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  1. If I remember the name of it right and I'm not mixing module names, a radiator lowers the reload time for pyres and hurricanes.
  2. Not a cooler, Radiater. Sorry
  3. I use a dual pyre and hurricane with cooler and improved engine build. Growl cabin, scavenger armor. I really want to try a dual harvester and hurricane build, but I can't afford or make any harvesters.
  4. 18x miniguns or 9x retcher.
  5. True, but what if they are in low ps matches with low ps weapons? It may take too long.
  6. Wanted to suggest this being a activated-cooldown thing like drones. In its current state someone could make a build with one of these very well protected and just run to the capture point. Very OP.
  7. [devblog] [news]

    The thing that isn't listed as a trait for the lunatics is that they are basically kamakazi crazed. That's why most players only use the lunatics weapons, hardware (gens, engines, chameleon), and wheels. Not their structure parts. The thing to do with the lunatics is to make their items, then switch to nomads or scavengers for armor. The way I use the improved engine is i surround it with scavenger armor and build my creation around protecting that engine and the cabin. (If you want an example, I can put my current build on the exhibition once I'm back at my pc again.)
  8. [devblog] [news]

    "Ridiculous"-ly easy if you have a team (which you do) and if you don't try to kill it by yourself (which you probably try to depending on your said results)
  9. Just wanted to note that the focus/zooming in and out depending on speed is VERY disorienting. It gave me a headache in the first 2 rounds after the update, and i really dont think i can play until it is either majorly reduced or removed.
  10. It takes more skill then you think. Timing, predicting movements, visualizing obstacles, and many, many small things. The ability to use these builds depends highly on skill, practice, and luck. I say it uses skill.