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  1. Survivors! It's time to put a specialist in your armored vehicle — a driver whose skills you can use in combat. And also make your armored car and your favourite weapon stand out. A new system of weapon customization will make your car a real masterpiece! Drivers Now, before entering a battle, you can put your driver of choice behind the wheel of the armored vehicle. All drivers belong to in-game factions and become available after reaching a certain level of reputation with the faction.By default, the Engineers' driver sits behind the wheel of an armored car. All drivers earn experience. Increasing the level of the driver gives him the opportunity to learn new skills. The driver gets experience directly in battle. Drivers have unique skills that affect the course of battle. Once-learned skills will always remain with the driver. Some skills require additional resources. The new weapon customization system Now all players can additionally highlight the weapons of their armored car, using special customization packs. Customization kits can be obtained from a special container. The container can be manufactured with a new workbench of the Engineers faction. From each such container, the player receives one random set for customization. At the same workbench you can build a container with paints. The container and customization sets can be sold or bought on the market. One set is used to customize one weapon.The set is consumed after application, and the weapon changes its appearance. Use your sets wisely! After customization, weapons can not be put up for sale. After customization, weapons can be upgraded.Customized appearance with the upgrade is preserved only if the customized weapon is selected first. You can repeatedly use customization kits on upgraded weapons.However, with re-customization, the old appearance is lost. Game Modes Raids Heist Disable invisibility! Now, when picking up cargo, the player loses invisibility, if it was active at that time. In addition, the player with the cargo can not become invisible. Escort The more allies close by, the higher the confidence! Now the more players are near the truck, the higher its speed. If there are no players next to the truck, it stops. The critical distance to the truck is 75 m. If there are no players in the specified radius, then the truck stands still. Parts Cabins Add even more personality to your vehicle! Added new welding points for the Duster cabin. Tracks Power, as it is. Increased tonnage of all tracks. This is what all fans of tracked vehicles have been expecting! Fixed a bug with low reverse speed for tracked vehicles. Dyes Paints issued to CBT participants can now be sold on the Market. This applies to paints: Tribal Crash Tester Snake Lone ranger stripes Lone ranger stars Blueprints All blueprints from the Packs tab are now available for test-drive, and you can check out all the packs before purchasing them! Packs ‘Thug’ starter pack (Humble Bundle) increases parts limit by 35. Achievements Need more incentive? Here it comes! Now the best players get special stickers. This applies both to the best player of the winning team, and to the best player of the losing team. To receive stickers, the player of the winning team needs to score the most points, and the player of the losing team needs to have more than half the points from the winning team's best player. Interface Game login Added a login queue window for the game, which shows the estimated waiting time. Battle/Map No worthy ally will disappear without a trace. Now, for the convenience of players, you can immediately add players to your friends list using the map called with the TAB button. Battle start Show everyone that you are proud of your clan allegiance! For clan players, display of the clan tag in briefing and debriefing on the statistics screen has been added. Debriefing/Statistics Improved window appearance. Added clan tags for clan players. Chat Chat window width now depends on screen resolution. Added an interface with quick messages. These messages are visible to your allies and are shown in the list of current kills. Trade Convenience, accuracy and maximum simplicity are always important for trading. Added increase / decrease buttons for Price and Quantity fields: Price changes in 0.01 coin steps. Quantity changes in 1 pc. steps. Upgrades No more errors! Upgraded parts used to upgrade another part are now marked with a special icon. Rested bonus Information is our everything! Improved the bonus description. Now when the limit is exhausted, the icon does not disappear, but becomes grey.The corresponding description now appears when the rested bonus is exhausted. Voice chat Always stay in touch with your allies! Voice chat returns to the game. Activate voice chat by pressing and holding the Y button (default). Descriptions and tips Increased font size. Daily rewards Added a highlight for the font to improve readability. Sound Immerse yourself in the battlefield! Improved the sounds for driving across sand. Improved the machine gun sound of the wheel drone. Miscellaneous Improved performance of the game client. Improved hit effects for acid, sand. More enemies — more diverse fights! Added new models of AI-opponents for Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers factions. Improved the explosion effect when the car is self-detonated. Improved camera behaviour near walls. The ‘FPS-show’ function is now binded to F11 button. Bug fixes Improved maps: Rock City Factory Power Plant Dead Highway Eastern Array Control-17 Desert Valley Test-Drive Improved a number of text strings. Fixed relative loudness of enemy machine guns. Fixed a bug with acceleration for a cabin+engine combo. Fixed a bug with Spotter sticker description. Fixed bug with saving blueprints for screens larger than FullHD. Fixed a bug with the countdown sound for inactive cargo. Fixed a bug with missing sounds when driving through some bushes. Fixed a bug with exhaust effect positioning on Hell pipes. Fixed a bug with countdown display in Cargo race. Fixed a bug with shell casing sounds. Fixed a bug with several drones launched simultaneously. Fixed a bug with a draw in Race mode. Fixed a bug of tracks traction deterioration under fire. Fixed a bug where you could mount any part on the Headlight part. Improved stability of the game client.
  2. Current Community Managers Skyeshadow BjKalderon Woodyrojo Senior GM: Cpt_Nero GMs: K_BOMBA AntideathX DJKiller666 fortehlulz gaaraplayer Jnuttengr NikosDEAD Zoidzerg If a player believes that the punishment is unfair or doesn't correspond with the Rules of the game, he is free to appeal against the decision by sending private message to the Senior GM or one of the Community managers listed above. Decision, that is stated by the Community manager, is the final one and there's no option to appeal against it. Your message should contain: Remember that all the correspondence between the GM/CM and the player is private. It's prohibited to post it or its parts on the Forum or any other place. It's also prohibited to hand over the information that you receive to any third person.
  3. Survivors! After checking all the data, that we've gathered, we found out that almost everyone who wrote here has received his/her CBT reward or wasn't supposed to receive it at all. Still, if you've participated in close beta and haven't received your reward, you can leave a ticket in Support section on the official Gaijin store website.
  4. Hello, TurboFrog! Thank you for your feedback! I'll move the topic to the Bug-reports thread, as it needs to be fixed.
  5. Hello, RajRocket! Thank you for the suggestion! I should say, that it's a great alternative. We'll discuss it. I've noted the idea and added it to our list of feature requests. Well done
  6. Hello, Taschren! Thank you for your suggestion! We have to admit, that it's a great idea. But, unfortunately, currently it's almost impossible to bring this idea to life. We'll save it, as it's too tasty to abandon. Thanks again!
  7. Hello, Mraevn! Thank you for the idea! We believe, that it's not necessary to overburden the interface, but, still, that's a nice idea to think about how to implement it. Let's see, what the future shows us
  8. Hello, dukerustfield! Thank you for your suggestion! I should say, that these are not the top-priority features to be implemented in the game, but when we decide to add some decorations, then we'll consider your idea. It's noted
  9. rackham_the_red, keep suggesting interesting ideas, huh? We've added your suggestion to the list of our future plans, nice job!
  10. Hello, rackham_the_red! Thank you for your feedback! The main thing is that, currently, calibers are just a kind of decoration for some of the weapons' names. If we implement calibers as a mechanic in the future, then we'll remember to use your idea
  11. Hello, DarkStryker00! Thank you for your suggestion! We're currently working on the Mandrake to make it a really dangerous foe for player's opponents. Your suggestion was added to a list. That doesn't mean, that devs will definitely choose it, but still
  12. Hello, RodTK! We're currently working on this feature. Currently there's no information, whether it will be implemented in the next update or not, but we're planning to add it pretty soon. Thank you
  13. Hello I know everything, concerning Crossout's plans) Players should remember, that the game is still in beta and the OBT has started less than a month ago. We'll definitely continue to work on vehicle control to make it as comfortable as possible P.S. I'll move the topic to Discussion, as it's not a bug-report.
  14. Thank you, barbours201201! Yes, that's the most probable reason.
  15. Thank you all for your participation in discussion! To sum up I would like to highlight some moments: The main reason for nerfing Spectre was not its popularity. That was done mainly because of its effectiveness, according to the statisics, that we've gathered. The fuel tank allows you to gather 10 fuel from successful battles and even stacks with the fuel barrel! (This can be a subject to change in future updates) We're planning to balance other weapons as well, when there will be an urgent need in it. That's all See you in battles!
  16. Hotfix Improved server stability. This minor technical update will provide us the basement to fix all the current issues, that players may experience in the "Invasion" mode and while playing in squads.
  17. Yes, the fuel barrel still provides 5 fuel and even stacks with the fuel tank for now
  18. Update discussion for all the players is now open!
  19. Survivors! Today we invite you to get acquainted with the details of the next update, in which we continue improving various aspects of the game. In the update we refined the parts system, blueprints descriptions and Raid balancing.
  20. Survivors! Today we invite you to get acquainted with the details of the next update, in which we continue improving various aspects of the game. In the update we refined the parts system, blueprints descriptions and Raid balancing. Factions Scavengers Big wheels for every aspiring Scavenger! Building parts ‘Large wheel’ and ‘Large wheel ST’ is available upon reaching level 3 with Scavengers. Appearance of Scavenger parts has become even more impressive! Improved appearance for a number of structural parts. Engineers Tweaked the list of parts obtained at level 1. PvE Raids Tweaked difficulty of some raids Scavenger and Lunatic armored cars have been switched in the 4th and 5th Defence waves. Increased pause before the first wave at the third pumpjack in Defence mode by 10 seconds on easy and medium difficulty. Parts Weapons Autocannon 'AC43 Rapier' Increased burst length to overheating from 11 to 14 shots. Reduced cooling time from 3.0 to 2.7 seconds. Turret cannon ‘Little Boy 6LB’ Weapon structure increased from 333 to 413. Increased weapon accuracy. Maximum movement scatter reduced to 33%. Weapon mass increased from 675 to 837 kg. ‘Sidekick’ drone Drone structure increased from 150 to 200. ‘Spectre-2’ machine gun. Damage reduced by 15%. We’ve reduced damage of ‘Spectre-2’ machine gun, because currently it’s the most popular and effective epic weapon. This reality doesn’t correspond with the idea of the game about diversity and construction. There are lots of awesome weapons and modules in the game, and we want players to use them as well. Homing missile ‘Pyre’ Missile turn speed increased by 20%. Due to low turn speed of missiles, even heavy armoured cars were able to dodge them or hide. We’ve decided to raise the turn speed in order to make missiles more effective against heavy vehicles, as it was planned. ‘Mandrake’ Howitzer ‘And everyone feared her wrath, burning everything in its path...’ Impact areas now have burning puddles dealing damage The unique weapon of ‘Steppenwolfs’ faction showed pretty low effectiveness in battle and that was not in accordance with our plans. We want the ‘Mandrake’ to be the weapon of support, that could control the territory and wouldn’t allow enemies to maneuver freely. Napalm puddles won’t allow your opponents to stand still on their positions. Special Modules ‘Fuel barrel’ Damage from a fuel barrel explosion reduced to 450 pts. ‘Fuel tank’ Added a new module of blue rarity ‘Fuel tank’. When a battle is successfully completed and the module survives, it gives 10 fuel units. Built by Engineers. Currently, the fuel income from mounting both ‘Fuel barrel’ and ‘Fuel Tank’ stacks! This can be a subject to change in the next updates. Interface Battle Improved tactical map images. Quick messages Improved the quick message system Pressing a button brings up a quick message menu. By default, the menu is assigned to the ‘V’ key. Each message is assigned to its own button. The quick message buttons override the control buttons. The authors of the messages are briefly displayed on the minimap. Debriefing window The list of players has been improved. Storage Improved icons for weapon customization kits. Drivers Improved Drivers interface. ‘Gunner’ renamed into ‘Stone-deaf’. Added driver icons. Added driver skills icons. Upgrades We want players to understand what parts they upgrade, what parts they use for upgrades and what the conditions for this or that upgrade are. Removed the mechanic of autocompleting part slots for upgrades. Improved descriptions of the upgrade mechanic. Maps Tweaked ‘Founders Canyon’ map. Quite often on this map, teams avoided fighting and went straight to capture the enemy base. We think that this did not fit the spirit of the game. Changed the layout of the map. The map's landscape has been improved. Positions of a number of objects have been adjusted. The map ‘Rock City’ has been improved. Improved appearance. The map ‘Desert Valley’ has been improved. Improved appearance. The map ‘Eastern Array’ has been improved. Extended passageways on the map. The map ‘Dead Highway’ has been improved. Extended passageways on the map. Miscellaneous Improved a number of text strings. Improved hit effects for sand. Improved effects for cannon shell impact. Improved sound effects for rocket boosters. Improved saw sounds. Improved machine gun turret sounds in ‘Raid’. Improved the sound of sliding wheels on asphalt. Put Khaki paint names in proper order. ‘Gazelle’ bumper renamed into ‘Off Road bumper’. Added description of Clarinet TOW missile manual controls. The descriptions for faction blueprints have been improved. Bug fixes Improved truck behavior in ‘Escort’ mode. Trading window has been improved.The ‘Buy’ button no longer overlaps with the text below. Say ‘No’ to clipping through textures and taking advantage of it! Fixed some bugs with textures on maps. Fixed ‘Invalid Leviathan state’ error, where it was impossible to send a Leviathan into battle. Fixed a rare bug with fog in the Garage. Fixed a bug with Hell Pipes exhaust effect Fixed a bug with scrap icon in the daily reward window. This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.
  21. Survivors! Currently we're experiencing some issues with the Q&A section, that doesn't allow us to read and answer your questions. We'll fix that pretty soon and be back to answer them Thank you for your patience.
  22. Hurry, survivors! You have only two days left to hire craftsmen from the Lunatics faction as your assistants with a 20% discount! Survivors! For this weekend only, craftsmen from the Lunatics faction are ready to help you in battle with an excellent discount — as much as 20%! Rally the support of some of the strongest craftsmen and join forces against your enemies! Only on June 17th and 18th will the discount for hiring craftsmen from the Lunatics faction be 20%. The event will be available from 00:00 GMT on June 17 until 00:00 GMT on June 19.
  23. Thank you for your report! We'll check this issue (0078212).
  24. Hello! We are planning to add screen borders customization option in one of the future updates.
  25. Survivors! An extraordinary storm warning has been announced in the Wastelands! All the Leviathans, that were sent in battle, have returned to their hangars! Any rewards, that they've earned, will be delivered later. Thank you for your patience!
  26. Hotfix #1 Improved client stability. Carried out work to improve the servers operation. Now, in raids, all kinds of weapons, that have limited ammunition, automatically replenish it in 1.5 minutes after firing all the shots.
  27. [PS4] Update Crossout 1.0.5 Vehicle control improvement.
  28. Does the situation remain the same?
  29. Thank you all for the feedback! We're investigating the issue.
  30. Those construction parts, that are already in the player's storage (e.g. received from special packs) do not double, when they are supposed to be received through gaining another level.
  31. Hello, Donzurigo! I suppose, that the question is in normal raid difficulty?
  32. Hello! Are you sure, that you've completed the challenge before it was renewed? And, maybe, you could provide any screenshot of the issue?
  33. Hello to everyone in this topic! As you can see, now all the Survivors have "Rested bonus", that gives you 400% experience boost till you reach 60000 points. Then the bonus fades and cools down. Due to this implementation all the level requirements have been raised
  34. Thank you all for your participation in discussion! To sum up I would like to highlight some moments: The driver mechanic is a completely new one, that will diversify gameplay and provide you with some useful bonuses. You should remember, that we are testing it and all the perks may be changed or even replaced with another ones in the future. Weapon customization system allows you to modify your favourite weapons. No one forces you to customize them, as it provides no statistical bonuses. But, if you want it, then it really should be earned in battles. We're currently working on development of chat interface and planning to add some useful features pretty soon. That's all See you in battles!
  35. Update discussion for all the players is now open!
  36. Hello to all in this topic! We are aware of the problem. It will be fixed ASAP. Thank you
  37. Survivors! It's time to put a specialist in your armored vehicle — a driver whose skills you can use in combat. And also make your armored car and your favourite weapon stand out. A new system of weapon customization will make your car a real masterpiece!
  38. Survivors! We are happy to announce, that we've finished delivering CBT rewards. If the problem remains the same and you haven't received your gifts, please, write here your in-game nickname and what particularly haven't been delivered. The topic is only for messages with your nicknames and missing gifts. All other messages will be deleted! You can read about all the rewards in this topic.
  39. This topic is designed to collect and organize the players' questions towards the developers as well as their answers. Answers are usually given daily on weekdays. Developers will read all questions, but questions which are not clearly defined, which are obviously stupid, which are lying on the "surface", or which violate the rules of the forum, will be ignored and deleted. How to ask questions: Formulate your questions as clear as possible. Try to ask only important questions. Use the search function before asking any questions, some questions may have already been answered. The following rules apply to this thread: 1. Posts that do not contain any game related questions will be deleted. 2. This thread is not for suggestions. Any suggestion posted in this thread will be deleted. 3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately. 4. The questions are asked towards the game developers and therefore only they can respond. 5. The thread will be cleaned at least once a week. This means that all player posts will be removed and the questions will be added to the developers answers as a quote. 6. Flood is not allowed in this topic. If the question is posted multiple times then no answer will follow.
  40. Crossout 0.5.2 Survivors! With this update, our project transitions to Open Beta Testing stage, and now everyone can join the ranks of the Survivors. Progress on all accounts is reset, but with the start of OBT, the contents of all packs purchased during the closed beta test will be re-issued.Simultaneously with Crossout's release into OBT on PC, the game became available for free on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.