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  1. I have the same since few days, but for me missing post aren't loaded back. After I click "show me new replies" this window disappear, but no post are showed. It's been like that for about a week for me, most threads, have gigantic lot of posts that I can't see: I stopped reading forum because of that. What is the point if I can't see replies...
  2. Exactly that's why i only have 1 slot free out of 4 in game saves. The rest are occupied by my racing car and pvp cars, which I'm not gonna upload ever. In exhibition I store only relatively "useless" designs, like PvE or old PvP projects.
  3. What you described here is more like a constand dps weapons vs alpha damage weapons issue. If you can flank or ambush someone who take the base and use double cannon as shotgun, that someone will die and you get a lot of points. If you play semi sniper "now I'm gonna remove you that specific part... now this one... and maybe this one", it's a no surprise that you get less points. After all player without a weapon can still swing the battle by taking or blocking base, but dead player... well his just dead. That's why semi snipers are paid less.
  4. True, that would be the crown evidence, but more resourceful people can deduct this from their own results. After all, if they see what gives most point for them, natural deduction is that the same rule is true for everyone else. Because it is.
  5. Such information are already available in game, all you have to do is hover your mouse cursor on score number and little pop up window will appear with detailed info. As you can see, the biggest part of the score is always the amount of destroyed parts (which mean damage done), kills and assists are worth a fraction of it, so this: is just salty bull##it.
  6. True, but that only start to be a deciding factor after basic game knowledge is obtained. At the entry level like in scenario from first post, few random, experienced players, present far bigger threats, than platon of beginners with skype communication.
  7. Any mechanic individually rewarding players (like the one we have now), encourage sealclubing, but with this one, it make sense to play PvP after you hit resource limit. Currently there is no point of staying in PvP after limits are depleted.
  8. The idea is, that MVP player will get resources and experience regardless if he hit limit already or not. For example, MVP player earn 2140 xp, he reached scrap limit some time ago. Today he will get 1200xp (xp cap), one white part and zero scrap (limit reached). With my idea he will get full 2140 xp, one white part and normal amount of scrap as we get for battle. This will encourage players to be more active in battle (a lot of players right now are just camping at "safe distance") and to play PvP even after limits are reached. At the same time this will not be overpowered since this achievement can be awarded to only one player per team, so balance in xp and scrap earning, that dev want to have, will still be in place. Thoughts?