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  1. coolers increase COOLDOWN time of HEAT weapons, not RELOADs. take a powerfull engine mk2 to get reload time decrease.
  2. we are very competitive, most of our players are above 7k powerscore, i only ask for eventual epic/legendary/relic gear, the latter ones for clan wars.
  3. 10-12 retchers + coolers and ammo packs would be best.
  4. to be honest, using a jawbreaker with melee weapons isnt great, due to it's low speed. you can better remove the vector and the defender/spitfire (?) and use a growl instead due its much higher speed. you dont need the vector and spit/def anyways if you are using enough melee weapons (so add more melee weapons instead).
  5. here is the link to my playlist of video guides:
  6. added you as friend, once you are online, add me.
  7. i actually made some of these before CBT even started (battle test 3 you were amazing :P) but back then you werent allowed to make random pictures or something.
  8. clan war

    well the 500 coins are used to make the clan, NOT to give you access to clan wars, which you can get by simply joining another clan.
  9. using this system: i made the ultimate lazy man's grinding unit: i litterally hook up to the rear of the train, let my teammates drive/tow me, and the CC's will shoot for me. dont have to touch the keyboard unless we get disconnected, which happens from time to time.
  10. yea antideath PM'd me about it, and he will get his name changed.
  11. nice to see another spreadsheet of your's ares!
  12. this guide is for the PC version, we dont have the hotrod cab yet.
  13. i will soon upload a guide on how to armor certain cabins, stay tuned or subscribe to my youtube channel! also, i managed to get my hands on the stats of the hotrod cabin from the PS4/XONE playerbase. NOTE THESE ARE NOT CONFIRMED BY DEVS. NOT EVEN SURE WE WILL EVEN GET THIS CABIN: name: Hotrod speed: ~wyvern speed power: ~wyvern power tonnage: 4K mass: 8K energy: 10 health: 120 mass: 800
  14. i am a PC player, and we dont have this cabin yet, so i cant. that's why i asked for the data about it here.
  15. popped an invite for friends your way, i'd want to do some PvP first before inviting you.
  16. how do i talk **** about other clans? i only asked you to not make fun of autists.
  17. i made a war train with some buddy's: now its time for the ultimate lazy grinding build: driving is done for me, and shooting too!
  18. so 10 energy, rare rarity and 4K/8K tonnage/mass limits? thanks for the intel.
  19. they are working on a hotrod cabin: these can be found in AI matches.
  20. what level are you? can you do invasions? if yes, you might be interested in this:
  21. if you're interested:
  22. yes im an autist - got a problem with it? besides, this is a recuitment post, not a place to send me messages.
  23. well technically those TOW's are legit builds, unless targem's gonna nerf it or "patch" it.
  24. this is not practival AT ALL, you need at least 30 seconds before you can even start moving toghetter like this, and it breaks apart very easily in bumbs. this is purely a FUN build. and a GREAT one at that.
  25. titel says it. have fun.
  26. me and 2 friends of mine created this rig:
  27. yes
  28. well that already happens from time to time in ~2K PS, seeing a group of players carrying TOWs on minimal builds, just shreking the entire enemy team with em...
  29. there are a few counters to drones: 1: limited active time, after that the drone carrier is useless. 2: drones can easily be shot down. 3: they go for cabin and not your weapons.
  30. plesae, the developers dont encourage suicide builds - dont post something like this.
  31. even tough i have my own clan im always welcome in the grind sessions no? \o/
  32. well you do have your decoration items, which can increase said cap to 2400 per match.
  33. they give prestige crates.
  34. clan war

    how those recources came on there is unknown. clan wars are not out yet.
  35. they give nothing. like steam achievement kinda
  36. why are you spamming this video across all posts? this is irrelevant to my cabins guide after all.....
  37. check out my 118th panzer division clan post if you're interested.
  38. all parts in hardware section are modules, and all parts in weapons section are weapons.
  39. gj
  40. check my post, 118th panzer division. my clan DOES have SOME people that are under 7K, but the clan is still new and im working on getting enough players in the clan.
  41. hello everyone. i am a PC player, and on the PC you dont have this cabin. i would like to know the stats of this cabin. please post them here if you got the cabin. thank you in advance.
  42. the snappy pack was given to players that played in CBT. no other way to obtain it.
  43. it's just artwork and it has been there for quite a while now, so eh.
  44. will we get the packs from PS4/XONE on PC one day?
  45. the best way to grind imo, is invasions using this method:
  46. on invasion: ignore the little bots unless your tower is under 30 health on heist: do not stop to kill the bots, disarm them where possible tough.
  47. i asked woody about it, and his answer was that if you level up, you an find them back again. the maps in question are the old town, fortress, and acid lake maps.
  48. i made this truck in NORMAL vehicle designer, so it's NOT a leviathan, 55 parts used: not really inspired from any movy or so, it's just a truck with a trailer. nothing on the trailer due to part limitations :/
  49. eh it's still work in progress, when i get my hands on some better anarments and better armor, ill update it :>
  50. lol, nice build xDDD
  51. Hello everybody! this is TheCatPlaysGamez, the owner of the clan what used to be the Legends Of Tommorow clan, which is now renamed to the 118th Panzer Division. this clan is mainly for doing invasion grind sessions, and when they arrive, clan wars. to do this, make sure you got a vehicle that is VIABLE for doing invasions and/or clan wars. for invasion being at least 7K in power score and armed with epic or legendary weaponry, while for the clan wars you need 5K+ PS and you need to own at least 1 epic weapon for the build. This clan will be pretty competitive so there WILL be ocasional member purges, however, if you just tag along and be friendly to our members, you will be fine. Having Discord is advised, tough not necesary. For clan wars, I will appoint occasional staff members to lead the squads in my place if I'm not there to lead, so do your best and you might earn yourself a valuable spot in this clan! please respond with the following information: - Username - since which test stage you started testing - if you want to join for the grind sessions, or for the clan wars - your levels of all factions (do it like this: engi/luna/nom/scav/step as in x/x/x/x/x) - highest power score on a VIABLE build (so dont throw on as many high PS pieces, a viable build.) - ammount of epics, legendarys and/or relics owned (mentioned seperately) - your timezone (as in GMT+X) - if you got discord / a mic (not having a mic is fine tough it does help) - the average moments you are online for your timezone, and for how long. Players not interested in joining but who are interested in the grind sessions, please send me a PM, ill invite you to discord and you can tag along anyways. See you on the battlefield, TheCatPlaysGamez, clan leader.
  52. This clan does no longer exist. I will make a new thread for my new clan soon(tm)
  53. Is this a "i want to join" topic or a recruitment topic?
  54. he came to me with a proposal and the basics layed out, then we continued on that.
  55. me and ares did a collab on this sheet, check the sheet itself: it says made by thecat AND Ares. not just ares.
  56. besides - i dont translate stuff. i simply make it myself. i am not interested in cpying some1 else's work
  57. maybe, bot not everybody can actually read russian. and this one is still a W.I.P. spreadsheet, so nothing's finished yet.
  58. you mean this one? as of now, only the AI's got this one. stats are unknown, but if i would have to GUESS (all onward here is pure speculation:), it looks like a medium weight-class cabin, so medium speed and around 8-10K max mass. probably a common cabin since it comes toghetter with engineers opponents that use huntsman normally, so would have 8 or 9 energy. health wouldnt be too high. around 75-100 probably. again, just GUESSING. this part isnt even confirmed to come into the "official build" etc etc, and of course all stats are prone for change even if i knew the exact stats (again, this is me just guessing with the information and experience available).
  59. power for engine means how effective it is to tow heavy vehicles.
  60. not a great build imho, wasp placement makes it one of the first parts to be shot off. akward weapon combination. sidekick is pretty bad imho.
  61. this: ~1600PS TOW launcher Duster cabin pro's: can one-shot people across half the map very fast can jump into cap zone in rock city map so quicker into cap zone. con's: 70 health..... 70 health..... long reload 70 health.....
  62. please go to the PS4 subforums for this. thank you.
  63. bumb. it's up people!
  64. nice one! are you okay with me making a video guide about this? ill mention you in the discription :>
  65. any fast firing weapon can counter them.
  66. counter against any of these builds: 1 starter machine gun. these missiles can be shot down. they move slowly, arent that agile, and they dont go around obstacles.
  67. please dont use the Bold feature in the entire chat. thank you. the dropchances of the "low chance" parts in crates are in between 1 and 5 %. the bloodhound is the steam pack no? true it is the worst pack imo, but you can at least link your account to steam, which is a standalone feature just for the steam pack.
  68. i'd say they should buff turreted cannons and autocannons which are UP atm, and nerf the wasp. cricket is fine because it's low firerate, but the wasp rockets are more powerfull than the cricket ones, which isnt good.
  69. as of now, the least powerfull weapons for their PS are autocannons and turreted cannons. they really, really lack. i'd love to see something like a german WW2 autocannon instead of these, much higher rate of fire but a longer cooldown time would make them more burst orientated. something like this: well more like a single gun than a quad mounted one, but you guys know what i mean.
  70. thank you
  71. exept for those who use GL-55's or retchers, since those arc, they will basicly hit the top of your cabin and nuke your elevated structure.
  72. hello everybody, TheCatPlaysGamez here, im here to show off my video guides i made. you can find them too in the seperate guides i posted before: weapons: starter rig: hardware: cabins: all video's:
  73. by the looks of it, you only give the "partial" solution. a lot of better leviathans got GL-55's or Retchers which counter there builds unless you mount the tower behind you cabin, and you should carry more frontal armor, since all the damage is going to come from one side - the levi. that said, nice to see someone else making guides! these are mine if you're interested:
  74. what happened to the shark customization kit? cant find it in the market any more. EDIT: if there are no sneller, you still can find items on the market..?
  75. nice
  76. why bother noting people about it while it isnt even halfway done? ^-^
  77. i just made a little video about this info:
  78. i just made this leviathan :> note the crickets at the front, theyre kinda hidden (not really)
  79. i'd say the most POWERFULL weapons at low tiers are the TOW rocket (~1600PS minimal build), wasp launcher(~2000 minimal build) and the turrets and drones (since you can just pop them and let them do the work) not saying that they are OP, just that they are very powerfull and can potentially one-shot people.
  80. well done. i should make a video about this
  81. note out that epic weapons are for engineers level 9 or higher, and legendary's for 14+
  82. it reduces inaccuracy on guns that become so when on the move
  83. the one and only issue i got with this update is the rent workbench price of the decorator... 2025 COINS FOR 15 PARTS!? i think it should be 500/15 AT MOST. as of now, it's almost impossible to get them on your own...
  84. after a little while, i get a popup "failed the authorisation" or something, then after my bettle ends, i get kicked. idk if this is because of the server issues running atm, but it's VERY annoying since i got to go back into the login queue every time...
  85. this will be a little guide on how the cabins in crossout work, what build to use them on, and their general stats compared to other cabins of their rarity. NEW: I made a VIDEO GUIDE about cabins! Check it out! guerilla, starter cabin: energy: 7 speed: moderate general build: jack-of-all-trades / medium builds. advised guns: chord MG's COMMON CABINS: docker: energy: 9 speed: slow general build: heavy builds. adviced guns: avenger cannons duster: energy: 7 speed: very fast general build: light builds. adviced guns: lupara huntsman: energy: 8 speed: moderate - fast general build: jack-of-all-trades / medium builds. adviced guns: chord LMG's WWT1: energy: 8 speed: moderate general build: jack-of-all-trades / medium builds. adviced guns: chord LMG's RARE CABINS: bear: energy: 10 speed: moderate general build: jack-of-all-trades / medium builds. adviced guns: rapiers / defenders / vectors carapace: energy: 11 speed: very slow general build: heavy builds. adviced guns: judge / little boy fury: energy: 10 speed: moderate - fast general build: jack-of-all-trades / medium builds. adviced guns: rapiers / defenders / vectors growl: energy: 9 speed: very fast general build: light builds. adviced guns: sledgehammer / spitfires / buzzsaw / explosive spear / auger jawbreaker: energy: 11 speed: slow-moderate general build: heavy builds. adviced guns: judge / little boy trucker: energy: 11 speed: slow general build: heavy builds. adviced guns: judge / little boy wyvern: energy: 10 speed: moderate - fast general build: jack-of-all-trades / medium builds. adviced guns: rapiers / defenders / vectors EPIC CABIN: humpback: energy: 12 speed: slow general builds: heavy builds / end-game builds adviced guns: clarinet / caucasus / mandrake / mammoth special: speeds up crosshair convergance / aiming time on guns that suffer from reduced accuracy on the move when decelerating / standing still
  86. welcome, to Legends Of Tommorow. we are a clan that builds around fun, and high-tier players helping low-tier players. everyone is welcome, altough when clan wars stars, we will have an elite section ment for the highest-tier players to fight other clans. other clans might find a helpfull ally here, or an powerfull enemy. member list: (x/x/x/x faction lvl) TheCat_PlaysGame (aka Infinite Legendz) - 16/3/2/5 - clan leader.