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  1. yeah... it's annoying af what? seriously? are you playing the same game? i have see on average 3 of them per side at 7kish you'd be amazed i wish. they are one of the top reasons why i quit matches
  2. and we you have (broadly speaking) stuff that explodes (cannons, rockets etc) and stuff that penetrates (MGs, shtoguns, crossbow etc)... i don't see a problem there. it's not like the cannons in the game were using APFSDSs...
  3. oh look... same idea, just than my suggestion doesn't even get ok-ed by the mods... great work! makes me wonder what other gems are burried in the forum
  4. those sneaky soviets, eh? but hold your horses... people still do it... those xxxxxxxx back to the topic thou... if mounting weapons (how many miniguns can you mount under your cabin and still use them?) under your cabin is such a big problem for you... get a few porcupines. or a mandrake
  5. people in high PS ranges seem to know how to use it quite well (to my dismay). maybe ask them
  6. aaaaaaaaaaand... you still don't get punished for quiting a match.... nice (not it's not. that is sarcasm)
  7. i just found out (by accident) that you implemented the suggestion for several chat-subchannels. EXCELLENT thou... you might wanna tell people and not let them find out by accident
  8. and do what punch through a van door and some old rusty container wall to incinerate the bush 50m behind the ramshackle car made of thin metal and wires...?
  9. ammo, scope, frame... whatever. i don't care about any of it if the thing would start to performe like smth made for sniping.if i have 125 shots in a purple AC like it is now... forget about it. but if it were to do some real damage long range (not just on stationary targets that are easy to hit).. sure. 125 shots are worth all the world
  10. 1) new items. yay! (does the crossbow again require 4 energy or the good old 3?) 2) shotgut are still too small, have too much HP (no, damage output is not the problem). disappointed that after several weeks this is still one of the top problems in higher PS matches and nothing gets done
  11. today i had the pleasure of a TOW passing through the full lengh of my build. without destroying anything.... neat
  12. this sounds like you use them in the only environment they do enough damage to be taken serious... a single one on a glass cannon build in very low PS range. and no, a purple AC doesn't do over a 100 damage from a single hit. I'm using them a lot because i simply like the concept of sniping, but the way you discribe them they'd have to have 2-3 times the damage boost they have now. which they don't at least it doesn't sound like you would be using a dual build at high PS ranges why would anyone sane use a sniping weapon in pair with short range weapons? you can't do serious damage on long range and neither on short range
  13. so what? if you've got people doing stuff like that, warn them a few times, ban them, problem solved. why do the rest of us have to put up with this cr*p because of a few afk bots?
  14. i use it because the weapon has a lot of buggs (some they seem related to servers). one of them is that the missle sometimes doesn't explode on impact but ignore an object and "teleport" through it. this can result in it exploding inside a build or going through map barriers and outside of the map. stuff like that
  15. there was something similar with the size of hurricans changing at some point during CBT. also didn't affect already existing blueprints
  16. because you have 1% on 1 white, 2% on 1 blue, 3% on 1 purple and 4 % on 1 orange decoration. once you get to the state that you run out of items you can use due to item limitation per build you'll see the advantage of more % per item
  17. why did you even stay?
  18. it doesn't need to have that "perk" if it would use the same damage model as other kinetic weapons. if they hit a barrier (say some piece of armor) and the dmg of the projectile is higher than the HP of the barrier the barrier gets destroyed AND the projectile keeps moving (having transfered a part of its damage) until it hits the next barrier (but it has to be within 6 fields). this is basicly already a poor mans penetration mechanic
  19. i think this would make it actually worse and better at the same time. worse, because it still uses explosion mechanics. and more exolosions do more damage because less damage gets wasted due to the crappy mechanic better, because even with the purple AC at very long distance it's hard to remove tires (which is the thing this weapon is best at, but it's still not good at it). with a higher dmg/shot this might work better i don't think so. why?
  20. it's quite easy to protect a track to survive being hit with a tow (unless it decides to teleport into your track... which might happen) yeah... but don't tell everyone. i love selling these things to people who don't know
  21. am i the only one around here that thinks that prices are pretty much stable now?
  22. too much corn is bad for your health
  23. is this a "how to get rid of drones in low PS ranges" motivated posting or... ?
  24. what is "low ps"?
  25. you think they removed XP gain to encourage team play?
  26. YES please!
  27. I'm fine with the ROF. It's an AC after all and not some cannon. but the dispersion you get from shooting makes it impossible to use it proper
  28. same on jawbreaker and humpback, no additional engines i found that it resolves the problem if you advance to a certain speed or engine rpm, stop accelerating until the engine sound goes silent a bit and then start accellerating again
  29. impulse? are you comparing a legendary with a relic?
  30. that "nerf" does almost nothing. at least it doesn't adress the problem with them being hidden behind a cabin, which is the source of it
  31. mods? devs? santa?
  32. so it's bad for pve but not for pvp because a small number of nutjobs were suicide rushing, right? it's also bad for pvp when you suddenly have a lot more bots instead of real players because people playing pvp obviously don't like this stuff (you could watch it unfold/change the last few days)
  33. it would be enough if the damage model were changed to kinetic like the crossbow was, doesn't need to penetrate like the purple cannon or the scorpion
  34. why not leave it the way it was? it was working after all. sure, there was the occasional spear-rushing person, but that happened every now and then... unlike the shotgun problem nothing is done about @Steelwolve singing my song....
  35. might also be due to track geometry. if you a build that is just too long it won't turn very well with tracks
  36. friction? what friction? tracks in this game have worse friction than a few tires...
  37. this is wrong on so many levels.... autocannon use explosion based mechanics, MGs use hitscanned/kinetic based mechanics. those two work completly different, it doesn't make much sense to compare them. the reason shotguns are a bit "overused" at the moment isn't because of their high dps (which actually is not that high) but because they are almost impossible to remove (due to size and placement) from an enemy to name just the complete obvious
  38. i had to realize that with the latest patch or hotfix there was a significant change to what happens when you leave a match. if i now leave a match before it is finished (f.ex. because my build got destroyed) i get ZERO xp. ZERO. I don't know who came up with this smart idea, but i don't see a point in watching something i'm not interested in.... getting a big F YOU like that? nice...
  39. problem with them is not so much the damage they do or that they can disarm you (all active controlled weapons can do that) but that due to their size and structural HP they are almost impossible to be disarmed as long as they don't change size and HP nerfing them is not gonna cut it unless they reduce the damage output by 3 digits
  40. well... it depends on the weight of the crusher and the stability of the crushed. doesn't matter if any of those has tracks or not 100%... at least for wheeled vehicles. especially if they are lighter
  41. would be the same if they change it from 45%/100m to 50%/100m. which it was at first. but for some reason they thought it was too high cannons work up to a medium range and purple MGs/miniguns are still (depending on what you consider mid range) a viable option
  42. worked for me. well, not for a full dual hurrican salvo. dual ACs with a cooler, no problem. but 3 blue MGs won't cut all of them down
  43. ha. i thought i was the only one who hates that map
  44. if you have the location of people waiting of your team to come around a corner, if they are caping and you want to do indirect damage... just s few examples. they are hard to use, but not bad at all if you konw how to. well... they are not like shotguns & MGs that work for almost every situation more or less...
  45. so what do you men by "only time they are a threat" and "dodged or shot down"? either they are a threat or not. ik i can shoot down a full volley from a dual hurrican (if i have some distance to them) with purple AC (which suck). for people using MGs, miniguns or shotguns any kind of guided missle should be far from being a problem
  46. not like people didn't already tell them during CBT...
  47. only if they are on top of the ground. the massive weight of a build on them would push them into the ground and sort of anchor them... but it doesn't
  48. I think the scaling issue has been mentioned several times. If you feel this is a reasonable problem mabye better start a bug report
  49. yes? no? maybe?
  50. maybe this is somehow related to the TOWs moving left or right on their own
  51. let me give you the POV of someone who "leaves battles early" and why i do it (a lot) I enter a match at 2:34, at least 1/3rd of my team is already dead, the rest engaged somewhere else I enter a match at 2:34 (this is my favourite one), and realize that half my stuff is already gone because someone is already at our spawn and blowing up the late arivals. don't get me wrong, i actually don't care about being half a minute late. but if it's game, set and match, why would i stay around any longer? I like to hang back with a dual purple AC and snipe. as soon as the usuall boring shotgun build comes around the corner i leave the match. why would i stay? not like you can learn anything from those builds I mentioned that i like to snipe. even if it's not a shotgun build that gets me, you don't get that much XP for shaving of weapons. even with destroying several purple ones and a bunch of wheels you're lucky to get more than 300xp. I actually don't even know if i keep them or not if i leave early, i just. don't. care. If i want to get XP i wouldn't use a sniping build. they are fun and dandy, but that's it If i get put on a map that doesn't work with the build i have (f.ex. the snipy one), like the revamped desert map or old town, it doesn't make much sense to stay. especially if you get put in late I'm pretty sure there are a bunch more reasons, but these are the most obvious ones i can come up with on the fly. actually, i guess it helps the rate at which you get a match if people quit a match they already lost and line up for a new one
  52. what now? pyres? those things have a horrible range, don't do much damage, if they were a human they couldn't hit their head with their own fist and are defeated as easy as it gets (hint: you shoot at them) why do people even still equip these? not like you get much out of it
  53. I find the only maps that are bad for sniping/long range are old town, the revamped desert map and that bunker map (it has wide open spaces, but loads of terrain bumps and little hideouts, horrible for sniping with ACs) to make use of the long range on bridge it need a team that can read a map (moving red dots and stuff). if people move fast you just can't do enough damage in that time. a guy reported once taht he shot a shotugn build 2 times with a full 3 x cricket volley coming opver the bridge and still got his rear handed to him.
  54. only if they had 2 times the cooldown of the time you have for shooting... a 100% better cooldown might give them a 20-30% higher dps (i'm guessing here based on what i know about the weapon and it's heat threshhold since I'm too lazy to test it)
  55. it works against all weapons that use explosive damage. you can basicly defeat a tripple purple cannon shot with a single layer if it is wide enough
  56. thats what i tried to describe with 2) feels quite different than 1)
  57. From my point of view the changes to the 2 shotguns (hammerfell and thunderbolt) do not solve the problem they cause in game. while the "speed" at which they can disarm a build is high, there are harder hitting weapons. The main problem behind these 2 shotguns was that they are always hidden behind the cabin and due to their size almost invincible while still able to defeat other builds that can not hide their wepon that well (in combination with a an extremely high HP in comparission to their size)...
  58. the way i test the damage output on weapon is that i take a cabin as big a possible (truck or jawbreaker), put a big load of struc behind it and shoot at the very front (at the center of the front with explosive stuff), take the time it takes to blow it up and calculate the rest that way it's not that hard to make an element that can withstand a very high damage per shot. in case of the TOW i had to hit a reclined jawbreaker cabin (with the struc backing up it's hp it had well above 2.5k of struc. it was impossible to 1-shot it with a tow) in the back to get max damage. hitting it from the front wouldn't do as much damage due to cabin geometry and explosion mechanics in the game, and recline it to avoid that the TOW can destroy the frame and kill the cabin without delivering all it's damage potential
  59. i takes a bit more than 100m for the purple AC to have the same DPS per energy (purple one has 20% more requirement) as the blue AC the projectile speed is actually a problem on many maps where an enemy will only be exposed for a very short time. not time enough for the projectiles to travel or for enough of the to hit to deal reasonable damage there are several approaches to make the purple AC more usefull, but all will have to include more damage. either by being able to hit more often (projectile speed) or dealing more per hit (raising either base damage, raising the buff, raising both...) simply not the case. if you use a scope you can see that even at medium range you have a reasonable big spread. it might be the most accurate weapon in the game, but by no means does it have 100% accuracy there seems to be a cut-off range for purple ACs. thou you'll only see it in action on the largest possible distances in the game (no, not in test drive) and what did they do? raise the dps by reducing the cooldown. unles you have a target that is stupid enough to just sit there and get shot to shreds i don't see how this is helping with the sniper role of the gun a lot (it is actually helping a little bit. but i can do the same with adding a cooler. it doesn't help with the concept for sniping to deal a lot of damage with few hits)
  60. which one exactly? there are a few that have the possibilty to use long range, but only if people are dumb enough to go there
  61. you can shoot over buildings without the need for a line of sight, you only need to know where someone is. retcher and AGS are the only weapons that can do that
  62. try shooting through one of the windows on that bunker map... depressing
  63. they catch explosive weapon damage without taking as much damage as normal armor, while at the same time keeping damage away from normal armor
  64. It had a faster turn rate and was smaller. the reason i doesn't have those properties now is because it was too good with them (aka op). hammerfell was dealing much more damage but it got cut down because so many people felt that the sparkly magic of that thing was a real problem in the game
  65. I actually think the porcupine would work well these days because of all those boring shotgun builds in high PS ranges... those guys have to get to you and not the other way round. only problem would be to time their cooldown with your barrel ejection
  66. the max damage i was able to get out of a tow was 2.09k. that's enough to blow up a single track (1.2?1.5k hp?) but I'm happy to change my impression on the tow if you can show me how i can do around 4k damage
  67. sounds like 2 things i've experienced 1) the well known rubber-band problem when you've got a bad ping 2) it recently started happening that sometimes the game seems to be stuck in some kind of loop (a bit similar to the rubber band thing, but much longer) where it replays the last few seconds. usually happens at the end of a match when the last enemy gets killed or at the end of a leviathan fight/invasion
  68. I think the thing that larger areas get hit more often by things fired in their general direction should also be considered... i actually don't think the MMG/blue shotgun thing is a problem since shotguns spray a lot and have a lower damage output
  69. 2 4x2x1 elements X X X X O O O O tataaa.... spaced armor for your low level needs, 2 times in front of your build as per doctors orders. works for me, should also work for you. those plates have no bias only against TOWs? sure it does. unless you start with the "but it's ugly" (happend before). it's not a protection against being hit several times but it does defeat 1 or 2 TOW hits might very well be the case. my experience TOW vs big track is from invasion where a perfect tow hit was unable to take out a single track from the steel tyrant. during pvp it's very hard to tell because players usually don't just sit there. but i know from getting hit by tows that it never manages to take out more than 1 large wheele from a side i have placed 3 of those
  70. I don't remember these weapons being such an annoyance during cbt, so it's quite a good bet to link them with the jawbreaker cabin
  71. i was just about to mention "but so are single MGs..." until i read the chord part... are flamers really THAT bad?
  72. ah. as in "it has a a stack of 3 loaded, you can empty the stack at once or shoot a single one whenever you please"?
  73. one more possibility might be that they are hidden from MY build-center. meaning that i should be able to see them with the scope on top of my build, but not from the build-center much lower? similar to that sometimes you know (f.ex. from radar) that someone is around a corner but you can't see him if you peek around that corner
  74. 1.) An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened. If you look through a scope (on "bridge") to the other side you can see a concrete block and some pieces of fencing left and right of it. builds that are behind that fencing/block area can/will go invisible but still be hit 2.) What did you expect to see/happen the builds behind the fence to be still visible 3.) How to recreate the situation look at the spot on the screenshot from the other side of the bridge and have someone drive around in that area, preferably close to the fence. maybe it is related to the center of the build being behind the block and the rest behind the fence? so far i haven't been able to make a usefull conclusion 4.) Details. Attach all the details, that you find necessary to attach and haven't noticed in previous steps. If you write about a bug, that is connected with a particular location, then you have to mark the particular place by attaching a screenshot with a map or turning on the coordinates (by pressing F11 multiple times) and taking a screenshot. 5.) Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur? every game as far as i can tell 6.) Logs + screenshots 2017.07.14
  75. It seems to be a general feature that the hitboxes of objects are a tad bigger than they seem. using an AC should clear up any doubts very fast. there are numerous places where you think you can hit an enemy "over there" you can see beside the structure that is close to you just to find out that the projectile gets cought mid flight
  76. and about twice the damage output... I have to agree with OldBean, they are hard to get the hang of but very effective once you do (i didn't. i quite dislike these things. but i see sometimes what people can do with them if they put enough time into it)
  77. yeah... 90% of the shotgun builds look like this. boring af whenever i see the group of generic shotgun builds come up i just leave the match. more entertaining to poke a toothpick in your own eye than to play a game where most of the builds look the same
  78. are you serious or is this some elaborate trolling?
  79. 1.) 2 more chat sections after general chat There should be at least 2 more chat sections after general chat. 1 for Q & A and 1 for recruiting people for raids, groups and clans As it is now there is only general chat at it's an often horrible mix of the above 2, personal problems, politics, bs and whatnot. At least i feel that the 2 above should have their seperate sections so you don't have to scrole like a mad man every time you try to stay on top of even the smallest discussion 2.) be able to resize the chat window to whatever size we want it to be And while we're at it... it would be quite handy to be able to resize the chat window to whatever size we want it to be. You see, I'm by no means a programmer... but since changing the size of a window works in most other programs i know it doesn't seem that hard to manage and seems quite handy
  80. I think it would be nice if the commands given ("defend here", "help me"...) would not only pop up on the screen somewhere you hardly notice them but if they would be audible this should NOT be the case all the time since the trolling by some people would be inevitable and make your ears bleed. it should only be the case for people in a group
  81. 1.) An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened. I realized at some point being shot from somewhere very far away but saw nothing like incoming AC projectiles. having a scope i checked out what it was and saw it was some guy with a load of miniguns shooting at me from what I'd call sniping distance. until my scope suddenly was shot of by that guy 2.) What did you expect to see/happen not being hit at that distance. especially not by a minigun. from my understanding of range it should be MG > minigun > shotgun. 3.) How to recreate the situation I then checked the "values" on the item cards of HMG and minigun. and to my astonishment i saw that the HMG had 4 bars on range and the minigun 5. i then used faction builds in test drive to check the actuall range of these guns and i got the impression that a minigun has "infinite" range (max range i could do in test drive) 4.) Details. Attach all the details, that you find necessary to attach and haven't noticed in previous steps. If you write about a bug, that is connected with a particular location, then you have to mark the particular place by attaching a screenshot with a map or turning on the coordinates (by pressing F11 multiple times) and taking a screenshot. 5.) Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur? always 6.) Logs + screenshots 2017.07.10
  82. IF the purple AC is supposed to be the sniper go to weapon in the game then it needs to work different than it does now since it usually can not deliver the powpow it needs to due to people moving a lot, explosion mechanics, bullet speed et cetera et cetera. which results in hardly anyone using it my suggested change: make the base damage 140% of what the blue AC has (because the purple uses 20% more energy and 20% more damage from a higher tier, thats why) AND give it a 200% damage bonus to wheels & tracks. that way it would make it a serious threat to fast moving builds that need their many wheels AND be much better suited to help their team by reducing mobilty of enemies IF this change doesn't suffice a +X% dmg to weapons addition to the wheel/track damage bonus should do the trick
  83. sidekick drones show up on the radar/map with the same symbols as other players/bots. other drones have distinct different symbols I think sidekicks also should show up with the same symbols other drones do
  84. 1.) An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened. the TOW tends to explode when it encounters sudden terrain changes that seem to exeed a threshold. I think an easy sollution to the problem might be to reduce the "terrainhogging" value of the TOW. if it had a somewhat more smooth movement on the Z axis the whole problem should be gone 2.) What did you expect to see/happen the missle to glide over the terrain change without exploding 3.) How to recreate the situation easiest would be to shoot straight into the direction my build is facing on the screenshot. there is some kind of ditch right in front of the build, the missle tends to explode when going through the lowest point. this map is actually a perfect area for this bug due to the many hard changes in terrain that occure and make it almost impossible to use the TOW on this map beside in certain areas. 4.) Details. Attach all the details, that you find necessary to attach and haven't noticed in previous steps. If you write about a bug, that is connected with a particular location, then you have to mark the particular place by attaching a screenshot with a map or turning on the coordinates (by pressing F11 multiple times) and taking a screenshot. 5.) Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur? can be several times per match 6.) Logs + screenshots 2017.06.30
  85. 1.) An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened. fired a TOW at a fliped over enemy. it clipped/tunneled/whatever right through the build 2.) What did you expect to see/happen the enemy build to blow up because the TOW did not tunnel through it 3.) How to recreate the situation unknown 4.) Details. Attach all the details, that you find necessary to attach and haven't noticed in previous steps. If you write about a bug, that is connected with a particular location, then you have to mark the particular place by attaching a screenshot with a map or turning on the coordinates (by pressing F11 multiple times) and taking a screenshot. 5.) Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur? I've seen it a lot. mostly it seems due to ping/server side steering issues. but not hitting an imobile target I've only seen 1-2 times so far (2 days of using a TOW) 6.) Logs + screenshots 2017.06.27 17.37.03.zip sorry, no screens, since i didn't expect this to happen
  86. Problem: you sometimes spawn into a game that is already running for several seconds. on certain maps you already get swarmed by that time and have zero chance of surviving let alone being usefull Solution: after spawning a build is invulerable for say 4 seconds. In that timeframe it should have a glow/aura or something so people who got in in time and decide it is good idea to swarm the other spawn know whats up
  87. 1.) An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened. got put into a match where 4/5 of the other team with 1 clan. the other team had >15% more PS from players. as expected, my "team" stubling around like blind fish on a sunny day, getting whacked within no time. this problem also existed in the next match, so i left. 2.) What did you expect to see/happen I'd expect that a group that works as a group get only put against other groups. I wasn't in any group and non of the other players said they were in a group. as i understand that people who want to play in a group should get a chance to do so... letting them loose in the general population doesn't seem like the way to go. since i don't think that was the intent of the MM system i take it was a bug appearing... 3.) How to recreate the situation unknown 4.) Details. Attach all the details, that you find necessary to attach and haven't noticed in previous steps. If you write about a bug, that is connected with a particular location, then you have to mark the particular place by attaching a screenshot with a map or turning on the coordinates (by pressing F11 multiple times) and taking a screenshot. 5.) Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur? unknown 6.) Logs + screenshots 2017.06.20 10.42.01.zip