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  1. ..not sure, but i think weapons can be aquired multiple times in packs. it's just the structure parts that dont stack iirc
  2. what, so you want every weapon to counter every other weapon? lol. thats like saying "water should put out fire, but fire should also insta-vaporize water" also lol 2 weeks after initial post, still salty.
  3. its not just the first 15. it's 15 days in a month. and i think the reward system allows for skipping a day
  4. Are you sure you havent gotten all 15 for thw month?
  5. ive seen an afk bot that basically drives forwards and turns left every three seconds with the guns firing wildly.
  6. thanks for the feedback. oh also, i forgot, instead of saying "AT THE WHEEL" when a specialist is selected, it could say something like "In-car" or "current partner" or jsut "active"
  7. this is illegal, yeah? yeah
  8. bull. you cant fit 4 at 2.4k ps. requires too much en/PS even 3 drones wont fit at 2.4, since that would require a buggy cabin, and 3 drones at 555ps already. at most, you cna do a viable 2.4k ps drone build with 2 drones + some armor.
  9. the comments arent moderated. the whole forum has been buggy with posts going ninja and whole topics not refreshing to show newwest posts
  10. THIS. it's what makes seal clubbing way easier. they often jsut shoot for the cabin. but the cabin, while giving most damage returns, has a lot of structure. hell the onyl way to kill a car by shooting the cabin is by depleting all the structure. but shooting wheels and weapons leave them defenceless allowing them to be taken out with them firing back at you or running away. they often dont assess threat posed by enemies and instead shoot for whatever is smoking, or whatever is getting ganged up on. realized this and now i hide 2 exhaust pipes under my cabin to fake it smoking. now, chances that someone will shoot my cabin instead of my weapons have risen greatly.
  11. frame gap. that's the best place to hide the ammo and fuel
  12. did the server somehow get faster cause animations (specially rotating the camera) seems a lot more smoother now
  13. no chill
  14. watch pyres go up in popularity again due to the buff, and then nerfed back down after people start fielding them enmasse
  15. i forgot about factory, yeah they need it back too
  16. ah, yeah they removed those, devs said they'll put it back when levels are higher... maybe they're waiting for average player levels to increase some more.
  17. Inb4 more PYRE SALT. (thanks for fixing founders canyon. please give us fortress and old town back in the pvp rotation)
  18. i say let the enemy see the laser. let them know fear.
  19. single player raids (against player created AI vehicles) would be a nice option. let the novices test builds and get experience. but yeah, they will get salty anytime anythign kills them make you wonder why they dont jsut play minecraft
  21. you cant put 4 drones on a vehicle at 2k ps. at most you can put 2 on a vehicle at 2kps. 3 if youll go without armor (but that's no good) each one already costs 555. dont over exagerate to justify your saltiness drones have high DPS, true. but it is not CONSTANT DPS. they have almost zero HP when in the air, and have too long a cooldown. do not jump into the forums to complain wihtout even trying to deal with them. you guys want them to fly around without guns, carrying a small sign saying "hello, enjoy your game"? or maybe you want drones that your enemy popped to go bring you a bottle of mt dew and some nachos? last time it was turrets that had all yall salty. then it was melee weapons. then shotguns. now drones. what next? you gonna get salty over hatchets?
  22. aww yeah. made it to the frontpage.
  23. you mean like, target designation for the drones? sounds interesting, might be fiddly while in combat, so making it an option would be a good way to do it. basically default mode for drone after popping out "automatic targetting" then if you want you can switch to "target designation" mode to pinpoint enemies to concentrate on. maybe if you press whatever bind that current drone is on, you can switch modes, this allows for drones to target different enemies if they're bound to different keys.
  24. actually, the sidekicks, while they do have higher HP have less accuracy (being that they wander off too much) and lower damage. i would say that all 4 types autonomous weapons are well balanced. (maybe the caucasus, not so much, but eh. it is super high PS for the damage output of a vector)
  25. what were they compared to? racing tires are often just used for structure instead of speed (atleast that's what I do.) the landing gear is faster but more brittle
  26. ive aimed at the frame hte legs are attached to. those have less structure. with the legs lifting the vehicle so high, its actually pretty easy
  27. actually the only lunatic looking about the car in the laoding screen is the front bumper, small spikes and the streaks of red on it. (and the stick bomb the other guy is holding) everything else is engineers looking. with a gun from the nomads and panels from scavengers. i think maybe this is jsut meant to represent a small gang, not included in other factions, maybe a freelance group that trades with all the others. now speaking of "new factions" i wish we could acces some of the old posts from before the forum wipe. it had some nice ideas for factions there.
  28. thanks
  29. the week resets every monday 00:00 GMT
  30. the design with the feathers actually look close to the shaman profile picture that comes with the born to fly pack. so there's that connection too
  31. drones are still as fragile in that PS as it is in any other tho. also, at 2500 ps you can still get atleast 900hp for a decent build
  32. assists count for kills in seasons. even just plinking them once, as long as that raider is destroyed by your other weapon or your teammate, it counts as a destruction
  33. you dont get extra parts from packs, packs unlock parts before you get them via level up. so you arent missing those quarter walls that came with snake bite. you had them before you were able to unlock them. did you buy any other packs other than snakebite?
  34. what, you expect to get a blue wepaon that easily? 120 minutes that, might i remind you, you spend fighting and grinding to get even more items. youre not buying the crate with your time, youre not spending points to get it. you're being given it. oh lol, they do that in cosmic break. showing "percentages" of course noone could prove they were real since the gachamachines were RNG and were random and had no holding pattern
  35. "better UI" (wants rock steady reticule no matter the terrain, wants higher camera angles for wasy use) "better damage" (wants tighter damage grouping AND larger individual shell splash dmage) "not a major buff" (wants gun to have less/no recoil even without mech legs) "minor tweaks" (wants changes to recoil, damage, sighting and aiming) okay.
  37. lots of the posters in the bugs and suggestions subforums are like this "WHY IS X SO WEAK?" "WHY IS Y SO STRONK?" "HE SHOOT ME, IS HAXX!" "I DED, GAME IS SUCK" one must first acquire skill to be able to play the game to any degree of success. (GIT GUD)
  38. nah, its fine as is. camera angle is debatable unles they add some sort of flying drone camera with the weapons animation to justify the higher angle. also the 400-50 range of damage means that some get direct hits and some only do splash or even minor damage. waht, you want a gun that fires a dozen shells straight into centermass? moving around the map at small bumps is what it should do, the firing reticule is dependent on the gun and vehicles angle. you dont want wahts "best for the game" you want whats best for you to try and justify you shelling out for a gun that you cant utilize well. jsut leave it as is to avoid screwing up game balance any more than it already is.
  39. "HOW DO RNGs WORK?" the thread
  40. update

    depending on the terrain tires will push a tracked vehicle (specially one with metal track)
  41. today's challenges means today's available challenges since you still have the 120 min challenge and the remaining challenges that you still ahve not finished from the days before. 1 per day means you get a new one each day, if your slots are filled, you can swap 1 challenge for a new one. and no, it was 1 per day in cbt. maximum of 3 active as it is now
  42. you only get 1 per day, maximum of 3 active. have you completed hte other two already?
  43. found this hotwheels mini cooper that i lost some time ago (nephew played with it, misplaced it in the yard.) it developed some nice rusting on it, and i thought, it would look cool as a crossout style car. used bits and pieces from my scrap box, and larger wheels for the rear. still needs some more work like removal of glass and replacing it with screens and plate armor repainting the body (maybe rust brown) but i will keep one of the quarter panels the original candy red it is in right now. also keeping that Union Jack on the hood. weapons need to be detailed some more, and some paint put on them so anyway, what do you think?
  44. weird. so you guys cant revert color other than removingthe part?
  45. 10/10 update
  46. is it jsut me or does OLD TOWN, factory and that other map (the kneckt castle thing) never appear in pvp map cycles? its always rock city, founders canyon, the new desert map, bridge , powerplant. weird.
  47. are you me?
  48. why do this: this allows the players to keep themselves immersed in the game by having them as the driver and the "specialist" as a support character in-car (or in the garage) think of it like the blacktops in madmax. they fix the cars, man the weapons etc. same for this game. the current set of "drivers" dont actually affect vehicle movement and mostly add bonuses to weapons systems. in-game it could be made to say that the "specialists" are selected from the factions to help the driver (player) perform better in the field. what to change: the name in the menu from DRIVERS to SPECIALISTS the little steering wheel icon, to something like crossed wrenches or something.
  49. cargo race favorite. 3x drones, some armor and SPEEEED
  50. EVIL
  51. oh lol i remember this in chat. some guy was asking for a "dragster" build. like an art build for a dragster. this gets spammed, and when people pointed out that the only "dragster" about it was the name, it got posted here. well, anyway. as for the loadout, sidekick is kinda bad. wasp placement is easy kill and autocannon is basiccallt a decor item at this point
  52. might not be a bug. bots exploding is via self destruct (very fast self destruct) and whenever a player self destructs, anyone that does the last hit on them ( for a certain period before he self destructs) gets kill credit
  53. naw. this map is actually well balanced. those that say that the lunatics cant excel in it are well, wrong. sure water slows you down, but it does so for everyone else. and sure there will be snipers on the bridge, but you have agility and speed. jsut run slaloms or jsut boost your way across. also, why are you playing pure builds? mix and match. get speed and durability. get speed and fire power. dont restrain yourself to one set of parts, the game allows you to use all faction parts no matter what faction youre leveling up. do it.
  54. this is whya i put a crippling (but hidden) flaw in all "combat ready" vehicle i publish
  55. theyre taunting us
  56. did you get the crate? did you open it? you know crates often contain crud. that's how RNG items go. also, why so salty over 1 crate?
  57. how it would work the members of a clan can share the use of 2-3 cans of paint that are available as a common item to them after the clan master purchases it and selects it for that function. this way, a clan can make thier own "uniform" and would look pretty good together. limitations paint cans are bought on market, as per usual. to select colors for the uniform, the leader selects it out of his inventory. he must then pay a fee of 5-10c per can of paint selected. paint selection can be changed anytime, but the fee must be paid again upon doing so.
  58. jsut the jeep front grill would be a great addition to the game. all the other parts could be immitated with current ones
  59. how about combining walker legs and wheels. these can move liek ordinary wheels but allow for crab walking, diagonal driving and turning in place. faster than current mechanical legs, but lower HP.
  60. why it should be a thing: Decoration items add reputation bonus to your vehicle, since painting it is also a way of decorating it, why not give paint the effect similar to decoration items? how it should be implemented: each paint gets rep bonus according to its rarity like deco items do. white = 1% blue = 2% etc... to keep some balance tho, and to stop people from painting thier cars in rainbow colors for an easy rep bonus, the bonus rep from paint would only be determined by the highest tier of paint on it (and only one of them). example, if a car has paint of 2 white and 1 blue rarity on it, it will only get bonus from that 1 blue paint. or if a car has 1 white paint and 3 blues, it will only get the bonus equivalent to 1 blue can of paint.
  61. i think it's not the PS nor the difficulty that's the issue but the player experience. i run a 3.5k ps for normals without any problems, but then again i do have the experience to pull it off. now how do we solve this dilemma? instead of a PS cap, a lvl cap would be ideal. cap normal raids to lvl 15 and above. also, if possible, group low level players with higher level ones at a ratio of 2:1
  62. damn those things. the missile would fly underthe bridge, through the pillars and hit you at center of mass with no difficulty (also they did loops, which was fun to watch, as long as you were not the target)
  63. comparing a leviathan to a player vehicle KEK 1, leviathans are SLOW AF 2.leviathans are HUGE TARGETS 3. leviathans dont even try to dodge 4. that leviathan battle happens in a pretty open map with minimal tall obstructions for missiles to hit. pyres have every advantage in that situation. thats like saying, "NOT FAIR! THAT FISH CAN SWIM SO EASILY THROUGH THE WATER!" can you imagine a pyre in bridge? it wont even track under the brige, itll just hit the structure. or how about eastern array? nope, missile will slam into radar dishes. founders canyon? GIANT FACES EVERYWHERE how about, factory? GIRDERS, TREES, TRAINCARS oh, also, you gonna need some pepper for all that salt who wants to bet abut what weapon he gets salty over next? i bet it's TOW missiles "NO FAIR! THAT GUIDED MISSILE IS CONTROLLED BY PLAYER!"
  64. so yeah, made an art vehicle first, jsut a tiny little chopper. someone asked me if it could fly... so i tried to make it fly lesson learned, in lieu of wings, just pile on boosters hahaha ver1, no flight. jsut simple Art car ver 2 FLIGHT! ...for about 2 seconds. Ver3 actual flight! After some balancing and repositioning of thrusters, stable flight is achieved. it now survives landing! find it on exhibitions under Desert Storm. if youre gonna try it, press 1 first to push the copter out of the hangar. then once it settles, press F for take off
  65. id say it's a bit too heavy for lunatics' speed style. how about something like a directional mine strapped to the bumper? wold have the same effect, somewhat.
  66. i love that pattern. will by from market. whats it called?
  67. nah, jsut stay away from them. theyre supposed to do that, and they do that while sacrificing range. use range against them and you have the advantage
  68. wat... sooo youre going solo.. and you hate it cause the scoring system doesnt score you enough for going solo (and getting destroyed) and you think that the scoring system will encourage people to go solo... like you do? also, you get points for crippling and removing weapons, its "decosntruction" points. i bet you didnt actually cripple or disarm them... i bet you really actually jsut plinked a couple of shots on thier armor before you blew up. (its okay, humans tend to over exagerate tales of valor. we understand)
  69. Here's a quick look at the weapons that are irrevocably OP understand that salt plays no part in weapon judgement and thus if you want salt, feel free to check out the suggestions sub forum where all the salt has accumulated. I went thrugh hours of player interview and observation, read through the forums and played since cbt to find out which weapons really are OP and broken. here's the result of my research initial DATA: OP WEAPONS ACCORDING TO PLAYERS (in game chat) OP WEAPONS ACCORDING TO PLAYERS (on the forums) this data was then counterchecked with personal testing and battle experience to see which holds the most truth, giving us the result below. List of truly OP WEAPONS hope this helps all of you that are struggling in the world of crossout. if you still feel like a weapon is OP, you can always jsut gripe about it in-game in the general chat, or jsut make another salty post in the suggestions sub forum instead of atctually playing the game and learning.
  70. stop being salty af aetrion. you have filled the forums with enough salt to feed half of china. damn. and yes, pyres require skill, they require you to figure out shot timing, flight path, target path and even missile speed. jsut cause you got blasted by a weapon does not mean you have to bawww all the way to the forums EACH AND EVERY TIME. inb4 even more salt
  71. you mustave hit the scrap limit. chech the batle tab and hover your cursor over the scrap icon. also the first screenshot seemsto mean you didnt get enough rep for an item reward. (which is weird cause 400 should get you the bare minimum of a radio or something)
  72. jsut soemthing to add flavor. why not add a portrait next to a driver's name in the selection menu?
  73. this. if it takes 30% damage to be counted as a kill assist , sure. but curently, game counts a single bulet hit or a slight tap with the bumper a kill assist. and, if "kill stealing" as you guys love to call it wasnt there, you would blow up the moment the enemy has you pinned or blasting you away with shotguns (im suuuure that deserves a reward)
  74. so much salt i could fill a sea. scoring system already does weapon/tire remova. it falls under desconstruction. damage taken should not be rewarded, it's a survival game, not a masochism quest. thats like having boxers get scored on how badly bruised they are. boosting assists more would end up with people running plinking the enemy without concentrating fire. anyway, as for the post itself, unlimited rewards for mvp (and maybe oponnent MVP) sounds good. scrap cap should be kept in place maybe?
  75. err do you hav a gaijin account?
  76. terrain also prevents righting, if youre next to a wall or a cliff, you cnt flip up. thats why if youre close to something/someone, aske them to ram you first to move you away fro mthe obstruction. (its fun flipping someone with R while you barrel at full speed towards them, time it right enough and you can drive under thier flipping car)
  77. jsut the general in-game music to pick from for starters would be nice. also, something even more relaxed like classic jazz or orchestral throw in some retro rock&roll for that garage feel. finally, i feel like an option for "garage sounds" would be neat (bgm of nothing but welders, hammers, drills, enginges etc, basically the sounds of a busy manufacturing area)
  78. yep matchmaking in group is bad for some reason. the match maker must be trying to find them a room that the group can fit, but if it cant find one itll throw them into any space available
  79. i bet youre dling over a 52k modem kek (or somebody in your house is hogging your bandwidth. also, stop being such a brat. you look like a total tool right now you know
  80. im serious tho. i love perfume. watch this, dat hip swinging from nochi (middle girl, short hair) at 2:52. Hypnotic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMsGcW-xaYU
  81. weird, my parts limit is also 55 without a pack (or is the cbt reward considered a pack?)
  82. our seal clubbing skills
  83. Rested bonus Information is our everything! Improved the bonus description. Now when the limit is exhausted, the icon does not disappear, but becomes grey.The corresponding description now appears when the rested bonus is exhausted. I have no idea what the rested bonus is. explain? also arethe drivers inside animated or jsut static models? finally, kinda excited about the skill trees, how exactly do the drivers gain experience? are they reliant on reputation?
  84. check the level up reward list, if you have the parts from that certain level already as a pack, yu wont receive them when you level up
  85. imagine you ordered a meatball sandwich, with cheese. but you asked them to serve the cheese frist, caus, you got nibbly. when your sandwich finally comes out, there wont be extra cheese in it, cause you already got it
  86. packs dont give you extra parts (except for weapons and decoratives) they jsut unlock those structure parts for you early. in short, you cant have 3x plows even if you bouht a pck with a plow in it, since the game only allows for 2x plows in your inventory.
  87. wekend is over. gmt 00 time.
  88. perfume. cause the game is metal enough already.
  89. *niche but yeah agreed, seems this guy is just salty af
  90. i dont usethis in matches tho. jsut something fun. (too hgh ps for the low weapon loadout)
  91. are you doing normal (40 fuel) raids?
  92. Quick tip for cargo raids in normal, a pair of attack drones do great when the enemy is beginning to swarm they free up ypur concentration for driving and destroy anythibg tryingg to run you down
  93. a few ideas for new large lunatic parts roof rack 4X6 baja rollcage 2x8 rollcage side panel 2 x 6 with a bulge in the middle that goes out to 4
  94. nah. its becuase the tracks are too heavy for the carjack. its okay. no need to change it. the fact that theres a mechanism for automatically flipping your car by making it hop and spin already akes no sense (i assume it supposedly uses a large shifting weight in it?) so seeing it having trouble with heavier builds is understandable.
  95. lol you got banned for being idiots in chat, now you complain?
  96. hi. why not put a music player/toggle in the garage menu? let the players select from the available in-game music tracks. i mean, sure the garage music is okay. but sometimes, you need a bit of METAL while you build no need to add new music if the devs dont want to, just let us play that sweet pre-fight guitar riff while we build.
  97. work beches

    you have to sell. a big part of the game is the market. you sell to get coins. use coins to unlock workbenches.use coins to buy items and weapons youd rather not craft. the first 25 coins is somewheat of a hurdle for starters, but with enough fuel or copper to unload (20pcs of copper =40c roughly) you can unlock your first workbench and get access to better items that will help you get more resources to sell and use
  98. you can change the binds. lower right screen in garage. click the canon icon. It's the wepaon button menu (and yes you can have multiple modules, im running a drone thruster one)
  99. I loke to imagine that the tax gors to whatever faction youre a member of at the moment. also yes devs make money off tax by removing couns from circulation, therefore encouraging the purchaae of packs
  100. so yeah, the news says 50% more experience. In-game what we're gettign is 50% more scrap (not all resources, just scrap i think) wat?
  101. lets see, you cant mix and match parts. you cant comprehend basic english (im not saying your builds dont have steering wheels, im saying (REPEATEDLY) that your driving most likely is bad) call me a troll for saying things you dont like or wont listen to. sure. just go continue crying about the game "punishing" you for not playing it well
  102. way to not read the post and focus only on the pics. LOL also >err you do realice those are steering wheels which means i can TURN left and right don't you?yet you show a picture of a vehicle with 6 wheels on it yes, but it's not 6x steering. >wich are perfect for all those narrow paths and speed bumbs in this game again, not the games fault if you cant find another route. > and it has nothing to do with lunatics... i don't think that you got the point here at all it uses lunatic frame pieces, a lunatic engine and a lunatic spec cabin. how is that not lunatic related? again, its not the games fault if you cant drive a vehicle well other than in a straight line. put as many steering wheels as you want, if you cant use them well, or wisely, then you will suffer. and yes, this is an attack on you and your complaints because they're shallow and frankly, pointless. game wont get easier for you. you need to git gud for the game.
  103. bull. it's not the games fault if you can only drive in straight lines. (and no, 6x steering isnt good.) the maps, all off the maps, have high speed areas that are well suited to speed builds. and if you think that "obstacles" are meant to stop you, then you arent steering around them. you cant expect every battle to happen on a flat plain. tanks have a huge disadvntage in game. they are slow, and take twice the time to get from one point to another, they sacrifice manueverability to avoid (gasp) the so called "obstacles" quickly and while they do have armor, the tanks can only soak up so much damage. here's the build im maining now. its not super fast, but its much faster than most builds in the PS im playing in it can run aorund any maps with ease as long as i focus on steering and braking (THIS IS IMPORTANT) and it can ram for 400 damage, (thats 3 canon hits) sure it slows down in sand or water, but all vehicles slow in those. meaning im still faster then them in water or sand. the game isnt punishing fast builds for being fast. its punishing you for driving bad.
  104. ive tried that before, and it works well against cannons. also for a more compact version put the plates edge on towards the front
  105. nah the mandrake is perfect as is. any buffs on it would jsut make it too OP.
  106. are you sure you made a "fast vehicle"? cause... this game is great for fast builds. hell, i run fast-ish builds. and the manueverability is my best defence against snipers and machinegun spam (current build, duster + light enginge +racing wheels=ZOOOM!)
  107. new favorite build. basically a remake of my old build from cbt. (lower ps thanks to the duster cab) here's what the old ones were like.
  108. you finished the whole season or jsut the first mission?
  109. im running a lite version of it right now. 1 spitfire, 1 buzzsaw. 2 frames for lifting. ps below 2500
  110. personal melee build since CBT: augers/saws, 2 spitfires. or no augers and saws. front rake/lifting structure. 3 spitfires. push into enemies, lift them up. blow them up.
  111. This spot in Rock City is almost unsecapable. most low builds will get stuck in that hole since it has no manuevering space and has a ledge thats about 3 blocks high on it. the only way you can get out is if you ram the wall on the left at a certain angle and speed and hope your front end bounces onto the upper ledge. (and this wont work if your build is slow or has a shaoe that wont allow it to bounce up and out of the whole) how to fix this: instead of the ledge, put a slope in there. Or fill in the hole completely.