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    Basically,. this has been a problem since day 1, there is literally 0 incentive to even try, just go in, hit a couple enemies, and let you get killed, reward difference is basically unnoticeable, this is more visible in raids.. Even wondered why so many people just self destroy after killing a couple raiders? Here's why :DDD If you win If you lose And then we have people still wondering why most put 0 effort and don't even try to do well in matches... The thing is, the solutions for this are quite easy, and don't seem hard to implement at all Soluton 1: More poins more reward (a.k.a basic logic in basically every existing game) Solution 2: Higher the PS, higher the reward Solution 3: Decors, paints and other stuff, even if it's just cosmetic Solution 4 and keeping the "we don't want to give something that may afect the market": A change to win more common parts for a win, like another common part every 750/1000 points, with a chance to win a rare not for sale part Better rewards = More sattisfied players = players progressing or having more stuff = more players motivated to play more = more players thining about spending real money It's literally a 100% win situation for every part involved in this game, either is developers or players ^^
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    About harvester, you say: "maintain current performance at medium and high PS ". Really? Harvesters are the simplest op weapon in the game. Just look at how many people are using it and its not because its a "fun weapon". Compare it to the usage of it before the melee changes. Its because the weapon is OP. And the reason they don't have higher damage dealt per battle, is that half of the time they simply touch the frames and the whole build falls apart, which doesnt count it as damage dealt, but the result is as if they made 5k damage in 3 seconds = the enemy is dead (always the case with hovers). Please, rethink your view on harvesters! its a war game, not medieval sword tournaments!
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    Still, the problem is on Spark, not Harvester, Without spark, the Harvester will require much more effort to master since there are already too many things that counter Harvester. It is stupid to Nerf pure Harvester build but keeps the Spark+Harvester combo untouched, literally stepping to the wrong way.
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    Survivors! It is time to officially announce that Martin and his loyal knechte are returning to the Valley! You can expect all-new weapons and cabins, as well as the usual parts of the Knight Riders. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. Part specifications are also not final and are subject to change. New cabins Light cabin “Harpy” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 1800. Max. speed: 100 km / h. Tonnage: 4500 kg. Weight limit: 8500 kg. Produced energy: 12 units. Durability: 295 pts. Mass: 1000 kg. Unique feature: “Increases the amount of additional ammunition by 50%, and the radius of projectile explosions by 20%.” Resources and parts required for production (preliminary): 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 cabins “Bat” 2 engines “Dun horse” 2 “Twin wheels” Launch your “Harpy” from the hangar even on a stormy day to make the enemies fear you and the allies respect you. Fit for regular raids. A fast and light cabin boosts your ammunition reserves and explosion damage. Medium cabin “Photon” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 1500. Max. speed: 80 km / h. Tonnage: 5000 kg. Weight limit: 13000 kg. Produced energy: 12 units. Durability: 335 pts. Mass: 2000 kg. Unique feature: “All energy weapons deal 135% more damage to the heated parts.” Resources and parts required for production (preliminary): 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 cabins “Pilgrim” 2 generators “Big G” 2 coolers “CS Taymyr” This cabin was removed from a cargo planetary rover, which successfully worked on the surface of another celestial body. When it returned, it became a model for teaching the younger generation of engineers, and after the disaster, it also attracted Dawn's Children attention. It has a relatively high weight limit and durability for the cabins of this type. Heavy cabin “Bastion” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 1500 Max. speed: 60 km / h. Tonnage: 9000 kg. Weight limit: 20000 kg. Gives energy: 11 units. Durability: 495 pts. Mass: 4500 kg. Unique feature: “The blade in the front of the cabin has increased resistance to all types of damage, except for energy damage”. Resources and parts required for production (preliminary): 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 cabins “Trucker” 2 wheels “Lunar IV” 2 shotguns “Sledgehammer” A modified cabin of a tracked bulldozer which is a perfect fit for the heavy machinery meant to clear blockades and form pathways through the city ruins for the Brotherhood's primary forces. Incredible power and tonnage are offset by low speed. New weapons and hardware Frontal machine gun “P-29 Protector” Specifications: Rarity: epic. PS: 705. Durability: 185 pts. Energy consumption: 3 pts. Mass: 170 kg. Unique feature: “Each hit on the enemy increases damage resistance of the Protector by 2%. The effect lasts for 1 sec. and stacks up to 10 times”. Resources and parts required for production (preliminary): 650 units of scrap metal 600 units of wires 600 units of copper 300 talers 250 units of plastic 2 machine guns “ST-M23 Defender” 2 microfactories “Genesis” 2 “Chained wheel (ST)” An excellent density of fire. Increased damage resistance. Limited firing angles. Lightweight minigun “MG14 Arbiter” Rarity: legendary. PS: 975. Durability: 170 pts. Energy consumption: 3 pts. Mass: 260 kg. Unique feature: “The longer the gun shoots, the higher the damage. In 10 sec. of continuous shooting, damage increases by 150%.” Resources and parts required for production (preliminary): 1350 units of scrap metal 800 units of electronics 1350 units of copper 500 talers 800 units of batteries 2 miniguns “MG13 Equalizer” 2 weapon boosters “Tormentor” 1 plasma emitter “Prometheus V” Three-barrelled minigun. Designed for dense firing with medium accuracy. It takes time to spool up the barrels. Plasma gun “Pulsar” Specifications: Rarity: legendary. PS: 1950. Ammunition: 16 pcs. Durability: 850 pts. Energy consumption: 6 pts. Mass: 950 kg. Unique feature: “For every 100 m, passed by the projectile, the radius of its explosion increases by 0.25 m.” Resources and parts required for production (preliminary): 1350 units of scrap metal 800 units of electronics 1350 units of copper 500 talers 800 units of batteries 2 plasma guns “Quasar” 2 wheel drones “Fuse” 1 drone “MD-3 Owl” Tireless inventors from Dawn's Children continue to develop their series of plasma guns. “Pulsar” is a logical continuation of “Quasar”, working at the maximum range with maximum accuracy. New module — “Rift 2M” Specifications: Rarity: rare. PS: 185. Durability: 15 pts. Mass: 35 kg. Resources and parts required for production (preliminary): 600 units of scrap metal 300 units of copper 150 talers 3 boosters “B-1 Aviator” 2 cabins “WWT1” 2 Shotguns “Lupara” It seems that even the hardened knechte appreciate good jokes. Otherwise, how do you explain the creation of this unit? When activated, the squibs located in the module detonate, and all parts attached to the device are disengaged from the car. Does not deal damage. In addition to the above parts, it is expected that the knechte will bring back the good old paint cans, decor and parts, such as the crossbow “Spike-1”, the revolver “Corvo” and the docking module “Contact 2M”. Parts production The production of Knight Rider parts, as usual, will take place on a special workbench using parts, resources and the unique temporary knechte currency — talers. Talers can be earned in a special mission, and they will be a non-tradable resource. Part recipes are currently under discussion. Faction workbenches The following parts from the last event are planned to be added to the faction workbenches simultaneously with the arrival of the knechte: Plasma emitter “Helios” — faction “Dawn's Children”. Single-round shotgun “Nidhogg” — faction “Firestarters”. Radar “Oculus VI” — faction “Nomads”. And finally — the arrival of the Knight Riders is expected in early April. Get ready to meet Martin and his faithful knechte! We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. Part specifications are also not final and are subject to change.
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    Survivors! Next week, March 28, we are planning to release the update 0.10.40 in Crossout. We invite you to read about the planned changes, new features and details on the in-game event dedicated to April 1. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. Dude, where'd you get the car? Due to the upcoming April Fools' Day, we plan to return to the player-favourite brawl, “Dude, where'd you get the car?” where all participants will fight on specially selected funny crafts. Let us remind you of the main conditions of the brawl: The battle takes place in the “Free for All format”. The first player to destroy 10 opponents or to destroy the most opponents before the time expires wins. A few seconds after being destroyed, the player respawns on the battlefield, but on a different craft, selected automatically and randomly. Survivors will receive unique commemorative rewards (decor and stickers) for completing special tasks related to the brawl. It is expected that the event will last from April 1 to 3, inclusive. The list of crafts for the brawl has been updated and expanded, compared to the brawl's last year edition. With the update 0.10.40, we plan to add an additional audio setting “Dynamic Range”, which should improve the sound component of the game and allow you to adjust the sound at any time, depending on your needs. Let's take a closer look at each of the options: "Normal". Everything is as simple as possible here. These are the audio settings that all survivors are used to. By choosing this option, you will keep your familiar sound environment. "Extended". It can also be called HDR Audio (High Dynamic Range). This is the mode in which the sound system dynamically changes the volume of the sounds in the game so that the loud sounds (the more important ones) sound even brighter, more powerful and clear. For example, in the case when an ally nearby passes through the bushes, and a projectile from a cannon hits you at that very moment, you will only hear the projectile hit. Such dynamic range expansion systems have been used successfully in many 3D shooters. It is recommended to use an extended dynamic range on high-quality Hi-Fi systems. "Night". Cannot use your headphones, but at the same time, you do not want to disturb the people around you with the sounds of the game? Then the "Night" mode is definitely your choice! Thanks to this mode, the loud sounds become quieter, and the quiet ones remain at the same level, which makes it possible even at the minimum volume level to hear everything that happens around without risking disturbing those who are nearby. Also, this option will be useful for players using the acoustics built into the monitor or laptop. Let us turn to the planned balance changes. In the update 0.10.40 we plan to: Shotgun “Breaker” Increase the weapon's durability. Developer comment: at the moment, the effectiveness of the new shotgun “Breaker” is significantly lower than that of other relic weapons. This shotgun unjustifiably quickly gets destroyed in battles, and that is what we consider to be its weakest side. The increase in durability will allow to balance this weapon relative to other relic parts and to increase its performance. Melee weapon “Harvester” Change the unique feature. Its new version will increase the damage dealt only to those enemies who are under the influence of negative effects (armoured car slowdown, disabled car controls, weapon rotation speed slowdown, part heating). Developer comment: The main problem associated with “Harvesters” is their use at low PS and high efficiency of the gun in such battles. Our task is to reduce its effectiveness at low PS and maintain current performance at medium and high PS. The use of additional weapons applying negative effects automatically increases the PS of the entire assembly and moves the craft to battles with machines that can provide decent resistance. Tracks and augers Increase reverse speed. Developer comment: We continue increasing battle dynamics. Thanks to the changes, crafts with tracks and augers will not lose so much in dynamics to cars with faster movement parts. Radar “Oculus VI” Add the display of “Kapkan” mines and invisible enemies on the map and mini-map if they are within range of the radar. Developer comment: We believe that it is quite difficult to fight with invisible enemies at the moment, focusing only on the radar animation. The change will allow you to see the location of invisible enemies within range of the Oculus, on the map and mini-map, which will allow more efficient use of the radar. Shotgun “Hammerfall” Change the unique feature. Now when the vehicle passes a certain distance, the shotgun will accumulate 1 charge. The number of charges will be limited. With each shot, the charges will be spent, and hitting the enemy will be guaranteed to turn off the rotation of guns that allow it for a certain time. Grenade launcher “GL-55 Impulse” Change the unique feature. After the update, the overheating rate of the weapon will decrease if the armoured vehicle does not move. Developer comment: We would like to phase out perks with random triggers because they do not allow the player to fully control their actions in battle. After the changes of “Hammerfall” and “Impulse” the player will always be able to assess the situation and use the perks when he needs to. Due to the announced changes, we are disabling the limit on the sale of recently acquired parts at a lower price for 24 hours. Anticipating possible questions, we note in advance that the arrival of knechte is expected in early April. Their arrival will be accompanied by a separate update. We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.
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    No. Harverster is ludicrous op. Spark merely amplifies it further, but touching Spark would be a 100 % wrong solution when Harvester is the problem in the first place. I also question any melee requiring particular skill.... it is exceedingly easy in this game to ram people which in the case of the Harvester means that the victim dies within seconds. Why nerfing Spark is a bad idea: Sparks damage output is terrible when you consider its rarity, energy cost and PS.Not to mention the lousy range and an inability to target specific parts. Spark is only viable as a support weapon. Take that away and harvester will still be op but Spark will be useless. Spark already is barely used outside of the Sparkvester combination. Nerfing Spark will make it less useful in raids. #Nerf Harvester! Yes, seriously... just do it. Harvester could handle an 80 % damage nerf and STILL would be the best melee weapon in the game.
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    More parts to collect....nice, but isn't it about time to give us a few free storage slots already??? Since I've started playing there's been a new faction (Firestarters), a sprinkling of new parts for existing factions (Cyclone, Aspect, Prometheus), Engineers has had several new parts added (Awakening parts) and every pack made available since has added new cabs and weapons. A new storage expansion slot costs me 2 storage disc thingies now and every time an event like this turns up the need for space for crafting (ordering and storing white parts and temporary storage of Rares for assembling Epics, etc.) becomes a nightmare. I've already cleaned out/sold 99% of things like reputation decor items which is a pity because it'd be nice to add some character to a few rides. Some weapons and blue/purple wheels I've sold knowing that I'll probably need them in the future....and on and on. And I'm not even a hardcore collector like some people I know; I shudder to think much they've spent on storage upgrades. The ratio of free slots one gets when starting the game has not kept pace with the ever increasing amount of parts that take up inventory space. It's been a constant annoyance as is blueprint slots (and those have become an issue too now that collecting Banners requires all sorts of rides with white then blue then purple weapons). The price decreases in storage/blueprint slots awhile ago was nice but imo for a game with a large building component it's about the worst I've ever seen for slots (plus you need a few extra for market purchases besides). /rant
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    With the beginning of OBT in Crossout, we reported that strict measures will be applied to players using cheats in the game. Thanks to the alertness and support of honest players reporting suspicious cases, our algorithm for recognizing modifications, based on machine learning methods, allowed us to identify players who used prohibited modifications. Every suspicious player's case was reviewed by our employees after the initial detection. For the past month: 69 accounts were blocked in Crossout for using forbidden modifications of the client. 22 accounts were blocked in Crossout for violation of the License Agreement and the Terms of Use (conducting prohibited transactions in the in-game market). We will continue to improve our reports system and ensure that you are comfortable playing Crossout. In the near future you can expect more news about countering banned modifications. Useful tips on protecting your account from hacking. Set a complex password that's different from your email password. Enable 2-step authentication in your account, it will help protect your account. Do not be tempted to install modifications, many of which not only do not work, but outright hijack game accounts! Do not let other players use your account. Play fair!
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    Just what the title says, the new League system is patently unfair. First off, it were really leagues you would only face teams that were in your league. As it is now the lowest league can play the highest league, this is like T-ball playing against Pony league. That should be the first major change, you only play against other teams that are in your league and if you move into another league you face the stiffer competition. The other thing that is currently unfair is if you are in a lower league playing against a higher league if you win the battle you get 1 or no uranium but if they win the battle they get 2 or more uranium. How is that fair???? They get paid more for winning the same battle??? It seems totally backwards that the better team would get a better reward if they beat a much weaker team than if the weaker team were to somehow pull off the victory. Overall it seems that this new system is completely broken, the way it works now it seems like it will funnel a much greater proportion of uranium to just a few teams. They have incentive now to be on for 100% of clan wars to farm the maximum amount of ore from lower teams just trying to get a nibble while making sure lower teams get nothing. At bare minimum teams should only be playing teams from their own league.
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    I personally don't think those Harvester-Changes will change anything. In low PS the perk isn't necessary to basically just drive through enemies, while high PS matches will still get spammed with dual Harvester squads which all have a Spark triggering the new Harvester perk + a Skinner so you can't get rid of them at all no matter what you do. Top 100 CW is filled up with Harvester Squads and you think this weapon type / weapon combination is balanced? Some ideas to the Harvester/Spark/Skinner "Meta": Leave the old Harvester perk and increase their energy consumption by 1, maybe adding some structure instead or something but it would make the tripple combo unplayable Give Harvesters a "cooling/heating rate" - One of the biggest issues of Harvesters is the permanent dmg they deal once they are attached to an enemy. Give it (like all other weapon types) a limited time of work which can be buffed due to the use of tormentors or weapon coolers Give the Harpoon (Skinner) a working time of like max. 10 seconds maybe so you are not tied forever to them Decrease the debuff of Spark - eigther just affect the movement parts or only affect the weapon reload - both is just over the top and counterplays nearly every existing weapon/movement type Increase Harvester weight - most of those currently spammed builds use very light to medium cabins so a weight increase would shrink their surviveability or force them on heavy cabs (in high PS) which are way slower and better to outplay Just my few thoughts on this topic. I do not want all of these changes to be implemented at once - it's just a collection of ideas that could benefit the current situation.
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    How will Harvesters act against structures in PvE that do not recieve debuff, like oil pumps? Only base damage?
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    can you consider to run the 1st april event from saturday to monday instead? i think peoples who work will be happier
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    New module — “Rift 2M” IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!
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    I sincerely hope you guys consider twice about Harpy’s perk, hover cricket is completely killing this game, devastating damage at any range and not bad survivability thanks to hover’s supreme mobility and cricket’s small hit box. And the explosive perk will only make it worse.
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    *sigh* I guess thats another buff to hover cricckets now ..
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    Nobody and not MM force you to leave the battle from just looking at the teams and in all reality you just admitted to breaking the rules. If it looks hopeless, then drive in and try to kill an enemy and if you get killed, then go to garage and join the queue quickly. If you kill the first enemy, try to kill another. 7 other players did nothing improper for you to just abandon them without even trying to kill an enemy. Bad enough when players often get disconnected when you need them, but to have someone intentionally abandon you without even trying. Please stop doing this. Peace
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    Nice, new leaks, so in this KR event we will have: Baby catapults Potion autocannons And of course, Slipknot
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    This is where the tin foil hat ends, and the red pill begins...
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    I think the current goal is to make PvP 75 percent bots and the rest drunken czechs screaming into a low quality game mic.
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    This suggestion is pretty straight forward add a Cannon at rare or epic rarity level. This weapon would act just as the fortune does but launchers a large cannon ball instead of three flaming wheels Ancient Cannon Ancient Cannon Powerscore. 1150 Powerscore. 1420 Damage. 6.5 Damage. 9.0 Fire Rate. 1.5 Fire Rate. 2.0 Range. 5.5 Range. 6.5 Accuracy. 5.0 Accuracy. 5.0 Durability. 420 Durability. 620 Energy. 5 Energy. 6 Mass. 650 Mass. 850 Opening to gather user feedback
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    OMG do something to the Breaker’s perk! Do something to the Cricket hovers!
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    Just ate so I haven't read the entire thread yet. Sorry if some stuff was addressed/answered. Wow a lot of new stuff. Harpy. The PROJECTILE explosion is a bit scary. Mandrakes and Mammoths. The Harpy can't carry much but I could just squeak by with 2 Mammoths on a Quantum. Though the Harpy has less net tonnage. Bastion is interesting in that you seem to have made the cabin 2 parts. I'm not sure why the whole cabin wasn't, other than it would effectively give that bonus damage resistance to all parts if you shoot at the cabin. This will be a good cabin to use in Raids if bots keep aiming center mass. It can tank forever. Is Protector the Tackler? I assume the perk is changing. It's funny, I was thinking about this JUST last night. I was making a Tackler build and I thought it was kind of silly you have to not shoot to get the perk. I think this makes a lot more sense. You'll increase dmg resistance while spamming, but you lose a lot of accuracy spamming. In the old way, you gain protection not shooting, but...you don't do anything not shooting. You're basically hoping your enemy dies while you're guns are silent. Very low durability on that new legendary machine gun! Wow. And we make fun of the Reaper for being fragile. But I guess it's only 3 energy. That will be one expensive set of guns. The Pulsar has enormous durability. I think it's interesting. But it really depends on how fast the projectile travels. --I would like to see more people fighting and using leviathans. The only reason I have 6 Mammoths and 4 Cyclones is because I have a Leviathan. And while it ends up winning some, if I sold those extra legendaries, I'd have waaaay more resources than a good leviathan for people to fight. --Nerf harvester when? Seriously. It's been over a year. As soon as it came out we knew this was going to be a problem. And it is. --Corvo needs some love. --Draco needs some love (no ammo or no heat). --Mandrake 7 energy. I also suggest shorting min range and max range to make it more combat-ready. I can, and do, kill enemy players at 15 seconds into the match. --Hurricane missiles live too long (should have Pyre life to prevent firing up/backwards and avoiding terrain or requiring cloak). --TOW still needs love--only weapon that requires 100% of your attention on a 5 energy device. Even if you got 10 energy left over, unless you're launching drones you can't do much. Even with an Icebox and a great setup, I can only get middle of the pack in terms of performance. You have to be incredibly low PS to use TOW. Make it higher energy/PS and damage. IT won't matter, since it takes up your whole vehicle anyway. Add a Legendary Cruise Missile that can be fired along with TOW. --Some Relics are still very broken. We just don't see a lot of them. Scorpions are still ridiculous. People just haven't recognized they are fantastic cannons and can't get over using hovers. Porcupines are insane. For how "easy" they are to use, they shouldn't do that much dmg--for 3 Porcupines you have about 1 Mandrake, but you'd do a lot more dmg a lot faster and easier. Firebug needs love, as does Draco. Relics should be just another tier. Epic doesn't instantly beat Rares at the same PS. Legendaries don't beat Epics at the same PS. But Porcupines absolutely laugh at Fortunes. When I see Scorpion shots or Porcupines, I know I have to totally change my attack schemes because the weapons are much more powerful. It's fine to change strategies because the weapons behave differently. But doing absurd dmg isn't a behavior. --I've probably been online gaming since the start of the internet. I'm not a clan player. The (many) times I join clans it becomes tiresome and feels like work. And if games feel like work, I stop gaming. I know more than a few people are like me. Make clan rewards available for non clanners. PVE available for non PVE. Adventure. Raids. Missions. Etc. If you want to have this many game modes, don't favor one or the other. You shouldn't have to do Raids, for instance, to unlock all aspects of the game. Thanks for all the efforts. I finally put up a nice review on Steam.
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    Anyone else feel like the tusks on the cabin should be lowered to protect frame. Look at the Cerberus if you dont understand what I'm saying. Alot of players ramming with tusk have issues with losing their entire frames. It's made for ramming so why would this not have a similar lip to hide the frame like Cerberus has. It's not rocket science... well for many tusk players it may be lol. This problem is actually amplified by the bigfoot tires height. Makes guarding the frame insanely difficult. Hitting too high and scrapping your frame off as yo go ove the target. Seems like it's just a sloppy model. Should not have to put this much time and effort into protecting it. On another note... the hatchets and blades having (damage passes through) makes them incredibly dangerous to anyone that attempts to use them attached to frame. The damage pass through and your frame drops off. I dont like it. Same happens with the other frame parts when you place them on the main frame. Things cant be expected to be perfect but I find these things very annoying
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    Having played since early access I have to just point out that the game has never been this balanced. It will always be the tail chasing the dog but things have been so so SO much worse in the past. Right now it is pretty damned good balance wise. It is also smart for them to make many more carrots on sticks to get players to use all weapons what with medals and trials and what have you which really helps I think. -Vryce