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  1. This topic is designed to collect and organize the players' questions towards the developers as well as their answers. Answers are usually given daily on weekdays. Developers will read all questions, but questions which are not clearly defined, which are obviously stupid, which are lying on the "surface", or which violate the rules of the forum, will be ignored and deleted. How to ask questions: Formulate your questions as clear as possible. Try to ask only important questions. Use the search function before asking any questions, some questions may have already been answered. The following rules apply to this thread: 1. Posts that do not contain any game related questions will be deleted. 2. This thread is not for suggestions. Any suggestion posted in this thread will be deleted. 3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately. 4. The questions are asked towards the game developers and therefore only they can respond. 5. The thread will be cleaned at least once a week. This means that all player posts will be removed and the questions will be added to the developers answers as a quote.