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    Oh fk off, this is "general discussion", not "pc masterrace throne hall".
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    Do some research? How long have you been around? Idiot
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    You are wrong. Damage fused Whirlwinds are the best.
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    Man those are some sexy builds.
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    melee IS more fun!!!1 git gud aimboiz :P
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    I do not play Ultra High PS, so I can not share any experience about Bots there. I do play 5000-6000 at all times of the day and during off peak hours, I can see 8 Bots total. Bots are better allies then many humans! They do not hide! They have no fear! They will respond to the map when I carry my 450 Meter Detector (which I always carry!). Sometimes, I have to ram a Bot to stop it's suicide attack or I am forced to follow the dang Bot to the fight instead of choosing my own path. Use the Bots, use them as meat shields, distractions, push them into the cap circle when they are crippled, Race back to base when outnumbered to recruit the base guarding bot into the fight, bring the fight to the Bots, ram them when they get stuck, reset their path finding with a good ram. I have said, and unless a vast majority of players stop being cowards and hiding for the first 2 minutes, that Bots are better allies then many humans. When I use my Detector, many times a Bot is MVP with myself in second or 3rd place. They outscore me many times because they do not miss. I protect my Bots like they are my children, you want to hurt my Bot, then you have to deal with me! I really love when I go attack with my Bots and I am the first to die. Then, at the end, I am second place to my Bot MVP. I was first dead, how can I come in second place? Because the 3 humans on my team hid in the back while the Bots won the fight! Stop hiding! Help the Bots! Peace
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    Consistently reproducing, with the following video settings. Blight's ability, when active, makes missile smoke invisible.
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    Exactly. I was proud of what I built a bit lol. Thought maybe I could sneak into top 10 at least. No one will ever find my ride lol.
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    Dude... I'm one of the biggest hover haters on here, but I think you're exaggerating a bit. Rock climbing isn't near as bad, and now they don't bounce up over you near as bad when you're pursuing them. Radar armor is annoying fashow though
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    Some of us don't sit in spawn for 5 mins.. Ive always found high PS to be the least skillful area of this game if im honestly.. usually so much armour but too scared to fight.. hiding for as long as possible.. Its straight up boring, I don't care about clan wars but anyone that says high PS pvp is tactical is just lying..
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    A couple of fun and alternative play clips, a bug clip and an asian yelling gaayyyy.
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    I think making it too complex is bad, best course of action is to make it REALISTIC. it's not realistic that some piece of plastic can stop a cannon shell. it's not realistic that some aluminium radar can stop cannon shell. all parts should follow realism. APC parts should be strongest, they are designed to take cannon hits, so they should have more resistance than other parts, they are already super heavy, so it would be good to buff their resistance to most damage types (apart from energy maybe?). parts that look like aluminium, like most lunatic parts, should be very fragile against heat / fire, which again, makes sense as aluminium melts a lot easier than heavy metals. Just like grills / gun mounts already make some sense, they look like grills and most damage goes through them and they're fragile against melees. Train plow should also let damage through (but not cannons or missiles). I think deco armor is fine if decor parts would also be more realistic, for example snowtires should be rather effective against small caliber weapons and should block 90-95% of energy damage, while they should be very fragile against fire as rubber melts in fire. While a pumpkin lantern or neon santa shouldn't block any damage at all as they are just pieces of fragile plastic (assuming it's deco pumpkin made of plastic). ... well you get the point. realism is way to go. I remember when wheels were realistic, until they got ruined. I think all movement parts should be unique, like in real life. tracks should have insane traction, lunar wheels should be slippery on tarmac (like they used to be), but very good on sand (like they used to be). Bigfoots should do well in water / swamp / sand and less traction on tarmac / smooth ground. racing wheels should obviously have best grip on tarmac and pretty much no grip on offroad surfaces and might even get stuck in water / swamp. legs should be good on any surface and should have very good grip .. you get the idea. I don't know why wheels were ruined, i found it so fun to have different characteristics for different wheels. Please bring more realism and variation to game. This would make people mix armor and movements parts more.
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    This So you see you didn't do it "alone"... you already point that... --->selfishness behavior<--- not need to repeat it... sorry, can you repeat the not run and hide part? As in that was your only tactic to finish the raid? ... So you want to be the only one running under his "own" motivations? ... ok.. good luck with that... So you are like the police of behavior? Ok official, here is my forum behavior matching my game actions Good enough official? Or you need more quotes? if I weren't pick the cargo and go for the boss how much more longer your video could be? .... hummmm... "You", you, you and "you" we already know you only care about you and your shooting practice... yet most people do care how long take a raid that is why play it effective and efficient ... Play smart means sometimes give a freeloader a taste of its own behavior and save a respam for when the guy with the "trolling vehicle" die (thing that didn't happened ONLY coz the boss kill itself... )
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    Welcome dude! Everyone enjoy the game differently and there is nothing wrong in that
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    Clear to me you are just a Troll looking for attention....End of conversation.
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    Executioner has unique mixed damage type: 25 bullet damage (penetrates any structure with lower than 25 hp and the shell will travel along the path for 2m and detonate on the first non deco part it hits) then 121 explosion damage. So the explosion radius perk only applies on the latter.
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    Yeah right at the bottom its first on the list I think if I remember right, ive been holding off the accelerator when I jump, someone said that works, which it has sort of but sometimes it still doesn't, I lose do much speed though..
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    @sam93931 from my friend xioius his topic deleted XD and he got ban(?) i explain developer about ping state 1 years ago me can`t start battle on my region dev change your region me i did but i can`t move by high ping dev check box restrict your region me i `m waiting for 1 hours but didn`t start battle dev ↑repeat
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    this game is really.... all player has gone for idiots devs youtube : link japanese unofficial thread : link * you can find how many player have ping problem if you can read japanese
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    I don't think so.. and i don't think they have it on that flag either..
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    Just bought a Call Cabin when my vehicle lost 700 PS overnight. Switching from the Bat to the Call added 750 PS I needed and gave me greater Durability. Speed and Energy. Players quote the Developers writing that "Drones were always meant to be a support weapon and not the player's only weapons." But, then they released and sold the Call cabin, encouraging Drone Boats. In my opinion, the sale of the Call retracted their previous statement about Drone Boats. I do not feel dirty or cheap running 3 Falcons at 5000+. Many builds at 5000+ are far more cheap or dirty then a Drone Boat. Cloaked Goblins, Cloaked Junkbows/Fafnirs, Sparkvesters, Hover Hurricane, Hover Scorpion, anything squeezed between 2 Goliath tracks. All the good cheese I see and players still criticize drone users. Laugh out Loud. If you craft an MG or SG build, you add Coolers and Radiators and these Modules aid all heat weapons. Drones do not require any additional Modules to use although a good engine can shorten reload times. So, if you are going to use one Drone, then why would you not assemble a dedicated Drone Boat? Maybe you are using a Cannon build and have 3 extra energy. Stone Deaf has skills for Turrets. A Turret could guard your tail while you snipe. Maybe you are using a Clarinet Tow. This special aiming leaves you defenseless during missile flight and a Sidekick could guard your tail and Hans has skills for both. You can only mount one Clarinet Tow so you should have spare energy for the Sidekick. These are examples of Drones being used as support. I use Falcons as support, but not support for my other weapons or myself, but to support my teammates. Some of my best scores come when I only score kill assists. I race in whenever my allies are fighting and blast whoever is shooting them. Falcons can sometimes lead the charge, but so many players and weapons can shoot them down so quickly, that coming in to support an ally already in combat reduces the chances of being targeted. Sometimes, I lead the charge with Falcons flying and my Cannon allies or Missile allies follow my attack and while the enemy is busy shooting down my Falcons, these allies blast them to pieces and I race away to reload. So, Drones are a support weapon, but this does not mean that I should be limited to only one. Peace
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    @Anatomycetes I didn't call you, go back to the 2011 memes collection
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    Firstly it was one of the rarest and most expensive CKs around, then they anounced CKs would stop being tradeable (which increased its price even more), THEN it became sellable on the Customization store in a pack by a fraction of what it used to cost in the market and now we can use CKs like paint but you can't get new ones unless you waste your life on limited time repetitive and boring events Yeah pal, we were screwed sideways more than once with CKs...
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    So you're not Vile Crib or M420, but who are you?
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    Instead of weight I think that the power multiplier seem a better way to make the calculations. Makes more sense too : The more power a wheel uses the most it contributes to speed. We would get (with Armoreted tracks using each 0.5 power and APC wheels using 0.15): Forward speed, originally 50 km/h: [(2 Armored tracks * 1.0 * 50 km/h) + (2 APC wheels * 0.3 * 90 km/h)] / (1.3) = 59.23 km/h Reverse speed, originally 27 km/h: [(2 Armored tracks * 1.0 * 50 km/h) + (2 APC wheels * 0.3 * 90 km/h * 30% in reverse)] / (1.3) = 44.69 km/h Anyway I like the idea. I think though that the wheels 30% limite backward is a very odd one in the first place. Wheels don't really need that kind of handicap.
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    War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, and the 5th horseman of apocalypse - "New Blueprint 3" .... because half of crossout players didnt read to the end - "(...) and specify his name." ...
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    Its basically a huge disorganized mess. Theres no way to look through and rate anything properly.
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    Actually one sided trash games are an integral part of American College Football. Most major teams schedule a couple of weaker teams. They pay them off with millions in cash. The game has a long history of dishonest people not reporting bugs. Targem doesn't seem to care. You have players making youtube videos labelled as how to cheat showing known bugs and they still have accounts.
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    Last 2 days I had some lag issue only on the "Experiment" mode. I even have been kicked by anit-cheat more than once which never have happen before. The lag seem to be only happen to this game mode more than others. Can it be anything to do with where the servers at or there is a bug on this patch? Any MOD can help? Plz?
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    I know I'd enjoy if 'O' (add/remove bots) were to also toggle AI control of the cloned vehicle. Or it would be great if the spawned bots were created from among my blueprints. Maybe, or maybe not, give life to the leviathan... I don't want to face it alone (or ever) Opening up for more feedback.
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    Currently there is not a reward for prestige levels on engineers. It would be nice to give prestige a DIY Crate, Scrap or something to put into their inventory or at least make the user feel as if they have really accomplished something for prestige on the engineers faction. So Here would be my recommendation. Pathfinders, or Relic Crate or something of Rare Nature for 1st prestige. 2nd prestige, DIY Crate. 3rd Prestige, DIY Crate 4th Prestige, Loot Container 5th Prestige, DIY Crate 6th Prestige Veterans Crate 7th Prestige Relic Crate 8th Prestige DIY 9th Prestige DIY 10 Prestige - 5000 Scrap
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    I still need leviathan wins for my medals.
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    The typhoons perk alone makes it OPed. Armor on the other hand are disposable parts of your build that is meant to be killed in battle. More importantly, would you want armor to be too good for stripping weapons to be able to kill? That'd be a major nerf to them just because players want armor to be something that you don't expect to be killed in battle.
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    Platform: PS4 PSN: Hypervial Vehicle name: War Daddy
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    It's not advisable too think so negatively friend.
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    It is not hating. Some of us is pointing out few important things to do raids, in randoms. If OP is going into a raid with the same build with pre-arranged team mates. There won't be any issues. Because all team member would expect what they will have to faced, and each members have their roles in the team. Simple example, 16K builds should team with near the same PS team mates, for the bots PS scaling won't be too hard to any member of the team. The PS scaling is best if team has 3 lower PS with a high PS build, but the high PS build need to be able to tank a little more damage. Support builds, Hover builds are not ideal. The issue on this raid is the lower PS build is out match by bots with the large difference., and the high PS build is being a support build at best. If the two builds switches roles. this raid would be easy. Melee build with high PS tanking, while cannon build deal large damage at the back. Hummm...he can go and it will be only be suicide, after that should he use repair and suicide again? Or not to use repair and sit to wait until the other to finish the raid or not? There are good cannon builds and players doing raids. No one calling OP a free loader. What he used on random team raid was a weaker high PS build with very slow reload cannons support build. So no matter how he want to show us what the other player act in game. It is base from a flaw point of view.
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    Also I believe this forward momentum traction issue is why it's extremely hard to make boosters and any track builds work. Boosters should be workable with the auger wheels and legs too IMO Hardly anyone freaking uses them out side race anyways except me. Booster should have a weight/thrust ratio that is static and works for all wheel types. Hermes could be somewhere like 100% effectiveness at 2500kg. So to get the most out of your boosters at 10000kg you would need 4 to get the max boosting power. Less weight would make it thrust faster using less fuel and more weight would decrease thrust and you would obviously use more fuel to get it moving at a equal speed . Works for all wheel types. Rant over I'm stoned.
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    That isn't the way to go either because Crossout is a video game, not real life. Fun is more important than realism.
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    @Woodyrojo @BjKalderon Can we get some responses.
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    should have been more specific. show all damage to your own side of the team caused by the player's action (popping an enemy explosive module too close to yourself or an ally, slash damage to self)
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    Common buddy, focus, is radar typhoon hover meta at 6k or something else? Many here buy loads of packs and then play max 8k ps with their legendaries or fuse blue stuff and play at 4k. Im sorry did there become a clear cut power score bracket system update i was unaware of? Or does match making just try its best like it did yesterday Ill give you an unargueable, outside the box reason why picking the upgrade should be implemented This game is rated T and downloadable globally In Canada for example the legal gambling age is 19. So why should a bunch of 13 year old kids have access to credit cards and potentially gamble
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    as much as i hate spear builds i dont even think i could b mad at that
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    They should delete repair mode. Matchmaking on consoles is going to be either 5 min wait times or 4 man squads with 4ai vs 2man 6ai none stop. Delete it
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    Depends what they want in the game, I never wanted any legendary or relics so after I got all my cosmetics I just started fusing things