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  1. Hello survivors, Rage is recruiting, we are an german speaking guild only. If you are looking for an international / english speaking guild, Rage won't be the right one for you. Thank you for your understanding. If you are still interested take a look at this topic -> here. Greets Talmar
  2. Hi Guys, i dont see the question so my question: 1.Do you plan a Clan-mangement tool? If yes, do you have a estimated for the release of it? 2.in futer are there plans for clans that clan mebers can trade directly? 3. In my Clan the people are aking if the Ladder/Clanmatches are come ing back nearly? 4. Will be there a trainingsroom or a test area that clanmebers can drive togehter? thx and all the best in the wastelands! ;)
  3. [news]

    That Banner only have Player who have playedin the CBT or CAT.
  4. Das Uran bekommst du ├╝ber Laddermatches / Clanwars. Die zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht freigeschaltet sind.