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    Survivors! The diagram below represents a chronological sequence of events that occurred in the Wasteland world from the beginning of the epidemic to the present day. All data was recovered using materials collected by Brotherhood intelligence officers throughout the Wasteland. In addition to already known and confirmed information, the soldiers managed to get information that had long been considered lost — including various facts from the biographies of the most influential people in the Wasteland!
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    Good job removing white items from scrap metal battles. Over 2 years on XB and this is the absolute lowest thing you can do to any up and comer. YOU SERIOUSLY DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO PLAY THIS GAME?
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    15 players IS the vast majority of xbox players
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    Hi all, I suggest to add Night maps in mission, raids, brawls, because I think that also the Night has its charm. I'll show you a couple of images of every maps in night version, that I made, except for the maps: 'Central Stadium', 'Refinery' and 'Two Turrets' Mission: Bridge Broken Arrow Control 17 Desert Valley Factory Fortress Founders Canyon Nameless Tower Old Town PowerPlant Rock City Sandy Gulf Sector EX Ship Graveyard Raids: Cursed Mines Dead Highway Eastern Array El Diablo Gorge Loast Coast Terminal-45 Wrath of Khan Brawls: Blood Rocks (Battle Royale) Blood Rocks (campaign) And here's the Sunset/Sunrise and Night version of normal garage and Horsemen of the Apocalypse's garage: Normal Garage Garage Horsemen of the Apocalypse For the weather of garage I suggest to add an option, that allow to player to decide if he want or not. That's all, hope you enjoy
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    There's no final decision atm. First of all, we would like to introduce the already announced CK mechanics and then decide on CKs future. In my opinion, the most probable options are: crafting, purchasing them in the store or obtaining some of them in events. But that's only my opinion and not an official confirmation. We'll discuss all the possible options, but do not plan atm to return to the "crates mechanics".
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    When self destructing, your entire vehicle acts as an explosive. Explosive damage appears to weaken based on the distance from the cabin. Explosive modules are triggered and add to the explosive damage in the radius of that module only. Examples: Your cabin is touching the enemy and you SD. You do damage with decaying effect starting with the center of the cabin. Video below shows that cabin-to-cabin contact and SD does 283 points of cabin dmg. But if I put like 4 buggy grills ( 16 squares ) on and the tip of this touches their cabin, I only do like 170 cabin dmg. At the moment of SD, all parts simultaneous receive max damage. This is different then if you, for example, shot a connecting piece and the end pieces just fall off. This causes explosive modules to detonate rather than just decay off, greatly improving your SD effect. In the video below, 2 regular and expanded ammo packs resulted in over 1.5k cabin dmg. More parts touching an enemy does not always mean more dmg. For example, if you had a U-shaped build around an enemy’s cabin and SD - you do the same regardless of how many items/squares of structure are around the cabin so long as your cabin is the same distance. This is why a “biscuitted” or severely stripped player can have more devastating SD as their cabin is closer to the core of the enemy’s build. However, more parts increase your explosive field so going broadside against an enemy to increase the amount of contact points is also a valid tactic in increasing the chances to cripple rather than kill ( if their/your cabin isn’t able to be reasonably close to one another ). This is why being on top or under the enemy vehicle while SD is very effective. If you are on top, likely your belly is only a frame ( 1sq ) away from their cabin and you probably have explosives like a generator there. Some SD tips; Try to have your cabin as close to the enemy’s cabin/explosive modules as possible. Try to have your generator or any other explosive module as close to their cabin or module as possible.
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    Attention, survivors! An important additional information to the news! Alongside with the missions: “Get the cabin!”, “Get the shotgun!”, “Get the machine gun!”, “Get the cannon!” and “Get the Wheels!” removal, we also plan to increase the amount of scrap you receive after each battle in the new "Get scrap metal!" mission.
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    Love the REAPER buff but still think needs an accuracy or damage buff towards it, At least it can keep up like cyclones. Ghost cab needed a buff due to its masslimit, maybe more structure points? Scorpion nerf is great Pulsar Reload nerf is like tsunami's reload. (nothing like a colossus wont fix) I didn't see anything different with quasars tho. Hammerfall is a wonderful buff, Its like the original perk and adding bigfoots is great to have constant perk damage instead of 200 meters. (TEST SERVER 75) Poor mans duster maybe a new clubbing cabin. Arbiter is a great buff now doing 7 seconds not 10 Equalizer sounds like a real minigun. Hovers, need more testing to see. Last of all, Corvos is a great accuracy and range buff I do hope CK skins will come to the market in patch 0.10.70 with the CK mechanics and seeing from the trailer video I do hope the CK Reaper skin will come including many more!
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    I mean really? Three, count 'em, three messages and I get a 2 minute mute? This is the only game that i've seen have this kindda thing. Sure, maybe the 1st message didn't matter but the 2nd was info for my teammates and the 3rd, well that's just what u say after a game lol
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    I got one word: Wow Funniest part is: maps like Powerplant and Nameless Tower are actually suppose to be night maps. They look like cloudy days. Your depictions really seem to encapsulate the idea of a proper night map. Personally I think it'd be awesome if the game had a constant "real-time" day and night system. Clock keeps ticking and the days turn into evenings and eventually into nights. Depending on which time you begin a battle you might witness a sunset or a sunrise during the match. Of course this cycle wouldn't be real-time per se but sped up real time like so many open world games do. Zelda: Ocarina of Time did it quite well 21 years ago. I think in that game every five minutes represented an hour so 60min = 12h. You'd have 24h day cycle once in two hours, running in all servers including the test drive. ^^That's something I'd really wanna see.
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    Hey guys, map awareness is important, especially in CW! It's not an exploit, it's redundancy to avoid being left without radar coverage. 60 radars/team is the minimum to be safe.
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    why this dust developper team don`t delete Ace hovers? all copied skilless hover really annoy on all pvp and cw brawl all clan war open only Ru and EU server how we who belong AS AU server aim hover? hover player is strong? no Irregular Movement by Ping & Predictive Shooting of Machine Guns and Cannons It's over already, I can only feel frustrated with the end content of the clan war Think about what has caused the game to decline Do not reflect only Ace RU hover player's complaints in the system
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    Plasma gun “Pulsar” The reload time of the gun will slightly increase. bad joke Start to repair the hit box before nerf this weapon
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    What about us that didn't bother to buy the old CKs because we couldn't pay for 12 Vipers or 4 Vacuums and now want to acquire it because of the changes that make it possible for us to need only one? I mean, if I didn't need to buy the store CK pack more than twice to have what I needed I would have bought it at least once...
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    Please no! This "rated leagues" was the worst thing introduced to the game and it always hurts the loyal player who have a life outside of the game because of how unfair, tedious, repetitive and long they are. I wouldn't complain if I hadn't to play 200+ equal rounds to get decors I don't need together with those I like so much I want more than one but can't trade them. Or you know... you could make the rewards tradable as they always have been before the Mayhem events...
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    So does everyone understand that ALL white parts will be 2 gold now right? Every part will be 50 scrap....... this change will destroy prices, everything will be 2x as expensive the changes on PTR remove any white part from rewards, while this is good, this means NET you are losing 50 scrap per match if you have to now craft that part SOLUTION: a) increase rewards per match to ~75 scrap OR b) decrease crafting of white wheels/modules to 10, leave cabins/weapons at 50
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    Survivors! Preparations for the future update 0.10.70 are in full swing, and the update itself is scheduled for next week. This means that it is time to get acquainted with all the significant changes and features that are currently being tested on a special server and may appear the game, as well as test them on a special server! Steel Championship is back! What's' summer in the Wasteland without the traditional post-apocalyptic football championship? Get ready for rated leagues, intense matches and new unique rewards, among which are backgrounds for banners, decor, paints and a trial CK for wheels! Reworked mechanics, affecting the first experience and tutorials for new players. With this update, we plan to significantly rework the in-game system for teaching new players, their starting progression, limits on the installation of a certain number of parts. We are planning to change the set of daily tasks. The total amount of scrap metal will not change, but the updated format will facilitate the process of adapting players to the new world. We plan to remove the missions: “Get the cabin!”, “Get the shotgun!”, “Get the machine gun!”, “Get the cannon!” and “Get the Wheels!” Instead of the above missions, we will add the task "Get scrap metal!" Parts of common rarity from the removed missions can be obtained through crafting on a faction workbench. Some in-game mechanics will unlock to the player gradually, as their reputation increases with the Engineers faction. Among them: Market Co-drivers Part upgrades Clan battles Auto-assembly Receiving and exchanging Engineer badges. Upon reaching certain levels of reputation with factions, the player will get the option of free rent for “rare” workbenches to craft one part. New CK mechanics With the update 0.10.70, the already announced new CK mechanics will come into force: Now, one CK can be applied to an unlimited number of parts, whose appearance it changes. The CK can be “removed” from parts at any time (outside the battlefield). It will be possible to apply CK to both permanent and temporary parts. The compensation for the “extra” CKs is also being considered. We will share the details in the upcoming news. In the upcoming update, the survivors will face off in heated battles for a strategically important base in the centre of a vast crater. The map is an open area, the main advantage of which is excellent visibility from any position. The main landmark is a crater occupying an ample space on the map. The bridge on the edge of the map helps in navigation and allows for manoeuvring under it and between the columns. The central zone is the most open part of the map with a capture point inside. In the centre of the crater, you can see the nomad tech, serving as cover for those capturing the point. Also, we plan to add updated maps "Fortress" and "Nameless Tower" to game servers, whose landscape has been substantially reworked and smoothed. Premium subscription (formerly “New scanner”) Now “New Scanner” will be called “Premium Subscription”. The functionality of the product will not change. New product variants will appear: For 3 days. For 7 days. For 30 days. For 90 days. For 360 days. We plan to include new maps from among existing ones in the rotation of some brawls and Bedlam. In the Invasion we plan to: Update the map "El Diablo Gorge". Replace one tower with three towers with a shared durability pool. Hand out guaranteed ammunition from each enemy destroyed. In clan battles, we plan to reduce the duration of the introductory video, as well as to realize the accurate scoring for actions during the decisive round. Let's move over to planned balance changes. Here's what's expected for the upcoming updates: Cabin “Ghost” The cabin's power, its tonnage and the maximum mass will increase. Developer comment: It is not a secret that among “medium” cabs there are those that are closer in their parameters to light ones and those that are closer to heavy cabins. With these changes, we would like to shift the “Ghost” towards heavier cabins capable of carrying more parts. We will monitor how changes affect the efficiency of the cabin and will be ready to make additional changes. Cabin “Howl” The radius of the cabin's damage boost perk will increase. At the same time, additional damage will be slightly reduced. Developer comment: The current situation is such that the cabin's perk is challenging to implement with such close-range weapons as shotguns, due to its insufficient range. We would like to make using perks easier for the owners of "Howl" and shotguns, and therefore we increase its radius. This change will require a small reduction in bonus damage to compensate for increased efficiency. Revolver “Corvo” Accuracy and range of the revolver will be increased. Developer comment: Changes from the previous update had a positive effect on the revolver, but statistics show that it needs additional improvements. Increasing the accuracy and range of fire will have a positive impact on the gun, and it will be more consistent with its role as an accurate revolver. Plasma gun “Quasar” Improved physical model of the weapon. Minigun “Arbiter” The maximum bonus damage from the perk of the minigun will be gained faster. Developer comment: In its current version, the maximum benefit from the perk of the "Arbiter" is quite tricky to use. The maximum increase in damage is accumulated slowly and requires the player to have a lot of experience and to choose the right position. The change simplifies this task and increases the efficiency of the minigun, but it is still worth remembering that the "Arbiter" is not a weapon for the front line. Competent choice of position in a team battle is one of the keys to success with miniguns. 'Reaper' minigun The minigun's durability will increase. Developer comment: The previous increase in the durability of the minigun naturally increased the effectiveness of the weapon in battle, but its survival rate in the average fight still does not meet our expectations. Extra durability is meant to solve this problem. Shotgun “Hammerfall” The weapon's perk will change. Now the shotgun will have only one rotation-stopping charge, but to accumulate it, it will be enough to drive only 100 m. Developer comment: we consider gameplay with shotguns as constant movement and manoeuvring close to the enemy. Given this, we have reworked the perk of the "Hammerfish". Now players can accumulate charges in the heat of battles and continue to control the enemy. Previously, this was difficult because of the considerable distance that needed to be driven to get a new charge. Plasma gun “Pulsar” The reload time of the gun will slightly increase. Developer comment: The combination of serious damage and excellent durability provides the Pulsar with increased efficiency compared to other "legendary" weapons. A slight increase in the reload time of the gun will reduce the total damage dealt by cars with "Pulsars" in battle, and will allow you to balance the weapon relative to other arms of the same rarity. Pulse accelerator “Scorpion” The gun will no longer ignore the permeability of parts. Developer comment: Against the background of the latest changes in "Scorpion" which increased its efficiency, we believe that the possibility of destroying frames with one shot is a somewhat controversial mechanic. If explosive modules can be efficiently armoured, the frames are almost always more vulnerable and visible. As a result, with a single Scorpion hit to the frame, the car loses the ability to move and becomes useless. The weapon still has massive alpha damage and accuracy, as well as a unique feature that allows precise shots to destroy barrels, generators and ammunition. We believe that this is precisely what its perk should be, and the gun itself should not be an exception in the mechanics of part penetration. Hovers ”Icarus IV” and “Icarus VII” Now hovers are more intensively stopping the inertia of the armoured car. Developer comment: With this change, we want to improve the handling of hover cars and, at the same time, minimize the situations when such cars could climb into places on the maps inaccessible to other players and be virtually invulnerable against certain types of armoured vehicles. Decor All non-tradable decor will no longer occupy space in the warehouse. In addition to the above changes, we also plan to make several improvements and add new features in the game interface and sound settings, as well as fix many known errors. We remind you that all the new features and changes described in this news item are still in testing and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. Launch of a special test server To test all planned revisions, we invite you to a special test server. Test balanced changes, and then share your impressions and opinions in this particular topic (it will be opened sometime after the test server is launched). How to get to the test server? If you have already participated in testing on a special server, then it will be enough to start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete. Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive. Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed Launcher, you get to the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again. Start the Launcher and install the game to the folder you created (for example D:\Public test\Crossout). After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and enter the game with your username and password. The whole progress of your main account will be transferred to the main server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation in factions). After logging in to the server to transfer the progress from your account, you must press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”. Please note the schedule of the test server: Friday, July 12, 2019: from 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT) Saturday, July 13, 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT) Sunday, July 14, 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT) Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS). The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.
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    These are the features I don't like: Dying early in some missions I have no idea if I scored enough points to be worth watching and waiting for the battle's conclusion, or just leave and join a new battle. These are the features how I'd like them: When you die I think its fair to show how many points you scored in the match so you can decide whether to stay or leave. Conclusion: At the end of the day Gaijin wants players actively playing. This would mean more players playing rather than waiting for a battle to end that they won't benefit from.
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    Not whining, just putting an issue in joking way. I could buy those radars, but it just doen'st feel right having meteorological stations with cannons flying around.
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    My math senses are tingling
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    Of course it was. All their changes like this are. They never make changes like this to help us and make progression easier.
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    So 1. If you remove white parts will scrap rewards be increased by 50 per battle. Because if not that is a massive monetary nerf per battle. 2. If you are reducing hovers inertia im sure youre going to increase its thrust power so we can climb hills since letting off the throttle is the only way to climb most hills even though its perk says it ignores terrain. 3. As a hover pulsar user myself im sad about the nerf. But glad you didnt mess with its actual damage. So good job on a reasonable nerf (at least until i see the numbers) 4. The issue with the ghost is its model. You cant connect anything to it when compared to other cabs. As long as it stays as such its usage will always be low. 5. For the howl. Instead of increasing its range i think making its perk disperse slowly over time (5% per second) when out of range would be better. Right now if you fall out of range its lost immediately which defeats its own perk since its not hard to gain distance from close range builds with a howl if you know how to play.
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    Is something gonna be done with the massive canon meta ? Am I the only one fed up with the bs ? .... I bearly even playing since tsunami spider and camping like there is no tomorrow become popular and now with even more massive canon and more massive camping with even more massive cabin become popular I just cap my uran with (yes u guessed it massive typhoon) and stop and dont play at all .... doesnt that sh#t get boring ? Same bs in clanwars same in pvp I swear they use it even in raid lol ..... crossout end game get 2 typhoons ... thats it .... fking hell like there is so many guns I would like to use but imposible its like 5 competitive build in game where there is unlimited posiblitiy of builds just amazing I would say ..... and Im talking about high ps and clanwars ... In low ps every gun is good so dont start with this even .... drop your ps thats where the fun is thanks .....
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    Error report Describe problem and what you saw I have changed my faction several times this week and it keeps changing back to Engineers preventing me from progressing in other factions. I start in the Engineer faction and click on a different faction. I choose change faction to switch to that faction. I see the new faction workbench rental prices. I click on Faction at the top of the screen to see the master list. I play some games and go to craft something in the different faction but my faction has changed back to Engineers and it won't let me change for 24 hours. What you expected to see My new faction should stay the same until I change it. Conditions in which error reproduce It occurs after I leave the initial change faction screen. Problem details I have come back after taking a year off. Maybe the game thinks I am too new to change factions. Frequency of reproduction always Time of bug
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    It a bit crazy seing crafts with 16-17 radars flying around, would be nice to see a fix to this, either limit craft to 3-4 radars, or make their durability much lower.
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    Raids are annoyingly 'difficult', that said I win every time and its simply a chore I endure for badges. I do this on a 10k retcher monster. I don't find it harder to aim with a controller than a mouse. That's purely a skill issue as both tools are sufficient for the job. That means its an individual skill issue. I'm not going to buy into a marxist victim narrative, least of all over a game called crossout. If you're worried, buy yourself a XIM and play with keyboard/mouse. The power to do so is in your hands.
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    That's the root of the problem: Either you play Typhoon or you don't compete. As much as I love the Tsunami/Typhoon playstyle, seeing absolutely nothing else having a chance in CW makes me sad. Therefore I can't wait for this weapon to be nerfed.
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    It's funny you mention crossplay. I'd honestly want to see how those Bastion spiders which supposedly rule the console platforms handle your average PC top20 CW squads which consist a mixture of Echo Typhoon Hovers and Echo Scorpion Hovers. Especially on a map like Rock City or Founder's Canyon.
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    the one map that has it is really fun be neat if they could add tar pits that could slow down builds or even stick heavy builds like goliaths more acid puddles maybe some that are unavoidable if you want to take the opponents base you have to cross over some acid maybe with the desert map with all the creepy heads , could make it so if you shot them down you could lock off some paths and make a choke point or crush opponents unaware under them
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    as it says on the tin, i like the new maps as well, but it seems the old ones are being wasted and we want a bit of variety. i like the adventure mode map as well, but ive not touched it in yonks. massive area unused. okay not so much the adventure map, but the previous versions, there are already there..., have been made kinda thing. why not stick em in the rotation as well?
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    Its... complicated. 1) If they are stronger, people running 6~8 encased hovers will not be imobilized as easy as any other vehicle, specially since their agility is superior to any other movement part. 2) If their max speed is increased they will yet again dominate races. 3) If their power score drops they will plaque low PS matches again. 4) Lancers, harvesters and ramhogs see everyone as food thought. 5) I don't think hovers need any more nerf, but I don't believe buffing them will do either...
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    Hmm.. I'm still not really sure about this... I mean.. Yes every white part is going to need to be crafted... But currently: *You need a shotgun, go play "get the shotgun"* -Get a radio -Get a radio -Get a radio -Get a car jack -Get a booster -Get a shotgun With this current system it MAY be: -Play a match, get 25 scrap -Play a match, get 25 scrap -Craft the shotgun I mean we have to wait and see, since the scrap earned is going to be higher but never stated how much higher... I'm still not sure how this will work out XD
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    Oh btw, i'm currently watching you in biohazard's stream get wrecked over and over again by no-name clans... If you think simply participating in cw makes you a high-level player who can look down on me, then lol.
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    Experience has taught me to be negative. When they make changes it's usually about making progression more difficult. Raids. Every change to raids has been to make them longer and harder to farm. The changes to resources, addition of new ones and moving others to raids. 5 minute matches. Dramatic reduction in rewards for brawls. Event rewards becoming untradeable and now requiring the best of three format while also getting a rather punishing win/loss point system. I could go on. But they have shown time and time again that assuming the best is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment. I didn't start off with this negative, distrustful attitude. I learned it.
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    So STILL no changes to the amount of aegis or radars we can use???
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    I tried to show them but it seems they forgot about it
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    In general I like all! steps in the right direction I understand than not "all" can be done in just one update, plz keep working Now punctual comments. I really hope this measures to newcomers work, old players can not test the "progress" changes so you depend only from feedback of newcomers, so maybe an in-game survey each 10 level of engineers will allow you get some feed back. About PK, could you reconsider SELL us all preexisting (old) PK item? . Is not fair that are accessible only for those players who already have them and the access for everyone else is ZERO... ABOUT CONSOLES could you increase protection for newcomers until they reach lvl 30 in engineers (ergo---> don't reward them with engineers flag neither) currently the protection for newcomers in consoles only is until lvl 10 and that make newcomers face and be slaughter and discourage for players with far more experience. About CW, plz continue improving it, currently is being exploit by CW whales (as was mentioned in previous posts) Now a question about the event: are you planning to use the previous "rank"system (like in CW or previous events? ) plz take in consideration that those rank systemb are broken and are everything but fun is not one of those things. ALSO IN PREVIOUS EVENTS IN CONSOLES NO ONE REACH THE TOP LEAGUE, SO PLZ DON'T IMPLEMENT A "UNOBTAINABLE CHALLENGE" those are not fun. Thank you.
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    Coulda just increased the drop rate of high priced commons. Sucks to play for 10 matchs and get white wheels every time. Really not sure if this update was a progression nerf disguised as a buff.
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    @Woodyrojo @BjKalderon Finally steel championship is back. What types of rewards will see? Can we get a tradable reward this time please ? After the decor nerf decor will not be valued as much, unless it's a unique horn that is awesome. I would like to see the reward be a legendary tradable horn, maybe even a cucaracha or a completely new horn. Also the siren horn which was a reward on the tank brawl could not be spammed, holding down the button while playing makes the horn unappealing. If a new horn is introduced one press of a button for the whole horn sequence is far superior. While on a jobsite at LAX I saw/heard a lunch truck spam its cucaracha horn about 35 times, it was the best thing I've ever seen. I saluted the elderly Mexican woman who was driving and she greeted me by calling me "mijo" I immediately purchased a breakfast burrito. Horns are meant spammed, in game and in real life. I've mentioned to other lunch trucks that they should own/spam their cucaracha horns whenever coming onto the jobsite.
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    1. Players who already maxed factions will get something? 2. Units of scrap that we can get in those mission will be increased or stay same?
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    I still cant understand Since start of OBT There were number of attempts in proper bug report sections that Scorpion frame killing issue, since July 2019 you completely ignore them or saying " not a bug" therefore claiming its intended. UNTIL there are couple of people last week who triggered themselves by a YT video showing how broken it is and 3 day later, There is a fix. I am asking what happened to those 2 year old bug reports or wishes from past ?
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    nice, finally solving that supply imbalance we have across the common parts. i hope the scrap reward from battle is considerably increased...or the crafting of those parts will need a lot less scrap than it does at the moment.
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    These are the features I don't like: 1. Matchmaking. It's becoming painfully obvious that matchmaking is rigged. As was mentioned by other players, a lot of times you either steamroll or get steamrolled. I've had days where I would get 15 wins in a row and lots of MVPs only to get completely obliterated with something like 10-15 losses in a row the next day, using the same build. At times it feels like you're just a powerless participant in a computer simulation - outcome is predetermined and you simply watch the events unfold. It's not uncommon to see the top player on the losing team with 3000+ points and 4+ frags. This shouldn't be happening that often, unless there is a system in place that keeps detailed statistics of each player's performance and uses it to form "loser" and "winner" teams to artificially maintain a "fair" 50% win ratio. Hello, World of Tanks. 2. "New" Control-17 map. It's horrid. Too much open space, too easy to move around and ambush / get ambushed which limits strategic options. In general, this map is poorly suited for PvP and should've stayed in raids where it was ripped from. Also, my frame rate tanks whenever I play on this map. 3. Shotgun wedges. These shouldn't exist, at least not in their current form. It doesn't take much effort to build a wedge and drive it under someone. Nothing pisses me off more than some mouth breather driving around in copy / pasted build from exhibition and wedging everyone. Even hurricane spammers are less annoying. 4. Frame rate / latency. It seems that performance is degrading with every new patch. I used to have a stable 60 fps frame rate with a few dips into 50's in any given match. Now, my frame rate rarely jumps above 50 and usually stays in the 40's and can even drop down to 25-30 on Control-17 map. Same with latency. I used to enjoy a fairly stable 30-50 ms ping on US serves but now it can go as high as 120's with some random spikes into 300's even when playing alone (Adventure) on US servers. The game also started stuttering a lot as of last patch. These are the features how I'd like them: 1. Matchmaking. Return it to the way it was - random. PS should be the only deciding factor when forming teams. 2. "New" Control-17 map. Please bring back the old Control-17 map, it was infinitely better than its current incarnation. 3. Shotgun wedges. Add crushing damage or let us drive off them. 4. Frame rate / latency. Please, optimize your patches before you release them.
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    Think he is saying if they made other builds viable he wouldn't be playing Typhoons. They are top meta for a reason.
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    what you dont know is that the radar thanks to some technical mechanism you wont understand creates a small forcefield, that is why is so resistance, not only that but this mechanism can produce energy alowing the radar to work without taking energy from the cabin.
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    Example of how this could be done: (EDIT: or we can just get rid of the caps entirely since the fire will consume the spawns and the island is the only safe space where all players will be eventualy forced to go, making this the first "PvP team deathmatch" of the game)
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    Society has collapsed and the environment is destabilized. The maps should act the part. Power Plant: Electricity arcing around in the building part, acting as a weak version of Spark. Just enough to be annoying, but not crippling. Bridge, maybe Ship Graveyard: The water slowly rises, having a greater detrimental effect on land crafts' top speed and even making hovers less agile (due to thrust being lost on throwing water around). Fortress: A shrub fire starts on the edge of the map and grows throughout the match, even encroaching on (but not covering or rendering inaccessible) the capture site(s). This fire is "weak" fire (Mandrake's puddle rather than Incinerator's) and doesn't produce much smoke. Sector EX: A gas leak develops in the final minute of the match, damaging players like a weaker, 3-D version of the acid lake. The center is safe from the sight-obscuring fumes, though. Desert maps: Sandstorm from either Storm Warning or Battle Royale (depending on map shape and game mode) that sits at the edge of the map at the beginning, and only starts moving in when there are 60 seconds left in the match. The capture site(s) are encroached upon, but not covered or rendered inaccessible.