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  1. Sticker are like steam achievements, useless, they only give you a little xp bonus when earned in battle. Skills are for drivers in the bottom of the screen, near the car slots there's a button with a steering wheel open it
  2. Heavy US wrecker btw all my trucks are levi's and i actually sent them to fight so if you want t osee them just play invasion 4-6k ps
  3. Very good considering the 55 parts limit... it's sad we can't build freely at least for pve, it would be awesome! Btw now that i reached level 6 with scavangers i can start working on a container trailer for my next truck!
  4. Maz 537 from russia with love! cabin was almost perfect, easy one just a few adds here and there... i'll make some trailers too maybe a log trailers... next subject...maybe another ruskie...we'll see...
  5. EDIT: I decided to use this thread as a gallery for trucks and trailers inspired by real and movies veichles, if you want to create something too you're welcome! furiosa's war rig... still waitin' for more parts to improve the tanker and black paint to give it the right look! Also i seriously want trailers to be in game at some point, i would definitively love driving such a monster in pve or clan battles!
  6. Yup this will increase sealclubbing a lot cause of good players going low ps for easy mvps but the idea is very interesting! +1
  7. Tip against 25mm bots: the car is less durable then the gun itself (which is also well placed and not very exposed frontally) so unless you have purples/orange go for the car instead with 3 blue mmgs you can take them down easily and shottys do it even better