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  1. Current Community Managers Skyeshadow BjKalderon Woodyrojo Moderators Cpt_Nero K_BOMBA AntideathX DJKiller666 fortehlulz gaaraplayer Jnuttengr NikosDEAD Tilith Zoidzerg If you believe the punishment is unfair or doesn't correspond with the Rules of the forum above, you are free to appeal against the moderator's decision by sending private message to the Senior Moderators Cpt_Nero or K_BOMBA or one of the Community managers listed above. Decision stated by the Community manager is the final one and there's no option to appeal against it. Remember that all the correspondence between the moderator/CM and the player is private. It's prohibited to post it or its parts on the Forum or any other place. It's also prohibited to hand over the information that you receive to any third person.

    Hey Skye! Successfully submitted my data to you.

    Hope you read my reply after so many elapsed days.

    Have to continue play Crossout!


  3. Dear players, if you wish to be a Crossout moderator and think you can devote some time regularly to being one, please let me know via a personal message. Please include the following information into the message: · Your age · Where you live (country) and your timezone · Languages you know aside of English, if any · Please specify the platform you play Crossout: PC, Xbox or PS4? Thank you!
  4. Hello @icebraker11 ! I've moved your thread, it belongs to discussions Thank you for the praise and suggestions. x10 and x100 were the most universally used, so these options were streamlined. I added your request for discussion though, we'll analyze this again. To make the interface as comfortable for players as possible is our goal after all. As for trading within a party you suggest - well, in all honesty I think such possibility would entail possibilities for collusions, wouldn't it? The current system is fair as everyone can buy goods and the market regulates itself.