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  1. im just curious on whether or not yall are seeing the complaints about this new patch. if not ill sum it up they dont like it. most cars that people have made are either not playable via more than one engine, or they are so heavy they move at a snails pace. they are even saying that reaper machine gun is not even worth using anymore. more over is that fact the cannons get a buff when they were already powerful. in my feedback and many other people we ask for a rollback on this update and we pray that yall listen to the players of this game. ( it has great potential when done right)

    1. Andrea_StClair


      on another note there are alot of RIP tags on these posts and talk about not playing the game anymore or already have stopped.

  2. Survivors! Development and improvement of various aspects of the game do not stop with the start of OBT and remain one of our primary tasks. Today we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the details of the next update, which introduces some changes to the habitual distribution of faction forces, as well as to interface elements. Fixed an error that caused some players no to receive the contents of their pack, purchased in Xbox One Store. Now all the purchased goods will return to their customers Game modes Raids To boost interest and add an additional challenge, weapon damage in raids now depends on its difficulty: Defence The total number of scavenger opponents was reduced for high-difficulty raids. Cargo race The total number of scavenger opponents was reduced for high-difficulty raids. The total number of engineer opponents is increased. Heist The probability of encountering standard opponents — Lunatics was increased for high-difficulty raids. Added mines to a number of maps. Convoy Added mines to a number of maps. Race Now vehicles that stay at the checkpoint for more than 4 seconds, explode. Changed conditions for getting rewards in Race: The player must pass at least 4 checkpoints. The player must reach the finish line or must remain in the game until it finishes. Players who do not meet the minimum conditions do not receive a reward. In this case the special reward counter does not grow. Factions Engineers The amount of experience required to obtain certain levels has been changed: 2nd level: Now requires 10'000 experience. 3rd level: Now requires 19'000 experience. 4th level: Now requires 21'500 experience. For those players who have already scored the above levels, there is no shift in experience. Blue Workshop The gun ‘Judge 76 mm’ was replaced with ‘Little Boy’ gun. Machine gun ‘ST-M23 Defender’ is replaced with an automatic cannon ‘AC43 Rapier’. Nomads Blue Workshop Automatic cannon ‘AC43 Rapier’ was replaced with ‘ST-M23 Defender’. Scavengers Blue Workshop The cannon ‘Little Boy’ was replaced with ‘Judge 76 mm’. Seasons Added information on the required raid difficulty to descriptions of seasonal tasks. Market We decided to reduce the number of resource pack sizes. The following sizes can now be put up on the market: Scrap metal: 100 and 1000. Wires: 10 and 100. Electronics: 10 and 100. Fuel: 100 and 1000. Copper: 10 and 100. Coupons: 10 and 100. Uranium ore: 10 and 100. Parts Structural elements Some grilles may now be shot through, i.e. hold only a portion of projectile damage. The remaining damage passes through to parts behind the grille. Drones In order to eliminate abuse of the drones on the battlefield, now one module can run a limited number of drones. Turrets For the same reason one module can place a limited number of turrets. Wheels The structure of wheels has been increased to make it harder to shoot them off and immobilize an enemy. The less wheels are attached to a cat, the faster it accelerates. After attaching a wheel, the power of the cabin slightly decreases, and the acceleration time slightly decreases. Changed wheel tonnage: steering wheels add less carrying capacity than their counterparts. Train plow We listened to player requests and added welding points to the lower surface of plow. Bumpers Bumpers have been tweaked. Now their characteristics closely match their name, purpose, faction. Dyes Dye trading is now subject to general rules: If a dye is in use, it can not be sold. If a dye is in use, it can not be used for the manufacturing, upgrades, etc. When a dye is removed from the inventory all parts painted with this dye lose colour. Weapons Hammerfall shotgun The firing zone is now a horizontally oriented ellipse. Enemy weapon deactibation time on hit is reduced to 1 sec. (Previously 3 sec.). ‘Reaper’ minigun’ Increased damage by 20%. Increased burst length to 60 rounds. Increased recoil. Introduced limited ammunition with 240 projectiles. Additional feature: every 10th shot pierces up to 2 meters of armor. Cannon ‘Mammoth’ Weight increased to 2632 kg. Increased damage by 25%. Increased durability to 1061 pts. Increased cooldown between shots. The number of projectiles increased to 10. Reduced barrel turn speed. Additional feature: Direct hit increases the next shot's damage by 20% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times or until you miss. Cannon ‘Fat Man’ Increased durability to 692 pts. Increased accuracy by 10%. Removed perk with projectiles returning to the barrel, since it did not match the setting of the game. Gun ‘Executioner’ Increased accuracy when stationary . No longer has area damage. Additional feature: Shoots an armor-piercing projectile that penetrates to a depth of up to three cubes, or until it receives 80 damage, penetrating through layers of armor. Explodes in a conical explosion inside the vehicl, with a low radius of fragmentation. ‘Avenger’ cannon Damage increased by 12%. ‘Vector’ machine gun Damage reduced by 15%. ‘Retcher’ grenade launcher Damage increased by 10%. Guided missiles ‘Hurricane’ Increased guidance accuracy, which provides a higher chance of hitting the target. Interface Garage Added the ability to lift the vehicle in build mode. Leviathan Improved user interface for receiving Leviathan rewards. Now, the reward is issued immediately upon the Leviathan's return to the Garage. The reward is issued automatically. Improved reward window. Sound Improvements to suspension sounds of heavy vehicles. Fixed a bug with shell sounds. Improvements to sounds of machine guns. Adjusted the balance of sounds. Reworked the sounds of launching missiles. Miscellaneous You can no longer start test drive on a car with parts that do not match your level. Modified part descriptions Now descriptions more accurately convey the purpose of the parts and their faction's character. Bug fixes Fixed an error that caused some players no to receive the contents of their pack, purchased in Xbox One Store. Now all the purchased goods will return to their customers Fixed a bug with nickname display. Removed the extra strings in debriefing. Fixed a bug where some players could not build cars. Fixed description of the ‘Humpback’. Improved a number of text strings. Improved several interface windows. Improved pre-battle player portraits look. The map ‘Eastern Array’ has been improved. Fixed a number of errors in game strings. Fixed errors on several maps. Fixed welding points for a number of parts. Fixed a vehicle physics bug, where some parts could pass through the textures in test drive mode, but interfere with movement in game modes. Improved game client stability.