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    Unless youre using a build that shows their back to people a lot, putting your generator behind the cabin would be a better idea than putting it under the frame as its less likely to get popped by people shooting the front of the build. And by the time people can shoot the generator youre probably dead anyways A good tip to prevent gasgen from popping in fire puddles is to put it on a part with less hp than the generator itself. If you put the gasgen on a 33 hp part and make sure it isnt attached to anything else, then in a fire puddle the gasgen will simply fall off and not explode.
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    The title says it all! How can you enjoy a Victory when you see the Team destroyed only 7 Enemy? How can you demand for us to be "kind and save the world" when you lose a Mission and see the Enemy only destroyed 7? Winning against a shorthanded enemy is like bile in your mouth, it ruins the taste of Victory. Losing shorthanded just angers us because we really had no chance from the beginning. Winning shorthanded is of course extra satisfying, but also rare and certainly does not make up for all the other Missions. Are you ever going to fix this? Are you ever going to fix the Tutorial? Yet you want my $10.00 for the Battle Pass?
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    I think it depends on number of posts mostly.
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    All this old dedicated players earning prestige levels on Engeneers and got nothing out of it Devs could just give Veteran Containers, or even give LESS of them. Say 1 container for 2 levels, so I am prestige 32 so i would get 16 conteiners or even 1 for 3 or even CAP it so noone can get more that 10 or 20 or hell even 5. But no, devs said it themself they will not give us anything, you are prestige 150 or 10 you get nothing
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    Hi there I’ll meet a guy for one night free Add less here seixi777.tumblr.com my nickname is ekaterina27 I'm waiting for you there, I have a free hour
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    I found that it lasts just long enough to spin up my Reapers. That's about it. Most of the good Nova builds I've seen use Reapers, or Arbiter/Aurora combos. (I've got a Skinner on mine, because 96 Km/H is just barely fast enough to keep a Hover in range, but it doesn't hurt to have a Kite-string.)
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    You actually admit to breaking the Rules in your first sentence. You are not allowed to rig a purchase with somebody you know! That is what Arbiter does. You offered too much and he asked too much and Arbiter caught you both red handed. He sells his stickers to anyone and you buy from anyone. You do not try to manipulate the Market to transfer your Coins to your Clan Leader. Did you get your Stickers from the Arbiter? Did you pay the Price that you offered? Then how did you get robbed? You got what you paid for at the price you offered.
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    Location doesn't matter with fire puddles...the damage box is actually a large cylinder, it's not limited to things close to the ground. So rather things are put in between frames or elsewhere, it'll take the same damage from fire puddles regardless.
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    The side project that was way too hard for what it is. I don't know why but this video was incredibly troublesome. I was supposed to be doing other things, but this...this...this is my rooster. This is my song.
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    Thank you Woodyrojo for your reply. We are all anxious to see how this turns out. Melbot, Mural on a wall, memorial monument in adventure. They are all great suggests. Any of which would be welcome in my opinion. Something to remind us of her. Please keep us posted! Killahhjoe Thank you so much for this post. You made my day!!!
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    These are the features I like the most: New map - Great fun and good looking environment. Do look out for those pits though. It's gonna be super easy to wedge an ally and push them down the hole to troll them. Punisher change - Much needed change, do like the perk. Maybe consider a little less damage nerf to the gun tho? Wedge mechanics seems quite promising. A melee with "hovercatchers" can completely immobilize a hover in 5-6 seconds though just by skinnering on to them and drive straight. Must be changed! Levi CW is quite interesting to see back, but would be awesome to maybe have 1-2 seperate exhib slots for leviathans? I know the test mode is limited time, but it's already hard to keep slots open with the limited blueprint slots available (Not willing to invest all my coins into additional slots for a test period) These are the features that I don't like: Breaker buff - It's fine that you change the perk, no one utilizes it anyways. But maybe look at why no one utilizes it instead? Giving a damage buff on top of the new perk is a bit too much IMO Still no mention of the -mass fusion bug. Please for the love of god get it fixed. It is such a game breaking bug. You can't keep ignoring it... Conclusion: Overall a very positive patch, that i think ALOT of people have been waiting for. Thanks for this!
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    Never have a lagged in matches as bad as i have this week. On crossout. Im being specific, as crossout is the only game that is lagging. One can jump on rdr2, gta5, cod, you name is, those games are fine Crossout is not. Its so bad, that blue prints are taking 30 seconds or more to load, never mind the rubber banding and disconnects while actually playing Crossout is also the only game that has pass the blame type message on the spash screen, blaming covid, and the internet in general. Shut the game down for a day, and fix it. If thats what it takes. Im sure 100% of the community would gladly spare an entire day off it it meant the next 3 mo ths would be lag free.
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    Just add a bot or a player who is in queue if someone blows up in the first 10 seconds.
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    When I join this forum my rank was Refugee, but as the time goes by my rank upgraded to Survivor. I've seen other people with a different rank like Warlord, Driver, Elder, Technomad, Engineer, etc. But I don't know how they achieved it? If anyone know how this rank system works please tell me!
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    Blueprint Expert here I guess the ranks have even lesser value than the "Popular contributors" thing, which have none. Luckily.
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    Lols that ain't no hazard! Remember acid - slowly erroding away your hp. while visually affecting your build. Or What about geysers throwing your build sky high with a pretty natural effect ... Naaah this time, on the new map, it seems like devs where just to lazy to fully program the ground . . . So congratz devs on making this map look just as glitchy and buggy as the rest of the game, though i'm shure you would just call it a F E A T U R E !!!
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    Did the Devs forget to add the new map to rotation on Xbox? Still haven't seen it in PVP.
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    I've, got nothing like that. I already canned it. I checked in on the forum, just now, and the new update isn't very popular. It's not just me, so that's good. I suppose they will change things again. It sounds like they need a patch or three. That market thing sounds like a crummy bug. That's pretty messed up if things are defaulting to sell at the lowest bid. I saw the new map once. That's pretty cool. Very Star Wars. I've got some cool goodies, but the game is miserable so i can't really enjoy them. When they fix it I will, though.There's some beautiful parts in these last couple updates, but they always feel the need to make everybody mad when they pass out the candy. Christmas must be pretty macabre in Russia.
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    Well, there's a weekly challenge to win 3 Brawls, and that's as good an excuse as any to get into Race Mode. I know, I have more/Powerful boosters, but that makes it heavy, and 'splode. This is just fast enough to top out, without hitting the ground, and exploding, which can cost you precious lap time. It also steers better (With the boosters mapped to L/R triggers) than anything I have ever built, even with Colossus. I have that too, I just don't need it for Power/Turning, because i use the boosters for that.
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    People say high skill cap. , fragile, blah blah bah. Flutes over perform for their rarity, and ill explain why using a comparison the entire forum community will understand. By comparing them to HOVERS Flutes are intended to be glass canons. I get that. Big hit with tiny structure just looking at parameters , anyone can see its true. However, this is where its fundamentally flawed. The design. Nobody complains about regular hovers. Only sideways. This is where flutes and hovers, are the same, except 1 is designed this way on purpose. Hovers are only strong sideways because cab, and frame block shots that normally would rip hover off. Flute is the same, they can be buried on the frame behind the cab, and the guided laser passes through your own build and every friendly that might be in the way. This is not indended to be a cry thread, but there is no question flutes, over perform with extreme base damage, and total hideability, they are the only weapon in the game that can be hidden this well, they could have 5 hp, and perform the same Make is so laser cannot pass through parts, and weapon must be partially exposed, and it would perform as intended.
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    Insults to other Forum Users is not allowed. Karen wants everything her way. I just a fair battle like it says in the description. A Fair Battle for Resources! Give what you advertise! Just change it to say, "Sometimes a Fair Battle for Resources."
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    While I was destroyed I watched a teammate with them and I’m sure they reloaded while the first volley was still in the air so effectively they can drop missiles vertically down on you then instantly fire a point blank salvo soon as the last one has detonated. They do seem a little too good for a two energy weapon but then again so are porcs. The blanket ps rework based on energy used is mostly fine but the little 2 energy weapons should have a higher ps imho.
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    Since you're on ps4, feel free to look up my builds on exhib (just search "ffx" and sort by "new"), i have some high ps "racer" type of builds that hold up pretty well, meaning it's not so rare that towards the end of battle i lost all structure parts and still remain completely functional...
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    it costs 350 coins to make a paint , with the market price of resources on ps4 , people are selling them for 450coin 10% tax 45coins which makes 405coins ... so your making a 55coin profit for playing a ridiculous amount of games to make a paint ... lol and i dont think many are interested in these g ay looking paints , why cant you bring colours like black ... why all the g ay things whoever making these paints must be g ay fa ggot cnt
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    Hello I have been playing a long time but this is my first time posting and im hoping this is the right spot for this. I have seen so many changes to crossout the game is not what it once was, it used to be skill based but it has slowly moved to aim assist and who has the most kapcans. Console has cheaters using mouse and keyboard on console and the new aim assist has only made them deadlier because the aim assist works with the mouse and keyboard adapters on console giving a huge unfair advantage against fair playing controller players. Now for my questions, are you guys planning to nerf all parts so that we have to fuse them to be effective? Certainly seems like this is where the game already headed and i dont think it should be this way after all most of us have spent literally years grinding to get what we have and now the relics we earned wont compete with the fused ones that the top clans have these clans constantly drop down in rank to farm ore as you devs should be aware of and they are still rewarded not hurt by the new ore system but the underdogs get screwed because they have a low ore cap they cant get past. Are you guys going to stop nerfing rewards?With the new teal parts category being added it now takes a lot more resources and time to build anything and the changes to the badge system has only made it worse. Do you devs actually play? I have never heard of any dev playing this game at least on xbox if you guys were playing you would know the struggle this game has to get anywhere and why so many people wont play. No one wants to progress this slow. And then when you guys do give us parts they are not tradable, salvageable, or usable for crafting.. the season rewards parts also have the worst fuses possible done on purpose im sure. You guys dont give us anything but decor that is now useless. This game could be so great if you devs would just speed up the progression. We play to play not acquire parts but at the end of the day we want to be rewarded not with measly scraps and unusable parts.
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    Well said on the thrust, I think increasing that is a gd idea. Especially for something like the Hermes
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    This is a cautionary tale. I did not get it back when I re-entered the garage and came back out either. It was gone until I rebooted the game.
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    I stopped trying not to tick them off. These particular haters call it a "Cash Grab" when they get free stuff for Christmas. They don't want us to have any fun, or enjoy anything we created, because the only way they can have fun is tearing down everything you enjoy. So, the best protest is to keep having fun, anyway. Yes, that is a flying Reaper. Just 1.
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    then devs come up with guns like these they should ballance them on how they will actually be used ie 6 spammed on a hover. not balanced from the perspective of the tiny art build pack they come from.
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    It always sells to the highest offer, but as i've been told this "arbiter" account is a bot to "protect market from dubious transactions" Even though this essentially just makes their players lose in-game currency...?
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    I wonder if we have here other guys who for any reason lack fingers or or have mangled hands and struggle a bit, or much, with trigger buttons ? Im right handed, but years ago i got my right hands fingers crushed quite badly, and later ive hurt my left hands index,middle and thumb with accidents including chisels, bandsaws.... I miss little parts of fingers and most are somewhat twisted. Not badly visually but still. They dont have so good feel, due to nerves gone bad, though they are very strong fingers and often i just connect all possible weapons ( ac, shotgun,mg) for R2 and the less used weapons like missiles for L2 due to issues with hands, that appear after playing for a while. I recall someone "lol-ling" the way i had connected all weapons to R2 , and heres the why. I aint no cripple by any means , i build show finished scale models, paint motorcycle tanks with airbrush, build knives etc but controller seems to make some aches or something after a while. I got to think have you bought ,customized or tinkered any trigger extensions or managed to make em more sensitive, and if so, what products or tricks you used ? Or have you found a better ps4 controller with somewhat comfier and sensitive triggers ?
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    Oh, so you're getting beat by rock, paper, scissors? My bad, I thought it was a skill deficiency. Seems just another cannon player getting mad pulling the trigger isn't a cure-all. For once. Carry on.
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    With the Eternal Flame, this thread is reborn!
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    Griffon shouldve had a speed boosting perk it wouldve been much more enjoyable and balanced
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    Khajiit HATES this dummy dum dum idea. khajiit thinks this would break the existing system the game is made around. why don't u go back to ur subscription based software/services since u leik spending monies monthly and losing much monies monthly. khajiit is VERY angry with u for suggesting horrible idea. GRRRRRRR
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    @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron When is a cab a light cab? Because houl, favorite, torero (and more) mid cabins have similar stats. (I dont care about the PS increase. Its fair just due to the perk. But i dont understand the "light cab" -logic)
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    100% bad idea that would only flood higher ps with newbs that can't kill bots
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    Any cabin, regardless of the perk, that's 3x8 would be my go-to cabin to side-saddle an Incinerator. (Same size.) You have no idea how hard it is to cram just 1 into a build, and have it turn the same left, and right.
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    Imagine a Messerschmidtt cabin with only 3 squares wide but 8 squares long! It would look pretty strange but would be your go-to cabin for small asymmetrical builds.
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    Mit dem "namen" ... geh mal weg.
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    These are the features that I don't like: Button layout on ps4 for steel championship! Square button for the spike? Seriously? I mean i'm aware we can (have to) remap buttons for this to play properly, but that's no excuse to make it that way in the first place. I'd like you to show me how to aim with right stick and press square at the same time...
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    These are the features I like the most: 13 sticker,because Johnny Cash sang those lyrics Glenn Danzig wrote and thirteen is on my skin. Brassknuckle sticker, because its message fits Crossout perfectly and its design is darn nice. Berodynamic-headlights,because aerodynamic parts are rare, in game of bricks. Retro style appeals to me. Keep em coming. Ck for tires, ive wanted them since i saw em the 1st time some 6 months ago,when someone passed me with his wedge had em and all i could do when he took an u-turn and lifted and chopped me to pieces,was to take screencaps of the wheels,snd drool from envy windering what he heck are those wheels.Thanks for offering them now. Steel Championship is pretty fun. These are the features that I don't like: That i havent guided to new map not a single time and ive played for hours. So i dont know a thing about its pros and cons. Put it on rotation more often ? Steel Championships,becausecars should be somehow more aggressive,now they feel lazy and rubbery. I hear no Cheetah roars ,you know,and theres faster cabs to accelerate i think. Skinner in Steel Championship seems to not get a good grip of anything and loses the grip from ball very easy,why? Reward paints in Steel Championships because they are way too similar with only colours changing between paint. Give me yellow-red-white-blue stripe can or even sticker that i can scale and i'll play every day to get it. Or just something more classy, vintage racecar paints, flames, flake paints ? Durability increase for tires without too much of PS increase,because i still i dont like the tactic of first making the wheels used more by giving us the CK, and then right after, you rise PS, just like you make new weapons first tempting to "sell" them and then you like immediately nerf them so fast ,often with logics i cant ever understand. But now, the relationship of added ps and durability is more ok. And cool that you even pay attention to studded tires. Edit ; yes, the Spike button in ps , it sure should be in triggers or lets say X. Conclusion: This was an update that did more good than bad in my eyes. I was thinking if you nerf mg's and ac's to finally get rid of using them. Edit; i now realise this was feedback meant for pc users and i use ps4 but i get the feeling the update is same for consoles .
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    …… Why, exactly, are items automatically set to lowest buy offer when selling things now and why isn't this mentioned in patch notes? Fortunately for me I only found out while selling scrap and found it unusual that it sold instantly, so I checked and sure enough...automatically set to lowest offer. I swear that it seems you guys makes some of these changes based on cards drawn from a hat.
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    I like the new map. I like the fact that it's 3 evenly spaced Capture points, and I hope that means a 3-for-all mode. (3 teams of 3, 4, or 5 Players.) Why is the ceiling lower than on Ashen Ring?
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    "hello! At the moment the prestige levels received before the update are not counted for receiving parts. It shouldn't be expected in the nearest future, but we will consider the following case for the possible future changes." Devs.!!1 you're talking to your free game testers, long time promotors etc. have some pumpjackkin' respect! It's not like we're asking for much: Containers - single most worthless resource in game after foodstamps (coupons.) If you also treat potential investors with this indignant and respectless tone, then i'm affraid your game is doomed
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