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    All this old dedicated players earning prestige levels on Engeneers and got nothing out of it Devs could just give Veteran Containers, or even give LESS of them. Say 1 container for 2 levels, so I am prestige 32 so i would get 16 conteiners or even 1 for 3 or even CAP it so noone can get more that 10 or 20 or hell even 5. But no, devs said it themself they will not give us anything, you are prestige 150 or 10 you get nothing
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    The grind isnt enjoyed by most, with enjoyment being the main motivator for playing a game. Not all games require a grind, and they are still immensely popular. The grind deters new players. I started around Halloween of 19' with another friend. We both avged 20-25hrs of playing a week. He eventually burned out after 3 months. I have approached numerous others about playing. Everyone likes idea of a free game but only 1 has decided to play. The idea that it will take them 6+ months of serious grinding or hundreds of dollars to play competitively with me makes it not worth the cost. I understand everyone up til now has grinded. I understand the grind used to be worse. So what. The game would be better for all if the grind was optional. Some enjoy raids and daily objectives. Many abhor them. Make the game new player friendly. Make it MUCH easier to get into playing CW in a semi competitive manner. Make it where Crossout is a game that people want to play, both old and new alike
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    I absolutely like the leviathan clan wars, one of the best decisions that devs have ever made in this game. FINALLY something that benefits loyal long-term players. I suggest in future keep both open at same times, mix the leaderboards, but obviously only levi vs levi and then you'd simply get more uranium from leviathan clan wars (per win + higher weekly cap limits). It needs bit fixing tho, for example i'm unable to re-map the boost and reload perks, they're on the worst buttons for me. Sure I could re-map the buttons in options, but that's just annoying to change them each time i wanna play with leviathan. Leviathan should not aim for kapkans and mines. Also this instant auto-fire is annoying, it should only shoot when you're holding down the fire button. Auto-fire only helps cheaters, already saw 2 players who used crickets + wasps and they had a cheat so that levi had manual fire. I saw them pre-fire corners by shooting weapons at different times and also not shooting while they were cloaked and pointing their weapons towards enemy player. I know AI (levi and bots) can see through certain objects and will try to hit you through that object (like those containers and trains in spawn of some maps, like ship graveyard), but that wasn't the case, my levi did not shoot through that wall, but he was able to pre-fire the corners. You already changed helios so that script-kiddies wouldn't have advantage, why not change auto-fire on leviathans too? Not only auto-fire is rather useless, the first shots with turreted weapons always miss, AI always shoots way before it can hit the target, it's like AI thinks that turreted weapon turns a lot faster, you can see this behavior on bots in PvP, same thing on levi. It just wastes the first shots. Also by removing auto-fire, it would give some tactical advantage to leviathans, for example you could use cloak properly. Secondary fire should keep your weapons only pointing towards your crosshair. For example when enemy I focus goes behind a pillar for a second, then my guns already start aiming at other targets, which makes leviathan useless vs that target! Enemy can just peek and shoot and my leviathan guns are turning left and right trying to hit other players while primary target's cabin is behind some small cover and as result levi never hits the one in front. So in that situation i'd like to keep my weapons pointing forward and levi should only make very small adjustments when the secondary fire is being held down, it should only aim just little bit around the crosshair and not turn guns backwards or sideways trying to hit other targets (and don't say to put only limited turn angle weapons, because that would be dumb, you often need them against some melees that try to wedge you, already happend few times and turreted weapons worked great in that situation). anyway here's my first session with my levi, it worked great!
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    When I buildt my cw leviathan, I actually wanted to give Meat grinders a try. That was a pure waste of time. With 60 km/h top speed, it's not suited for tiny fast cars, but when you go big... omg, what is turning radius? And no, the Goliaths are not in contact with the ground.
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    Currently there is basically no reason to use boosters in pvp unless youre using a tusk ram, because boosters simply do not give enough thrust unless you have 10 of them You should be able to see a noticeable difference with only 2 boosters A build that goes 120 should go at least 150 with 2 boosters but no it goes 121
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    You team are incompetent You have no shame as developer ? 1st pic, craft parameter, 2,test drive on garage 50km/h 3, when use it online 13km/h
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    This has been going on for months with no fix. Really important fix. Sort out your priorities.
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    Inb4 this person here is like my little sister, she is having 6 garage slots, all with the same car model, but, with different color XD.
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    For several times I saw from the wallpaper of Crossout, the front face of the torero pack or these bumpers were given a light visual effect, attached to here an example is given. So you smart poster designers obviously know that a light visual effect can make the whole thing different, can bestow the build a more aesthetic feeli ng. So why bother Photoshop the light effect on it every time you make a poster rather than just light them up. Since you guys once gave the LADA pack a chance , just plz as well give the lambo pack a shot. It's after all not a complicated work for you genius devs, right?
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    ...or cycle weekly between modes. I don't think this new mode should completely replace the regular CW in the future (as many think it will do but devs said it won't) but I also think it should not be forgotten like it was in the past. We desperately need that breath of fresh air, give the Relic-less clans a chance to earn Uranium and also make things less stale. (we also need clomplex raids that awards us Uranium but that is a discussion for another day) I think that 2 will always be better than 1, the more the merrier afterall. What do you think?
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    Grind is generally defended by people who already grinded and think the world should suffer if they suffered, and by timmies who go /all items and get tired of games after 5 mins of shooting every gun in the first level. edit: also can we take a minute to celebrate my promotion to "living legend"?
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    So its a "let's keep CW to people that can buy their Leviathan's weight in Porcs" kinda problem? I'm asking because I don't see any legitimate reason to complain about a single Levi carrying their entire team with purples in a mode separated for them that you are in no shape or form required/obligated to participate in...
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    That depends on what ps you are at. Hovers at low and high ps are a totally different game. But yes, devs should play the game they develop, it just makes sense. These devs are like a chef who keeps making meals but never actually tastes his meal to have a first hand insight of what it really tastes like. No wonder so many costumers are throwing up and have food poisoning. Now the food, such as it is, is free, but the waiter delivering it to you takes forever, unless you pay him. Oh, and if you want a spoon, that's in a pack you can buy.
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    10 builds? what were you building, only wedges?
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    I see no reason why in a game with infinite possibilities you should be by default limited to only 12 blueprint spaces
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    Add another mode to basic pvp. "Boss fights" Same thing that is in cw atm, it seems really really fun. I dont want to join a clan to be able to have fun in the game.
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    Could we see more of the maps in CW rotation? Especially now when we have leviathan wars. Imo the acid lake would be a good map, and the fortress. Those were in rotation in the previous leviathan wars and fit the mode very well. In addition, it would be interesting to see all the new maps in rotation too. At least try it for a week or 2.
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    Bruh this guy wants to buff the most powerful weapon in the game
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    @Woodyrojo @Ka1deron I'm not the one to keep summoning you guys, but I think a picture is worth a thousand words this time: Please, at least consider it.
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    Even if you like to be spat on, this feel like another kick in the nuts to me...
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    I find it very frustrating and annoying how devs have absolutely NO respect for loyal and long-term players. So FINALLY they changed the engineer prestige, so that you get crappy blue item container for it ... but WHERE ARE ALL OF MY PREVIOUS CONTAINERS?? I have 222 prestige with engineers, why don't I get 222 containers? This is pathetic how loyal players constantly get screwed by devs. devs are just so greedy that they won't ever reward loyal players ... all they care about is foolish new players who poor money into the game and then leave after couple months, because they get annoyed with the grind and no long-term rewards. this is also why higher power scores are dead. regardless of the region settings and time of day, I have to wait 3 - 10 mins for a match when playing with 16000+ PS and even then I end up in a match with 4 bots in each team (8 total) and 90% of the time it's mixed power scores, where some other players are like 12000 - 15000 ... IDEAS for devs to consider if you don't wanna lose all of your loyal players: 1. Give us the veteran containers that you OWE us! each prestige = 1 container! In my case, I need 222 of them! 2. If player has played at least 5 matches EVERY DAY for entire month (30 days), then reward them with special item container! 3. If player has playet at least 5 matches EVERY DAY for 90 days, give them epic item container! 4. and if someone (like me) is crazy enough to play DAILY for 6 months, give them legendary item container! I see lot of other MMO games that reward loyal players for just even logging in on daily basis, but Crossout? NOOOO ... you can't possibly give player something for logging in! that's WAY TOO MUCH ... devs must ask money. I'm surprised it's even free to play .. .bah now that I said it, maybe in future they will make it 10 dollars per month to play LOL (game would die for sure). At least premium / scanner has some sort of benefits for playing daily, but cmon ... this is why people quit this game so fast, they see that they are not being rewarded for being loyal, isn't it every business' first rule to try and keep customers for as long as possible and do everything in your power to keep those customers happy? ... I guess Crossout devs don't think so ...
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    Step 1: Release levi CW Step 2: force players to buy packs dump massive coins into a CW viable leviathan Step 3: Remove leviathan CW and have market prices drop, making people lose all the coins they invested into a CW levi and hopefully get the players to buy packs again
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    The limited blueprint space and inventory space can severely limit a person's creativity and willingness to experiment.
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    Did they leave colossus alone? Weird that a lower tier engine from same faction has more dura...who thought this was a good idea..I wonder.
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    Levi CW was introduced recently, and it’s been getting a lot of attention, most notably hate. Why do people hate on it? It is temporary, not a permanent change. Just for a week, the devs have added something NEW AND UNIQUE, just like you all are constantly imploring then to do! Just try something new, or if you really hate Levi CW just don’t play it for now. If the devs make it permanent, it will be an alternative to CW, normal CW with the same 4 builds over and over again will be back. Then, you all can go back to farming your thousands of coins in uranium and wailing about how the devs do nothing to help the game. Even if Levi CW is utter and complete garbage, why are you hating on it? It shows that the devs are listening more, noticing that we want different gamemodes, and helping the game get there. But the moment they make something you don’t like, you all throw a fit. You stomp around the forums. You whine about how Levi CW is cancer now and how the devs will never get it right. How are they supposed to get anything right when you never give them any chance? its not hard to tell at this point that most people want, even expect, the game to be exactly how they desire it. The hubris and hypocrisy on this forum is stunning.
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    Range players have to stop to shoot and block the road for everyone else. They can not or will not fire while moving. They will not leave their little sniper spot to come into the brawl and tank some shots for their allies. Range players hide in the hills until all the brawlers are dead and try to be the hero who snipes all the remaining enemy. But they never have a Detector and get killed from all sides because they allowed the brawler with the detector to get killed in the middle. Range players get huge points for their alpha damage while the brawler gets 5 kill assists for low points and death. I would rather follow a melee player into the heat of battle then camp in the outskirts with a range player waiting for the battle to come to us. I would rather fight with the Bots and be destroyed then hang around hiding in the outskirts waiting for a range player to be useful.
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    Oh wait... that's not a drone, its an auto-targeting leviathan. Same thing - no skill giant bot. Good job dev team, you messed up clan wars for newer players and made a boring auto-aim fest for older players. Everyone always slams AI weapons, then we get the biggest AI weapon we can get in the only competitive mode in the game. Crossout currently has no competitive mode. Thanks.
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    Stop attacking the messager and start adressing the idea more maturely. I never said I suggested the enginners pristige crates, I'm merely stating that it has been suggested many times before in the last 2 years and NOW its ok to give us it. Not two years ago when the playerbase was fresh, just now for newcomers coincidentaly after they lost almost as many players as the Pewdiepie promotion got them. Don't throw acusations, baseless assumptions and needless offenses. Adress my points as you were doing up until now. So, I can't flood my inventory because I played the game before BUT NOW its is ok to flood my inventory? If I didn't need those items before, what will make them more valuable now? Again, its a principle of appreciation and not a mater of "me want, ME WANT NOW!" as you are trying to imply. Or you know... communism as you said before (as if a company giving "participation prizes" to its long time clients would make it any less capitalistic). Even "pennies" from Gaijin would be somekind of apreciation to their most loyal fans. And never underestimate the value of those "pennies" To me, untradeable blue items that don't take storage space means I need to spend less coin with Storage expansions because I still play in low PS matches, so those "pennies" are indeed more valuable to me than you think. (25 storage spaces is well worth 1k coins to me today). Look, its clear that you disagree with me, but pointing fingers (specially when it is just for the sake of starting meaningless arguments) is not going to win anyone over your cause.
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    What is the difference between levi, and the newly added full assist aim bot anyways. If you dont like it, take a 2 week break. Its hilarious that all these expert level players are the ones whining about it.
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    Unless youre using a build that shows their back to people a lot, putting your generator behind the cabin would be a better idea than putting it under the frame as its less likely to get popped by people shooting the front of the build. And by the time people can shoot the generator youre probably dead anyways A good tip to prevent gasgen from popping in fire puddles is to put it on a part with less hp than the generator itself. If you put the gasgen on a 33 hp part and make sure it isnt attached to anything else, then in a fire puddle the gasgen will simply fall off and not explode.
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    Thank you Woodyrojo for your reply. We are all anxious to see how this turns out. Melbot, Mural on a wall, memorial monument in adventure. They are all great suggests. Any of which would be welcome in my opinion. Something to remind us of her. Please keep us posted! Killahhjoe Thank you so much for this post. You made my day!!!
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    Griffon shouldve had a speed boosting perk it wouldve been much more enjoyable and balanced
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    Blueprint and Storage Expansions have always been a pretty terrible deal, why not make them a better value by helping eliminate your trade bottleneck? 20 trade slots isn't enough some times.
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    1. Most important. Match is too short for that. IF the game would last 15 minutes, and that happened after 10, then maybe. Only maybe. Such an overhaul of the map from the near start of the match is a bad idea. 2. They are limiting the parts and number of players possible within a match due to performance. Adding destructible objects or even worse a complete change of the map is wishful thinking. 3. The maps as they are now are balanced toward different play stiles. Melee, snipers, etc. With strategic positions for each. (Far from perfectly, but are). This would cause a lot of problems and would be too much of an unnecessary trouble and hustle for the devs.
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    People say high skill cap. , fragile, blah blah bah. Flutes over perform for their rarity, and ill explain why using a comparison the entire forum community will understand. By comparing them to HOVERS Flutes are intended to be glass canons. I get that. Big hit with tiny structure just looking at parameters , anyone can see its true. However, this is where its fundamentally flawed. The design. Nobody complains about regular hovers. Only sideways. This is where flutes and hovers, are the same, except 1 is designed this way on purpose. Hovers are only strong sideways because cab, and frame block shots that normally would rip hover off. Flute is the same, they can be buried on the frame behind the cab, and the guided laser passes through your own build and every friendly that might be in the way. This is not indended to be a cry thread, but there is no question flutes, over perform with extreme base damage, and total hideability, they are the only weapon in the game that can be hidden this well, they could have 5 hp, and perform the same Make is so laser cannot pass through parts, and weapon must be partially exposed, and it would perform as intended.
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    Crickets were always OP. But it wasn't so bad when every other weapons were powerful. The nerf hammers nerfed everything but most significantly nerfed cannons across the board. Cannons were OP but it was what kept crickets back because you can land shots easier with more accuracy. When will crickets get a real nerf? Its base damage is higher than relics. Its perk is better than every single relic's perk. I have no idea why crickets are like this. You know what the relic upgrade for fortunes are? it's called crickets.
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    Did someone summon khajiit? khajiit is here now.
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    Several years have passed since the invasion of the Ravagers. The nameless hero, along with allies, returned stolen memories to the people and pushed the enemy as far away as possible. Except they only wounded the beast. They didn't kill it. The beast left known territories to hide in the shadows. Licked wounds, dwelled on resentment and prepared for a new blow… And when the sun finally lit the shadow, there was no one there. The found territory adjoins Naukograd and the Ashen ring, and their grim outlines are seen in the distance. It can be said with certainty that the Ravagers were here once. The area is covered with traces of their presence. The landscape is cut by three bottomless shafts of unknown purpose. Whoever built them didn't care much about safety. Many survivors carelessly dropped down into these shafts. Knowledgeable people say the mines remind them of a giant cooling system that might be needed by an underground Ashen Ring laboratory. But how far this idea is from the truth, nobody can tell yet. There are some traces of Lloyd too, the most infamous (and insane) scientist of the Wasteland. Rumour has it that he tried to learn the mystery of the silent mechanical monsters. Did he manage to crack them and establish contact? Or did the Ravagers outplay the brightest mind of Dawn's Children and use him? The answers to all these questions are not easy to find because of constant fighting between the survivors, deciding the fate of the Foothold with guns. Some are convinced that all traces of the Ravagers must be eliminated, while others are dying to learn their unusual technologies. Until the battle subsides, the red eyes of the silent observers continue to gaze into the abyss. And the more time passes, the closer their experiment is to completion. Let's consider the map in more detail: The map features three service shafts with capture points located around them. Battles break out on two levels: outer high and inner low, the boundary between which passes through the shafts and points of interest. The mines themselves occupy considerable space, and falling down means certain death. One should be careful when driving along the edge: the risk of slipping down into the abyss is quite high. Bridges across the shafts are even more dangerous, but it is also the fastest way across the map. The outer level is a hilly location that oversees the central part of the map. The most important landmark is the abandoned tower, which gives shelter to those wishing to take the shortest route between the capture points. But be careful: you never know when the enemy will push you into the abyss.
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    Dude just play melee, what you just said its a nonsense, play melee and know what you`re talking about
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    Agreed. There are some players here that think that demanding free stuff is the utmost sign of respect that the devs deserve... newsflash: no it isn't and it makes you look like a prick. Relatable: after completing the weekly for hard raids in 3 days I barely feel the urge to even launch the game. That's how tiresome playing raids were but at least they are a little easier and a little less repetitive now with less agressive scaling and more factions... still, there is a lot more room for improvement. Let's not "doomsday theory" ourselves in this conversation even if we are having a "doomsday cars" event, shall we? Its not going to change anyone's mind, it might only rally people to get their pitchforks and will achieve nothing by the end of the day. It isn't, you people just need to recognise credit were credit is due. Maybe by acknowleading that you guys can be a less salty and demanding about some of the devs' choices and argue with them as equals. Maybe that's why we are having this difficult in finding a common ground: the only thing you get out of this deal is a headache deleting dozens of items. You just need to put yourself in others' shoes. Some people don't like to clog their inventories with stuff they don't use. I don't mind because I'm a hoarder so... Again, the biggest attractive of those free items is the fact that they don't occupy storage space. I got an borer and until that I never thought about using it in a car. Now I use it in a car and it doesn't consume space in my inventory. Crate items let players experience items they never thought of buying in order to save that coin for more audacious/expensive builds. Any sellable crates is sold for the coin, so some of us only opens the crates we are stuck with and, to our surprise, some items turns out to be pretty good. And, even if the odds are against us, I've fused 2 Taymyrs and one Little Boy just from stuff I get from boxes (all factions give blue boxes), so you can call me lucky or jynxed depending on your view...
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    I have a question: Did you really need to make two threads about the same thing in a week? Bonus question: Are you Tode's alt?
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    Boosters getting less affected by mass would also be nice
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    Khajiit HATES this dummy dum dum idea. khajiit thinks this would break the existing system the game is made around. why don't u go back to ur subscription based software/services since u leik spending monies monthly and losing much monies monthly. khajiit is VERY angry with u for suggesting horrible idea. GRRRRRRR