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  1. I moved to Racing Build with 1 drone and 4 exploding rams. When you come up against someone they will shoot the drone so you can set up the exploding lance kill. Pure Drone Spammer won't shoot your exploding lances because its programmed to target the cabin. That gets you a drone spammer kill with 1 lance and the drone left over. This build has problems with a well built heavy . Drone Spammers can't kill the racing build before you hit them with the exploding lance build. Drones can't target cloaked cars . So drone spammers are vulnerable to the cloaked Wasp spam.
  2. Quick note from tonight - There are two ways people are griefing races. The first thing people are doing is building a vehicle that takes up the entire gate. When the racers come near the gate they drive into the gate blocking the entire gate so no one can race. The second way only happens in the swamp bridge race map. People will sit on the bridge not trying to race. When someone come near they try to ram them sideways off the bridge into the trees. That is a part of the map that is impossible to get out of. Player actively blocking gates during race
  3. Here is my 2 cents on racing so far... Set Up Your test Race in the Garage. You are going to test race trying to go faster and run more stable (less crashing) This should be your starter for racing. Lightweight Frame, Starter Tires and Duster Cabin. Then throw some decorations on it and a paint job. Do not use Wyvern or Pickup Truck Cabins. They weight too much. They will reduce the effect of your rockets. Weight is your enemy! Light Engine will get you more base speed and acceleration Use Rocket Boosters only on straight flat land if possible. Otherwise you will crash or worse. Only fire rockets in pairs. Otherwise you can only use the rockets in long straight parts of the course. Studded Wheels make the car lighter and faster. Do Not User Racing Wheels. They make your car slow. Growler Cabin is a bit heavier but it boosts your max speed and max acceleration. In the Weapon Set Up you can set up your rocket boosters. I never use more than 2 at once. If you have 3 pairs linked you can choose to fire all 6 or pairs. If you have all 6 linked you can only fire one big blast. This limits your places you can use your rockets. You have to fit through the racing gates with 7 other racers. If your car is too big you will constantly wreck or get wrecked. If you car is too small it may flip easier or it may not. Sometimes small is good. You have to test your build. Don't make your car too complicated. The extra weight slows it down. It's a race car not Optimus Prime. Sometimes your car can be prone to rolling or flipping. Use Lunatic Grill parts to keep your car from going over. If you want to practice your race driving in matches then take your race car and replace the rockets with drones or other light weapons. In this vehicle my only protection is from decoration parts. I have to run away in order to live. Good practice for racing. 26% rep boost because all my armor is decorations. There is a purple engine that costs 500C. I am still testing it. It may give you a small boost in speed . Don't know yet. When testing in the garage always make time for some fun.
  4. For people who are getting slaughtered by drones "Mini Meanie" Duster Cabin Light Engine Studded Tires Light Weapons Only use decorations as armor , will be 15-25 percent bonus Notice how I am using decorations as ultra-light armor. I use this build to practice for racing. Because you are faster you pick when to fight and when to run.
  5. There is one simple truth to Crossout. Crossout is like being a soccer hooligan. You come with a crowd. You fight with a crowd. You kick the sh..stuffing out of anyone dumb enough to try to fight your group alone. Everyone has a glass cannon so numbers matter a lot. I run a 4 drone build. I always find someone driving a MG Spam build and tail behind them. If you shoot out my drones the MG spammer will strip every weapon you have, If you try to fight the MG Spammer I have enough firepower to kill 3 cars from one drone launch. I always put 2 L shaped parts between the drones. If you do that the drones never collide after launch.
  6. What I have learned so far - Racing is going to be its own Guide. Here are some quick bullet points to get you winning. Fire rockets on flat level ground. Otherwise you will go flying and crashing sideways. Racing Tires make the car go slower Studded Tires are lower weight. Most power racers are using them The Growlers is the best cabin so far for builds. The second best is that light cabin people got for being in CBT Ramming and Crashing others is fail. You lose 5 seconds or more which costs you. You want other people to wreck and then you drive by. If you hit the checkpoint posts at just the right angle your car will explode. Group rockets in 1s, 2s or 3s based on your playstyle. Smaller rocket groups gives you more control over the car. The guy with 6 rockets firing all at once will lose control a lot. JDSplice loves pepperjack! (People on twitch get mad when you say dumb things in chat, they will rage quit or crash, more points for you) Racing is about stress. When people get stressed they will over steer or make bad mistakes. This is where horns that make funny noise come in. If you are close behind someone start hitting the horn. Sometimes they will get flustered and crash. Then they will spend 10 seconds typing in how you are the worst person in the universe. More points for you.
  7. Was trading racing info with other drivers. One of them showed us that racing tires actually make the cars go slower. They increase weight which reduces speed. They don't boost performance. Not sure how that got past testing.
  8. Basic Idea:Create 3-4 factions from the many suggestions. Each faction is active for 2 months at a time. During that time parts can be crafted and faction points gained. This will create a seasonal economy. When factions are inactive there will be limited supply and demand. As people's stock is sold off the price on good items will go up. When the faction becomes active supply will increase and the prices will go down. Example: Game Company creates 3 new factions. One faction is the UFO Laser faction who has flying UFO turrets. One Faction is the Fire Truck and Police Vehicle factions. The Third Faction is the Da Vinci Faction with parts and weapons from old Da Vinci drawings. The UFO Faction starts active and the other two are inactive. The UFO Faction has increasing supply and demand. So their price parts will go down over time. The other two factions will have limited supply and demand . So their part prices will increase over time. Two months are up, The UFO Faction will become inactive and the Fire/Police faction will become inactive. The UFO Faction prices will start to increase as supply is cut off. The Fire/Police faction prices will decrease as crafting increases. The Da Vinci Faction will continue to increase with limited supply and demand. Each faction will have 2 months of crafting and decreased prices. Each faction will have 4 months of no crafting and increase prices. Note: If you really want to get people crafting create a faction that specializes in Racing. I was talking with people during the races last night. They were doing a lot of min-max research. They know racing tires slow racing cars down. They know Studded tires increase speed for racing. There are a lot of power gamers in the racing subgroup.
  9. In WWII a Panther tank cost 5 times as much as a light 37mm tank to build. If the Panther only defeats the light tank 60 percent of the time its not worth the extra cost. The Panther is only a great tank if it dominates the competition. Historically domination in military conflict runs about 5 to 1 or better. If Purple parts were 5 time better than blue parts(and 5x the PS) then everyone would be using up all those raw materials. Blue equipment should be 5 times better than white(and 5 times the PS). Purple should be 5 times better than Blue. Orange should 5 times better than purple. Then people will use up all the basic raw materials making higher level parts. I can do any mission in the game with 3 Wasps and all blue parts. That kills the entire raw materials market.
  10. This is not easy but it would work. Game Company models 4 premium factions. Each faction is only available for 3 months. Only one faction is available at a time. During the 9 months they are not available their craftable items would increase in value. During the 3 months the faction is available the prices would go down. This would create a cycle of supply and demand to keep the prices moving up and down.
  11. Video looks really good.
  12. That is another tip btw. Notice how the black paint is hiding my generator and engine. Some paints make it harder to see your critical parts. Other paints make them easier to target. If you are in serious mode make sure to only use paints that make parts harder to see.
  13. BONUS TOPIC - RACE EVENT The Race event uses a lot of concentration. At the start of the event when the countdown hits 0 hit your car horn. The sudden noise may cause 1-2 people to crash at the start. Remember this is a concentration event. If someone trolls chat like "All Euros like stinky cheese" they are trying to break your concentration. Ignore them. Don't type a response. You can practice for race events. Build a car by taking your race build and converting two energy points to ramming spears. Now you can drive around your racing car fighting 1800 PS matches. Inbetween the fighting you will get a lot of practice using your rocket engines.
  14. You can see it because its all painted black. Will mark it up
  15. This is a game of glass cannons. So you can't have a large hollow box wall. But you can put the hollow boxes to block critical areas. But there is something else you can do. This is one of my basic builds I use. Those 3 large tired on each side will soak 810 points of damage without making me slower. Those two cannons in front will soak 434 damage. In order to get through my front someone has to do 434 damage and take dual cannon fire. In order to flank me they have to do 810 damage to get through the tires. See the acceleration and speed on my build? Large tires don't limit speed like tracks do. Large tired are large enough to shield the cabin, engine and generator.
  16. There is an old saying. Give a man a fish and feed him for one day. Teach a man to beat up fishermen and feed him for life. The point of this guide is to give you some tips to help you win at low end battles @1800 PS The first concept is player armor. This is a battle that is even or in your favor. You will allow another player to get close. The enemy shoots him and ignores you. He takes the damage and you take free shots on the enemy. Do not jump use this when the enemy greatly outnumbers you. The player armor will die quickly then they will crush you in seconds. You are putting the local agro magnet to work for you. Be careful when using AI bots and Players as Armor. Some bots and players will charge at large numbers of enemy which gets you the massacre instead of the desired bot armor. Use the TAB key for the map to see just how many enemies the Aggro Magnet is going to fight. Second Concept is a Gun Mantlet. We place a piece of structure so it will block some fire on our weapon. But the weapon can still fire out. Notice how the red gun is protected but can still fire. The Green gun is exposed and can easily be destroyed. Where you need to protect is relative to your vehicles acceleration and speed. If you are slow people will shoot you more often in the back or sides. The next concept is extra wheels. What happens if a wheel gets shot off? For most players the answer is I don't know. So what we are going to do is to test drive cars missing 1 wheel. Then we will know what will happen if a wheel is shot off. We can see if we need more wheels. Here is me testing a 7 wheel build. Can I drive well with 7 wheels still on the car? Here is me testing a five wheeled build. I tested 3,5,7, and 9 wheel builds to see what works. Based on my driving tests I know 3 wheels sucks, 5 wheels are ok, and 7 wheels are good. So I want a light build with 6, 8 or 10 wheels. There is no reason to guess. You can test this in your garage to see what works for you. Our next concept is extra soak for fighting people with LMG or MMG builds at low levels. If structure has just 1 point left it will block one extra shot. If I use structure pieces that block extra shots I get an advantage against my opponent. That is huge in light builds. As you can see above there are certain structure pieces that are 1 or 2 points left over. These pieces will give me a little extra time when being shot up by 3 x LMG or 4 X LMG builds. If you are good at math the extra soak numbers are multiples of the damage plus one more point. Weapons that does 10 will have extra soak if structure is 11,21,31 and so on. This part has 16 structure. If my opponent's weapons do 15 damage then I will get some extra soak. If the weapon does more than 16 damage it will just stop one shot. Every little bit of extra damage soak gives you an advantage. Don't even bother trying to use this against drones or Wasps. Only use this against light weapons at low builds around 1800. BONUS WEIRDNESS - LETS BUILD A PENTOMINO CAR Sometimes you want to build something weird for fun. This car is built from one of the Pentomino Shapes. Because it looks weird it can give you a very small psychological advantage. The first time someone sees it they will try to figure it out. Sometimes its just fun to drive something weird around. Basic Pentomino Shaped Vehicle just because
  17. We are going to look at how to better car armor using science and math. So lets start off with the basics. In wall building this is called a stack. It is the weakest possible built. Each piece only has 4 other pieces supporting it. So killing 4 pieces will get you another piece destroyed which is bad. This is called an English bond . See how each piece has 6 other pieces supporting it. So its much harder to get bonus damage. Now this will work good against mg fire but it will fail against cannon fire. cannons attack a 3 by 3 area. Someone shooting the brown layer from the side will also damage the black layer. Now I have changed my walls so that a cannon shot will only affect the outer black layer. The 3 square the cannon effects is just air. So it will take an extra cannon shot to defeat this double wall. Now here is a hollow box build, cannon rounds will damage the outer brown are and the inner green section of the boxes. So this will buy you some extra time against cannons. this layout is called a boxed basketweave. It allows you to soak cannon damage with empty air. Do you see the mistake in my box build? The weaker piece are on the bottom. Someone can shoot them out and destroy the better pieces. Always put the best protection on the bottom. Never make the enemies job easer. I like these piece of structure. What makes them good? You get more than 1 structure point for each kg of weight. Its the best bang for the buck. Using these pieces will save you weight . You can use that weight for better weapons or more speed. Note the piece in the picture gets you 22 structure for only 18 KG These pieces have good structure but it costs you a lot of weight. Only use these to protect critical parts that are easily destroyed. Too many of these will make your vehicle a sitting duck. 216 KG for only 57 points of structure. OUCH! What important function are the decorations doing in my picture? AI bots constantly target and fire with perfect accuracy through tiny openings. They are blocking the AI bot target code for #1. Notice I put them over a grille. If I did not cover the grille. my opponents could see the important parts and fire on that section. Blocking the line of sight is #2. I get a reputation bonus for #3. Each of these can soak a bullet . That is #4. A cannon shot can effect a 3 by 3 area. So set up your defense properly. Also when firing drive at your foe if you need to. After you fire make sure to zig zag so your enemies attack is soaked by structure.
  18. Give each car a rating for speed, firepower, and total structure. Match speed for speed, firepower for firepower, and structure for structure. Understand that people know how to exploit MM to get easy mode. If you quit you never get put in the same match. If you quit enough you get all Ace matches with LMG first builds.