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  1. It is exactly what it means. You take the fragments and piece them together to form the actually part, in this case, the Calendar paint can. I'm not in the game at the moment, but I think its 40 fragments total or something? Goto the engineer's white workbench and you can fuse them together to make it and be sure to double check the other requirements if there is any.
  2. The fusion description has to be better worded because it actually does use 3 per fusion. Its working as intended, but more warning and clarification has to be made for it.
  3. Was playing a convoy raid, (I believe it was an easy raid) and the settings for this map was going from north to south in escorting. Upon getting to 3/4's of completing the convoy escort raid, if you die and respawn, this is where I got spawned in. It placed me above and inside a tree and was unable to move. The frequency is unknown. I apologize for not being able to provide exact coordinates with the F11 (F12) property information, but I took this screenshot before I knew about the option to open it. deadhighway
  4. So there have been several instances where playing on Ship Graveyard that my ping connection to the game would shoot up past 120ms and noticed that the map itself was not loading and would keep coming in and out as the ping fluctuates. I try to force the game to play the on U.S. servers, but I think this is an instance of where the client was throwing me into another region's server for the matchmaking. The frequency is intermittent as the only time I played on Ship graveyard was on this day and haven't played since to verify every play through on this map (confirmed each time I play on this map). A note: This didn't happen before patch 0.6.0 but is now happening. game.log net.log