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  1. can you give your logs, the rule is no log, no bug.( we ask this of everyone)
  2. no log, no bug, can you pls put your log onto your bug report.(we ask this of everyone, and so that the proccess of bug control will be easyer.)
  3. no bug no log. and you pls put the log on the bug report. (we ask this of everyone, and this will go quicker.)
  4. theres a rule where if theres no logs, there is no bug. pls put your bug into this report. (and we ask this of everyone.)
  5. while pictures are welcomed, there is a rule where if theres no log, there is no bug. can you pls put the log into this?
  6. unless you hit the copper limit,this is a bug. but with all bug report. there needs to be logs. no log, no bug. but the pictures are very much welcomed.
  7. while it's nice feedback. this section is for bug reports. not suggestions. moving to a suggestion form now.
  8. please give the logs, it will help make things go quicker. and the rule is also no log, no bug.
  9. not a bug report moving to a better section.
  10. hmm.... thats a weird one. but can you put a log on this, and maybe a picture? they both with help if you can put them on this report. that, and the no log, no bug rule.
  11. No log, No bug. a log would help figer out this situation.
  12. No log No bug. this kinda stuff is where its needed most.
  13. No log No Bug. and pictures for this would help.
  14. No log No bug. its would also help if there where pics here too.
  15. no log, no bug. but i would mess with some graphics settings. but if that no work, please fix your report.
  16. please use this as a guide line, no log, no bug.
  17. no log, no bug. please make it like these guide lines.
  18. please bring you loga, or there is no bugs to report.
  19. no log, no bug. pictures are always welcomed.
  20. no log, no bug, and this looks more like a suggestion. make one up in the right place if this is so.
  21. i don't see any logs, and might i suggest this become more of a suggestion to buff cannons?
  22. you forgot the logs, but this is interesting.
  23. no log, no bug. and from the looks of this, it might be better to go to support on this matter.
  24. no log no bug, and can there be pics please. it would prove useful.
  25. hmm... this is no bug report. and its no bug. but however, you make a suggestion in the premoderated suggestion area. so please try that
  26. no log, no bug, pls use this as a guide line. and of this reward is from the seassion challenge. did you click the "get reward" button?
  27. though not a bug. its still a report. thanks for catching the cheater in the act. he's now going on THE list.
  28. no log, no bug, and pictures would help.
  29. i suggest going to support.
  30. hi, i suggest you go to support on this one.
  31. hi, i see no log. so i see no bugs. unless you fix your thread to fit this one.^^^
  32. its good to see logs. bug i would advise fixing the report to fit this guide line.
  33. if this issue happened again. can you please give us a new bug report. and one more on these guide lines. and use the luncher logs. No log No bug.
  34. please remake bug report with this as guide lines. and use logs for the luncher. no log. no bug.
  35. please use this as a guideline. no Log, no Bug.
  36. please use this as a guide line. and no log, no bug. please fix.
  37. no log, no bug. And please use the guide lines.
  38. please fix this bug report to fit this guide line. NO log No Bug
  39. hey oldbean, pictures help, but this guide line is to help. and please use logs. no log. no bug.
  40. please use the thread here as a guide. there is no thread like this excepted. please fix it to fit these guidelines.
  41. no log, no bug, please fix the report to this these guidelines.
  42. no log, no bug. and this should be somthing to talk to support about. but still. please remake the bug report to fit these guide lines.
  43. please us this as a guide for bugs. and if this is a suggestion. i'll push it to the right place.
  44. no log, no bug please use these guide lines to make it so that a fix can be found easyer.
  45. no log, no bug. please fix your bug report to fit these guide lines. or it won't go through.
  46. thats new. but can you please fix your bug report. no log, no bug. but recreate this and follow the guide lines. and this will be fixed TMsoon.
  47. no log, no bug. that the golden rule here. please fix the bug report. and use the guide lines in this thread i have here.
  48. while yes. photos helps,. its better to have the log from this time. no log, no bug. if this happens again. please use the log from the seasion you where on. thanks also use guide lines for help know how you incountered it.
  49. no log, no bug. please fix this report, and make it look more like this please. thanks.
  50. this topic is to help improve the game, and help figer out what need to be done, what needs fixing, and what needs to be sorted out. but this thread will also be open to suggestions. so if theres any ideals on change don't be afraid to speak your mind. all suggestion will be noticed.(make that what you will.) and please do the poll for efficent answering.
  51. this is not a contest, it something i think everyone might enjoy since OBT is fastly approaching. so... with everything coming soon, i guess it would be nice for a community thing, thats not for anything, but for fun. so i figer, why not show our favrote songs we use while playing the game. (since i know half of us use ether spotify, youtube, and anything along those lines. time to get out of our dark rock garage's, and let everyone know what music you think suits the game the best. (and yes, i used comic san's for once, just to make a refrence, please no hate XD) and sorry if this is in a wrong place, with no genreal chat, i can't find my way to the right place.