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  1. The margin is the profit you make from buying an item via a buy order and selling it via a sell order. It also takes the 10% selling fee into account
  2. There will probably be no PS4 version in the near future unless the devs of the game release an API for the market.
  3. Thanks for the bug report. I fixed it. A car honk preview could be possible in the future, but at the moment we're focusing on showing and comparing item stats.
  4. Update for 0.7.0 Added "Fuel+ tank" Changed name "Green Khaki" to ""Khaki 2"
  5. OBT Update The wait is over, now matches the current state of the game market. We also optimized our infrastructure to respond faster to game updates and boost the performance of the website. Please let us know if you notice any bugs or item mismatches. We are also looking for a website logo. If you want to contribute by creating a logo for the website, you can use the official fankit and this symbol. Changelog Added new OBT items Updated all existing item images Updated all recipes Added a new column to the item list for displaying the time of the most recent update Improved server infrastructure
  6. The backend service "crashed", so no new data is coming in. Nothing to worry about, besides from the missing data. It's also running again.