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    Greetings to all survivors! Today we would like to share some information about what is currently being worked on and what to expect in the foreseeable future. Of course, we can't list all the planned changes and features within a single blog entry. Therefore, we chose what you most often asked us about and what was most often suggested by players around the world. New map “Naukograd” And we will start with what many already know. In the next update, we plan to add a new PvP map to the game, which will be the first in the map cycle with a new setting, unusual for many Crossout players. The players' suggestions for adding aggressive surroundings to new maps different from the acid lake at the “Factory”, seemed promising to us. And we are almost ready to present the first map of this kind. The map is a city abandoned after a flood. The main objects on it are partially destroyed panel houses, forming local arenas for battles. The memorable element is the geysers in the middle of the map. It is thanks to them that the geothermal station, also located in the middle, works. Geysers can fundamentally change the course of the battle. They block the view for the enemy, they can destroy drones and missiles flying through them during the discharge of water. And, of course, small and medium-sized armoured vehicles can be thrown and turned over. Crafting parts If we talk about crafting, one of the most popular suggestions comes to mind — crafting several parts of common rarity at a time. And we are happy to announce that in one of the next updates, such an opportunity will appear. You can choose the required number of identical parts of common rarity, start crafting them and immediately get them all at once. In addition, to make it more convenient, the animation of receiving any manufactured items from workbenches will be shown only if you crafted this item for the first time. Subsequent crafting of the same part will not play the animation. Clan battles We will also touch on the topic of clan battles. We agree with the majority of players in this mode that “jumping” from more prestigious leagues to less prestigious for easy earning of uranium ore is not how the competitive mode should work. Now we are considering several possible solutions at once. As soon as the changes in the current mechanics are ready, we will include them in the next update. “Snowstorm” in Crossout New Year is close, which means the villain Gronch again seeks to spoil everyone's holiday. But the survivors are ready for anything, so even the new conditions of the battle will not become a serious problem for them! Changes will also happen to the familiar workbench “Lost and found explosives”. To the already familiar assortment, we will add new unique rewards that will be regularly updated. Every day throughout the “Snowstorm” event, a new limited offer will be active for the “Lost and found explosives”. You can craft decor, paint or other unique items. The offer will be updated every day, so we advise you to regularly check the “Lost and found explosives” bench so as not to miss anything! Want to get some new paint? A police light or other unique decor? A CK for wheels? Then the upcoming event is definitely for you! Beginning of 2020 As you know, at the beginning of 2020 we plan to release a major update. Today we would like to make an early announcement and inform you that we are working on a new game faction. Details are yet to be disclosed. In the meantime, we can say that player progress within this fraction will occur differently than in existing ones. And, of course, you will see new structural parts, weapons and equipment. In addition to the above, we still have many plans both for new content and for the improvement/rework of existing mechanics. We will share information with you as it becomes available. And finally: can you guess the style of the new faction from the silhouettes of some new parts? We won't be able to confirm your guesses very soon, but it would be interesting to read your assumptions Please note that all the features described in this blog are preliminary and may still be changed before the final release on the game servers.
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    If they really do think like that they are stupid because the forum players are about the only ones that care enough to "live it" outside of the desktop launcher. I made a forum account not because I have time to spare but because I loved Crossout so much that I wanted to engage it fulltime... ignoring the "1% forum players" is like ignoring the 1% of the playerbase that have been with them through thick and thin IMHO.
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    — Hello there, survivors! “Voice of the Wasteland” is here once again — the only radio in the Valley that your old receivers can tune into! And this is “Morning News”— the show with the latest gossip and rumours found by Brother Porcupine. In today's edition: notes from Survivors that you sent us; contest for the best name for a new faction; the exclusives — a fragment of “Naukograd”; Valla's predictions for next week. No time to waste, let's go! *** Today our guest is a survivor who knows a lot about relaxation. Who needs to watch a burning fire or pouring water? Wasteland water — what is it? Survivor, tell me how you relax. “Observation is the most interesting of boring activities. Sometimes it may truly entertain. You stop under a hill and look at a truck with fireworks and crackers riding, and Gronch's gang rolling right behind it... Or you might see how the witch drives the knechte away. So I want to tell you: watch more often! Not only for trucks with loot, but also for nature. And for the ducks that are on your shelves... ” Z-z-z... huh? Already done? Thanks for the story, survivor. Moving on! *** According to rumours, a new faction will appear in the Wasteland at the beginning of the next year. I don’t know what kind of guys these are, but the more people, the merrier! While there is no news from newcomers, let's come up with a name for this gang. Nomads? Desert people? Invisible spiked harvesters? Ugh, I hope not. In short, Survivors, for the most original (or ridiculous) name, we will give away any blue part from the new faction when it arrives. Post your ideas in the comments on this post! We will announce the winners in the next issue of the Morning News. *** The exclusive of this issue is the atom of “Naukograd”. And how did this thing survive... *** While we are gathering dust in the sand, Survivors, the fortuneteller Valla sends greetings from her vacation. She usually sends some geyser pictures, but this time at least she sends her predictions too! Spirits of the Wasteland says mass testing of the new map is planned next week. Survivors will be able to participate in it. Details will also be announced next week. Today it’s all the news that we managed to find out. Survivors! We are recruiting our own correspondents. Write in the community’s private messages with the heading “Morning News”. Regular correspondents will receive small gifts from us.
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    You use a dog in Clan Wars. Quit whining that you can't get the W by pressing W. Any safe spots hovers or spiders can take are hugely vulnerable to anything that isn't a dog.
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    Soooooo much stuff! They sure know how to spoil a fella. I'm worried that the devs might actually be developing too much content, 6 items per year is an astounding amount of content.
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    Proof... Just log in and read the news on loading screen. September savings.... Sept 17th - Oct 1st.... This is pure laziness. Someone should be fired over this. No excuse for this kind of laziness. I'm sure this is in no way convincing players to spend cash on your game.
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    Im sorry for bringing it here, but hovers have to be taken into this equation. Main problem with (not only) cannons is when they are mounted on hovers.
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    Yeah we can all wait and see what you have in store for us. We just waited 9 monthes for that KR already, some people are still waiting for Chase, complex raids, a codriver rework, radar armor nerf, a drone nerf on consoles, interesting and fun raids, etc... Lots stopped waiting and left tho. Can't say the expectations are very high when we get one microscopic update + a premium pack every two monthes. If you're working on more packs... then lol.
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    I love this game and I don't want to dog pile on what you guys have done, but there is a point where too little is underwhelming. You can say there is a lot planned or a lot coming within the next year, but that inspires very little.
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    and I think you're all wrong, if they do that, is that there will be a heavy update be patient and trust the devs
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    Since last kr event you have released the same number of pack only weapons and gave them original perks. Now all the hype for 2 new parts. And no originality. All the concepts that this community throws at you and you show just how little you care about any of it.
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    Thats my troll build at 10k and i get mvp regularly in 15k lobbys, even against guys like askyourgirl when they play in a team while i always play solo, no wonder he gets so triggered
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    33.33cm is the answer. Tsunami's reported blast radius is "2 meters". Having done some tests i can tell you the ingame blast radius of Tsunami is 6 blocks. 2 / 6 = 0.33..... To put it other way around: three blocks constitutes as one meter.
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    You know what, i can meet this half way.. perhaps predictable is more accurate? As i don't actually have a build over 10k, i get dragged into matches of 14-18k builds now and again when I'm in either 9.2k or 9.6k, and I can only judge what I see when I do get put into those lobbies, and most of them end up as such, some aren't, obviously... but i can only judge by what I see and am told/shown by others Its pretty boring/anyoying at lower ps also. Drone cancer mid PS and Fafnir cancer at low low PS. Guess we should abolish all metas since they are boring... Now go and hit autobuild while drunk with friends, thats where you can have fun.
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    There is a lot of thing that contribute to this high grind you are mentioning: Small dev. team High cost to develop games High profitability of micro-transactions High willingness to purchase packs Fact that small grinds would lead to decreased pack sales Hyper focus on pack sales Etc. It is true that the game probably has too high of a grind ceiling than what most players would like. It currently takes months for the average, non-paying person to acquire high end items if they are not playing religiously. There is a reason why the game has shrunk about 30-40% on Steam over the past couple of months. It certainly would be nice to see less grind, smaller priced packs, and more content, but this is Targem after all. They say they have stuff coming, but whether or not that will offset the grinding feeling is in the air. I guess the best thing to do now would be to advocate for more content and less packs. Who knows?
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    Scorpions seriously need a nerf. They penetrate so far to the point where they will go through a bigfoot, a light 2x6 frame, and destroy everything. Their lack of drop makes them incredibly easy to use for disarming. They have an infinitely superior hitbox to the Typhoon and Tsunami. They have very flexible gun elevation, depression, and traverse angles, and they are insanely accurate. Oh, and they have enough ballistic impulse to knock off your aim entirely just as you line up your weapons. Basically you spend another 5 seconds not doing damage to the scorpion while it pops away at you.
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    do it now!!!!!! if they read the topic they ll change it
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    ...who doesn't? "I smoke 2 joints in the morning, I smoke 2 joints at night, I smoke 2 joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright, I smoke 2 joints in time-of-peace, and 2 in time-of-war, I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints, and then I smoke 2 more"
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    That's probably why CW is 50% hovers and 50% anti-hover builds, and 5k PS if filled with double judge colossus hover death squadrons... *coughs* Recently tried the 5k PS hover shlock myself, it's OP af.
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    An old wrench once said to me, as he pointed to the ground beneath one of the last flying B-52's, "If it ain't leakin' oil, it's cause there ain't any in it." I'm not going to play the game as is, and plenty others won't either. Who has pockets deep enough for this BS? But to be fair, it's not just the developers fault that this game sucks. There are groups of gamers who game the system and find any and every exploit they can, magnify them with a Visa or Mastercharge, and then make everybody else miserable at their expense. As a rookie, I find it hard to relate to people who make builds at PS8000+. Even those people complain that they are getting seal-clubbed. I don't have the parts to build anything even over PS5000, so I'm always getting flattened by "fap-nears" and flame-throwers, things with legs, and hover-crafts, and all kinds of crap that I have no access to, other than to whip out the Visa. If the game-play wasn't so miserable, maybe the endless grind to obtain those top shelf items (or even mid-shelf) might seem more inviting. Earning crap that doesn't ever make a difference anyway, through an endless, masochistic, teeth-grinding-curse-session isn't fun, it's stupid. I'm done chasing the carrot on a stick. I'm not going to play it until it's fixed because I can't; it sucks, That's not playing. It's being ranched. I own a good bit of content, it's mine, and I don't feel like just flushing it down the virtual toilet, and I like others are pissed about how the content they bought has been ruined by what appears to be either carelessness or predatory marketing, which is actually considered by many in some nation-states to be criminal behavior, punishable by fines and/or incarceration, depending on the severity of the offense. Even if it's not "criminal" it's still despicable behavior and deserves the heat. People who have to work for their money expect the services they buy with that money to be honorable. What's happening here isn't that (honorable). The developers are hiding under a rock and sneaking around, avoiding the well deserved criticism and the much anticipated explanation of the half-baked product they continue to pedal at full price and beyond. I bet many of these players have felonious size accounts ($500 or more in my state) and they deserve an answer for what the heck is going on with their investment. Still nothing last I checked. Just a few of the regular lap dogs out softy suggesting vicarious apologies on the company's behalf. This game is miserable and diehard fans were hoping for much needed relief through this popular event, but instead Crossout doubled down on the BS with another surprisingly shoddy effort most of us struggle to understand. Are they drunk? Are they dead? Did somebody spill red-bull on the hard-drive? Who knows? The fact that anybody cares enough to complain might be temporary, indeed. I'm not playing, but I am complaining. My son, however does neither. He hasn't played in at least a month, and I don't think he cares. His gaming attendance has been drawn Elsweyr (along with my money). We are both happy with the new digs, and it reminds me that people who want to get paid to create fantastic content can and do. Why they don't here is anybody's guess. We'd prefer answers to venomous speculation too...but eventually that will wear off.
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    Hahaha, geysers wich will flip you... unless you're using a OP hover. I have a feeling t'll end up in the race rotation too because why not give hovers some more advantages? :'D
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    I'll tell you about it. It is the next meta. You'll see it used in Clan Wars. The reason why is that it fires supercharged, tungsten fruitloops that can penetrate vortexes. I used it to strip a Typhoon in two seconds. I got so triggered, I threw my controller at the TV, then my Uncle yelled "HEY, SHUT THAT DOOR OFF!" I was still so angry, I walked upside down to the freezer and got a bag of Totinos American flavored cheddar snack pack. I'm telling you, the devs are gonna nerf the Emily.
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    What use do you expect out of DECOR? It was never meant to be more than something to make your car more shiny. It is not the devs fault that people choose to ignore that primary function. So much salt.... did you by any change suffer from a hefty financial loss when your neon santa become dirt cheap overnight? The reason to use decor is primarly looks. Anything else should be considered a bonus. They are only pointless if you see something more than decor in decor. Decor armor nerf was one of the best decision that the developers have ever made. End of discussion. I am not against endgame content.... but I am against only adding endgame content.
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    I think this is due to the Xbox One playerbase suffering even more than the Ps4 version of crossout. hopefully the developers merge both playerbases sometime soon. Whether we suffer from it or not due to change is market prices matters less than increasing the overall playerbase for consoles.
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    Search "Python" on exhibition when you have the chance. Its a triple corvo build with six Stallion wheels and Death Mask paint.
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    Dude play games on pc you don't need Xbox just waist money for games better spent money on crossout
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    Yeah I made the mistake of taking a nap before playing, When I woke up I made a new bastion and saw I needed one more.
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    I agree. A new faction takes a lot of work. It is an acceptable excuse for this lackluster Knight Rider event. It is disappointing, but understandable. A simple "Hey guys, sorry, but this Knight Rider event isn't going g to be as great as the previous ones. But here's why..." would have put a lot of people at ease and stopped most of the complaining before it ever happened. And those silhouettes look like some of the long anticipated weapons that we have been seeing leaks about for ages. My disappointment has turned to excitement.
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    Lots of good things comming soon™. Don't see anything negative to this devblog. Only a couple things I'd like to know about. Will we see complex raid and co-driver rework before this major update (next year). If not, please just say why. I would love to see more CW maps added to the rotation and previous maps that were taken out of regular PVP rotation added back in. As to CW brackets. I'd love to see league rewards added. Right now we have placement rewards for 1st place, 2-10th and 11-30th and 31-60th. I'd like to see league placement rewards that can do either 2 things. • Give exclusive cosmetic rewards like paints/CKs/decor for tier placement. •Give the new crosscrowns for higher placements. Diamond league would get 150 per season, platinum 100, gold 75 and bronze 50. Rather see 1st option or a combination of the two. Seasons would last 1 month and to keep your season rewards you would have to stay in your league for a minimum of 60% of the time. This would be tracked per hours of active CW time not total time in the month.
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    The only thing that really needs to be done is reducing the hitboxes of projectiles so that they need to actually hit the target to detonate. This alone would massively reduce the chance of getting instantly stripped of light weapons. This should apply not only to cannon shells, but also rockets and missiles, one particular instance are the missiles from the Owl which about half of the instance detonate too early and deal minimal damage even when leading towards a direct hit. On the other hand, other projectiles that should go over your vehicle often detonate close to your weapons. Also wheels have massive hitboxes too , which should probably be looked at as well. This so much, noone would have a big reason to complain about cannons, if it wasn't for the hovering culprits that are messing up all levels of play.
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    Steampunk baised faction would be my guess...
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    Suuuureee Down? Umm sorry if giving someone a sensible chuckle once in a while is "down on my level". You mean thats what you are right debbie downer? You obviously need someone to draw it out for you cause even when I posted your own comment you still didnt get it. You struck out. Thanks for playing.
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    I hope they keep the cabs, pulsar and arbiter knight rider exclusive.
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    Just seeing the changes since I stopped playing and visiting the forums. Not much has changed. Still lack of new content. Knight Event seems somewhat promising with two new weapons & a new paint. But that's about it. Was super disappointed with the last event for Halloween. Crossout is slowly dying it would seem...
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    Yeah, Targem are dropping the ball on this one. We wanted more game changing content. I wanted those mech wheels, so that I can strafe faster with heavy vehicles
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    secret elitist clan war elite soviet program hidden agenda
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    See you and we get it why can't the Dev's get it, communication goes a long way. how they're behaving makes it look likr the just want as much money from us as possible before killing this game completely. Especially how they handle this crusty Knight Rider event, dropping it on us without a warning because they new it was crapizilla
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    You don't need logs on this one. The double mandrake bots are simply the bot vehicles with the highest Powerscore and that is why they are being selected into high PS battles. Please talk to the team about making new vehicles for bots, maybe there could be a player contest for making new bot builds for different PS brackets not only to fix this issue but also to help differentiate the bot builds too
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    Well one thing is sure, the KR was the last thing that somewhat brought back some players every time. We'll see how things go with such a weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak one. And if it turns out Targem keeps pumping packs with the leaked items we saw, we'll know what's up: milking the game before killing it on purpose.
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    This topic is amazing. Thank you all for the entertainment. It started off hilarious with the first post. It got a little stale there in the middle but it really picked up after that. Truly a wonderfully entertaining experience. Well worth reading all 15 pages.
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    Ive never leveled them up been playing for 2 years. The bonus just doesn't seem worth it too me. With those resources you could build a new car or several. I mostly just use the lunatics guy up too lvl 4 for the suicide radius. I do kinda wanna lvl up the engineer dude all the way for the extra tonnage and mass limit for a buggy build I have but that's about it... It just seems like a waste though so I haven't done it. I guess if you already have all the parts you want sure lvl up drivers but for new players I'd advise you just ignore the drivers and get parts.
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    as far as i know the bot health and dmg/accuracy scales with PS. higher PS players in a raid can make it harder for others running lower