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  1. i still have this problem and i posted in a different thread. Anyone has any suggestions?
  2. Error keeps occuring, no change after installing patches. Any moderator can provide an update please?
  3. Disclaimer: I noticed there is another Topic already, but i shall explain everything clearly here, including logs, screenshots, and network tests. CptNero (moderator), please don't delete this thread without giving a notice, i will move the details to the other topic if you ask me to. The head of the topic - The matchmaker (during the tutorial) cannot connect me to game session and gives an error. The body of the topic: An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened. I downloaded the game after open beta release and logged into the game. The tutorial guided me to press battle and then start a match in missions tab> "get the machine gun" mission. However each time i try to get into a battle/match, the game gives me an error "Disconnected from game session" and "failed to connect to game session". Since during the tutorial all other missions and tabs are locked, i cannot play the game entirely. I installed the game on another laptop in my house and tried to play the game but the "disconnected from session" and "failed to connect to session" error keeps occurring again. So i think that the error is NOT specific to my primary desktop computer as my secondary laptop computer does not have any anti virus or other firewall related issues and still produces the same error. So maybe the issue is not firewall or computer related. What did you expect to see/happen Connect to a match/battle How to recreate the situation Press battle and try getting into a match. Details. Attach all the details, that you find necessary to attach and haven't noticed in previous steps. I have tried to set up port forwarding and a DMZ with my router and have connected my computer directly to the modem as well. As i said before the issue is not computer specific either. Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur? Every single time i try to get into battle. It has been occuring since 1 week ago. Logs + screenshots Attached. I have also attached screenshots of port checkers below game.log