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    This game has a lot of character, there's no arguing that. It boasts Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi themes of nearly every flavor but zombies. This game has features with features, and if what they've got isn't enough for you, they'll let you build your own thing however you like. It has zero competition, in my opinion. There's nothing else like it. I'm full-on addicted, for better or worse. I hear a lot about how this game sucks and it's pay to hover, or whatever, and so I was wondering; why do you play it? I'm pretty simple, myself. I like the basics. I like the grunge and rust. I like the sounds of the chassis squeaking and rattling, and the thump and crash it makes as it hits the ground rolling, and the sound of these beastly engines roaring (is there a way to turn just that up?). I like the way when things explode they make your ears ring, without actually making your ears ring. That's a neat trick, and I've only really heard that quality here. I like the sound of brass hitting the ground as the guns spit fire. I like the old abandoned cars everywhere in the Wasteland. The faces on the mountain are ominous. The paints! I love the paints, especially Death Mask. Point is: there's a lot to like about Crossout. Heaps, in my opinion. Sure there's something to make everybody mad in there too, but I don't care today. I've heard it all. It makes me mad sometimes too, but I'd like to hear what it is that makes other people want to play this game. What do you like about Crossout? Just give me something. Anything. I'm truly curious, but it also seemed like we needed a better thread to post better stuff than what's going around lately, and I think the developers ought to be curious too. IDK...post or not. I'm going to go hit the Wasteland for a couple of hours and rattle my cage a bit.
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    so you get nearly a million xp and prestige rank a faction in return they give you a crate which you cant sell nor can you sell the item nor can you use the item to make better equipment nor can you salvage it and its a blue level item! which i'll probably never use its a rubbish reward
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    I love how the best weaps got the biggest buffs for no reason lol. 88mm totally needed +18% damage.
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    Pretty much. Mindlessly attacking everyone you see is beyond stupid when you be "friendly", get rid of the major threats who would otherwise pick off everyone separately with your "friends", and then stab them in the back when the storm is at the point it's hitting everyone.
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    This was stated to happen before the update dropped.
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    More good news... In case anyone is wondering what they will get when their Founders level maxes out, it will continue to gain levels, 76 and so on. And you will get nothing.
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    None of what you all are saying = underpowered. Emily is underpowered. It's just really, super bad. I bought a couple to test because they're so cheap. And man, they are just horrible. They're way cheaper than an epic grenade launcher at 1K vs. 1400K PS. But they're just a complete pile of crap by comparison. Even using no radiators/coolers/ammo and using engine and cabin to buff the Emily, the epic GL will do more alpha, DPS, have more health, and perform better in every conceivable way. And the gap between them is far more than the PS gap. Yes, the Emily is a Revolver and not a GL. But it behaves in nearly every way like a GL so that's what you compare it to. THAT is an example of underpowered. If you spend 2K PS on Emilies and fit your vehicle with them, you will be at a severe disadvantage to someone who fits in 2K of nearly any other weapons.
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    Hi there I upgraded the Colossus engine to get 10% Power Bonus, I upgraded it three times and the following happens: In the category Reliability, everytime I do a new Upgrade, it propose me a different upgrade than the one I had before (like it is supposed to be), for example if I have the upgrade Mass -17% it proposed me Resistance to all damage +10%. So I can chose a different one and this is fine In the category Handling, he ALWAYS propose me ONLY Weight limit +3%, I upgraded already it three times and I got ONLY this upgrade. In the screenshot attached you can see, first Pic, my second upgrade where Weight limit +3% Bonus was present in the first upgrade and it is present in second one as well, not changed. In the second picture you can see the result of the third upgrade, Weight limit +3% is always presented as bonus, not changed again. I tried to upgrade the Dun Horse engine and again I got Weight limit +3% as Bonus in Handling cat. Quastion: is this how it is supposed to be?, because I understood that every next upgrade it should propose me a different Upgrade for EVERY category, like it is doing for the Reliability Cat, but not for Handling Cat. So, if I upgrade 100 times the Colossus engine I could get 100 time the Bonus Weight limit +3% in Handling Cat? that's not so Random …. and very frustrating I attached a screenshot that show this thank you in advance Kind regards WirWho
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    Thx At my level, I already see who is good and not. 90% of my fights are against the top 10% players. It will be the same if you lower the PS. You just get different metas. But with different metas every week, you punish the poor that need to buy new weapons. Also you undermine long term goals and progression. There are better ways to diversify gameplay, that doesn't hurt existing play.
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    Drones are killing this game and should be removed, but people have a great need to win and thanks to drones, they can satisfy that need with money. This situation is in line with the developer's financial strategy. There is little benefit from this discussion as Gaijin has repeatedly shown that they do not care about the players' opinions.
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    Will be great on paper, will be an absolute failure on practice "Max PS 7k" *Fulll skeleton hover cricket teams* "Max PS 12k" *Full dog teams* "Max PS 5k" *Full lancer teams* And so on... It's not like CW has a lot of variety already
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    I like the game regardless of it's merits or flaws, the thing that keeps me coming back is the flexibility of design. I mean there are few games where if it can move and shoot then you can take it into a battle. My favorite thing to do is make increasingly unlikely builds just to make doing missions and raids hare 'interesting'. In case y'all are wondering what I mean, last week I was doing raids in a single-track tank, before that a 'motorcycle' (two in-line wheels), and you don't even want to know what rolled out of the garage last month. It's the ability to make utterly insane vehicles that sells it for me.
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    This update did nothing observable other than greatly reduce uranium caps.. thoughts? League Previous Cap New Cap Bronze 75 30 Silver 90 40 Gold 100 60 Diamond 100 100
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    I knew balance was bad, but I didn't know it was this bad.
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    I love hovers, drones, guided missiles, porcs, and just about everything that players cry is unfair, OP, P2W, killing this game, and cancer. My favorite part is making coin on the market.
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    First of all, I really like how you did the classes in the Winter mayhem, some of the builds could be improved (buff tankman) but I do like how you are able to choose which class you want to play. However, the progression system is still really bad. I think that the rewards should be based off of the individuals performance, instead of the teams. Because a player that does really well shouldn't have to lose because their team was really bad. Second of all, the annihilator buff was completely unnecessary, and now its OP because of it.
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    Yeah, this kind of thinking works when it is one gun or two. But when it’s everything fused, engine, cab, guns, mods and so on then this type of thinking does not work. some guys have coins to be trolls in lower brackets, then they parade around acting like the are better then everyone else because they are not “clan elites”. They are worse. at lest clan Elites spend most of their time in clan wars or high PS. Not punishing new players at low/mid level.
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    They would never do this. They are too jewey and greedy. They will do the same as when they add new packs with unlockable building parts and make all your old prestige levels not count towards unlocking the new stuff. The idea of players getting something for "free" probably causes a sharp pain in their withered hearts.
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    That'd devalue epics over time so much that it'd be beyond insane.
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    Agree. Special weapons with no perks tend to do poorly, and Emily is definitely the weapon that suffered the most from being turned into a "special". IMO all special weapons/cabs should get a perk, and in Emily's case, to stick with the existing logic, that'd be "last shot of the cylinder deals +80% damage". But Emily's so weak, I'd also put it a 4 energy like Corvo while I'm at it. Even on Levis it became a bad choice now, and it was a great Levi weapon.
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    This post is intended towards Crossout Developers Team and Staff. The uranium cap was a good change, but there are some problems still: 1.The rich get richer and the poor stay poor. There is no real way for new players to enjoy clan wars, unless they spend a decent amount of real money or chase all the challenges and raids for at least 6 months, and they don't mess up with trades on the market. There needs to be some small rewards for Tin League as well, to make clan wars feel like a PROGRESSION and a true END GAME. 2.The league progresion is too fast in the lower tiers, and it doesn't allow for the player base to settle properly. My sugestion: New League distribution by points (safe league until Gold, as it is now): Tin League: 0-200 points Bronze League: 200-400 points Silver League: 400-600 points Gold League: 600-800 points Diamond League: 800+ points New limits for uranium cap: (I am aware this may lower the price of uranium a bit, but Relics being above 10k a piece feels way too overpriced) Tin: 20 units Bronze: 40 units Silver: 60 units Gold: 80 units Diamond: 100 units Every successful MMO has a very well established END GAME, and more or less, a LINEAR PROGRESSION system that feels rewarding for everything you do. Giving a small reward to Tin League is the bridge that will link Clan Wars (End Game) with the rest of the game (Early and Mid Game). Making the leagues longer will help the player base to settle propperly in their power score and skill level. I always felt it was way too fast to go from low Bronze to Silver and then Gold, sometimes in just 1 or 2 sessions. It never really felt like I've seen what the playstyle was in the lower leagues, or what crazy builds people played there. Closing note: Crossout is a game at a cross-roads right now. It can become something great, or it may not... IF the game will start attracting new players and offer them a linear progression system that also feels rewarding, they will stay and they will spend. BUT IF the game will fail to retain it's newer player base, the old elites may eventually get bored, or just grow out of it. I can't stress you enough because of how many of my friends tried the game, and liked it, but after a while left, because they felt they can't advance above a certain point.
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    This is why id vote yes. Obviously this is also the entire point of the fusion system, pay to get an advantage over others who didnt. This playerbase loves stuff like that. While a bit pathetic a lower ps, at max/cw ps it isnt. Huge sums to get for example all movement parts fused for the right thing with bonuses that are probably worth it.
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    Dunno what you mean. But im serious. Remove CW. This will never work well, costs a lot of time and money that could used elsewhere, and as soon {something} gets updated then all the sh17 starts over again. Just remove CW and add "Get the uranium". ALL required methods are already there. Level limit, resource limit, ... . No clans needed anymore (reduces the amount of players at CW anyway), anybody can join even as a single player too and plays with randoms (Lost match? Who the f* cares? Next time then), no more "accidentally" self destructing (wouldnt make sense anymore), ... there will be more "pros" to find but im to lazy now. So... you want to get it done, then you need to let it go. EDIT: getting even better - this way all players would be in the same queue! Same matches (8vs8) so same queue. If you dont know: if you play for scrap you may play with and against players who play for wires or batteries. EDIT2: ofc you wont get any uranium on loose. But perhaps fuel, so ... .
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    How about something like this: Reduce the strafing top speed of hovers but buff it's acceleration. Doesn't matter if a hovercraft moves at 50km/h on strafes when you accelerate to it instantly. Good for peek'a'booing. Sideways hovers now reverse at 50km/h.
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    Yeah! Give wheels no-exponential lightning fast acceleration too! And flip resistance! And stuck resistance! Hell! Lets turn this game in a total garbage and play it like if its a game from a 1970 computer!
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    Look for a mandrake hover on exhib, with just one side of the build with hovers so it is tilted to the side, there is a bug, it AUTOMATICALLY accelerates and there is no 75 km/h speed limit on hovers then, it goes to even 200 km/s. So remember this, every time a hover is tilted to one side he get a free speed boost, thats why they are so fast the less hovers they have, they need a comprehensive nerf cutting out all their advantage.
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    Yeah, here we go again, hovers already crying, pathetic. Didn't see hover crying about that unbalanced garbage verifier? Another legendary to nerf cuz hovers "cant fight" with it, just like they destroyed spark, harv and they are like 1000c on market as it is useless AF, nerfed like many other things not related to hover builds, cuz then, they would not touch it. Its always the same, protect hovers, nerf everything that counter hovers, buff everything else. Same story, same lies, again.
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    So far I've only faced one person with them, they definetly got buffed a lot since the test server, but fast weapons still can deal with them, the concern I have is that they are so close to the vehicle when shooting at it that I'm sure weapons with longer barrels won't be able to move in such angles to hit them (my IMP's worked well tho)
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    It needs to be removed, things that just do all the work for you and are better than things that don't do all the work for you is stupid and ruins the game I do not want another droneapocalypse, the first one was bad enough
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    So every body playing starter kit car then?
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    Oh my i should be more careful. Southpark and drawings is super risky in todays hypersensative world. Thank you
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    This is pretty much what i think of when these 2 argue anyways. Just let them go
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    Can we just sit back and appreciate that in Winter Mayhem one of the vehicles was designed to essentially be a fast-firing vehicle. AND INSTEAD OF MACHINE GUNS IT USES JOULES. Devs, fix MG's please. You've literally just admitted that machine guns are less useful than one of the worst autocannons in the game.
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    To be fair your team can really screw you, iv won like 4 of 9, mvpd every game with 3-5k score averaging over 10 kills a game.. People just suck so bad and don't understand how the game works People also don't understand that you have to not die And get kills WITH caps..
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    As i have already said in the other Mandrake thread i think the general mechanics of Mandrakes are perfectly fine as they are. A good Mandrake player can deliever lots of damage quite accuratly and in a short time. Using the minimap as a target area is a very bad idea, it takes every skill away thats necessary now if you want to be fast with acquiring your target and also be accurate. Im also against a Mandrake that can shoot straight because the whole point of them is dealing lots of damage at range and being able to hit targets behind cover, all that comes at the disadvantage of being unable to defend at close range. Maybe make that a feature of a relic Mandrake but please not for the legendary version, at least not at the costs of completly reworking them as they are now. Its possible anyway to shoot in front of you or even directly on top of yourself if you use terrain to change the inclination of your build. I agree they need some love but i dont like OP's suggestions. This sounds much more like something i would agree on. The accuracy is not consistent enough and when you move it can get so bad that i shoot over half the map and some shells spread that much that it almost hit my own build while other shells are on target, that really shoudnt be. Better/bigger fire puddles would also be great im not going to lie.
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    No they aren't. Crickets are not better than whirlwinds at range (They're still extremely inaccurate at best.). Only executioners are as accurate and they're not surgical in the slightest. There is a place for DPS weapons, they just aren't popular weapons or part of the meta.
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    It has an extremely fast reload, high durability, deals high explosive damage, leaves damaging flame pools everywhere, launches barrels so fast moving you cant outrun them, tanks peoples frame rates with explosions and fire everywhere, AND to top it all off it only costs 3 energy and is 1800PS. Just 2 porcupines is extremely deadly. 3-4 is like instant death for anybody hit by them. It could use some serious toning down on EVERYTHING if its going to stay at only 3 energy. It needs some serious balancing work done on it. At the very least it needs to be bumped up to 4 energy, and deal more damage to its owner so they cant be used at point blank range like a melee weapons. Maybe bring back Sparks ability to instantly detonate porc barrels. At least then it had some kind of counter.
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    My cars are like 4000-5000 ps (that’s low mid right??), I rarely see porcupine “sealclubbers” in game.If I even see people using porcupine at all
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    So why confused faces? You prefer to rotate a hundred parts over rotating 1 or rotating everything in the garage at once? Or are you still in lower school at 30 because you failed primary school mathematics every year?
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    Alright, we can fix hovers after we fix annihilators.
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    Hover is the most serious balance threat no matter what.