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  1. Yeah, much fun getting killed with weapons you can't pay for by playing - also how to play more than 5 raids a day? The lousy fuel reward doesn't encourage to even try this (before anybody gets enough fuel, the game already gets boring)
  2. All limits have to go - what the hell did they think by adding those in the first place?
  3. The overall grinding is pretty worse, and the limits for ressources and EXP are one of the most stupid ideas a developer could come up with. Not to mention that marketprices break down - which means it's harder to earn coins due Item overflow. New players get less coins over time by selling stuff. (Deflation is the worst thing that can happen to an economy, IRL it would be devastating) Give the game 2 or 3 months, and it will be broken if nothing changes.
  4. My method for this game looks like this: Doing missions, doing raids and when the limits are reached -PLAY SOMETHING ELSE And the rewards for normal PvP sucks, barely anything that's useful (the white sCrap is so cheap, it's not worth to play a lot)
  5. Economy is already broken - early items have fallen so hard that new players won't be able to rent factions to craft something soon
  6. They work together with Gaijin - who expected them to listen in the first place?
  7. The most stupid raid is where you have to steal from the raiders - 5, FIVE! god damn minutes to rush through minefields and enemies, cap cargo and drive back. In short: Plain impossible