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    This is stupid. 35 KMH top speed for my existing cricket hover, and it takes forever to reach it. https://imgur.com/a/Qesp4kd
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    To anybody who says "hovers are dead" i'd like to remind you're merely ringing the same old bell.
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    The hover changes are NOT going to fix people using sideways builds. Don't get me wrong i HATE hovers as much as the next guy but nurffing the sideways speed isn't going to hurt the sideways builds as much as it will the forward builds think about it the sideways builds will still be able to dodge in and out of cover but the normal facing builds wont therefore causing player to want to make there builds sideways even more. Also why would you even want to remove sideways hovers in the 1st place feels like you are trying to limit creativity...(hey why not just remove crafting altogether yeah thats it remove crafting and put mandatory pre-built builds in the game (i say this sarcastically).On a serious note i do think the devs need to do something about hovers but this is not a good fix to the problem.
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    Heavy melee build can be flipped by few tires. This is ridiculous and does not make any sense. Heavy builds are not heavy. 2 times heavier mass than that of light builds is not enough. 10,000 kg vs 20,000 kg. It can't make big difference. This lightness has a major responsibility for wedge meta. Wedge can't lift actually heavy things, but it can lift every vehicle in PVP because all cars are too light. There is no heavy build in this game. Even leviathans are also too light. Mass of Chameleon, the 6x4x2 size module is only 48 kg. Mass of single 4x2x1 size Avia panel is 54 kg. Seriously? Hurricane and Cricket, both are 288 kg. Reaper is 603 kg, Cyclone is 570 kg, which maybe seems appropriate masses compared to each other. But NO. Stupid and pitiful Fatman is 1215 kg. How? Even Reaper has much bigger volume, because fat man has so much empty space. (What makes Fatman looks fat is only its thin frontal gunner shield. Except it, Fatman has only bones. But it is too heavy.) (Edit: Or Reaper and Cyclone, Hurricane and the other weapons are too light.) In other hand, Executioner 88mm is 864 kg, even though 88 has much bigger volume than Fatman. And this is why 88 is so useful and can be used on multiple light nimble builds such as cannon hovers. Everything is broken. This is causing serious and annoying problems and nonsense. Just fix this. Please?
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    I wish there was a reason to care what faction I belong to, like a perk for building a car with all faction exclusive parts, or gaining faction relative X-points for crafting, or maybe a co-pilot that lends additional perks to your rig if you belong to his faction, or a garage that has aesthetics relating to your faction...or smaller flags (way smaller flags)...or, I got it, brownie points for taking that enemy flag off your opponents vehicle when you see it...IDK, something. More developed faction specific settlements and Quests in Adventure mode that add to your experience and status in the respective factions? More faction flavored Avatars that you can earn by participating in faction related events...a faction related event? A horn? Bumper sticker? I know; FACTION ACTION PACKS for $99.99 It can just be the prancing pony in various fruit flavors, re-branded with their own paint-can and avatar...I shouldn't have said that last one out loud. You know that's what's coming.
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    I hate hovers but c'mon. That cant be the best fix you can come up with!
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    The binary code on the ravager paint 01100001 01110111 01100001 01101011 01100101 01101110 translated means "Awaken"
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    You can find out the results HERE You can stumble upon many survivors — brutal and tender, cruel and merciful, attractive and ugly, cunning and upright. And everyone wants to share a word with you, with engines humming in the background. What is it they're going to tell you, survivor? How are stars going to align above the wastes this year? Today we offer you the opportunity to experience this technique in action and to find out what is prepared for you this year!
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    I dont play 15k hoverships, not even in CW. I never used radar armour. Yet despite those two being the main complaints you have decided to push an update(nerf) that hurts those outside of that group aswell. I play hover at 6k-8k where they cant rely on radar protection and are usually small with only 4 hovers installed. Yet now it will be harder for me to avoid getting hit/crippled. More over, there is no buff being proposed for standard machineguns, the weapons that cant survive without being mounted on a hover. Neither do I see any proposed fix to the real plague at 5k-9k= drones. After telling us in the past that people werent supposed to be using them as main and only weapon you have now switched to 'everyone should be able to play what they want" and completely ignore the nonsense. Thanks for a grenadier cheaper-and-better-than-impulse drone plague and fuzes that you made more effective with blast reworks. Why cant you just go back to hovers the way they were in the past with 4 being the limit? Where is the old idea of fast and light builds vs heavy slower builds? Why is drone plague okay but hovers need yet again, a crappy 'rework'? Noone asked for 15k hovercarriers and noone asked for sideways acceleration being nerfed, noone asked for a height nerf(and I actually play(ed) Melee in CW) Getting tired of this nonsense tbh
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    Although I don't believe there are that many oportunities in the fields of Woman Studies, Social Sciences and African History besides working at Starbucks and writing for BuzzFeed.
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    Since the day you added hovers there was always moaning about it.... hovers are OP or useless. You can't balance it, you can not make adjustments in brain tumor, you have to remove it to cure cancer.... so cure cancer of this game - remove hovers and compensate! make this game "Craft, Ride, Destroy" again; not "Buy, Fly, Dominate" Also matchmaking needs to be redesigned: its nothing to do with PS! there are still people with legendary items in 3K's, still Relic players in 8K's... I mean it can be balanced like this: If i have on car attached epic weapon, matchmaking should find players that have same weapon rarity as me. its simple. Let P2W walletboy relic players torture themselves... Why you are always make things that not necessary? I think additional rarity is useless in this game, if you are worry about how hard is to get epic item from rare, just REDUCE required resources.... You have so much important things to do: For example overhaul and remake of most ueless "talent system"- like feature called Co-Driver! more than year we are waiting for that and still nothing. Ofc no one cares about useless numbers upgraded with tons of materials spent on them. Like (+2% range............ WOW) Why you can not make unique, "non-tradable" cosmetic items (packs or single) so you can earn from that only, just like boosts and things that will not affect game balance.
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    Well you’re wrong. It boosts explosions by 20 percent. Not projectiles anymore. Nice try devs confirmed it affects fuze drones already. Why spread lies kid ?
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    Make the raids singleplayer already!
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    I'm tired of pack prices 65$ deluxe or 35$ normal price....WHAT THE HECK....Damn Gaijin must be rich at this point....and still nothing interesting coming out yet....
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    Lol, everyone lacks skills, then he start talking about a "Good" Seal Clubbing build.
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    Yeah, lets make it harder for low ps players to progress cause you want to play raids with your relic CW build. Quit the game xxxxxxx.
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    Oh noes, a machine gun can actually withstand a dual Tsu shot! And it even deals damage (at melee range, and if you brought 3+ ammo boxes)! Call the nerf police now!
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    You dont even realised how you sound. So biased theres no point in even commenting. "Melee takes 10 minutes to reach max speed"? What? Melee has THE fastest speed cap in the game and reach it quickly. Hovers have a speed cap and can move in all directions, a fair trade off. I am not saying hovers dont need a change, but outright removing them is ridiculous and the fact you agree with it just sums you up. Blaming hovers for all inbalance in the game? What are you even on about, there is a reason you cant typically run 4 hovers and a reason why so many clans only run melee, they have the easiest gameplay style, the fastest games, and the simplest wins but the only thing that counters them should be practically removed from the game. You are not even worth replying to.
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    This: Is neither sideways, nor fragile. It tanks just about as many Cannon shots as the Auger build it was based on, and it only has 3 Icarus VIIs. No, it will only send the meta players back to the drawing board, which is why I'm all for it.
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    I don't know but maybe you should learn to read. Understanding is a whole different thing though. As a developer in the biomechanical field, I know, among other things, that recoil is measured in force. Imagine, I even know the difference between pressure and force. And yes, recoil force is measured in force, so pounds or newton. 70,000 pounds is equal to 311,375 newtons. But in your enlightenment you will certainly now enlighten us elsewhere. I will simply state the following (if you want to continue living your error, do so without bothering me): If it were possible to fire a 120mm cannon (i.e. Tsunami) or a 140mm cannon (i.e. Typhoon) from a helicopter or hovercraft, there would certainly be prototypes in the real world. But this point regarding the recoil is only one point. You seem to be deliberately ignoring the rest of my arguments. 'Bullßit' is not an argument - you may not think it possible, but a hover can easily dodge typhoon shots, let's say from 600-800 meters. It is often always the same: The trained hover-exploiter avoids my typhoon shots at 600-800 meters, and then quickly responds with his faggoty scorpions, which I can't avoid on small tracks of course, no vehicle can. I don't know in which classes you came with your n'oobian 435 battles, but you can't really have experienced 15k+ battles yet. Do you have 80 pieces together or Lunatics or Steppenwolf on 15? Seriously, what do you want to tell me about the game? You don't know anything about it yet.
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    That something I agree with. They should add all the CKs back to the game so you can purchase them with real cash or crowns for Xbox. Xbox kinda got that we can buy crowns from Xbox store and then there are multiple CK packs in the in-game store but not all the CKs are there just the old ones. But there are some new CKs people want but they don't want to spend like £50 for a CK skin which is fair
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    But I think he is banned or quit forums
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    Did players stuff their builds with explosives? Im recently getting lots of one-shot kills with all my different cannons, on different builds, in almost every match, it's like one single bullet can destroy entirely a 2k build with no effort (not to mention pulsars with harpy...) unless they have a super spaced armor or something... so did players start using blue ammo boxes and microfactories as armor? edit: Aren't you the guy who complained that he kept getting popped, and showed us a droneboat with a gasgen and 2 microfactories next to each other, right under the cab?
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    Also the suspension could be reworked so that the track will always conform to the surfaces no matter how rough it gets (kinda like real track would). This way you'd always have even traction on whatever ground you're standing on. Crushing damage along with weight being applied to to other crafts properly would go a long way at making these parts competetive, even with the slower turning speeds and so. Tracks would become anti-wedge: they deliberately attempt to drive over other vehicles in order to deal damage unto them. Maybe even make a trial and a banner for that. "Kill or assist 30 players by crushing them under your tracks". As it's been said here I honestly think the traction is broken. The moment you try even slightly more unconventional movement setup these things become like ice skates. The most offensive combo is putting small or armored tracks in front and big wheels in the back. The thing simply doesn't stay in control but keeps sliding all around. It's almost as if the tracks cannot "break" properly when the craft is rotating and the track is the last movement part to hold the sliding back. The classic halftrack setup works but it's because the wheels in the front make sure the craft won't slide around. If wheels were able to reverse at full speed you could probably make these halftracks slide around when reversing. Another thing that's weird is the fact mny tracked builds slide more when reverse with them. It doesn't make any sense; how the hell can a build drive forwards at certain speed and certain rotation angle and have a certain traction value but if you reverse at the same speed and with same rotation angle you get a completely different traction? Error, does not compute. I can't fathom how anyone could play with these things and not lose their mind:
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    These are the features I like: -Radar armour fix – finally … that was necessary (over 1 year of waiting is enough) -New Stuff (weapons/cabins/eg) nice as always ;) These are the Features im unsure of: -new rarity: well nice idea - but not really needed -new upgrade-mechanic: it smells like P2W more than ever before! These are the features I dont like and why: -new cabin/energy concept: i dont really have an opinion an that change BUT last time you did that cabin/Energy change, we lost many Players in the XO Community... sure u want to risk this once again? -hover-nerf: have u ever played Hover? I totally agree with the Radar Fix, but why the hell do you want to knock Hovers out? The only reason to Play Hover is because of agility. Now they are agile like a rock! Conclusion: Welcome to the new (old) Doggie/Melee Meta XD Back to the beginning XD Think about it!
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    Lots of changes, damn. Not sure what you are hoping to achieve with that new rarity tier. Lower the cost of Epic if you want the game to be less depressingly grindy for new-ish players. Also not sure what you are trying to do with hovers. You correctly recognize that the biggest problem is side-way hovers, but the nerf you propose will mostly impact "normal-way" hovers' dodging, while the ones that are broken will keep the same absurd strafing speed & maneuverability, they will just move forward a big slower. I mean, I've never been a fan of having half of all vehicles being sci-fi stuff in a supposedly MadMax-inspired game, so any nerf to hover is welcome, but this one is just ... weird. The part upgrade was not really worth it before, not sure the new version will change that much. Most possible buffs are objectively pointless, so getting a handful of them instead of a big one that *might* matter isn't really a better system. The cabin rework is ... meh. I liked the old system where fat, slow cabins had the most energy. You had an actual choice between more firepower OR more mobility (since the "more armor" doesn't really matter with Crossout health and explosion mechanics). Tying it to rarity will only be an improvement if light cabin end up with some truly ridiculous mass limitations, otherwise it will still be a non-choice. And the best for the end : radar & explosion ... How long are you going to dance around the core issue, which how explosion are (not really) simulated and how parts still react individually to area of effects ? Doesn't matter how many band-aid and fix you apply to decor, or radar. The root problem is that explosions & part interaction are broken : this will *always* lead to the best possible protection being something broken. Adding radars to the list of exceptions will just make players switch the next things. Just bite the bullet and change how explosions work in Crossout so actual tank-looking build have tank-like sturdiness, or just accept that the game's most optimized defense will always look like garbage. Note : I know all of this might have sounded very negative / rant-ish, but I'm very appreciative that you are willing to make some big change to fix stuff. Now just don't forget that nerfing Grenadier and Goliath would be a hell lot of a better investment if you want to keep new players, than bothering with that intermediary rarity stuff.
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    Math falls under all Categories, because it underpins pretty much every career. Even Art Appreciation requires some of it, just to be able to assess the Cost, if you want to buy that vase for a Home Decorator gig. It's a Science. It's not "Liberal Arts," I got my Engineering Degree (Industrial Automation, and Robotics) and let me tell you, it also had some maths. I'd like to see you map out the current flow of a MOSFET without differential calculus.
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    Again, this is my own opinion about the in game coins. I know, I know…. we all have our own view about it. Who can say who is wrong? A few un-arguable facts we do know about the Crossout coins: 1) Coins can exchange other items in crossout market. They can’t be exchange to real life goods, nor any item from other games(for now). 2) Coins can be purchase with real money. Once they have been credit to an account, they can’t be exchange back to real money. 3) Crossout items(include resources) can be sold at the game market for coins. 4) There are many players have not spend real money to purchase Crossout coins, yet they have in game items and coins credited to their accounts. I know there had been many players keep telling us how much their in game coins worth against real money. Also how much some items would cost against real money, by using the purchase coin pack price. But is that really the true price of the item or coins? I do often argue this can’t be the case. For the simple reason that we can have one account did use real money to purchase, while the other spend no real money to have the same in game items and coins. After all, the in game items and coins on both accounts are the same. The only difference is that the free to play account may have to spend a little longer play time to able to catch up with the option to pay account. With the above example, it would seem that we have one more factor affect the true price of the game coins…play time. Play time is for our entertainment. It is mean to make us have the good feel. Should that cost us any real money for entertainment? It is very much on individuals. I think it is quite hard to put a price on our entertainment? What about the game coin? Do they worth any real money? To me any digital goods can’t be resold and they are only worth something in game, does not have any real life value anymore. I know…I know there are people would argue about who has sold their account for whatever money…etc..etc. BUT… it is against the game rules for most games. It would be a ban-able offence if discovered. AND it is also totally against the laws in some countries. If game coins worth nothing in the real world, having 1 coin or 1,000,000 coins makes no difference. 1 X nothing is nothing, 1,000,000 X nothing is nothing. How about the cost to purchase them with real money? Of course that is an option, but whatever number they were bought, they can’t be change back to real money anymore. Even the purchase coins, they do not cost the same. A smaller coin pack’s coins often cost more than a larger coin pack’s coins. The sales coin pack’s coins cost far less than a full priced pack’s coins. Plus, we can’t just use the purchase price to work out the cost of the coins in game. Because we could gain or lose coins from gaming as well as from the market, this changes the cost of coins. Then…we have to look at the costing on all the free to play accounts. None of them cost any real money. As I have said before, both types of account have the same crossout coins. All coins in game have the same exchange value, or worth in game. With the constant changes, I do not think there is a way for us players to work out even the average to purchase price for the coins. However, we can work out roughly our own coins cost us individually. For free to play players, their coins cost no real money. No matter how many coins they have, their account cost them no money. For players option to pay to play. I guess we can total up the coins in our account and divided by real money we have spent individually. This work out the purchase price for our coin for our account. If we are able to add all accounts’ coin purchase price and average to all accounts. That would the average coin purchase price. From the above, I have not even added the car packs or prize coins, for the detail. What we have to remember, is that the true value of in game coins as in real life = nothing. No matter how much they cost us individually to purchase, they are but computer coding. So, they are really worth nothing in real life. It is kind of funny for me that some people, even Youtubers telling us “how much” Crossout items worth in real money, without even making a real comparison first.
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    Lmao just watching TreeBurger's stream, hovers almost cant reach 50km/h even when flying normaly forwards. So legs have more acceleration, more structure and more topspeed, once again, well done devs
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    Sound like a great thing to try out I like all of these ideas in theory. Can we get new relics to please and thank you ?
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    It is not good idea to make more restrictions.
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    More often than not that word is used by those that avoid self-responsibility for their poor life choices to derogate hard working people based purely on self victimization. Just sayin'...
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    You guys are exagerating don't you think? I mean, that drone might be at least 5 energy and it looks gigantic compared to the other ones (I know it says 3 energy but it also says "satellite" and those stats more often then not change on release and considering Grenadier is already 4 energy). It also looks stationary... maybe it keeps still from where you deployed it (like a flying mine). Both models (deployed and docked) looks different, so it might still be in development (if it even leaves that stage since there is a LOT of stuff that has been even coded and not launched). Imagine it being 6 energy but actually working as a deployable radar detector & flying higher (hence satellite), having built-in cloak & oculus to survive longer... now THAT's a scary thought!
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    The Legriders ofc. Or was it Wheelwalkers? For real tho probably engineers as they are most tame, love lunatics tho ^^
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    Coins have no value. You pay for digital codes.. That's it... Is like burn your money. Thanks for your attention. Iam dump
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    Crossout is blocked on Steam in the country I live in. Countries that doesn't have their own servers seems to be affected by that rule too, so its not a mater of choice for me and many others, is it? Besides, if Gaijin's launcher is faulty are we the ones to be blamed or deserve the punishment of having our accounts hacked? Devs always stated that having 2-step is the only requirement to get your stuff back, nothing else.
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    Yeah it's pretty annoying when a map basically nullifies your Mandrake build...(looking at you Sector EX)
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    Mandrakes are far from fine. Its probably the worst legendary weapon in the game. It has the lowest offers and bids of any legendary weapon, because so few people want it or craft it. 8 energy cannot defend itself at medium and close range incredibly heavy massive recoil shells take a long time to reach their target has a "warm up" time where you have to press and hold your fire button till it beeps meaning its ready to fire relies on RNG to do damage, so even a perfectly timed shot that lands directly on top of your target might do barely anything because the shell pattern lands all around it can completely miss stationary targets with RNG shelling patterns 8 energy means heavy cabins cannot use 2 of them, while only light/medium cabins with 12 energy can use twin mandrakes, which feels totally backwards 8 energy means that only using a single mandrake severely limits your vehicles usefulness 8 energy means that using 2 mandrakes doesnt allow you to have any useful modules/weapons that ALL other builds get to enjoy using like cloaks/shields/radarscanner/kapkans/1 energy engines/etc
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    Ya, I was lurking over a thread about how the wheels need better traction, and another that was lamenting the physics engine, when last time I did raids it was totally not those two things that sucked. It was lazy players. Players that if I didn't bring a build that would win the game for them, they would loose, and when I did, they did. I suppose that's why they like drones for pvp. I can't remember why they don't work for raids...the intermission between assaults, I think, IDK. I used to have a drone build, but I'm too ashamed to take it seriously now, because they are just hacks for puffs who want to win but don't want to play. I had one that was simply a suicide protest vehicle for when the game sucked and was, IMO, unplayable. Leave it to Crossout to legitimize aim-bots. If you can't beat'em, join'em? Not my motto, for sure. I've done it, but it was a joke, and a middle finger to developers for ruining my favorite game. Now everybody's doing it. "Kiss my 455 Crossout" was the message I was sending by using it. Winning was an unintended side effect. I don't understand paying a robot to play a game for me. It just doesn't do it for me. It is tempting though. I like to win, too. And my stupid drone-boat did that without trying.... Because I'm contradiction manifest and personified, I will probably have to do it now, or I won't stop thinking about it. I've posted this pic (Pinkus Finkus) before. Anyway, my point is that a lot of players suck and they like it that way. It's not the wheels, or the physics...Slackers, and the guy you are looking at appears to be trying to pay to win. I can't imagine somebody like that grinding their way into that equipment with those kinds of "skills". This game is way too hard for me to believe that. Everybody wants the pride of scars but nobody wants to get punched in the mouth to get'em, I say. There needs to be a new category for slackers to whom even playing a video game is just too much effort. It's pathetic. Drone-boats should be forced to wear pink, IMO.
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    Gib money and u get da parts Simple economy stuff
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    Yeah thats true, ive even used momentum while flying around an enemy who harpooned me to flip around but most vehicles are to heavy compared to my hovers (their all below 10t). Thats just how they are programmed, The psysics engine would have to do a lot more calculating if they would introduce real thrust values. Thats just not an option for this game. Also look at modern drones, the battery and electric engine technology is now advanced enough for them to be viable flying machines even for personal transport. And the acceleration and mobility they have is crazy. As i said earlier its just a question of power to weight. Watch the videos is really cool how far were come with **** like that. And the same goes for jet engines btw: I thought the same first but not im not so sure anymore. You remember the leg bug when they started wobbling when you only had 4 legs. The same happens with wheels if you accelerate a little bit and then break, the while car starts to wobble back and fort. Looks like the same "escalading of the suspension" as the legs did.
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    When did 10X count as a top clan?