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    How long will you spew hover nerfs in name only like "-17% hover flying height"? Untill all players quit? Stop catering to 5% elitists and listen to what us, normal players telling you to do. Nerf hover acceleration to the ground so its on par with other movement parts like wheels. Right now its impossible to accurately fire projectile weapons at hovers without guessing and getting lucky. You can uncap their speed, give them back height, durability we dont care. As long as hovers can change its movement vector on a whim it will be overpowered. Their movement is erratic and unpredictable. Give us a break, we are not bots. We just humans with average ~250ms reaction time. What role should hover occupy if it gets nerfed? Like i said give them fly height and speed so hover cannot be melee'd anymore. To begin with we jumped on hovers because dogs, wedges, lancers drove us to insanity. Edit: Its a very scummy way to fight hovers got here. Peek that corner just to shoot without receiving damage back and run behind your teammates when another dog tries to rush and kill you. Be alive longer than everyone else(until all your meatshield teammates die) and deal most damage. Even if you lose you can always blame it on n00b team that did no damage. Edit2: I want both hovers and dogs suffer. Hovers from not being able to peek corners for free damage and dogs not being able to melee hovers. Casual builds should be comfortable to play without having to get owned by meta train jumping tryhards. Its not fun, leaves no room for creativity or experiments.
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    Just laugh Better to go other game Amazing to reduce the player so much even though the number of people is small everything crap devs fault crap game
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    If you are gonna nerf drake then also nerf melee. Since you already nerfed porc that was the only good melee counter now drakes get nerfed too and if the leaks are correct the new wheel will have more durability then big foots so you cant even get their wheels off with a scorp anymore ? This balance thing is stupid it just makes dogs more then OP and the skill needed to play them lower. Its just like how it was 2 years ago and its not fun. Players are obviously leaving because of the constant ridiculous buffs and nerfs that ruin the fun for everyone just so the devs can milk the players out of every last cent they can get. Just look at relic spark. Its a xxxx pre nerf spark just for 10x the cost. You cant get more obvious then that
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    I'm very tired of this game and how the devs decide to put some mechanics that are directly cutting off players from CW. Just started to play with the Mandrakes and you made them useless.... toatally useless. now I'm trying to sell them the fastest way I can, cause everybodody is quiting on them. Isn't the update suppose to be encouriging?? You are only making players quit..shame And the biggest problem that you have is to TOTALLY NERF mandrakes?! How a build that is bearly moving with 50km/h, shooting once in a lifetime, killed by scorps just with one hit or from mele just by saying hi face to face (I dont take into consideration any brainless play styles of meles going directly infront of the mandrakes). What is your problems guys? The mandrake is making 500-3k an average of 1500dmg, from a eventual lucky or skilled hit or in most cases both things combined to make a good shot. What were these replies that a horizon mandrake have 100% accuracy?!. Banning horizontal mandrake will make them just another useless thing in the game. The Devs STRIKES AGAIN!
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    The bars on items in Crossout are complete BS. When you hover over a bar on an item it should show the number. (Damage, rate of fire and so on)
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    That's what happen when Devs don't play their game's main mode Balance is done via automated number-collecting and not actual testing Bug/Abuse take literally years to get just a partial fix Overall economy & balance is absolutely godawful for new players If Crossout wasn't the only "build your vehicle" game around, the drop in player would be much, much worse.
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    Hello there, survivors! Update 0.12.00 “Amusement Park” is scheduled for next week, September 24! This means that it's time to briefly talk about the main changes and new features that await us. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are implemented into the game or may not make it into the game at all. New season "Amusement Park" A new season starts along with the update. In this season you can get objects for building your own range right in the test drive zone as you level up! All those who dreamed and asked us about the opportunity to build their own obstacle course, create a funny structure or add special devices that will allow you to measure the DPS of a certain weapon and the collision force when your vehicle collides with the enemy's - that's all for you! And we are sure that you will find many more different applications for this innovation. For example, we can't wait to see what our best Wasteland engineers are capable of. One of the interesting innovations is that now, with a battle pass, levelling up above the maximum level during the event is more practical. For each subsequent level obtained, you will receive a special container from which you can get 3 objects for construction on your range. More completed tasks -> more experience -> more containers and, accordingly, more objects for construction! > > In addition, as part of the event, you will be able to unlock recipes for a new legendary cabin, a new homing missile and new wheel of epic rarity. New Brawls With the release of the update, the “Storm Warning” and “Free for all” brawls will be temporarily removed from rotation and replaced with new brawl “Head - On!” and "Cannon Fodder". We would like to draw your attention to the fact that “Storm warning” and “Free for all” are removed from rotation TEMPORARILY. They will be returned when we finalize the rules of participation and make the necessary changes to the gameplay. Right now, we are not satisfied with the trend towards inaction in modes and teaming up players against those who want to fight in these brawls. Patches and rewards associated with these modes will also become temporarily unavailable. If you are in the process of completing related tasks, we advise you to hurry up and complete them before the update! In the “Head-On” brawl, only contact weapons and saws can be used as weapons (remember that spears are not “Contact weapons”, but “Explosives”, and vehicles with them will not be able to participate in this mode). Only vehicles with course, turret or plasma cannons will be allowed into the "Cannon Fodder" brawl. In both brawls, the survivors will take part in their armored vehicles. There will be no preinstalled armored vehicles in these modes. In the future, these brawls can be replaced by new ones, which will have their own rules and restrictions. This way, all players will be on an equal footing, and victory will depend on the skills and ability to assemble an armoured vehicle. This mode change is planned to occur in major updates, or perhaps more frequently. Brawl “Race” In the update, the “Race” mode will also be divided into races for cars with wheels only and only with hovers. During one time window in the brawl schedule, only one type of race will be held on one of the available maps. The new brawl schedule will also be published with the release of the update. Maps In the "Amusement Park" update, destructible objects will appear on all PvP maps available in rotation. Now the battles will become even more lively and filled with different events! And those who like to stealthily get close to the enemy should be especially careful, because environmental objects scattered in all directions can instantly give out your location on the map! We draw your attention to the fact that 3 maps will be TEMPORARILY removed from rotation with the update: Ship graveyard: the map will be redesigned for the new realities of battles with destructible objects. Old Town: A complete redesign of the map is planned. Fortress: we are also planning to rework the visual appearance of the map. Balance changes Plasma gun “Quasar” The durability is planned to be reduced from 597 to 535 pts. New perk: "Every 100 m distance to hitting the target reduce the reload time by 17%." The reload time is planned to be increased from 4.5 to 5.5 s. Grenade launcher “AGS-55 Impulse” Explosive damage is planned to be reduced by 17% New Perk: “After 5 successful hits, damage of the next projectile will be increased by 50%. Each miss cancels one successful hit. ” “Mandrake” Howitzer Now, if the tilt angle of the Mandrake's barrel is too small relative to the horizon, a warning sound effect will be played play. In this position, the howitzer will fire only 1 shot (instead of a barrage of 5 consecutive shots). Changes for “wedge” vehicles Compared to the last test, one change is planned: Now the effect of cars with hovers on the “wedges” will depend on the proportion of other chassis installed on the vehicle and touching the ground. For example: if the vehicle has 4 hovers and 1 wheel that does not touch the ground, then such a vehicle will not affect the “wedge”. If the non-hover chassis touch the ground, then only part of the car's mass from above will affect the craft from below, depending on the share of “non-hovers” in the assembly. If the craft has 4 hovers and 1 mechanical leg that touches the ground, only ⅕ of the vehicle's weight from above will affect the vehicle from below. Black Wings and Amusement Park Updates on PlayStation 4 Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the Black Wings update was not released on PS4. It is possible that the Amusement Park update will also be slightly delayed. But the PS4 players won't be left without the Ravens event and new relic weapons! We plan that the “Raven's Road” event will begin sometime after the Season's 3 Amusement Park start. We will inform you about the beginning of the event additionally in a special announcement. The production of new relic weapons will be available with the release of the “Amusement Park” update. We will do our best to get the update out as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding! See you in the “Amusement Park” update, Survivors!
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    Instead monkeys in balance team nerf weapons because they overpowerform on hovers, making them unplayable on ground entirely.
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    @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron Get rid of auto aim on console immediately please and thank you.
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    Welcome to the Amusement Park update, everyone! Complete the tasks of the new season, level up and get unique objects with which can be equipped in your own range in the garage! Also, we changed the schedule and the list of brawls, added destructible objects to PvP maps and made the necessary balance changes in this update. Range building Now you can build not only a vehicle but your own range as well! Equip the and evaluate the performance of your armoured vehicle in a test drive! Each garage you have has its own range area. Changing the used garage will not transfer the range from one garage to another. The range building is available from the 12th level of reputation with the “Engineers” faction. Some of the basic objects for building are received for reputation levels with the “Engineers” faction. To start building on your range, you can: Go to the “Storage” section and select the “Building” tab. Selecting one of the available objects for the range will automatically take you to the building zone. You can enter the building mode via your personal profile - the “Garage” - “Build” tab. Go to test drive mode and press the specific key to switch to range building mode (the currently configured key is displayed in the tooltip in the upper right corner). Please note that now you can spawn and remove battle bots in a test drive through a special tower installed next to the battle arena in each garage! After one object is installed, it will be enough to press the key responsible for re-opening the storage to select the next object. The maximum possible number of objects in a range is limited to 1000 “Range Points”. Installing each object to a range spends a certain amount of “Range Points”. The number of spent points depends on the object's rarity and type. Only specific range objects can be painted. These do not include: destructible objects, vehicles, targets and some other objects. In-game event “Amusement Park” As part of the “Amusement Park” event, you can get many unique objects for the range building, 3 new parts for the vehicle, and much more! Attention! The event will last till December 13 inclusive! There are 75 levels in the event. Levelling up in the event can unlock new rewards. All players without exception (both with and without a paid Battle Pass) can unlock: A banner logo that displays your current level in the event. Containers with random objects for the range. Building materials for creating objects for the range. Crafting the objects for a range from building materials is available in the “Building” tab (“Factions” section). Recipes for the production of a new wheel (normal and steering), a new homing rocket and a new cabin. Players who have purchased a Battle Pass may receive the following additional rewards: Completed objects for the range. Parts that have been crafted before. Please note that such parts are received with certain upgrades already installed and cannot be sold or purchased on the market. In-game coins. Cosmetic items: dyes for range objects, portrait, backgrounds and stamps to personalize the banner. If a player has a Battle Pass, a “Builder's Container” is received for levels 75 and above. Rewards marked with a lock icon are only available with a Battle Pass. When the event ends, the player will have access to all recipes and structural parts that he managed to unlock. When the event ends, all locked part recipes will be unavailable. All unlocked vehicle parts (cabin, wheels and homing rockets) can be purchased in the in-game market from other players. After the end of the event, it will be possible to continue to craft decoration elements from the saved building materials in the “Building” tab (“Factions” section). Event Level Up You can learn more about the levels and rewards for levelling up in the game or in this special news. You can increase your level in the event by completing special daily and weekly challenges. At the end of the day, all uncompleted daily challenges are reset and replaced with new ones. At the end of the week, all uncompleted weekly challenges are carried over to the next week. New weekly tasks will automatically unlock as you complete the tasks from last week. Weekly tasks are divided into two groups: “Weekly tasks” and “Additional weekly tasks”. Please note that it is possible to get the maximum level by completing only daily tasks and “Weekly tasks”. Completing “Additional weekly tasks” will help you increase your level even faster. Try not to miss the tasks in order to unlock all available rewards as soon as possible. If a player has a Battle Pass, a “Builder's Container” is received for levels 75 and above. When the event level is increased, the reward is issued automatically. Seasonal tasks do not replace regular daily and weekly tasks. You can still finish them and save resources. “Elite Battle Pass” pack Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 15 levels to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for previous levels are automatically available and issued to the storage. Unlocks the ability to unlock additional rewards: ready-made decorations, already crafted and upgraded parts, paints, portrait, backgrounds and stamps to personalize the banner and coins. If a player has a Battle Pass, a “Builder's Container” is received for levels 75 and above. The pack can be purchased only once. “Battle Pass” pack Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 1 level to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for previous levels are automatically available and issued to the storage. Unlocks the ability to unlock additional rewards: ready-made decorations, already crafted and upgraded parts, paints, portrait, backgrounds and stamps to personalize the banner and coins. If a player has a Battle Pass, a “Builder's Container” is received for levels 75 and above. The pack can be purchased only once. New containers and production of objects for the range Decorator's container Contains 3 random building items from the base set. Awarded for completing special weekly tasks (see below “Daily and weekly tasks”) Builder's container Amusement park theme container. Contains 3 random objects for range building. Can be obtained only during the “Amusement Park” event. Amusement container Amusement park theme container. Contains 3 random items for the range building, one of which will definitely be of epic or legendary rarity. Can be obtained only during the “Amusement Park” event. The objects for the range building are non-tradable. You can dismantle the unwanted objects for the range. Dismantling each object will grant a certain amount of building materials (depending on the rarity of the dismantled object). Building materials are a non-tradable resource. From the saved building materials, you can craft the wanted range object in the “Building” tab (section “Factions”). The variety of objects will be updated every week, so don't forget to check the tab! The rotation will start once the "Amusement park" season is over! Daily and weekly tasks Added new tasks: Complete 8 daily tasks in a week. Reward: Decorator's Container. Complete 10 daily tasks in a week. Reward: Decorator's Container. Complete 8 daily tasks in a week. Reward: Decorator's Container. Features: New weekly tasks will be available from Monday, September 28th. The tasks are available for all players who have reached level 12 of the reputation with the “Engineers” faction. Each subsequent task becomes available only after completing the previous one. If you have completed 8 daily tasks and completed the first weekly one, the progress will not be forwarded further. To complete the next task, you will need to complete 10 more daily tasks. The third weekly task will work the same way. Receiving containers for completing weekly tasks, you can replenish your collection of range objects after the end of the season or dismantle the unwanted objects for building materials. Visiting other players' ranges There are several ways to visit another player's range: By the link in the chat (the owner of the range can copy the link to his range through his profile - the context menu button on the portrait - “Link to the garage”). Through the player's nickname in the chat, a list of friends or the player's personal file (context menu item “Visit the garage”). One player can copy and send a link to another player's garage in the same way. You can block access to your garage. To do this, you need to set the privacy settings. This can be done in the “Settings” menu - “General” - “Privacy” - “My profile is visible”. Depending on the chosen option, the range will be available to everyone, friends and clan, friends or no one. New parts Cabin “Beholder” Medium cabin. Rarity: legendary. PS: 2100. Maximum cabin speed: 90 km/h. Tonnage: 5400 kg. Mass limit: 12500 kg. Adds energy: 12 pts. Durability: 305 pts. Mass: 800 kg. Perk: “1. If the invisibility module is not installed the cabin performs its function. Active time 5 s, cooldown 23 s. 2. If the invisibility module is installed then the cabin enhances its effect: decloaking occurs with a delay after taken damage.” Homing rocket volley “Nest” Rarity: epic. PS: 1375. Max ammo: 6 barrages. Durability: 164 pts. Energy drain: 5 pts. Mass: 288 kg. Perk: “Repeatedly locking on target occurs 33% faster”. Wheel “Hermit” Rarity: epic. PS: 190. Tonnage: +1700 kg (+850 kg for the ST version). Power: -6% (-12% for the ST version). Durability: 310 units. Mass: 110 kg. Perk: “After reaching a speed of 70 km/h, the wheel’s resistance to all types of damage increases up to 70% at 90 km/h.” Destructible objects on maps With the release of the “Amusement park” update, we add destructible objects that many players loved on PvP maps. Now battles will become even more lively and filled with different events! And fans of stealthy approach to the enemy should be especially attentive, because objects scattering in all directions may instantly give away your location on the map! Please note that several maps were temporarily removed from rotation and “Custom battle”: Ship graveyard: the map will be redesigned for new battles with destructible objects. Old town: we plan to completely rework the map with a change in scale. Fortress: we also plan to rework the appearance of this map. Brawls With the update “Amusement park”, we add new brawls to the schedule “Head on!” and “Cannon fodder”, which will temporarily replace brawls “Free for all” and “Storm Warning”. Please note that “Storm Warning” and “Free for all” are TEMPORARILY withdrawn from rotation. They will return when we update the rules of participation and make the necessary changes to the gameplay. The trend towards inaction in modes and uniting players against those who want to fight in these brawls do not correspond to our perceptions of gameplay in these modes. Due to the temporary unavailability of brawls, associated patches and rewards also become temporarily unavailable. The current progress in obtaining patches and completing trials has been preserved. When the brawls return to the rotation, you will be able to continue from where you stopped. Head on! Pin spikes, chainsaws and drills on your armoured car! The most desperate survivors, accustomed to close combat, are waiting for you in this brawl. Only passive melee weapons (structural parts), as well as “Melee weapon” and “Chainsaw” weapon types are allowed in the mode. In order to make battles more balanced, the use of mechanical legs, hovers, augers and tracks, “Tusk” cabin, fuel barrels and ammo boxes is also prohibited in the mode. The mode uses PS-based matchmaking for allies and opponents. Battles follow the “Encounter” scenario. Cannon fodder Only armoured vehicles with at least one course, tower or plasma cannon can participate in the mode. In this mode, it is forbidden to use any other guns (except for passive melee ones, which are among the structural parts). The use of the “Assembler” electric gun, the “Median” small-calibre gun, the “Tusk” and the “Cerberus” cabins, fuel barrels and hovers is also prohibited. Armoured vehicles from 5000 to 8000 PS can participate in the mode. Battles follow the “Assault” scenario. New brawls do not count for patches that can only be obtained in missions! Race Now the races are divided into several types: Races on the “Rocky Track” map, where only cars on hovers with 6-8 boosters of any rarity can participate. Races on the “Rocky Track” map, where only cars on wheels with 6-8 boosters of any rarity can participate. Races on the “Industrial Track” map, where only cars on hovers with 4 boosters of any rarity can participate. Races on the “Industrial Track” map, where only cars on wheels with 4 boosters of any rarity can participate. During one time window, only one type of race will be held on one of the available maps in the schedule. With the emergence of a clear division of races by type of chassis, in this mode it is impossible to participate in cars with augers, tracks and mechanical legs. Thus, players will be in equal conditions and will be able to get exactly the game experience that we originally intended for this mode. New brawl schedule You are welcome to check out the new brawls schedule HERE. Custom battle Added new features: “Random teams” allows you to randomly allocate invited players. “Swap teams” allows you to move all the members of the first and second teams to the opposite teams with one click. Raids The “Hit and run” raid is back to the rotation of hard raids. “MG14 Arbiter” minigun Improved physical model. Durability increased from 170 to 186 pts. Mass increased from 260 to 279 kg. Automatic weapon “Caucasus” Now the weapon’s heating correctly influences its fire burst. Durability reduced from 342 to 314 pts. Mass reduced from 864 to 824 kg. Damage reduced by 7%. Plasma gun “Quasar” Durability reduced from 597 to 535 pts. New perk:“For each direct hit the reload speed will be increased. The bonus increases with the distance to target.” Reloading time increased from 4.5 to 5.5 seconds. Grenade launcher “AGS-55 Impulse” Explosive damage reduced by 17% New perk: “After 5 hits on the enemy, the damage of the next projectile will be increased by 50%. Each miss cancels one successful hit.” “Mandrake” Howitzer Now, if the inclination of the Mandrake barrel is too small, a warning sound effect is played. In this position, the howitzer makes only 1 shot (instead of a volley of 5 consecutive shots). Electric gun “Assembler”, gun “ZS-52 Mastodon” and nail gun “Summator” Now, if a shot from a gun can not be fired because of blocking the barrel with your own parts, the guns do not start reloading. Defence module “Argus” The module can now shoot down enemy projectiles that attach to your vehicle (Phoenix bolts, Nest rockets). Improved module model. Changes to “wedges” Now, when raising an enemy vehicle, its mass is taken into account as part of the mass of your vehicle. If the total mass of two cars exceeds the tonnage of the “wedge”, its acceleration is gradually reduced. The weight that is added to the weight of the “wedge” depends on whether the enemy has contact with the ground. Now the influence of cars with hovers on “wedges” depends on the share of other chassis mounted on the car and touching the ground. For example: if a car has 4 hovers and 1 wheel that does not touch the ground, then such a car will not affect the “wedge”. If chassis, which are not hovers, touch the ground, then the craft from below will be affected only by a part of the weight of the machine from above, depending on the share of “non-hovers” in the assembly. If the craft has 4 hovers and 1 mechanical leg that touches the ground, the car from below will be affected only by the weight of the car from above. If only hovers are installed on the car, the weight of such craft will not affect the “wedge” in any way. Now the sound of the engine changes under the influence of additional load. Now messages about completed daily and weekly tasks are displayed in the form of a small notification. Added a “nearby ally markers” option to the Interface tab. Improved the location of factions in the appropriate section. Minor improvements have been made to the interface of the technology tree. Added new sound effects for engines when the car makes different manoeuvres. Added a sound effect of brake creaking for cars with wheels. Changed the engine model “Cheetah”. Added the “Dynamometer” and the “Absorption sphere” on all the Bedlam maps. Improved cabin effects for “Nova” and added new attachment points. Improved tyre burning effects. Improved effects of drone destruction when their time is up. Improved visible autocannon shells through the scope “Neutrino”. Improved the effects of “Exhaust pipe 2” and “Candy exhaust” when moving the car backwards. Improved physical models of the following parts: “Massive wing”, “Topper”, “Torino wing”, “Wing expander”. Improved physical model of the “Bigram” chassis at the point of attachment to the frame. Improved “Emily” revolver physical model. Fixed an issue where the “Referee's Whistle” non-traded decor occupied a place in the warehouse. Fixed an issue with incorrect display of the“Time to overheating” parameter of the “Flash I” weapon. Fixed a bug where a car with the “Icebox” cabin, upgraded for mass, could not accelerate to the maximum speed in conjunction with hovers. Fixed a bug where switching from “Badge exchange” to a workbench of any faction led to the disappearance of the workbench name and the “Back” button. Fixed a bug where it was impossible to add a player to the blacklist through search. Fixed a bug where upgrading the wheels for grip with the surface might not work. Fixed spawn points of cars in the “Encounter” mode on the map “Broken Arrow”. Fixed a bug where the second player in the “Frontier defence” raid did not get parts for destroying enemy turrets. Fixed the names of achievements on Steam. Fixed a bug where “Fireworks' Volley” had the first two rockets flying out without a flight animation. Fixed a bug where scrolling the leaderboard could lead to a reduction in the number of players displayed. Improved the location of environmental objects on the maps: “Nameless Tower”, “Sector EX”, “Blood Rocks”. Fixed a bug where a “King” minelayer could detonate and not cause damage. Fixed a bug where visual models of “Spiked Wheels” with “WIndfall” CK installed close to each other could penetrate into each other. Fixed a bug due to which, when the warehouse was full, the price of “Warehouse Extensions” was not updated after clicking the purchase button. Fixed a bug where one of the raiders of the “Dawn's Children” faction got stuck in the ground when appearing. Fixed a bug where the animation of charging the “Summator” nail gun was played twice. Fixed a bug where the effects of the “Cyclone” autocannon bullets were displayed behind the gun. Improved the physical model of the tunnel on the “Lost Coast” map. Improved a number of texts and descriptions. Small update, 25.09.2020 Disabled the countdown when another player visits the garage. Fixed a bug when it was impossible to view a vehicle from any pack in the store while being in building mode. The new mechanics of the deceleration for the “wedge” vehicles, which resulted in unstable work of the game client, has been temporarily disabled. We will activate the mechanics again when all related issues are fixed. Now the links in the chat messages do not work in the vehicle/range building mode. Fixed a bug with “Relative to vehicle” and “Relative to camera” control layouts for gamepads. Improved game client stability. Improved a number of in-game texts texts, descriptions and icons.
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    I've reached the real end game. It's time to leave Crossout for what it is. There is not much left for me to discover Nice game, but without any future perspective. It seems more and more aimed at low-threshold superficial arcade entertainment. Invalid physcis engine. Lousy moderated forum. It's a shame, because it has a lot of elements that can make it a good game. *Click*
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    Damn guys just remove hovers and be done with it. Reimburse those with market value of their items like you did with ck’s and relic fragments. Or don’t and have to deal with the same back and forth between hovers and ground based movement type players
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    Next, option to play separate from hovers in pvp when choosing games.
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    OMG!! THAT IS A SUPERCHARGER! NOT A TURBOCHARGER! dis snail looking thingie is a turbocharger. dis weird long thing is a supercharger and the cheetah has this supercharger uses the power DIRECTLY from da engine via belt. a turbocharger uses EXHAUST GASSES (aka engine farts) to drive a turbine wheel thus turning compressor thingie to giv engine moar airs. yee khajiit may be dum dum but he knows difference between these things. fix cheetah description as its upsetting khajiit! grrrrrrrrrrr
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    Is there such a hover in console? There are too many such hover It ’s not unusual
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    What I feel in recent clan battles is there are too many nova punisher hover. It's always hover. If you think nova is OP, it's stupid If you can active in clan war, please use bastion leg It's tasty snack for hover (my clan member don't use dog, leg, always they use hover except me) ...ahh I finally understood The console hover player doesn't move much and the craft concept hasn't changed much since hover release, right? Even on the Chinese server, the hover platoon is winning in any PS (lowest PS i played is 4000) but You still think hover is weak ? or do you have parasites in your head?
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    Boring announcement You just keep make player get out from game Already should quit developing ,Garbage produces garbage ,And the flies that come here are the same members as usual
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    "Stop pretending hovers are balanced targem. Rework them." Stop pretending they are invincible.
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    Mandrakes were FIRST legendary weapons I got (crafted them) and loved them for so long. BUT It was very bad idea to use them normally, you BASICALLY HAD TO USE HORIZONTAL MANDRAKE or you were trash with normal.... And to be honest that was not what I expected from my Artillery! I, as long time Mandrake lover, am glad horizontal is GONE. Maybe devs will finally see how normal Mandrakes is and maybe give some small buffs for it, also finally it will take SKILL to use them, not face enemy and delete him.
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    Normal players who are good and have skill paired with a brain dont want to rely on lucky hits. Good players rely on precision and such skipping the RNG part a n00b just HAS to rely on. Also it is not wise to show us all you belong to this kind of skilless trash, just stop playing this game if you bring such weak attitude to a community of players. People use horizontal mandrakes because otherwise they cannot even keep up with the better players in the game. For everyone else, make videos whooping the mandrake n00bs and make note of their ingame names so you can have a good laugh when you slap their weak trashhard butts when you face them later in battles; if finally they manage to get the same clan points without their RNG base camp cheat. Relying basicly on a lucky cheat is 1 things; but crying after they take away your precious crutch/toy is simply spineless and pathetic.
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    This is the true balance update lol, too many people with laserbeam accuracy on ps4
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    Truly a glorious update. We will never get a "perfect" game, but we are slowly getting up there. Good job dev team.
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    Mandrake nerf AND wedge nerf? Looks like XO celebrates christmas on september 24!
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    Generally good, but sad to see more homing missile in game and please buff Mastodon and Porcupine
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    Am I the only person who enjoys these cute threads? People need to lighten up a bit.
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    Everyone likes to feel wanted, so I started robbing gas stations. Now, I'm wanted in 3 states!
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    Next up on the [Stories] section:
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    Many players have already left the game As you can know by riding the hover, when dealing with so-called dogs, you can simply go back and shoot enemy before entering the enemy's effective range If you understand the structure of hover, you won't hit lancelot You can't find enemy because they use griffon? For me echo is a simple oculus As long as you understand the angle and distance that disappeared from the radar, you can deal them easy Hover only has to fight with only hover By splitting the game mode, some players will complain, but I feel that the number of new players will increase to the extent that those complaints are drowned out
  34. 8 points
    The important thing is to eliminate the cause of reducing players Wedge has become a problem recently but It's strange that there is no strong nerf on the hover that has helped only reduce players since its release Hover can accelerate like cheat just by adding Colossus or lightening the weight Those hover make the usefulness of over 100 parts meaningless and make slow shells meaningless
  35. 8 points
    Its big mistake if they think hover is a balanced movement just by looking at endurance and PS biggest factor hover make player quit is because it creates unfair
  36. 8 points
    At the moment, some crafts have been created to defeat hover, but hover rate of battle MVP and clan battle is still high I belong Russian clan, I mainly use leg (with considering ping) but my team are always using hover,my role is stop enemy melee and kill them but 80% have to deal against hover What's boring is that you always have to fight the same hover enemies The name doesn't matter, they all look the same Typhoon, helios, and scorpion are all crafts with the same concept changed the color, added a decor, missing parts supplemented with other parts, everything looks same Due to the structure of the hover and weapon, the melee can be shut out depending on the ingenuity of the front, and the acceleration and turning of the hover keeps other crafts away Keep to avoid attacks from enemies and unilaterallyshot slow crafts from a long distance and hide in an object with infinite durability in an instant while reloading Eliminating hover gives you the opportunity to use other crafts and at the same time creates diversity Currently, the hover restrict other parts (mainly movement.)Wedge is not relevant you be easily killed by melee? Because everyone hates hover I go to kill you without hesitation, even if you're shooting us behind track or meetgrinder ally What matters to all players is not the victory in the battle, It's whether or not the hover was killed
  37. 8 points
    Most players use hover, so the crafts they use are limited with considering against them.
  38. 8 points
    Why don't we talk about improving the less powerful movement parts first?
  39. 8 points
    You know that all cabins in this game can drive faster than hovers, right? Which effectively means that hovers can't run away from a fight, if you build for it.
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  41. 8 points
    Armored tracks. Turning speed, turning speed, turning speed. Other movement parts can drive circles around it, literally. Since it can't win on speed, it has to win on turning. Better accelleration. It's a push-pull movement part, and need to be responsive to properly make use of this. It should be possible to peekaboo with turreted cannons on tracks. Slightly buffed tonnage. 4 tonnage-fused Armored tracks should be able to carry a mass-fused Humpback with mass-fused Colossus/Golden eagle. Currently they fall 150 kg short per piece. Alternatively buff Humpback tonnage with 650 kg.
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    ah yes, the guy that blacklisted me because he doesnt know how the game works. let me explain.... every major meta that gets spammed to much gets nerfed. players that ONLY rely on meta's (probably you) to win at the game (with sideways drakes) will get angry. its how the game works. meta's change every month or 2. start playing something that aint meta. become good with it, it wotn get nerfed as quick. but dont expect the OP **** to remain untouched. this guy said it right.
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    Read the whole announcement. Looks great! What i really like about this announcement is how you communicate yourselves well. You're removing some maps and modes temporarily and explaining the reasoning behind them. So everybody knows what's up and can look forwards to the upcoming tweaks to said modes and maps. Same with the PS4 situation updates. Sad to hear problems prevented the Ravens from caoming on the platform on time but it's good to hear the PS4 players will eventually get all that content. ...You know; reading all the upcoming changes, I might be litte hyped for this update!
  44. 7 points
    Hello??? Wedge should receive heavy damage when under another car! While we at core issues that break balance... Nerf hover acceleration to the level of light wheels. Edit: Also Nerf Griffon melee with new Argus drones. They make me wanna quit for good. Edit2: LOL You dare to say you have destructable environment in game, while TREES ARE ALL BEDROCK SOLID. Thats like ONLY thing i want to destroy the most!!!
  45. 7 points
    Hello Horizontal drake change - nice Wedge fix - nice Amusament park - nice Please consider making custom battles more user friendly (more parameters to change, more maps in bedlam rotation, the possiblity to go in custom without players/ bots) Also, is a typhoon perk change discussed?
  46. 7 points
    Yes i do. It is meta in hide n seek custom mode.
  47. 7 points
    I don't really think that calculating the hp/weight and tonnage/weight ratio for such a light part doesn't have that much merit, but sure, they could certainly make it heavier, 150 kg maybe? The 6% power drain is for the non steering wheels, ST ones will thus have 12% power drain. The bare stats look fine, the perk efficiency looks a little strong at first glance, but at 70 km/h you're still gonna be getting 0% resistance and 35% at 80, with 70% at 90+ which will only help vehicles upon closing in or while making a getaway, once they start making manoeuvres or trading blows at closer range, they won't likely be getting any resistance at all and the same goes for weges. Plus, the perk will be completely useless on vehicles that can't even reach such speeds. I'm just glad we're finally getting some sturdier small wheels, having some resistance against somebody taking a potshot at me from half way across the map while I'm driving my fourwheelers about is a cherry on top!
  48. 7 points
    Theres a huge difference between >Acceleration< and >Speed<, but so far people i had discussion with dont have mental capacity to understand difference between two. Okay ill explain cuz im patient. >Speed< Is just a limit to how fast you can move. Lenght of movement vector. Its still easy to hit vehicle that moves 120kph with cannon if it drives in straight line without changing speed. >Acceleration< is ability to gain speed over time. More acceleration - less time it takes to reach maximum >Speed<. Vehicle with high acceration is a hard to hit target. What do you want hover players? Movement model from first person shooters where player model near-instantly reacts to key presses and has no inertia?
  49. 7 points
    What is my dissatisfaction As with aegis fusion, also with this horizontal mandrake It is difficult to operate the craft alone, and it is a craft that is effective when used as a team, and crafts centered on that craft are made, and there was diversity and uniqueness that can be said to be unique to a craft game Eliminating it only limits the crafts used further and makes the game even more boring. This result of hearing the opinions of players who can only use the standard copy paste craft is the current boring game As for aegis fusion, I had to create a vs1 situation so that the barrier wouldn't break. Also, it was not uncommon to be defeat against melee opponents because were sluggish due to the weight balance bug peculiar to fusion Each craft has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses Especially with regard to this mandrake nerf, there were many voices saying that it should be nerf because it was effective in the situation where most players use hover, just complaining without trying to change the structure of the existing hover. Is the result of too much incompetent player
  50. 7 points
    As someone who played mandrakes for a long time in high-tier CW, this needed to happen. Mandrakes were far to powerful and playstyle-defining to be good for the game. The ability to immediately remove a player from the match at any range was too much. They had very little (if any) weaknesses, and were the most powerful and dangerous aspect of any team composition. They could singlehandedly steal rounds, and even games. It is a welcome change for the good of the game.