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    Hello, For the sake of good order! Please include in your next Update or if it can be added ASAP the ability to craft multiple common parts in the Engineer section instead of 1 each time, its very annoying My person and others have been requesting this many times! what is the purpose of this page if you guys don't listen to our comments and queries ? If it would not be applicable just let us know! Thanks and best Regards, Dacosta83
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    We never got the 50% off Scanner sale PC received, and still only have 1 Scanner option in the store, so hopefully we actually get this and don't get left out of another good discount. We play the same game as PC, just with a controller, so give us the same stuff please. Thanks.
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    This pleases my eyes: Close to a 100% gun depression on both Tsunamies.
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    For the folks struggling to understand what this guy is trying to say: Hes buying every pack no matter what but he doesnt enjoy the bitter taste in his face when a pack doesnt contain op new toys. Hed like to make all pack stuff op, retroactively, so that he doesnt feel as stupid buying old packs as he should. When he says ripoff he means that he paid and didnt even get op stuff in return.
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    Ah... there really isn't no place like home... Me too, his hits are so 2016 and too industrial to my taste. I fancy some USSR Anthem myself.
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    Ok devs @Woodyrojo can you guys at least consider making the fortune 4 energy to make it viable? Also consider making the porcs 4 energy to help balance? All turreted cannons are 6 energy. Why not make all mine layers 4 energy? I think the general community consensus is the porcupine can still be a very effective weapon at 4 energy.
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    These screens have been taken by slowing down the recorded video to almost 3-4 fps Cannon shot coming my way: now it passes me: now it passes me more: and then it turns around and hits me: because science biiiatch...
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    https://gamerdvr.com/ Find your gamertag there and it shows videos and screenshots that you've published. There are a few other sites that do the same thing. But I don't remember them.
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    Consider getting rid of the "retrieve" step wich doesn't make sense now that the crafting is instant. Currently retrieving those white items and going back to the crafting page take 4 clicks when the item could be sent directly in the user's inventory when he confirms his crafting.
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    YEAH! Renamed is right Babylon! You are just a spoiled, out of touch Clan Wars Elite, who won't accept reality!
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    Pickles entry make me full on crack up laughing, wasnt expecting all of that
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    Bad choice of words by me, it was 05.45 and my brain was still warming up. Props for your build, it'll be getting my vote. DYK how many votes we get?
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    It will come just after the co-drivers rework :P
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    Okay, but what is the reality? Uranium is 360 for 10 if you sell it at the right time. it is also very hard to obtain so it will naturally be more expensive. Lastly, it is used to make the most powerful weapons in game. Its value is not some arbitrary number set by players as you would like to imply. You are just straight up deflecting from what I said.
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    Excuse me but your granddaddy's deer rifle has no place in a vehicular combat game. Just to nitpick, the Chord is an M1919 Browning and it fires a .30-06 round which is a very powerful hunting rifle round. The Vector is a Russian KPVT 14.5mm machine gun. Realistically a .50 BMG Barrett M82 would only be a common in this game. The Corvo is already an absolutely puny and unbelievably silly looking gun given its epic status. Even a .30-06 armor piercing round has a hard time going through the most modern body armor. I know I'm pulling a Matsimus but the game also has to make somewhat realistic sense to people who are actually into weapons and vehicles. Just because its a good reward compared to the time investment doesn't mean your average working class man is going to sit down and play Crossout and grind for months as a F2P to get a clan wars viable build. If most Epics are generally uninteresting, and most rares, what is going to hold them to the game while they are working their way up to a 14-16k ps clan war vehicle? You think the devs haven't done enough for end game players, while I farmed 20 Uranium in two and a half hours and sold it for 650 coins. What are players at 5-7k powerscore with Epics getting? The devs gave too much power to Clan Wars and didn't give enough to average joe players. Uranium earners aren't buying packs cause they can just farm uranium for free once they get that reliable clan. You should be more gracious about how much endgame players have.
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    I hate the current state of Reaper, and wish it was made more like the other miniguns. The way it uses ammo and doesnt overheat also means that mixed builds with a reaper and smaller miniguns become incredibly inefficient. If you want mixed guns it doesnt benefit from your radiators, and it needs a ton of ammo crates to not run out of ammo. It also doesnt feel very fun to use. Its a giant rotary gun, and it fires so slooooooow. It doesnt even sound threatening. It really needs its fire rate ramped up, and to be given a proper sound for a gun that big. A player letting loose with a reaper should be a huge threat, but it just isnt. I like the idea of the Reaper having the Cyclones perk though. Its way more fitting, and matches up with the ability the smaller miniguns already have.
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    When is experimental going away? Im tired of playing 2v4 with a bunch of bots. And on the subject of bots. How hard is it to not allow multiples of the same bots on a team. If there are 4 bots it should be something like tsunami bot, mandrake bot, aspect bot, and mammoth bot. Not ALL tsunami bots
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    i heard that we are locked at our parts limit because the game can only handle so many. so drop two players from missions. that free's up 320 parts divide that by 6 and we could have 25 extra parts each. and the same left over which might help the game run smoother you could have it as a reward 5 parts limit increase for each faction one has prestiged. it could mean missions are populated with players more often than bots, which means less bots. have a nice Saturday
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    Do not mistake incompentece for sleaziness.
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    Survivors! In this update, you will find a new unique pack “Born Free,” the updated “Clash of engineers” as well as important improvements to various elements of the game and bug fixes! Crossout — Born Free Armoured Car “Steel Fang”: Weapon: Epic autocannon “AC64 Joule”. PS: 940. Durability: 180 pts. Power consumption: 4 pts. Weight: 240 kg. Perk: “As movement speed increases, the heating of the weapon during shooting slows down. The maximum deceleration of heating is 25% at 80 km/h.” Unique portrait: “Cassidy” Relic paint can: “Blue sky”. A pack of structural parts. 800 in-game coins. Additionally, the player gets: A set of unique stickers. Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55. Prior to Crossout, Alexander Cassidy worked as a janitor in a joint by a military airfield. He always believed that he was born free — that is, born to fly. But he failed to join the academy: poor health and poor test results interfered. Since then, day after day, cleaning up in a roadside cafe, he watched the beautiful and, most importantly, free planes take off and land. Everything changed with Crossout. The disaster almost completely destroyed and emptied the airfield, and Alexander sneaked inside. The former janitor realized that the aircrafts would no longer fly, but he himself had also changed. Cassidy now knew that someone born to fly could fly without going up into the air. A fighter pilot's helmet became a symbol of this idea, and spare parts from aircraft came in handy when creating an armoured car. Now the survivor travels through the Wasteland with fellow nomads, embodying his dream — being free. Clash of engineers Now, at the voting stage, any player can report a blueprint, which in his opinion does not correspond to the task/theme of the contest or violates the rules of the game. In order to leave a report, right-click on the blueprint and select “The blueprint does not comply with the rules!”. New protective measures have been added for those blueprints that do not comply with the rules of the contest Note that Clash of engineers is post-moderated. This means that complaints can be processed after some time. Structural parts Now, with each new level of prestige in the “Nomads” faction, the player will get random structural parts from the following list (until all the parts are received): Air splitter — 1 pc. “Side air intake left” and “Side air intake right” — 1 pc. (both parts are given out for one level of prestige). Thus, all structural parts can be obtained for 2 new prestige levels with the “Nomads” faction. Attention! The parts are issued for each new level of prestige obtained after the update. Prestige levels received before the update are not counted, and the parts are not given for them. If you purchased the “Born Free” pack, then with an increase in the level of prestige with the “Nomads” faction, additional structural parts will not be issued. Fixed a bug where teams from the same clan could meet in a clan battle. Now, victories in the “Experiment” mode count towards the weekly challenge for 8 victories in missions, for which scrap is rewarded. Fixed a bug in which a fully repaired part in the “Experiment” mode could continue to sparkle and smoke. Fixed a bug associated with mounting frames when assembling an armoured car. Now frames cannot be welded to structural parts. Fixed a bug where the chassis could be attached to structural parts and the cabin. Improved a number of texts and descriptions. Hotfix 10.10.19 Improved a number of texts and descriptions. Hotfix 14.10.19 Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
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    Willow- "dear diary, I'm a **** player, but I finally got accepted into an elite clan because they were short one person. Since being here I learned that I don't need ammo packs on my cyclones and there are better options for weapon mounting"
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    Error report Describe problem and what you saw The Button "Abort" in the splasher before you construct or buy something in the german version of Crossout (for PC at least) was translated wrong since the latest update. It now reads "Keine" in german, wich means "none" in english. Also the german description for the Lunatics engine "Hot Red" repeats itself and is unecesaryly complex and misleading. What you expected to see change the button "abort" or "no" for the german version to " Nein " change german effect-description of Hot Red to " Waffen- und Modul-Nachladegeschwindigkeit um 10% erhöht. " Conditions in which error reproduce wrong translated button: since lates update poor description of Hot Red: for over a year Problem details see above Frequency of reproduction always Time of bug
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    It's supposed to put you in those with engineers levels >30, in times of low players numbers being online it will happen through. I'm surprised you're mad about a hard raid taking 10 minutes. A hard raid takes an average of 15 minutes. You're also using two caucausus in a raid. That'd be like me bringing drones into a hard raid.
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    Draaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Exactly why I stay away from discords and highschoolers.
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    The Exhibition is a separate function from the competition. It is recommended that you DO NOT submit your build to the Exhibition until after the contest voting stage starts - to prevent people downloading and slightly altering your build so they can win.
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    Most of this is true for all MGs. Spectre and Aspects actually have it worse, being one-shot by cannons of equal rarity. #BuffMGsDurability #FixedCannonsOP
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    I feel that the first one looks better. The double wings on the biplane don't really jive with the body style. With the long slender body it has the appearance of a modern aircraft, designed after the age of biplanes had passed. Also, dividing the parts of the one wing to make two leaves them feeling too thin.
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    ^^He does have point. It's not "Play the market, Ride, Destroy!"
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    Apparently they are not popular. I like the fact that they are well rounded. I built a 2,800 PS rig with a huntsman + 2 Rapier. I do not do particularly well with it. I try to stay in the second line but: - I have trouble disarming opponents at a distance (I do not have any zoom) - rate of fire is a little slow - rate of turning is a bit slow but not a big issue with good positionning So anyone using Rapier successfully has any advice? Cheers, T
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    I NEED THAT OIL SON! I get by and am able to get oil for good prices, BUT I WANT MORE! CLAN WARS ELITES!!! I command you to use fuel tanks on your dumb, stupid Clan Wars builds so that fuel will become more widely available, SO I CAN PLAY RAIDS FOR CHEAP! I DONT CARE IF YOU GET POPPED! and lose your place in Clan Wars, THATS NOT MY PROBLEM! I NEED THAT CHEAP OIL SON!!! Western and Eastern societies would collapse IF THAT OIL STARTED TO DRY UP SON! SO DO YOUR PART CLAN WARS ELITES AND GIMME MORE OIL! DO IT! or I'll have to use my Crossout coins to build a shale oil fracking company, or I'll have to tell the U.N. that a government is mean to their people so they invade that country and take all their oil!
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    I actually liked the experiment mode seemed more like bedlam really casual. I think if they are going to do that they need to give the small weapons and cars a bonus to cover the gap in weapons classes.
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    1 - Im guessing you mean welding points? (The yellow squares indicating where you can mount) No it does not matter. 2 - What? 3 - If you hit an enemy theres always gonna be numbers, maybe a friendly blocked it? Equip radar so you see the red+blue names from further away (white=armor, yellow=cabin or explosive parts like fuel barrel, ammo box, generator)
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    Reduce their capability too throw enemies with their shots. Wrecks and ultra light builds getting thrown a lot is ok but over 6500kg should be enough too not be spun around by a cannon shot. 6000kg is the weight of 4 cars. My other suggestion is reduce their damage too weapons or reduce their durability. Cannons being able too degun but being immune too degunning when they arent all ready sparking feels xxxx.
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    First off... best event ever I hope they do it again this year and continue to bring it back for years to come. The issue though, the one issue, the only issue. They got lazy and sent it to console twice now with square as the button to use boosters. You need 3 thumbs to steer, operate camera, and boost simultaneously. I seem to be the only person bringing this up. I've made a post in suggestions about it. Last year I made a suggestion to change the boosters to R1 or L1 but it was already well into the event. The first witchhunt didn't have the same issue because boosters were automatic back then. Anyone else agree? I think R1 would be the preferred button for most players on ps4.
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    Where's the Knight Rider's event?