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  1. Not sure if it has been officially stated but after seeing many many posts(and done one myself) i have been informed that only the first 15 days of every month gets you a daily login.
  2. The market itself is not so much the problem as what surrounds it as in saturation of items because you have no risk at all of losing them! 1.Items won ingame 2.Items bought. 3.Items crafted The only loss of any items in this game is when you use them to craft/make other items but the ease to attain items is such that the market will become saturated with drops as well as crafted/built items no matter what you try..its natural evolution unless you counter this with some ways that items can be lost in a risk-reward system. The simple fact is with saturation you get devaluation of items and it will only increase as the player base does and more players reach higher levels. Make pvp risk and reward(possibly on the brawl servers). Introduce boss drops on pve such as unique loot share items that might add up to a component. Add more components to the crafting of items to avoid saturation.
  3. Hello?? Testing testing is this working?? Can someone..anyone confirm for the community this 15 day login rule?
  4. According to some people you only get 15 days a month daily login but i have no idea if this is true but it would be great for someone in the no to let us no right?
  5. So why bot just tell us that about the first 15 days instead of watching multiple people putting multiple posts on the that is a joke!
  6. I used all my skill and cunning and created such a log!!
  7. An explanation, what have you noticed or what has happened.: no daily login reward What did you expect to see/happen: daily login How to recreate the situation: login daily and do not get the reward Details.:read above Bug frequency - How often does the issue occur? :daily Logs + screenshots:cannot screenshot somthing that is not there.. Enjoy the bug report
  8. Not sure of any cap but some info would be good just to say"yeh we read the post".
  9. same yet again!! anything be done about this??
  10. Another reset another day and yet again no daily reward!
  11. They did announce it yesterday but a longer timer would be good for the countdown to the start of it.
  12. Logged on today to find no reward but everything else had reset fine.
  13. We have limited spaces left in Brits but the time difference might be an issue for you? If interested pm me for our ts details