” in the assembly. If the craft has 4 hovers and 1 mechanical leg that touches the ground, only ⅕ of the vehicle's weight from above will affect the vehicle from below. Black Wings and Amusement Park Updates on PlayStation 4 Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the Black Wings update was not released on PS4. It is possible that the Amusement Park update will also be slightly delayed. But the PS4 players won't be left without the Ravens event and new relic weapons! We plan that the “Raven's Road” event will begin sometime after the Season's 3 Amusement Park start. We will inform you about the beginning of the event additionally in a special announcement. The production of new relic weapons will be available with the release of the “Amusement Park” update. We will do our best to get the update out as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding! See you in the “Amusement Park” update, Survivors!
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    Instead monkeys in balance team nerf weapons because they overpowerform on hovers, making them unplayable on ground entirely.
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    @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron Get rid of auto aim on console immediately please and thank you.
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    when hover and horizontal mandrake nerf? also buff mastodon
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    That's what we get when so many complain about Kapkan and Porcupine.
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    Seriously. You know who I see winning most races on the drift track right now? Hovers and stick cars with sideways boosters that blast at 300+kmh between every turn slamming into every wall and still coming out in 1st place. Wanna reward players that can skillyfully drift through a turn without slamming into every wall? Add spiked walls or acid pools or something that can damage your vehicle around every corner. Even the other longer track could use it.Its already got the acid lake to jump over as a small shortcut, but it could use more hazards.