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  1. what i mean is, you play with a vehicle of 2- 2.4k PS and face peeps armed with 4 drones/turret/sidekicks. They can be 3k+ usually, iirc under 4k for newbies hunt.
  2. Wow, just by disagreeing and trying to show a different point of view, i've hurt the console fanboys. The auto aiming thing on console have pretty always been there to help controler user hit their target. Keyboard and mouse being way more precise than joystick. As for my comparison to WoT and W oT Blitz(which isnt xbox only, pc too) was only to show that you gotta change the name of the game. Mechanics being different. Anyway, that is the best way i can explain it in english.
  3. Your soundtrack/music, is amasing. I'm not the first and only one to say it. Do you plan on adding more? It would also be, kinda unique for an mmo, to keep developing/creating soundtracks. Maybe, even, make it downloadable. I would listen to that while i mow the lawn.
  4. I knew nobody could answer my question. It just prove how Op they are. Sometimes there is no way to counter them and that, it is being abused/exploited.
  5. Now imagine those drones, x4 at 2-2.4k PS.
  6. I got only 1 white item from blue crate in over 2 weeks. Try praying to the RNG god. Maybe it will help. And in diy's i got 3 deco, 2 paint and 1 blue in a bit over two weeks. And those are those i'm sure of. To those whining about diy's item being lame. Well you can get 50 of those in a week, or even more. So if drop were good you'd have everything in no time.
  7. [news]

    Lovely. 3 mg and 3 purple radiators. Here i come.
  8. Wait what. Game server been broken for almost 2 days and all this for hotfix 1 This minor technical update Minor equal 2 freaking days of broken game, give us your money while we give you crappy service. Next time, close server. You lost hundreds of players if not thousands already. Guys why it says i'm not group leader when i'm not even in group. Guys battle button does nothing. Guys the first boss of invasion is always the Steel tyrant. Guys why is my Levi stuck, cannot claim reward. Guys i lost stuff. Guys, why is it saying i bought wire when in fact sell them. Notification show bought then show sold. I could go on for a while. Also, your forum is broken. Good luck and see you tomorrow in -game.
  9. Yup, just realized that on the 0.7 patch discussion topic. Posted something. It didn't appeared, so i posted again the same thing, still didn't appeared. I stopped, looked in my profile activity, to then see that I had just posted 2x the same message. I have another post that does not appear and many page are like 5 post long then on the next page, when there's supposed to be like 20 per page or something like that.
  10. Useless thread so i'll ask this. Any tip how how to do this at 2.5k PS when, as the drones get pooped, 2 second later you lost all your hornet,lupa, or chord? Or your hunstman cabin got blown up before your guns turned in the drones way?
  11. Change the name of the game on xbox then!?!?! Crossout is crossout, no matter on what you play it. Why would they make a different game and call it crossout. If it doesn't have the same things then it ain't the same game. Exemple, World of Tank and WoT Blitz.
  12. Missions still say to do normal raids, while raids are now tagged as medium. You need to fix that. People keep asking which difficulty is @normal@.
  13. Missions still state, Normal raids, while the raid is called Medium now. You need to fix that. People keep asking what difficulty is @normal@.
  14. Youppi! Tweak to raid(bot nerf), Rapier buff and little boy spread reduced after rotation. Many of the complains i saw, have been looked at. It's a good sign.
  15. Youppi! Tweak to medium raid(bot nerf), buff to rapier and little boy spread reduce when moving the cannon. Many complain i've read have been looked at. It's a good sign.
  16. Sorry, i thought a defense mission was a defense mission no matter the map or enemy. They are titled missions, not modes. Then i should make a suggestion asking to make a rule in the coding, so this doesn't happen. I doubt they intended it to be defense all day long(almost), unless they're doing what i said in my previous posts.
  17. Another possibility, would be, that they are gathering statistics to then better balance it. If it's defense, over and over, you get a lot more stats than a defense once in a while.
  18. Raid says new missions will be available in x amount of time. (Every 2 hrs) But Normal/medium raid as been Defense mode for the past 6hrs. Same yesterday. You guys know 70% of the playerbase fail it, so you rigged it to inflate fuel/credits in market? If it's not that, then i'll make a bug report with logs. Good thing this company ain't in my country, they would get sued by the Consumers Protection Office for false advertising or w/e loophole they would find.
  19. 4k is still too low. You wouldn't believe how many 5k+PS teams i saw fail over and over again in so called normal/medium, which should be renamed nightmare. It seems harder than Hard difficulty. Raising PS requirement to even 5k isn't enough. They need to nerf the bots or change their equipement. Thunderbolt and missile sniping mini boss mainly. Shotty bots are way too numerous. And i also know quite a few close beta players that don't know what happened with this normal raid. And the others blame new players, not seeing that it isn't the problem.
  20. Gotta love how easy it is to see if it's sarcasm or not when you don't see facial expressions or tone of voice. Yup, i'm guessing and hope they already are working on this. Open Beta must have brought many flaws to light.
  21. Raids are broken, and not only for me. I saw many other people in general chat reporting the same. --You sometime get in an already started raid, lose the fuel for it and then get disconnected from the already started match. --Other times you start the raid, preparation phase, everything normal then 2sec after the raid start it fail. Log i'm providing now is is related to the first case, getting in already started/kicked out. 2017.06.16 14.17.52.rar
  22. Many of those are not even vehicles, and can't be driven. Sad for people who make real vehicles. I would have put the Cadillac on top. Nice work anyway, they look cool.
  23. Not my fault.. MM does it. I'd prefer taking on someone as big as me. It also was, kind of a sarcastic post, showing how broken the matchmaking is. And you just bullied me online, because you feel all powerful behind your monitor and armed with a keyboard? I'll still wish you a nice day and a good hunting!
  24. I have a truck of 9,234 PS and they match me with 4k PS people almost everytime in free for all and storm. You should see all those explosions i'm creating. Poor new/mid lvl players. Hahaha
  25. Do you guys kick people that are playing to let the others that are in the login Queue, in? Third time i get kicked out of the server to relog in a 25 minutes + Queue. And anyway your Queue, also, always trow an internal server error preventing from staying in queue . Is it gonna be fixed? There are bug reports with logs about it.