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    Whats about the Hover nerf?! Hover dominates the game over years and there is no rebalancing. Same thing for wedges.
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    Hover need an extrem hard nerf to rebalance! 2x Typhoon + Icebox + Hover = 70 km/h 2x Typhoon + Icebox + ML 200 = 40 Km/h Why ML200 need a Cabin to be fast, and Hover can use EVERY Cabin and is fast? 2x Scorpion on Hover = total OP 2x Scorpion on ML200 = well balanced. Why also Hover replace every other movement Part and dont have downsides?
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    Hello, survivors! In the comments, you often ask: “When are you nerfing hovers?”, “Why don't the devs increase my favourite gun's damage?”, “What are the test servers for?”. It's time to talk about how we make balance changes to Crossout — from your feedback, through development, to getting the changes into the game. Let's go! Why are we testing on special servers? We are sure that by giving players the opportunity to “feel” the changes, we will get better feedback based on actual experience. Besides, it will give the player the opportunity to actually test the change not only as is but also in combination with other weapon mechanics, modules, co-drivers. Check his own armoured vehicles or change them to fit a new strategy, which will make the feedback more “profound”. Making many changes that seem simple requires changes to the code. This, in turn, can affect the operation of the game on different configurations of computers or game consoles. It is not possible to cover all possible combinations in the developer's office or with the help of super testers. Therefore, players on test servers help us catch bugs before the changes are released. Imagine the situation that happened on the test server: Survivor 1 fired a missile at Survivor 2. Survivor 2 manages to destroy the armoured car of Survivor 1, but the projectile 1 explodes the engine 2, although the first survivor is already gone. The situation is random, reproducing it is very difficult and will take a long time. And something here could “break” the game. How do we respond to feedback from players? A detailed text with an objective assessment really makes us happy, and a couple of sentences with insults — not so much, because they do not contain any information that will help improve the game. Also important are screenshots and videos where the problem is clearly visible. Recent examples where balance changes have been made to Crossout based on feedback from players. Before the balance changes in the 11.40 update, it was players who pointed out that the Assembler's excessive strength lies in the accuracy and velocity of its projectile — as a result, these parameters were tweaked. Players also asked to replace the perks of “Punisher” and “Breaker” with those that would correspond to the weapons of relic rarity, and on the contrary, for “Spark” they wanted us to slightly weaken the perk that was too effective for a “legendary”. The changes were made thanks to the survivors and now we closely monitor the stats of these parts. Thanks for the help! Why not all feedback and suggestions from players can be useful for developers? Players in Crossout are not always as objective and impartial as possible when it comes to some favourite weapon, module or cabin. What seems to be the ideal solution can often have a negative impact not only on one particular part but also, for example, on an entire class of weapons. Therefore, we always check the actual statistics from the live server and the fresh statistics after testing. Players do not have access to this data, so it is difficult for them to objectively assess the need for change. For example, consider recent tweaks to the “Rapier”. It was too strong in matches with rookies who could not adequately assess the threat and allowed opponents with autocannons to shoot their armoured car from a distance. As a result, “Rapier” became the most popular weapon at low Power Score with the highest damage and win rate. We saw a big imbalance in the statistics, although then the players did not appreciate these changes. Here is one of the charts we used for guidance: In these graphs, the statistics of the “Rapier” are shown with a green line. The top chart shows damage per battle, the bottom chart shows the win rate at a certain level of Power Score (horizontal axis). The top chart shows that this autocannon has the highest damage among all blue weapons, and the bottom chart shows one of the highest win rates. It is also important to take into account the interests of all survivors, not just those who ask for tweaks. For example, after testing hover changes, players asked for the option to rotate this chassis. But other survivors will still put hovers parallel to the direction of movement to make the narrowest armoured car, which is difficult to hit. What do we look at first when working on the balance in Crossout? We look at the sum of statistics and feedback from players. Particular attention is given to the parts whose statistical values look suspicious. And mass complaints of players once again confirm the need for changes. Balance plan in Crossout: We collect statistics and feedback from players from forums/social networks and other resources. We then analyze this information. Initial parameters for changes are formulated, everything works according to the following scheme: We determine what's wrong — the part can be weak or strong at a certain PS range or several: weak at one, strong at the other and other variations (different modes, different game platforms) We see why it doesn't work as intended. It's not always that the part is strong by itself, sometimes the imbalance is achieved due to a combination of modules, a special armoured car, etc. If we need to implement fundamental changes, then we do, but gradually as part of several updates. The changes are tested internally and with super testers. Then the changes are tweaked according to feedback from testers. Item 3 is repeated until the result is satisfactory to the designer and super testers. After that, if we need additional information and statistics, the balance tweaks are sent to the test server, where the players try them out. After the test server, we make the final changes, which are then released with the update. When there are many changes, we need to run several public tests to analyze as much useful information from players as possible. Conclusion Work on the balance in Crossout is carried out every day. In order to be more accurate, developers need as much feedback from players as possible. Participate in public testing, survivors! And remember to post detailed feedback. Perhaps your message will help make Crossout better!
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    All players who only use hover Please go to a different game somewhere the existence worth of leg, track, meat grinder is 0 for now
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    Seriously... Why aren't wheels and hovers a separate race mode? God knows they shouldn't be together in PVP, but in race it makes even less sense. It all makes about as much sense as a boat and a bicycle having a race over the sea.
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    So I've spent a few minutes smashing through all those objects in my garage and noticed one peculiar thing - I rammed and pushed around a lot of rusty barrels but none of them managed to flip my twelve-ton vehicle, they didn't get under my wheels and didn't catapult me into the air - why can't friendly Porcupine barrels behave like that in a battle?
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    So an overpriced pack as always, some new maps to sell the pack and lots of hot air, what a waste of devtime! How about you start fixing your game instead of selling pack after pack. crossout has much severe problems than missing packs ffs!
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    If you want to add destructable terrain. Kindly, for the love of god. Start with the trees.
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    It's not that Icarus is too good, but that those who use Icarus are experienced players. After more than a dozen versions of weakening, do officials think that Icarus has been more balanced? Not so, Icarus has become too weak compared to other vehicles. Basically no newcomers are willing to try Icarus. Is this a good phenomenon? Give Icarus a little love, who is willing to support this idea?
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    Many people hate hover There are also a few (insane) players who say hover is fine lol But it’s easy to understand. Many players have left since the introduction of hover Players keep quitting because hover always dominates top of battle what they want to say (who like hover) is "Stop playing game if you don't like hover" then what happened to the number of players as a result? Decreased, keep decreaseing But the devs doesn't do anything because this game doesn't need player anymore it's mean stop of development
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    May you balance hovers please? It's been since September 2017 they dominate the game... Can you fix the sideway exploit at least???
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    One thing I can say with confidence is player number will decline like Repeating meaningless fix of hover (14% altitude reduce? what changed ? ) This company devs here is really good at give disappointing to players
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    lol this guy say it's fair that hover automatically avoids porcu Crafts other than hover should avoid the place where porcu was placed hover goes through it What is catch? lol After all you have no answer about hover avoiding porcu automatically One of you is saying something meaningless in this forum
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    I don't know what you are saying What was changed by hover nerf? Acceleration like cheat and attack from high position by default, Avoid porcupine and fortune automatically Word-only nerf has no meaning Why is hover still dominating the game? really need a nerf that works
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    The altitude should be lowered that hover can touch the ground. 14 % altitude down was given nothing
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    So the new maps didn't fix the balance problems with hovers in race? Oh well, I guess that's two months of work down the drain. At least the pack is here so it's allright.
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    nerf hover when? at least I'm sure my friend never come back to this game till hover get nerf that reduce hover rate per 1 battle Well, even if the hover got really nerfed, so they won't come back coz know this gama is crap
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    I am sure this and many such things are known, but today I had a blast trolling the wedgers in 4K. Sure it's 260 more ps and 2 more energy but it was so fun. Oddly, if it's lifted and welded a square above the frame height, the borer clips through the ground and doesn't scrape or bump the drive. But it bores through a wedge lowlife trying to wedge you . I couldn't get enough of the sweet dzzzz song the borer sang every time a wedge monkey lifted me up. Today was a good day in XO.
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    The grind isnt enjoyed by most, with enjoyment being the main motivator for playing a game. Not all games require a grind, and they are still immensely popular. The grind deters new players. I started around Halloween of 19' with another friend. We both avged 20-25hrs of playing a week. He eventually burned out after 3 months. I have approached numerous others about playing. Everyone likes idea of a free game but only 1 has decided to play. The idea that it will take them 6+ months of serious grinding or hundreds of dollars to play competitively with me makes it not worth the cost. I understand everyone up til now has grinded. I understand the grind used to be worse. So what. The game would be better for all if the grind was optional. Some enjoy raids and daily objectives. Many abhor them. Make the game new player friendly. Make it MUCH easier to get into playing CW in a semi competitive manner. Make it where Crossout is a game that people want to play, both old and new alike
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    Now substract de publisher's cut, promotion costs, server renting costs, office renting costs, various other expenses, and taxes. For example, since most of the playerbase is located in Europe and Russia, just the VAT makes up at least 20% of every purchase. I would be very much surprised if more than 5-10% of your hypothetical calculation ended up in with the developers themselves. They do need to rent better servers though.
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    We've used the very last build she played on and got in her car slot.
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    Greeting, survivors! Pretty soon we’ll be downloading a new update 0.11.60, which is mostly dedicated to the “Race” brawl and some changes in it, you’ve been asking about for some time. Still, in this update we have some interesting non-racing features too. Let’s take a look at what awaits us. We remind you that all the new features described in this announcement are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. “Race” brawl In the nearest update you’ll be able to dive into races on 2 brand new maps, created for the “Race” brawl only. Both maps will differ from each other greatly. While the first one provides racing experience we’ve got used to with fast cars that are able to reach the highest speed and overtake their rivals, the other one is something completely new. Your success on this map will depend solely on your skills at controlling your car’s speed and making sharp turns. Of course, we don’t plan to stop at that and we plan to add more racing tracks in future updates. All the existing tracks, based on PvP and PvE maps, will be turned off. We believe that racing tracks should be created specifically for this mode, bearing in mind all its features and peculiarities. But this update is not only about new maps. We also plan to add some tweaks that our racers have asked us for. Checkpoints will be no more limited by any kind of gates and will occupy the whole width of the driveway. Moreover, if your car gets destroyed, you won’t have to continue from the nearest checkpoint that may be too far away. We’ve added a lot of respawn points that will allow you to continue the race nearly from the same point where your car was destroyed. New racing maps and announced tweaks are just the first steps to make the mode better. We’ll continue to work on it and will announce any new features as soon as they are ready to be introduced. Other changes From now on, destructible objects will not only be present on various event maps, but in your garage as well! We keep working on this interesting feature that, we believe, will allow us to make all the in-game locations and battles even more lively. The garage and its test drive area is a kind of “home” for survivors. This means that each and every one of you should be able to choose the environment that suits your the best. With the 0.11.60 update you’ll be able to set weather conditions on your test drive area, change them or turn on their rotation. In raids you’ll meet new Steppenwolfs raiders and face new challenges to complete and new patches to earn. And our console players will be able to try out new build mode controls. We’ve created it bearing in mind all the peculiarities of building a car with a gamepad. Hope that you’ll like it! Of course, as in each update, we’ll also introduce some other minor tweaks and bug fixes. *** That’s all for today about the upcoming 0.11.60 update. Speaking about the subsequent updates, we can drop a hint - you’ll face something exciting and completely new. A feature, that will allow you to show your creative skills not only in building cars, but something different. More information will be coming soon in our news and devblogs. And, answering one of the most popular questions, there will be even more new parts!
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    So You mean crossout crafts are slow overall? I agree with speeding up "other than hover"
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    What do you want by raising hover rate in battle any more? If you want to use hover, please separate not only with race but also with pvp.  In the current environment, ml200 and armored tracks are just like the junk that is durable. Nerf so far has no meaning Repeated pointless announcement of nerf hover Finally betray the player who expected the next hover nerf to come many players deceived by devs and left,
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    Hello We've already noted some suggestions regarding new epic wheels that would be an alternative to the only epic Bigfoot wheel and we're considering possible options.
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    Dev haven't done anything up to hover, so the number of players continues to decline, right? Why can't the hover still be nerfed? It is possible to make counter craft against firebug dog and lancelot with any craft, but against hover ,slow craft win rate down so much I feel nothing but unreasonable many nerfs(names only) weren't enough for the majority of people who hate hover So many players only feel betrayal to the developers It's clear that untrusted developers and unreasonable battles ( especially vs hover) continue to reduce players not crap game( concept ) but devs is stupid
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    First of all: HOVERS Hovers have several advantages over other movements parts: they pass over/through low ground obstacles that would block whelled vehicles or would throw them off balance ("bumps"), crevices (where ground builds can get stuck) and water (specially important in races), as well as acid puddles (still on only one map, but that can change in the future). they can't be flipped easily as other types of vehicles. they are omnidirectional extremely fast acceleration on all directions Not many cons besides low tonnage, but that can be partially fixed with mounting more units (although that makes the builds ineficient, as they are still relatively fragile pieces). Another con is their huge frontal and rear surface areas, but that created its biggest problem in many players' opinion: sideways builds that uses the cabin as armor. FIX: In order for hovers not be a jack-of-all-trades for most builds they need FLAWS (sort of): split the hovers we have into several new models, each with their own specific pros and cons (tank hover with more tonnage and health but less speed and heigh; race hover with more acceleration and height but less health and tonnage, for example, maybe even "ground/water" hovers or hovers that can toggle between vertical and forward speedy modes). (NOTE: hovers WILL keep many of their advantages, they will just have some of their stats split into more specialized types or even have teal variations of them) Make hovers mountable in any direction: if you can't stop sideway hovers, might as well benefit players that don't want to rebind their keyboard. I believe, personaly, that Nova and Bastion hovers might not be that big of a threat not only because of their weight and sluggishness, but because with hover split on many specialized roles the prefered type to use with those might become the tanky ones. TRACKS Tracks have many advantages and they have been tweaked recently, however, they are still lacking in some aspects since they can't react fast enough when close to enemies that can circle-strafe them effectively: They still have way too slow zero degree turn, something that is the main advantage in fixed cannon tanks in real life (that it, when more than two tracks are used). Mix between tracks and/or other movement parts creates a speed cap on the slowest moving part. Hard to drive in reverse. FIX: Hybrid builds should have a top speed cap that consists on a arithmetic mean between the fastest and slowest movement parts (that way, halftracks will reverse faster and accelerate faster). Increase zero degree turning speed when more than one pair of tracks are used (pretty obvious fix needed). Make the reverse mode (in settings menu) affect it as well. Maybe have the handbrake key affect the pivot speed of tracks, boosting the speed of tracks on both sides when counter-rotating. Increase the tonnage on some of them to justify their increased weight, making them more useful in higher PS matches, although that can be partially fixed if their mobility is increased. . AUGERS The idea of grinders is good on paper, but not properly executed: when more than 2 is used, they start to behave erraticaly and becomes umpredictable. they are too slow as they are currently. "breakdances" easily when only one is in contact with the ground. too much power drain to use on heavy builds, becoming very sluggish. Hard to drive in reverse. FIX: Better "grinder physics". Maybe do a "morph" that alters their models and turning movement when multiple are used or just make a coding that re-writes their original orientation based on position and number of units active. Devs have made way more with way less thanks to an outdated physics engine they created 3 years ago, I doubt they can't do this with what they have currently. Increase the speed cap AFTER the first solution is applied or else those builds with become even more erratic when driven on rough conditions or have only one part left. Update the type of traces it leaves on the ground. Forward and reverse is ok but strafing leaves just your normal tire tracks. Make the reverse mode (in settings menu) affect it as well. WHEELS Wheels are by far the most versatile AND most flawed movement type (sidenote is that I'm mostly talking about the lesser wheels, with BigFoot still being your "go to" wheel): reverse speed is absolute crap. they are more inclined to "bump" on terrain imperfections. they are the one to suffer the most when scraping the ground. climbing speed is too slow independant of power and tonnage. lose too much traction on water independent of vehicle weight or wheel rarity/size/weight. they are more susceptible to wedging because they can't drive off from the top of other cars. too sluggish, even on lightning fast builds. FIX: Increase reverse speed. Simple as that. Better suspension mechanics so they don't bounce around and makes scraping the ground more forgiving. Better water grip depending on tier OR weight... maybe? Maybe (if possible due to engine limitations) make them have some traction while in contact of other cars. Increased agility, making cars less sluggish... not too much though. LEGS Legs are, imho, the ones with the least amount of problems since they are agile and have good reach, making them pretty good at dodging incoming fire, however: they are too easy to push around. unforgiving when flipped, hard to flip back because of how wide the vehicle gets when using them. overly large hitboxes compared to their actual models (although that is kinda of a tradeoff for them being tanky). FIX: Just make them have more grip into the ground: they shouldn't "walk" when pushed, only when users accelerates them. Maybe make them have an "inboard carjack" to compensate for their tendency to flip. Maybe also make them jump to avoid being pinned/carried so easily. Maybe make them mountable in all directions to "go easy" on sideways builds. They still don't leave their own trace in the ground when walking, and judging by their contact point and weight, there should be at least a crack where they step. NOTES OF CLARIFICATION: The intention of my post is to correct many flaws of movement parts across the board. I have AT LEAST 3 builds with each type of movement parts EXCCEPT hovers, so this list was initialy made with my personal experience using and seeing them. Experience may vary from player to player and that's why I'm collecting your feedback. Thanks for your cooperation and your patience. PLEASE BE CIVIL WITH YOUR POSTS *** WILL UPDATE THIS AS DICUSSIONS GO *** *** added parts based on users' feedback will be colored ***
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    To the players reading: There are many points here, and replying to them all at once is nigh impossible. Pick one of the 6 points and address it directly to keep this concise and hopefully useful to the developers. Please, say what you like or what you don't like, and what your idea for a replacement/adjustment would be to that 1 point. The developers have repeated across multiple recent posts that they desire detailed, constructive feedback from the community. Here is my thoughts on how to balance Porcs. A few points so you can better gather where my point of view comes from. • I only play high PS (13k+) and CWs. No raids. • I use wheels exclusively. •I use MGs exclusively. •Arbiters were my favorite weapon, until they buffed the Porc barrels raw health over the base damage of a fully heated Arbiter. It was to nerf the Spark, it however nerfed the Arbiter to useless levels as I play with it. Reverting the base health of the barrels themselves back down to 8 HP while giving them a 50% energy resistance would keep the Spark vs. Porc the same, while giving lower tiered MGs and miniguns the ability to combat them again. Precision weapons not being able to precisely and quickly (1 well aimed shot) eliminate barrels is an insult to one of the only roles in the game they are best at: Decloaking and clearing mines. @Woodyrojo With those point-of-view points aforementioned, here are my ideas for potential solutions. Each one would be a separate solution, applying them all would nerf Porcs into the ground. 1. Increase the Porc to 4 energy, leave all other parameters alone. If you do, make a Porc-exclusive fusion event, to help stabilize the price and give players another option besides flooding the market with their 4th and 5th Porcs. The simplest way to put this is that per point of energy, NOTHING comes close to the efficiency of Porcs. Name anything else that can eliminate any build in this game, including Leviathans, with 9 energy. There is nothing, and synergizing with a cab that encourages you to touch the enemy (Echo) and the DPS is nothing short of amazing. This solution would limit the builds to being raw DPS, by dropping their kapkans to keep their barrels. Or they would have to sacrifice a porc to retain all their team's modules (it is often the Porc player who carries the radar detector, verifier, kapkans which help the team, etc.) 2. Reduce the fire rate, buff the health. -20% fire rate, +30% HP People complain that the spam is often why the Porc works. From deleting a build, to simply littering the map with Porcs that kill you 20 seconds after they miss, the amount of barrels alone make this thing a nightmare for anyone not on a hover. Again, double the fire rate because of the Echo cab, and the problem escalates. Having less DPS by way of less fire rate may make the Porc overly vulnerable before it can do its job. Increasing the durability of the weapon itself will help mitigate this. 3. Make a hard cap of number of barrels that can be on the field per launcher. My recommended number is 5 per launcher. The 6th Porc launched would instantly detonate the 1st Porc on the field. This one can be both a nerf and a buff simultaneously, while reducing the problem with spam. You want to flood an area with Porcs for area-denial? It is a minelayer, and you should be able to do so. But being able to simply alternate from one lane to another, nonstop for the entirety of a match is ludacris. Watch any gameplay video of a defensive Porc player on Powerplant. They can shut down train side and the middle alley singlehandedly and mindlessly. No thoughts to tactics needed. Look left, spam 15 barrels, look right, spam 15 barrels, look left, spam 15 barrels, look right, spam 15 barrels. Doing this creates an infinite wall of Porcs on all sides that will overlap without need for timing, tactics, cadence, nothing. This encourages players to do so and rewards players for doing less. That is the nerf side of it. The buff it would have? Porcs would now be able to be detonated on command by tactical players (the 6th volley launched will detonate the 1st Porcs placed, with full effect), allowing players to detonate Porcs underneath approaching hovers, helping nerf one of the biggest advantages of the polarizing hovers: Porc immunity. It would also allow them to blanket an area with fire nearly on command, to help with decloaking approaching melee and shotgun builds. It gives them more utility, but only if used tactically and thoughtfully by their user. I can not advocate enough for the game to reward high level gameplay and not spam. Skill should be rewarded and this would create a new opportunity for intelligent plays. 4. -50% damage to movement parts on explosion (but not fire puddle damage) Why did Bigrams never really take off? The answer is simple: Porcupines. Why does my ride systematically disappear as I fight in an area a Porc is near? Old, missed-16-seconds-ago Porc barrels stay around and only 2 are needed to take off a Bigfoot, the only viable wheel in CWs. Enemies can continuously miss and get their hits 20 seconds later and all of a sudden I'm down to 3 wheels, spinning in a circle, with ZERO direct hits. In a game where we drive cars, hovers, spiders, tracks, etc., we ALL need movement parts to move. Having something reward you for missing and still crippling the enemy vehicles, is asinine. This would not be a major nerf to any other thing they do, but it would reduce them leaving a half a build, fully armed, in a puddle. 5. Reduce the time barrels remain on the field to 10 seconds. I'll admit, this takes them away from their names category of 'Mine layer'. It is however one of their biggest advantages. 19.5 seconds after I dodge an enemy, while in the cap, stopping them from getting the 3rd capture point, the barrels hits a wall, rolls back downhill towards the center and kills me. 19.5 seconds after he MISSED. You want them to keep being a hovercraft melee weapon? That's fine, but let's not reward them with free hits 20 seconds later. 6. Nerf the stats across the board, to keep them as spammable 'Mine layer' or hovercraft melee weapons, but making them less effective at all these things. -10% damage, -10% durability, -10% fire rate So you like what they do, fundamentally? They deny areas, can tackle a Leviathan, fight a melee point blank, delete movement parts regardless of accuracy, and you like the spam? Fine, but they overachieve for their 3 energy. This isn't a specialized solution and is a lazy way of ensuring they lose effectiveness to some degree, guaranteed. They still can do everything they do now, but simply not as effectively. You can use a hammer to put a screw in a wall, and still hang a picture. But there are more specialized ways to approach the problem. This is kinda like that. 7. DO ANYTHING THAT COULD BE CONSTITUTED AS A NERF TO THEM. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. THE COMMUNITY AGREES ACROSS THE BOARD THAT THESE WEAPONS ARE A PROBLEM. THE LACK OF A SINGLE NERF TO THEM WOULD SEEM TO IMPLY YOU SEE THEM AS FINE. IF YOU DO NOT THINK PORCS ARE FINE, APPLY A NERF OF ANY TYPE OR DEGREE TO SHOW THE COMMUNITY YOU UNDERSTAND OUR ISSUE WITH THEM. Dropping patch after patch, nerfing things like Cyclones, and not touching the most universally OP thing in the game is received as a subconscious message to players that you see no issues with the weapon. It says it without saying a word. This next patch, please speak with your actions and take ANY step to address the problem. ( Btw: I get why you would nerf autocannons, you push down the entire line of autocannons with minor nerfs to make way for the new autocannon coming out in December. It is smart, and deliberate. Hopefully by the time the new autocannon drops, the past nerfs will be mostly forgotten and the desirability of the new autocannon that much higher. Smart, kudos to thinking ahead 6 months. The big picture and whatnot)
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    slower porc barrel speed slower reload less ammo increase to 4 energy limit amount of porc barrels able to be active at once
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    Hovers are one of the most underpowerred movement parts in the game, they are only viable in 1 kind of very specific setup (sideways + colossus + spaced armor + etc), a front facing hover is just a free kill, yet devs are still nerfing all types of hovers into the ground as if they dont play their own game and dont understand whats going on wait
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    @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron I still can't get why you guys didn't put hovers in race map teasers and in update video. You guys are pretending as if everyone in race enjoy the wheel vehicles and hover does not exist in the game. This is why we don't think you guys understand the situation, and we doubt your ability to handle the problem. Racing map is good but racing brawl sucks.
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    Since everyone is making one of these threads... I hate getting hit by range all the time... Really?? what the hell is up with these threads... just play the damn game.
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    And we think the same This feature may become a part of the future co-drivers rework. Can't say anything about blueprints from the exhibition, but bounding co-drivers to your own blueprints to load them all at once sounds like a good idea.
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    Agree with your statement for me ,hover is "s h i t" on any battle mode not only race
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    Devs just going to keep ignoring it like all the games other problems?
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    3 times today I have been flipped by stray Porc barrels. If I was hostile, then it would go boom but I would still be driving along, but because it's friendly I either get stopped dead, launched into the air or flipped over. It's a hindrance to allied players and both Porc barrels and friendly turret drones need to allow allied players to drive over them. It's a nightmare in both PvP and PvE for anyone not using Bigfoot wheels
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    And these experienced players still prefer Icarus to other movements. Just try to think why.
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    Bigfoots are cool, but what about those of us that want to be fast and low? The special wheels are OK, but can’t cut it above a certain PS, unless you put so many on you lose the acceleration you wanted. I want something the size of a racing wheel, but lower power drain and higher durability than an array. What would we want in other epic wheels? Maybe something bigger than a Bigfoot? A mining truck wheel, or double tractor wheel?
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    When are you going to give hovers some love? They need a buff!
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    conveniently coming with a new pack that brings a cab that'll be the new requirement to do anything in race.
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