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    You have no idea what balance is
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    I dont support your rage, but i can understand it perfectly. And yap - this game makes you have no life anymore. So you can cross out your RL.
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    So fun fact: AI gears that have supreme mobility also have the highest durability, while those stay still or trace the operator (therefore easier to aim) have lower durability. Drone (50-56-84-100) Turret (56-56-84) Wheel Drone (129-168/112) IMO turret should have its health literally swapped with wheeled drones
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    Can we just sit back and appreciate that in Winter Mayhem one of the vehicles was designed to essentially be a fast-firing vehicle. AND INSTEAD OF MACHINE GUNS IT USES JOULES. Devs, fix MG's please. You've literally just admitted that machine guns are less useful than one of the worst autocannons in the game.
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    More comments on the Mayhem mode: with these unstable servers, people are dropping out of matches and losing points. Make this system less of a grind like everyone is asking. So many negatives to the point system in a mode like this. FIX THE POINT SYSTEM ON MAYHEM LIKE EVERYONE ASKS DEVS.
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    Leave photon alone! ! ! I'll spit on the face of the first person who ask such insanity like a photon nerf Photon it's finally viable and not just barely viable So stop crying and gid gud
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    These event rating system for reward is penalizing time sump....out of the three years I've played this game these events have been scored this way...you can push have five great wins go up just to get five terrible games....either to just having bad game to things that are completely out of your control...1) random paired players not following event objective 2) random players disconnected from server 3) just quitting....or players, like my father, who plays crossout that has out right bad eye sight....older player...who enjoy the game...when these scenarios happen you penalize the players to only award the few and basically say the wins they managed to get do not count...i mean this isnt clan war where a system like this should be in place and where it makes sense....these are decor items that cant be sold they hold no real value other than if the player who is award them like it PERIOD....these should be awarded on win count so people who would enjoy them can actually earn them and not want to beat their head against a wall, not some jacked rating system with a game that has poor execution flaws....take for instance the last tank event that had the Goddess of Victory decor angel was great looking..i tried my like hell to get it only for it to be out of reach due to the things mentioned above and to this day i have yet to see anyone put it on their builds and anyone running around with...so for the few to say they have it but never use it....these should just be based on a win count accumulation a defeat should just be that a defeat not a slap to the face too
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. This type of creative game is impossible to perfectly balance, especially with the rotation of new content. This is one of the most customizable games I've ever played. Every other game that even comes close had always had balance issues, as one meta trades for another. You can't have both this level of choice in pvp with perfect balance. If Ur a balance junky log off forever. This isn't the game type for you. Go play something like DnD online. Which oddly enough should be higher up on the customization scale. Except they didn't use an actual DnD Charactor creation system. Just some trash super limited choice boring bonanza.
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    Do the bots sell hacks on their websites, and then call people n*****s on livestreams?
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    This can't qualify as a rant, hero didn't even make a post. Just another whiner's whiney thread title with no real point...just to whine some more.
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    True.....and the events are fun just award system is terrible
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    I have started making a series of 3d printable crossout vehicles that can be taken apart and put back together just like in the game. It uses a simple peg system similar to lego pegs. This is my first one which is just a basic set of pieces. I will have post a second one soon. The next one will be the starter car for the engineers. I made this one a while ago but it didn't have its own page on the forum so I put it here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3937871
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    So long a they are 3 energy they will be played at a much lower PS than every other relic in the game, you must balance with this in mind, you cannot ignore it
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    That's closed minded. Especially since battle pass gives four fused Bigrams... That's twelve Bigrams in value fused for perfect buffs which would tbh take a few fusions extra to get all the Same...so let's say add six more for a value of 18 Bigrams. And u get far more than just that. Coinpacks are trash In comparison for coin value, but are a quick upgrade. Battle pass and coin packs aren't comparable. They are of very different functions prices and reward systems.
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    People have suggested this idea before as well as maybe even increasing energy by adding a zero behind all the current numbers and balance from there. A 12 energy cabin would now be 120 energy, and a weapon that uses 6 energy would become 60 energy. It then allows you to greatly adjust the energy something has with much more precision. Both ways of going about it would be better than the current system
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    yea the math is in another post, but here it is again EDIT: @fftunes4real pointed out i incorrectly stated some numbers. Numbers below are believed to be accurate now, please let me know if i missed something else. Dailies - 300+400+500+600+700=2,500/day Weekly - 7000x4 = 28,000 Hard Weekly - 3000x2 = 6000 Total p/wk - (2500x7)+28,000+6000 = 51,500/week 75 levels @ 5000/lvl = 375,000 required 10 weeks x 51,500/week = 515,000 pts available 515,000-375,000 = 140,000(pts can be missed and still complete) / 2500(daily) = 56 days can be missed if you do all other challenges To verify math, lets add the points up to make sure we get total pts required. 10 weeks x 7 days = 70 days 70 days - 56 days (missed) = 14 days 14 x 2500pts/day = 35000 pts 10 weeks x 28000(weekly) = 280000 pts 10 weeks x 6000(hard weekly) = 60000 pts 35000 + 280,000 + 60000 = 375,000 pts
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    drones are cancer imo. i put drone users below lance builds on the Crossout ladder. it was bad watching one play. i felt dirty. when everyone else has to aim and fire, drone users just drive around while their firepower is split into multiple moving targets, all controlled by a computer. i never cry to remove or nerf things i'm not even dong it now, but i am sick to f cking death of drones. i resent getting killed in that way. i have watched some of the best players in the game getting killed by a computer.
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    Despite the fact that the OP has enough battles to possibly know the answer, there's still no call for you responding to their post in this way. You might want to seek professional help for your anger issues.
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    Pack exclusive parts with a poor "you can buy from market" excuse to cover their *ss
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    I would not remove the crosshair as Todesklinge said but I would remove the ability to perform accurat shots. Let me explain what I mean: When you have cannons (fixed and turreted) mounted on a regular car the crosshair is big as long as you move your vehicle or your mouse and if you than shoot the spread is high. If you stop and not move your mouse the crosshair becomes smaller and the spread is reduced. The shot will be much more accurate (I think in crossout cannon shots even becomes 100% accurate). A hover platform flies and therefor always moves a little bit. For that reason I would like to see that cannons on hovers just always have the big crosshair because the hover platform can never be as stable as a vehicle that has ground contact (not moving of cause).
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    Hey Major D.Lee Du, or whoever, thanks for the purple bench coupon, but no thanks. I tried to imagine myself going through all that sh..tuff to craft a purple item and I just couldn't do it. I didn't do the hard math on the value there, but I did take a glance, and it looked like between 500 to near 800 coin worth of parts and resources to build the typical 200 to 350 coin item there. All that grinding and collecting parts just to build a purple item I don't actually want amid the drones and seal clubbers and improved raids sure looked like a lot of fun, though. Nobody likes jumping through hoops more than I do. My monkey says it's not that bad. Whatever. I'm not doing it, but thanks anyway.
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    Hello! I've got a simple proposition for today. There have been some complaints about the "activate all" button not only firing all weapons, but also turning on the cloak, the hologram, flares, doing some fireworks, throwing out the kapkan, turning on the dishwasher and opening or closing the garage door. Now it would be possible to just reduce the button to only work with weapons, but I've got a better idea: In the controls settings, allow us to assign one key or button to multiple weapon groups at once. You can already have two different keys assigned to the same action, but now for example, you have the default weapon group 1 on the left mouse button and the group 2 on right mouse button. Now you could assign the middle mouse button to both groups at once instead of using the activate all button. So for example, you could have the left side cannon on the left mouse button and the right cannon on the right button - and when pressing the middle mouse button, you would fire both cannons at once without activating every remaining gadget on the vehicle.
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    We all knew relic bots were coming eventually, but since the founders update evertime you get hit with a punisher it makes a very loud kind of ping sound. Its wicked annoying but they were pretty rare, however now it looks like there are either 2 or three flavors of bots in high ps that have punishers. Not asking to get rid of those bots or anything, but can the devs remove that annoying sound they make when you get hit by them, half the time I can't even hear the other people in party or my music when I'm getting hit with them. At least give us an option to turn off the punishers sound or something
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    This is the same problem reported here and here But the devs are not taking the reports seriously blaming the problem on our internet connections, despite it happening world wide, only started on the recent update and only at the start of matches.
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    How is ANYONE supposed to progress when MM dictates "win 1 lose 2"?
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    In this instance i need to call out the flawed logic..... Profits in this game are not guaranteed to anyone. You want to but an item in anticipation of being able to make a profit, well the same goes for this game as the real world. Its high risk/high reward in regards to chance of making profit. Some people grind matches to make profit. Some grind the market, some grind raids. Its all how you want to progress in the game. P2W means you can buy something with real money that CAN NOT be gained in any other way. Further, by buying that something, is OP and allows you an unfair advantage in matches, raids, or market grind. If you want to spend money instead of time (time =money, axiom as old as time itself) then why do you or anyone else get to shame players for wanting to spend money, rather than time on the game? Buying the levels is not a guarantee that they will see profits. Anymore than buying a coin pack does. Buying a pack on the market doesnt guarantee wins anymore than buying weapons on the market does. Nothing in this game is P2W
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    Drone horde is everywhere. It’s absolute xxxx. GTFO with this nonsense. Nerf grenadiers already.
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    ^this. the radar detector and cloak ruin the whole game and should've been removed by now.
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    Yes, another topic from @*Zhetesh with the sole purpose of benefitting himself despite being grossly inappropriate.
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    It is a pretty good event. The devs did a great job with developing it.
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    Can we have atleast SAFE LEAGUE in the EVENT?? Coz losing 5 wins worth of points in just 1 game is just SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING LIKE I WANNA SMASH THE DAMN MONITOR...
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    Buying levels is BS and P2W on it's own right. For me being at almost level 30 in the new faction with the basic battlepass, it'd cost me ~120 dollars to get the maxed out level and that's outrageous (It's two times the cost of a 60 dollar pack.).
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    The problem is obvious: Trigger with Photon is OP, Trigger without Photon is barely useable. As long as you don't come up with stupid ideas like when equipped with Photon, the damage is decreased by 10% or something, the best way to do it is Change Photon's perk to a more reasonable one. And it doesn't need to be a Nerf
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    You guys need to stop making raids harder every single patch, what is this nonsense change for?
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    im not comparing them to coin packs but battle passes in other games where you pay the same money but get far less value, i play lots of games and ive never seen such good value im so happy i just wanted to thank the makers of the game.
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    love this thread, need more of these positive types of shares that will bring the community together. Nice Job!
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    LMAO "i have no issue" XD yeah cause ur on the only movement part that's immune to porcs lol
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    Porcs need no nerf they have zero firing angle limited range can kill yourself be blown up in your face and maybe stripped there is one movement type that can get them in and out fast enough to feel op and there's a movement type that is virtually immune to them
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    About the interaction between players and maps, in this case the dynamic environment. In this regard, I propose that the central statue be destructible on the Old Town map. This map is very small and quite profitable for low powerscore cars, but for higher powerscore cars the situation changes, becomes a narrow map. The angel statue is just one of the elements that can be implemented destruction, perhaps on other maps, other objects this can be harnessed in the best way, because I believe that implementing destruction in the scenario could weigh the servers a little more, so who knows how to apply on some map elements? If you liked it, enjoy and share, thank you! @Beta_Angel @Woodyrojo @Cpt_Nero @Ka1deron @psiberzerker
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    The leg formation was formed after yo mama.
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    All at same time: welcome to Brokenout. Add crutch wedges too. ps: porcs sealclubbers gone down to 5k ps too... for that i said "low-mid PS tier".
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    Do you think that everyone should have to play the same amount of time a week? If yes, do you think thats practical? If no, then how would you help address the difference? Do you think that prices for market items should be set, static, so that all items are the same price for all players? If yes, then how would you change the grind thru the levels to address demand? Or would you remove the rewards system for missions/raids? If no, then how would you address the supply demand ebb and flow that affects the cost this hr but is 10% more 3 hrs later? Is the source of frustration based on your desire to sell items that are in later factions, only to have yesterday be blocked by "purchase" levels now being available? IF yes, then i get the perspective, but sudden changes affect players in this game all the time. Its normal, and we have no right to expect that our "planning" based on past events is a basis for future decisions. It was a plan, and plans have to change based on circumstances changing. But i get the frustration. I have several weapons in my inventory that because of the game play being so lousy for them(lacerators, locusts, adapters) that if i sold them now, i would take a loss. Thats what being early does, its high risk/high reward. I was early in, before i could validate if they were worth the value, and as a result have to deal with consequences. If no, then i wonder what the basis is? Monetizing the game is not easy for F2P. It does seem like a cash grab at times. The same as what "happy hour" is when you get there 1 min late. The drinks are watered down, and if the prices are that low for a couple hours why isnt it that cheap all the time. Its a cash grab. The drinks being cheaper doesnt make them greedy because they are "pulling different levers to try and make money". The best voting all of us can do with any product is with our wallet. But if people spend the money, then even if we dont like the results, we can atleast accept them. the old adage comes to mind, if you cant beat em, join em. Not my advice, but i dont see the leap in logic that the game is P2W when buying BP levels to 75 doesnt guarantee a win, anymore than a relic playing in CW does. The CW system is made for end game mechanics, but higher tiered weapons has more dmg than the same type at a lower rarity. Does that make ingesting money into the game with packs and coin purchases and spending it on relic weapons, a guarantee'd win? Nope, though it does help. If you support that system, how can you make the argument that this is P2W? No matter how you slice it, you spend money, time or both to get ahead in this game. and since time = money, then its all money being spent. Everybody chooses what they are most comfortable spending. Telling the devs they shouldnt pull levers to profit off of that interest, doesnt make any business sense. Would you turn away a customer? I agree the need wasnt there, with a few caveats, spring is coming, players may not be able to play as much as they have previously or because circumstances change. They want to spend the money, then great for the devs. Poor outcome for me, if i bought items with intention to craft and sell. But by doing that you made the assumption that all factors into that decision, wasnt going to change. Nobody told you that was going to happen. Its not the devs fault for the result of you being frustrated. BTW, and i dont think you meant this, but shaming people because you disagree is the definition of bullying.
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    So to make Porcs balanced, almost everyone should be using hovers. Gotcha, lets make a weapon that is OP to every other movement part but one. That makes absolute sense.
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    So fuze drones dont explode on impact against people anymore unless they ram people hard enough to die/explode. They just drive into people and sit there doing nothing. They have to be manually detonated. Was this change done on purpose? I actually like this change/bug, and makes people use a little more of their brain to use the weapon instead of just dropping their drones, cloaking and driving away. Now if only other drones could get such treatment to make them require a little more effort and thinking.
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    What kills the leviathan is the fire, not the porcs. Go test it with incinerator. You have never played CW i guess? Frontal Mandrake is getting more and more popular in higher tiers.
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    I'm going to spoiler and derail at the same time... For do easy raids... you have to start and then finish the raid! I hope this helps...
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    It's also a drone, that automatically makes it a poor weapon.