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    Greetings to all the inhabitants of the Wasteland! Life in Crossout never stands still, the year 2049 has already arrived, and this means that the time has come to share the plans for the further development of our beloved post-apocalyptic world. And let's start with hovers. According to the results of mass testing, as well as thanks to the accumulated statistics and your feedback, we received a large amount of data to analyze about the changes in movement parts. At the moment we are preparing a new version of the key changes and we will share the details in a special news item. We also plan to rework the current system of patches in the game. And we plan to update not only the list of patches and some tasks that must be performed to obtain them, but also add special challenges and rewards for them. Let's look at this in greater detail, because these changes are awaiting us soon. Along with the update of patches, special challenges will be added to the game. To complete each of them you will need to get certain patches. Each successfully completed challenge unlocks a specific reward. With the help of unlocked rewards, you can personalize the field where your portrait and nickname are displayed in the list of players. Moreover, you can both choose a background and add new elements to it (add a stamp and / or frame). In addition, opponents that you have destroyed will see not only your armored vehicle in observer mode, but also your unique emblem. Updating the current patches and their inclusion in the mechanics of challenges with rewards will require resetting the current progress of the patches received. We remind you that at the moment the received patches do not provide any advantages and do not open up new opportunities for the player. And after their reset and the launch of challenges, you will be able to create an emblem that everyone will remember and associate with you! Speaking of plans for the foreseeable future, it is impossible not to mention the planned rework of clan battles. In one of the upcoming updates, the format of battles in this mode will be replaced by the familiar “Best of 3”, where victory goes to the team that managed to win 2 battles with the opposing team. Not so long ago, we tested it in the “Squad Training” brawl and received a lot of positive feedback from our players asking them to keep this format in one of the permanent modes. In addition to changing the format of clan battles, we plan to increase the number of prizes in the mode. Now, by the end of the week, even more clans will be able to get uranium ore, so necessary for the production of relic parts. The updated list of prizes and rewards for them at the moment is planned as follows: 1st place - 50 units of ore 2-10 places - 30 units of ore 11-30 places - 20 units of ore 31-60 places - 10 units of ore. In the future, we also plan to implement league mechanics in clan battles. The more battles your clan wins, the more prestigious the league in which it will be, and the better the reward you can receive. Not a single year in the Wasteland is complete without a visit from Sir Martin and his loyal knechte. And the year 2049 will not be an exception. Rumours spread quickly around the world of Crossout, and rumours from reliable sources have already told us that some armoured vehicles of the detachment are sporting cabins that have never been seen before! Looking forward to the knight riders! In the newly emerged mode “Adventure” we are planning tweaks and improvements. First of all, we want to give everyone the opportunity to replay the storyline tasks “Awakening”. We also plan to increase the variety of additional tasks and implement several interesting innovations. But we will talk about this in future developer blogs and news. We are working on the announced complex raid, which is intended to become the ultimate test for experienced players and tell us more about the history of the world of the Wasteland. Are you ready to take on the challenge in order to unravel the mysteries, find the creator of the Ravagers and get unique new parts? We will find out this year. Harsh everyday life does not cancel the holidays beloved by many! We will see the return of the updated holiday modes and the themed “St' Valentine's Day” pack, as well as the emergence of new unique holiday rewards! In addition to the above, we are also working on new maps for PvP battles, and we are preparing the rework of co-drivers and their skills announced earlier. In addition, we will continue to adjust and refine the in-game balance and player matchmaking system. These are the tasks that require constant attention and are always among the highest priorities for our team. And, of course, the speedometer and the mode “Custom battle” will appear in the game! This, of course, is far from all the game aspects to which we plan to pay attention. Often, some important tasks and new ideas appear during the year. Follow our news and developer blogs! We will share the latest news as official information becomes available. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.
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    A destiny mi sd.eed. I pay a golden coin for my future. And shiver K.aleidoscope of blood will F.low upon my z.ealous way 2 prison cells will open wide 3 and 1 will follow with the dawn.
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    Where is it? I see half the players using triple 88 hovers, hovercanes, helios' hovers. Its been a month and a half since the announcement of a ps increase and there are still no changes. Yet we get a peek of a WW2 German Halftrack Pack.
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    Clan clan clan clan.... Can we get also ranked system for SOLO players?
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    Hola, nitromortyr! Cuando estas en el garaje, tu puedes usar esa opcion para asignar teclas a las armas: P.S. Perdoname por mi Español
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    It's pretty effed up when you think about it: Wedges are a huge problem in the game because of poor physics Devs try to fix the problem by introducing the hovers Now we have two problems instead of one and both need to be adressed - one way or another.
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    They are just garbage at any powerscore besides 10k. Everybody is running hovercanes, shotgun wedges, junkbows (Why don't you guys just reverse the buffs to that thing, I was sealclubbing the hell out of people with it when it first came out for seasons) and cloaks. You are FORCED to use heavy cumbersome high health guns because you cant utilize anything else due to a lack of speed. Even those get shot off INCREDIBLY fast. I run one of the most heavily armored builds at 7.5k with a slab of 200 armor covering each of my executioners and 2400 raw hp. They still can't last for crap in any firefight. Any fatman build just dies to junkbows, wedges, or slowly and painfully to harvesters. Sealclubbing is PROOF of this. People shed all their armor for speed and firepower due to the light cabs increased speed and energy. By shedding armor they lose powerscore. Not only that but fast builds are the way to play currently. Chameleons only benefit to heavy builds is avoiding missiles, they can't cover much ground with them and they have less energy to begin with so that extra point is worth a lot more to a heavy build. The developers should fix this glaring disparity before they make ANY changes to hovers as hovers are as far slanted to mobility as you can get. Spaced and decor armor is a thing of its own and should be fixed separately. There is something called the Iron Triangle, mobility, firepower, protection. Heavy builds sacrifice mobility and firepower as energy for protection. Light builds sacrifice protection for mobility and firepower. Light builds gain twice as much and sacrifice half as much in this regard. Even then, the protection heavy builds gain isn't worth crap when a triple junkbow will strip your fatmans before you can kill one assuming you land both shots and they hit them.
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    @Rambomill you forgot to let people comment... I voted no, the tax is there to prevent inflation.
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    There are a lot of stuff (mostly cabins) that you used to be able to get but now cannot because the pack is gone. This makes the market the only way to get these things, and since new ones cannot be created, the parts get more and more expensive, making it so only players with lots of coins can easily afford them. So my suggestion is make there be events once every season or so (kind of like knight riders) where you can craft those pack only items whose packs are no longer for sale. And it will not affect how many people buy packs and coins since the packs for those parts don't exist anymore anyways.
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    Guys, just to keep you informed: There seems to be an issue with acceleration that we plan to fix with the next update for Xbox and PS4. Thank you for your reports!
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    An attempt to go back to a little more fair play state of the game: 1) Chameleon: Take out full invisibility, only the "Predator" effect. All vehicles should make traces, not only wheels. 2) Lancelots: Add big sensitivity to explosive damage and self initiated damage (lances should not survive explosion close to them). 3) Harvester: PS up at least 2x and let destroyed wheels to stop harvesters for some time (~1 sec) due to "rubber jam" (blue wheels are a BIG joke against them: it is instant removal upon contact with them). 4) Hovers: Replace those by a meaningful thing like spherical wheels. Those rocket engines should be able to fly, not hover. Do not allow them to jump over other vehicles. Take out their "artificial intelligence" how they detect surface under them and react as they have surfacephobia. 5) Crickets: Change their perk. Players should not be rewarded for random hits. Allow weapons to destroy rockets. 6) Hurricanes: Laser guide. 7) Scorpion: Take out last nerf (spread, it should be the most accurate weapon on stable platform) and add BIG recoil (I mean really BIG). Its a railgun right? Maybe add energy requirements. 8) Aegis: Do not allow shooting from inside the shield. 9) Gas generator: Add heavy purple 3 points energy generator, because it is practically unusable on slow builds and the road to apollo is too expensive for new players.
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    I think Cricket should have its Perk reworked. Now even spamming Cricket across the map without aiming can result in decent damage output, this is ridiculous. BTW about Firebug, why bother discussing a weapon which is weaker than Sledgehammer?
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    The durability of armor and weapon should get amplified by the type of cabin
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    ...made you look! TL;DR version: When will Goblins get nerfed?! OK, here's the deal. Usually, when someone calls for a nerf - it's because they are getting beat by a weapon/meta and they don't like it. For me, it's exactly the opposite. I have a Goblin build @ 7k. I get MVP, 2500-3500 points, and 4/5/6 kills so often (literally the majority of the time, and it's rare that I don't), that I'm starting to feel bad for opponents. One salvo is usually enough to kill any full health build, with few exceptions. If it doesn't blow them up, it will almost certainly degun and/or disable them. It's ridiculous how fast sh*t blows up. And I'm honestly thinking that Goblins, when employed effectively, are too powerful for the power score. I'm seeing a marked increase in the number of Goblin builds, and apparently I'm not the only one. I've seen comments in chat like "What is this, Goblinout?!" from other players in game because there were so many. So, what do you all think? Do you think a nerf is coming? Do you think it's justified? I am LOVING all of these MVP's, and my KPB has been going up 0.1 every few days - but I'm starting to think enough is enough. I shouldn't be able to 1-man the entire other team like this. And it's mostly due to the Goblins, not due to "my skill." Opinions?
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    Panic mode engaged :P EDIT: Meanwhile in top clans headquarters
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    You were talking about your struggles with women on the pc thread 2 weeks ago friend, to the point you were requesting for incentives to introduce “girl gamerz” to crossout. You telling us now you’re able to talk to women and get their toys? You sound like the type of guy who’s never seen the sun before, let alone a women.
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    Hovers are a terrible idea especially the way it was implemented, made so many players quit. Now you have hover players threatening developers they will quit if their beloved movement parts are nerfed. Sad times.
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    Wedges and hovers are two sides of the same broken crutch.
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    This test is somehow pointless due to the existence of spreadsheet and we all know the health of the armor plates. but the point is correct, in this game armor is paper so you cannot actually tank damage, what can really save your car is: 1. Dodging attack by supreme mobility; 2. creat space armor layers or use armor(decor) with huge hitbox to make blast weapons affect fewer parts. 3. Aegis And that's why hover is OP.