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  1. 1. Play with your teammates and try to communicate. Even if you encounter 4 man group they will crush you into piece with any types of weapons. So yeah, drones are not blame here. 2. This might be a solution If you are looking for EZ PEZ matches. Maybe adjusting your powerscore may fix this issue (lowering or upping it). 3. No. 4. No. 5. What ? And ? Then ? It's the same with every weapons here. 6. A lot of weapons and builds counter drones. For example : go faster than a drone carrier, wait a bit of time until he is naked then destroy him. 7. What ? 8. This is true at lower level cause of inexperience of the new players. Starting at 3k PS drones are not of good uses any more. 9. Drones and turrets are similar. I uses both on a carrier build and its even more effective.
  2. And develop all the process again ... com'on guys, you know it can't be done that way, sadly, but it can't. ____________________________________________________________________ As for OP idea, I really like the way that ads could be used here. Especially in a F2P game. BUT ! If I understand correctly your idea, you would like to put some real store brand as signs on your vehicles ? It would feel a bit strange in this game, no ? And who choose the brand you must support ? If you don't agree with it ? It would be quite a difficult task to manages all these things. In overall you're right, market will die a slow death in its current state.
  3. I am on it, no worries ! I apologize for giving you my humble player opinion. Nice arguments by the way.
  4. Man, uhuhuh, who cares about it ? And who cares about me ? I am just giving my own views of things. This isn't the subject anyway. Moderate is no good for a player like me. I am sorry if you don't share my point of view, maybe some others will and even that I don't care.
  5. Well it is indeed strange that OP crashes a lot and I don't. So yeah, most players don't even tries to maintain their rigs (hardware and software parts) and its always the games fault. This is unacceptable. As for my personal point of view (and as a CBT player too) I feel that the game is still improving each weeks. You guys wants a finished and polished game in a few months ? It won't happen. Crossout is a game that will take time to develop as it tries to listen to the community, at least a bit. In a few months, when people who likes the game will have, lets says, 200 hours of playing time, don't you think that is is already a lot ? There are "good" and "bad" update still to come, but, hey, this is not our game. Gaming is a buisness, Gaijin isn't a candy factory, Targem, even if they loves their games can't do everything they want and they can't be blamed to listen to their boss. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you can".
  6. Why is this topic poster in the BUG section. It as nothing to do here. keep the forum clear guys otherwise seems will go worse and worse.
  7. Sorry my friend, YOU are wrong
  8. Hurray ! The one and only truth !
  9. So what ? You have knowledge compared to new players, good for you. If you don't want to play with others random, just party up as I previously said. Or maybe you think that all players are dumb and stupid. Do you remember how were you first encounter in invasion mod ? You've crushed in all ways and you ended up dead, no ? Then you built some specifics builds made for invasion and lets roll. What I am trying to explain here is that you can't just throw out players like this of a game mode because of their lack of knowledge or in-game items. Their should be some "leagues" I guess in order to solve a few issue in Match Making.
  10. Prestiges levels got no uses anyway. Who cares ?
  11. (Battle de coeurs ?)
  12. And what if you let them try for the first time and they win - at 3K PS ? I don't agree with you for the "zero chance". You said it yourself, at 3K PS you already played a few hours, which is enough to let you see the road ahead in order to beat these things. If someone uses all his resources into this "noobtrap" as you said, well we can't help him, he needs medicines not in-game limits. Limits aren't a solution because even with a 8k vehicle or whatever you want, if its not built properly or if you're just bad at the game (which is possible but fixable) you will end up dead. EDIT : I meant POWER SCORE LIMITS by limits.
  13. Why are you talking about 2K PS players ? They cannot get into the Invasion mode. Is it players fault if they don't have all the weapons they want and if they must build cars with what they have ? They might bad at Leviathan killing but is it player fault ... Really ... I don't think so. You can have bad and good builds at every PS sections. So raising the limit to 5K PS won't change the thing. 3K limit is already enough to avoid, for the newest players, getting rekt by these monsters. Maybe we could lock on this game mod until the first epic item (purple one) is crafted. Might be a solution here, don't you think ? But it wouldn't fix this issue by any means.
  14. Why not simply scale the leviathans power on the average of the team (If it's not already the case - and I think it is). What are you asking here is to throw out players because of their bad builds and useless weapons, but how do you want this to become real ? If you want to be sure that your teammates have a perfect build to suit yours, then just build up a clan or a party and go hunt ! There is no simple way to balance this issue, even with raising the required PS. You can defeat all titans thrown at you with a really really good prepared team and 3000 PS war-machines (has I myself done a few times).
  15. Wait wait wait, I am sure we can fix this ! First, you must know that servers are currently under heavy pressure due to the players increase and the OBT launch. Targem is still increasing the numbers of servers everywhere in the world. So its mostly just a matter of time before everything's going back to normal. That said, did you configured you game correctly ? You can force the game to play on a specific region, did you already tried this ?
  16. Do you guys have any software running backgrounds ? I myself experienced some fps issue but it was because some software I had installed were working at the same time and using most of my computer resources (for example an Avira scan - my antivirus - which used like 50% of my CPU power). Try to check your Task manager if it's happen again and see what is eating your computer resource.
  17. Pourrais-tu, s'il te plait faire, un effort quand tu postes sur un forum officiel ? Merci. Pour répondre à ta "question", si je peux appeler ça une question, il y a un maximum de ferraille que tu peux looter par semaine. Cette limite est de 2800 bouts de ferrailles. Tu as donc atteins cette limite. Tu pourras à nouveau récupérer de la ferraille la semaine prochaine, car cette limite reset chaque début de semaine (le dimanche à minuit si je ne dis pas de bêtises). (Tu peux lire ces informations que je te donne directement en jeux en passant ton curseur sur la petite icône de ferraille sur la grille des récompenses pour les missions).
  18. Il faut attendre la semaine suivante.
  19. - This stories made me laugh -
  20. 4th bump.
  21. Someone who opened a DIY crate and had a blue item will totally disagree with you and he will be right to do so. This is just about luck guys, you can't complain on randomness. If the success rate to get a blue item would be higher than, lets say, even 1%, all blue weapons would be worthless in a few more weeks. Plus, getting a DIY crate is so easy that you can have one every 2 min in brawls. So yeah, lets not complain about every single feats in this game, take it as it is.
  22. Hello Hé bien mon amis, il n'y a pas vraiment de solution pour "rapidement" monter en niveau une faction. C'est un processus très long, il faut tabler sur le fait de jouer tous les jours une ou deux heures histoire d'épuiser le boost d'exp qui nous est attribué chaque jours (+400% jusqu'à 60k d'exp par jours). Le fait de faire des scores toujours au dessus de 1200 points permet d'aller quand même plus vite dans ton leveling, il faut donc être un minimum bon et avoir un build adapté pour monter plus rapidement de niveau. Il n'est pas possible d'obtenir d'autres boosts d'exp que ceux donnés quotidiennement par le jeux.
  23. (message in order to load others replies, don't pay attention).
  24. Triple bump (I must do this in order to see others messages as it loads it). Oh yeah, hello there.
  25. The point is : You own nothing, there is nothing you have rights on. Plus, how will you handle someone who built the same thing as you, but did not looked at exhibition ? It would be the law of "First here, first take", is it morally okay for you ?? Stop acting like a baby who doesn't have his "likes", be proud of yourself a bit and stay humble when you see that your build is liked. This is not facebookshitfeast.
  26. Double bump.
  27. It is simple to summary this : Drones are strong VS newbies who doesn't understand what is going on. Drones have really high DPS, it is a fair compensation from all the weakness it has. Drones are counters of rocket launcher / canon / guided missiles builds. They're useless VS a MG spammer and most shotgun builds as you guys pointed it out. Being a drone carrier requires knowledge before skill as you must quickly hide when you're naked, so map knowledge is really important. Plus, drones carrier build are clearly support build, and I love the idea of being strong as a support. Playing with my team with drones is really enjoyable, you must time your attacks with others members and put in place a strategy.
  28. Single bump.
  29. I've got no problems at all running this game and it is stable. Fix your toaster.
  30. * Require an immediate forum fix as I can see only a few posts made on topics *
  31. Well there is nothing you can do, it doesn't belongs to you. When you press "publish" you must consider that you're giving your BP to the community, why would it be locked ? Be humble, you produced something that a lot of players likes which will be carried on by others
  32. This is quite impressive ! How many time do you play a day ? I myself played like 70 hours the pasts two weeks and I am still level 22 Engi / 5 Lunatics /10 Normads / 0 / 0.
  33. Hello there, I have a big problem with this forum. I just can't see a lot of posts, they're just hidden for some mystics reasons. Every time I load a topic I only have half of the messages showing. Even worse, sometimes when I reload a page the posts I could read before are no more available. I am using Firefox 53.0.3 (32 bits version) on a private navigation.
  34. *Turn on his equalizers*
  35. Equaliers and Spectres are not terrible when mixed up as they don't work the same way and don't uses the same modules. I would suggest you to take 3 equalizers with 2 charged radiators and 1 improved cooling system. You'll be able to keep shooting during a bot assault.
  36. Je ne vois aucun bug dans tous ce que tu viens de citer. C'est juste comme cela que le jeux fonctionne. Les guerres de Clan ne sont pas encore disponibles mais il s’agira surement des prochaines mises à jours.
  37. What ? Why are you talking about War Thunder ? Well its seems quite a strange issue you have. You must provides Logs otherwise mods won't look at your problem. EDIT : Nvm you're on Xbox, I don't know how to do.
  38. It is happening to me too ! Seems like this forum requires some maintenance
  39. Sorry I can't help you just don't understand what is your problem. If your item is still showing in "My offers" then it is still pending on offers. If you sold an item and didn't get the coins (which is a bug) you should post your logs files here and moderators will be able to help you.
  40. What ? What's wrong ? Someone is selling these cabs for a lesser price than yours.
  41. "Des armes de fous" -> Slidekick et les drones ? Des armes de fous ? En quelques heures de jeux tu peux les débloquer. Si tu te fait démolir en deux secondes, ce n'est pas de la faute des autres, y as-tu déjà songé ?
  42. Hello there. 1. Are you sure about this ? in-game score is calculated based on parts you destroyed and a few others things. It might just to be you that is destroying the enemy vehicle but you think you're. True for the second point, the attack / defend system is quite broke and need to be rework to force players to go for objectives and not for kills. 2. Hay ! Even if it would be "unrealistic" (I know, I know, but still, it would sounds stupid to die and receive fuel) I support this idea. 3. Sometimes, when you start a game, there isn't enough players so they're replaced with bots. Bots are self destroying when a new player come in game but if someone hits the bots before it is replaced it will still count as a kill. So yeah, it's not 100% a bug but a broken mechanic. 4. Usually when half of your team is filled with bots, it will be the same for the other team. But you're right bots are not well balanced especially when some bots have better builds than others (Already saw a few bots being MVP in a match).
  43. Euh non quand même pas ! Quelles sont tes arguments ? Si quelqu'un a des armes violettes qu'est-ce que cela change ? Il ne va, de toute manière, pas être matché avec des joueurs de ton niveau avec des armes de bases. Et puis même si tu rencontres quelques personnes avec des armes violettes dans tes parties, comment peux-tu savoir qu'ils ont payé pour les avoir ? Il s'agit peut-être d'un joueur qui est bon, qui a pu crafter cette arme après avoir amasser des ressources. Il n'y a strictement aucun argument en faveur d'un pay to win. La plupart des joueurs sont justes mauvais par manque d'expérience et non pas à cause de leurs armes. Pour avoir jouer à tous les niveaux, du plus petit PS au maximum, j'ai déjà vue des compositions avec 6 ou 7 Chords et quelques modules faire la moitié du travail pendant une partie à haut niveau. Le jours ou tu auras d'autres armes que les Chords et Lupara tu comprendras à quel point il est frustrant de voir tous les nouveaux joueurs, qui pars manque d'expérience et surtout de temps de jeux, disent que ce jeux est un pay to win.
  44. Ce jeux n'a strictement rien avoir avec un Pay To Win étant donné qu'il est possible d'acquérir tous les items du jeux sans dépenser un seul euros. Et que les armes les armes les plus performantes ne sont pas les plus chères.
  45. Il n'est tout simplement pas possible de transférer des items depuis un compte vers un autre. Cela ne sera jamais le cas, comme les Devs l'ont fait savoir. Il n'y a aucun moyen de spécifiquement donné ou vendre un objet à moindre prix à l'un de ces amis. Désolé.
  46. And slidekick need to be reworked, as it is useless right now compared to others deployables.
  47. Sorry I can't help you more. HAALLLLPPP PPPLZZZZ !
  48. Did you tried the repair option of the launcher ? (top right corner).
  49. exploit

    Ahahah, this is my current leviathan build. 4 machine gun turret + 4 attack drones + 4 missiles drones + 4 slidekicks. Well I won't talk about my leviathans stats
  50. Paints, if its what you mean by dye, can be acquired with the following : - Looting them from a PVP match (only white ones - correct me if I am wrong). - Looting them from crates (every single crates can gives you a paint). - Buying some packs in the shop will give you specials paints too. - You can also buy paint directly from the market itself. This is it. No ?
  51. You can already get some specifics items from a standard PVP match win like decorations and paints. Plus you can get crates from Brawls. Don't forget that PVP matches take roughly 3 minutes to complete so you can't get too much from them.
  52. Wat ? How.. I see, you're not from earth aren't you ?
  53. I support the idea of a more precise description.
  54. This topics is quite interresting, everything said here is true, from the player view and the moderator (which is a player too ofc) one. I would suggest Devs to take closer look here. As for my personnal feeling and opinion : I don't think the leveling is too hard, it can be shocking for a new player and that is no good. Keep in mind that it is just the start of the OBT. Yes some people are already at max level, but what does it really change for the majority of players ? In every single game there are always a few players who are rushing the game like crazy. Maybe we should thinks differently, maybe that leveling a single faction at once to the max level is an error, reaching level 5 - 6 in one faction is clearly doable and unlock plenty of items. Leveling a faction to the max is clearly an hard end user challenge and I think this is just a choice from Gaijin (like in their others games). Nothing force you to pay in order to win games (and that is a fact not an opinion).
  55. This is a know issue and it's currently worked on If I am right, it will be fixed in next patch I guess.
  56. What do you mean by the boxes you take ? Crates are located in the ressource part of the storage. Scrap metal got a 2800 cap limit per week. So if you already amassed 2800 units you won't be able to get more until next reset.
  57. Nice one, it looks pretty good I will test it later on and I might come back with feedback.
  58. Well yeah they cannot gives players a high chances of getting good loot in crates, otherwise it would kill market too fast. I suggest to everyone to sell every single crates they've or to stack them until they change crates mechanics (if they do it).
  59. Drones are currently of good uses when you play with some friends as a support. I my mind, they're well balanced, as you guys previously said, they've high DPS but this is all. At highter levels (PS 6000+), if you've no backup with you, drones builds worth nothing.