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  1. Frustrating when it happens bit is very unpredictable when it occurs.
  2. I'm sorry you feel like that about the mods. I'm rather new to the mod team and am still learning. When I'm online I try to help out. My apologies if I personally contributed to your view of the mods.
  3. I don't know if it is supposed to be. Mostly just noting that this is one of a few similar spots.
  4. Some items are there graphically but not physically. Another example is the angel statue in old Town. Things pass through her too.
  5. Sell/scrap/or build something to clear room in your inventory.
  6. Unless you have logs of these 1200-1500 point matches where you claim that you only received 600-700 there isn't much that can be done. Further replies will be civil or actions will be taken. Consider this the warning. No need for toxicity.
  7. Moved it for you. I had the same problem and was told it had something to do with using directx 9 vs directx 11.
  8. I think that the fuel tank was a good idea. Hopefully shocked fuel prices adjust too.
  9. The raid you show as having completed was an invasion. That is not a a normal raid.
  10. The 55 part limit is a result of buying one of the packs. Your parts will not increase until you hit level 19.
  11. Reform this bug report so it can be properly looked at please.
  12. Steelwolve is correct. If you have one on a vehicle when you are trying to craft it won't select it in the crafting process.
  13. This is still not a bug. When you hover your cursor over the reputation under the engineer face it will give you a breakdown of what you earned. Number on the far right is just raw points. NOT what you get. Your reputation is capped at 1200 plus a percentage for however much decoration you have on your vehicle. For example. My vehicle had 55% bonus reputation so rather than 1200 reputation my max is 1860.
  14. Agreed, but we are told to get logs for all problems... Only way to get the devs to look at them. Logs are located inside the installation file.
  15. Butcher beat me to it. Logs will better describe exactly what happened.
  16. Moved to new location
  17. Not a bug and your winnings will make it to you eventually.
  18. Will push it forward to devs. Thank you for logs.
  19. Video clearly shows name of person in question. Name and shame is not allowed on the forums. I told you how to handle this from this point forward.
  20. Official stance from the devs is that this is not cheating because they are using game mechanics and the sky box will be fixed soon.
  21. I'm following forum rules and advising you on how to proceed with this issue.
  22. Haven't gone over logs yet. Did this occur right when raids rotated?
  23. Devs are being made aware of potential cheats. Please provide logs/screenshots/videos from matches in which there are suspected cheaters directly to mods so that name and shame rules are not violated.
  24. Please provide pictures of the vehicle and logs from during the time of the problem.
  25. Bumping thus up for devs attention. Please try to get more screenshots of this bug.
  26. Please provide logs from before and after maintenance to help us figure out what went wrong.
  27. bug

    Seems multiple people had this problem at the time of maintenance. Please include logs from before and after maintenance to try and help out.
  28. Not a bug.
  29. Not a fluke or a bug. There is no PS matchmaker in brawl. You are entering at your own risk.
  30. Brawls are not matched by powerscore. Enter at your own risk. Not a bug.
  31. Utilizing a hiding spot where the drone could still get you is not a bannable a offense nor is it a bug.
  32. Your installation folder actually keeps logs of every time you log in. They should all be there. Just logs before and after maintenance should be able to help figure out what went wrong
  33. Yup, something is wrong there. Please include logs in addition to the already included screenshots.
  34. Devs official stance it this isn't a bug since the sky box will be fixed soon. But in the mean time please include logs to help out.
  35. Please include logs from before and after the season was reset for you.
  36. Not really a bug. Please reform topic and include logs if otherwise.
  37. I hate asking for logs since this seems pretty straight forward but please attach them along with anything else helpful to this bug report.
  38. Please reform post to be better suited elsewhere since not a bug report.
  39. Since this isn't really a bug please reform topic so it can be better suited elsewhere.
  40. That doesn't sound good at all. How much does it cost to lower the timer?
  41. Could you post a screenshot please? I haven't ran into the login queue yet. Nor have I seen the pay to skip the queue option.
  42. If only these guys had seen the pyres back at the beginning of closed beta. Fast, more damaging, and could easily chase you around a corner.
  43. I think that they mean the daily 2 hour diy crate. If you were online before the daily fuel reset you may need to close the game and restart it. Still, logs would be appreciated.