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  1. Hey Devs! You need to update the game, if you want me to play it. It is that simple. Fix the tonnage bug - it was handed to You by venerable KICHZY on 10 June on a silver plate in the Bug report section of the forum. Nearly two week pass and nothing. If the state of the game will not improve by this weekend, I will quite. Yes, is that simple. Especially for 30+1 level Engineer.
  2. Hey, devs, are you out there somwhere? Or not... I'm starting to wonder, if Crossout on PS4 platform is taken serious by them... Well, better it be... There is Dangerous Elite on doorstep, so get to work to let me stay in the Crossout. There is the "sky is the limit" potential there... clan wars, teritorial wars, campaings for rare precious something etc etc... We need more narrative story to play in our beloved machines...
  3. Level 31 Engineer, 8 Lunatic, 8 Nomad, 8 Scavenger, 9 Steppenwolf... . But I have been playing since CBT started... Well, what can I say, it looks that I like this game very much. But devs need to step up on PS4 update front...
  4. That it is not well at all . I'm starting to think that they made this bug on purpose as a quick way to halt progress of CBT players. As it is we simply cannot take our heavies from garage. And the lightweight builds of new players are mostly unafected...
  5. Hello, fellow Riders! Did they fix the wheel\track tonnage bug? I'm currently at work and cannot check it myself, but I certainly hope it is so...