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  1. Unlike the Jawbreaker, the Carapace has few attachment points on the front for armor. This is the big negative
  2. This is my general philosophy - Don't use a blue cabin unless you really need it, as it adds 500PS. This build, with 2 x Sledgehammers, blue cooler , white radiator, light engine, small fuel tank is competitive: To upgrade, remove the radiator and add the generator and a third shotgun. Then add two more wheels. Add a bit more armor if you want. Only upgrade the cabin if you need the base energy. Once you do get a purple weapon, like a Thunderbolt, you can go back to two weapons (one purple and one blue) which lets you lose the generator and maybe add the big fuel tank. I run this all the time for grinding fuel and xp: While I have MGs instead of shotguns on this and a purple cooler (blue would be fine), it is basically the same. The PS is a bit inflated because it it loaded with unnecessary Decor parts for the xp bonus. It is fast enough to have a good chance of avoiding missiles, wedge cars, etc
  3. The existing crate system was not great , but it was not horrible either. Now it is horrible. Think of the time and resources Targem put into redesigning the crates with the new graphics and temporary part function. Hey devs, imagine if you had floated the idea to the player base first. The time and resources could have been spent on many better things, such as... Fixing autocannons Balancing speed vs number of wheels Prestige level rewards Returning structure and decor we had in CBT MUSCLE CAR CABINS!!!
  4. I liked this. Speed is life, so never stop moving. Use as many wheels as you want. There is no real advantage to using only four. Test results in this post: TEST: Speed vs. Number of Wheels
  5. Temporary parts - NOOOOOOO!!! I like the less random crates, like the Decor crate. Still random though. Goblin Shotgun - WAY COOL. I do have one beef. GIVE ME MY CBT SPIKE PARTS BACK!! AND THE SKULL!! :