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    @BjKalderon Ok, so I know you guys feel it's hard to interact with the english-speaking forums because you feel it's only backlash (tbh when people get igored they tend to whine but hey), but I feel some better communication here would do wonders. I'll start by saying that EVERYBODY is bored with your game. The feeling is palpable everywhere you go, steam charts and reviews aren't exactly good, and even dedicated youtubers seem frustrated with the state of your game. Console subforums used to be super active 24/7 but apparently 6 monthes of grenadier spam chased most of them. You gotta realize than since the last event, almost no change happened to your game. Now I know you did stuff but hear me out: - The 3 new maps? That's cool. But what about the CW rotation? Nothing change there and we still have to deal with Old Town and Bridge on a regular basis :'D - Harvester, Reaper, fixed cannons and scorps got tweaked a bit. Besides scorp wich came back into the meta, none of these changes had any effect on end game balance at high level. Sure, Typhoon and dogs hurt a bit less... Changed nothing considering they're still too powerful for most other weapons to even have room in CW. - Tons of packs. Believe it or not, even the people who buy every one of your packs are being worn out by this and it's hard to care about 60s packs for a game that gives all the sign of being abandonned by its devs and destined to close soon. - Nothing has been done about grenadiers wich are breaking the console gameplay and making people leave your game, Nothing has been done about the awful state of raids (most of my friends who left the game invoked the boring and repetitive, unrewarding raids as one of the main reasons, the other being the huge amount of bots in PvP because the game is dying). Nothing has been done about radar armor. Nothing has been done about Goliaths seal-clubbing, or the uselessness of tracks in high level. The weapon PS rework was a good thing in general, but it managed to feel half-assed because it screwed modules' PS. How do you expect a healthy market when nothing ever changes in your game? People just stockpile and they try things once and if they don't like it they never come back to it, it's that simple. So, it's pretty easy to undertand that everyone was excited for this delayed KR. Especially considering it's the only event in your game that always managed to invert the population decline a bit, unlike your other (recycled) events. The general consensus was that you were finishing stuff to deliver a good event, and most people thought Joule would be a part of this KR for example. So here we are, Two (!) premium packs later, with only two new items. No balance chage, no radar armor nerf, nothing relevant whatsoever. Sneaked in the game without any official annoucement beforehand. Coated in promises of an upcoming better update - but you haven't exactly been cultivating trust with that sneaky update, or the whole mess surrounding Chase. I'm sure you can understand the disappointment of everybody. Even people who buy all your packs are complaining that they are not dumping 200$ between KRs to support you to see that kind of stuff. It's clear for me that Crossout is currently understaffed for monetary reasons, and that it suits Targem pretty well as long as money keeps coming in. The problem with this strategy, if that is your current one, is that when it becomes obvious to someone, there's no reason to invest into the game anymore. The last monthes and the lack of communication with the devs here in the english-speaking community have created this feeling amongst people that you stopped caring about the future of your own game. We as players might whine but we care about this game and I'd gladly start dumping money into the game as soon as it will stop looking like this: So please, tell us you're not letting this game die, and more importantly, SHOW it. Because trust isn't going to be magically restaured by a few words, and new and old players aren't going to stick around for much longer without some quick and big changes. I doubt you have much time left before the population reaches a critical point where the game can't be salvaged. Balance changes that will ACTUALLY affect the meta and generate market activity, a raid complete rework, radar armor gutted for good, crushing damage, a more intuitive and logical building system (there are some excellent suggestions currently in the dedicated subforum, like the welding strength one, or a suggestion to average the speed limits of different movement aprts to allow half-tracks and other fancy builds), full workbenches for Firestarters, DC and Steppenwolves... They're all badly needed tbh. I hope I didn't come out as aggressive or something like that. I'd really like to be able to recommend this game to friends, play it for a couple more years, and dump some money in it. But it'd be stupid when t looks like it's dying, and that devs either don't realize it, don't have the means to change anything about it, or don't care. The comment above is symptomatic, and honestly it's hard not to think that you're trying to let this game die looking back at the last monthes. I still have hope because of the maps and hitboxes reworks, I doubt you'd do that for a game you want to let die... Edit: If you don't listen to me, here's the public opinion of people who love your game and advertise it for you:
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    Survivors! An update to everything I've written above: After a small discussion within the team we've decided, that these parts (cabins, Pulsar and Arbiter) will be added to factions workbenches. This will happen not during the event, but a bit later. Probably - at the beginning of 2020.
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    Greetings to all survivors! Today we would like to share some information about what is currently being worked on and what to expect in the foreseeable future. Of course, we can't list all the planned changes and features within a single blog entry. Therefore, we chose what you most often asked us about and what was most often suggested by players around the world. New map “Naukograd” And we will start with what many already know. In the next update, we plan to add a new PvP map to the game, which will be the first in the map cycle with a new setting, unusual for many Crossout players. The players' suggestions for adding aggressive surroundings to new maps different from the acid lake at the “Factory”, seemed promising to us. And we are almost ready to present the first map of this kind. The map is a city abandoned after a flood. The main objects on it are partially destroyed panel houses, forming local arenas for battles. The memorable element is the geysers in the middle of the map. It is thanks to them that the geothermal station, also located in the middle, works. Geysers can fundamentally change the course of the battle. They block the view for the enemy, they can destroy drones and missiles flying through them during the discharge of water. And, of course, small and medium-sized armoured vehicles can be thrown and turned over. Crafting parts If we talk about crafting, one of the most popular suggestions comes to mind — crafting several parts of common rarity at a time. And we are happy to announce that in one of the next updates, such an opportunity will appear. You can choose the required number of identical parts of common rarity, start crafting them and immediately get them all at once. In addition, to make it more convenient, the animation of receiving any manufactured items from workbenches will be shown only if you crafted this item for the first time. Subsequent crafting of the same part will not play the animation. Clan battles We will also touch on the topic of clan battles. We agree with the majority of players in this mode that “jumping” from more prestigious leagues to less prestigious for easy earning of uranium ore is not how the competitive mode should work. Now we are considering several possible solutions at once. As soon as the changes in the current mechanics are ready, we will include them in the next update. “Snowstorm” in Crossout New Year is close, which means the villain Gronch again seeks to spoil everyone's holiday. But the survivors are ready for anything, so even the new conditions of the battle will not become a serious problem for them! Changes will also happen to the familiar workbench “Lost and found explosives”. To the already familiar assortment, we will add new unique rewards that will be regularly updated. Every day throughout the “Snowstorm” event, a new limited offer will be active for the “Lost and found explosives”. You can craft decor, paint or other unique items. The offer will be updated every day, so we advise you to regularly check the “Lost and found explosives” bench so as not to miss anything! Want to get some new paint? A police light or other unique decor? A CK for wheels? Then the upcoming event is definitely for you! Beginning of 2020 As you know, at the beginning of 2020 we plan to release a major update. Today we would like to make an early announcement and inform you that we are working on a new game faction. Details are yet to be disclosed. In the meantime, we can say that player progress within this fraction will occur differently than in existing ones. And, of course, you will see new structural parts, weapons and equipment. In addition to the above, we still have many plans both for new content and for the improvement/rework of existing mechanics. We will share information with you as it becomes available. And finally: can you guess the style of the new faction from the silhouettes of some new parts? We won't be able to confirm your guesses very soon, but it would be interesting to read your assumptions Please note that all the features described in this blog are preliminary and may still be changed before the final release on the game servers.
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    Very few updates this year, and all of them tiny or reused events. I let this slide in the hope that the knights event was taking up large amounts of time. And we get what? The same event as last year, with 2 new guns (both Re-skins of guns already in game) At this point it's obvious you guys have given up developing this game. We dont want xmas events. We dont want stickers or packs. Just fix the MASSIVE game imbalance. Then, I think it's best that you sell the game to a more competent developer. Sincierly: ENTIRE CW COMMUNITY...
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    cannot wait for 2020. the anticipation is killing me. i am left here wondering what new sticker i can adopt onto my vehicle. something tells me it will be the v sign to all of us
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    I love how some hover tryhard came here and downvoted every singlepost without reading lol. Shows that we're onto something.
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    If they really do think like that they are stupid because the forum players are about the only ones that care enough to "live it" outside of the desktop launcher. I made a forum account not because I have time to spare but because I loved Crossout so much that I wanted to engage it fulltime... ignoring the "1% forum players" is like ignoring the 1% of the playerbase that have been with them through thick and thin IMHO.
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    Over 40 single or soon to be divorced alcoholics.
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    — Hello there, survivors! “Voice of the Wasteland” is here once again — the only radio in the Valley that your old receivers can tune into! And this is “Morning News”— the show with the latest gossip and rumours found by Brother Porcupine. In today's edition: notes from Survivors that you sent us; contest for the best name for a new faction; the exclusives — a fragment of “Naukograd”; Valla's predictions for next week. No time to waste, let's go! *** Today our guest is a survivor who knows a lot about relaxation. Who needs to watch a burning fire or pouring water? Wasteland water — what is it? Survivor, tell me how you relax. “Observation is the most interesting of boring activities. Sometimes it may truly entertain. You stop under a hill and look at a truck with fireworks and crackers riding, and Gronch's gang rolling right behind it... Or you might see how the witch drives the knechte away. So I want to tell you: watch more often! Not only for trucks with loot, but also for nature. And for the ducks that are on your shelves... ” Z-z-z... huh? Already done? Thanks for the story, survivor. Moving on! *** According to rumours, a new faction will appear in the Wasteland at the beginning of the next year. I don’t know what kind of guys these are, but the more people, the merrier! While there is no news from newcomers, let's come up with a name for this gang. Nomads? Desert people? Invisible spiked harvesters? Ugh, I hope not. In short, Survivors, for the most original (or ridiculous) name, we will give away any blue part from the new faction when it arrives. Post your ideas in the comments on this post! We will announce the winners in the next issue of the Morning News. *** The exclusive of this issue is the atom of “Naukograd”. And how did this thing survive... *** While we are gathering dust in the sand, Survivors, the fortuneteller Valla sends greetings from her vacation. She usually sends some geyser pictures, but this time at least she sends her predictions too! Spirits of the Wasteland says mass testing of the new map is planned next week. Survivors will be able to participate in it. Details will also be announced next week. Today it’s all the news that we managed to find out. Survivors! We are recruiting our own correspondents. Write in the community’s private messages with the heading “Morning News”. Regular correspondents will receive small gifts from us.
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    Just linking the old post also before new evidence. So tonight, before we had to lock ourselves to EU (as an Americas team) we were running two groups. I only have hearsay evidence from the other group, but they said they faced a top 10 team 4-5 times. We also faced the same top ten team SIX times. Six guaranteed losses. We also faced a top 30 team twice (no SS) and a top 40 team once. Here are the screenshots. So, that means we, as a clan, faced farm roughly 11 times tonight. Again, if it is a single team exploiting the system, fix it. If it is the system itself, FIX IT!!! At this point, you can't deny something is wrong. There is no way a team that is at the cusp of top 120 on average should be facing not only a top 10 team 6 times a night, but also facing other teams well out of our range. We finally had to lock ourselves to the EU servers as I said, meaning we still had to face teams better than us and suffer horrible ping/loss, but we didn't face Farm or the other two teams again tonight. So, as I said, you have work to do. Unless this game has just become a cash grab for you at this point.
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    Kinda ironic the last clash of engineers building comp was to create a Ghost Ship
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    Are you serious devs???? No new legendary weapons? No relic? No new faction??
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    Can yall please fix my account back to the way it was orignally was when i first started playing. I'm being real nice about how yall mess my account up by programming the AI's to really come hard at me. Also i'm tired of how everybody elses drones and guns work in there favor but not mine. My stuff be working like i got the bad batch of that product. I'm sick and tired of the game putting me with not so heavy hitters, but the heavy hitters be on the red team. I have videos to prove what i am talking about. This mess has been going on to long. Can yall please fix my account because this is dead wrong of what yall did to me. Yall know what yall did. I don't know if its a particular group or a person that works for Gaijin or Targem games but can yall please fix my account. If its money that yall want this is not the way to get it from me.
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    Just why? Cannons can't be used against these, machine guns get taken off fighting multiple, melees lose a lot of health destroying one at a time, camo only works for fast builds b/c you'd get rammed by the mother ship, shotguns have less range than them, autocannons can't keep up with them, flame does 4 a tick to them, and they have 150 hp standard. What does this do for balance? A bunch of people looking for easy wins with no skill involved. Once a team gets murdered by just 2 of them, the dominos start to fall and soon everyone will just be driving in circles dropping them. So Why? I assume to sell packs, I get it, it's a free game but many of the hardcore players enjoy the game for the variety of builds. Now it's just drone tubes. Thank you Gaijin, for ruining the game for a few thousand dollars. Really appreciated.
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    You use a dog in Clan Wars. Quit whining that you can't get the W by pressing W. Any safe spots hovers or spiders can take are hugely vulnerable to anything that isn't a dog.
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    Of course they are overpowered thx to so many advantages. It was presented many times. Nobody responsible wants to hear it.
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    Just to make it clear: cabs, Pulsar and Arbiter will be craftable on the Knechte workbench during the event AND will appear on factions workbenches later.
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    Proof... Just log in and read the news on loading screen. September savings.... Sept 17th - Oct 1st.... This is pure laziness. Someone should be fired over this. No excuse for this kind of laziness. I'm sure this is in no way convincing players to spend cash on your game.
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    Soooooo much stuff! They sure know how to spoil a fella. I'm worried that the devs might actually be developing too much content, 6 items per year is an astounding amount of content.
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    all they did was adding a new blue gun and reskinning tackler to make a epic shotgun its disgusting
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    Yeah we can all wait and see what you have in store for us. We just waited 9 monthes for that KR already, some people are still waiting for Chase, complex raids, a codriver rework, radar armor nerf, a drone nerf on consoles, interesting and fun raids, etc... Lots stopped waiting and left tho. Can't say the expectations are very high when we get one microscopic update + a premium pack every two monthes. If you're working on more packs... then lol.
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    UPDATE: In the end they finally give me the 14 days I payed for. It just took way more than I thought it would. If you ever have any issue with Crosscoins dont take "No" for an answer, seams like the first reply they always give is "No". Thanks to the Dev team here in the forum for getting support to make this happen. So got a pack with crosscoins that said it had 14 days of premium with it. Did not get the the 14 days. Dev team said to turn in a ticket and someone would take care of it. I turned in the ticket and they answered back saying that they need a screenshot of the invoice that I bought the pack. IT AN IN GAME PURCHASE!! There is no invoice!! buyer beware of crosscoins, they control the store and can do whatever they want with your money. You can’t even complain to Xbox because you didn’t buy it from them! Crosscoins are bull!!
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    I love this game and I don't want to dog pile on what you guys have done, but there is a point where too little is underwhelming. You can say there is a lot planned or a lot coming within the next year, but that inspires very little.
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    and I think you're all wrong, if they do that, is that there will be a heavy update be patient and trust the devs
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    ....at 8K PS, and what is this steaming pile of: get Steamrolled, Goliath, Drone, Goblin, Fafnir garbage the Devs have created? I feel sorry for new players; this game used to be fun, creative and involved some skill. Shame on you, to turn a once brilliant idea into a no-brain, zero skill pile of trash. If there are any CBT Devs still here, they must cry at what their vision has turned in to
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    If Martin and his gang don't show up with new legendaries they can just turn around and go back to where they came from.
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    Every hover thread needs it hover downvote fairy.
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    Im sorry for bringing it here, but hovers have to be taken into this equation. Main problem with (not only) cannons is when they are mounted on hovers.
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    may we maybe have an mini dev blog for the future, just to give us a glimpse and to calm the situation? Such a great concept this game is, pls don't ruin it by bad decisions. Talk to us
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    The Witch Hunt begins in the Wasteland! Trick or treat? The choice is yours, survivors. Game event “Witch Hunt” Every year, Ivy XO transforms into the Witch from the Valley to arrange a feast for everyone (and at the same time clear the area of tricky treats). And this time she decided to slightly change the subject of the event. Trusted people say that this decision was influenced by her personal meeting with the mysterious Catrina — the ghost that lives in the Wasteland. Who knows if this really happened, but the result is obvious — a lot of colourful ornaments appeared during the festivities. Winter is coming — it's time to light the fire of the Witch Hunt, survivors! Tricky treats can only be obtained in the brawl “Witch Hunt” or in the special PvP-mission “Trick or treat!”. Brawl “Witch Hunt” and the mission “Trick or treat!” available from level 4 of the Engineers faction. “Tricky treats” along with other resources can be exchanged for unique decor, paint and stickers in a special “Witch Cauldron” workbench. Active “Premium subscription” increases the number of treats received as a result of the battle. At the end of the in-game event, all unused treats will be withdrawn without replacements. The event will last from October 24 to November 6, 20:59 GMT. Features of the updated brawl “Witch Hunt”: Victory in the brawl goes to the person who can keep festive balloons on his armoured vehicle longer than others and earn 100 points. The brawl offers pre-assembled blueprints with boosters. There are festive skulls on the map, and by breaking them the player can get additional advantages in the brawl. Among them: temporary invulnerability, temporary invisibility, the ability to release a “Kapkan” mine or a shell from a homing “Scorpion”. Be careful and be ready for anything — festive skulls can also attach a bomb to your armoured car or slow it down. Hurry to touch the enemy’s armoured car and pass the bomb to it, otherwise, you're gonna go boom! To take the holiday balloons from the enemy, you only need to crash into his car. And remember: a high-speed chase is not the only way out. Show your cunning and ingenuity! The brawl will be active during the whole time of the event and will not replace the rest of the brawls. For 1, 3, 5, and 10 successful battles (1–4 places) in the Witch Hunt, the player receives the Witch's Sticker Container. Attention! Each challenge can be completed only once! The progress of successful battles is reset after each mission. What can you expect in the “Witch's Cauldron” this year? Decor “Mexican guitar” Rarity: rare. Increases combat reputation gain by 2%. Resources required for production: 400 units of scrap metal; 150 units of copper; 100 units of “Tricky treats”. Decor “Feathered serpent” Rarity: epic. Increases combat reputation gain by 3%. Resources required for production: 100 units of scrap metal; 750 units of electronics; 750 units of copper; 300 units of “Tricky treats”; 750 units of batteries. Decor “Taco” Rarity: legendary. Increases combat reputation gain by 4%. Resources required for production: 250 units of scrap metal; 500 units of wires; 450 units of copper; 200 units of “Tricky treats”; 250 units of plastic. Epic paint “Leaf fall” Resources required for production: 250 units of scrap metal; 500 units of wires; 450 units of copper; 200 units of “Tricky treats”; 250 units of plastic. Crate “Witch's Sticker Container” Contains a random rare sticker from the “Witch Hunt”: The proud, the fierce, the squeaky; Duty. Honour. Trombone; From the skies to a candle; Calavera; The shaker's not gonna fix itself; Find, break, dance; Eagle & snake; Festive cactus; With guitars in our hearts; Warlord; Daughter; The Collector; Major; Scientist; Keeper; Shaman. Resources required for production: 200 units of scrap metal; 100 units of copper; 100 units of “Tricky treats”. In addition, the whole range of decor and all the paints and stickers from the previous iterations of The Witch Hunt are presented on the workbench. New “Day of the Dead” pack The pack includes: Unique armoured car “Stalker” Rare autocannon “AC43 Rapier” (2 pcs.); Rare cabin “Jockey”; Special wheels “Stallion” and “Stallion (ST)” ; Unique character portrait “Catrina”; Unique decor of epic rarity “Diego”; A set of unique stickers; Paint cans with unique relic paint “Violet gloss” and “Matte ultraviolet”; Increased the limit of used parts to 55; 1500 in-game coins. Attention! The pack will be available from October 24 to November 6, 20:59 GMT. Daily challenges A new daily challenge for crafting any part has been added to the rotation. Now the player will randomly receive one of two daily challenges: to craft a part or to buy/sell something on the market. “Complete 5 daily challenges” — the number of challenges is reduced to 4. Changes will take effect the day after the update. Missions Improved behaviour of raiders during the capture of enemy bases. Increased time required to capture each of the base sectors in “Encounter” missions. Required time depends on general battle time and number of players that capture the base. Invasion Now you can only send Leviathans with 7000 or more PS to the Invasion. Brawls Race An updated race track on the Wrath of Khan map has been added to the rotation mode. Changed visual models of the following parts: Minigun “MG13 Equalizer”; Minigun “Reaper”; Shotgun “Sledgehammer”; Grenade Launcher “Retcher”; Cannon “ZS-46 Mammoth”. Changed physical models of the following parts: Cannon “Avenger 57mm”; Cannon “Little Boy 6LB”; Cannon “ZS-34 Fat Man”; Cannon “Executioner 88 mm”; Cannon “ZS-46 Mammoth”; Cannon “BC-17 Tsunami”; Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon”; Grenade launcher “AGS-55 Impulse”; Grenade Launcher “Retcher”; Plasma gun “Pulsar”; Flamethrower “Firebug”; “Mandrake” Howitzer; Pulse Accelerator “Scorpion”; Developer comment: We are continuing to upgrade physical models of guns. Now the physical models of the listed guns have become smaller, they correctly follow the rotation of the trunks and are more consistent with their visual models. Please note that changes in physical models may make it necessary to rebuild some of the armoured vehicles. Parts production Recipes of all “rare” parts have been changed: Reduced the number of required parts of the “common” rarity. The amount of scrap required is increased. Please note that the change only affects the crafting of parts on factional workbenches. Cabins Jockey Added new attachment points. Weapons Machine gun “P-29 Protector” and cannon “Elephant” Changed the mechanics of perks. Now when they are active, the guns are protected from all types of damage, including energy. Pulse Accelerator “Scorpion” Now Scorpion shells take into account the features of the penetrated parts. Drones and Turrets Now stepping into invisibility resets the target for drones and turrets. After invisibility is activated, they no longer see the enemy for an additional second. Medals, trials, and patches Reduced requirements for several patches, as well as the number and list of patches, required for completing some trials. The mechanics of obtaining the “Unyielding” patch have been changed. Now it is awarded even if the best player of the winning team left the battle before its completion. Now, when you hover over some of the patches, you can see which parts to use to get them. New patches added: Machine Gun Mastery 5; Shotgun Mastery 5; Cannon Mastery 5; Crossbow Mastery 3; Special Weapon Mastery 3; Added new trials and banner backgrounds for completing them: Machine guns: Legend; Shotguns: Legend; Cannons: Legend; Crossbows: Expert; Special Weapons: Veteran; Special Weapons: Expert. Fixed a bug with legendary flame weapons challenge being absent. Added new medals and rewards for receiving them in the form of themed portraits: Knechte treasurer; Halloween zillionaire. Now, pressing the “Battle” button in the garage will automatically launch the mission “Get the Scrap!” or the last mode in which you participated. To open the world map and select another mode, you must press the button “Choose mode” (under the button "Battle"). Developer comment: Please note that we are currently conducting selective testing of the updated interface, so some players may retain the old functionality of the “Battle” button. This is not a bug. Now, at the end of the brawl with several prize places, all winners will get the correct message about the victory and the place taken. Now in raids you may check, which of the daily and weekly tasks can be completed in this battlet, using the “Map” button. Added the option to disable the colour outline of armoured vehicles in “Custom battle” in observer mode. You can disable the outline in the menu: Settings — Interface — Gameplay — Colour outline of the armoured car. The “Reset observation target” option has been added to the “Controls” section. The option is valid only for observers in “Custom battle”. By default, it's not bound to any key. Using the option allows you to stop monitoring a specific player and return to a free camera. In the detailed characteristics of parts with resistance to different types of damage, the item “Features” is added. Currently, it contains information on how many percent this or that damage is reduced by when it hits this part. The button “Find a clan” has been added to the "Clans" tab for those players who are not already members of a clan. The quick message “Watch out!” replaced by the more popular “Sorry!”. Improved landscape on the maps: “Bridge”; “Sector EX”; “Old town”; “Factory”; “Lost Coast”; “Terminal-45”; “Powerplant”; “Rock City”; “Founders Canyon”. Updated the location of environmental objects on the maps “Bridge”, “Rock City” and “Powerplant”. Improved the appearance of environmental objects on the maps: “Blood Rocks”; “Old town”; “Nameless tower”; “Lost Coast”; “Sector EX”; “Bridge”; “Chemical plant”; “Ship graveyard”. The maximum number of blueprints that a player can save in his storage and in the “Owned” exhibition tab has been increased to 30. Water now slows down the movement of armoured vehicles more. Improved smoke effects from signal fires. Improved hit and explosion effects for shells of cannons and autocannons. Fixed a bug that allowed editing the blueprint directly from the exhibition and loading it into a slot in the garage without downloading. Fixed a bug where some of the ringleaders of the Lunatics and Scavengers did not move, attack the players and towers, or hit them. Fixed a bug where the Leviathan in the Steel Cradle raid might not respond to the visible player and not move in his direction if he was far away. Fixed a bug where frames could be mounted on both sides of the Goliath tracks. Now you can only attach tracks to frames, and not vice versa. Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the damage dealt in the characteristics of flamethrowers. Fixed a bug where the installation of parts on top of the “Remedy” flamethrower led to the blocking of rotation of its barrel. Fixed a bug where the raiders did not continue to attack the enemies after firing all Corvo cartridges and reloading them. Now, changes in the progress of daily and weekly challenges are correctly displayed on the battle results screen. A number of errors on the Chemical Plant map have been fixed. Fixed a bug with an incorrect player spawn point in raids on the Old Town map. Fixed a bug where the exhibition could display an incorrect message about the lack of parts for assemblies without a cabin. Improved a number of texts and descriptions. Fixed a bug where parts situated close to the ground could clip the landscape. Hotfix 24.10 Fixed bug with speedometer's flickering and its overlapping on mini map. Fixed a number of texts and descriptions. Fixed an error where notifications on the login screen could not be displayed correctly at certain screen resolutions. Hotfix 25.10 Fixed a bug with resetting/vanishing patches. Fixed a bug with incorrect rotation of the physical model of the “ZS-46 Mammoth” cannon. Fixed a bug with a disabled quickbattle option. Fixed a bug with inactive buttons of the trade window after changing the screen resolution. Fixed bugs that made it possible to climb up inaccessible hills in “Witch Hunt”. Improved client stability. Hotfix 28.10 Fixed a bug when the quick start function did not work. Hotfix 30.10 Fixed a bug related to incorrect shotgun fire. Fixed a bug connected with the interface blocking by in-game prompts. Improved client stability. Hotfix, 08.11.2019 Improved client stability. Hotfix, 15.11.2019 Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
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    There are a few not so hard ways to “fix” the game for the majority of players. Most important of all - do something about the raids. First and foremost, make them less time consuming. At the moment they feel like some tedious chore. I used to enjoy chase and escort - now the first is removed, and the latter is as slow and as boring as the other raids. Second - bots HP and damage is not scaling up properly with higher power scores. Playing hard and sometimes even normal raids with 9-10 k build is almost impossible. In any powerscore, the only useful weapons are machine guns. So the only viable way to play raid is 5-6 k build with Vector mg’s. (It is also required to have one or two free hours a day, in which you don’t want to have fun). At the same time mg’s are almost useless in high PS PvP matches. (and the bots in PvP are absurdly stupid) More of the epic cabins must be craftable - at the moment there is very discouraging paywall when a player gets to the “epic” tier. More and better maps are needed - I have stopped playing in the autumn of 2017 and started again this summer. For almost two years, there are like three new maps, and not a very good ones. What happened with the new brawls? The only one I enjoy at the moment is racing. But almost every time there is some troll with “wall” build, blocking the check points. Reporting them don’t seems to do anything, they just show up in the next match. Also, I would like to have an option to play race maps by myself - for training and testing builds. And for clan wars - may be create a separate leagues? “Lite” for 5k to 7k builds, “medium” for 7k to 10k and “heavy” over 10k? This could attract more of the player base to the competitive play.
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    Since last kr event you have released the same number of pack only weapons and gave them original perks. Now all the hype for 2 new parts. And no originality. All the concepts that this community throws at you and you show just how little you care about any of it.
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    Just for the sake of comparison, another free to play game that also relies on grind or buying stuff from the ingame market had an update a few days back, in which they added: -One new character -A rework of 2 characters - A rework of one of the game's main combat system -Some skins -A new companion -A FULL new system relying on specific bosses -4 entirely new weapons, plus some variants of already existing ones with altered stats Again, this in ONE update, in terms of work done into the game, that has more work in a single update than Crossout has made in the last entire year... I guess that's what happens when you focus on players instead of money... Players having fun = more money granted, easy as that... It really seems that Crossout devs are voluntarily boicotting their own game for whatever reason
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    For real another shotgun? it's starting to be absurd, what's gonna be the next epic weapons flyings shotguns? someone has an unresolved issue with childhood and shotguns O_o?
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    Let's punish ground vehicles some more... Why stop there, why not a 100% acid lake map crisscrossed with narrow causeways and islands. Parkour!
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    No. They nerfed it without giving vets a reason to use it. Reputation mean absolutely nothing to people who have prestiged or capped factions. At least as armor it was worthwhile for a few pieces. But instead they nerf it so its only use is for new players. Thus the events that are decor based are no pointless to participate in if your a vet. Playing a game for 2 years requires endgame content. They took away cks they destroyed decor and now the KR event brings no new legendaries. So where is the reason for vets to continue?
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    It's sad to see you guys put more effort into a single pack than this "event". I was hoping there was something interesting this time that would bring me back but it's just a combination of the revolver/impulse and the tackler/sledgehammer with a recycled perk. I'm convinced at this point that you save any interesting stuff for packs and that is saddening. Looks like I will continue to avoid this game as much as possible. Have fun with your "big updates" that are laughable at best and the once a month packs.
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    Its a xxxx joke. We can get 8 overpowered totally powercreeped pack exclusive xxxx items in less than 6 months but we can't get two xxxx legendary weapons in 9 months, nor can we get 3 craftable epic cabins which aren't total ****.
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    This update was a Trojan horse. The Knights were in it!
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    Ah so you understand what the problem with hover acceleration is then? Good. You are agreeing with me on the fact full melee squad is not an auto-win against hovers and now you agree with me linear acceleration poses a real challenge when it comes to balancing movement parts! We really are on the verge of breakthrough here!!!
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    ^^It was actually one of the GMs who mentioned in XO official Discord that this explosion mechanic is there simply to prevent players from clipping through objects. The collision in this game is calculated at a such a low framerate that once your car goes past 240km/h (or whatever the number is) the likelyhood of you clipping through objects become logarhitmically higher. So the devs put in the destruction in: "If a car going over this 240km/h collides with terrain, just blow it up so it won't get stuck in scenery".
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    Here's how it is. I am fed up. I am fed up with the fact despite seven nerfs and two reworks over the course of two years this one movement part still dominates the majority of the gameplay. Luckily for y'all I'm a very consistent guy. So as long as the above is true, I'm gonna call it out. I'm not gonna suddenly change my mind especially when I do not see a reduction of the effectiveness of hovers. I will say "hovers are not OP" when I see it with my own eyes. One can dream.
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    They are OP. On top of all mentioned things most also forget they can insta backward accelerate using typhoon impulse, no other builds can do this, and this is very OP on maps when any other movement part needs to get up, like bridges on rock city, u lose all your acceleration there using wheels, but they just sit there and shoot and get also acceleration to run from u even faster, and they are 20 ton builds... get on every container they can and without any range weapon u can't do anything, dev only blocked the the most obvious rocks, doing nothing with containers and smaller shelfs and left many decorative hardware on maps that they can get above u and thats is terrible map balance, its like devs make the maps on purpose to give advantage to hovers, they can jump over any obstacle, any non hover build can't, maps designed the way cap point are open, so u cant even force the enemy to move and stop camping in their advantage points, mentioned rock city is an example of terrible map design, open cap point, two bridges to go up, containers, some truck parts coward hover teams use, control17 has pathetic containers, they can get 5 meters above etc. The funny thing is, the most try hard hover players will deny any of this or they will never admit it, they present themselves as skilled players, but get on any container as soon as they can, sit on some narrow shelfs, fly on purpose thru any obstacle knowing other builds cant do this, sit on some wreck cars close to walls like on old town... where is their skill if they do this and cant win in a fair fight? Its no skill involved here, thats the truth, its mostly map exploits and devs doing nothing about it, thats another truth. Hovers are op movement parts and should be nerfed more.
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    This is absolutely, totally untrue. Hauling around 3k HPs of radar armor doesn't protect only against Tsu and Typhoon. In fact, there is very little overkill damage when a Tsu or Typhoon shoots down a radar, meaning they dish out most of their damage potential, unlike with old decor spaced armor. It's argually much more efficient against Pulsars and their 160 base damage for example. It's true however that you're not going to trade with a dual Typhoon without radar armor, but that's just fixed cannons being OP af as they've always been, not radar armor being super efficient agaist them. If it was, maybe we'd see some other ranged weapons than fixed cannons and Helios (wich damages the cabin straight through radar armor) Radar armor is the best armor in the game, not just some anti-cannon spaced armor.
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    hahahhaha .. you guys crack me up. why do you need logs to something as obvious as only mandrakes in matches? You keep saying that developers play the game, if that's true, how come developers do not see this happen? no wonder you guys are losing players .... you can't even bother fixing something as simple as adding a bot variety .. which btw has been asked ever since closed beta. I was one of the first ones to recommend MORE BOT DESIGNS and i even offered to design some bots myself, that are not too weak and not too powerful, but even when someone offers to do the job for you, it's still too much work for you...
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    Hahaha, geysers wich will flip you... unless you're using a OP hover. I have a feeling t'll end up in the race rotation too because why not give hovers some more advantages? :'D
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    so, to sum it up, you are matched against a much stronger clan on a regular basis, because both of your clans are playing on US only server. you get bumhurt cause you keep getting rekd. AND instead of trying to play on EU servers you decide to sabotage the few CW games that you get matched after 5-10 min wait. if thats not xxxx, i dont know what is....