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  1. Mine works fine... I had a error a few days ago but after reboot it started working!
  2. Congratz NA region
  3. Bottom of this page
  4. Nope i got + until 2018
  5. Did they change the prices for workbench rental? 202.50 for 15 purple!! I could have sworn it used to be lower...(Not considering the weekend sale/event)
  6. I had that error a reboot of the game fixed it for me...
  7. As the title says, the new patch just went live. It's just 122.9Mb PSN EU [PS4] Update Crossout 1.0.5 Vehicle control improvement.
  8. On the PSN store today is a free PS+ Crossout starter bundle it includes 1 vehicle.
  9. Wrong match!
  10. LOL I where in a game with you earlier and you did not win, i capped your base ;-)
  11. I dont think they are hard anymore!! I used to... Now i run 2x Spectre, sidekick drone, 2500 struckture points and i think they are easy