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  1. Yup, die Entwickler halten sich mit Infos leider sehr bedeckt. Der Wipe von der closed Beta zur open Beta war der letzte. Es wird keine weiteren Wipes geben.
  2. Agreed, being active during the first 2 weeks of open beta and just hoarding gold has payed of big time. If anyone is still waiting for the right moment to buy their endgame gear: I would say give it another 2 weeks. (The market is close to the stable situation of the late closed beta now.) Lets see, if the Steam f2p launch or any upcoming updates cause one last market movement.
  3. Well +1 for you, all observations and conclusions are spot on. I just want to add, that as long as you hit the xp cap almost every match, you might as well min max a bit less and go with your most fun to play builds. Personally, i sealclub at 2500 - 3500 PS atm, but i do carry both barrels for extra fuel.
  4. You can add a universal endgame skill tree to the list, if you want. (All the drivers combined and with way more fun and useful stuff.) I have made a poll for it: >>> here <<<
  5. Closed alpha and some very early streams 1.5 years ago. (They said they want to do open world pve and are checking various options to realize it, but it will take some time to implement.) They already did open world (on a small scale) with open space in their other online game Star Conflict. It uses pretty much the same game engine. And as far as content and mechanics goes: The devs did that already as well with Hard Truck Apocalypse 10 years ago.
  6. When we get open world pve (instanced persistent pve maps), you could collect stuff out there from resource nodes and defeated raiders. Maybe make the pvp stickers a currency. Then you can upgrade your garage area or even the whole complex. "Player housing" visual customization more daily quests generated another garage slot ...
  7. Well new factions and parts are pretty much a no brainer. We also know, that clan features will be improved. But beyond that the big next milestones are a mystery. The devs have always been very reluctant to give any roadmaps. I asked in the dev questions section about their plans for an endgame and hopefully they will provide some info.
  8. What are the big, planned endgame mechanics for the next 2 years? open world pve player housing clan base with daily quests Leviathan battles ...
  9. [news]

    I usually stay away from the hyper active guys, with their doctored videos, annoying music and blind praising of games. But the Boris vid is hilarious. Clever humor and spot on observation of fun little details. here
  10. Hello, i am from the future. (PC) Copper will go down to 60.
  11. One does not simply survive a drone carrier attack.
  12. Pretty common on PC for crickets. Hurricanes too, before they where nerfed and fell out of the meta, during closed beta. (That allowed to use them like shotguns in melee range.)
  13. Thx for bringing PvE back.
  14. Hopefully open world PvE one day. That would be my only motivation to grind for the best gear. In PvP i have fun with blue and purple gear. I hit the xp cap in almost every match, why would i want to go for better gear. (major design flaw imho)
  15. Yeah same on PC. I guess the intention was to stabilize the market, but they made PvE inaccessible in the process. #bringbackPvE
  16. "Game experience may change during online play" so... It gets slightly better above 5k
  17. Thx, now i have a good name for my Leviathan.
  18. For the same reason, that dogs lick their testicles. Because they can. Petty much all the closed beta testers have predicted the seal clubbing 1 year ago already.
  19. Hm ... double check, if you have one of the radars used in your Leviathan. Just clear both garage slots and restart the game, to be sure.
  20. kills > part destruction > assists > just damage done (a kill credits you xp for the destruction of all the remaining parts) The xp system is in desperate need for a rework.
  21. So, am i assuming correct, that you are looking for some waterfront property at a bridge? For the unlikely off chance, that this is not just trolling: Why would players, that enjoy the game and haven invested money and time, make up bugs and crashes and go through the trouble of reporting them?
  22. They used to break after 20 - 80 lost matches, depending on rarity. But the playerbase gave the devs overwhelmingly negative feedback on the durability mechanic, during closed beta. Understandably nobody wanted to grind for items, that just vanish. The durability mechanic is gone now. You will never loose your items.
  23. Well i used to play a bit of PvE ... but with fuel gone as well now... #bringbackPvE
  24. There is a reason, why "Need more FUEL" is amongst the most popular.
  25. +1 Not sure, how the damage bleed through + reduction grille parts work now, since their overhaul. But the 2 gun mounting parts, on top of the cabin, should each have an effective structure of over 500. And the AI will never directly shoot at them.
  26. clickbait You have 120k turnover, not profit.
  27. You mean structure. Durability is a word, that you should not speak lightly. It is an ancient evil.
  28. No, a crippled pve would not make players happy. In fact cooperative pve has to evolve quite a bit to eventually result in the open world pve, that the devs have hinted at since the early days of closed testing. Pvp and pve can coexist just fine and i enjoy both. #bringbackPvE