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  1. I have a similar story too. A few match ago, I start my fifth match and I was the first who were in the front of the swarm. (The map was the 'Founders Canyon')...after a couple of second the TOW rocket heading toward me and I couldn's shot it noway because of lagg....that wasnt the biggest problem. TOW rocket hit my vehicle's middle left side and rip all of my part from there....frames gone, weapons lef 3 from 4, all of my whells ripped off.... (I know i had a Generator but MAN...that TOW how could break through and penetrate my heavily armored side...)
  2. Not every player spend much time with Crossout to earn what he want. As the picture sad this one looks the easier way...
  3. No, i didn't. I know what im talkin...not too much situation where we can see single Pyre on vehicle...rockets are hiting the players most in swarm, and enough effective to hit anybody
  4. Agree! A couple days ago I recruit some of my friend to start paly with Crossout. The result is very favorable. They are really became insaely-fond of this game, and as long as they can, playing with this day to day. But they sad me a few times: "...thise drones/turets are totally s**w up us." They close to 1500-2000 and they almost always complained to me why they are so OP... Those drones/turrets would better to not allowed on low level, or just should be balanced better than now (firepower,healt, stacking per vehicle...etc.)
  5. Yes, if i think about more wisely, it's not need to change his auto-targeting system, just would better to limit them to 2 weapon/vehicle. I saw a fully auto-aimed weapon with 3 Caucasos, and this guy just drive with that and not care about anything...In the chat the palyers just wrote: "...easy to shot with noskill weapon..."
  6. Would better if every auto-aim weapon has a laser-design. to aim the target, and the player HAS TO push left click and hold it while he/she wants to his weapon shot the target. Drones, Turets...maybe Sidekick Drones...and Caucasus. Alert me if i miss something, or im wrong with that thinking
  7. Jesus, thats Cricket is hit so hard...but how the glorious-freaking-blessed-hell way to cause that? XD
  8. Limitation my friend. I think thats needed. Tie those Drone to level limitation. Much of the big weapons screwed up newbie players on low PS when they first meet... I hope some solution coming soon against those issues...
  9. TOWs also, and sometimes they carry an 88 on approximately low build "Starter Car" too.....how should we call that? insanity or unfair-solution?
  10. Good tactic, or could be better if there would be some limitation about those drones/turets/sidekick drones...I mean in 1 vehicle just can carry 2-3 drone (for example: 2 drone-1 vehicle, 1 turret-1 drone-1 vehicle...etc.)
  11. I have a Steam version too, but when i had problems (screen screw up issue; connection...etc.) I did solved that help of the Crossout team. For a long time I did not experienced any trouble with my Client. Try to contact with a Support team, before you start insulting the game...
  12. Completly removed? I cannot belive it...one step forward with new patch...two step back with that two map removing....i hope they not permanently remove those, just for fixing them or something...
  13. Thats what im talking about! Now, i hope the most palyers not rushing to capture that Base. About the Interface quick menu: This "quick-orders" can be floodable/spaming I mean? I hope not. Because if it's possible, much of the players will start flooding
  14. Great! And it would be a quiet "beep" voice, if your laser designator lock the target, and only just you can see the laser beam when you aim. Kind of like that would sounds good.
  15. Im not a fan of these spider-legs, rather womens's leg, but those grip, and handling of that are make me happy. Well, these legs are highly armored, and "nearly unbreakable", but i had seen how the simple WASP rocket can handle those legs, and rip them off easily. Maybe its got some serious hit before those fatal shots.
  16. Bigger problem the friendly/oppenents bot PS composition. Lot of times i met with some bot on my side, and oppenets side too, their PS was about 800-900, and the anther one has 1500-1800, but out palyers PS about 4000-5000...weird Not just the bots, but especially the palyers PS composition somethimes failed, because they to high, or too low. I hope it's gonan be solved/fixed.
  17. Agree, some changes should needed. On low PS/level, the players also use drones/turets, and these are too quickly destroy the vehicles....i hope the Devs aslo see those major issues
  18. Perhaps that character from the loading screen is belongs to Lunatics. If you check the paints on the Car it's really similar the Default one of lunatic weapons, items...etc The parts on the car is similar to Lunatics vehicle parts If you look the equipments on their body, see those traits on them, they better similar to Lunas' rether than other faction Or...maybe this "Ravens" are just a class or Brotherhood from Lunatics Nation
  19. Yes, i had met with much players who got a Starter car (a medium wheels) and on the top he got 88 Cannon....really looks ridiculous, and higly OP againts other palyers. My oppinion: Something limitation would need, what determine which weapons you can put to your car approximately the players level/power score
  20. Már bent is vagyunk, mármint a szűk többség aki megmaradt a klánból! Azért köszi
  21. Are you kidding? Every player lyeing who report a bug, or issue on forum? Don't you even believe what you say, right? Just for example: on this post, is that picture correctly, thoroughly Photohsoped? or just because someone wants to lie in the face of developers? Ha... Oooookay...I dont understand Bytheway...i had seen many problem, what i never experienced, or directly touch in the game, but it's not mean this issue could not be happened or not exist.
  22. exploit

    I have to agree. Not enough, if the drones/turrets occasionally seems OP, but if someone have the quantity like you mentioned, its very irritating and depressing.
  23. Woodyrojo McFly back to the action....or to the Future...I don't really know...
  24. Everyone can shoot any weapon in the game, its a fact. So, why this Pyre should to be exception from energy increase? Yes just would be raised with +1 energy, its would better.
  25. Thats what im afraid the most, if the Devs decide the wouldnt continue anymore, because the profit, the player number and the support is won be enough. (But these thing are my own nightmares, not anymore)
  26. How the heck you 28? You're pro, or i dont know. Tell me your secret
  27. "Only the strongest will survive..." - Breaking Benjamin
  28. Same thing here, but maybe its gonna be fixed soon
  29. [HUN] DENIED SOLDIERS CLAN - collaborate with Denied Gaming Division Facebook | DGDC Greetings Crossout Community! Let me to show our fresh-founded Gaming Community what name is Denied Gaming. It's founded at 4 April 2017. After we build up a little group from our gaming circle, we decided to create this Clan. Most of the players are Hungarian, but this do not removes enyone's mood to join to us! ;) Games: Not exactly Crossout the only one game what we recently played, but thats the mainone what determine our community! FPS/TPS/Race/MMO's everyone likes different extents of course. TeamSpeak 3: We have it, yes! But it's not public, still. Playing Period: Much of us are working/learning at daytime, so we mostly playing towards evening. [From 19:00 to 1:00 o'clock.] Clan Wars: We're interested in clan-wars too, with active players, and mainly who really like Crossout, not for just casual. Hungarian [Magyar]: Kedves Honfitársak! Várunk minden játékost, aki egy jó csapat része akar lenni, és nem alkalmi játékként kezeli a Crossoutot. Követelmények nincsenek, a lényeg, hogy a toleráns, és normális magatartással forduljunk csapattársaink/bárki más felé. Kerüljük a viszályokat kulturált felnőtt módjára. Üdvözlettel, Denied Gaming Crew Best Regards to Everyone