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  1. I found a clan. Thread can be closed.
  2. *push* I'm still searching for a clan.
  3. Danke für das Angebot. Nette Leute, aber von den 20 Leuten, die da waren, war leider keiner in dem Bereich den ich suche. ---- I'm still looking for a clan.
  4. Hi, my name is Xarub and I am looking for an active, hardcore, English or/and German speaking clan, I'm 29 years old and have way to much time which I currently use to play Crossout. My faction levels are currently: 29 / 8 / 7 / 8 / 4. My highest PS score, that I use for Invasions, is 11k. My assets: Humpback, 3 Spectre, Thunderbolt, Whirlwind, Executioner, 3 Cricket, Improved Engine, Powerful engine Mk2, Gas generator, charged radiator, Powerful radar-detector, 4 Armored track,Powerful radar, 3 Pyre, expanded ammo pack, Hurricane. I haven't spend a single Euro and grinded + crafted everything myself. Your clan should have an average PS of 8k+ and be interested in fighting clanwars as soon as they are available. Additionally I'm looking for a clan that enforces "push to talk" on their voice chat. I'm just sick of listening to people burp, clank their keyboard or use their microphone as an anal probe ;)
  5. I issued a support ticket because of this problem. Hopefully it will get resolved soon.
  6. I hope so... my Leviathan is in an invalid state for almost 2 days now. Rebuilding or just using essentials doesn't fix it. We need them to do something about it
  7. The market ist still down for me and it is showing the error on the screenshot. My leviathan got set into an "Invalid state" as well. All my clan members have no problem at all. Relogging doesn't change a thing and I have no way of changing anything on my side to fix that issue. [EDIT] Market fixed for me, ty]