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  1. i have not finish my old easy raids farmer build but i manage to make it the same way at he look in final without the 80 max part so i haved to play with removed part and add some on the different angles view. there it is, my build is called military ofender. just like in the cbt. (not yet in the exhib) hope you guys liked it i will update this topic when he will be finish i got an hold image of it too
  2. well dunno if you guys haven't play the game called iron brigade... well there an exemple of leg that 'could' work for the game thema :L yes it's wierd but.. it could be an idea.
  3. i come up with an idea of specific ojective and environemental action make by bots (artillery) so there is the explanation. -The game mode is based on rushing an objectif and destroy it. this objectif is placed on a garden base. -Two team. (+ steppenwulf artillery bots(or other) ) -In this game mode there come 10 player vs 10 players. -The mode is 20 minute long. (it could be take 5minute if someone completly pass all the roads whithout being seen) -the more score an team get the more resource this one get. ( the team victory reward are : 1 white diy crate for each member in the team, X number of copper set on the score and X number of scrap set on the score) -Respawn is allowed whithout cost. -This mode is made for people that like long matches. -The posibility of reaching the objectif for the red team is variable. ( like 4 way of passage) -In this term, The blue team is forced to defend his base. -The blue team can reach the red bots and destroy them to simplify the defense of there base. - the blue base is defended by 2 'Fat man' canons at each door. (they can be destroyed by the red team)(it can be different type of weapon depending of the thematic of the map) -Red steppenwulf artillery (bots) constanly shot in an certain aria ( could been 5 artillery ) ( they can be destroyed and don't focus people near them), (it's could be an other type of bots for the porpuse of the map thematique) - in the blue team two road are mined in the back. so the red team can't use this road faster than other ones (that's an example). ( for example : mines can't explode on the blue team vehicules) -(blue team additionnal : add some recons light bots vehicule with radar) ( if the devs want too ) i separate this topics from his map. The map make for this mode 'example characteristic' is : 'Water Falls' hope that can make an different objectif for an defense game mode
  4. it's one i made ik that's could no fit for everyone because something in life called : 'personal taste' i got difficulty for lunatics and nomads because i got like more than 10k of different music in my head ._. sooooo... i goes with random one for the both that's why it's meh... for nomads i searched more calm style and referense to westeland with little action. an lunatics is just an bunch of random song with psychological things (cybergoth)
  5. there a made 3 playlist for the 3 factions style Warning : those playlist can count inappropriate words , violence reference and can not be approved for all ages 16+, years should be okay (depand on the region and site of living) 1. scavenger style 2. Nomads style 3. Lunatics style Hope you guys liked those playlists. Otherwise, i will add one playlist for steppenwulf too (i just don't get any chance to feel the style). No need for engineers one i don't count them as an Faction gameplay. the lunatics genre is now kinda metal af
  6. there come an map that i creat for x reasons. I just want to know what you guys think about it Map specification - at the top of the map there some furnaise : every vehicule that pass true it have to take 15 dmg / seconds - under the bridge there are acids cilones, if you falls on it you die. -at the top of the map there is an elevation bwtween the acid section so passing true the furnaise can make you a jump platform -(if the devs want we could be able to destroy the 1st door ( to create an better effect of invasion an undergrown factory)) -the bridge at the middle can be activate by the blue team while using there horn near the structure with stairs. -the map name can be simply underground factory. - to spefication for clearly (the red road at the middle of the map is an underground passage) - the map is filled with an dark atmosphere ( make able to headlight to have an efficasity) 'inspirated by the game 'renagade ops, mission : furnace' for bette rimage of what kind of dark atmosphere' hope you guys liked this one took my 3 h done it :S
  7. i come with an idea of an special map for many, many game modes. The map i created is called water fall. Map specification - a the left of the map if an vehicule falls into the water he got destroyed. - there are two water falls, if an vehicule stay in the river they got pushed into the lake on the bottom (get destroyed too) -all road is in climbing situation until they reach the top of the 1st stage of the mountain. - the base is situated at the 1st stage of the montain. the objectif (missile) is situated in an huge hangars - there is a sunset a the bottom of the map :L imagine the view from the two water falls. -(for the purpose of an idear of an gamemode i put an zone where there ally steppenwulf bots and an zone that there always shot on it) hope you guys liked it :L
  8. Im a psychopat.
  9. images

    for now im farming for lvl 7 scavenger... need my purple MKII engine
  10. nerf the nerf of my fail, pls... senpai :L
  11. images

    there is some picture of artwork i done for the suggestion parts in the forum :L just want to post them in all the same section because some is missing because those gm don't want to approve everything we do. it's kinda an fan made. but... created items. it's my kind of artwork for now because i don't have an great platform for digital art :L but i will not die because of that. This is my Artwork Galerie for who's like my artstyle 1. So there come the 1st image it's an aiming distabilizer i draw 2. the second picture is an anti-tank mine skin. 3. the third picture is an betty mine depoyder skin 4. the fourth image is an Electric pulsar skin that i made too :L 5. the five picture is an creation of an redneck truck winch style. 6. the six picture is about an wheel skin. 7. the seven picture is about an long canon art-style :L 8. for the 8th image it's the recreation of an frontal smg made in the CBT... but ! this one is cutted and have an magazin :L 9. the 9th image is about an Jamming radar. inspirated by the looking of an german and an russian radar style i fusionned them and make it an kinda amplifier artwork for the working of the communication frequencial that can jam some radar :L 10. Sadly the 10th image was not approved in the suggestion forum because the cabin is kinda too huge :S... BUT! i really like what i done with it for the artwork :L 11. there come an artwork for an platform style for the game but the paint and rust style is really nice never think about doing something at this level for those texture :L Sadly, the little scared an in the legs. can't really see well all the work i done there :S. until in final that not really an problem :L 12. here comes the artwork for an weapon called 'the splitter' i really liked to draw it :K some of the effect of acid burning the parts already was not very difficult for me :L i got all the imagination required for it. 13. the 13th image is an map that i created for an special game mode. the map is called Water falls due of this beautifull set-up for an beautifull sunset i listened the song on the bottom of the picture will im was creating it :L enjoy. 14. the 14th is an other map created for the assault mode i put in suggestion. this one don't have an name but can be called underground factory. took 3hours make this one ouf ._. photoshop don't wanted my to put my orange stripe much closer than this without being fusionned :L my hand hurt. 15. the 15th is an map inspirated by 'Zelda twilight princess' i called my map 'lost village'. There it is. 16. the 16th image is a return to weapon concept. It remake an weapon from vigilante 8 second offense. so it's kinda an skin but not well because there is no melle weapon identified as claws. That's my artwork galerie for now
  12. nice fail PSYCO445 :L there i put an cancerous song for my cancerous fail. this topic take 1 place in the topics list... what an waste.
  13. module

    it's an 'redneck' version of an winch fusionned to an crossbow :L
  14. i don't need words to discribe this song power.
  15. weapons

    hope this will been an skin for it ;)
  16. module

    You guys give all legit things about this , :L i guess the limitation of energies points is okay, but it should just be not possible to place an turreted canon on the platform but all other things yes, like smg and company.
  17. weapons

    that's what i think bec i see there in the CBT at the beggining there canon was so much longer. they reduce there barrel for 'x' reasons, but at least, it's could be nice too have one of that range of long barrel
  18. there an playlist i made of all those link in my bookmarks. enjoy, there a little bit of songs that fit the lunatics playstyle so they arent all calm.
  19. As i can see there is no topics approuved during weekends... ?

  20. Sadly when you find one player with 2 of them just run to it and disable his gun with your shooty. that for the sake of the team ;) im an cancer because i focus only them when i see they got 1. Not that i hate those wasp but they have weak hp so ! disable an player is always becoming an advantage to the team :L if i die doing that, yes but it's worth it !
  21. That's simply marvelous ! playing this against lunatics in the desert map with destroyed visages ! :L
  22. Well when i drive my little cancer every where i love to feel like the mind of an lunatics xD I found that industrial techno can work for the game too.
  23. weapons

    For now it's will be : ''Henschel cannon'' to refer at the many weapon that the manyfacture created.
  24. module

    the idea of one per vehicule is legit. they could make an other type of platform,but an smaller one with weak durability for light vehicule.
  25. weapons

    If you have any recommandation for an defensive german name i'il be happy. For now im search in some german millitary words and quotes... i have to be sure to not pick an quotes or name against the jews at this past year :S
  26. module

    :L yep but they arlready put some mine in the game so why not give some for the players it's self and not only for bots in raids ! in that fact they will be usefull for drills when they try to destroy your pumps
  27. Not really an laser! i was thinking of an MG3 style of firepower :L but with more precision.
  28. weapons

    welp sorry. It's been an long time i don't study on tank's of the WWII
  29. weapons

    But it's a Prototype it's an suggestion for the devs so im not forced to call it Kaiser or anything i just done that because nothing come to my mind at that moment. BUT ! i could go change the name now. Kaiser is kinda simple but, it's better than nothing for now. But i'il go make some research need something that enemies faction are scared of.
  30. weapons

    Thanks mate
  31. weapons

    well i think you are right ! :L
  32. weapons

    To confirm it's really an anti-tank canon type with the amunition type of 8.8cm :L or it's an 7.9cm
  33. weapons

    well i don't think it's an generic 7.5mm because Panther II was equiped with like 9 diffrent type of cannon this one look like to be more larger than the extra long and small one. these images was taken from google. maybe it's the canon of the anti-tank version like the Jagpanzer. so it's not the generic one. More too that the name should not be to refer at the Panther II but maybe more to the E-50 because the german army don't have produced the Panther II as much than the Panther I. They put many of the idea of the Panther II in the E-50.
  34. weapons

    Bec i search and don't find the real name but thx and it's for the skin in general, because in-game it's missing some real long canons, for my part.
  35. weapons

    x) that's right ! ha thoses sexy ladie's !
  36. module

    :L thanks mate but i think for my self they are too much 'cartoon' because i dunno how to make things look perfectly juste like the game. But color can help to feel the image that the thing represente and alot of other things too ! let's see my cabin sugestion that i will post soon ! I will also post the faction that i have in my head for like 6 days ! GNIA !
  37. module

    should i creat an build with the 'rotation platform' , mouthed to the 'panther II canon' and an MM5 ? :L could make the image of what i was thinking at that moment.
  38. module

    i was thinking the same way at the moment of the immagination but have'nt seen a way to tell it in the deffinition... x) english is not my 1st language and im bad in the 2! xD
  39. module

    i don't think so much for my part :L bec rememebr if you mouth it to a weak piece you lost everything on the top
  40. module

    not really bec think about it use and exutionner + platform + fat man cannon as a front defense canon ! :L it's all about the choise of people ! it can be true that you don't like it. Just to add to this it's could not be only 2 mammoth and imagine with the 'little something' just side of the canon on the platform :L what a great image to shot pp with an smg and use the canon while movement.
  41. module

    i made it with photoshop and it's an fan made... i just look for some russian , german radar and find a type that make me happy so i draw it. i could draw things with an better graphic but i don't get any devices or an good computer. (an jammer works just like an radar that's why it's looking pretty similar. i also always try to make things to fit with the environement of crossout :L it's can me metal or just junky stuff. but i think an faction who can use of metallurgie instrument to creat some precise things with nice finition!
  42. module

    gotta start working on it now :L
  43. module

    Just need to wait if they will be interest c: i don't lost hope. it's already an miracle that i post things.
  44. module

    and for the turrets and drones aiming i would make an purple of that a dispositif that can even disable the aiming of the player ! like a old tv feeling on your screen when you got affected.
  45. module

    i do use these radar. but for now not the small one because it's not worth and maybe if we get assits of finding enemy i would use them even more !
  46. they got poor damage so it's just 'an bad idea' of doing this but hey it's people builds so they can do what they want no ? if they want to get destroy because they can only shot in the front well that's there choise. :L
  47. module

    they got triggered by vibration so drone and turret that shoting near them can trigger them ! an yes it's jump into the air just like in CoD MW3 ! :L I could make an skin for those anti-tank mine that many pp talked (those who are in the convoy)
  48. module

    well the cable stay as long as it's not broke or even the grappin itself can be destroy be the enemy caught on it. i forgot to remove the time to overheath XD i mean it's could be the cooldown before shoting an new harpon.
  49. Good work PSYCO. I enjoy reading the lore of the weapons you craft. What program do you use to create these blueprints?

    Good work! You're professional to make it look like the weapon belongs in game.

    1. PSYCO445


      Well i don't know if i answer but i use an old version of photoshop that my friend give me atleast it's been 4 years ago so... i would liketo have an drawing pad because i hat draw with a mouse :S I would also like to know how to creat texture with photoshop. and the last things is about the poor systeme of my computer i can't goes to an image mor elarge than 1800 x 1050 or it's make my lagg so i have to deal with large pixels... :( but im happy that you like my low budget artwork XD

  50. module

    Yep that what i thought too that why i writed 'activable' on the definition. :L i prefer creat things with an 'sort of' of balancing on them.
  51. module

    yep it's just an exemple for the devs so they can do what they want! but, yes it's true more energy cost could by good
  52. The conscept of an radar jammer. can activate it an make ambush to an enemie what can be more beautifull ? whithout map some player will get difficulty to understand there position with the ennemie position !
  53. There is my idea of an mine deploder, yes it could be an anti-tank mine but no, i want to show an betty mine that jump and activate after the jump, it's shooting 20 bullet of an AC-13 canon all around. so have an fast car and it will be nothing for you, but it's can be pain for an medium car.
  54. This module can help all those 'tank' build that people creat because they can be now more usefull whit an movable large turret !
  55. this is an part that some pp have talk about. so i made and skin about it.
  56. There come my idea of an long canon, it's could be nice to have one of those with an appearence of style and scary looking.
  57. This is the grappin an support item that i guess could be nice to have on hte game, this make oportunity of strategies and other.
  58. The little something is kinda an support machine gun. low cost energy, low damage, but high atk speed and low cooldown due to his passif.