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    Sethioz sharing third party programs to help people macro Sethioz using map exploits (specifically the outside of map exploit that was recently fixed) to gain an advantage Sethioz calling everyone else cheaters and using his youtube channel to publically shame others with little to no proof (and also telling people to mass report) Let's not forget his racism and homophobia very publically shared on his channel I love Gaijin and all, but I hate that what he is doing hasn't been punished. (I have proof for all these claims ofcourse, I wouldn't accuse without making sure of that, as opposed to him)
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    Okay so let me try to explain this to the best of my abilities. Newbies have a hard cap to their MM meaning when they start the chance of them running into "seal clubbers" is slim to none. Or should be none since the dev's prevent that from happening. (usually) MM is purely based on Engineer Level's/Prestige's & PS from what I read over the past few months through post's. Taking that into account for the MM that means that most the time the same leveled people are fighting each other at the same PS range. "Theoretically Speaking" So to explain easier I will use fake examples below comparing two fake players: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Player 1: Engineer Level 30 / Prestige 20 PS Range: 5,000 - 5,999 "This player spent 4 months getting 2 legendary weapons to use at 5,000 - 5,999 PS range & spent $0 doing so." Player 2: Engineer Level 30/ Prestige 20 PS Range: 5,000 - 5,999 "This player has been using the same blue/purple weapons since the start of the game and in the past 4 months has not spent any time crafting or building anything but prefers playing at 5,000 - 5,999 PS Range." (May be afraid to craft a legendary due to required resources, and may find that the game is asking too much of this player's time to progress but loves it too much to quit the game.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now that we have these two players explained out imagine this scenario. Player 1 finds Player 2 in the same match because of the way MM works with Engineer Level's/Prestige's and PS range. Player 1 destroys Player 2 with their legendary weapons because of the obvious advantage. Player 2 goes to the forum to complain about "Seal Clubbing", Nerf's, and Legendary Weapon PS restrictions. Later on next update hits and Player 1 got nerf's applied to their legendary weapons. Player 2 probably unaware of nerf because they don't read hotfix updates has the same situation happen again and complains/quits. Player 1 got weapon nerfed for no reason considering now Player 2 is still complaining and/or quit. So taking this into account doesn't this basically mean that player's who put the work in (Player 1) to get these weapons are being punished because of the lazy players (Player 2)? Meaning that seal clubbing is a figment of lazy players imagination's? If Player 2 doesn't want to put the work in to craft the better weapon's then how can they call it seal clubbing if the reason they are doing so bad is because of the way they play the game. (Not crafting items, not reworking builds, and not taking the time to learn all the in's and out's of the games mechanics, weapons, modules, cabins, wheels, etc.) Now also take into account the players that have almost everything they want and more and are fighting at lower PS because they choose to. Considering that MM accounts for Engineer Level's/Prestige's AND PS that means those player would be matched with the same level regardless of what PS they chose and weapons. Which virtually means that my theory about Player 1 & Player 2 could still be accurate for those players that have been here since the beginning. Let me dumb it down. Player 1: Started launch date and has played every day since the start. (Devoted Player) Player 2: Started launch date but takes periodic breaks over the course of the past 2 years or so and doesn't craft a lot. (Lazy Player) This shows us that MM works as intended throughout all the PS ranges and Level's/Prestige's. Meaning long story short the term "seal clubbing" is an excuse for lazy players to continue to be lazy. Causing nerf's and restrictions to the players that devote all their free time to the game. Now I understand this isn't entirely accurate considering the MM probably matches multiple different levels/prestige's in a range to find matches faster and lower que times. (Lets be honest too. Rage is also an issue that causes people to complain which in turn can cause weapon nerf's.) Idk if I am going crazy or what but it seems to me seal clubbing is an excuse for lazy player's to "get what they want" meaning weapon nerf's and other things, when they could just CRAFT the weapon's that they want nerfed instead of the weapons ACTUALLY getting nerfed, and just shut their pie holes? Like what happened to do what everyone else is doing? Literally everyone asking for nerf's is just a bunch of entitled lazy people from what I am seeing.
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    I cant discuss the outcome of users punishments but the necessary measures have been taken
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    Second video i'm surprise Sethioz still is supported. He's been cheating, got warned countless times and being a total jerk live on stream since OB day 1. A normal player would have been permanently banned at least 4 times by now. Devs don't fkcing care. but you the normal players don't say xxxx you'll get banned. See...omg can't even say F.a.r.t. but i can say ejaculate right.
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    Next time please get Your facts straight when talk about other games, WOT has been out since 2010, Warframe since march 2013 and Crossout since April 2015, there is no way it's 2/3 not even close no matter how You do the math. But seriously by Your post it looks like You bought a bully pack, thinking You will destroy now everyone, but the opposite happened. It really does look like it.
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    I want to say first that the potential of this creatively fun game is being squandered by so many foolish decisions by the developers. I want to remind the developers that Warframe and World of Tanks are making much more money, and have much larger player bases. Another example of foolish decisions in this game is how Warframe is about to release a second planet with a social space, free roaming, hoverboards, and of course new weapons. We on the other hand have been out for what three years? About two thirds the time Warframe and WoT have been around and we don't even have a story or open world mode that copies Hardtruck Apocalypse. What do we get compared to Warframe's new planet, and upcoming starship combat mode "Railjack"? We get a dumb "Bully" pack that only carries 10,500 mass, and only has eleven energy, and we get CK's for blue cabs we don't use anymore. Great job developers! Also let me tell you something, the ability to instantly cool down weapons does you no good, when you can't even take a beating, or can't carry enough firepower to fight Humpbacks, or Iceboxes. Let's move on to other points but the general theme is that the devs do not know what the BLAST! they are doing with this game. Hovers are too disruptive with crickets and hurricanes, and unfair to other builds, to the point that hovers need to be removed. Reimburse each hover owner 500 coins each, and move on. The people using hovers are exploitive coward losers that spamm crickets and hurricanes. Crickets are an epic weapon, but they do as much damage as a direct hit from a Mandrake, and are easier to use, and thus are able to compete unfairly with legendary higher grade weapons, where other epics cant. Let's also remember that these devs persist with the idiotic ideology that dune buggy, and Toyota prius cabs generate more electricity than commercial, and military grade semi cabs. I also forgot to mention the wacky physics that allow a 15,000 kl ramp buggy to lift an entire 100,000 kl leviathan! Come on devs! Stop killing one of my favorite games, or I'll start actually thinking that you program the game using drugged out elves that smash pc towers with hammers. .
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    About 8-9 months ago when i entered crossout, i was amazed by the mad max feeling the game had, the options it gave you and how good combat felt. That was until i discovered hovers existed in the game. My initial thought was "Wait, THAT exists in a post apocalyptic mad max theme game?" It immediately felt unbalanced and off-putting, and it didnt take long to realize that you get the same feeling from the combat aswell. After around 400 hours in the game these are the reasons why the title of this thread or the thread itself exists. 1) Like stated before, they are pretty much alien to the game theme. 2) Unaffected by terrain. I cant even begin to describe the advantages of having that edge in combat. As game designers you cant make a game about armored vehicles and then divide them to "plebs" who touch the ground and the "demigods" that hover above everything that bothers a vehicle. It is game breaking. 3) They dont flip. Even the best drivers sometimes make the mistake of not calculating their movement right hense, they flip. Imagine if you could build a "vehicle" that removes that aspect from the equasion, how convenient! Even 3 hovered is not enough. 4) Speed, strafing. A mid-skill player with hovers can speed tank everything except precise projectile shots (or lucky missiles), and can get out of most situations they are at a dissadvantage with ease. One of the most important thing/ability/skill a player must master in all pvp games, is that of reseting the fight. Hover maneuverability gives them that huge advantage almost by default. 5) Unaffected by melee. Do i need to explain why almost excluding an entire weapon category as a threat to someone is unbalanced? Yes ofcourse there are few situations that melee can get them usually by specific building but i cant take seldom exceptions into account. Did i mention TOW? Yes, forget about that too. 6)Permanent almost cost-free High Ground. Generally, building high is a double edged sword because it makes you a bigger thus slower, easier target, but on the other hand you get to have better viewing and hitbox for your weapons so you can maximise damage-kill-degunning potential. That said, when you have huge maneuverability potential and practically around 20% of the distance between the ground and the peak of your build is empty so nothing there for the enemy to hit, (since you are hovering) plus the fact that you dont really have to build long to build high (thus, heavy), how much do you sacrifice with hovers to get that important high ground after all? Finally, the game also has another non-wheel movement category, the spider legs. Can you make any of the above points about them? No, because when you get spider legs you sacrifice mobility for structure and ground mobility is key in a game about vehicles! These and more are the unbalances of the hovers. I did not even mention about technicalities like tonnages, structure numbers and similar inequalities, i mostly want to focus on the pure battle aspects so that it is clear that it is not a balance issue, it is a broken concept as a whole and unfit for this game, even thematicaly. Please remove this dissapoinment so we can enjoy a better game.
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    All this talk about banning legendary weapons from low ps... Why would a game about freedom need gun control? Legendaries are not that op. Their ps is already high. Their ps doesn't leave any for armour. And the ps per dps ratio is horrible. It's mostly that the players bringing legendaries are just good at the game. And jk tsunamis in 5k get countered by the hovers.
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    Why? 2 tsunamis at 5k would be an insanely weak build.. thats the strength/weakness idea of choosing your own ps coming into play. Why? For playing how they want to? That IS the game. Firstly this is not that kind of game, secondly if we were to use your example, the one with that final boss sword would be able to be killed in maybe 1/2 hits by the 'babies' if you ACTUALLY use crossout ps balancing.
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    No risk, no reward. An explosive blast at point blank should hurt both you and them.
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    Survivors! We inform you that today, November 14 is the last day when you can use the “Engineer press” without the need to rent it. Hurry to produce all the parts you need to extend your collection, for crafting and trading in the market! If you did not have time to produce all the wanted parts — do not despair! Ivy herself plans to evaluate the results, and it is possible that in the future the Engineers will once again decide to appease the survivors.
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    First legendary has to be apollo. Legendaries weapons are good but depends how the build is. a single legendary wont kill everyone.
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    This is a really old bug - When you hold fire all button and spam the weapon group button it automatically fires it at pretty much maximum fire rate. Since its at least half a year old i guess devs want to keep it as a feature. But with the recent weapons added, following the developer's idea that higher the rarity more dmg it should deal now we have a Helios, while the weapon is relatively new and still haven't got balanced properly i won't talk about the weapon itself nor its issues but this weird bug and people exploiting it. The reason why im writing this is because i saw that its actively promoted and included in videos posted on the official crossout yt channel: Its quite obvious that this guy is exploiting it and, also i wont go into the topic of him using a macro or not - lets just guess he was clicking it manually. also we have Sethioz taking another step and using the 3rd party software on a video explaining how it works and basically encouraging players to use those hacks/exploits - this video is more than a month old tho: And here is the reply i got regarding this video: "We do not recommend installing and using this or any similair kind of unofficial software for playing Crossout. It goes against the terms of use (d. Use cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the Service or any Gaijin game experience;) and therefore may lead to the account blocking." Now this all sounds good on paper, but nothing has been done to prevent this nor to punish those who use it. So if someone could answer to my question: Can we all use those hacks/exploits without the fear of getting banned?
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    Holy Poop, I'm Player 1. Level 30 p18 I have no spare money to depo into this highly enjoyable game, so being an MG user (mainly) I grinded and grinded ("Ground"?) for Weeks and finally crafted twin Aspects. I'm very pleased with myself about it. I enjoy the 5k - 6k range, and I try to build efficiently, but I like speed and you gotta have Some armour. Can I Not do that? Am I Under Obligation to only run my Aspects at +7k? I do have a little nippy fella with twin Aspects, comes in at 5250. durability just scraped over 1000, cos what I gain in fire-power I lose on armour. Am I a Bad Man? I win around 50/50, much as before, but my Buddaa Buddaa is lovely... A well placed shell will cripple me though... It's not like I have a white cabin with a cloak and a harvester at 3k... That seems like clubbing... So I guess there IS a line, but it's fuzzy, and may depend on Palpable Intent? Not easy to judge someone's Intent...
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    Just got done watching the new Adventure Mode for Crossout from the test server from Entaks channel. Let me just say thank you devs for the hard work you put into this! It looks awesome and I cant wait to shred the sand up driving around on this huge map!!! Finally a place to adventure and explore with friends! All well facing random bots and challanges along the way. Again thanks for the new mode. You have my full support on this! Finally some life might return to the wasteland!!! Whats everyone elses thoughts? What are you most excited for in this adventure mode?
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    Hello! As stated in the terms and conditions, hacks and 3rd party software are absolutely forbidden (which is a great thing). What's your position on professionnal hacker and hack seller being given a crossout promo account?
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    Look how ugly and how this screw design and firing angles, and symmetrical building ability. We'd still like mirror models of everything. (Equalizer setup)
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    Increase Chameleon to 2 energy again. Its a powerful module, and being able to cram it into any and every build because its only 1 energy is a problem. Not every car in every match should be driving around with an invisibility cloak. Change missile weapons so they can only target whats in front of the launcher with a cone of fire just like a fixed canon. If its not facing an enemy, it cant lock on to it.\ Bam, fixed.
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    nah he didn't quit.. well he is still active on the forum, he probably got killed, rage quit/uninstall crossout then vent about it on the forum. A day later (max a week) he got back at it, classic. People that truly quit don't announce it on the forum, they just.... quit.
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    I don’t think seal clubbing is real. Prestige players fighting each other are no longer seals it’s just one might be better than the other. It’s all about skill in building , reading the battlefield and using your own build in the best way. I’ve destroyed plenty of spark harvester builds with shotguns just by spotting them early enough to drive away while shooting backwards. Hovers can be hard to catch but if you know the map and their favourite spots they can be caught looking the other way. How about Group’s of 4 players with rares who stick together with good coms they will win compared to random players running legendary weapons. That’s not clubbing it’s working as a team. You get what you put into this game and it can’t be compared to some single player game with an easy mode.
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    Hurricane is already a no skill weapon and nerfing something that counters it is a retárded idea. If u are going to nerf something you should nerf the hurricane itself. If u have ever played something like 5k agains double hurricane hover whit your rare canons you would know what a pain in the a$s they are.
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    No one gets away with 3rd party programs. Everyone gets punished for it, having spent money or having a promo account isn't going to protect you either
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    I hate drone droppers on my team. They contribute very little and will draw the map out 2 minutes longer than it needs to be.
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