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  1. you sir are a legend!!
  2. agreed. this needs some addressing. and i'm not talking about simple parameters nerf, but some actual remodeling of shotguns, as they all seem to have high mounted barrels. this allows for very low and concealed mounting, without restricted depression, when compared to other weapons. their structure points are relatively high compared to their size, also. for example, MGs in the same tier are bigger in size, but have less structure points. please take all these things into account before rushing to another damage nerf.
  3. cause there wont be any reverting of the changes. and they will probably increase item requirements for crafting. the market has plummeted in a very short time due to the lack of a good item sink, so they are forced to make some very unpopular changes. and no, i'm not trying to defend their stance, i'm just being realistic.
  4. thanks for this post! it's greatly appreciated. and you guys should make such posts more often, especially when there are some restrictive changes to the game mechanics.
  5. yet you still posted it 6 days ago. @FiveOClock, you won't learn anything if you're being this dismissive of honest criticism. and that's the kind of criticism you should value the most, otherwise you wont make it very far. and regarding the pitching of ideas, you should be ready to answer and address valid questions and critique. mods or not, we all play this game and have some reasoning behind our stance (not too different to actual devs and mods). if you want to see your ideas actually realized in the game, you should listen to your fellow community members and not insult them for pointing out flaws in your suggestion. and after all, this is a public forum, so it's natural that other people will feel the need to give their opinion.
  6. those "dumb" comments pointed out all the flaws in your suggestion. but let me chime in, if that's not enough for you. first of all, the mechanic is morally wrong. any douche with enough coins could abuse it and terrorize the community. there is no justice there, as you can't guarantee that this will be used in a just way. i can't imagine how you got past this big issue and continued to contemplate on such mechanic. and even if crushing was somehow justified, i still don't think that a player should have the ability to dish out such punishment. if you have problems with griefing and toxic players, you should report them and let admins handle them. second, there the technical issue of crushing someones build - what if the target doesn't have anything in blueprints. the race trolls you mentioned probably don't save their wall builds in the blueprints slots. this simply isn't a reliable mechanic. and again, you should report problematic behavior and let admins handle it.
  7. come on guys, why so serious? @FiveOClock was only joking. i really, really hope he was joking.
  8. no, it's not nonsense - the market does suffer from item inflation, which is the reason for the constant drop in prices. one of the causes for this item inflation are the loot crates - devs already had to rig the drop chances to reduce the influx of blue and higher tier items into the market. but that was obviously not enough. and behind all of this is one thing they don't want to you to know - their once overpriced coin packs are now worth more to the player than they are worth to Gaijin. but of course, they will not openly say this, cause they are sneaky, greedy people, who want to monetize every aspect of the game..
  9. why did it take you this long to actually come up with an explanation for this change? this could have been stated in the release notes from the start and you could have avoided the outrage. next time be more open to the community - i'm sure people would appreciate that. personally, i didn't care much for the crate mechanic update, as it was shameful from the very beginning. i hope that the rigged roulette scam will go away, now that we can only receive temporary items. or you're still planing to mislead players with flashy roulette animation that doesn't give anything valuable in the end...
  10. don't worry, man - they really don't spend any time on forums.
  11. i just don't see the point in spending two weeks grinding for event resources in order to spend them on a gambling mechanic.
  12. @BjKalderon, ok, so it's not worth playing the game during this event. thanks for the answer!
  13. can some of the mods confirm if new weapons will be available only through crates (Steel Cavalry containers)? cause i'm finding hard to believe what i read in the patch notes.