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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949177717 yea i also have this issue please fix it
  2. race specific maps would be cool to
  3. The difficulty spike is also a suprise for people, as easy is very easy in comparison.
  4. crickets seem lackluster, the only thing they really can do atm is strip small machineguns on oponents somewhat, damage is abit to low and the quirk does not make sense at all as you would be a fool to even try using it at long range. the wasp is fine
  5. it could easily be balanced with energy requirement + haveing to use radar to increase its range. should be fine enough. just make it slightly sucky with heavy hitting weapons.
  6. Vertical mech legs like : for all us mechwarrior fans. Some sort of lazer weapon would be cool, probably short range like the flamer. I just want to make mechs damnit!
  7. well id like if the exhausts were reacting to your driving, when you start driving. would be a natural effect. like flames comming out abit when you start driving. maby even bigger flame when you start using boosters.
  8. yea that sounds like the problem, il try it out.
  9. il take a pic next time i get the map not sure how to get log for a graphical glitch
  10. afther latest patch half the map goes in and out of existence, barely see ****. using gtx1060 windows 7